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Christian Integrity

Tom Waters


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International



  • December 10, 2005
    10:00 AM
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happy Sabbath Valladolid okay very military for family camping is one player even then I thought it precisely about thirty thirty one nine something like that so want to give you a little taste of a little taste of family camping if you like to see the whole DVD presentation that he can come back at two thirty of the meeting is scheduled and yet until three so if you like to see the whole DVD and find out and hear testimonies from single adults from families of all adversity family camping is for families and you know that you singly upon a family of five here some powerful testimonies so come back if you like to see the rest the DVD is where guarding of the schedule made at two thirty which is a half an hour before the three o'clock meeting its regular rescheduling fee all case a family camping are you doing today I want to talk about Christian integrity today now if it's unfortunate that we would even have to talk about integrity connecting it to Christianity it should be automatic right because I mean it Christian that to be a Christian means that were connected to Christ he even had the sun hat I doesn't say he is not this Bible from cover to cover as Christ even though what inside this cover is Christ the word the word was made and dwelt among us I have him healthy we were talking about this morning and Sabbath school class is that we can have all this in the hot lanes we can all about Christ but Jesus is going to say to many people and I hope that I'm not one of them I hope that none here we hear these words depart from me I never leave you know the Bible begins in the first chapters of Genesis and it talks about how God made Adam and he and how Adam knew his wife and that meaning is very and then intimacy that Jesus Christ wants to have with us Disney call it call becoming a particular of the divine nature having escaped the corruption of this world through last night 's union with Christ but to Lucia become one flash that is union with Jesus Christ if we had that kind of Christianity we wouldn't even be talking about integrity and availability because the world would know that anyone who profess the name of Jesus Christ were the most honest people no more but you know are the greatest tragedies of our experiences I travel all over the world would this ministry is finding out that many of the people who have the poorest business relationships are something people who say I will put a Seventh-day Adventist contractor I saw bad enough that there was talk about Christian integrity talk about it in three areas I realize that what will be here at eleven o'clock right is twenty five minutes to eleven and I don't try to be sensitive to not interfering but if I know over a little bit by getting in trouble you send me this is insanity if anyone here needs to leave because you are expecting this to be over eleven o'clock you have my full permission I will not evil surmise about if you get up and walk out okay I want to talk about integrity in three areas first complete transparency in our relationship to God that's where it all begins and if it is not happening there it will affect the next area I want to talk about in that is within the marriage within the family so if you got married today that's okay because we'll talk about it in marriage and we talk about in the context of single individuals as well and lastly we'll talk about integrity as it relates to and read other relationship we had business with our friends with our church bank Christian integrity today right now and I can ask anybody to raise their hands but how honest are you really being with you selected that name Christian again received for a period of my life more time than I would like to really admit I did not understand what real Christianity I did not understand the connection between Christianity and connection to Jesus Christ that is personnel living vibrant Serb of living Savior today we believe that I do not understand that connection therefore I wasn't being a hypocrite to read about the five coalition of five wise virgins you find out that the five foolish virgins were not interested that I desired to be at meetings like this it really like to read the word of God they really wanted to be a part of what God was doing and when the bridegroom called on when the cry went up the behold the bridegroom when they wanted me to be sure going to be met in one embodiment was just one problem why weren't they there is suddenly realize when they woke up the men inhabiting on the left it was gone said otherwise please is yours please I believe brothers and sisters that we are at that time I was not a hypocrite I was foolish I do not have a living connection with the power of Jesus Christ I was trying in every way I knew I wanted to be in church I wanted to do what was right I wanted to get Bible study I wanted to be involved in Revelation seminars I wanted to be there because I really believe the message but I did not have living life changing today in this world where people just like I will image Russ writes me right in the beginning Bible studies you may be attending the right meetings but you do not have a living connection with the living you are Jesus Christ I hope before you leave this weekend you will have that connection all of the miracles of the Bible point to one thing what happens when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ we can be say every blind item was open every tongue that was loose every cripple that was healed all point to the maladies that we have in the Christian experience but we must be honest for the Lord Jesus Christ we must admit our need we must cry out for help he stands at the door and he knocks the devil does anything you cannot kick the door down to jimmy locks to do whatever he has to do the Lord Jesus the door he says that he'll open the door I will come in brothers and sisters opening the door one time at your conversion experience already adore one time that resulted in baptism is not enough to be saved in the kingdom of God we must open the door to Jesus and renewed in and then when the doors open we must continue to keep the door because every time that the devil sees us connected to the Lord Jesus and President interfere if he can keep us on connecting for years he kept me from connecting any cabbage salad Nancy Salm blasphemed illegal markup got not happen at no