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06 Occupy Till He Comes: What to Do Now?

Alistair Huong
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In a direct continuation from the previous part of this series, this seminar seeks to answer the question of what we should be doing today in light of the economic signs of the times discussed in part 5. Not an exhaustive list by any means, this seminar addresses 5 practical things we can do now to prepare for that time along with some common questions. (We even address the red-hot real estate market and Bitcoin.)


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • June 25, 2021
    3:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen And had only thank you for bringing us safely back together again this afternoon. As the rain falls outside, we pray that the holy spirit may fall upon our hearts. May we receive your word, help us to think clearly, rationally and with the illumination of your holy spirit. And we pray above all that we might help hasten your return through our life through our lives, through our witness, through our managing of our resources they get placed into our care. So guide us now this next hour. As we continue our study, we ask in jesus name in man. So this is my last chance to plug my blog, saving the crumbs dot com, and also audio dot org where you can find other resources. Not just my thought seminars, but thousands of other spiritual media available there that you can find for free. Now, we're going to pick up right where we left off. Yesterday. Yesterday we concluded by looking at some economic fines of the time. And this is a quick review we talked about global isn't globalization or globalism as a precursor to the universal funded lawn. How the powers economic, as well as political powers around the World war, coalesce around the brown babylon. And they will coordinated lee enforced a Sunday law around the world. And we talked about how natural disasters. We know this is going to be the case that they'll be natural disasters how it creates and foment turmoil that leads to economic and political consequences. And then we talked about inflation, how l Y describe the condition before the end is a period of time in which the prices of, of goods and services, particularly of food is rising rapidly. And then we talked about severe wealth inequality which leads to social unrest. And also how there is an ideological underpinning that somehow is entangled with this type of class warfare. Now I also need to make one quick clarification. Yesterday after the presentation, one of our audience members here came up and, and mentioned something that I thought was very important. That I want to clarify yesterday presentation i believe may have left with left you with impression that the final economic collapse which we read about in revelation chapter 18, occurs immediately after the passing of the sunday law. Almost as if one happens one day and then the next day everything collapses. Well, that's not my intent because you remember the day before that we talked about the sunday law timeline where we broke it down into a, a mild and a severe phase of the fund. A lot, and so the financial collapse, the final economic collapse is when the 7 last legs begin to fall upon babylon revolution. 18. That's at the tail in all right. Of the sunday law process. It's in the severe faith. And so when the sunday law initially as pass, there is yet a period of, quote unquote peace at least of relative quiet before things ratchet up. And so I wanted to make that clarification. National apostasy does indeed follow or sorry, national ruin, excuse me. That's what I meant to say follows national apostasy, which is a Sunday law. But it may not occur immediately in succession. Still the mildest, severe phases of the sunday law occurring before the final judgements, the sunday law, merely as the point of no return. Right. That's what I discussed, i think 2 days ago. So I just want to make that clarification if, if you missed those presentations, you have no clue what I'm talking about. You can review the recordings that are available online at the michigan conference youtube channel already. So the topic of the day occupied till I come, jesus said those words, but what was the context around which he gave that statement. This is found a look 19 verse 11 to 13. It says, and as they heard these things, he added and speak a parable because he was nigh to jerusalem. And because notice carefully why he's telling them the parable. Because they thought that the kingdom of god should immediately appear. That sound like some good adventists in the audience that day they were looking at this and they said, oh wow. Then the coming of the kingdom of god must be just around the corner. And almost as a counter balance to the tendency for us humans to overreact. Jesus then tells this parable. He said therefore, a certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return. And he called his 10 servants and delivered them 10 pounds and said unto them, occupy till I come. So the context of the statement when jesus said occupied till I come was specifically spoken to a group of people who are feeling their brother, blood pressure rise and their pulse real quick. And because they thought the kingdom of god is right here, it's about to happen. But jesus sort of had to tap the brakes a little bit to bring them down to reality. Not completely to get them off, you know, to, to not, not, no longer look for the kingdom of coming kingdom of god coming. But to give them a balance perspective, if you will, to temper the over reaction that might have occurred. So we talked for all of the signs of the times, we talked about the sunday law, and of course there seems to be a lot of sign swirling around us. We can agree with that, but yet as a counterbalance to a tendency to perhaps get, let our emotions get the best of us. We need to remember jesus, council to occupy till I come. So another statement to this regard in evangelism, page $221.00. She l white writes birth, you will not be able to say that he will come in one or 2 or 5 year. Neither are you to put off his coming by stating that it may not be for 10 or 20 years. We are not to know the definite time either for the Al pouring of the holy spirit or for the coming of christ. So you notice the balance here. Jesus is coming soon, but we need to also be cognizant not to be time center and not the base our lives are life behavior then, and decisions on perhaps human devising and Human interpretations of what may or may not occur. So I want to share with you this exchange. This is found on last events, page 42, between a Brother and the church with Mr. White and I find a very inciteful. Let's see what their conversation look like. One brother said to me, sister, why do you think the Lord will come in 10 years? Haven't