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04 Under the Influence of Satan

Dave Fiedler
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Dave Fiedler

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  • June 24, 2021
    10:45 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Gracious father, god. We counted such a privilege to come before the throne of grace and to be able to do so in jesus name. Because as we come in his name, we can come boldly, not in the strength of our righteousness but his father. We praise you for the scant meeting for these many, many opportunities to be fed to be encouraged to be instructed. And so father, as we come before you get again in this hour, we lift up brother dave to you. Thank you so much for just the mind study in the heart, the desire he has had for so many years to discover these things. And now father, we can learn, we can be fed, we can be encouraged, and so may we gather that we may also distribute to others and be a blessing to them. Since your spirit, now to guide us. And we ask these mercies in jesus name, email. Yesterday we talked about the good kellogg, right? sadly, the story didn't stay that way. So today we're gonna deal with the bed killer. This sir, this part of the story is, is actually just incredibly sad. It was needless. It did not need to be that way. Now the same story with adam and eva, yes, it did not need to be that way. But here we are now. It is also instructive to part of our sacred history that's been preserved for our benefit. So we got to go through We close off yesterday with the idea of the quote, I think it goes off. I don't know. You know, we talked about yesterday. The idea of the loud cry had been begun by 890 to 7 years later on what would write the 3rd angels message in the Play through sewing into a loud cries being smothered, this is written may 10, 181909. I don't think that is like the magic day that this happened. It's just a day. She happened to write that comment. I think she would have said the same thing for about was this 990. She could've been saying the same thing roughly for about the last 4 years. I guess. What is interesting is the, the title of the manuscript in which this comment appears. The title is the medical missionary work. So for those who may have lingering doubts as to a loud cry has any relationship to the medical missionary work, I would submit that as exhibit 3817 or whatever number of were up to Unfortunately, by that time when she wrote this statement, The one who was doing the worst smothering was john herbie kellog. He was distorting the medical missionary work, instead of using it to serve as the right hand of the gospel. He was largely just the thing, the message of revelation 3 and just messages and replacing it with a watered down my term here. Christian humanitarianism. But the smothering had begun years before by others rather than the doctor. I have light from the Lord a doctor. Kellog needs to be guarded. He is leaving a wrong impression on minds. He has made a mistake. And supposing that the medical missionary work has an importance above every other work medical work has its place, but it has been made disproportionately important. I sink me just double check myself. Yeah, this is the same manuscript. Ok, this is the same manuscript, 899. But notice the next sense had doctor kellogg's brethren stood with him in the 1st of his experience in connection with the Health reform, the present condition of things would not now exist. Kellogg had encountered opposition and resistance. It become irritated and had begun to fight back pretty much a given. That's not going to be the way to get the lord's work done In 1900 just next year. His opposition to colleagues were continued year after year and gave the devil opportunity to tempt him to impatience and pride, warnings and reproof, rail and white. But the doctor listened less than less. She kept telling him, you need to work with the ministers. And the ministers weren't making it easy and he kept saying, forget them. The Lord isn't you, doctor keller, warnings that you have not heated them. The deceptive power of the enemy is ready to leave god's banner trailing in the dust with Dr. Kellogg's. Committed himself is working and denominational lee in a worth which has taken the money from people who are decidedly denominational people. This is an interesting thing. Why did he go off on this and denominating all thing. Because he was hoping to have his medical school accredited by the American association of medical colleges, that educational branch of the American medical association. And they were refusing to a credit denomination, we affiliated institution. So in thinking their approval, ah, he found it. Well, for example, if I had their approval was better than the approval of the minister's ministers weren't approving any also why try to work with them. Work with these other guys? Ah, he spent more more time, more money on helping people with their health. Turning it into a medical program and less a medical missionary program. This made him feel good. That's a key thing to remember, right here. It is more blessed to give them to receive, even if you're giving for mixed up reasons. It makes you feel good. Kellogg was a generous guy, he put 50 students through medical school, he adopted 18 kid. He raised 42. He he paid for this. He paid for that. He. He loved being generous. That made him feel good. It should. It does. It's more blessed to give them to receive But he was doing it for mix not he said best. Sometimes the work has been hindered. The cause of god should have a different showing far different and who is to blame for this hindrance. You give heed to men, not of our faith, you delight to show what you have done and by a free use of money that was not yours to handle in a way that god has not appointed. Who's the give? He demand, not of our faith. Who would that be? Well, quite a slate of them. Actually. I think the predominant one would be the AMC A for use of money that was not yours to handle. Well, that required some level of spiritual discernment to recognize that it wasn't his to handle because people were giving it to him because he just happened to be a dynamite fundraiser. Coded everything scamming it could spin detail about the medical mission were oh yeah. People love emotional stuff and they'd given money And over and australia. Ellen white and the worky over there was barely getting by peanuts facing situation. $893.00 onwards at a bank res. Over there, $893.00 and an $894.00 l. Y wrote of we hear of people starving to death in cities as in dead dead death. Right? The work was being hampered around the World by kellogg. 