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Dealing with uncertainty

Ronny Nalin


  • July 1, 2010
    1:20 PM
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him and his admittedly to me we knew this morning in the nasal and fairly new news on the world and the SBA program and I want that war is ours we knew my personal views I will thought will be about my background so you understand where you are I was born in easily nineteen seventy eight yes you use a scene you are feeling as I was his arena where the majority of the population is in my parents were written the church so in my family thought was a very well yes that is not in the Bible was in cores and practice as old as church life was very wrong in my foundational years and as you can see from this picture I went through all the stages of the Sabbath school classes and I like this because your rate must be losing the race my wife and I really do know what I'm going to go I started to serve and I is seventeen as is or is serving several new Museum had admitted lawfully although are sold as is nice for me and I have great memories we may have tired uninstalling as nails elaborated we decided me on this you will love it is in the jungles agency and long-overdue need share price that means I have to sign away one society and I involved in the University of Waterloo which is one of the limiting out in all and I chose the geology program you may ask why and well because I had a really long outdoors in nature also because I was very interested in this will be so orange that I truly believe that he has to either not to resolve the issues in a nutshell the scientific community errors angry as always you are leaving the science of so you take me long before I realized that things were much more I have thought and remember one day in class it is using this a lot in common I assume of my information so you are as I so I begun to become a new leader and frustration that many scientists know very well that more is stopping the more you realize how Leamington always use much more you should know you shouldn't spy so the University experience is visceral my question is inside the role some new interesting talking to my consideration and what is happening to spend some time in the field is convinced your love me some researching through that dispute is how are some other reasons that understood the issues made mortgaging I feel we are not alone anymore and he's talking to them not being overly national is seen later in the presentation 's author I dilated I decided I wanted by geology and I have only used the wrong size is part of my PhD New Zealand citing shallow marine carbon policies and Mark Byron is any visual or the list you use the was fastened by the rapper is science freezer taste him feeling only the most of the stop of the URI after my experiencing and they want to interview meeting as they had an opening there was a disease on their console he was then my sea and sand while my wife and she was using and I went to Raleigh and their meaning is ready we decided to go Seth is today working for GRI aims to looking at the main reasons the following arias from endangering in the area and province supposing you time siding some sizing information information Colorado so this is a lead of my background now let's discuss the matter some of the questions that you may have in mind and I would like to start with this one is I being a minor seems as if he might be the reason and critical national geological understanding of responses is West Indies money my life is no ogling dream of the new developments that may shed light on current scientific understanding geology is also right with Islam the rapper there are space is in geology that I cannot easily reconciled we know being the reason for their son 's things like biology and their findings and exciting things in nature that exists is a leading designer and even in these presentations in the series of presentations with CNET there are geology some fields that seem brutalizing the words better integration of his duties as they what I understand geology and more unresolved issues so second does this mean that we should now waiting for sociology in Hawaii 's body when we observe our conflict between the theology of the soul is all my friends that the rocks are out there these I serve these facts being very big house for engines out and we should not be afraid when it appears that this morning seem to be holding the Bible absolutely being assigned is designed as an jeweler weaving and rating seater in the theory that those gains your life you would be nice if we can find his harmony entails creature science if we cannot reach that point we should not give us I call using only the meanings are understanding so that the next lesson is should we deny our phase whether his policies and dreams New Orleans and screams told because they like you on phase one not having things and be glad as I was working in leading to a reasonable rate but old as this they must be sure of what we call for and certain of what we do not seem angle is saying that putting our life journey we do not walk I think so that while using that we experience between the Law Review on the Bible or the theology well I believe he asserted his last I saw there is information argument and we are hoping understanding and this is often fallout I think you are signing and what are her neck but it is a fundamental aspect and we cannot understand everything we know all the wrong side house and all processes are not being there is any reason he so there was something that I can stand it when people was something that is in Venice and we always explain that by now had we not need lives that are paralyzed by certain laws the vibrant license that are shaped like lesions in his eye principles that enable the Saudi and reliable soul music isn't my heart is on the phone and assured in spite of certain reason than their uncertainties as the icing on her sources with knowledge signs you belong my wife and passion for my job and also the racing spent one evening when he they are all either these evil beings certain things that I know are real fans real listings and much I cannot seem and I believe that this is what we'll was referring to when he speaks of being certain of things that we do not see I think he wanted to inquire these things that we do not see are real or imaginary articles anyone's distrusting is one you seem so I believe that I'll warn you are already presented sample copies I hate reason in our musical leadership that stands from a strong that is reasonably as screens or is working on modeling our life our hustings meetings meetings I likened the experience of growing is near completion for mistrial in a combat and you wedding dress we would all be using the primary goal of religious tribal you may be sure that God will meet you it is a hard experience though that will leave a mark on many we also read that he only knew a piece of vinyl describes in his review even those jingles experience that essays the sun rose on I think that I was leaving because of his renewing his image a loving and peaceful to this fax suggests that our faith we are looking to understand the meaning this open using my name life piece I also strongly gone over him


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