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04 Let My Pastors Go: Pioneers to Dark Places

Wes McDonald



  • June 24, 2021
    2:15 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Father haven't. Thank you that you have blessed a so much thank you for blessing me with a guest. Speak along with me for just a couple minutes. I pray that you'd be with us, be with me, grant me words to speak in the right way and maritime. Be productive for you and glorify you. I assist in jesus name those 2. If we were to talk about comparing how ministry is done here with how it has done in central america, our conversation would not last more than 30 seconds. Why? The demographics are so different, correct. Ok. But when you, you have the South american division where it's also territory assigned. But central america is just like here. Instead of one or 2 or 3 churches, they get 10 or 20 or 30 or whatever you say. But it's still church based. They do better because they rarely see the pastor, but this pastor still tied to looking after churches. And so I did. But those 2 divisions are demographically the same. Same kind of language is culture, people, politics, economies, everything across the ocean, south africa, and the notion division has territory based assignments north of their east central africa. That's the one I've been in and out. So much somali, if you can you mostly canyon somali vote that division has it just like here, church based, or they get 1020 or 30 or whatever. And but those divisions are demographically the same. And when I ran the numbers, you got to wait till tomorrow. I got a kid coming back. You know, You will be absolutely amazed. And the cost factors, the number of this and that other is unbelievable. And you see when you, when you're working with demographically identical divisions, you're only factor that you're considering is the method of ministry. Ok? I had to do that and the Lord led me some happy to find these things. And then I'm, I had a comparison. I got there and oh my, oh my it was enlightening to me. It's been a journey doing all the research, so I'll just tell you that. Well anyway, let me start into the presentation and pray for me because, you know, I told the Lord, I never let me down before, but I want to show you a few things here. First of all, we're talking about pastors going into dark places. And that's where they need to be done best because it's either you leave your job and go into places where there's no churches or you let the pastor who's paid a salary that doesn't have to work a local job, let him go into then entered places which makes better sense to you. It's just basic logic. God has arranged his plan perfectly. The church members, the church, elders and so forth. They handle things locally. They evangelize well ok, ok, they hold campaigns locally. They, they take care of the church itself. And sometimes they even plant a church in a town, not too far away for a couple of the members live maybe or a little further. But then those who are pay the type who can afford to move around and they, they move around. My wife lived in 22 states. You remember that they can go where there's not an adventist inside. They only know about him. This is god's perfect plan. This is the plan in which in which he can bless. And I see my friend, i'm benjamin. I'm putting my g and he's from zimbabwe and he said he could pop in for a few minutes. If you, if you want to come now and then you can be free, but otherwise, just come right on up. Thank you so much for being with us. And yes, I had prayed today that god would make divine appointments for me and he knew what I needed. And so as I was saying to them, I came in the door, I never come in before at the specific time. And you know, I was all my schedule today was different today and so the Lord made it happen for us to meet. So your presence here is I believe, of the Lord. So thank you for being with us. We're talking about god's plan for ministers of the church and we were talking about the plan for the elders and the local people, but the ministers are not supposed to just as we know, just stay put him one spot preaching to the saints every week. They already know what truth is, so jesus said, I say unto you that likewise joy shall be in heaven over every center that repent with more than over 99. Just persons need no repentance and we need to re examine the parable, correct. That needs to be done, so we're going into all the world and, and at this point, I want to have you come to be with me for a few minutes and will, will participate just a short discussion because I know that you have some other things that you want to do and I want, how many of you would like to thank him for being with us today? Ma'am? So may I call you pendula. Ok. He's on. Okay. Yeah. Ok. And then you are from zimbabwe. Okay. And which union central, east or west? Good afternoon everyone. When I left. So it's kind of a different christian born when I lived there, when 3 unions but things are growing, the change is growing. So death splitting up and people are moving into different kinds of stretches. But there were 3 unions from the eastern side. Okay. The eastern side. Okay, there. How about it? That's the Capital. Okay. Now, how big is Some bob way and Miles or kilometers is the west and north the South approximately. So they can get an idea how it compares with michigan. Let me give you another measure that you can use as a compatible boy, that on this difficult for me. Ok. Ok, is him up way is not organized. If you look at the ship, it difficult to measure object, but in terms of population right now, we thought around 14000000 people. Ok. What's