3 use of money in a way that god has not appointed well in 1900. 0, to some of that changed. Sanitarium burned down february 18. 19. 021 quick story. I can't help but indulge myself with it was pretty much miraculous. They got everybody out of the out of the sanitarium. They didn't have air conditioning in those days, so they had ventilation, chefs, st. Vertical shaft from Florida, basement wind with wood. Apparently the fire started in the basement, went right up the shaft to the fire, spread on off a 7 floors or whatever it was all the same time. The nurses kid, valiant efforts in service and they got every patient out there was only one who died. A mister case was his name legit older gentlemen. He had been safely evacuated across the street, standing in the snow bank and mchenry park with everyone else. And all of a sudden he said, my mattress You went running back into the sand, a trim from whence he never re emerged. I don't know, maybe have a Sleep Number jobs or something really nice mattress. No. In fact, like many people in the day, he had his life savings in the mattress. It was his competency, right? It was enough money to keep him for the rest of his days. And the good news is that it was sufficient Anyhow. Ah, despite having been given the golden opportunity to actually the best thing would have been to divide and spread out the sanitarium, instead of a massive facility in one location and waited already intimated that it would be better to have 10 smaller ones scattered around the country. Kellogg had that opportunity, he floated, if he flirted with it, he used it as a way to scare the Civic authorities in battle creek into given him a great tax. Deferral type of a thing because they didn't want to see it go away, right. I mean, that was a pretty big business draw, right. So eventually he got that. And of course, he rebuilt the sanitarium, gave the general conference a set of plans and then promptly enlarged and expanded and super made much more elegant. The plans that he gave, but he came up with a plan because I think there was going to be, they needed a lot of money in the general conference was kind of strapped right then because they'd been working with out a lot of money for some years. Because kelly was spending all the money, and so he said he couldn't get any money from the general conference and they came up with a great plan. He says that, you know, I just recently wrote a book about, I donate the book and you get the review to print it kind of for free will get the church members to sell it without taking their canvassers cutting all the profits will go to help rebuild the sanitary and general constable functions front spoke. But that was a wonderful idea. And so yeah, yeah, for the book, you may have heard of it. But it's called the living temple. If kellogg had been honest with the details of his building plans and ours with the details of the book, things might have turned out differently. But instead he misled the general conference on the size and expense and sanitarium. And of course, living temple had elements of pantheism. In the book, if anyone's not familiar with it, pantheism is simply the idea that god is everything and is in everything pantheism has always been, I mean it's essentially the integral element of hinduism. It has been in a lot of tribal type religions, that kind of thing. In recent decades, it's been modernized, adapted somewhat, somewhat sloppily and in many of the new, poorly defined kind of spiritual concepts that have been replacing traditional religions. If you just went out on the street, you would find a lot of people believe in some elements of pantheism, probably without even knowing what they're believing in much of its popularity is due to the idea that under that system of belief, everyone is god. God is everything. God is everywhere. God is you know, everything is god. That means I am god your god. It's nice. You know we can worship each other. That's actually been said by someone who claim to be a christian. But probably the, the primary incentive to this sort of thing is the, they almost subconscious ration. Now that clearly if I'm god, why do I need to listen to anyone else? I'm the final authority i could do whatever I want In the face of all this, one of the most remarkable aspects of the whole story was white commitment to trying to save kellogg At the general conference session of 19 o 3 more than a year after he'd written this pantheistic book, she made her strongest public effort to defend him. And the word god had given him to do not necessarily the work that he was doing, but the work that god had given him to do. Her goal was to restore the unity of the evangelistic work and the medical missionary work. Unfortunately, the effort failed. But this is a public meeting at a general conference session. Listen to this, god does not endorse the efforts put forth by different ones to make the work of Dr. Kellogg as hard as possible in order to build themselves up. God gave the light on health reform and those who rejected it rejected god one another who knew better said that came from Doctor kellogg and they made war upon him. This had a bad influence on the doctor. Oh no, that's a surprise. Ah. Shoot me with a machine gun. It might have a bad influence on me. They made war upon and said a bad influence on the doctor. He put on the code of your occasion and retaliation. God did not want him to stand in a position of warfare, and he does not want you to stand there. You know what? I don't care what crises the church happens to face next month. The devil's primary goal is, is going to split the Brother You know, I mean, I can think of a few issues which may have come close to doing that recent month. I thought of something yesterday morning as I was lying semiconscious trying to get myself going to the day. Remember when jacob was coming back to meet, he saw and he saw was coming with 400 men. Jacob