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03 The Sanctuary: The Path to Holiness

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • July 10, 2021
    11:20 AM


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And good to be in the house, lord, if you all again today as a do are the 3rd the part in our series on the sanctuary. And this has been re, rich for me. But I'm realizing that I don't go fast enough to, to thank to area. So we'll talk about that as we go into it. Praise god, that we are all here. And that even as for us, at least some of the restrictions of the pandemic are loosening. We were still praying for other parts of the world where it is still quite severe. This was a very harrowing week. Talk about signs of the times. We're watched, we watched in the last 2 weeks, a building collapse on its own. South florida, One spotlight of hope they did get a cat out alive in the last 24 hours and reunited the cat with their owner. We watched the president of haiti assassinated and we are seeing an upheaval in the world. I think one of the things that most shocking is the trends of weather. As we see the droughts continue in the west, unprecedented temperatures, all of which are putting the world on alarm. And even here, we are dealing with tropical storms and a place that is antithetical to the tropics. I believe the god is giving us the signs and helping us to see the time is short. We as a people are without excuse. We are caught off guard. Our script reading today we've taken from the book of john the 17th chapter, john chapter 17. Read verses, 15 through 17. Done 1715 says I pray, not thou shouldest take them out of the world. But the vows to this, keep them from the evil they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. The last verse is critical. It says, sanctify them through thy truth. Thy word is truth, thy word is truth. Message this sabbath. The path, the sanctuary. Part 3, the path to holiness the path. The holiness. Let us pray, father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word. We dive even deeper into your holy sanctuary and a message attached to it. Lord, I pray for the pouring of your holy spirit. Lord, once again I ask only to be a male on the wall. Hang a portrait of christ on that new. No point me being seen father. Instead, we need to hear a word from christ. This is our prayer and jesus is precious and holy name. A man. When I'm back to leviticus 9, we were here a couple of weeks ago and, and go through this initial inauguration of the sanctuary. Leviticus chapter 9 and verse one says and it came to pass on the 8th day that moses called aaron and his sons and the elders of israel. We said unto aaron, take the young cath for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering without blemish and offer them before the Lord. The 1st thing as they go to be to, to, to kick off the sanctuary is that there are sacrifices that have to be made. Verse 3, the bible said, and unto the children of israel, thou shalt speak said picky a kid of the goats for a sin offering and a calf and lamb both of the 1st year without blemish for a burnt offering. Also a bullock in a ram for peace offerings, to sacrifice before the Lord and a meet offering, mingled with oil. For today, the Lord will appear until you can you imagine that given a given us instruction to go and get these things are about to start the sanctuary. Service moses tells the people that do these things because to day god is going to appear to you the last time they saw god. We talked about a couple weeks ago that he was a like a consuming fire on the top of mount sinai. The people were sore afraid, but moses was able to go up into the cloud. I'm sure people were anxious that they began to prepare and put things together, knowing that god was going to show up among them again. Verse 5. They brought that which moses commanded before the tabernacle of the congregation and all the congregation drew and stood before the Lord. And moses said, this is the thing which the Lord commanded that you should do. And the glory of the Lord shall appear on to you. The people that all of this, they got everything together. Leviticus 9, it goes through all of the offerings the way that the certain organs had to be removed and laid on the the brazen altar which we talked about last week. All of these things have to be set up just right. And once everything was put in its place in leviticus 9. In verse 23, a bible says and molded and aaron went into the tabernacle of the congregation. They went into the holy place, they come back out. The bible says, came on and they blessed the people. And the glory of the Lord appeared unto all the people. As they stood there god's glory appears. In verse 24, the bible says, and there came a fire out from before the Lord and consumed upon the altar. The bird offering the fat. And when all the people saw, they shouted and fell on their faces. Can you imagine as their worshipping together? And as the offerings i laid out, as a presence of god, appears that I am all of a sudden fire comes out and everything is consumed. They fell on their faces and they worship, you know, you can make the connect with dots to one olaja on mount carmel. So listen, whoever is god, fire is going to come down from heaven. There's a connection in the scripture to God and fire. In fact, I think the devil twisted it for a lot of people by making people think he rules a realm of that is always on fire. My bible tells me that god is a devouring fire. That that moses when he met god, it was, it was a fire that did not consume the bush and all through the scripture. God is connected to