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Seven Reasons Why Satan Hates the Sabbath

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • July 16, 2021
    11:00 PM
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Far away in the realms of eternity. There was a diabolical strategy session to destroy the sabbath. But thank God, saint Louis plans have not wholly succeeded. Although he has obscured the truth about the sabbath. God has sent any turnover in time message calling men and women back to the day that he established, ah, my imagination. In the outer darkness of this world. I picture a diabolical seen some places in the far someplace in the far reaches of space. A rebel angel meets with his demonic forces in a strategy session. Now the forces of evil and darkness are eager to be successful in their devilish scheme. In my imagination, i see this committee meeting if you please. And the devil is discussing with his evil angels. How best to undermine the authority of christ. Now to do this, they determined in that meeting to focus, particularly on the sabbath. They'll attempt to discredit, destroy and demolish god symbol of creation, the sabbath in any way possible. So they begin to discuss this and they do in my imagination. I hear them debating and they decide on at least 5 major objectives. First, the devil is going to lead millions of people to worship the object of creation of the sun rather than the creator of creation. He introduces in egypt for example, the sun god m on roth and they worship the sun god. He introduces in Babylon, bel marduke, the sun god, he issued. He introduces in persia, mithra, the son got. He introduces in greece, helios, and apollo, the son gods. He introduces in Rome, soul, the sun, god, and millions except the sun worship. Down through the centuries rather than sabbath worship, then he proceeds to his 2nd objective in the early christian in the early christian centuries. He blends, son, worship, with christianity. And so the church and state unite in an honor of the resurrection, so called son worship. Consider the church and begins, replace the sabbath. Now, satan doesn't care how we traps people, as long as he traps them. So he will use a variety of deceptions. Some in future generations would be trapped in the scientific arguments that the world evolved on its own, rather than any creator in millions would accept that deception for others. Satan would keep them so busy, so occupied with the things that time they forget the things the eternity. And they would not keep the bible sabbath. But then they would come up with one of his most brilliant deceptions. One of his most sophisticated deceptions for christians. He would say that if you are saved by grace, it's not necessary to keep god's law. Therefore the law of god is irrelevant. Satan would say that in this probably would be the most dangerous argument for believers. He didn't reduce the idea that a particular day makes no difference at all. As long as you worship, he would distort the gospel and make them believe that love does not require obedience. Now all these deceptions would have the common purpose to discredit the sabbath and discredit the creator. But why? Why does the devil hate the sabbath so much? But here's the 1st reason. The devil hates the sabbath because it's a memorial of creation. And the devil hates jesus, the creator. So if you have your bible, please take it in turn to genesis the 2nd chapter. Why does the devil hate the sabbath so much? Because he wants to undermine creation. And if he can undermine creation, he knows he can discredit jesus. And the reason the devil hates the sabbath is because he hates the creator and he hates jesus. Genesis chapter 2 and we're looking there at genesis chapter 2, verse $12.00 and $3.00. Thus the heavens in the earth and all the host of them were finished. And on the 7th day god ended his work which he had done. And he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had done. No notice carefully verse 3, god bless the 7th day and sanctified it in it. He rested from all this work which god had created and made. So the sabbath was set aside at creation as a memorial of god's love, as a symbol of god's care. But here is the question. Who is it that blessed the sabbath? Who did that? Who is it that sang to side the sabbath? Who is it that rested on the sabbath? Now although the god had participated in creation and you remember, god says, let us make man in our image of the father, son, holy spirit participated in creation. But, but who was the active, ancient in creation? Who was the actual creator? Take your bible and turn to ephesians 3, verse 9. The father, son and holy spirit, participate together. The father is the active designer of the creative front of the created world. But paul tells us that jesus christ himself was the active agent in creation. So you see the devil strategy of patients, 3 verse 9. If the devil hates christ, and if christ is the creator, and if the devil can undermine creation by undermining the sabbath of creation, he can discredit jesus. So a patients 3 verse 9 to make all people see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in god. Now what's the next phrase? So let's read the next race to get the ready church. Let's read together who created all things through jesus christ. So since jesus is the active agent in creation, the fab don't list, this is a monument on memorial to jesus and it to his creative power. Satan a jesus, he sees jesus as arrival. His supreme desire is to cast