the population of Michigan? About 10000000. Ok. So it's a little more population density here and I will, I will pull up just a moment. I'll pull up a picture so you can see what he was talking about. Why they keep going. Yeah. So 14000000 people and I should have looked a little bit about the proportion of advent is in the country, but I didn't do that, but I didn't know I've been to speak but the church is very vibrant. And I'm going to explain one of the reasons why I think the church is vibrant. And I want to profess that by talking about how the United States is it. I've been in the United States for about 13 years. I currently teach at michigan state University. I was manage a partnership between michigan state and that and bush in South africa crypton from my experience in the US there is a lot of things that the rest of the where are the land from the US. But the US on the other end has sometimes in an attitude where they don't lend from other people, they don't lend from other places. And if you look at how things are structured in the US, a lot of people want to come to the US may be very few people from the U. S. When to go elsewhere. So the U. S. Is the place where everyone wants to come, not everyone, but most people in that change is how we think about blesses in people and attitudes. So by the way, I think is some one. We has lived about 3 tickets, the african continent. And 15 years in the U. S. I think the U. S. Is a lot to learn from other people and from other places. One of the things that I, I think the country can lend and by this country. I'm also really talking about the adventist church in this country. What we can learn from the, from other places and other people is how to grow churches and how to have spiritual vibrant. Because right now, if you think about where the biggest proportion of advent this population is, is outside the US. Yet the sender or for 30 still remains family in the US. The general conferences year. And the way the dynamics work is we are long ways away from having an african or an issue in around the general conference as president. And just because the already lives here, much of the money comes from here and that changes how things wake. But in terms of evangelism, other places in the world doing a really good job that we can lend from. And I'm going to give an example here which ties into this I send that out. I'll sit down or take your 5 when I good baptized into the adventist church. In 1988. My pastor is about 15 organized churches and several other companies like establishment that we have to in the process of being organized. What it means is if a pass day is 15 organized churches, you cannot preach it all of those churches every sub. But neither can you visit as frequently as like every 2 weeks. So as there is out church members, they have to take up the responsibilities that in a lot of churches in the US, i've done by the past. So most of the churches i been to before I came to Michigan, i was in Madison, Wisconsin. The pastor preached almost every step, but unless he had a commitment elsewhere that never happened. Or the years I lived in the adventist church in my country because he does not possible. So the church era does end at the lead does. And ordinary church members would have to be on the preaching roster, and they would have to teach classes and go into outreach ministries even whole by necessity and award campaign site. I'm not sure how many campaigns i did. You had to do it by necessity. And I think because of that day is when I started, when I good baptized, we had to lend the baptismal manual, I sailed and teach each other. When I looked back at some of the interpretations we did, we are all when we interpreted that in scriptures. But it was a process of growth and without that we would never have growing up spirituality way we did. And I'm not also trying to bless myself it a bit pedestrian than anyone else. I'm just trying to describe the dynamics that make sure you vibrant in that make people grow strong. Right now I'm actually waking through the book of daniel preparing presentations that I am sharing with churches in, in barbara and elsewhere. Where there are naughty sources where people could use. And the reason is we good trained to lend the bible by sailors into ministries beyond what can be done from a church organized approach. So my point is, when the past that is always death, it's always nice. But what he does is it limits how much we are about to take up responsibilities. I say on the church members go preach at the funeral, i was guide, go in, minister to the family that I seek. One of my most touching experience that I have never forgotten in life is someone send a message. I was teaching it an adventist school. Someone sent a message, a church member was sick and they were asking for someone to come in pay for them. The past hours, many, many, many miles away and you couldn't come. I saw another colleague with me went over across the mountains to be able to go to the family that are sick. And when we got there, this person was actually dying. We hear in their hands and prayed for them that the expedient is messages really strengthen my faith. That each time god send a message before someone died, they needed class to come in pay for them. And when we pray, we said god, you remember the D. C is someone who really wishes for you to come into their lives. They might have done fit in things that they can ask for forgiveness themselves. We are taking the bed and our pin, our sales to ask you to forgive them and accept them in your kingdom. When you come in, that ministry is always something that changes the way you think about religion. Do you think about how god in that things in life, in people's lives, but it might, I want to stop. He a few questions. I take one or 2 questions, but my point generally is, I think we are so blessed in this country because we can pay past as to past one or 2 or 3 churches in other places where it's almost like they are naughty sources. Someone is up to 20 churches, it might sound like that's an untidy, so as to community by what he does. He's got turned that into a blessing in the way churches actually growing. When you go to a typical church in my country, in other countries are under where they use more young people in the congregation less grey head people. This is not to say it's wrong. We have great people in the congregation. If just to say the projection of our church. 