we all have this conversation? Maybe even here I can't meeting. We've talked about where we may have said, I don't really know of the Lord is going to terry longer than 10 years. I don't know if my daughter is going to be able to go to college and get married and so and such and such things right. We, we have these conversations because we long to see that day. But notice sister wides response. What difference does it make to you whether he shall come into 4 or 10 years? Why said he, I think I would do differently in some things than I do now. Or then I now do. If I knew the Lord was to come into the earth, what would you do? Said I. Why? Said he, I would sell my property and begin to search the word of god and try to warn the people and get them to prepare for his coming. And I would plead with god that I might be ready to meet him. How do you think this conversation is going so far? We continue reading same page then said I, this is sister white speaking. If you knew that the Lord was not coming for 20 years, you would live differently. He said, I think I would. And here's where sister white gives the rebuke. How selfish was the expression that he would live a different life if he knew his lord was to come in 10 years. Why enoch walked with god 300 years. This is a lesson for us that we shall walk with god every day and we are not safe unless we are waiting and watching. Is there a lesson to be learned in this conversation between this unfortunately misguided brother and sister wife? The lesson for us today is how are we arranging our live in light of the nearness or potential delay of the 2nd coming? Are we making decisions differently based on what we project might happen in the end time or the nearness or the distance of the 2nd coming? The principal, she's saying, as we should live and act and make our decision according to the same principles, no matter when jesus is coming back And not base our actions on the nearness or the delay of his coming. I think that's the principle here. And I think it's easy for us sometimes as emotional creatures to see the news, right. Especially after a year of locked down than cove it, and pandemic, and economic crises and, and, and in unrest in our cities and things of this nature. It's easy to panic. But that's not god's way. A couple more statements to buttress this point. Mind character personality, volume to page 470 says that don't make a time of trouble before comp. You, we'll get to it soon enough. Brethren, we are to think of today. If we do well the duties of today, we will be ready for the duties of tomorrow. Ok. The duties of today, keep that word in mind. We're going to see it again right here and select a message of the vine, 3 page, 383. Many will look away from present duties, present comfort and blessings, and be borrowing trouble in regard to the future crisis. Borrowing, we talked about getting into debt. Now this is one debt. I don't want to get into borrowing trouble. This will be making a time of trouble beforehand and we will receive no grace for any such anticipated trouble. We are to wait on our lord. Wait on our lord. Jesus will be an ever present help and every time of need are we catching the essence of what sister was talking about to be ready for the time of trouble ahead of us. The best way is to be faithful to the duties today, to live in accordance to the principals, to be faithful to what we are already shown. The principles that are already revealed and now run before god, looking for something else to protect ourselves for the time of trouble ahead. So this leads us back to the question of our day. So then how do we occupy? Jesus says occupied till I come live and according to the, the revealed will of god that you already have in front of you. And he's speaking to those who believe that the kingdom of god is eminent. What are we to do? Well, we are to follow what we've been already told, so we're going to discuss just 5 things. And this obviously is not exhaustive. The spirit of prophecy is plenty of counsel for us to apply. Not exhausted by any means, but in light of what we discussed yesterday. And also the day before. And you'll see we're going to tie in a lot of the principles we've discussed earlier in the week as well. We're just going to highlight 5 things today and the 1st thing how to occupied till jesus comes, how to be faithful to our duty today is to simplify our life. And you can probably guess, I will say that coming from a guy with a blog called saving the crops. We had a whole hour earlier this week talking about gathering up the fragments. And this is the reason why. Because the less we need to live on, the less our lifestyle has inflated the easier it is to live with a spirit of contentment and the easier it is to go through a time of trouble Country living page 32. It says this, it is no time now for god's people to be fixing their affections or laying up their treasure in the world. The time is not far distant when like the early disciples, we shall be forced to seek refuge and desolate, desolate and solitary places. Instead of spending our means in self gratification, we should be studying to economize, to gather up the fragments, to save the crop. Testimonies for the church, volume fly, page 152. It is now that our brethren should be cutting down to possessions. Instead of increasing them, we are about to move to a better country, even a heavenly. Then let us not be dwellers upon the earth but getting things into as compact a compass as possible. So this reminds me of the, the session we talked about when to sell everything. We need to be laying our possessions on the altar, being willing to let go whenever god asks when and how much to sell. And here's the thing in a practical sense. We, we talked about inflation yesterday and that's really one of the conditions that we should expect at the end of time. A lower rate of consumption in our lifestyle helps to offset higher inflation. Mean, that's pretty logical, rather common sense. The less you spend, the less you will be affected when prices of goods and services inflate. And so if we, if our lives have content have to have just grown a mushroom, that inflated to keep up with the jones's right? So to say when high levels of inflation hits and sweeps across all industries, we're going to suffer the most. Because to take our lifestyle down is going to be much harder than for those whose lifestyle has already been kept at a minimum. So that's number one. Number 2, what are we already been told by a country all country living fish? 32. Again, this is what is that as the siege of jerusalem by the roman armies was the signal for flight to the judy and christian. So the assumption of power on the part of our nation in the decree enforcing the people sabbath will be a warning to us. A lot of words simply put when the sunday law is passed, right? It will be, it