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Hard Times and Strong Kids

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • July 3, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Let's pray While there we want to take our children with us. Heaven wouldn't be the same. And on this sabbath where we have a little for taste of joy, being a family, may we have the commitments and the confidence to raise our children for you. So that they could know the joy of serving and sacrificing and being at that wonderful celebration that table where jesus will serve. So bless us. Now I ask in jesus' name amen. The theme in our b B S. This week was the healing heart clinic and I want to just take a moment to make sure you understand in society how powerful and how potent that is, that that theme. There is a group in our, in our larger global community. And certainly in the United States as a leading community, who does not believe there's anything really wrong with the Human heart. At least not in the way that most of the christian world for most of its history has thought right from wrong. And the Discovery of one's self by living out one's feeling is the new christian way. The secular gospel, i might suggest where all of us, which were created for a purpose, find our new purpose and making sure nobody ever feels bad about self discovery. But this morning, I think it's important for us to understand beans that we're in a christian church. That the bible teaches us, according to the book of jeremiah, that the Human heart is deceitful and wicked, beyond all understanding. And it requires we require a heart transplant. We require something very different in order to know happiness. Now, I'm going to read a verse or to from a hymn book. And it's an, it's a song we thing here not to me. Sabbath go entitled m I A soldier of the cross. Let me just read a few lines. Am I A soldier of the cross of follower of the lamb? And shall i fear to own is cause or blush to speak. His name must i be carried to the skies on flowery beds of ease while others fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas. Are there No foes for me to face? Must i not stem the flood? Is this vile world of friend of grace to help me on to God? Sure, I must fight if I would reign. Increase my courage, lord, i'll bear the toil endure the pain supported by the word. The saints in all this glorious war shall conquer, though they die. They see the triumph from afar, with face discerning eye, and when that lustrous day shall rise and all die, army shine in robes of victory through the skies, the glory shall be thy. Now I'm here to remind every parent, especially day, you're living in a war zone. We call it the great controversy and how you prepare your children will have an awful lot to do whether or not they have a good life on this earth. And whether or not they are entrances granted them into the new kingdom. But if you go by the directives of modern science and the current age, you might find yourself in that moment when jesus asking to kill for the parenting stewardship. Where is your little flock? I'm the father of for the youngest is 21 years old. So I've been over this road. I've pastored in places with large numbers of young people, including an academy for almost 20 years. And this child I was raised in a home where god was not the center god was far from it. I sat down, all kinds of 2nd hand smoke. Listen to rock and roll music. Had to hear the profanity worry about the financial well being. And while I love my parents and they were doing their best, without god, it doesn't work very well. Fortunately, my mother decided that I would be placed in an advent school. Even though she was not live is living, practicing minimally in any way. Promoting 7th day adventists values, to the extent she did, I'm thankful and I still remember as a boy going fishing in the oil river and catching a bunch of little cap fish we call them bowl heads. Is anybody know anything about a catfish zane? Bye. Know anything about the vehicle, chapter 11, and what kind of fish were supposed to eat? The fish are supposed to have scales and fins. Well, that rules kept michelle because while they have beens, they don't have scales. And you got to be careful how you skin a catfish, those camp fish august skinned. They have thorns near their, their dorsal fins. And if you're not careful, they'll poke you my dad. I went to all the trouble of skinning all those fish and they went into the freezer, but they never made it onto the table. My mother had not abandoned all of her value system, and there were many other great values. My mother taught me, but the fruitful, fragrant side of life and the preparation to live for god was very, very nominally, they're hard work, respect all those things. If my mom's watching today, thank you mom. I appreciate all that you did. But when my mother put me in a 7th avenue school, I fell in love with a 70 minutes teacher. Actually, it was a couple carlisle linda bennett. They led me to the cross, and from that point forward, the cross transform my life a living jesus that living jesus is at the center of the courage, the strength that your kids are going to need for a darkening age. Now I'm going to do something here that I don't know how much explanation they'll want to be on behalf of the parents. This is going to be mainly for parents. So if the children don't totally understand that might not be all bad. But I'm going to show you a few articles of clothing that I bought thursday at myer. And I'm going ahead and saying the name of the store because I think at some level, if you do something you ought to own it and just be responsible for it. And I'm doing it