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03 Righteousness by Faith and Sanctification

Mark Howard Royce Snyman
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  • June 23, 2021
    1:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Father evan. Ha, thank you for the beautiful sunshine. And we're grateful for the rain as well. For the reasons we've talked about in this world is in a drought, not of physical rain, but of spiritual rain. And lord, we just pray that you will send your holy spirit to us in the abundance of the latter rain again, as you promised. And thank you for hearing our prayer guide, our class to day your spirit speak through us in jesus name While want to dig right in this morning. We is a lot of ground to cover. Literally, a lot of lot of material we want to share with you today. Couple quick things I want to mention to you. These are the books that we've been speaking of. And those of who been my class was a couple of the last couple years. No, I've been referring to them heavily. You really can't understand where we are today. If you've not read these books, and I'm, I'm telling you, I've given this to lay people. They've read the book and they said their lives have been changed. I want to encourage you, if you've not read these books that you need to read these books, they're available. I'm not sure whether they're available, the a, B, C. But I know there's a booth across the way here in the exhibit tent. And I know that these books are available over there, and if you don't have them, please get a hold of them and read them. Now you can get them free as our said, but my encouragement to use this is one of those times when you need a physical book and don't forget the footnotes as you read these. Especially in those book, you must read them. Ron duffield is the author of the book, both books and you want to make sure that you take advantage of it. Yes sir. Somebody's requested. Could you share that? The titles for the people who are if they can't see it necessarily on the camera? Well, that's following that idea. The return of the latter rain is the blue one, and it has raindrops all over it. So you know, it's the return of the latter rain. And the wounded, wounded in the house of his friends, is, is the other one. This one was the original book, and he's promised the 2nd volume of this book. But he hadn't gotten the 2nd book out, so he came out with us with a kind of an enduring book. And we're still bugging him for the for the 2nd book. The trouble is he's, he's such a researcher that he's dig in so deep and he just got too much to put in. And I'm trying to encourage him. Look, you're got to have those book out. I mean, you know, I, I can't. Yeah. And he's a layperson that's part of the challenge. He has a real day job and that's part of the difficulty. And I don't remember what the name of the always the prayer booth over there. Yeah. Ok. Yeah. And rob rob is has the are, and I saw another hand read. I saw your hand, you get your question answered. Ok, good. Another book that we've been referring to is state and worked on this is by ellen white compilation of are statements in regard to this. So that's available. I know that that the a, B, C for sure and encourage you to get ahold of that. And so we want to just dig in real quick here and, and review what we've talked about. Review just gets our mind back into gear, you go to other seminars, you go to other, other presentations. And now we've got to get our brain back in gear here. So what do we talk about yesterday? We talked about the fact that when we believe god with the same quality of faith, that abraham believed him, that you can find that he jesus gives life to the dead that he creates all things out of nothing that whatever he promises he is more than able to perform and when we believe god like that, then his perfect righteousness is imputed credited, posted to us through his son, jesus christ. Reviewing the statement that l in white made in phase and work stage one on one. Abraham believed god and it was counted unto him for righteousness. Quoting from romans, for 3 righteousness is of beings to the law, the law demands righteousness. And this is thinner, this the sinner owes law, but he is incapable of rendering it. The only way in which he can attain to righteousness is through faith. By faith, he can bring to God the merits of christ and the Lord places the beatings of his son to the centres account. Christ righteousness is accepted in place of man's failure. What do we have to give? Nothing? What does christ have to give everything? What do we need? What christ has and we have failure, he has victory and that he imparts to us. God receives and God receives pardons, just have received pardons, justifies the repent and believing sole trained him as though he were righteous and loves him as his son. This is how faith is accounted righteousness. You know what that's about as clear as it gets gall read it. Thank you for being here today. I mean that, that just kind of summarize it. Favor works, page 11 on page one o 6. He says it is the righteousness of christ that makes the pen and thinner acceptable to God and works whose justification, however sinful has been his life. If he believes in jesus as his personal savior, he stands before god and the spotless robe of robes of christ imputed righteousness, powerful statement for you, and for me, and supported by the scriptures or better put the scriptures, are supported by what ellen white shares with us both are intertwined and interact. Scriptures are clear. Now you can have a discussion about rise by faith without a date showing up in there somewhere. What's the date? 18. 88. You just can't. Within the 7th day adventist church and the way god is lead in this church have a discussion without mentioning 1888. And the trouble is that some people get connected with that date and then start doing all kinds of strange things. I actually, a couple years ago I was teaching my class and somebody came after a couple days of class and said they were talking to one of our retired pastors who had retired in another state somewhere. And he had been a teacher in a sabbath school class, but he would mention 1888 from time to time. And people got angry at him for even mentioning it. I'm saying, what's the, what's the, this is our history. That, that, that was a reality. I alan white makes it clear that this is something that we need. Why, how, what does she say? Remember the letter that she wrote too often? She said the lorden is great mercy and the most precious message to his people. 