will then be time to leave the large cities preparatory to leaving the smaller ones for retired homes in a secluded places among the mountains in light of what we discussed several days ago with mild, severe phase of the sunday law. We can kind of see that reflected in the statement, can we initially when the sunday laws passed, that is the find to leave the large city. But then there's also a fleet to the solitary places among the mountains at a later date. And that roughly maps out to a mild and severe phase of the sunday lot. But in either case, what we're talking about is leaving the large city. That's the context of the last event or last events page $118.00 says more and more as time advances are, people will have to leave the city for years. We have been instructed that our brethren and sisters, and especially families with children, should plan to leave the cities as the way opened before them to do so. Many will have to labor earnestly to help open the way, but until it is possible for them to leave, so long as they remain they should be most active in doing missionary work, however limited their fear of influence. Maybe. So there are many principles in this one statement. The one is that we have been told for a great long while that it is better to situate our families outside of the cities, particularly for those of us with young children. But this statement also tells us that we ought to wait until the way is opened before us. Now we are not to be sitting idly because the statement makes it clear we may have to labor earnestly to open the way, right? It may take some effort, but not everyone has to just drop everything and make a rash, move out of the city. And if we are to remain in the city, we have to be doing missionary work. We're going to come back to this point A little bit later, but I do want to just introduce that concept into your minds right now. So what are the benefits in light of the end taught? Well, number one, there will be unrest in the in time. Unrest in the form of natural disasters. We read yesterday about how whole cities will be swept away. And even in the, in light of the scientific community, there is a lot of research and because of almost a, a panic, i don't think that's too strong of a worth. The, the term, existential crisis, is thrown around a lot about climate change and rising sea levels and increased storms and fires and things of that nature. And they will disproportionately affect the city. And we talked about civil unrest, ryan bloodshed, a civil war type of scenario happening. And that will happen this portion only in the city. And in the past year, we can know that if there is a pandemic athletes across the globe, it will again, disproportionately affect the cities. This is not new to any of us. I think you know what I'm talking about. And another benefit is the country is a better environment for raising children, particularly in light of a lot of things are being taught in public school education and other corrupting influence of the cities that we've been told about. Number 3, country living ship, prolonged ability to conduct ministry and this is important point. We come back to this, it's not just a state, the troubles, but it should enhance our usefulness, forgot. But now in a financial sense, also, real estate is a good hedge against inflation. It's a hard asset. It's not casting into point in the bank earning no interests and having a purchasing power eroded environment of high inflation. So having a piece of land can be good as a hedge against inflation. And here's a little secret for you. Low interest fixed rate mortgages are less risky in time of high inflation. That might sound counterproductive or counterintuitive. But think about this cash, the value of cash goes down as inflation goes up. The dollar is D valued or d based. But if you've taken out a fixed rate, low interest mortgage and interest rates are in the ass historical low. Your mortgage payments are fixed, meaning it's not going to go up. And you have purchased a fixed asset real estate that theoretically, and historically has inflated with inflation. So you haven't, you have an asset that going up in value. But your dollars are going down in value, and you have a fix low interest rate. So you're paying off and appreciating asset with cheaper and cheaper dollar. You understand how the math works. So this is still not to say that it is, you know, not to save a debt, is good in this scenario. All I'm saying is it is less risky in a time of high inflation. Low interest fixed rate mortgage is on fixed assets. And again, this is a statement we shared earlier in this week, sister, why here and select messages volume to pitch p 3030. She's writing her nephew, f. E belden. Who are the young man at this time. She says, you might have had, even from your limited wages, means in reserve for any demand. It might have been invested in a lot of land, which would be increasing in value. But for a young man to live up to the last dollar, he earned shows a great lack of calculation and discernment. So l Y gave some financial advice to her nephew to invest in a piece of land. And she's certainly given us council that it is a good idea to own a piece of property outside the city. So buying a country home, a couple of points here. Even if we are not buying a country home directly, it's still may be worthwhile to start building equity in a starter home. First, during a time of elevated inflation. And this is partly because of what I just said about the appreciating asset, the value or the, the lower risk of taking out a mortgage at the current time. And also I will remind you back to the presentation where we talk about how to buy a house. You remember that in many cases it is better to have equity building in a smaller property than to simply go for a big property. And if you're not able to afford the down payment for a big property in the meantime, that may make that strategy even more valuable because inflation may outpace your ability to say for a down payment. And point number 2, this is actually right in line with what I'm saying. Equity in home should keep pace with inflation better than cash in the bank. Because cash is losing value while your property is increasing in the value. And number 3, there are unique tax advantages for real estate compared to other types of investment assets. And I put in for this, for now, because there are rumblings in the financial world questions about whether there will be further tightening down and closing of tax loopholes with real estate investing in the near future. But in the meantime, they are still there. And so here we need to ask the question that has been on so many of your minds. I've gotten this question a lot this week, so let's talk about it. What if we're in a housing bubble? So yes, on one hand, we have council to move to the country, have a