jesus off his throne and rule the universe. So by attacking the sabbath. Satan attacks jesus, the evil one wants to destroy the sabbath because he wants to destroy christ. This is precisely why god sends the eternal last a message to all humanity, calling them back, the sabbath, worship, take your bible and turn to revelation. Chapter 14 verse 6 and 7. Here is god's final message. Here is god's last day message to humanity. Then I saw the revelation 14 verse 6 and 7, then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven. So here is a divine message that go to the ends of the earth, just before jesus cause I saw another angel flying in the angel flies. He does not float, this is an urgent message for all christians, everywhere and all humanity having the everlasting gospel to reach to those that dwell on the earth. It goes to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people saying with a what kind of voice, loud voice, why? lot boy. So nobody would forget it so everybody would hear it. Fear god, that is reference, god, respect god, obey god, give glory to him for the harvest. Judgment is come, so we're living in the judgment. Our now notice this phrase worship him who made heaven and earth to see in the springs of waters. That expression worship him when made heaven earth see in the springs of waters comes exactly from the 4th commandment. Remember the sabbath, so who is the one that made heaven earth springs and sounds of waters? That's the creator. And who is the creator? That's jesus. So here is a message in the last days of verse history, just before the coming of jesus. That's a call to worship the creator jesus christ by worshipping him on the sabbath. The one that made heavens and earth in the springs. What is, of course, the creator, revelations, final appeal takes us back to creation. It reminds us of who we are in christ. The sabbath takes us back to our origin. It reminds us that we're not here by accident. So the sabbath is an anchor of stability in an uncertain world. It is an eternal symbol of the creator's dire desire for us to live life to the fullest. So when we come to worship on the sabbath, we are recognizing that we did not evolve or not, some speck of cosmic dust in the universe that were not some random collection of genes and chromosomes. But we were created by god. The sabbath takes us back to our origin. The sabbath centers us in life, god created us to live, to really live heaven's plan included, happiness and health, enjoy forever. Our master designer created us to experience our greatest satisfaction and fellowship with him. And that's what the sabbath is all about. He is life's truth center. The enemy deceived our parents in shifting the center of light. Now this is critical and understanding. See the sabbath takes us back to the creator. And it centers us in the fact that we are creatures that life is a gift. So every sap with we become centered again in life. So what the devil wants to do is shift the center of life from jesus christ to ourselves. When the enemy deceived our 1st parents in shifting the center of life, their desires became supreme. Their wants became paramount when adam and eve, since they became slaves to the evil one. So sorrow, replace joy, conflict, replaced harmony, anxiety, replace, peace. Fear took the place of trust, close, intimate, loving, harmonious relationship with god was replaced by this cancelled look of separation from god. But god broke through and there in the garden, god sent the promise of the messiah. He gave hope of a restored relationship with the creator, every sabbath, when we come to worship, that is the garden promise of the restoration of our relationship with our creator. So sabbath reminds us that in this world of sin, in this world of separation from god that we are brought back into harmony, back into oneness with our creator. Sabbath re, centers, us in our lives. It reminds us that the restored relationship through jesus, our creator, is a divine reality. The sabbath speaks of the creators desire to be in relationship with us, his care over our lives and his divine guidance and all the affairs of life is echoed in the sabbath. The weekly sabbath centers in the terminal values of the kingdom of god. So all week we are knocking our hands against this world all week. We are working to try to make some living all week we're trying to eat out some existence. So all week the devil is trying to take us from the center of life and to get to the focus on the things and time rather than things we dirty. But we come, we sing the song and we pray with our brothers and sisters. We worship god together, and our lives get re centered so we can live in this crazy mixed up world another week. That's what sabbath is all about. Now here's the 1st practical lesson of the sab. When we worship on sabbath, we acknowledge that we are not here by accident. We rest in the creator's care. The sabbath is the antidote for worry fear and anxiety the sap at the back, hans us to return to the eternal values that hold life together. That's what sabbath is all about. The devil have the sabbath because it takes us back to our origins and it centers us in life. Second reason, the devil hates the sabbath. Here it is. The devil have the sabbath because the sabbath is a symbol of god's authority and the devil hates all authority. See the devil wants no restraints when he rebelled in heaven against god, the central issue revolved around authority that god have the authority to rule. Satan claim that god did not have the authority