did a really intelligent thing. He split his, his group and the 2 companies. Now, I'm pretty sure that everybody in both companies wanted to come out alive. I liked to believe that everybody in both companies hoped that everyone in the other company would also come out alive. I'd like to recommend that as a great way to look at some current crises. I'll leave that there and go Well, coming out of this course, we have the alpha and omega of apostasy. The alpha is the 1st letter, the greek alphabet omega is the last one. This imagery was used by the Lord to give us warning of an apostasy, similar that of the early 19 hundreds that we may expect in the last days, the omega apostasy. Right? And I want use the idea of the often megan or descriptions and comments about telephone book a few times. Here's a couple of them. Living at temple contains the alpha of these theories. I knew that the omega would follow in a little while and I trembled for our people. That's where I got the title for my 2nd last book trembled. In the book living temple, there is presented the alpha of deadly heresies. The omega will follow and will be received by those who are not willing to heed the warning god has given. The ha, i like the statement that imply something within my power to do. You know, I liked the concept of being a free moral agent. And right here there's a piece of advice that I would recommend to you. He the warning god has given What was at warning. If she doesn't say she doesn't say exactly, I am going to give you my best guess. The best guess I know. Don't read the book. I thought she was saying the day I don't read the book now. This being 2021. I could extend that a little bit. Don't watch that TV program. Don't watch the movie, don't watch the year to the presentation. Don't read the stupid book. Don't you have any idea how much pseudo i don't know what to call. It is mixed up. Nonsensical, supernatural, garbage is flooding the media of the day. I mean, it's like, you think somebody is setting something up for, you know, maybe just, maybe. So here's a hot tip. Don't read the book. As I am shown, these special things of satan science and how he received the holy angels. I am afraid of the men who have entered into the study, the science that carried into the warfare of heaven. Oh, how I have longed to be where I should not be compelled to see the same science practiced on this or by medical practitioners. You see why we started with lucifer. Be cautious in regard to what you read and how you here take not a particle of interest in spiritualistic theories. Satan is waiting to steal a march upon every one who allows himself to be deceived by his hypnotism. He begins to exert his power over them just as soon as they begin to investigate his theories. Doesn't say practice. It says investigate. Now, when I wrote tremble, i faced a real challenge. Do I write about kellogg? pantheism? Do I expose myself to kellogg's pantheism? There's something about don't read the book, right? Remember that? So a couple slides back. We have a picture of living temple in order to get that. I downloaded the book and then read it. I don't want to read it. Why read the book? I don't read the book, What was I supposed to do? And I'm writing a book about the whole experience. So. Yeah. Well I'll tell you what I did. I'm not positive. It was the absolute perfect thing, but just being honest with you, what I did, I didn't investigate the theories. I said, what did white write about? She wrote about his practices. So I said, I'm going to confine myself to his practices. But then I had another question. All of a sudden I found out that kellogg's correspondence is all available at the University of Michigan or michigan state University. Want to forget which where it is $21.00 in lansing, that's M su right. Ok. Yeah, they have it all on file. And the last time I was out of canada i was speaking in lansing. So yeah, I went down there, paid my $25.00 and got a us be stick with all kellogg's correspondence on it. Now am I going to read this same guy wrote the book, am I going to read this fascinating question? Here's what I eventually did. I said I will read to see what he was doing. His practice of his actions. But before I read kellogg, i will read everything that ellen white ever wrote about him. Between 1000. 02, no, excuse me. 892 and 90715 years. I didn't even actually when I made that decision, i didn't even have the whole slate of kellogg stuff, but what little I had available. I knew this case so persuasive. So I said, I'm going to read everything she ever wrote to or about kellogg from 198-092-2907. I'm not sure I would have said that if I realized it was gonna take me 6 months to get through that she wrote an awful lot about to take me 6. So it might sometimes reading 4 hours a day to get through that. So, you know, once I had her perspective pretty clearly in mind, I felt a little more comfortable reading his perspective. But I'll tell you the guy is persuasive. He almost took george butler and stephen haskell out of the church. That's how close and how persuasive he is. And here's the, here's the thing. The one thing that said those 2 leading, founding, pioneer, brethren, the one thing that saved them was at kellogg could not do what he wanted to do without going up against the inspiration, villain white. And they said I have faith in ellen white. I think there were like some angels that are still in heaven, but maybe only barely face is the big deal guys still telling you ok, i got her stuff or not yourself don't the lives of no one. Yeah. So for yourselves, open the lid of a book that is questionable, there is a health fascination. The literature said it is the powerful battery by which he tears down a simple religious face. Never feel that you are strong enough to read infidel books or watch stupid tv programs, or dee Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee for they contain a poison like that of asp. They can, do you know, good and will surely do you harm in reading them. You are inhaling the miasma of hell. I'm going to say that's probably not a strong recommendation. Score. This whole matter has been presented to me. You doctor, can have worked as lucifer worked in the heavenly court. See why we serve a lucifer to persuade his associates unite with him. The