3 elder jones and wagner. Why would we start getting angry about jesus most precious message? I don't get that you get that part of it is because the devil has gotten in the way he stirred all kinds of confusion. What are we trying to do? We're trying to simplify and relieve that confusion. You can tell she continues this message was to bring more prominently before the world, the uplifted savior, the sacrifice for the sins of the world. It presented justification to faith in assurity and invited the people to receive the righteousness of christ, which is made manifest and obedience to all the commandments of god. Many had lost sight of jesus. They needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person, his merits and his changeless love for the Human family. All power is given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts and a man imparting the priceless gift of his own righteousness to the helpless human agent. That's us. This is the message that god commanded to be given to the world, to whom, to whom is it supposed to be given? Is it just I know we're supposed to be teaching this to the world. It's the same kind of scenario where jesus was trying to help the the jews understand that their reason for existence at his time was to share the message of the messiah. And then there was the messiah, and they were rejecting him. Ellen white uses the same language in relationship to this message. That's all another issue. But anyway, this is Vanessa. God commanded be given to the world at iv. The 3rd angels message was proclaimed to with a loud voice and attend with the pouring of his spirit in large measure and a letter written to a church later and 1993 and white said we know that Brother jones has been giving the message for this time made induces and for the starving flock of god, this connection with 1888 in the message there is so critical to us today or how are you going to come and help us to understand why this was meeting due season and why it's me in due season for us, but before you come up, I just want to mention this one thing. I keep reminded of the fact that this says the return of the latter rain problem we have today is we have forgotten what god has done for us in the past. We keep asking for something that he has already given us already given us. He already sent the holy spirit in the latter rain. The problem is we had a problem in understanding that and that's what we need to talk about today. What is the heart of that message? Hello, howard. Well, I have a difficulty even answering that question. And this is what I mean when you're dealing with a subject like righteousness, by faith, everybody has an angle, they view it from. And I can only tell you with my experience how it impacted mean and in our presentation have drawn out what I feel with a stirring part of the message. Now I wish I had this on the screen. I have part of a quote on the screen. It has elder's name and was talking i felt i really want to to look at. And before we do, I just invite you to bow your heads as I asked, lord, bless or time father in heaven, i just want to thank you again for the privilege we have of coming together to study your word. Lord, we desire truth not truth in the outward parts, but the inward parts the truth that will help us to be open to receive the righteousness of christ to follow, you're leading to be open to receiving the outpouring of the spirit a large measure. I pray that you will be present with us now during the remainder of this seminar, lord, and again on the entire camp ground. We ask and pray these things and jesus naming them in the 1888 materials. The statement appears elsewhere. We've shared part of it here already. This is on page 897. Ellen white says many commit the error of trying to define my newly defined points of distinction between justification and thanked. If occasion into these definitions into the definitions of these 2 terms, they often bring their own ideas and speculations. Why tried to be more minute than his inspiration on a vital question of righteousness by faint, listen to the next sentence, why try to work out every minute point as if the Salvation of the soul depended upon all having exactly your understanding of this matter? And I feel too often i don't want to be one that says you've got to think exactly just like this. So you can't have it. I'm not going to say that she is guarding against that. Here she says, all cannot see in the same line of vision. You're in danger of making a world of an atom, an an atom of a world. Our desire in this seminar is to give you something to take away that will inspire and encourage you with this message. I remember when I 1st came into the I shared, maybe I didn't share here, I'm doing another seminar. I don't remember sometimes, but my family left the 7th day adventist church when I was about 15 years old during the desmond ford crisis. And we were out of the church until I was about 26 years old. That's when the Lord got a hold of me. And I remember when I 1st came into the Avenue church, there are a couple guys in our church that would throw around these names, jones and wagner. And I had no idea who they were. But but curiosity got the better of me and I ran into an old friend who had a book of a T. Jones sermons from the 893 general conference session and I'd heard the name heard the names of the oh okay, this is interesting. I want to find out what it says and I read through those sermons and they were so powerful. I began to look out, search out other things. I have to tell you something about myself and I'm not trying to throw anybody under the bus. But in those days, for example, if the same way to day, just about every bible available has study bible. And so here's the bible and then there's a bunch of notes to tell you what you're supposed to think about it. As a brand new christian, i think the Lord was guiding me when I got i'm back. I had my brother gave me a beautiful study bible and my brother jim will be here later this week and another seminar. And he sometimes he brings that story up about how he paid got me. That's expensive bible for Christmas, 9 up losing it. But anyway, part of the issue was I didn't want to study bible. I said lord, I just wanted the bible text. I just want the bible, i don't want somebody else telling me what the but why it was the same way when I ran to jones wagner's material. There were other books of theirs and I can recommend but there are some that are abridged and clarified. And I didn't want that, I want to know what jones wagner thought. So I read a book called wagner on roman's still available, phenomenal