country home, but on the other hand, we look at the housing market right now and it is absolutely banana. And so I'm just going to share if we are in housing bubble and if we're not sort of just let's just think through both options. If we are in a housing bubble, mortgage rates are still likely to rise from here. Ok. In fact, just last week, the federal reserve chairman jerome powell, had a press conference in which he, he openly stated that the federal reserve will start raising interest rate. He said to interest rate high in 2023 right after the mid term elections. He just came out and said it, and of course the market reacted and all those type of things. But whatever the case may be, the federal reserve, one of their mandate is to have a healthy rate of inflation. That's one of their job and maintaining low unemployment is the other mandate and so he's coming out as signaling to the market. You better get ready. Inflation is here to stay a little longer than we had originally anticipated. As a result, we will have to raise interest rate, so an application to what we're talking about with mortgages, mortgage interest rate will also rise. We can more or less count on it. Now. Number 2, if we are in housing bubble and we go and we buy a home, right? That's the, the, the risk calculation is what if I buy a house in the market classes? If we buy a home, we will still own a hard asset that won't go to 0, right? We may have paid a bit more than we would have liked. But of a home is not going to go to 0 because you're going to have the home, you're going to have the land, you're going to actually be able to live in the thing. It's not like buying, you know, a stock or a bond that could or, or cash in the bank that the value can actually go to 0. So number 3, even if inflation cools off and this is actually in relation to the question, if we're in a housing bubble, there is almost this assumption by some people that is going to be like the 2008 bubble that prices are actually going to class at some point. Well that may not necessarily be the case, right? If inflation cools off, that doesn't mean prices drop. When we say inflation hesitant, has dropped, all we're saying is the rate of increase has dropped, but the prices can actually paper off or plateau or just grow at a slower rate. So there is no guarantee, yes. Perhaps prices may crash and it may be localized in various different places. But there is a chance that the prices may just stay where there are and just not go high as high as quickly. And the number 4, we have to remember that there are other benefits besides strictly the financial return on investment when it comes to buying a home, such as actually having a place to lay your head in a place to raise your family. And we're going to talk about some other benefits as well. So it's not merely a financial decision, is what I'm saying. There are other aspects to consider. Now, what if we're not in a housing bubble? Let's talk about that for a moment. Well, we already talked about point one if we're not into housing bubble, and this inflation is here to stay for a while. Real estate is a good hedge against inflation. So just from a pure financial management perspective, as an investment asset, real estate is a good hedge. Number 2. When we lock in a low fixed interest rate, that means we will repay our loan with the value dollars in the future. We already talked about this before and point number 3. If we are not in a housing bubble then and, and where we wanna buy a house, but we're just going to wait it out, say, then we risk both higher prices and higher interest rates in the future. Because we already know interest rates are going up and if inflation continues to rise, prices are going to keep going up. And then here's number 4. We're still gonna have to live somewhere. So the assumption is we're still going to be renting. So we don't buy, we're going to be renting, and what happens to rent. It keeps pace with inflation. Year after year, the landlord is going to keep rationing up the rent and we're going to be hit with the triple whammy. We have rent rising here which reduces our ability to see for a down payment over here. And then the price of homes are going to keep going up over here. So the amount of down payment needs to continue to get the get bigger. And then interest rates are going to go up. So we're looking at a tenuous and fairly challenging situation with how the market i'm not going to lie. So when I look at the situation, it's a matter of what are the tradeoff. There is no one silver bullet solution, but the trade off is looking at your particular situation. Your particular needs you have to weigh. Which of these risks are going to be more worthwhile for you to avoid? And do you want to know a low, dirty little secret about the housing market? The dirty little secret, it's not such a secret anymore because there's a bloomberg article that just came out recently talking about this is that wealthy investor such as private equity firms in the United States and elsewhere, they are piling into real estate at the current moment, particularly single family dwelling, why are they doing that? Because they want to hedge against inflation. And this is partly why housing prices have gone up so much. And there is another concurrent market dynamic and that is cove, it. Cobra had completely up ended the work from home type of dynamic, it was already moving that way. A lot more remote workers. People can work from home because the COBRA and now a lot of even big tech companies, they're saying you can work from home permanently. Now, and so office spaces as realistic commercial real estate such as office spaces is just crashing where a single family dwelling or just skyrocketing because all these people who had to work in the city who wants to be close to the office there, I can live anywhere i want so let's move out farther out of the city and let's just buy something and they see a nice country homes with Big properties. And they say, oh, I want to buy that because, oh, that's so cheap. And then they just bit up the price. Because they make the big money from the city, but now they can move out the country. These are some of the additional dynamics that are happening. So in a sun kind of an interesting turn of events, the world liens are moving out of the country 1st. As if God didn't tell us where we ought to go to begin with. But here's a statement we read yesterday. I want to bring back to mind. Managed release is why 5 is 3. 