because I believe our culture is locked in a war. And the war is such that if nobody ever speaks up and I mean, respectfully and kindly speaks up, we're just going to keep going. The way we're going. And when I was a little boy, you know, I grew up watching programs that were largely a waste of time, but they weren't really repugnant or indirect violation of any of the 10 commandments. That was a total mis shaping of my mind to spend hours watching shows like gilligan's island, which will date me for sure. But most of the shows were not an open warfare against the traditional day christian value system of America. But when I went to the store thursday and I'm walking down to main, i'll, I come across a big clearance rack and I look clarence racks actually. And I don't mind a good deal. This one was all about rainbows and it got my attention. And while I love the rainbow, i need you to understand what the rainbow meant. You know, 300-4000 plus years ago. And what the rainbow needs in modern society are somewhat different. The rainbow given at the end of the flood, was a statement that god's so severe judgment against evil would not include a world wide flood. But you need to know that the rainbow followed the most grievous intervention of divine power. To stage a statement of opposition to evil. As a matter of fact, the world becomes so evil that man constantly fought evil, and it wasn't just that there was a rainbow. But shortly after that there was a dissemination of languages because god understood how quickly the Human race could go the wrong way. So now the rainbow almost as a statement of opposition to traditional values now represents a completely different moral system. It's not tied to the bible, it is a beautiful thing. I love to see the rainbows and but the rainbow has now become a statement of live like you want to find love as you want. Express human sexuality as you so desire. And there is a measure of science, i would call it an on verified science suggests that this is indeed a legitimate thing. So the 1st thing I want to show you in rainbow color says that this little child wearing this was born to love. And who would disagree with that? I do think children are born to love and I think we should teach and to love all people. And that means people, they're walking ignorantly or wilfully against the direction of what god calls holy living. The 2nd sure that I purchased there on the rack, which I was had to question myself if I wanted to do this. But because I felt that making an impression on you as to how far we are as a society in tipping points to make sure I had your attention. I wanted to do this because I'm quite certain that fred meyer, whose biography i have and I've enjoyed reading, did not see it as his mission or mandate to use his store as a secular magnet megaphone for the values that went contrary to his own. And his grandparents, et cetera, cetera. Nor did we would, sam walton and norwood james cash penny. And there was a store when I was growing up called montgomery wards. Many of these stores were started by christian business. Men who felt that their business should be a ministry, and yes, it was a opportunity to make money as well. This one here off the same rack, says love is love. In other words, whatever you feel, that's good enough. Love is love and don't miss the rainbows because love is love inside a rainbow framework. Now everybody should be loved. I want to make sure I'm going to say that again. It's christ call to reach those. And Paul, writing to the corinthians will say that god's grace was powerful enough to reach you in some of those lifestyles. And some of some of you were practicing those lifestyles. But when I start, when I, when I'm in my department store, especially when it started out as a grocery store and expanded into a, a mega store. And we've turned it into a messaging center for cultural values. I feel like it's probably mind to say to you pay attention because as a watchman on the wall, my job is to say to you, do you know what's going on? Are you paying attention? The world your kids will inherit is adults is very different than the world you grew up in. This world right now is very different than the world i grew up in. Some of the progress has been good, but societally not so. So I'm going to take another shirt off the rainbow rack, and this one especially, got my attention. It says it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. Now if I had not been reading articles about adult parents who have no say over gender, transforming or at least attempted gender, transforming surgeries, and they've been cut off from even dealing with their children. I might not be as, as ready to put my arms around this subject patter once again. But I'm telling you, hard times are not only coming hard times are here. And if you want your children to have a value system that knows how to love somebody who's living the wrong way, you're, you've got your work cut out for you. But the last one that really got my attention was this one made for an adult. And this one just seemed especially unacceptable to me, as it said, gender is a Spectrum. Now, you know, I know of, of a god in heaven who actually did make this planet. And I want to say thank you to Mr. Atkins at anders academy. And the videos that were made that we showed your children every night. We showed them a real human brain. We showed them a real human heart. We talked about the complexity of a real well we didn't look at a real live, but we saw the models both live size and larger than life. We took time to look at this amazing device or machinery, the Human machinery. And as I sat there night by night, just looking at along a real