book lessons on faith. Phenomenal book. Glad tidings, no offense to Robert wieland. But I recommend the unabridged version across the board. Some of the most powerful things that I read and, and, and I want to share with you as we look at this message, what I think was a, a powerful catalyst i have met. I remember when I 1st went to my church and, and I asked people about jones wagner. The response was, oh, we don't study them, didn't they leave the church? I'm going to hear that before. How many of you are aware that ellen white before they ever a past time, which they did, warned that people would use that as an excuse not to listen to the message. Are you aware of that? She said, if these men fall away, some would make in what she called a fatal mistake in, in thinking that the message that they gave wasn't from the Lord. And so, you know, that was there. I've had that response from church members. Haven't had that response from pastors who never even read the material seminary told them. No, no, no. You don't want to go there because those guys got up into that that I'm like, what if for no other reason for our history. Anyway, I'm not going to go on that too much. I want to talk about 1st, the creative power of the word. This is something one of the 1st things that hit me in this message. We learned yesterday that one of the qualities of abraham's faith was that he believed that whatever god said he was able to reform that he believed, according to what was spoken. It says there in romans chapter 4. A belief in the creative power of god's word is essential. I believe, to the experience of righteousness by faith. And I believe that jones are wagner believe that in 1898. 80 jones wrote a series of articles in the review and harold on call there in the book lessons on faith. And they were lessons on faith. He starts that theories with this quote from alan white, where she says the scripture declares that without faith, it is impossible to please god the knowledge of what scripture means. When urging upon the Human ages, the necessity of cultivating faith is what more essential than any other knowledge we can acquire. And I should have the reference there and I don't, I apologize. That is, that comes from manuscript 13 no manuscript, 76 made 898. Now jones, begin his theories with that statement and then he makes this observation plainly. Now this is jones writing plainly. It must be too little purpose to urge a person upon a person, the necessity of cultivating faith. While that person has no intelligent idea of what they did. And it is sadly true that though the Lord has made this perfectly plain in the scriptures, there are many church members who do not know what faith is. They may even know what the definition of faith is, but they do not know what the thing is. They do not grasp the idea that in the definition. And so he launches in this theories to teach what faith is and what it means to cultivate vague. And I'm just taking you through some few a few key points in this. In this series of articles he proceed incidentally, john ross shared that passage the other night. In fact, I think john ross shared the 1st 2 presentations. Articles of jones from lessons in faith in a sermon the other night. Because jones goes on to talk about that story of the century and who came to jesus were you in there? When elder ross shared that the other night where the century came to jesus and he had a servant, he wanted healed. And you remember what jesus said, he says, all common him, i'll come. And when the century respond, i'm not worthy to have you come under my roof, but do what? Say speak a word only. It will be done. So jones reviews that story and incidentally in the bible, what her say, jesus marvel To have jesus marvel at your faith? You know, you know the things that make your jaw drop isn't jesus. There's like such amazing from a gentile and jesus that I've not found such great faith, not in israel. Now jones draws this conclusion. He says, faith is the expecting. Is, is the expecting the word of god to do what it says? And the, depending upon that word to be what it's in that definition of faith, you could go to romans $1017.00. What does it say in romans 1017 faith. Come with my hearing and hearing by the word of god. He is building on that concept. Faith, this is what the century and he believed in the word of god and expected it to do what it said. He believed there was power in the word. Now if you have read this series of article, this becomes a monitor of jones all the way through the article. It keeps coming back to this definition of faith. Faith is the expecting the word of god to do it. It says, and the, depending upon that word to do what it says, while you would expect that then when we talk about justification by faith, he plugs it in, he makes the application and says this justification by faith then, is justification by depending upon the word of god only, and expecting that word only to accomplish it. Pretty straightforward thinking right now, jones continues in the theory to turn to the story, the account of creation. And he says this. Quoting from genesis the world, i'm sorry for me. He wrote the worlds were framed by the word of god, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear right. Something from nothing. Once there were no world, nor was there any of the material, which now composed his those worlds. There was nothing right? God set forth christ to declare the word which should produce the world and the very material of which they should be composed. There was nothing in he spake, and it what he says in man. Now it takes that you're following this right. Creation, there was nothing and God spoke. And what happened? Now there is something from nothing. They either didn't mean to be something that was my big godsa. I can't do it yet because I have to have some material to begin with. How the old story go of the atheist and God right now, the atheist denies it, things came about naturally and God says, okay, you work out your plan and I'll work out my plan and, and, and we'll see who's right. And the guy says okay, and he gets down, he starts working with a dirt gut says, no, no, no, you go get your 100 right. Got started with nothing. So jones, make the application in man, there is no righteousness from which righteousness can appear in his life. Right, there's nothing in terms of righteousness, but god has set forth christ to declare righteousness unto and upon man. Christ has spoken the word only and in the dark and devoid of man's life, there is righteousness to everyone who receive it. I mean, what