fire. Here is one of those places. And if we are ever to stand before god, we're going to actually have to be able to stand in the presence of a devouring, consuming fire. And what does it looking to console? sin? You see what those offerings represented within? That's why had to be completely burned up, even as the sanctuary message goes on, and you follow these offerings that whatever was offered had to be completely consumed. But of course, as we talked about before, there was a problem. Aaron's sons made up in a by who they took either of them a sensor and they put fire therein and put incense thereon. And offered strange fire before the Lord, which he commanded them not verse to live. It. It is 10 says and they went out fire from the Lord and devoured them and they died before the Lord this fire that they call strange fire. Another word you could use is that it was a foreign fire. In other words, the only fire that was to be used in the sanctuary was this fire that was to burn continually on the altar. All the other fires if they had to be started or if they needed to be used, had to come from that fire. They in their drunkenness, as we talked about before, went and could not tell the difference and got a fire that did not originate from out of god. Bible says they were destroyed because of it. Then moses said unto aaron, this is it that the Lord spake, saying, watch this church, i will be saying to 5 in them that come 9 me in those that come near me. And before all the people will be glorified. A bible says, and aaron held his peace. In fact, I will get into it the day. But aaron is not even allowed to mourn the death of made up and a by who and when you read this, what you realize is that god expects us to live up to what we know. Clear instruction had been given to made up in a by who about how they were to conduct themselves, their deportment as priests, how they were supposed to, to behave. And yet in their, in their a cavalier attitude, they went against god and, and it worries me as I look at it because some folk don't understand the severity and, and, and the serious smith of being a part of the house of god lack the question. We made out in a by who Are we living the kind of christian walk we take, what god has given us for granted that we've been given truth deep truth, prejudice, truth eternal truth. And do we take for granted an and walk all over in a sense mocking it? Are we like made avenue by who bring into a perfect god, a strange fire. You see, god did not ask us to stay in the condition we are in when we offer the sacrifice on the brazen altar. It wasn't so that we can stay to where we are with job job one, a job's friends, talking. The job says this job $1514.00 through 16 says, what is man that he should be clean? And he, which is born of a woman that he should be righteous. Behold, he puts no trust in his things. This is speaking of god. Yeah, the heavens are not clean in his sight. Look at verse 16. It said, how much more abominable and filthy if man, which drinks iniquity like water? The scripture says that that, that's, that even the heavens have been corrupted. The 3rd of the angels fell. You all remember that? So how much worse is it for man only seems to want to drink iniquity. And I bring this up because we have christians are like in a situation where we are constantly being pulled, not just the stay in the church, but we are being pulled out of the church. Many of us we send our children to schools where they teach that in fact, they weren't created. They evolved, we sent out we, we, we, we sit ourselves down in front, a programs that teach, that aim moral way you want to live is perfectly fine. We consume the social media, the tick, tock, videos of the world, which teach all kinds of things against our god. In fact, what we often are bringing before our lord is strange fire. As they are 64 in verse 6 says, but we are all as an unclean thing. And all our righteousness are as filthy rags. We all do fade as a leaf. And our iniquities, like the wind have taken us away. I tell you much, I was re that venice. I said it all the time and I can tell you that it took it took a lot for the truth to really click with me. The Brother douglas there in the back. The used to teach us when we were a kid, the danger of the television. We wouldn't take you serious douglas. It took for me to grow spiritually and understand how impressionable my mind was. For me to begin to stop looking at certain things and watching thing friends of mine that that slipped into the realm of, of pornography and, and could never come back out. Marriage is ruined because they expose themselves to strange fire. We have to be careful because we have to constantly ask ourselves, are we bringing god strange fire instead of lighting this bodies sanctuary with those things that are wholly impure? Are we might think in ourselves those things which work against our god A bruise. The book of the bible, the deals most of the sanctuary in the new testament anyway, says he was 1026 for if we send willfully. After that we have received the knowledge of the truth. There remains no more sacrifice for sins. You see the sacrifice had already been made for made up and by who they were in a good place. All they have to do now is follow what god had said. But if you stay in sin, there is no more sacrifice, but a certain fearful looking for a judgment and fiery indignation which devour the adversaries. He, that despised moses law, died without mercy under 2 or 3 witnesses. Paul then says of how much sore punishment. Suppose ye shall be thought worthy, who have trodden under foot. The son of god made ab and by who watch