05 in India, china, russia and the cities of America. That's really what my focuses thousands of men and women are dying of starvation. The money to men because they have the power control the market. We're talking the part private equity firms, investment firms, now they purchase a low rates, all they can obtain and then sell at greatly increased prices. This means our vision to the poor classes and we will result in a civil war. There will be a time of trouble such as never was there was a nation and at that time shall michael stand up. So that article I was referencing earlier bloomberg magazine, you can look it up online. It's entitled america should become a nation of renter. And what that article is suggesting, i don't know if they are predicting this or they are merely describing what is inevitable. I don't know. They're suggesting that the cost of housing will go up so much. It will be no longer feasible for most americans to be homeowners. And the per month, what's the idea the promoting is that that will be ok and that that's a good thing. And I'm thinking to myself, do they know something we don't know? Or they setting us up for preparing us for a world in which private ownership of homes is no longer the accepted norm in this country. And this the most important thing I have to say that this is contrary to what spirit or prophecy recommends that we do and seems plausible, at least in my mind, that the devil will seek to create such circumstances to make it difficult for the saints to obey god's counsel, what do you say? So and God intended us to live outside the large city. And so having said all this, it might sound like, you know, the sky is falling bu who? This is so sad. What are we going to do? But I want to share a testimony with you that I just heard from a friend of mine right here in the michigan conference cabin this week. A friend of mine who works here. He's in Michigan. He called me a few months ago with his exact question. Is this a housing bubble? Should I buy a home recently had to relocate for another job? What should I do? It's so expensive. I like every house I look at before I get the offer in or after get the offer and somebody el bids me. They're putting in, you know, $23040000.00 bids above asking price. It is insanity. Like what should I do? We talked a little bit and I shared a few of these things. And so I didn't really know what happened until I talk to them here over lunch one day. And he said he and his wife had given up. They tried and tried to get into a house and it was hopeless. It seemed. They said, oh, we're just going to give up. Maybe we'll just save up a bigger downpayment and we'll see what happens later. And then when you know it, they got a tap on the shoulder from a church member and said, hey, I know so and so who is going to be listing a house is not on the market yet? Would you be interested in that? Oh, let's go take a look. Turns out it was a home with more land that they were expecting backs up to like some really big park, 8 miles of hiking trails right behind them in place for a garden and at an affordable price. And they close 2 months ago and I think they're going to because of whatever reason they weren't able to move in right away. I think they're moving in right after camp meeting. So why do I tell you that story? Is that Yes, we look at the financial world, we look at all of the signs of the times. We might get the scourge. But we serve a god in heaven who is alive and well. And if we follow his counsel, if we are living in accordance to his will, he can work for us in ways that are beyond our comprehension. So we need to keep our eyes up and fixed on him. But we need to be mindful of the principles by which we are to live a man. Port number 3. This is one of the benefit of having our own property. And you don't even need to have a lot of property to learn to grow on food. So point number 3 is to learn to grow own food. And this is a statement we read yesterday, maranatha paid $181.00. The Lord has show me the song of his children with fear when they see the food price of food rising and they would buy food and lay it by for the time of trouble. Food is going to be an issue where tall and so what's the solution avenue home page $141.00 again. And again, the Lord has instructed that our people are to take their families away from the cities into the country where they can raise their own provisions for in the future. The problem of buying a selling will be a very serious one. I think we've all heard the statement and another dirty little secret from the finance world. Do you know that many of the richest people in the world? People like bill gates, people. I warn buffet. They are the largest owners of farm land in the United States. The rich people in the world are buying up farm land may be, they know something we don't know. Or maybe they're simply catching up with what we've already been revealed. That the issue of food and provision will be an issue in the end time country living page 18. This is one of my favorite statements to this effect. Many are unwilling to earn the bread by the foot of their brow, and they refuse to till the soil. But the earth has blessings hidden in her depth. For those who have courage and will and persevere together, her treasures, father and mother to possess a piece of land and a comfortable home are as kings and queens. I remember in academy i had to work on the farm. I was in a boarding academy and working the hot summer sweat dripping down my face. And I remember I heard this statement in Chapel and I'm like, that makes no sense. I do not feel like a king or queen out here right now. But all of a sudden last year cove, it slipped across the land. There were shortages of food. You remember when you know that there were lines you know, and, and the grocery stores were, sho, shells were bare because supply chains were cut off and of course toilet paper, you know, that was the big thing that was missing cities when a locked down, all of a sudden there was a sense, a panic, people were saying you, but a store of food because you may not be even allowed to go to the store because of the virus. All of a sudden I began to understand this statement a little bit more. And I want to show you some evidence of that. So all of the next few pictures i'm going to show you were all taken during the pandemic. Ok. And of course, it's a great excuse to show off my, my daughter. So here we have elephant garlic as big as her head fried potatoes, all, all grown, and raise and harvest during a pandemic. These are, this was our p garden and you know, we did the little, you know, exercise counting how many pieces we picked. And of course we enjoyed eating them too. And I also mentioned a few days ago, I grow a lot of fig. And so here's my little fig bug, little miss vicky i color and she collects our fish. We go out every day and we have our nice big plate for supper each night and there you have it. One of our rainbow feet plates. This is what it looks like to live as kings and queens in my humble opinion. And in the end time we are told what is already going to take place. And so that was the point number 3 to learn to grow our food. And I will also mentioned this even before moving out