15 years from now, we have more likely would of a church when we have young people very active in the church. When or our loved and beloved grey head people. If passed on, we are likely going to shut down churches and stay with them off because we have no membership. And we need to think about how we keep our young people in the church and how we can do evangelism. And the way to do it is to lend from communities that I getting it right. Thank you. Wait, wait, wait. Just like Just to add him to what he said when I was doing my research, the in the what I learned, it's been a number of years that I learned about one out of 9 or 10 of the population in bob way or 7th day adventist. And in your country, when the pastor isn't there at your church, tell us about how they assign the pastor. So they assign them specifically to care for churches, or do they assign them to evangelize a region and a territory in some way. I mean, they connect with the churches from time to time, but their major assignment is not the specific churches themselves. Correct? Yes. So the detail is I divided into 2 into district. So a pass to is actually quoted district pastor in the district is a geographic our territory. So no matter how many churches are in that territory, it's your territory that this is why someone ends up having to organize churches. Someone is 15, someone is 20, it's about the territory. So the big, the territory or the more density is more churches, you might end up having. And the other thing that happens these 2 things actually quickly. When churches are when, when the conference assigns passed as to district, they did the committee at the conference fits and then they just say, we are sending you to this district. We don't interview past us past, i don't go to churches to be interviewed for a position. They get things to go away in a district. So this is a decision that is met at the conference level. Church members accept a pastor that is sent to them. The pastor goes where they are sent to go awake, because when they commit to ministry, they are committing to wake, for god, way air, for god to send him to go away. This makes a difference. The other one quick thing I want to share is when we do church elections, to nominate office as the nominating committee seat. When they're done sitting there, come to the podium when they stop at morning. They announce the officers. And you tick up your duty when you get baptized, that's what you sign up for. If you go big to our follows when we are getting baptized, that's what they said it when I came to the US, good a call to say OK. The nominating committee is asking you to be in order. We are asking to concede that. So that's already done because when I good bob, that's what I committed to doing. And I want to say this is what makes a difference in our churches function and our members take ownership of the church and counter brought to each other. It makes a huge difference. I'm not saying better or ways. I'm saying this is how other people do it in the US in our church in the US could learn from other people, do it. Let me repeat the question because this will be recorded. I say you were asking when the pastor is assigned to a district is he is, is the greatest interest, the growth of the whole district. He has something to do with the churches, but is it not so much that the entire district grow or the churches may be planted and non entered areas? And that's, that's considered kind of enormous and not. So I wanna, I wanna step back to be able to answer that question. The other challenge i wanna throw in to be a congregation is if anyone has a gord mine or a diane with mine, or if you have money to find office, I would life last to go to him or to go to San Diego. I shall, his m, B, I is growing much faster than any other country on the continent in terms of administrators. So we could all plan it c P and spend like 2 months on the ground to get a sense of what's going on. So if you have a good mind and you can find our trips, i would like you to come speak with me afterwards. Then we can try to take it in a congregation or a delegation to kind of check this out. But to answer the question, when a pastor is assigned to a district, i think the most important way that they have to do is to train church members to do it the wake. And this training could take different kind of ships and format. It could be doing a lot of workshops where you invite or the arrow does and get them prepared to do ministry in the communities days. A lot of funerals that need to be attended and a pass to is not the airport. I tend 14, if you not, I think that district on the same weekend, so they have to rely on the air desk to do this. So the past us wake is not going to be in the to go and say, call me when there's a funeral. Home you way that they come to some of the scenarios, but their wake is to say to the air