a powerful be right there was darkness. God said, let there be light, boom. There's light. And jones takes that. He says, this is darkness in terms of righteousness. But when god speaks the word of righteousness, what happens? It's there. Notice how jones holds to believe that justification is god declaring a person righteous yet because there is creative power in the word of god, god's declaration of righteousness actually produces righteousness where there was none. Are you following that? Then finally turning to romans by verse one job concludes, oh I got to finish the statement. We didn't finish the statement, so I'm going to get the run in here in man, there's no righteousness which righteous can appear in his life. But god is set forth christ to declare righteousness unto and upon man. Christ has spoken the word only in the dark and void of man's life. There is righteousness to everyone who will receive it. Where before the word is received, there was neither righteousness nor anything which could possibly produce righteousness. Not of yourselves, not a works right. After the word is received, there is perfect righteousness in the very fountain from which it springs. So then he goes on to romans $51.00, and he makes this point noticed that the parentheses are his point that he's reading this. He says, therefore being justified or made righteous by faith by expecting and depending upon the word of god, only we have peace with god through our lord jesus christ that is so bless the Lord and feeding upon this bless. A thing is cultivating, create some powerful thoughts there from elder jones. Now, I don't know. Yeah, we have a very, we have a very room in here. So some of you have studied the subject more than others. Some of you may be aware of that this whole concept of justifying a person actually making them righteous is a point of contention in our church. It's a big point of contention when it comes to this. In fact, it's called a false. The ology or catholic theology. I didn't always realize that I'm coming from the standpoint that when I 1st read these things, as a new christian, they were so powerful. Because when you come to christ, the do, the pert. What I want to say the 1st thing you realize is that you have no righteousness and that christ has to be your righteousness that there's nothing in you that's going to get you from here to there. And when I learned these things, I realized that it doesn't matter whether I have righteousness, because christ has righteousness. And it doesn't matter if I don't have strength because it's not about my strength. It's about his strength because about his righteousness about his works. And the idea of his word having power and it just it just stirred my heart. So it just, I think the 1st time I realized that people have a contention with This is in no righteousness is only a declaration. Well, let me explain a little bit at the heart of their message at the heart of wagner. Jos message was the idea that when god declares a person right, if he makes that person righteous, you know, if you read certain people's writings, i mean, there are some times, I mean, I'll talk for myself. I can't even think of something, you know, their ideas that I may have that are just there on the peripheral of the core of my faith. There are things that, that you believe and, and maybe you believe, and I believe that we hold in common and then maybe thing here that I look at a little differently. Like, what's the, we'll within a, we'll in the here. Well, I don't know, but there are core parts. And the idea of justification making a person writers was not an incidental sideline thing in this message. This was part and parcel. You will read it over and over and over, and you're going to see more of that as we go. Both jones and wagner considered justification as an act of god, which transforms thinners, and makes them righteous through the creative power of his work. And that's where our hope comes from. I don't have to worry about not having righteous nurse because I have a savior. Who speaks, it becomes a reality. At the 9893 general conference session where jones with a keynote speaker, he preached therefore, being justified by faith. What do you say? And the congregation responds a man and then he says, therefore a being made righteous, comma, being justified by faith. We have peace with god in his understanding being justified that decorative word transforms a man and makes him righteous easy. Wagner in 1894, wrote a series of articles on the book of romans, in the U. K. Version of the present truth. Though theories were reprinted in the signs of the times over a 12 month period in $1896.00, and finally compiled into a little book called wagner on romans, which I would recommend phenomenal book. Couple statements from that book page. Once this page 70 wagner says the last verse of the 3rd chapter of romans tells us that by faith we establish the law. Moreover, the very term justification shows that faith performs the requirements of the law. Faith makes a man, a doer of the law. For that is the meaning of the term justification by faith. So in james, we read that the works of abraham simply showed the perfection of his faith deposit. You remember we talked about abraham and how there was that contention was not abraham. Our father justified by works why? And so wagner's making the application we did the other day. He's not thing. He said by his work. He's saying his works evidenced the power of faith. Again, on page 66 of that book, wagner makes the point justification means making just or making righteous righteousness is right. Doing faith, which justifies therefore, if faith, which makes a man or do or of the law or rather which puts the doing of the law into him. We're going to expound on that as we go on. A man is not justified by faith and works, but by faith alone, which works and you've heard that expression before. So it should come as no surprise to us that ellen white herself who gave stretch such strong endorsement through the preaching of jones and wagner, also taught that justification includes making a person righteous some statements from inspiration, faith, either by page 112 illinois says having what made us righteous through the imputed righteousness of christ. Remember imputed righteousness has to do with justification. Having made us right just to the imputed righteousness of christ. God pronounces us justin treats us as just he looks upon us as his dear children steps to christ. Page 23. Notice how shall a man be what? Let's just pause there. How is a man just with god through the process