time I was so exhausted and time from final connection not find the spell and all that he wasn't my guy not trying to stay long enough on my knees are long enough in his word that was in our to go into a wicked world is one examines that in our Sabbath school class today and for this wildlife is into the shark infested waters that's what real life is your nominee is the scary thing is is that living in this environment it's kind of getting used to when you swim with the sharks unionists the temperature rises used to write your meal boiled frog syndrome one of the now just gets warmer and if so I think it's worse and worse please don't misunderstand me I'm not here to I don't care where where we live if we are connected vitally connected to Jesus Christ we will not hear the words of twelve thousand eighths matter how much we know about how much with them because you remember when Jesus says those words you never know yourself what people say hey don't you remember me I want to cast out demons you said could be an even raised the dead you know one of the most astounding things in here that Jesus gave Judas Howard raise the dead shall begin to this power to heal the sick cleanse the lepers raise the dead in say a candelabra review power Judas North will your heart down liar when she was still often a money back so you are going out given these eleventh hour fifteen Judas power to cast out demons companies because Jesus did everything he could to reach the heart of Judas saw three things are not enough for us any Bible studies in America is nothing in the kingdom of God vessels Bible studies in power strength of Jesus Christ then it becomes a power of God and the salvation to everyone who believes it's not just going through the motions so are you being I remember the first day that I was honest with God my whole I went to tremble this is a guy is getting Jesus Christ for me because it allows me always is center again Jesus really want when I tremble why I began my knees trembling to myself for the first completely unreservedly to God why would a Campbell County Virginia they wanted someone next day now I was afraid if I open myself completely to God what you tell me if you are afraid to think about this if you are afraid the surrender yourself one hundred percent to today then you are not ready for the kingdom and I being too hard on your I want to share with you what God is sharing with me talking about integrity there is nothing unafraid to open up my God you know why because my God is not just a guide to me why God is my heavenly and I know the love I have for my son and my daughter I know how my heart yearns for them to be in the kingdom of God I know in my heart when I reach out to them and when I do everything as a father I can do it makes me do for my heavenly father it makes me love my heavenly father like it's not a religious transaction me and my I am motivated by the love that my heavenly father has for me as a motivating you if that is motivating you then there is the thing that you would be afraid to open up in Christian integrity to your heavenly father that would mean nothing that you would be afraid of so rendered him if we are holding out on God brothers and sisters it's because we're ready to trust completely that means we have selected surrender and easily a conditional surrender to those words mean it's like you are willing to give this to you Lord I remember when I was willing to give them my diet back in those days when I didn't understand along with my heavenly father you been quite humored to watch me go through my cupboards I was on a campaign I to do what was right I'm not saying that was wrong but it was Ezekiel not according to write knowledge it was a video him converse left me an American situation as a bachelor Marshall is honest I wasn't motivated from the right thing I heard a seminar I know about it but it didn't connect to Jesus Christ therefore I surrender selectively to do this part which is a good part I'm a total vegetarian today and I've never been happier and I've never been healthier but it's not because this person because start working from the inside as I surrendered myself to Jesus and open my heart to him and said Lord what would you have needed you all I'm saying to you today is if you're not being honest with God then stop holding staff playing Christianity to understand I don't want to play games I don't believe you want to play games and when I didn't understand if it wasn't because I was playing games is because I didn't understand I was doing the best I know but the best we have is nothing apart from the Allen Daniel fell down before the angel that was given to him to reveal what was ahead remedying the second Google green and Windows incursions Daniel Daniel felt on time before the angel and yet he was greatly beloved by God why him as well virtually alone yesterday were companion races in virtually alone in the kingdoms of three even on her from a cabinet members the ever see Doctor three presidents has role eleven a rollback in the days of Daniel didn't they and was greatly the love was one hundred percent controlled by God one hundred percent empowered by God one hundred percent and love his father you know love to God means loving the Lord with everything in our soul I love the Lord our God with all our heart and oversold with all our mind this is one place in the following night is another place how much more is there everything and if we are not in a position when will we become willing to be in a position where it now is the time today is the day of salvation that is not the data pat ourselves on the back and reminisce about all the good things we've done all the things we know today is a day to ask the question am I one hundred percent surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ and if I am willing to be my day because if we are then it will affect and bring other relationship and that's the second area that I want to talk about the second area of integrity some twenty five twenty one says let integrity let what integrity and you are need for I weighed on me literally was a means a wait on the Lord to have our integrity and uprightness preserve us means that we are waiting for his bidding and all his buildings are our enabling it doesn't matter how I says doesn't matter what he asked the scenario because we're open and honest completely open and honest of the Lord editing has to do we will have power to do in the strength of Jesus Christ or talk about Christian integrity for a few moments in the marriage relationship is the marriage type of the