bulls and lambs and golds be consumed by fire and, and they were restless in how to carry them. So as priests, how much worse would it be for us who are trotting under foot the very fact life of our lord and savior, jesus christ And have counted the blood of the covenant wherewith he was thank defied an unholy thing. And I've done despite unto the spirit of grace i was in a discussion this week, jackie was driving me crazy arguing with me some of gentlemen who are members of the black israelite group. My brother called me from Miami to discuss with them. Was it much of a discussion that was far more of a yelling match? I promise i didn't yell too much. But I said listen, the only people who are going to be saved are our, our hebrews and they are the hebrews and, and no one else can be saved. And, and I went to the book of psalms to say, we made a blood covenant and, and so we are the only ones that can be say, and I went to the book of hebrew and I said, you're wrong. You see, you are still operating under a system that No longer as sway or power. You see the blood covenant that I'm under is the blood covenant that happened on calvary tree. The blood that was shed there, my high priest went in just once And I know you guys are in Miami, sacrifice, and balls and goats. He was 1030. We know him that they have said vengeance belongs unto me. I will recompense as the Lord and again the Lord shall judge his people versed 31. When I read it sends a chill down my smile. It says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living god. When you are in the courtyard of the sanctuary, the brazen altar is made of brass, which is a mixture of copper and tin. Some argue that may have been I miss brown's which is conference or something. It may have been brass, which is a copper and zinc, but either way copper is the, is the, is the, is the primary metal. It is very durable, very strong, is able to, to, to, to withstand all kinds of heat. And so it was beaten into shape and it represents our judgement and represent that in order to pass the test of judgement, christ himself had to be beaten. But like the occasion would that the brass went over, christ endured the case, would infect, can't destroy that the prizes represented in the altar. And so many when they get to the altar, when they get to the cross and they believe their sins forgiven. That's it for them. Christianity is over, I'm said, and they walk away. In fact, I remember when my cousin sean taylor was play for the Washington redskins was killed in his house by an intruder. And I remember when we, when we went to the, the funeral in Miami and I all the football players, the NFL, whatever the entire university of miami organization, the entire washington redskins organization. I sat behind, chattel chill, single. So you guys might remember him and my cousins, agent. I think they withdrew rhodes and house the one of they made a movie after and he made a speech. Simpson, was there all kinds of people in there? I remember joe gimme the. He was the coach of the Washington redskins at the time, and he was a christian. And I remember him going and taking a podium in a it, this was an, as an A basketball arena. So it's or thousands of people at the service. I remember at the ed towards the end of his talk, he had, he had people recite the sinners prayer. Have you guys heard that before? And it was as if he thought that because this prayer had been recited because they simply said it now you are said and you are going to just go to heaven. That was the end of it because a lot of folk, the thing, if you get to the cross, you confess, your sin, that that's it. But, but the sanctuary message tells us that we cannot stop at the brazen altar you weren't made a christian. So what I do to get that across and stuff. I know somebody like, what do you mean? You'll see there is more god wants to you than to just forgive you of sin. He wants to give you the power to live victoriously over sin. He doesn't just justify you that god we serve once to sanctify you. He wants to show you a path to holiness he wants to take you from being a sinner to be a priest. That's right. I got to study the sanctuary message. One thing I realized isn't simply about turning those who have been unrighteous into those who are forgiven. It is about turning the sinner into a priest. A turn in those once served themselves into those who now serve the living god. That's the sanctuary message. At least a big part of it. Look at it. First, peter chapter 2 inverse 9 said, but you are a chosen generation. What are you? You are royal priesthood. You're a holy nation, upper tuleya people that you should show forth. The praises of him was called him out of darkness into his marvelous light. In other words, you haven't just been save just the be collected. You've been said to observe in the priesthood. What makes the sanctuary methods begin to come alive. Because too many christians stop at the brazen altar and another makes it to the laver they stop at the brazen altar and they never make it into the holy place to serve god. They think that, Well, I've done enough of given my life and why in the parable of the sower. So many here, the word, they stop at the altar and never go any further testimony to the church. Volume one, page 286. As this, as we read the word of god, how plain it appears that his people are to be peculiar and distinct from the unbelieving world around them. Our position is interesting and fearful living in the last days how important that we imitate the example of christ and walk even as he walk. There is a path to holiness we are to follow him and ask yourself from the