enemy has used his arts upon your mind, your boasted study of science and your assertion that you would obtain something excellent, have deceived the men connected with you. And they have refused to listen to the warnings sent to keep them from listening to your false representations. Remember this statement? God calls for far more tact, more wise generalship than has yet been given him by his human agents. There is need of sharp, sanctified thinking and keen work to counteract the ingenious plans of satan In presentations like this, I often try to go into some level of detail as to the, the methods right. That the tactics used by kellogg. It is instructing what were his actions. Ok, that's what my books all about, right? I'm not going to that this thing. And actually maybe I just needed something different. I want to illustrate this idea right here. This sharp, sanctified thinking and keen work to counteract the ingenious plans of scene. In order to illustrate that, I want to basically just tell you the story. One key part of the story and go into much more detail than I would normally in, you know, di, trying to deal with wider swath of information. Ah, I spent some time last night and this morning trying to put that altogether from scratch. From other presentations. I've done the past, i like it, I didn't like it, it didn't, you know? And finally, I said, dave, you wrote it out once, just use the book. So my apologies. I seldom like to just read to the congregation, but I think this part of the story is maybe interesting enough that you know, you know, let me get away with that. It will be on the screen. You can, you know you to sit back and relax or follow along, but here we go. This is uncle dave. Story are In late august 19 o 3, the doctor dictated a letter to his long time friend and co worker doctor david paulson. Kellogg was clearly feeling that his decision to reopen battle creek college. So, but that letter were down against the whites council was going to precipitate a rupture between the medical work in the general conference. This letter has a distinctly militant tone, making it a fascinating read. Unfortunately, runs to 9 typewritten pages. All we can can include here are the barest of selections. Kellogg was a prolific letter writer. I don't know what was with those guys back in the day. I mean, it's like 161720 page letters was a norma. Must have been such a relief when the telephone came. One It was right at this time to you'll see it in this next slide. Kellogg, you're writing to paulson. We are getting into strange times. It looks as though a line of battle was being formed. The conference men are determined to run the sanitarium in the medical missionary work. The devil will tempt some of our doctors who are ambitious for place in professional opportunities to join hands with these conference men. I understood you over the telephone that you had crossed the rubicon. I think jones and wagner have done the same and began in sutherland. We have a truth which appeals to men or women more powerfully than any prophetic argument, or any of the old doctrines is just so long been taught these newer truth, which have come to us have more converting power in them. That all the doctrines which have been freed during the last 40 years put together. Okay, stop. Just a moment. This is 1903 subtract, 40 years. That's 863. That's the year that the church was organized. So he just wiped out entire history of advent as formal evangelism. Ok, The living, kimball gospel rendered useless a whole lot of their old flint muskets in their stale ammunition. Multitudes of heathen believe in an ever present god in god, working in the living things about us. The eyes of christians have been blinded to this fact by false philosophy, and this is far more pernicious and injurious as to consequences than fun, day keeping or the belief in the mortality of the soul. I hope you doctor paulson will have a good time in Illinois and in Kansas. The principal thing is to get acquainted with a lot of young people do not forget to get forget to get the names of all the young people. A good way to get hold of the names and tell them that we have some interesting literature. We want to send them try and get some plan organized for selling the living temple. Yeah, they had mail lists back in fascinating idea. The combined protests of ellen, white and denominational leaders, managed to temporarily block kellogg's plan to reopen the room from the college. But by 19 o. 5 kellogg was desperate for student workers in the sanitarium. That's what kept his operation going. Was these underpaid student workers, right? He began advertising the establishment of the battle creek schools, a grandiose university to operate in conjunction with the sanitarium. The sales pitch indicated the students could choose from professional scientific literary biblical technical industrial 40 courses leading to diplomas in degrees. And of course, they could pay their expenses by working in the San anyways is a great opportunity for a young man or woman. Provided one was willing to ignore the wife's counsel, to avoid the faith destroying influences that then so prevalent at the senator in the battle creek in general. It was a straightforward cons. Yes, killer was trying to get edmund youth the battle creek and was wanting them to stay away. That's why kellog needed to discredit ellen way. But how do you discredit the spirit of prophecy? You attack the source of its credibility. That would be god. And the whole concept of inspiration, that's what gave l white credibility and influence with church members cut inspiration of the picture and she's just another old woman as far as authority goes no way that too much. No one with any personal experience would go for that killer. Needed to doubt back a bit how simple. Just say that sometimes her ideas came from god and sometimes she was influenced by what someone else wrote or so door at all. It takes plant that idea and people's thinking and though surely find some part of the spirit of prophecy to apply it to you know, If you read the spirit of prophecy, you're going to find something you don't like. Yeah. Yeah. You're going to find that it correct you on some point and you would rather not make that change. And if you have floating around in your philosophical