relationship between Jesus and his church we believe that Dolly okay anything is a privilege that we can have this opportunity as a witnessing tool very few people realize that the marriage relationship is amid a witnessing tool if they life lesson you will have a marriage that is heart-to-heart with God and heart-to-heart with one another is testimony to the power is an tragic that in the Spanish church that our divorce rate rivals the divorce rate of secular society the tragic we can even add not the tail that doesn't mean we can't be honest in her marriages before God transparent in how we counsel of many couples in many other situations that we find with these couples is that there is lots of dishonesty going on in the relationship and marriage the husband for example this one him only thing on the Internet you know what the people on Internet today I'm just curious in this group how many people of you have been on the Internet the last forty eight hours by chance that anything I'm not picking on the Internet the Internet just happens to be one of the tools that the devil is making tragic use of so that men are just men but I know men who gone there wives think they are doing their business and doing whatever they needed you know what men are doing on the Internet and doing things they shouldn't be doing despite they should be looking at their corrupting their minds and their lying to their wives about what they're doing women doing the same things when I was watching television programs that they now they shouldn't be watching soap operas are helping anybody he would watch a soap opera right honestly raise your hands but not letting their husbands note are not being honest because they know their husband is disgusted by the fact that things in the home are getting done the children being taken care of because the watching the television watching things they shouldn't be hiding magazines they shouldn't be reading on using simple examples very general but very real examples because there is integrity and transparency and you know the reason why there is an transparently good husbands and wives is a reason the same reason there is a transparency between an individual and God is because we're afraid of what the other person will do how they'll react to what will happen to change if they find out what were doing Christian intent me and the marriage if it's not well little room to become another statistic and of course right that's where it leads young people that many of you are not married here I'm assuming that murderous regime he understand that some people get her another son young adults and are not married are you really being honest in your relationship to your parents very important question you know what the cutoff age is on the ask everybody inside what is the cutoff age for the Fifth Amendment honor thy father and my mother was based on the window this is not as a very distinct answer right to the point than leaving that theoretically articulate or ball you believe intellectually before it could become practical right that diversity is the mere power ask you how many of you are really honoring your parents in real life they come to visit you then in twenty twenty three whatever twenty five the coming year apartment Wednesday DVDs when folks come right why what will I is her conviction I can hear you is that convention was well choice that no one may then leave them out so you know this is I think this is God because in her heart of hearts you know is right the choices of music you know powerful music is know why it is so powerful because the devil was the leader of the music and there was no one that was created above Lucifer did you know it'll took his place Lucifer was the highest created being in the universe and he was the leader using it it is figure out how to start for people to hire that music that we heard come in this morning and that group across their heartbreaking it's heartbreaking because what they don't realize is the music that they are playing his worship to this master and they think that their servant Jesus you know what told very clearly that Jesus moved from the holy place and the most Lynette vacancy was made there in the holy place the devil the other master said is a great opportunity to slip into this position because a lot of people don't know that Jesus move because they're not moving what Jesus will write so they were sending their prayers saying the apartment this was answering the prayers has now done with pitchfork and I will appoint him to devil would disguised himself as an angel my empty him relationships with God so it doesn't end in harmony broken molester I want to talk about his integrity in every other relationship that we have every other relationship with left for us the eyebrow I cracked windshield in my pickup truck and I can see through it I just went truck well about here have gone that route I want to sell the truck and suddenly you look at everything differently now you little of my money out of this thing might force is the one track now I get every dollar on it I can get and it's okay so I took it to get the windshield replaced it in error made the dog a few hours I came back was all done and I was ready to give keys and walked on and he says here's your bell bill that had windshield covers I'm sure now you have a coverage in the coverage and cost between fifty dollars of income agent thought sooner this man's death he's the owner of the winter company talking to my agent I said it I thought I had coverage I know by Hal Homer Nicholson she reminded no need to cover job I have a hundred months ago I completely forgotten that I usually talk to Mrs. Winchell Matthew him I turned to Lisa 's back baby boy or what I mean is that they invoice the heart with my insurance agent and I said I can do I'm Christian regular Christians all the time is that's why Christianity is not having power to change lives in this world today I said to him I'm sure of that was encouraging I'm sure more of a feel that way I hope so I told the man now I wonder that I called my insurance agent back to NFL the lady I said you know this man wanted to say whether you crack up when show us that I don't know I know just would truck and the federal long-term she said listen forget about it you've been a good customer will come I want to stop there I said that it's not really you the commonest young writer I said if you call the underwriter and they give you permission to do that because of the customer that I feel the love that she's okay can we find that she called Kodak she said that it looked over