does, into deacon's, when there is a funeral. This is how we go about doing it. You know, said is the same thing with you and this is in thickness is when the members, i think the error does, you have to go in into the wake in the past of wake is to prepare the air does to go into the wake and then the air does also prepare their congregations. I think in short, that the past us wic, e can preach definitely. But to use major wake is to go and prepare the church to do it the waking their communities. Ok, who does the baptizing? So I think our church is a policy the adventist church. I'm not sure whether this is in the church manual or not, but I think our church generally mixed baptism this possibility of the pastor in for the past or to do these then baptism, they have to be organized in such a way that the past i can come to baptism, we have what I cord, quarterly meetings or district meetings where all the churches in the district might come together once a quarter was no matter how often they do. And when they do it that the past i could come over there and do the baptisms or churches can come together to churches can come together once about then the past comes over then does baptism and and so and, and a very limited circumstances. I've read of studies, where does I given the authority to baptize by those exceptions is fine. As I know most of the baptisms are done by the pastors, they could also be done. It can meetings if you would gatherings and other places. But generally the past as to the baptism. Thank you, but I have that question. Actually the manual does allow for elders with the approval, etc, etc. Yes, thank other i'm serious about the gord mine. If you have a good mine, it would be really nice to take a delegation to come in and see other places and see how things work. You know what? Yes, other question. There's one over here. I think the question that he says are there are there are some with the pastor sometimes having 10 or 15 or more churches and in the pastors the only one out there is that because they don't have enough money to pay pastors. It's a yes and then know the yes part is this country you as there's a lot more us is people have more money, right. In other places in the world there isn't so many of those sources. So depending on, again, our past has get paid from the type that we bring into the church. So the budget that conference officers have determine how many can be taken up in the center district. But we are also talking about I think the other issue is the proportion between membership and the number of minions does we have. And I didn't again, I didn't do my met before coming here. If we look at how many men did the size of the membership in the US in the number of ministers, we have compare that with sam b, I was in bob we, we probably have more members, pin minister in, in, out, in barbara than we have in the US and because of that that, that we end up having to, as it is out of that these days more members to be ministered to, than they are past us to be able to do it the week. But it's a combination of doors. I think ok, yeah, usually the rich countries have pastors to baby set. The members and the poor countries actually had as it has worked to their benefit because with fewer pastors per churches, the members have to do more. Their talents improve with youth. They become live the youth take part because there's something for them to do that. Get excited and, and the baptisms are way higher. You can have, you know, hundreds at a single baptism or maybe more in some cases. Yeah. Baptisms are happening more frequently than they do. Then I have witnessed here in the US we are, we are constantly baptizing people in the Chase. She is growing at a very rapid rate. But what that also does when members step up to do the way that normally get done by the pastor is then you do bid ministry in your home as a parent. If you are able to read the bible to minister to the church, you probably should be doing a better job in your families. So that is a trick or effect in your communities as well. But again, it's, it's a blessing in disguise that passed as a few our members have to step up into the week. If the way it should be. I think there was a question. Are you, you had one more questions are right here. Ok. Okay, let me repeat the question just for the time. Is it safe to say that most of the growth of the churches is because the churches are reaching out to the community themselves? Yes, and I'll give you an example to demonstrate that point. When I was growing up in often you know, our community, we were one of the very, very few adventist families in the, in the community i'm while waiting using the wed village very deliberately. Because a lot of people in the US think about african countries as people who live in The Villages. It's not, it's not true and it's not correct. And they are sprawling urban centers in what I am giving as an example applies bought to village in isolated village end in urban settings. So we grew up visiting our neighbors wednesdays to say could we come and do a prayer service in your home. So we would take up our families nearby. The families will also be adventist gore to non members and to play with them in their rooms. And when you do that over and over and over again, if there's someone we seek in the neighbor and they will come to you and say, can you come and or if I A prayer to them to our family member. So the relationship that you develop right now is I speak a lot of families around my house where I grew up, have become adventist because of the ministry that we do in neighbors. And then when the past comes, these coming to baptize people that we