human long on the dissecting table and thinking to myself, this is an absolute, preposterous insult to God and an impossibility. This happened by accident. Now listen, the very creator who spoke physical law into existence and created this amazing machinery, spoke social relation, all law and value into a definition of love. The love that we practice is not exactly the same love that the world wants us to practice. This love is supposed to be acceptance of all things. Now, I don't know how it is for you. I know that I told the kids a story. Couple nights ago, maybe it was last night. My mother did not accept everything about her eldest son. And so sorry kids, you have to hear the story over. But you know, I had some cousins that their value system was a little different than my and they used the words. My mother said I should not use it just so it turned out to me that I was older. And I don't remember all the psychological machinations or, or decision making processes that said to me, but maybe it was something like this. How do these little kids get to use those words that only adults use and I'm older than them? I should be able to use those my mother and said you are not allowed to use those. I decided to use those. And one of the rooms that we had that we went into, we went into a hospital room night by night was the recovery room. And I told the kids, I was taken to the recovery room for bad words. It's called the bathroom and they are laying on the sink was a bar of soap and I got a recovery treatment. And how my mouth was going to be used for different words. God's definition of love is loving enough to stand in the way of soul destroying sinful practice and your words deepen your expression and your words created environments, which is why when peter went to cussing in the courtyard of the temple, he cast a pall. This said I'm not at all with him. And jesus looked at him without anger, but with pity. And peter's heart was broken. You see in the world we live in love is an expression of self and it is to be accepted. But the world god created, is it not all things would be accepted because they destroy what real love is made between the 1st and 2nd service. I had somebody email me a 2021 time article. I not only took the time to read it in the few minutes I have, but I took the time to highlight it. It says most christian colleges will never be a safe space for l. G. B T q students, but they must still do better. They must still do better to affirm and support us. It just turns out that this article is about andrew university and was written by a graduate. And he makes some very interesting statements 2021 a year ago. This july, like many evangelical christian denominations, the 70 and his church believes that being l B g t q is a sin. You know, that is not what we believe. So the very 2nd paragraph in the article is problematic. We believe that acting out immoral actions is what's wrong. We don't believe whatever propensity you brought to life is wrong. We believe the act, you know, wrong propensities is wrong. Does everybody understand there? The rest of this article has very many statements in it like this. As long as this he goes on to state as long as the official 7th day adventists teaching on gender and sexuality remains the same. Campuses like anders will never be completely safe environment for l G, b, T, q, people. And I brought in written in a margin here. What to say mean? How can you take an organization that still believes in the inspired word and the acting out these impulses is wrong and make it completely safe for someone whose sole purpose in life is to say, you can't think like that. And you can't let your thinking, you're thinking direct, a culture and actions that discourage acting that out. As I went through and I highlighted different parts of the article, I realize that what they described is anti l G b, g, q behavior, and the support they would like what's going to be awfully hard to give when our understanding of love and their understanding of love is a lot different because our understanding is love is loved in spite of acceptance of certain behaviors. Because we believe behaviors, shape, and reinforce identity. You know that little adage, be careful what you think. Be careful what you do. Be careful what you practice ends up becoming habit and habit ends up becoming what, what's the in character. You see what you actually do, shapes what you become, who you actually spend time with shapes who you become. And so for us as christians, it's going to be an impossible chasm to bridge, to give a community that is M through z, asked dick and zealous about acceptance. Because they make the action, the identity, something that we cannot embrace, even though the identity has a propensity or a desire to carry something out. We as proponents of the word suggests that whether that proclivity is to thieving or lying, or drunkard ness, or narcotics abuse or whatever it is, whatever that tendency is, it is not to be acted on. And so bridging this gap is going to be pretty hard to do, but the world you're living in has on the ascendancy in the moment, is the new secular gospel, which is no good news at all. Because your child at any age in some states could determine that they're not one gender or another and you have to stay out of their way. No, we're headed into dark times. Yea, we are already in the shadow lands. So this morning, I just want to give you a quick A quick synopsis of what your children are going to need for what's coming. Take your bibles this morning and open them up to the book of romans, romans chapter 8. The 1st thing your child needs is the confidence that the presence of god is more than anything