to govern the creatures he created. He claimed that god was unfair. Claim that god was unjust. He claim that god passed rules that he had no authority to pass in those rules restricted happiness. So satan hates the sabbath because it's a weekly reminder of god's everlasting authority in his right to rule the universe. Now the book of revelation ties together this concept of christ's ability to rule the universe and his authority to do so with the sabbath and the law of god. So take your bible and turn to revelation the 11th chapter. No, revelation 11. It is a transitionary chapter that transitions into the final crisis. In revelation 12, you have the rise of god's true church in final crisis. In revelation 13, you have the enforcement of the Mark of the beast where no man can buy or sell. And when the death degree is passed, revelation 14 you have god's final message. Revelation 15 and 16. 7 last plagues. Revelation 17. The fall of babylon. Revelation 18. Call out of babylon. Revelation 19 the coming of jesus. Revelation 20 millennium and 21 and 22. The new heavens, new aren't so revelation 11 is critical. Revelation 11, you come to the 7 trumpets and inverse 15. You come to the 7th trumpet. Now notice what we're studying in this chapter. We are focusing our attention on this thought that the devil hates the sabbath because the devil wants no restraints. And the sabbath signifies a recognition of the authority of god. So we look at revelation chapter 5th chapter 11 verse 15. The 7th angel sounded, and there were loud voices in heaven saying, the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our lord and his christ. And he shall reign forever and ever in the 24 elders who sat before god on the throne still on their faces and worship god. So the whole universe worships the whole universe except the authority of christ. At this point, the wicked have been destroyed and the universe accepting christ authority worships. Now here, verse 17. See the devil in that battle. In the great controversy millenniums ago. The devil challenge god's authority. So verse 17 saying these, what the other say we give you. Thanks the Lord almighty. The one who is who was who is to come, because you have taken your great power and reigned. So g, rails, jesus has the authority to reign. He rules on the throne of the universe. Now notice verse 18. There is a transition in verse 18 from looking at things vertically from focusing on heaven and eternity, to looking at things horizontally, looking at things in heaven. Now we will come things on earth, verse 18. The ations are angry. We're living in that time. Your gods wrath is come, the time of the dead that they should be judged. And you should reward your servants, the prophets and the same, those who fare your name. When does the reward his prophets and the saints. When jesus comes, he says, I'm coming quickly. My reward is with me. Revelation 22. Those who fear your name swollen great in, should destroy those who destroy the earth. Now 1st 19 is our verse in the context of the reign of christ in the universe. In the context of nations being angry and the coming of jesus than the temple of god was opened in heaven. John, as I looked up in the temple of god, was opened in heaven. Now you'll recall that god said to moses, let them make me a what sanctuary and I will dwell among them in that thing to worry that moses created it was a scale model of the eternal sanctuary and heaven. In that sanctuary there was the holy place in the most holy place. In the most only place there was the ark and a covenant. And what was in the ark of the covenant was in New York in the coming to church, the Lord God. So notice john looks up. He looks not at some earthly sanctuary, but he works in a heavenly sanctuary. The temple of god, the sanctuary is opened. It's the last day is a verse history. What's in that temple of god? The ark of the covenant, what's in that ark of the covenant, the law of god, and there were the lightnings, noises thundering and earthquakes. You see those expressions, lightning noises thundering, earthquake, that's exactly what happened in my ad, mount sinai. So this text is referring us to god's authority, based in his law. Why does the devil hate the sap and he hates the sabbath because in the last day is a verse history. The sabbath will be a symbol to god's people of the acceptance of god's authority and the devil hate god's authority. The devil rebelled against that authority in heaven. And as the result of that, the devil will really wants to rebel against god's authority on earth. When john in prophetic vision gazed up into the heavenly sanctuary, he saw the log god enshrined within god's law use the sabbath. And the law of god would become that very distinguishing feature of a people in the last days vers history. It would represent the acceptance of god's authority in a world of permissive menace and disregard of authority and rebellion against god. That's why revelation 1217 speaks of it in time. People who have gazed into heaven, thank you. Who's looked at who have looked into the most only place who have seen the law of god, and who, except god's authority. Revelation chapter 12 verse 17. Take your bible believe. Revelation 12 were looking there. At the 17th verse. The dragon is angry with the woman, the church, the devil, the dragons, angry with the church. He goes to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of god and of the testimony of jesus. So god will have an end time people at a time of final crisis who respect his authority