live with. The now I know we have ministered to is ordinary members. And this is why it's important to have a pastor play you role is a minister training and preparing the church for cities, not as a person who's coming to preach on site. But that's ne, where you wake is to prepare the church to do a service wherever they find themselves. And I think it's important to we kind of over emphasize the, the importance of preparing members to do ministry way. If they rather than think about the change is it pastor is limited to coming for funerals for weddings, for baptism in 4 months. Let me just ask one question. Do you have another one? I just wanna ask a question. Is it safe to say that in some way that it would be a rare occurrence for the pastor to just come to preach at one church? Let me again the big to come to answer your question. I think pass past due page. I hope I am not putting i cross the message that passed us don't preach and I they do come and preach. And what normally happens is when the past comes to a church, it's a very special occasion that the pastor out of the twin, the churches they have, they have elected to come to your church. And if they do come, usually, even if you had their preaching scheduling, bless the past, i would take precedence there. We have to take the pulpit because if he doesn't and you won't see him again for May be another quarter. So the coming of the past is an important occasion. The same thing with the conference, right? The conference officers are very important people. I came here last summer but I just came for the day to day when I came last summer but passed our own kelly. Or I adore very much us directing traffic out there and I saw him again this morning. And I said, is this already doing here? Because of the profile that pass does have in my country, you wouldn't go to kim meeting and see the pastor doing that because there isn't enough of them to be able to do. Is you'll be seeing deacons doing that. This is something that I think my country and my people can learn from the U. S. Way past as I playing the role of serve and lead us. He's been standing there from the D. C, 9 to 3, and under him, by the time we give, i don't know you are, you are bless it too. If you're past us, do that awake and it's really for me, it's really warms my hat. Because my past i wouldn't do that because there will be probably 3 or 4 of them in the committee. And they have either put in a way to do and this is really, this is 7 leadership being demonstrated and it allows the members to partake onto the services to participate more. Yep. So, so in the past i come, he's an input in person, right? So that's what I'm trying, he's important because you don't see enough or for you in the, in the conference has come. He everything comes to stands. Do. They are very important people. It's not like what happened when passed general conference president. What's his name? Ted wilson. When he came to the course company last, the other people in the they didn't even think anything had happened. He came to him by the way, you might, you mentioned it or if you find a list of cities happening to him. But he came to the barber to do some, you find a listing series. One of my former students send me a message and I said, today haven't came down. That's why they said there was a general conference president was there in the congregation. He never got close to touch him. If he had touched him, it would be like the, the woman was so they are him put in people because we don't have enough of them. There's very few of them by comparison. Now you, you mentioned something interesting. You said at a camp meetings there, there might be 3 or 4 pastors for the district in for the district. So there are so many advocates, they can have like 11 camp meeting for the, for your conference. We kind of run conference committee for the conference is given for district districts are doing mall, committing a district for this many more members to if we did a can meeting for the conference, it would be I and like, I don't know why we would need to be able to do that. It's not, it's not possible at all possible. So the number of ministers in your particular union, it could be hundreds or Yeah. Ok. Hundreds of ministers in the union and even in a particular conference you could have hundreds. Yes, and I do have if I just, and I want to was, I don't want to deal with the list and I think there's an input in listen to go through I I want to make a suggestion. If you have leverage with your conference leadership, you could suggest that for your next came meeting, invite someone from somewhere else in the world to come in speak to committing i think passed the dog by to let you see. I actually came to, I don't mind listening to his presentation this weekend use one of the past as that I think is genuine to the call in our church. So I'm, I'm not, I'm not taking away anything from pastor doug, but you know, in the hours, but I think the, the, the conference or our unions here, we could benefit so very much from having people from elsewhere in the world. Come speak at our conference at our communities and it, I've been and I can say your name's thank you, brother and then your magic I was blessed. How many of you were blessed? Thank you and his wife is also here with us. And I don't, I don't know your name ma'am, but you're just mrs. Maggio suppose so. Thank you so much. Oh, the Lord blessed today. Oh my grace, if you have blessed us and the blessing will go out because it's taped and thank you so much for being with us. My goodness, I think perhaps I should sit down now. Oh, let me. Let me just, my goodness, what I got here. This one