else that they that be with us is Elijah said to his elijah said to serve an adult and they to be with us are greater than those to be against us now we're not against people as 70, i haven't as christians, we're not against anybody, but what we are against is the enthusiastic practice. And by the way, that times article from last year suggest that 70, i'm going to, she'll be supporting and endorsing the equality act, which the quality act will codify sexual orientation as the civil right. Which will change completely the way we operate on her schools in regards to gender and gender separation. And the idea of moral right and wrong. Romans chapter 8 verse 31. If you want your children to be strong, you need them to know that god is alive and that he is real. What shall we say to these things? verse 31, chapter 8. You have god is for us. Who can be against us? He who did not spare his own son but delivered him over for us. How will he not also with him freely give us all things who can bring a charge against god's lack? God is the one who justifies who is the one who condemns christ? Jesus is he who died. Yea, rather who is res, who's at the right hand of god and also intercedes for us. There is nothing you can give your child to give them more courage for the darkness that we're living in than the conscious knowledge of being right with god. Which is why one night may be more than one. I talked with the children in the segment, they came to me about giving their hearts to jesus and forgiveness my precious for that I raised All needed to encounter a salvation experience with god on their own. They had to decide when you, as parents take time to talk to your children as the 1st teachers and the 1st pastors, you can as you pray and do your best to live what you're teaching, call them into a surrendered relationship with jesus. There's nothing like knowing you're with jesus. The song says anywhere with jesus, i can safely go. Your children must learn early on the strength of righteous living. They must learn early on. That doing right and being right strengthens the cause of right. And when you teach them to do right to the understanding that they have, and when you model it to them, they will become strong people because jesus brings strength. Now linked very closely to this is the story of saw. Take your bibles and go to 1st, samuel, 15 old testament. We talked about king saul and David more than one night in our healing heart clinic. First, samuel chapter 15. This is the story of a man who had good beginnings, but was a spiritual shipwreck. He died a very last man, 1st samuel chapter 15. He didn't do things the way he was asked to do them. It says in verse 21, instead of killing all of the kite's as an actor divine judgment, which god directed, it wasn't human directly. It says they took some of the spoil, the sheep, and the oxen and the choices things devoted to destruction, to sacrifice into the Lord gil, go. That was salt explanation to samuel the prophet and samuel said, does the Lord has as much delight and bern offering and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord. Behold, it's better to obey than to sacrifice or to heed in the battle rams. Our young children have to be taught, and our older children have to be held to account that the mom and dad exercises sacred stewardship, which society hayes, what is that sacred stewardship? If there is a war on in society and it's been on for at least 5060 years, there is a war against a sacred stewardship. And nobody is supposed to hold this power except the experts. There is a war on against the sacred stewardship of authority. And in this society in which we live, the parent stands in the place of god. So it's imperative that the parents are praying, beautiful christians. Because sometimes the authority they must exercise is disciplinary and punitive. But if a child is not taught to obey, they are set on the passive rebellion to where the only authority they recognize is their own when their own pleasure, their own fleeting feelings. The 1st less than a child must learn as the last lesson over obedience. And they learn it young and the absence of learning it is to make them like, like cain or like aesop. Individuals over which no one can exercise any control over which no accountability can be accorded. I'd like to know the woman who's married to a man who can't be held accountable. That's a good marriage. I'd like to know the man who's married to a woman who answers to nobody who's in a good marriage. I'd like to know the boss who wants an employee who doesn't know how to take direction. I'd like to know the child who has never learned how to say no to themselves and see on a Spectrum of one to 10, how happy they are. Teaching your children to obey has lifelong and internal consequences. When samuel is telling, saw, you need to do what you're told, not what you think works. It's a speed bump. We come to the end of solved life, and he was once the great exorcist of witches and warlocks, and sorcerers in the land. But the last chapters of sauls life is him going to a cave to get spiritual council from the dark side, thinking the dark could bring up the light. It was the most discouraging depressing journey. The 2nd thing or the 3rd thing, 1st is your child's walk with god. They need to be encouraged to pray to listen. They need to be taught to obey the 3rd thing that your child needs to understand is that life has responsibilities. And one of those responsibilities is serving inside the family unit when paul writes to the festival audience, and 2nd, those alone is 310, a very simple thing. It's almost embarrassing. I mean, if, if the prophet wrote a letter to the Village