and are obedient to him. The devil have that. So the devil will pass a decree so that if they keep god's commandments and respect his authority, according to revelation 13, they'll be no longer able to buy or sell. And according to revelation 13, they'll be a death degree. Why does the devil go to that lane? Because the devil is anxious to cast christ off his throne because the devil wants through the universe and the law of god is the foundation of the government of god. And the law of god reveals the love of god. And it, it reveals, keeping an accepting god's authority. So here's the practical lesson from number 2. The practical lesson is there since the sabbath is at the heart of the great controversy be doing good and evil in a symbol of god's divine authority over his creatures follow me to reject or violate or wilfully disregard. The sabbath is to rebel against god's authority. If we really understand the depth of what it means to keep the sabbath, we will see the sabbath as a symbol of our desire to be united with christ in obedience to his law and accept as authority. Now here's the 3rd reason. The devil hates the sabbath. You will find this in your study guide. Page 5, the bottom of the page. The devil hates the sabbath because it's a eternal symbol of our fellowship with christ, both personally and corporately. But let's pro this a little bit. Adam and eve spent their 1st day together. What was the 1st day that out of what he spent together? What day was that? The 7th he created on the 6th day and the 1st day they spent together was the sabbath. Now jesus had a reason for creating our 1st parents on the 6th day and following their creation with the sabbath. He desired them to recognize that the true meaning of life came in a fellowship with one another and in fellowship with him. So the whole purpose of the sabbath was fellowship, whole purpose with the sabbath was relationship a relationship with one another and a relationship with god. And if the devil can do anything he can to bring discord in families, he's going to do that. And the 7 is the day of Family. Unity is the day when families come together to worship is the day when families walk together and sabbath afternoon out in country places. It's the day when family unity occurs. That's the whole purpose of sabbath. You see jesus desired us to recognize that life's true meaning in fellowship with one another and fellowship with him. Throughout the scripture, god encourages us the instruct us, the admonished as his people to worship together on the bible slab. Take your bible and turn to hebrews. Chapter 10 hebrews chapter 10. Verse 23 to 25. Why is the devil hate the sabbath? Because he does not want us to enter into deep fellowship with christ and he doesn't want us to enter into deep fellowship with one another. Now our text tells us for things you may wanna write them down. Hebrews chapter 10 verse 23 to 25. Not as hold fast. The confession of our hope without wavering. God speaks to the church. He speaks the believers that he says hold fast, do not waver in your commitment to accept jesus and he is authority. Hebrews 10 verse 23. Let us draw near with a true heart. It were rather let us hold fast. The confession of faith that wavering, for he promised his faithful jesus promised to unable to hold you fast as you hold fast to him. Let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is but exhorting one another. So much more as you see the day approaching, he says, you see the day approaching. Do these 4 things, what are they at? The tech says 1st, consider one another. Consider one another. In other words, don't be wrapped up with some self inflated importance. Don't be wrapped up with your desires your wants and your preferences. Consider one another as believers in christ in then he says, secondly, stir up or inspire others to good works. So jesus says his believers should come to church, don't be filled with your problems. Don't be filled with your self employed. Important look for somebody that you can bless in church today. Somebody said to me, well, I went to church and I didn't get a blessing that you missed the whole point. Who did you bless? Who did you bless insurance today? Who did you give a word of encouragement today? Who did you give a word of hope today? So that's what paul is talking about in hebrews chapter 10. Consider one another. Stir up one another that he says do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together in other words, assembled together, exhort one another, encourage one another, so consider one another, inspire one another, assembled together, encourage one another, meeting in the bonds of christian love. Each sabbath inspires us to know christ more deeply to love one another more the more supremely and to encourage one another more fully. The somebody says, well, well, can I get as much a blessing as worshipping at whole? You know, once I college, it said this, it takes about 6 weeks to form a habit, 6 weeks to form a habit. One of the biggest, dangerous for the church in colbert 19 is people have gotten used to staying at home and watching something on television much easier. You can do it in your pajamas. You can do it when you're eating your breakfast. You can do it when you're getting up halfway through the sermons and put the dinner in, and you Miss the key point. Now, there are times, frankly, when we got to stay home. When colbert 19 was raging, it may have been appropriate to stay home. There may be people with illnesses can't get out to church. We thank