armament of, you know, processing the idea that some parts of this beer prophecy aren't quite up to snuff. Well, this is got to be the one Of course dr. Kellog wanted that exception to apply to the whole thing about battle creek in the sanitarium being off track. With that out of the way, the cheap labor tap would flow again writing to w. C white. Shortly. After getting home from a trip to europe, general conference presently g daniels told how one of the leading brethren and ireland had heard from Doctor kellogg, that quote, testimonies were sent out with mister white, stamp upon them, which she herself never saw. And that the doctor had once forced the confession from willie that he and her assistance had made up a testimony and find her name and send it to doctor con. Neither of those were true, but that's what the gay and ireland had heard. Daniels continued i find that the air is full of doubts and questions. Questionings regarding the spirit of prophecy, i believe that it is our duty to rise up and meet this evil thing and give our people that which will and deceive them and give them assurance. I am persuaded that the war that is to be waged against the spirit of prophecy is to come from within and not outside of our own denomination. Now I know where this evil work originate. In every instance, almost, i've been able to trace it to one place. Letters and statements are continually going out calculated to arouse suspicion and bring unbelief and rejection. The workers going on all the time. And his reaching out to the ends of the earth. Daniels what had something done. He wanted it for months, but ellen white urged discretion in dealing with the doctor. She did more than that of course, and she wasn't blind or what was going on. In fact, she was keeping a close eye on many details of the devil's effort when a battle creek schools issue started heating up again. Other daniels is getting desperate. This is about the fall of 19 o 5. Now they kinda held it off for 2 years by ellen, white and general conference resistance, but the fall is late summer, early fall of 19 o 5 kellogg's getting desperate. You get to do something. Daniels, rates. I have good reason to believe these battle creek schools are designed for a great dragnet with which to catch our young people. The thing is already beginning to work, unless something decided is done to counteract the movement, we shall lose hundreds of the very flower of our young people. I believe that are holding our nation must be more clearly and fully informed of this dangerous movement at battle creek. The Lord has given you ellen white volumes of instruction. What has come to me has informed around me regarding the crisis we are in. I feel sure that if our brothers and sisters know the fact one half as fully as they have been revealed to you, they would stand as one man against this evil thing. But as it is at present thousands no, but little about it. We say nothing or speak with whispered breath and all the while the enemies were at work, gaining sympathy, influence, and souls. Did you see any parallel here? Remember the statement, but the angels in heaven. The rebellion was allowed to progress for anything was done. I confess to you that this is the greatest sorrow of my life. I have no desire to make war on doctor killing. I do not care what fame he gets, nor how many worldly people go to battle creek. But it breaks my heart to see our young people go there to be poisoned against the ministry that brought their parents into the truth and against the message for which their parents have stood in sacrifice so loyally. No one need say that they are not does influence. I know better. When a father tells me that his son became an infidel at battle creek and declined to recommend him to his conference for an honorable medical position. I know there is more than imagination on my part regarding the character of the influence there. I seriously fear that for some months we have been losing ground in this controversy. While we have been silent, they have been aggressive. Their efforts have not been open and frank, they are moving under cover and are gaining ground. They pressed their war for untiring the in all directions. Everywhere we go, we run into it now and then someone sends us letters or copies of letters sent out from battle creek, which are absolutely untrue and altogether deceiving, undermining their character. And from all sources we learn of our young people going there. These things force the issue upon us. The spirit of prophecy is warner young. People not to go to battle creek. Dr. Kellogg is determined that they shall go there and they are going for one, I feel that is dominant denomination ought to rise up in the name of god and stop this thing. Else daniel's letters during this time period are great reading is that you can get that from the white estate website. He's look for the correspondence section. You can download all this stuff. It's like a piece of cake being in store in these days. The elder daniels letter, ellen white responded. I have light from the Lord that at this time we must act with great caution. For the enemy is watching our every movement at times, I've been ready to take steps that would be called aggressive. I would read over the letters containing warning and caution that I have had from the Lord for several, a battle creek. At times I have felt that I must print all the warnings given me for doctor kellogg. If I were going to guess off the top of my head, i'd say I read that that idea in ellen white's letters and going to print everything I've ever told them. I'd say at least 25 times 25 different times over a period of maybe 5 years, something like that. Does that going to have to do that? I don't want to do that. I don't want to destroy a reputation, but I'm going to have to do that with Terry hurdle. She goes on but I have not yet done this because I have been impressed to wait. If I should make a strong move in this direction, the battle would be on. Those who are opposing the light god has given would feel that they had been attacked and would claim that they were compelled to make moves that otherwise they would not have made. And it would take much of our time to meet the issue. Let us hold on patiently for a little while and let the elements break