church and the province said, what's wrong with you, leaders, don't you know that if you don't work, you don't eat. I mean, what happened to that? That's a lonely insurance to where they're going. Our privilege without require and responsibility. How did it happened at a church comprised primarily of adults certainly led by adults has to be told. Don't you understand that getting something involved, giving something. When our children are not taught to work and bear what we'll call the stern or disciplines of life, they're turned into weaklings. Now, it takes a long time to teach a child to work in some resist all the best training in the world, but patiently, wisely and persistently. We must teach our children not only to do the things that move the family unit along, we must teach them to be helpful wherever they go. Chapter one of the book, education, service loving service is the goal of all true christian education. And it is for this world and the world to come before the thing that your children need to have if they're going to be strong and jesus, they're going to have to be givers in another way. Because you can tell them how love they are by god until you're blue in the face. You can do it all the way through adolescence into their adult years. But if they never become students of the responsibility to share the love of jesus, they will never really know the love of jesus. Because you can become very self centered at the same time that you're supposedly focusing on god. Just read the gospels. They were so self centered that god himself could come and be excluded from their fellowship. And worse that rejected, resented and destroyed your children must be given opportunities to serve a broken world. Your children should see what meth addiction looks like. They should see the sunken in cheeks. They could see the teeth, la smiles. They should go to a homeless shelters. And they should help serve a little bit of food. And they should be taught how to hold a paint brush or a trial, or mixed mud. They should have an interest in their own community, and they should have an interest in the world. We are to be the true global citizens of this, of this world, a 7 day eminence christians with a message to take to the world. When our children are allowed to live quads, i christian lives and there is really no component of witness of work of service. They can become assured in a way that is a false sense of assurance without the real competence they need to go forward. And there's at least one more thing this morning that I think it's super important for your children to have. If you want them to be strong, they need the biggest network in the world. There used to be a tax commercial on television. And when the tax commercial came on, I think it was for h and R block. They brought up something we all have, which is taxes. But then they had this person moving from distress distress. And they said, I got people. I'm here to tell you today that if ever your children needed a network to con, show dick and push back against the constant networking. And by the way, these devices are designed to tie your children to a central id, scintillating, tantalizing, superficial mind, addicting dynamic. Your kid should not be baby fit with these devices. They the people that promote these things have nefarious intent. Do you know what the word nefarious means? It means intentionally evil for their own benefit. And there is a devil behind even some that are lesson of various who wants to make sure that your child's mind is about as deep as the sheet on their bed. And that they never learn to reflect and think. And they never face boredom and have to come up with something to do to entertain himself. Maybe actually use their hands, get down in the dirt, play and create your children, need networked in a way they've never needed network before. And by the way, most of the kids that v b S are not do that adolescent age. But for those of you that have gone past the adolescent age, you know, there's a point in time when those wonderful little kids who, who loved to sit on your lap and hung on your every word come to the place where they think in their adolescent years you don't know very much and it needs to be stated by somebody else in the network. And I want to tell you the other grandparents aunts and uncle, age brothers, sisters in the Lord, cousins and christ, whatever you want to say. Your children now more than ever need to be connected to somebody who grew up in an age where everything was virtual. And if there was ever an age they needed to be connected to a generation who faced real problems. I stood at this pulpit yesterday and presided over the funeral of a 79 year old man who lived through parts of world war 2. As a matter of fact, on the train out of poland, his mother was impressed to get off the train before it made it to dresden. That saved his little lives, his big Sisters, the life and his mother's life. He came to this country as a 6 year old boy and they called him a little nazi because he spoke german. He grew up to be one of the kindest people i've ever met. But his hardship was a function of living life on planet earth. And because his feet were pointed towards love and eventually god, he turned out to be a beacon of hope and beauty. Your children cannot be exempted from hardship. And while they need not experience every hardship that you experienced, it is not your job to save them from all of life difficult task. As a matter of fact, parents job is sometimes to precipitate a crisis. I have a son, that's a salesman. He's quite good at it. I don't think I ever would have known it when he was a junior, an academy and he had to apply for