God for the opportunity to communicate, but I will tell you something. Honestly that's never god's primary reason. Primary purpose. There's something about coming together with your brothers and sisters. Don't you agree? church? Something about coming together. When I see you in the hall, you think past the Mark, how you doing today? I pray for you, man that encourage you. My heart inspires me. When somebody shares a text or bible promise that inspires her arts, there's something about meeting to gather that inspires us. There's nothing like the personal relationships that come from worshiping together. There's something in the act of singing and praying and listening to the word and sharing together that draws us closer to christ. We're shipping together with sar, spirits, and encourages our ours, it renews our sole worship thing together makes all the difference in the world. You know, there was some time ago I read the story about a newspaper editor in the wes this many years ago. And he ran out of things to do to write for his editorial column in the newspaper. So he said to his companion to the one that composed the print for the newspaper. He said, hey, look, today I kind of ran out of what to say. So what I want you to do in the newspaper today is just print the 10 commandments. Print the 10 commandments in my column, that's all No comments, just princes. So the composite are prince, the 10 commandments. As he does next week, the editor, the newspaper, gets a letter in the letter. It says, please cancel my subscription to the newspaper because those 10 commandments got to personal. It is very true that the 10 commandments are personal. They speak to the depths of our being, but the sabbath is intensely personal. It calls us to worship with our brothers and sisters. That's what sabbath is all about. Some of whom are different from us. Some who are not like us at all. Some who are difficult to get along with, but some are different. They look different, they speak different, they dress different, some are not, don't have the same personality that we have. You know, the bible doesn't say assemble yourselves together with those who are like, you know, read that text. But the bible doesn't say assembled yourself together with all your friends and read that text bible. You know the texts i've written, the bible's assemble yourself together. And there's something about our differences when we meet together. That strengthens us. As the bible says, iron sharpness irons, so a friend sharpens of room. There's something about seeing things from a different perspective. There's something about looking at things from a different point of view. There is something about the opportunities that we have of fellowship bring together with people that are different than us. They come from different backgrounds like different cultures. There is something that enriches us in all of that. The bible says assemble yourselves together. It's in the context of the church that we grow in christ together in ways that we could not grow alone. We this the blessing. We miss the blessing. If we can do so, if we're physically capable of doing so, we missed the blessing. If we missed corporate worship, here's practical lesson number 3, you're ready to write it down the sabbath. It is intensely personal. It invites us to a deep abiding, lasting relationship with christ and one another in worship. That's why the devil have the sabbath because he does not want you to get the strength that comes from worshiping god together and he doesn't want you get the strength that comes from encouragement from your brothers and sisters. Oh, here's the 1st, 4th raising the devil have the sap for the reason that ever have the sabbath? Is this. The devil hates the sabbath because the sabbath is a symbol of the permanent healing. We will re experience when our bodies are made new with the coming of christ. The sabbath above all other days is a day of healing. Did you ever notice in scripture that jesus performed more miracles on the sabbath than any other day? Jesus perform at least 7 miracles on the sabbath. More miracles on the sabbath than any other day. For jesus, the sabbath was a day of miracles. One sabbath jesus teaching in a synagogue, a woman cripple, woman stricken with disease, who had been afflicted for 18 years came in in jesus he elder, it was sabbath and his grace and mercy in divine power flowed from him. In the synagogue capernaum, jesus delivered a man possessed with demons on the sabbath. He restored site to a blind man on sabbath. Jesus was on his way to church in jerusalem, came through the sheep gate, the gate that they drove the sheep through to be slaughtered and he was the lamb of god and came through that sheep gay looked over to the right and saw the pool. There was a poor man there 30 years, suffering from head to toe with affliction in jesus healed. That man. The sabbath is a day of healing. It's a day that jesus worked his greatest miracles. Why didn't jesus perform more miracles on sabbath than any other day? Why did he perform some of his most spectacular miracles on sabbath? There at least 2 major reasons for this. First, the sabbath, it is a day of fellowship with the divine. It's a day to find healing. When we come to church on sabbath, we come with our sin stricken souls. We come with our paul seed spirits. We come to church on sabbath. It's a day that the healing grace of christ flows from heaven's sanctuary above the healers all the sabbath is the day of healing. When we come on sabbath, it's a