I can close down that there we go. Let me bring to you something to talk about the urgency of labouring with people. He mentioned to you when there would be people in the hospital, people on the death bed bill, so forth. They don't call the pastor, they call a church members that they can say elders, because what he said was tied in with actually what I have here and I didn't know what I was doing when I prepared today. But the Lord knew that's a personal story. And I call the, the message, don't stop to say hello. In lieu the 10th chapter, we find jesus sending out the 70. And that says in the Lord appointed other 70 also and sent them to in to before his face. And to every city in place, whether him self would come And he said, go your ways. Behold, i send you forth as lambs among wools, carry neither pers nor scrip, nor shoes, and salute. No man on the way it was sending them out without any resources. No money, No extra clothes, you know, no extra shoes, nothing. So who was going to take care of them? The target audience, the people who are not believers were going to provide their care because they were going where there were no church members. And whatsoever, how she and her 1st piece be to this house. And if the son of peace be there, your pay shall rest upon it. If not, it shall turn to you again. And the same house remain eating and drinking such things as they give for the work. Laborer is worthy of his hire. They were they were given 30 that was worthy of their hire. And then they gave logic. Got, don't go from house to house and then whatsoever city you enter and they receive you 8 such things as are set before you and he is sick. He is sick When they get sick or they're dying. Call the local church members. But they can see elders and he was sick or therein, and say under them the kingdom of god is and I am to you, but into whatsoever city answer and they receive, you not go your ways out under the streets of the same and say even the very dust of your city, which plays on us. We wipe off against you. Not withstanding, be sure of this that the kingdom of god has come to you. But I say you have been more tolerable in that day for sodom than for that city. But the vote for the the 1st I want to focus on is carrying neither purse nor script, nor shoes and salute. No man, by the way, When it's talking about the came james it says salute. No man, by the way, I thought that was strange language. Ok, it means basically don't stop to say hello, you know, here in North America you can say hi. And you can keep walking. You can do that really in a german culture because I want to talk to the anyway that they're just very reserved. But in that time to stop and say hello, I was kind of like, oh hi, how you doing? You know, how's your wife? Your kids, your, your mom you. Yeah. And I was in you so low. You know, we're going to have lunch. You can, we can relate to that, right? But, you know, but we're supposed to be friendly, right? That's how we wensel's. Correct. He's supposed to be personable and caring and stuff like that, but jesus said, go where I'm about to go and don't stop. To say hello, you see because he was sending them to a place where they were on believers and he was going to go there and he wanted to be able to reap the harvest when he got there. Jesus wants us to go to places where there's no church members, and he doesn't want us to waste time getting there because he's coming back to earth soon and he wants something to harvest. And there's urgency and all these things. Urgency. So why was jesus so concerned with time though? The bible says no man knows the date or the hour when price is going to return. And even though jesus was divine, he was also human. So I'm not 100 percent certain. If he knew on the earth what time he would return. Exactly, but god, the father certainly did. But he would have at least been familiar with the 2300 day prophecy, a map. Ok. And just like us, we know that this is in our history from day one. We know that in 844, the 2300 days of daniel had had transpired. And we knew that the final judgment began at that point. And the final judgement can only end when everyone has had a chance to turn down or accept the message and bus to be judged. And that only happens when we do like doing bob white go pray for your neighbors. You know, the church grows rapidly over there. Like I said, it's about one out of every 9 or 10 people in and by the way we're so this is like year 2 or 3 ago or so. Not so long ago. And It's a little bit like when he was saying to the profit, the profit was saying to go, you know, there was a lady that came to meet him and she or son died. Ok. We know the story, right. And so she got on her animal and her serve, went ahead of her and and so the girl up I loins. Take my staff and 9 hand and go thy way. If thou made any man salute him not and as any salute they answer him not again and lay my staff upon the face of the child. The prophet was going to go and pray. He wasn't sure if the child was dead, but he know that he certainly could be. And if it was a life it died in a moment. So he wanted to go quickly and he wanted his servant go ahead of him. Not to say hi to anybody, and if anyone says hi to you ignore him, just get there. So he goes and time was of the importance and we know the story of the child died but, but he was raised to life. That brings me to the point i'm going to talk about that expresses urgency. You can see that in these situations there was an urgency because souls were, were imperiled. Now, as you know I, I worked as a nurse for many years. And most of it was critical care, but not all. There were several hospitals. I was like a