your history and you've been a very good customer take care of that for you I surprise the Lord by satellite phone again is a Christian who want to get my invoice in the me to temptation now couple days later I was crying I just thought I'd take advantage of the situation said Lord I want to be I don't want anything you want to understand on your record when the judgment closes nowhere in that judgment right now none of us knows what will come to the living steroid that we really believe that God is on my knees saying Lord is there any way are you doing that we live in an era typical day of the are you really being honest in your business are you being honest in your transactions with those that you call friends by the way I got that cleared up I called my insurance agent back and she said don't get it we ever have read great a great clear conscience about it I don't take advantage of my fellow man so the friendships with speed just for a moment about Christian integrity in relationships how do you feel when somebody talks behind your back is anybody here ever had someone talk behind your back and you found out about it okay let me answer this way is everyone here that's never had anybody talk behind your back to his check and make sure visits on about fifty percent enhancement on the other I feel are you a man can be a little thing that can be a big thing if I told you all the things that have happened in this ministry all of stories of things that I have supposedly done people said I've done I wouldn't get in finally here if all the things I've done I enjoyed as painful as and I have lost friends we have lost friends in this ministry because someone told them the story about us they believed friends we had three years a note to never have the courtesy of the integrity even call us on the phone and ask us if it was true that her trade experiences and relationships now I have Mama qualify under the copyright term a position that I've taken on gossip I despise thing is distracted one of the devices that the devil uses somebody calls me or write to me or talked to me in a private conversation and they begin to talk to me about you is like Calvin if you're going to tell me that you have to understand and go to my brother and I hear his side all that often at night Natalia is not in the know that I send this right is about as both the person is really genuinely honest would they care if I can talk to you if you really committing about three and a concern about you they really should come talk to me right airframe matchmaking fifteen synthetic talk to you remember to pray for them talk to me because they know I'm your friend then we can we can talk about this and I can help you if that's really genuinely and her partner Emily Cummins and they won't mind if I say not just what we if you're telling me that he's involved in I'm not going to talk things out at all that's fine then we're okay we can continue on Mrs. Oberstar a process if they say wall way to managing and tell him I said this in the entire story then and there say to them not only among a list that was your story and give you warning right now if you carry the story anybody else without going to my brother in finding out if it's true faith judgment we think about that this is too hard we need to get serious brothers and sisters about the Christian life there's too many relationships being destroyed because there's no Christian integrity and how we handle rumors and gossip so I say to you today if you hear something from somebody if you really care about that person unity of a vehicle for the Lord a tool in his hand to either stop at because it's not true or to be a part of the solution and not a carrier of your report will report you see sometimes people come in and they say things about my friends or people close to me I say to them I don't listen true I'm well I never give another thought that here's a rumor I have in my heart and my head yes they come to me what they say about you begins in a new look on the farm I use me to come to you this can affect the way I feel towards you you think that's fair it is the way you feel towards your friend your brother your sister in the church whatever it is Christian integrity says that he'll be a part of the solution not part of the destruction and our relationship Christian integrity in every transaction of life the eyes of the Lord you want to be transparent with the Lord and the ICS city siege on the bottom of the ship they don't know Oregon find on bottom the ship is something that happens or not honest to think that you are a single child in a bank if they're behind the curtain I can't see you you can see me I didn't realize that they were sitting on the curtain you understand that when we did and the cyclists and it's a fatal cycle sometimes we don't see clearly and more God wants to be transferred you want to be transparently from others one more question before close are you willing to be transparent the difference because God wants you to be transparent and God will give you the grace to go through whatever you need to go through to be a real Christian one major outdoor band on their dieting if your diet making you wanted my one of my never I never been the guy fully so fully committed fully dependent question in the Lord Jesus Christ because I like my family blessing us on the figure from where the vigor from tolerating you how long Psalm eighteen what is a thirty thirty thirty three they were listening is where we had actually we just got decided to skim of awareness we haven't practiced this long and I like the minimalist but sometimes self will remember the verse at the end of the song put on your marathon it will look to this my again enabled for this one I'm just so that I'm not Blair not here on DT thirty two thirty three and is a is a handy little the load he is I he is too long on natural seeing he is in C will wantonly virile say him you and then your meeting with pain and may get in my way in is God and you're need with an in and who I do the alone on the right and him ahead and write the times need to 's and the farm in an and the whole or another and I have eighty G and in selling it will all father you are your father the Lord I pray that each one of us is the indwelling open ourselves to prove Christian integrity that we will not listen to the lives of the will not fear what is before what you call a severe weather we will try to budget already done what you given us the grace and power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sleeper


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