day that we want to have healed relationships with others. So the sabbath is a day of healing. We are healed spiritually as we come. Anger gives way to peace. Worry gives way to calm. Bitterness gives way to the joy of experiencing fellowship with cries. Impatience gives way to patience. As we come on sabbath, there is a healing process that takes place in our hearts and minds, the same christ that healed that woman who suffered for 18 years comes and heals our hearts and sabbath. On sabbath we put ourselves in an environment where god can touch us with the spirit of god can speak to us where a heart can be made strong again. Secondly, the sabbath is a divine reminder that the christ to k wants is coming again to here was totally so we come on sabbath with it with, with our, with our, with our eating bodies. We come on sabbath afflicted with our various sicknesses. We come on sabbath, as paul says, with these bodies of ours that we have this treasure in earth and vessels. The treasure of christ believes within these events. We come with all the weakness of the physical affliction over our flesh. But we come on sabbath and we remember that 1st that with the garden of eden, where there was no sickness or suffering or death. And we look forward to that sabbath in heaven will be no sickness or disease. So the sabbath reminds us of the eternal healings that will come in the new heavens and the new earth with christ. Each sabbath we can expect god to do something special in our lives the day that god bless the creation and even remains bless forever. And those who entered the sabbath hours, believing god will bless them, will receive evidence blessing. So here's practical, what's the number for? You're ready? awake each sabbath with the expectation that god's gonna do something special in your life. A waking fab. If not that I wake up until then I'm so tired too. I have to go to church today. It's rather that I wake up with expectation. I wake up with the sense that the gods going to do something god's going to touch me today. God's going to work in my life today. Some song is going to encourage my discourage heart. Some prayer is going to lift my spirit. Some word from the tech is going to bore its way into my mind and changed me awake a sabbath with the expectation that god is going to do something for you. Because saturday I'm blessings happen since the day of healing. Anticipate the blessings that will come to each sabbath. Believe that the almighty creator is going to perform the miracle of the inner healing for your souls, diseases. Number 5, what is the sap? The devil have the sabbath? Because sabbath is a symbol of our faith in christ as our loving savior, as our self sacrificing redeemer as are justifying lord. The sabbath speaks of a christ, who saves us by grace. Now in that last message to humanity called the 3 angels messages, it begins with salvation by christ, through grace, and ends by salvation by christ through grace. Revelation 14 verse 6. Revelation 14 verse 6. And I saw another angel flying in the middle heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach those dwell on the earth, where every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, the angel that flies in heaven has the everlasting gospel. What is the gospel? The gospel is the incredible good news that through jesus and by jesus and because of jesus, we can rest in his love, you know, the joy of his forgiveness. Know that we are justified by his grace. Know that he will appear for us in the judgment. The gospel is all about jesus, what he has done for us on the cross, what he is doing for us now. The message of these 3 angels calling attention to the judgment, our in the creator begins with the gospel. But it ends with the gospel to you look at revelation 14 verse 12 here. Are they revelation 1412 that keep the commandments of god and the faith of jesus. No, no. I don't think faith in jesus. They do have faith in jesus, but they have the faith of jesus. What is the faith of jesus? The faith of jesus is the faith that christ had when he hung on the cross, when he could not see the height, his father's face when he experienced a hiding of his father's face. And the faith of jesus is the absolute trust in the father. That's why jesus said in design, hands like come in my spirit because he had absolutely trust. So what does that sabbath say? It says that we are resting in christ with the faith of jesus in an absolute trust that the father will see us through. That although we may die like jesus did before the coming of christ. The sabbath says you can have the faith of jesus that you will be resurrected on resurrection warning. We rest in christ's love on sap. So the sabbath is not a sign of legalism. It is not a sign of righteous by works. It is a sign of rest in his care rest in his love, hebrews chapter 4, verse 9. And 10 hebrews for verse $9.10. Those who think the sabbath is legalistic and jewish totally missed the point of the new testament gospel. The sabbath is a symbol of our rest in christ. It is a symbol that we believe that weren't justified by his grace hebrews chapter 4, verse $8.00 and $9.00 for you. Joshua had given them rest. He would not have afterwards spoken of another day. That's the day of christ coming the day that we can rest and his love and grace. Verse 9. There remains. Therefore hebrews for verse 9. The remains therefore a rest for the people of god. For he was entered, his rest has himself cease from works, as god did from his the remains and rest for the people of god. What