force that are struggling into life. Let not too many articles be published in the review and harold that are of a character to stir up strife. Can you imagine being the editor of the ribbon, harold, exactly how many anti kellog articles can I now publish? Is one to many. Let not too many articles. Oh, these guys were they were going through the mill. Oh, what kind of war is this? The enemy is killing us. Our church members don't even know what's going on and we're supposed to wait. Welcome to the police. It's earlier in the book for les, most cameron can set me straight on this. How do you, how do you say that? By the way i've, I've been blessing. Ok, pauline. Most. That's the word for war in relation 12 and it's not a war of tanks and missiles. It's where we get our english word polemic, which is a virulent attack on someone else's position or belief. Welcome to the Play most that there's a reason for reading, patriarchs and prophets and great car for the white had told the general conference guys she wrote to daniels and prescott and evans and all the other people there. She said, get patriarchs and prophets get great conference, read the sections about the rebellion of lucifer in heaven. That what's going on now? Read that stuff. There was a good reason for that. And there was a good reason for waiting, waiting, ah, daniels didn't want to hear about waiting. L white wrote some who have been deceived by men in response of the places will repent and be converted. And in all our dealings with them, we must remember that none of those who are in the depths of satan snare know that they are there. Well, It's easier for me to grab a sword? No shag spilling blood. Yeah. Just a while. Later she would describe, describe that time period long ago, some thought the time had come when we must take decided action to break the spell. But in the visions of the night, I was in an assembly of the physicians and I saw the work that was being planned. Then I said to my son, i must get everything in readiness. For soon we shall see the necessity of having the armor on ready for action. In that meeting, many things were said which I can and must meet. I must know work and we did work. We had to move. And yet we had to wait until those in error thought they could carry things against the ministers and churches. I was shown their course of action and had everything in readiness for such a movement and labor to defeat their deep laid plot. Wise generalship, sharp, keen, thinking. This is tactical. You know, this is, this is the very definition of a tactical deployment of one. Vailable forces. She says, not now. It's not the right time. Not the right circumstances. Wait. And yet, young people were going to battle creek while they waited You know, I suspect that one of the harder parts of being a general is ordering your men into battle, knowing that they will probably die war as famously uttered by some general i forget who he was war is hell Or at least it came from their deep laid plot. This is not kellogg making a mistake. This is a deliberate, intentional, antagonistic effort. I don't want to, you know, I'm not trying to stir up any fight here. Today we call it a conspiracy. This one is whether any of the rest are this one was going on. Events of late december 19 o 5 constitute the tipping point of kellogg's opposition to Ellen white, the general conference and goods work in general. It was then that the credibility of the rebellion was, if not completely, then at least you recover ably broken. Oddly, the story is almost unknown. It certainly deserves as much interest as the iceberg vision of 19 o. 3 and arguably more I would say, unknown to the point that I had never heard the story. I don't think it was ever printed until I put it in my book. I got straight out of elder daniels letters. Why did this story not kit brought out. I mean, there was always a puzzle in my mind because if you had asked me prior to doing this particular research, if you'd said, when did you know kellogg get defeated? I would have told you the iceberg story, right? Every knows the icebergs. Right? Right and probably right. Ok. The ship hits the iceberg in them. Ok. That whole thing. That was, that was like the fall of 19 o 3. And I always wondered, so if you know, if he was defeated in 1903 alchemy so causing trouble in o 4 o 5, you know what's going on here. And there was a puzzle in my mind. And I did not know of this part of the story, and this is the real, the real story. I mean, this is, this is the real occasion through w. C. White set the scene for us in a letter to elder erwin. I said elder daniels, i should I have to set the scene just little bit more. Ah, l white was an alms haven when he white was out travelling. Daniels was travelling, and erwin, i think, was also traveling at the same time. Right. Ok. So really write a letter to elder erwin and says elder daniels tells me of a telegram from mother asking him to wait in battle creek until manuscripts arrived, which were mailed december 21st. So here's a little of the back story. Is it all white had written a number manuscript previously and the Lord had said don't mellows to hang onto On the 21st of December, she was wakened early in the morning with instruction get those manuscripts together, get them in the mail to daniels at battle creek get a telegram off to him to get him to battle creek to wait for them. He was in Chicago, so it wasn't too far, but you know, still telegram was sent there. They were told they typing out copies of this young man as goes with their, an in skin paper and their carbon paper type of thing best. They could do pre xerox. Oh man, how did they live anyhow? So they got this in the mail on December 21. We switch now to daniel's account of the whole thing. The events that followed yesterday morning that would be december 26. Yesterday morning I came early to the dime tabernacle office to see if the communication had arrived from sister white. I was disappointed that it had not come. A few minutes later, one of the doctors not killed one of the doctors from the sanitarium called to see me. He said that he was in great perplexity of mind. He had been brought up from a child to look upon every message from sister white as having emanated from the Lord. He said that now he was so bewildered and used by all