of justification, right? So I just want you to understand he didn't use the word there back. Now why does news we're just of a case through the entire book of steps to christ? But she uses the concept very clear. How is a man just with god and then paralleling, how shall the center be made righteous, same idea. How are you justified, how you made righteous? It is only through christ that we can be brought into harmony with god. With holiness again for many said once a manuscript, 116 page 19 or I mean printed and I know for page 24, she says, the majesty of heaven revealed before the world a sinless character that his salvation might be revealed into the live. I'm sorry, in the lives of his disciples, through his grace they are justified, comma made righteous. Ellen white went so far and this might be a surprise to some of you. Because oftentimes when we talk about transformation and especially keeping the commandments of god, there is justification and imputed righteousness that establishes are standing with god. And then there's a think of occasion and imparted righteousness. And typically when we think about being empowered to keep the law of god, what are we thinking of? Think of occasion, i want you to notice these statements from ellen white review and harold, june 12 on July, july 12, 892. She says, the Lord God of the exalted standard to which we are to attain through the what imputed righteousness of christ. We're going to explain what that means as we go on. Probably more tomorrow than today. Again signs of the times, june 8, 10894. Christ close his divinity with humanity and endured the test upon the point of appetite, ambition, and love of the world. The 3 tests in the wilderness, when the devil came to tempt him, the 3 areas at him and he fell, thus making it possible for man to keep the commandments of god through his imputed righteousness through faith in christ man becomes in this she explains it a little bit through faith in christ man becomes partaker of the divine nature. Have you read that in scripture, partakers of the divine nature and 2nd, peter chapter one. When does man become partaker of the divine nature? Let me let me back up when what is taking? What is the experience that makes a man a partaker of the divine nature? When that divides the don't do I nature is god's nature put into man. What is that? The new birth right that we are born of the divine nature you're born again. When did that happen? When you accept christ, what do we call that? justification? I mean, in other words, she is to simply say, well, I'll say it and then we'll expound on. And as we said, the other day, the righteousness of christ is in the person of christ. When we receive jesus, according to the apostle paul, i am crucified with christ. I no longer live but christ lives. Where when did that start? And justification when I accepted christ at that moment. That's when I'm born again in christ wells in this is what's being related here. And so we'll talk about the interplay between the parted and imputed. But we become righteous by christ because we received christ christ never righteousness apart from himself in himself. So I had looked at this statement, i read to you again as we started in, I have the ellipsis there. And so I wanted to read that part the middle about not having everybody having the same exact idea, but I don't want to warn, she said many commit the year of trying to find my newly defined points of distinction between justification and thank the vacation into the definitions of these 2 terms, they often bring their own ideas and speculations. You're in danger of making a world of an atom in an atom of a world. I fear that this is exactly what happened in the church when it comes to our understanding of righteousness by faith in salvation. Theology for those who maybe haven't studied it and in the article circles got so terry ology, the gospels broken down into the objective gospel and the subjective gospel. And then maybe ever heard these terms. Objective means outside of you, it's apart from you. It's what it, there's not, your response is not part of it's, it's a part from you. Subjective is what happens in the subject. So in the work of the spirit on the heart, that subjective you understand the thank you making a choice that subjective While 7th day adventists have historically understood both justification and sanctification. As including both objective and subjective elements. Much of even joke christianity has taught that justification and even the gospel itself is only objective in think the vacation is subjective. So for example, because the holy spirit's work on the heart is subjective. It's not part of the gospel, and it's not part of justification. In evangelical christianity, are you aware of that? Because that's something that happens. It is on biblical. That mean adjustment, you've told nadeem, unless the experience work on the heart, you can't be, you can't go to heaven. I mean it justify person you're going to have but this is what's coming is going to alarm you probably it should. But anyway, this is the viewpoint. 7th avenue, of course, have viewed the the blend, the justification sanctification, having both objective and subjective but even jelic, much of evangelical christianity, has taught the justification. And even the gospel itself is only objective. Authentication is subjective. The Fruit of the gospel. I've heard it in our church, who is the gospel justification of the gospel thank of occasions the Fruit of the gospel. That's not what evidence believe as a whole. According to this viewpoint from the evangelicals, the atonement was completed at the cross. This they say is the reason why jesus cried out, it is finished. Now we believe apart. We believe sacrifice was won't complete at the cross, but we believe jesus is doing an atoning work in the thanks and have it. But you're going to have a real problem with that. If you believe everything was on the cross, if you believe the gospel was just the felt the objective. And so this created and I'm not going into the history, i'm really fighting going into the history. But this is what elders name It is covered in the past couple years in industrial does such a great job in his book of giving some of this history. And there are other books that are written on the whole historical debacle in the 1950s that came out with the book. Questions on doctrine where key avenue leaders met with key evangelical leaders and tried to come to a meeting of the minds. But you have to understand, I just don't even, ah, well anyway, the even juggle they met with were