brazen altar in which direction of the high priest go, the high threes now turn and leave the front doors of the of the sanctuary and go about his business order the high priest now go into the tabernacle, to tabernacle with god and to serve god as a priest and we have to follow christ. Which way are we supposed to go? Are we supposed to have a shallow waffling man? The pansy relationship with a god of heaven, or as you, as a christian, supposed to be daily, constantly strengthening your walk with your lord and savior. Jesus christ continued says, if any man, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and do what and follow me. The opinions and wisdom of men must not guide or govern us. They always lead away from the cross. That's not easy. Not easy to stand and be a christian. In a world of sin, it's not easy to stand for the principles of right. When the entire world has decided that it, that living wrong is up to you and you can do whatever you want. In fact, if you try to live a right life in these days, there are going to be those who come after you and say that you are opposed to them and that you, you don't have a right to do what you are doing. In fact, I hope you can see from what's going on in the world that, that the connie mit is being set, the, what's there in society is beginning to a surface, an atmosphere at that persecution will come to those who live, as god says, live. When you look at the tabernacle and you look at what happens you come in due to escape from the tribe of judah, would sit over here is the tribe from what jesus would come. You come to the door, the door is jesus. We talked about that even the white linen around the sanctuary represented the righteousness of christ was 7 and a half feet high. Why? Because you couldn't just look in. You had to enter in and you'd come in in the 1st thing you see is the altar of burnt offerings. This this brazen altar, which was the largest piece of furniture in the entire sanctuary system. It was the one that most of the children of israel were exposed to, but many of them never went any further. Because when you get to what we're going to talk about today for a little bit, if the bronze laver bis, was interestingly enough, the most used piece of furniture in the entire sanctuary system. The one that represents baptism because of the way they would wash the one that represents the death burial and resurrection of price. Just like baptism. This is where this was the one that was used the most. And here's what's interesting. It is one of the few pieces of furniture that has no dimensions. In other words, there is no bottom to god's ability to save and sanctify. And you had to wash before you go into the tabernacle. This laver was actually very incredibly well made. Uh, let me read the description before I talk about it, but it was, it was, it sat on a pedestal and it was made of just pure bronze. Here's what the bible says. The exit is $38.00 and verse 8, and he made the labor of brass and a foot of it, of brass, of the looking glass, of the women assembling which assembled at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. They did not have glass like we have to day to make mirrors, they would take bronze or broth and polish it so well that you could see yourself in it. I miss in this thing where you were supposed to wash yourself clean was literally made of substance. So you could see where the dirt is. It was designed so that you could see your reflection and know what need to be wash. This is why this you can't stop just at the, at the, at the alter. You gotta keep going to the laver because you still gotta be, was you gotta be think the 5. And you gotta see your sin got to see your care to be facts. Once you're save money, a justified by the blood of jesus christ. There is work to be done Because we are supposed to be a royal priesthood. Peculiar people like everybody. We don't watch what everybody else watches, listen to what everybody else listens to exodus 30 in verse 17 and the Lord spake unto moses, saying, i'll also make a leave of brass and his foot also wrath to wash with all. Now shall put it between the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar. And now say I put water therein. For aaron and his son shall wash their hands and their feet there at when they go into the tabernacle of the congregation. They shall wash with water that they die not or when they come nearer to the altar to minister to burn, offering me by fire unto the Lord. It's interesting, there was, there were 2. There were 2 sets of washing that happened for the priest. When a priest were ordained as it were, brought into the priesthood, moses was aaron and his sons, head to foot out of the lever. It was, it was a symbol of baptism. Their whole bodies will walk. But here's what's interesting. Before they serve as priests, their hands and their feet were washed. Do you think that at the last supper, as jesus dropped to his knees to watch the feet of his disciples, do you think that they made the connection that jesus was watching? Is the cycle for service just as moses had was aaron and his son for service Is why the ordinates, the, the ordinance of humility is still an important one. Hands are washed for service and when you put your hands on the water to wash the other part and sweep your, your hands are washed and the feet are wash because our feet are what take us to deliver the gospel. It is a symbol that you can't just stop at the alter. You can't just say, look, I'm saying I'm going home and want to next week there to jesus. Come know when you're said you've got to put on the priestly carmen. You've got to get ready to