into a country, you don't need to have a giant multi acre type of farm to start learning how to grow your own food, right? container gardening, as a thing, you know, just have a low grow box or, or some of those types of things. It's a great thing to get started to learn. All right? Number 4, we need to keep moving here. Start a business. That is another piece of advice in light of the time in which we live. Why do I say that? Not just any business, but missionary entrepreneurship. The apostle paul was an entrepreneur. Did you know that he was a small business owner? What was the, what was the small business? What did he tell? He was a tent maker. That's right. And he made it clear in various places that he could have and he had the right to live off the tie. He was a gospel minister. He could have but he wanted to leave an example of lay ministry. And so I speaking to us now as late people have your pastor, you know? Yes, there are council obviously council to dedicate your attention to, to the flock of god and all of that. So I don't want to get our messages crossed here. Speaking to the lay people, notice what it says, count country living again, page 22. The lay members of our churches can accomplish a work which as yet they have scarcely begun. None should move into new places, merely for the sake of worldly advantage, but where there is an opening to obtain a livelihood. Let families that are well grounded in the truth, enter one or 2 families in a place to work as missionary. So this is one of those things about how do I know when I can move around the country, what you need to be able to make a living for, to support your family. She makes that clear. But what is what's going on in our environment today in the economy today is that it is becoming easier to earn a livelihood anywhere. What am I talking about? Well, I mentioned earlier the work from home arrangements, the people of the world are already figuring this out. There are also all sorts of online businesses. The Internet has unlocked an entire industry and marketplace, the digital economy. And these types of things create more opportunities for people to earn a living without having to be tied down to a certain location. And so with this in mind, there's more flexibility to move out into the country and we know that cove, it has simply accelerated, this trend that has already been happening in the workplace. And again, in light of the inflationary pressures that we are seeing by being in business, offering goods and services, we place ourselves on the receiving end of the rising inflation rather than the paying. And just the example is, if you would you rather be a renter or would you rather be the landlord when inflation is going up? Would you rather be paying more and more rent every year? Or would you be like to be want to collect the more and more rent every year? Right. That's a very simple calculation. And this is the mindset of a missionary entrepreneur putting yourself in a position. Yes, you're still serving the community, you're providing a good and a service to someone, rather than merely being an employee. And the self or line independence again, may prolong ability to do ministry and that's ultimately the point. It's not to earn unlimited sums of money. It's not about getting filthy rich is to put ourselves in a position of greater independence to be able to be useful to God for a longer period of time. So point number 5, this is our last recommendation. Things that we have already been told to do, increase our systematic giving. Now we've all heard the saying, you can't take it with you when you die. But did you know that you can send your treasure on ahead? This is found in the spirit of prophecy testimonies for the church. Volume 3, page 249 says this every opportunity to help a Brother in need or to aid the cause of god in the spread of truth is a pearl that you can send beforehand and deposit in the bank of heaven for safe keeping. There will be no inflation, no stagflation, no hyper inflation, no deflation of our assets and haven't no financial collapse. We don't have to worry about that. The bank of heaven is the safest place to put our money. Review. Harold, july 1, 890, says the only safe place to deposit our treasures is in the bank of heaven. Every deposit made in the bank will accumulate abundant interests is not great. Offside, no downside. You will be laying up in store for yourselves against the time to come. There appears to be an actual bank in heaven right as avenue. We believe that there is a sanctuary and heaven looks like there's a bank there too. And I don't know why we need the, the treasures up there. Maybe it'll be for our building our country homes out there or, or whatever it might be. But that is the best place to invest our money ultimately. So laying up our treasure up there, just a few reminders, refreshing our mind. Some of the principles we've discussed this week, remember that the Lord may call us to sell at any time to give his work. And it may be well before the funding and also selling will primarily be to advance god's work and not to merely preserve our assets. But even if God doesn't call us to give everything right now, in order to be faithful in giving 100 percent, then in time of trouble, we must be faithful with our 10 percent. Now the generosity muscle has to be exercised and also in light of inflation, right. I'm actually, I'm in charge of a ministry. I have to manage a ministry budget. I can say for certain ministries, god ministries can do more with today's dollars than with the base dollars later on in the future because inflation cuts both way. And so if we haven't gone in a habit of systematic giving, being mindful of, you know, being sacrificial in our support of god's work now is a good time to prayerfully asked lord, what we ought to do. Now a few words of caution. We talked about moving out in the country and I just want to make sure I give them balancing statements here for god has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind. And 2nd, select messages, page 361 says that those who have felt at last to make a move meaning move to the country, let it not be in a rush in an excitement or in a rash manner, or in a way that hereafter they will deeply regret that they did move out. I'm concerned that there is a bit of panic porn on TV and things that people just immerse themselves where they, they might get, you know, too many things shared on their facebook feed. That gets them into all a half and, and they're panic. Like we've got to get out of the city now and then they leave and they're like, oh, what I do now. And then they end up in a worse state than before. That's what she's talking about. Again, same, same passage. Says take he that there shall be no rash movements made and Heating the council and moving from battle creek do nothing without seeking wisdom