calvinists, who believe in predestination. You're a 3rd of the evidence is never going to be able to come to a meeting of the minds with the calvinist because we don't believe in one saved. Always say we don't believe in predestination. And so to try to even go down that road. But they did, and so in order to obviously come to happy meeting place, there were things re rare worded and things rephrased course consistent with their viewpoint the teaching that jesus after his resurrection extended to the heavenly, thanks for it to complete the atonement. If not only ludicrous, its borderline blasphemous to an angelic who believes that the gospel, the true gospel is objective only because paul wars off the ground, let anybody who teaches any other golf, but let him be a curse. And he says it twice. And the book of galatians occurs anathema cut off from eternal life from god the strongest words he could use. This was a major contention, as I mentioned in the 1950s, the outcome of which was the book, questions on doctrine, which in turn paved the way for future departures from the biblical concept of justification. So powerfully presented in 888. I mean, what we just read by jones, you don't have to put on your scholars hadn't say, I wonder what he's saying there. It's just crystal clear. And it wasn't just, if some people will say, well, you have to understand that wagner, jonathan went off the rails. That was the thing he got into later on. Know you re, jones is like all the way through. Incidentally, elena white did not just support jones lang or the 880 general conference than 889. Say, you know, you get to worry about in don't the old cromwell catalogue that this book and I've had, guys, I have a, I don't. Well leave him nameless. But a pastor come to me. I had encouraged him to read that book. And when he went through that book and the reason that we encourage the footnotes is the footnotes around l Y. Other historic other other accounts of our history. They're just the historical facts. And you begin to really realize that much of what you may have heard of historical fiction. And this young man who had been through the seminar is a leader in our church, said to me, he was mad. He said, I was lied to the seminary about this whole. What happened in 18? 88, and I'm not trying to tell seminary, but don't misunderstand you of the, I guess I would say you have good and bad people everywhere. Our safety has never been in people which I'm going to get to. But this paved the way this whole issue paved the way to for future departures from that concept that was so clear in 1888 at the heart of the forward movement of the late seventies and eighties where my family left. The church was even evangelical. You that justification is only a decoration from jeffrey packs, his book, the shaking of avenues in which is fascinating book on, on the history and spelling things out. He makes this point the christ a logical perspective. A Ford stands upon the Chrysler logical advance of the 1950. I know evidence that the oh well no, no, no, no, no, you're going over. Where would that but outside of say, they look at it, say no, this is clear. It paid the way what happened in the fifty's for what For did he just took a logical conclusion for doctor, for justification, is declaring right, just not making righteous I'm trying I, I'll try to cover more tomorrow. But the concern here for many is that if we teach justification, actually make the person righteous than what you and me, the believer is going to be tempted to do is always looking at myself to see if I've been made righteous yet. And because I'm, I'm going to see if I'm really broad just yet, and I'm not going to then I'm never going to have assurance of salvation. That was the contention that was towards contention. That was the convention, the fifty's, that's the contention from the evangelical. I just want to say, assurance doesn't come from saying it's done. You can go around all the time. It's finished. It's been as if that doesn't give you assurance. Assurance comes from the confidence in the one doing it. And let me say it again. Assurance doesn't come from saying it's done. Assurance comes from the confidence in the one doing it. I mean faith in what jesus promised to do for you. Let's not. We talk a faith is not nebulous, haven't anybody notice you go into that you go into the grocery store in the news and I thought somebody has been a while now time magazine. Oh, prayer is a good thing. Faith is a good thing and it's a never like prayer, buddhist spray. Hindus pray prayers, good in general. Just pray and faith have faith. There's got to be an object of faith. Faith is believing, believing in what, trusting, trusting, and what the object of faith is. Jesus christ and what he's doing and where he's doing it. When we get into the heavenly sanctuary, friday, you'll find it contrary to the heavenly thanks for being a thing that we've said we've been told robs people have assurance. It's one of the places it gives the most assurance because of what jesus is doing just for you and me. But anyway, I don't have time to get into all that right now. This was paxton, who was an anglican minister who wrote this book about adventist desmond. Ford passed away march 11, 2019. Okay. Very recently. And after his death, an obituary of sorts appeared in the administrative view written by dr. Gary hard found who is retired from the general conference, biblical research committee institute, biblical research institute, vondell commenting on board says this justification is he's quoting now what ford believed. But notice justification is christ work for us. On the cross. It happens outside of us. It is a change of status through justification, we become children of god. Thank dedication. On the other hand, is christ's work in US through the holy spirit. Sanctification changes us into the likeness of christ. That's what For talking. And he says this ran counter to the general administer, understanding at that time that righteousness by faith includes justification. And thank that occasion. Do we not just read that by ellen white already that there are those 2 components in inspiration. At that time and just understanding most avenue scholars and pastors today, I have accepted for the definition of righteousness by faith. Now I don't know how fond will got away with writing it because I know a lot of ad been as pastors and scholars afterwards who said what and not just in Michigan, but that's what appeared in the paper. I'm just highlighting that this is the level of controversy. Ok. In a recent book published by the 7th