serve. You've gotta be wash from out of the laver. Why? How are you walk? Look at it at the 31st one was a so they shall wash their hands and their feet that they die not. And then I'll be a statute for ever to them even to him and his seed throughout their generation. So that would always happen. Here's what jesus says, revelation chapter one and from jesus christ, who is the faithful witness and the 1st forgotten of the dead. And the prince of the kings of the earth on to him that loved us and look at this and washed us from our sins in his own blood. And made us king's and what priests unto god and his father, to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. They would have to watch because when they would do the sacrifices they'd be covered in blood, not that all of that to be was, all of it had to be clean. My bible was telling me that you, when you come to the cross, when you, when you experience what price has you, he wants to watch you. He wants to make you a priest. Have a king Look at us when he feeds in 525 and 26 as husbands love your wives, even as christ also loved the church and gave himself for it look averse 26, that he might thank the fight and cleanse it with the washing of water by what the word is powerful. The labor represents the fact that when you become a christian, you must now be wash in god's word. You've got to be washed in his word. That means you should be having daily devotion, time, daily time, in the word of god, because as the word of god watches over you, what's the most important part watches over your mind? It is the word of god that gives you the ability to discern what is right and wrong in a very confusing world in time. If you're not studying god's word, you're gone in the wrong direction. With god's word that will do, does that have the bible app on my phone and sometimes in my car I just let the chapters play to this, let it read. There's no excuse not to be engaged with god's word with all the technology we have now on your commute to work either on the way they are on the way home. Commit to just listening to god's word. Let me say something you will go through the bible sofa, the bible several times just listen to it in my car. It is god's word. You have been called to be wash. Roman 6 verse 18th of this being then made free from sin. You became the servants of righteousness. There are a lot of folks thing. Well, I've been made free by deals. I'm just free. I can go do whatever I want. Now, in fact, there are those who claim a doctrine. That is a hellish doctrine doctrine that says once I'm saved, i'm always saved Though you come in, you get, you know you, you, you take some bible study, you get baptized that next weekend you back in the club. I'm say now my bible teach us something different. When you're made free from sin, you don't become a servant, a thing again. You become a servant to what? To write to smith. John $153.00 says, now you are clean to the word which I've spoken to you. It is god's word. Christ is the word. And that's why john 171-5217 of escripts or reading today. Because I pray that the dow should take them out of the world with a 1000 as keep them from the evil they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through thy truth. By word is truth. The labour represents the development of character watching the car. And remember, every time before he went to do anything at all that he had to watch before he went to the tabernacle hands and you had to be what they had to constantly. It was the most used piece of furniture and it represents what the word of god does to the christian who is a believing, a bible, believing christian, as you study the word, it begins to purify you. What does it purifying all of those defects of character? We all had them. I just read an interesting book. What happened to you? oprah Winfrey in a psychiatry read this book. The can't agree with everything in a book except that I found it fascinating. How they tied, how people behave later in life to traumas that happened to them as a child very profound. Let me say something to reason. Many of us have a character defects and flaws. In part because some of us are grown up, didn't grow up in the nicest of environment or in the happiest of homes. Some of us were neglected and abuse. Some of us were, were treated poorly. I want to tell you a god loves you so much that when you start to get into the word with him is the one thing that one of the things that that book was missing. As you get into god's word, let me say something. I'm reading dad's word, i realize not only my short coming, i also got point to me, but to why I am what I am. And it gives me an opportunity to do something. One of them is to forgive the people that hurt me. God's word does that we were studying in the book of mark last night in the sermon on the mouth. Wherein when, when jesus gives the lord's prayer in the book of matthew how he says, listen, you've got to forgive those that have harmed you. That wasn't easy. For me to forgive my father, i'm talking about being at the labor now and really washing not easy when you grow up without a father want nothing to do with you. I'm going to play a pop one football in bloomfield at the park there. All the other boys, fathers will be lined up myself and my brother david, isn't nobody there. You try and call him to, to make a connection. Try and nothing. But it was interesting when I graduated from Medical school be claimed me My older brother douglas knows my older brother, tony very well. The I think he may still have a hard time. My father dead now Being i believe or means I wash in god's word. And when I wash in it, I am