he had heard, hardly knew what to think, nor what course to pursue. He stated that the night before, he with a large company of men, including judge jesse arthur, professor nicola doctor cc. Nicola doctor rand highland butler, and many of the heads with apartments in the sanitary and had sat from 5 o'clock until 11 o'clock listening to doctor kellog outlined the recent controversy from his standpoint. He said, as the doctor assured them that he believed in the spirit of prophecy, and he believed the sister white is a good woman and that she had been inspired by the Lord. But he went on then too established by many infallible proofs. The fact that all of the communications which were sent out could not be relied upon as coming from the Lord. That's an old construction that always makes it sound like he's saying, all of the communities just now we thing he thing we would today cast a little bit different. I would say not all of the prove the communication. So he's not saying everything on white ever said is junk, is just saying f, it's not some of it's not from that. Now said this doctor, I want if possible, that you shall make it plain to me what messages we are to understand or from the Lord and which ones emanate from men who are influencing sister white. In other words, tell me how to know the difference between the testimony lords ends and those which are prompted by reports sent to sister wait. While we were talking, someone came to the door and handed me the large envelope containing the testimonies i had been looking for. This doctor saw me receive this bundle of testimonies when he asked me to tell him how to decide which testimonies were genuine which were spurious. I told him that unable to give him any white whatever. On this point, I told him that to me they were all genuine. I knew of no means by which he could distinguish the true from the false that to me they were either all from the Lord or from the devil. Then I called his attention to this envelope containing a testimony that had been handed in while we were talking. Now, said the doctor, we will open this envelope and you should be the 1st one to look upon these testimonies. Take them, look them over and tell me whether they are genuine or spurious, whether they were given to her by the Lord or by some men. He took them, looked at the titles and dates, signatures, enning him over. He said to me, well, I cannot tell you where these are from the Lord are for men. Whether they are reliable or unreliable. It looks to me, said he, that it is a question of faith on my part as to whether sister, white as a servant of god or a wicked pretender. Well, said I, you are just as able to tell me who inspired these communications. I am to tell you, you've seen them 1st, you know just as much about them as I do. I cannot give you the slightest information that you do not possess. No said I the only ground for me to occupy as absolute confidence a god is revealing to his servant that which the church needs to understand that every single communication which he sends out emanates from god and not for men. This doctor was not dr. Kellogg, of course. But one of the doctors in the senator him with a positive result. Why exactly? To start off the campaign. Older daniels prepared for the main battle. The reading of the testimonies and the dame tabernacle that evening. His letter continued. The people had heard that the communications were coming from this white and were all anxious to hear them. At 730, the tabernacle was filled. The auditorium, the vest raised the gallery. That'd be over 5000 people. I did not see doctor kellogg, but I saw w A K, dr. Paulson, elder jones, l. Taylor and other leading men. Those are all kellog loyalists right there. We 1st had a very early season of prayer, then I read the telegram that I had received from sister white and proceeded to read the communications. I read both of them without comment. The people listened with breathless interest and the power and authority of the living. God accompanied the message, there was a deep hush and a solemn silence that I have seldom was seldom witnessed in a congregation. It seemed to me as I read that I had never felt the burning power of words reaching my own soul. As these. When I had finished, it was 9 o'clock, but I told the congregation that it was my impression that we ought to pray that we ought to resort to earnest prayer. And invited those who felt the same way to retire to the north vestibule, where we could engage in prayer together. Such a great crowd remained that we changed from the vestry to the auditorium. And the auditorium must have been 2 thirds fall. We did not spend time to talk but got down on her knees at once and united in earnest prayer to God. We prayed that our eyes might be opened, that we might see things as god sees them. We pray, the doctor kellogg and his associates and all the helpers might be led to receive an obey the solemn messages that had come to us. The spirit of the Lord was present. At 10 o'clock we close the service and quietly retired. I should have said that when the general meeting closed, 3 men who had been in the meeting with kellogg the night before from 5 to 11 o'clock, came forward and told me that the meeting held the previous night had been clearly described. The testimony i had read entitled the result of a failure to heed god's warnings. And they said if there had been a doubt in their minds regarding the source of the testimonies, it would have been swept away by their own statements. In the testimonies. In other words, they heard from ellen white, what they had said the night before. I have talked to the number who are in the meeting and I can. But believe that this joy was stirred up by the Lord on the very day that she caused this message should be written and posted to us for the purpose of getting it into our hands. The very day that it arrived. It is profoundly impressive to look at the facts. The message was written in her diary, january 1, 900. 0, for the December 1, 900. 5. Almost 2 years ago. Thursday morning, december 21. 