avenue theological seminary, it makes this point thumb avenue, except forensic or legal or objective justification in principle. But go on to state that justification means more than imputation of christ righteousness. It also includes the process by which christ actually makes us righteous. Despite protests to the contrary, proponents of this view seem to adopt major catholic arguments against the reformers in the 16th century. Justification is both imputed in parts of the right part or righteousness. That's not true, but they're, they're making that observation. In other words, this, this book from our seminary thing of a person, believes that justification actually makes a person righteous. Then they're actually including imparted imputed to think of occasion justification altogether in the same thing. That's not true and we'll look at it tomorrow. My only point in sharing this, there's more I could share. I don't, I really didn't want to get into the controversy of it, but I'm going to tell you right now. I know you leave this room and you say, man, I learned some great stuff, can't meeting the right it. Christ declares us righteousness that makes us righteousness makes us writers. Somebody is going to be. No, no, no, no, no. Who taught you that? That paul's gospel, that catholic theology. I'll tell you. I was at the ohio can't meeting before I was in ministry, new christian, about 2 years. I had been reading jones and wagner, like I told you, and I came across. Oh I heard of can't meeting the jack the queer was going to be speaking our can me from a you know, the name jack square and he was speaking on the 888 math and so I was excited about and I remember going in sitting in the auditorium, one of the 1st things I heard him say was anybody who says that the word justify means to make righteous his teaching a catholic doctrine. And I, you know, keep in mind I had just been reading jones and wagner. And he is supposed to be teaching jo, look, you can teach whatever you want, but don't call it $880.00 methods read well, law get to that. So I met with him afterwards. My brother gemini, we neither of us were in the ministry yet, and we met with them and had lunch with them. And I want to tell you, dr. Square is a wonderful, super nice man. But I still disagree with him. And we sat down at the table and I said, listen in your presentation, you said that wagner and jones, I'm sorry you said that to fade justify means to make a person. Writers give catholic theology straight out of the council of trent. And he said Yes. And it's about wagner jones. Both taught that and I'll never forget him looking at us both and thing. But wagner and jones didn't have all the light yet. How do you get the essence of their message? And then say I'm presenting their message, but by the way they have all the lights. What I'm going to tell you is totally opposite with it. And this and this whole a catholic idea. You'll hear it. I read it in the book from a seminar seminary. The, the joe's aware the concept of christ making us right is by the decorative power of his word in his own righteousness. He is not at all the catholic doctrine from trend of infused righteousness where we're christ imputes his righteousness and then because of our observance of the fact romance and our own good works, we develop righteousness that is, ours not is, is not evidence the ology, but you'll read these things or hear these things and then you'll be like, wow, am I getting led astray? And at this point you may be saying, well, wait a minute, how am I supposed to know for sure all. Incidentally, i thought it was interesting that wagner himself ran into this in his day and in the present truth and a present truth article, april 23, 1896. He says, a friend is forwarded to me. This is the wagner writing, a friend is forwarded to me. Severe condemnation of a statement made some time ago to the effect that to justify means to make righteous. The criticism was based on the fact that groves, greek lexicon does not. So define the greek word from which justify is translated. Opening, le, dell and scots greek lexicon. I find the very 1st definition of the word in question is to make righteous. But that is only by the way. He says, appeals to greek lexicons, do not edify people. It was stated that being justified means being made righteous. Because that definition is patent from the reading of the English bible. In other words, wagner says, look, it's not true that the lexicons are all against it. Somewhat like the concert favor what I said, but he said that's incidental. The reason I share that way is because that's how it says it in the word. So somebody may say what, how can we be sure. So you're telling this one thing of the seminar, and I'm with you that you have already said it may be pastor a booker this or that. I fear in some ways, were retreating back to the dark ages in the dark ages. The lay people couldn't have their own bibles and the dark ages, the priest would not allow people to have their bibles for fear that you would read the bible yourself. Without the aid of a priest. Today we replaced priests with scholars and said, you guys are just too dumb to understand it unless a scholar explains it to you. And I would remind you of the words that william tindall spoke to the scholars of his day, who challenged him. And he said, if god's fair, my life as many years, I will call the boy that drive at the cloud or no more descriptive than you do. Folks in these last day, their safety is in the word of god, l. M. I says in great controversy. God will have a people upon the earth to maintain the bible, the bible only as a standard of all doctrines, and the basis of all reforms. The opinions of learned men, the deductions of science. The creeds are decisions of ecclesiastes of council, as numerous and discordant as are the churches, which they represent the voice of the majority. Not one or nor all of these should be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith. Before accepting any doctrine or precept, we should demand a plain thus sayeth the Lord in its support. A man, satan is constantly endeavoring to attract attention to man in the place of god. He leaves the people to look the bishops, the pastors, 2 professors of the algae as their guide. Instead of searching the scriptures to learn their duty for themselves. Then by controlling the mind of the leaders, he can influence the multitudes according to his. Don't take my word for it, don't take some past or some scholars, some book you've got the word of god in the spirit of truth. The gods said would lead you into truth and