night time or evening super hospital supervisor. And there was, was one small hospital in Pennsylvania and we had some, a few agency nurses we would call them from times those are, those are nurses, they're not your employees, but they're giving you extra help. And they work through an agency. It's a contractual thing. We have the nurse name bill, he was an agency nurse. I don't remember his last name, but his name name was built and he was skilled in everything. He any was good. He was timely and he was, he was fast that he could do anything in nursing. He was the perfect agency nurse to bring in. You could put him anywhere. But he was, he had kind of interesting personality though he was a preacher's preacher son. But he didn't act like a preacher. He didn't talk like a fraser. You know him, he was away where it freights. Her son, it was probably a burden. You know, a soul burden for his mom and dad. They probably worried about him. And so one night bill was was up and I must been agitated about something that was getting close to close to close, you know, 11 o'clock close to time to come go home and Bill being really aggravated educated he. He spoke the lord's name with a curse word attached and you know what I'm talking about. Ok. And I thought, oh bill. Oh. And I knew that I needed to talk to him about it because he needed to repent. He needed to confess and repent that I didn't want bill to to, you know, to be last is and I, and you know, I didn't read, i want to do it there in front of the other nurses and I thought i'll just catch him Before he goes home, right, about shift change? Well, I didn't catch him before it went home and I thought, well, I'll catch him when it comes in tomorrow. Build him come back. He was scheduled in several nights, whatever, and then come back. And so bill went home and he kind of stumbled when he got out of the car and it kind of fell in as he got a little scratch on his cheek, just a little scratch. So it was, he went in and in the morning he looked at his face and it was a dramatic change. The scan in different areas, patches of black and skin was dead and he had something called metro ties. The fancy that's an unusual scan disease that can happen from a sample infection. But it spreads rapidly and it destroys the skin. And it can be fatal. Quickly. He went to the emergency room when they saw what it was, they got a helicopter to take him to a major medical Center. That wasn't too awful far away. It was that bad, you know, not every little bumper scratch is nothing to complain about. He was in danger of dying, so I went to go see him at that medical Center. He was an I C. U. Sedated and on a ventilator. And the, the scan wasn't even being eaten around as I, you know, he was gonna lose part of his, i covering probably make holes in his mouth and everything. He had it on his chest. And it was really, he didn't have a real good chance of living. He didn't really have a chance of living, not much of a chance. And I was sweating bullets. You know why? Because I remembered any to say killed in his they killed when I say end of the wicked, thou shalt surely die. And I give him not warning, nor speak us to warn the wicked from his wicked way to save his life. The same wicked man shall dinah's iniquity, but his blood will require time hand out. And I knew that I had failed to warn him that he needed to confess and repent. Yet if I warn the wicked and turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die and this an equity, but thou has delivered i soul. And I prayed earnestly for bill not only for his sake, but for my sake. I didn't want to be deficient in my job before god and be found wanting. Well, he did survive. His face would probably never be the same again. And if I had a clear enough mind I could go visit him. And I, I told him in a kind way that why I was there. And I don't really know what his outcome was or will be. But I knew it last, god had granted me the opportunity to appeal to this young man for his soul sake. And I don't sweat bullets anymore over And and you can see that many people will go to an untimely grave without being warned that and they could have given their hearts to jesus. If you and I were doing what we're supposed to be doing, thus allowing the ministers or the pastors to do what they're supposed to be doing. And we can warn the world quickly and go home to heaven. And there's more than 7000000000 people on this earth and almost 200000000 of them die annually. And we only have about $28000.00 pastors in the whole world. So friends, we've learned so much, god prepared. And I can't believe god allowed me to run into that man. And not only could he just answer few questions, he could leave the conversation and give a total message. And he did. So let's praise god for what he has done for us to day and dedicate our lives to the urgency of working for god and not put it off on the past day. Then let's pray, father in heaven. You're blessed so exceedingly much so exceedingly much. Thank you. So much for the, for the message that we heard from pen, my g and lord, be with us may with the faithful be found faithful in your site with many souls. Because we have labored in accordance with your instructions. And we have been able to free the pastors so that they can labor in areas that we can't come close to. They can instruct us, but the work is then ours. We thank you for instructing us. And in leaving us, we asked these things out to be your willing jesus name and the congregation said, a man To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M, I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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