from god was promised to give liberally to all who asking to upgrade. If not, all that anyone can do is advise and counsel and then leave those who are convicted in regard to their duty to move under divine guidance with a whole heart open to learn, obey god, so we can advise and counsel each other. But this ultimately is a decision between the individual and their families, and with god. So let's not be too rash or too too pushy about this country living page 25 says this, but some rash given advice, may be given only get out about a creek. Notwithstanding, there is nothing clearly defined as to what improvement they will make a spiritual advancement for themselves or others in doing this. So apparently, in some cases, rushing out of the city may not result in spiritual advancement. We need to be mindful of that. So let everyone take time to carefully consider and not be like the man in the parable who began to build and was not able to finish. Not a move should be made, but that movement and all that a portend carefully considered everything. Ways to every man was given his work according to his several ability, then let him not move, having teddy lee, but firmly and yet humbly trusting in god. I mentioned all of the statements because I actually have spoken with individual to unfortunately have been bitten with the panic buck and they just want to get out of the country out into the country so bad that they made some very ill advised decisions that they, I'm sure will live to regret. I'll just give you one example. And this is not the worst offender, but I think it's the safest one. I can share this one individual. She said I was, I think I don't remember. She bought a house or was about to buy a house out in the country and she was so thrilled about it. But she had no work. Sure, no livelihood. She had no job. So she was commuting 70 miles one way every day to work, so that she could, quote, unquote, live in the country. I kindly but firmly advised her, you do not live in the country, you merely sleep in the country. And so this is the type of thing that we have to guard against emotionalism, no rash movements, and we need to take the full body of lloyd's counsel, a man she counsels us. Yes, it is good to move out there, but do it carefully measured, lee? Not like the man and the parable who began to build but was not able to finish when he to remember the point of it all. It's not merely for self preservation is not primarily for the protection of our financial assets. It is not salvation by country living and organic gardening, because guess what? That is salvation by works. If we think that way, it is for enhancement and prolonging of our ministry and part of that ministry. As for our children, i must say, to raise them in the fear of the Lord and we must keep all things in balance. And I will just say this, I don't consider myself, you know, a homestead or I only have one acre, but I have, you know, trees and probably more trees. And I should have a garden. And you know, I have lots of things to keep me busy. And sometimes there is a danger there to be so busy taking care of the garden because god told us to the one oppertunity to serve the Lord comes. We might choose to neglect the greater work. You understand what I'm saying? We need to make sure to keep the obligations and the priority is in balance. There is a world to win, and there's not merely to give ourselves comfort. Because if we get so preoccupied, preparing for the untimely that we neglect, to actually give the entire message than satan still wins. Let's keep that in mind and I'm going to go even further out on the limb here. And I'm going to say something that might be an advice, but I believe it to be true. It is better for us to remain living in the city while winning soul than to move to the country. If we are to isolate ourselves from all content from the world, if we move out to the country and we are not better, sol winters, i'm not sure why we would be there. I'm going to just leave that there for now. You can ruminate on that and do with it what you will. I'm not sure I'm going to finish right at 430. So can I go over just a little bit? Is our last day together, right. Is that okay? I have a few. F A. Ques, i want to just wrap up what these are commonly asked. Questions I'm assuming are, you know, may come up to me anyways, I'm just going to address them for everyone. So you're a few common questions. I think people ask in light of everything that we've talked about, some question one is, should I still say for retirement, my kids college, etc, or just invest in general. I remind you of the statement 1st timothy chapter 5 or 8, but if any provide not for his own and especially for his own house, he has denied the faith and is worse than in fidel. We have a moral obligation to provide for our families. So the question is, is investing and saving still a good idea is, what are your needs? Are there needs that you have in your family that you must provide for? And in addition to that, what is your time horizon? How long are we talking about? What is your risk capacity and your risk tolerance, meaning how much cash you already have? How much you already have an investment? What kind of income are you're pulling in? How old you are there, all these variables that can factor in to whether this is a good idea or not, and how much to save and how to save. But if there are defined financial needs in order to provide for a family, then discipline, saving and investing is almost always a good idea. However, how we do that saving and investing is determined by our time horizon and risk capacity and risk tolerance. So it's not everyone does the same thing and we always must have an exit strategy. In case it is time to sell. And what do I mean by exit strategy? It means we need to understand the process, the cost, the time involved, to liquidate whatever you know, assets or investments we're talking about. And ultimately, there is no one size fits all approach. So if your situation is complex, it is worth discussing with a financial planner and hopefully one that is, the fear is the Lord and want to understand our and time perspective. So in other frequently asked question, in light of all this, talk about inflation is what about gold and precious metals as a hedge that says a very conventional knowledge or conventional investment advice, inflation you had with gold or precious metal. Now, here are my, my opinions, my $0.02 is worth what you pay for. It are good and gold and precious metals have generally been reliable and hedging against inflation. However, if we're looking in the end time final crisis scenario, there is no market on the other side to sell it back into. Right? historically in previous markets, there might be a market dip, and then we come out on the other end. But if we're, if we're talking about the final crisis, this