also the testimony of jesus to the law and to the testimony l. M. I it says last day of as men may get up scheme after scheme, and the enemy will seek to subdue souls from the truth. But all who believe that the Lord has spoken through sister white and given her a message will be safe from the many delusions that will come in these last days. L just name is going to come a wrap up, but I want to finish with one point in my own experience. The thing that one thing that's given me great confidence is that why not. I know when I'm on track with something, I don't have to explain away ellen white statement. I've had discussions on this topic and I've had people disagree and they say, and I say all white says they say all you don't understand that she changed at the ology or she did when you got to start moving that stuff around. Maybe it's your theology. My, my confidence comes in coming to place my understanding of scripture and spirit a property where somebody says, but all white says this over here and I know that she says, or I agree with it. I don't have to change anything. If I got to start saying, well, you know, over here she just didn't understand. Yeah. There's something wrong. Both. God has given us an ability to have competence and the truth. And truth is simple in its powerful that god's word is decorative. It's creative, it's powerful. And the Lord speaks the word of justification to justify a person were transformed in the image of christ, through the presence of christ's elders name. And today we're getting into the nitty gritty we're getting into the bottom line. It may sound confused. It needs not to be confusing. We're actually trying to make it simple. We're trying to make it easier to understand. We're not trying to say we're better than anybody else. We're not trying to condemn anybody else. We're simply trying to go back to the word of god supported by the spirit of prophecy, and ask a very important question. What does it mean by the term righteous by faith and christ are righteousness? How does that become my experience? You have to understand that there was controversy in the church during ellen white's day. You understand that? Okay, so we should not be surprised that there still controversy. I love my brothers and sisters that are scholars, but I can disagree with them. And I can go back to the history and ask the question, what is the truth of the matter? What does the history tell us? That's why I'm telling you, you need to go back to these books. Only because of the fact that they set the stage for clearing up the confusion of the history. And that helps us to be clear about what we're trying to understand. Where we're trying to go with this issue. Remember that when johns and wagner at spoke, they did not speak in a vacuum. Ellen white was there and she continued to March around the world. Speaking the same message, often with them by her there, by her side, or she by their side, speaking the message and making the message clear. And then you have her writings that save the same thing. Not only watch he preached from 1888 and following, but also what he wrote, steps to christ is a classic example of their no confusion, their simplicity of the gospel. It's there. So one wagner makes a statement like christ gives himself to the center. He has righteousness has given to the one who has sin and who believes that does not mean that christ righteousness which he did 1800 years ago is laid up for the senator to be simply credited to his account. But it means that his present active righteousness is given to the man. This is what wagner said. There is so much power in the word of god. There is so much power in christ. And wagner is just simply saying that's what the bible says. Christ comes to live in that man who believes for he you dwell in the heart by 40 did dwells in the heart by faith. So the man was a sinner. Trance is transformed into a new man, having the very righteousness of god justified. Transform you with me with the bible teaches and it is very queer. Isn't this precisely what paul is saying? And galatians chapter 2 verse 20 says I have been crucified with christ. It is no longer i who live, but christ, what lives in me is christ living in me, transformative absolutely. Or we have no hope. That's now a paul says, I said that. And he goes on, paul says, and a life which I now live in the flesh. I live by faith in the son of god, and the who loved me and gave himself for me. Ellen white says christ became one the flesh with us in order that we might become one spirit with him. It is by the virtue of this union that we are to come forth from the grave, not merely as a manifestation of the power of christ. But because through faith, his life has become ours, those who see christ in his true character and receive him into the heart have everlasting life. It is through the spirit that christ dwells in US, and the spirit of god received his little heart by faith is the beginning of life, eternal desire of ages. There's clarity here. There are some places here. It's not confusing. In conclusion, one, recall what we read on Monday and referred to yesterday and remind you and me of what it's saying. This is a statement from not a blessing, page 18. The righteousness of god is embodied in christ. We receive righteousness by receiving him. Far too many people make a mistake of separating the righteousness of christ from the person of christ as if you can have one without the other. It is simply impossible. In the words of ellen, while we receive writer, suffice righteousness by receiving him. He truly is the Lord our righteousness. This is foundational. This is fundamental to what we're going to be talking about in the next 2 days. You and I can not be ready for the return of jesus christ thinking that we can live on our own. And that we can be righteous on our own. We will never be able to live separate from jesus christ, always by faith surrendered to him. But when we are surrendered to him, he has control of our lives. And his life is trans, formative. Transforming us into the people he wants us to be the father in heaven or mighty is the power of the word You spoke and the world came into existence. Jesus simply said the word and the centurions. Servant was healed. Power in the word there transforms the life. Oh lord, help us to understand us. Help us to grasp it. Help us to accept it. As a simple teaching of your holy word. In jesus name a man To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M O. S. D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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