free to liberate myself from those things that buying me the pain of I'm having a father whose name I carry water. Nothing to do with me. I've got a wash in the lever, and I praise god. But my father was on his deathbed hospital in Miami, and he at least at least that we know of at least 11 other children. And I remember just myself and my younger brother, david, 2 of the most neglected, if not maybe the most neglected. After he divorced and left my mother, we were the ones sitting in the hospital room reading the bible to him, praying with him telling him that he needs to give his life to the Lord. Jesus christ. I'm talking about I lever experience, church Of the christian you don't do what the world of which is I was one of my brother did in the field just basically spill all the man dirt. Talk horribly about him. Oh, I've been washed in the laver, i want to know that I am participating in the work of god. And I want to introduce this man in all his broken the to the perfect high priest jesus christ. That's the power of the sanctuary message. You realize? No one comes to the sanctuary themselves clean and perfect. Even aaron and his sons had to do a sin offering before they started doing what they did with church, you've got to have lever experiences. You've got a lot, a word of god to wash over you. So that you don't have the folk do you not mad at people? I look at a racial tension in this country and I say that the whole country, me, the laver experience, everybody's mad at each other is more division in the country, the data and it probably was 30 years ago and it takes an understanding of god's word to look at no words at understand like in the context of eternity. Because you see that's one of the things the word does for you. And what I'm looking at the context of internally. I realize I don't have long here. I'm enough time here to be mad at you and angry at this one and fight over that. I want to make sure my calling and election is sure I want to put on a priestly ropes that god has for me. And I could get into the priestly robes, maybe in a lot of the later sessions looking goal this alexson i'm it does have to come at night and we, we record the rest of because we don't get all the way through the sanctuary. I promise. But there's an under garments you've got to put on and go down as a priest over your needs that covers your nakedness. That happens after the altar and after you've washed. And then you've got to put on all kinds of garments and we're talking about stones that in the children's story. Some of those stones would actually part of the breasts that we could get into all of that. But what I found interesting is that there's a cult, the priest was put on that is made out of white linen. It's perfect and exquisitely made. Before you go that a tabernacle to serve your your loins, aguere hot springs you back to ephesians 6, doesn't it? lloyd's of gird, with truth, you're covered in a robe of righteousness which brings you to the story of the prodigal. Which brings you even that a garden of eden. And you start to understand that I don't get, I don't have to worry that I walk in my own righteousness, but I do have to submit my will to him. And then I can serve him in the tabernacle. Christ object, lessons pays 50. Grace can thrive only in the heart that is being constantly prepared for the precious seeds of truth. The thorns of sin will grow in any soil. They need no cultivation, but grace must be carefully cultivated. The briars and thorns are always ready to spring up. And the work of purification must advance continually. I thought of the book of job when you read the book, a job at the beginning of the book job is presented as if he's a perfect. Well, by the end of the book, he's getting a lecture and instruction from god of the how even job needed to grow Each one of us, you know why it's like math. The distance between 2 spaces in many ways is infinite. As long as you keep cutting it in half, you can always cut it in half. No matter how close you get to the righteousness of christ, you can always cut the distance in half and you keep cutting and a half. You can always grope. We are to never stop and rest on our laurels. Don't stop at the breeze and alter the heart is not kept under the control of god. If the holy spirit does not work unceasingly to refine and ennoble the character, the old habits will reveal themselves in the life. Men may profess to believe the gospel, but unless they are sanctified by the gospel, their profession is of no avail. If they do not again, and if they do not gain the victory over sin, then sin is gaining the victory over them. The thorns that have been cut off, but not uprooted, grow apace until the soul is overspread with them. Church, there is a path. The holiness the sanctuary, points of law characters must be washed And I can tell you one of the things that I thank God for is that in the process of the lever experience I had, even with my father, i was able to not only meet siblings, i hadn't met but introduce even them the Lord jesus christ. Not enough to stop at the altar and they have been forgiven and go home. Each one of us has work to do as priests in the house of the living. God Will do and ask you to stay. And let me ask jackie engineer to come up 1st and Just sing a song here. What I want to do is just body head and close your eyes and ask god What labor experience do you need? What is it in your life that you have not let go of what sin is easily setting you? What trauma keeps driving you away from god as a song, a song. Think about what god wants to change in your life. 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