is that rest? It is the sabbath. Rest of our resting in christ are resting from our labours. The devil have the sabbath, because in it, we rest from our fruitless efforts to save ourselves. We rest totally, completely, absolutely. In his grave. The sabbath is a weekly reminder that we did not create the world he did, and the sabbath as a reminder that we did not redeem the world that he did, and the sabbath as a weekly reminder that we can not save ourselves. He can, the sabbath is a weekly reminder that we rest in the Salvation that he offered. Pastor daniel hamster states that Well, in the October 25, 2019 article in the adventist review. When he says this, thus, sabbath keeping is a rhythmic reminder that human flourishing is not based on human effort. Neither is human serenity that piece purchased by human striving. We rest and thrive in the light in the garden and in each other's company. Because of who god our father provides and prescribes. Now the next sentence is the one that's critical. Resting on the 7th day is our intelligent and privileged expression of complete dependence on his power and care and walk for us. So what then is resting on the sabbath? It is this complete total, absolute dependence on his power care and love is dependence that christ has justified us. That christ is our savior. We rest in his love and care. Here is the practical less. Number 5, you're ready for it, right? less, number 5 is missed. Every sabbath is a memorial of resting in his grace, rest in his grace. Trust what he's already done. Let the sabbath rest be a symbol for you personally. Of the deeper joy of rest in christ, who has redeemed you the christ that justify you. The christ that stands for you in the judgment, the christ who died for you the christ to do anything to save you the christ to love you so much that will never let you go rest in christ. That is what sabbath is all about. Now here's the 6 reason, the devil hates the sabbath. It is not only a symbol of justification by faith. It's a symbol of sanctification. The devil hates the sabbath because it's a symbol of christ. Sanctifying strength is transforming grace and his life changing power. See, the sabbath is its symbol that the god that created the world once out of nothing can do something out of the nothingness of your life. The god that caused light to come out of darkness can shine into our darkened hearts and bring light. The god that brought the fruits of the onto this created world and caused every flower to blossom, can cause beautiful blossoms in your life. You can make your life beautiful. The god that cause the fruits to grow and flourish on the Fruit trees and eat and can cause the Fruit of the spirit of love, joy, peace, to throw it in your heart. He is the christ of sanctifying strength. He is the christ of transforming. Grace is the christ of life changing power. Ezekiel chapter 20 verse 12 is very clear on this point. I say, are jeremiah think you'll, daniel. As you know chapter 21st well here it is. Is E q chapter 20 we're looking. They're at verse 12. Moreover, i also gave them my sabbath to be assign between them and me. What kind of assign was it that they might know that they might gas know that they might think know that they might what know that I am the Lord who does what sanctifies them. So every family, it's like the church. I think jesus, just as you create the world from nothing but you're a mighty power, you can do something with this hard heart to transform it to change it. You have the power to do that. There is an incredibly inspiring comment in the book education page 250. That illustrates this point. Let's read it together. The sabbath is a sign of creative and redeeming power. It points to God as the source of life and knowledge. It recalls, man, primeval glory. And thus, witnesses to god's purpose, to recreate us in his own image. So the sabbath is a powerful witness that god is going to recreate us in his own image that we may walk on earth, but through the power of god we can be transformed to walk and heavenly flight. Some time ago, I read a fascinating story. Scott is preacher bundling john mcneill love to tell the story. There was an eagle that was caught by a farmer. This farmer, big chicken farm. An eagle was caught by this farmer and the farmer took him, tied the foot of the, the leg of the eagle to a post, put him on a long string and the eagle began to walk around with the chickens. And after a while, the eagle 40 once a chicken scratch and the earth like the chickens, and he was squawk like the chickens. And so, and they could even let him off this little rope. And the eagle didn't think it was equally thought. It was a chicken and so he's watching running wouldn't why he would scratch and scratch. One day the shepherd came from the hills in this shepherd had seen eagles fly many, many times. And he said to the farmer, well what are you doing? You tie this eagle up, you let him go, you tied up, you let him go. What are you doing here? And the farmer's. Well, you know, I just thought it was kinda cool to see walk with the chickens. He real shepherd said I'd rather seem fly for the shepherd took this eagle and he took him up on a very high wall and he threw him up in the air pretty soon. Didn't know what to do. You know, he's to look in his ways. But all of a sudden that he goes to the blue sky, all of a sudden that he goes, saw the mountains. And all of a sudden I get a flap this ways. And he sort higher and higher and higher and higher. Because he had a greater vision on sabbath. We