19 o 5. She was roused to have that message copy from her diary and posted the battle creek. The work was done in the telegram sent it 11 o'clock that night. Monday night, december 25. A private meeting was held with the leading men in a room of the college. This meeting was of such a nature that a number of told me that if they had not been well grounded, they would not have. They would have been turned away entirely from the testimonies. When said that he would be driven into infidelity if he believed the things, the doctor related to them. Early the next morning, after this meeting was held, the message was in our hands and in 24 hours after these misleading, bewildering, confusing representations were made to a few men privately. They were openly exposed to near the 2000 people. How do you 2000? I know that I have to double check myself. I thought that the time deborah could hold 5000 and you said it was for now. Anyhow. Whatever, minor detail just can think catch my attention going on men may say what they like. I believe we have a living god. The author of such qu incidences as these. I am deeply impressed. The authority and power of the infinite one came to us last night. Victory has been given to this cause, and it will be worked out now in the lord's own way. I believe that the fear and restraint that has been upon many has been broken and that now they will stand calmly and fearlessly without wavering in defense of the truth of god. I wish you were here to see and feel what we are seeing and experiencing. I am amply repaid for all the anxiety and perplexity through which I have passed during these fierce struggles. I know that god is rewarding us for our pledge of unswerving loyalty to the spirit of prophecy, as well as the rest of this message. I shall now work harder than ever to enlighten minds regarding the false reports that have been poured into their ears for the purpose of destroying the authority of the testimonies of god's spirit. Has anyone else ever heard that story before Their hand on that? Where did you hear it? You remember? Not. Not there? Yeah, I'll have to go go double check it, but I'm sure I look Ok. I would. I would love to see it there, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. I had never heard that story. Anyhow, it's an impressive one. Pretty impressive story. You have any doubts about the spirit prophecy? Read a few stories like that. Don't read the other book. Makes a big difference. What you read makes a big difference. What you watch, what you listen to, or be careful little eyes. What you see. There are some good songs back in the day in the game. Well, finishing up, then I'm early. This is unusual. So this is what we're, what we've been doing and this is why we've been doing it. We started off looking at lucifer's rebellion because it set the pattern for everything that he does. Thereafter. We'll see that more clearly. Tomorrow we then went to christ response because he had set the pattern for every successful effort thereafter. Looked at the good kellogg when he was in fact combining the union of christ likes work for the body. And christ like work for the soul, which is the method that jesus you. And it resulted in the beginning of the loud cry. To day, we looked at the bad kellog in the beginning of the alpha of apostasy, which incorporated every single tactic that lucifer used in heaven. I've got a couple minutes. There's one little detail that I'll mention. Remember I said the other day that in talking about lucifer's rebellion and heaven. Why more than any other single tactical effort that he used? Talk about how he would plant a doubt and go around and come back later. And he would call that doubt out of their own mouths. Remember that she talks about that time after time with lucifer in her writing of the equivalent kind of writing about kellogg's posse is a different focal point. Maybe it was just a kellogg use that one more. The one thing she warns most about kellog is talk talk, talk late at night. When people can't think straight, he'd keep them up for hours like that one meeting with her about from 5 to 5 to 11. Right? He would commonly take, you get one or 2 people, but hold them off someplace and he talk, talk, talk all night long or whatever you know, till 2 in the morning or something like that. Where them down Once upon a time that happened to willy white and white was not around, but she saw it in vision and she was frantic. She said she would, I don't remember the exact wording, but it's like she would do anything to make sure that that never happened to willie. Again. It's a form of hypnotism is what it is to form a mind control. Well, if we understand that You remember that famous aim in life sketches 196. We have nothing to fear for the future except Except what class Except we forget how god has led us in the past and His teaching in our past history. Sometimes, you know, we'd like more of the leading stories than the teaching stories. Get a funny how that works. You know, we, we love a good oh, the Lord led me story. And we sometimes a little less enthusiastic about the Lord corrected me story. We have nothing to fear for the future unless we forget that stuff. This is the big picture of that stuff. And it doesn't take it any particular genius to see where we're headed. The alpha of apostasy is a. I mean that's why she call the alpha and omega, right? There's a linkage, it's kind of like this is an acorn, and that is an oak tree. There's some genetic similarities there. And the other side, we still got a job to do how we going to do it? Hey, why, why don't we try falling direction? What a great concept. I love it. I'm a simple minded guy. Let's do it the way jesus asked us to do it. They, we can finish this thing out. We'll be looking at some of that stuff in our meeting tomorrow. I thank you for your attention that's valid for prayer. Father. It's so nice to have a story where the good guys, when We pray that we would be prepared to emulate their face, To copy their patient To follow along in accepting correction. Because the truth is that elder daniels and even other willie, why they, they made their mistakes too, and they had to be corrected. That would help us to Set our minds firmly that we will follow the we will have enough faith to believe that someone who is all wise, all powerful and all loving might actually tell us the best thing to do. Help us to do that. We pray in jesus name, you meant To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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