is the end. So there is a question as whether that is the best use of our funds. But if you're looking at more near term, it might be a different calculation. But there is also the fact that gold has not always kept up with inflation in all circumstances. And another dirty little secret about golden precious metals. There are costs just to hold that asset. Because if you have physical gold or, or silver or platinum, whatever it might be, you have to store it somewhere. And if you're going to store, do you have to make sure there's the cure and then you have to have insurance on it. And then how are you going to transport it? You trust? Are you going to just like, put it with the U. S. P S. Are you or the U. P. S. Guy, drop it at the front door? Are we really going to do that? So there are costs involved and then there's the headache of, you know, what if someone steals in that kind of thing. And all the golden precious metals really is useful to be viewed only for downside protection. They are not a productive asset. It's not like a business or farm land or something to that effect. It doesn't pay you interests for example. And in a time of growth, they under perform other protect the productive assets as well. And I say this last line, tongue and cheek, would you rather have food? Or would you rather gold bars? In the final crisis, you just have to think about that. If there is a market collapse which we are describing here and people are going hungry, i have a feeling i know which they're going to prefer. Right. But having said that, is it worth? Is it inappropriate for everyone to consider gold? No, I think it may be worth considering for those who have 5 zable assets, sizable portfolios that are already well diversified. In other more robust, if you will acid classes, it may be useful for those people. But for people who are just starting out, I don't think gold and precious metals would be where we start. All right, and the last question I want to share with us tonight this afternoon, a question that we got, I think on the 2nd day, what about bitcoin? Now I'm not going to lose you and all the techno jargon, all right, don't worry. But one of the theses that people have posited had a van for bitcoin is that it has a lot of qualities like gold, only a digital version of gold, therefore making it a good hedge for inflation. So what about that theory? Well, I am going to direct your attention to my blog. My most recent article is on crypto currencies. Are they legitimate? And I break down not just bitcoin, but several other classes of crypto currencies and hopefully gives you a little bit of a primer on, on what it is. And what's all the hype, bowden and I give my take on what, what it's all about. OK, so that is my cop out, so I don't have to give you all the backstory of and what they are. But in summary, i do believe that in theory, in theory, crypt bitcoin, particularly bitcoin, not all capital currencies, but bitcoin had qualities that should make it a good head for inflation. However, it's only 12 years old. It hasn't been in inflation every time. It's only existed during a time of low interest rates. It's. It's during a time when the stock market has only gone up, we haven't had a bare market and our big bear market during the time the big one has been around really. And so it hasn't truly been put to the test yet, so I think the jury is still out. That's what I think. However, I am positive on crypto currency and block chain technology in general. I see it as sort of a web 3.0. It can really increase to innovation in the Internet space in many ways, but it is difficult to promote it as a form of investment, to the average person right now. And there are a gazillion reasons why which I outlined in my article. It's not that the technology is, you know, a lot of people say bitcoin is just a scam. It's just a scam. Well, I'm not so sure as just a scam, but there are a lot of scammers in the industry of crypt currency, so it is worth being careful. And finally, having a currency in the world that's not controlled by any central authority. Sounds intriguing in light of our end time globalize economy, which we've talked about in prophecy, will it prolonged ability for freedom to continue? I don't know. It remains to be seen. And I am very intrigued and you know, I will be keeping my eye on it. But I have certainly no definitive answer for you today. So I know this is sort of a copout answer, but I think the jury is still out and we're still early for bitcoin encrypt currencies. But I do want to mention that because I figure at some point someone's going to be wondering of that question for last statement or last statement to really wrap up our whole week together. Evangelism, page 221. His followers are to be in the position of those who are listening for the orders of their captain. They are to watch, wake, pray, and work as they approach the time for the coming of the Lord. That sounds to me like occupying till he comes, doesn't it? But no one will be able to predict just when that time will come for that day, an hour. No, no man. So how are we to be? What state should we remain in less remained faithful in obeying god revealed? Will that do what he's already shown us? And let's carry out faithfully our present duties to day that occupy till he comes. And we be faithful until that day. And I take it back. I am one minute early. How about that we are finishing on time, so let's bow our heads together and less close with prayer, father and heaven. We thank you so much for the practical counsel you give to us. We are not following cunningly devised fables, but we have the more sure word of prophecy to guide us. Lord, may we also take the heart, the counsel not to be emotional in our decision, particularly as we see fine occurring so rapidly and with such intensity around us, it's easy to get frightful and to be anxious. Lord, you have told us so many times to fear not for you are with us, and you will be with us till the end of the age. So may we move deliberately measurably based on principles that you have clearly revealed may rest our actions on a plane. Thus saith the Lord. May you guide us in our life decisions? What to do with our money? Where to raise our children, where to move our home, what to do for a career where to place the surplus of means that you have blessed us with how we ought to invest? How we ought to use our time and all of the other seemingly mundane, but the little things that make up a sum of life, help us to be obedient and faithful in all of it. And they, we be ready for you when you come and truly may we do our part to haitian that day. We thank you lord, and we pray. Now these things in jesus name a man To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M, I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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