a job at harbor manor All the way there. He knows he's got to go apply for a job. We pull up under the canopy at this nursing home and he doesn't want to get out of the car and go in and talk to strangers. We probably sat there for a half an hour. I wasn't moving. He was going in. He did get the job. The other day he said to me on father's day he said, dad, paraphrase life. Some of the things I went through as a kid were hardy said, but I'd rather have the tool box you gave me than about 97 percent of the rest of the world. What toolbox are you giving your kids? Yes, those 30 minutes under the canopy. Harbor manor, we argued about what he was going to do and what he wasn't going to do. He was 16. That would've made me 41, something like that. I'm still there parent. I'm still trying to nerd nurture and encourage and sometimes hold them accountable. Haven't stop now there was a little made in the bible must have had a good mommy and daddy. Because when captain name was sick, she said, I know where you can be healed. And the king of israel didn't know as much as the little maid, because when naming came to the king, he tore his clothes and said, who will I? God, I know of a young man who showed up with 3 friends in Babylon. And he must have had good parents. And there were hundreds of other young israelite kids there. But I do know this. The daniel shadrach, me shaking a bit ago, their mom and dad was listening to the prophet jeremiah. When not very many other people were for all of you parents today. Thank you for sharing your kids with us, the V b S. But make sure you're reading the prophetic insights that will give you an advantage over the statistical new philosophy of parenting. Open up the book, child guidance, open up the book, the advent of home and do some prayed and some reading. I'm on the other side. I'm still a parent. I was wise enough also to raise my kids similar to how my mother raised me with a few adjustments. Don't be so wise as to think that the collective wisdom of the ages that was in your parents heart can now be upended and superseded by the modern proponents of this new social science. Be humble enough to figure out that your parents got a lot of it. Right. That's why you're sitting in these pews to day and be humble enough to do a little asking. And parents that his grandparents be careful. Not to do too much telling the friends i want to tell you there's a goal. When jesus comes back in the clouds, he's going to say, where's your flock, your little flock. It's not hard to raise kids. It's just hard. But it's very wonderful journey and it's very doable, especially at those times when they're not embarrassing you. The truth of the matter is you have a stewardship, like no other stewardship, their gods kids, lead them to the cross. Teach them to obey and work, give them chances to witness, let them engage a broken world. Let them engage a broken world. Don't just hide them out in the fortress and tell them drugs and alcohol are a bad taken to places where they can see and make them socially connected with their church family. Teach him how to look somebody in the eye and say, happy 7, shake their hand, give them the tools they need. And some day when the adults have been thrown in jail, great conversely says the kids are going to rise up and say the truth. That's the generation, it's time for a different kind of intentionality. You're up to god's called you to it. He gave you these kids the other day. I told my son he needed to be thankful we brought him into the world. Same son, by the way. He said, I had no say in that. Yeah, you're right. You know, usually as a dad I was pretty quick with my comebacks. You have to because all your kids are lawyers. I mean, they just figured you the other day I was looking at my wife and I said, you know, was bringing people into the world is risky. Business mostly for the mothers then is risky business for everybody. My God bless you. Have god before you who can be against you, but don't be too busy, mamas. If you've got little ones, give them everything you've got put your career on hold. If you can, if you can't do your best daddy's love those mommas. Nothing creates secured in the heart of a child. You know, I have a theory Sometimes those secured kids, they give us a real run for the money. Sometimes those kids come from fractured broken places. They don't have enough competence to do it. And of course, some come from such ruined homes, but they're just crying out for attention was bad behavior, husbands love your wives, wives, love your husbands, be united. So these kids can't divide, you never goes away totally. They're smart. They know what they want. Give them the best you can give them in jesus and then don't be afraid because nothing ruins, parenting like parenting afraid parent love, be confident and let the chips fall where they may. And maybe when your son turns 31, he'll tell you what my son told me the other day. I had to wait about a decade to hear it. But I wasn't in doubt that I gave him my best, and I let it be. I'm still praying for all of them. I want them all to be soldiers in the army of christ. I want to know how to stand up. I think that's what you want to. That's why you brought them to v b S. May god bless you all this summer, take the devices away and give them hot wheels and bicycles and scooters and put them out into the world where they did what people did for generations. They figured out how to entertain themself, let them climate tree. If they fall out of the tree, it's not the end of the world. Probably God bless you on the journey. Let's sing an old song as we close this year to be a dan. 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