come from walking around, scratching the earth like chickens. We come from the barn yard of this world and the sabbath lifts us above the lowlands. The sabbath gives us a vision, a glimpse of who we are in christ, so we can fly with the eagles rather than than run around with the chickens. The sabbath lifts our eyes from who we are to who he is. It takes our eyes off time and places, delani, eternity. We see his strength, not our weakness. We see his power, not our are not our importance. We see his might not our frailty. In all this, we recognise a new on sabbath. We sense afresh on sabbath. We experience again and again on the sabbath, his life changing thing to find. Transforming power here is practical was number 6. Jesus longs to recreate us in his image. The one that who created us can recreate us. His transforming power can change our attitudes, our desires, in our ingrained habits, the sabbath is an eternal reminder that the christ who created the world with his awesome unlimited power can recreate our hearts in his image. Isn't that incredible? Good news. Now here's the last reason. The devil hates the sabbath. He hates the sabbath because it reassures us the jesus is going to recreate the earth again in the dentist splendor. And is a symbol of our hope of as soon return. The sabbath is that link between creation in the past. In creation, in the future, the sabbath is the link between what god did in the beginning and what god's going to do at the end of each sabbath reminds us of the day that we will worship with christ around his throat. It's a for taste of heaven. The great jewish scholar, abraham heschel, puts it this way. I want the way, what hash puts it. He says strict adherence to the laws regulating sabbath observance doesn't suffice. The goal is creating the sabbath. As a foretaste, the parent i, I love that the sabbath is a foretaste, a paradise. He goes on to say. The sabbath is a metaphor for paradise. In a testimony to god's presence. In our prayers we anticipate a messianic error that will be a sabbath in each the bought preparing for us for the experience. This last sentence is so significant. I put it in your your booklet unless one learns how to relish the taste of sabbath. One will be unable to enjoy the taste of eternity in the world to come. Every 5, we learn what eternity is going to be like. And so sabbath is a taste of eternity, practical lesson number 7. Enter the joys of heaven now by fellow shipping with christ, each 7th, in the fullness of joy. Far away in the realms of eternity. There was a diabolical strategy session to destroy the sabbath. But thank God, saint Louis plans have not wholly succeeded. Although he has obscured the truth about the sabbath, god has sinned any eternal in time message, calling men and women back to the day that he established and even the sabbath reminds us of creators care, a savior as love and our redeemer is return. Do not allow the devil to destroy your sabbath experience with your family. With god. Do not allow the devil to destroy the sabbath experience. Heaven desires for your family. Do not allow the devil to destroy fellowship with your brothers and sisters on church, a sabbath. Let your heart see as you excitedly anticipate heaven's richest blessings each sabbath. Do you desire a deeper richer fellowship with jesus? Each 7 we're going to pray. As we pray, i'm going to invite you to contemplate fellowship with christ on the sabbath. And I have 3 very specific appeals Is there is somebody here today that sabbath is relatively new for you. But you say ward, it makes sense. And I don't want the devil to destroy my 7 blessing. The sabbath is new for you, relatively new, but you want to say jesus, i want and I will have fellowship with you in keeping the bible sabbath and getting your blessing. Would you just raise your hand? I want to pray for you then Is there's somebody here today that you've known about the sabbath for years. But yet your sabbath keeping practices have slipped. When you think back over it, the secular, the common, the mundane Has grip to you. And you haven't been getting the blessing you want to get and you want to re commit your life to jesus. Excepting his authority, resting in his love and care, and being more faithful in keeping the bible sabbath. Can I see your hands Now I'm sure that there are many here today That have been very faithful in keeping the bible 7. And you anticipate the blessings. But like me to do, you want to go deeper and you just want to lift your hand. Say jesus, i've been faithful in keeping your bible sabbath, but I see that there is war for me. And I want to go deeper. I want to get the richer a blessing, the deeper blessings from you, in which you raise your hand on my father. We thank you so much that there are those here today for whom the sabbath this new but they long to get your blessing, touch them today, give them your word of encouragement. Hope to day there is some who drifted away in the sabbath has become more common, more mundane. Maybe it's tv that has slipped in. Maybe it's extra work to make a little extra money. Maybe it's news is dominated service and they couldn't even put it down for 24 hours. Whatever it is, lord, they've reached their hands today and they made a commitment, a commitment to have a new experience in the 17. Many of us here to day. I've been faithful to you. We've loved you with anticipated 7. But we want to go deeper. It's such a you have such an amazing blessing for us and we just long for that blessing. We want to know you deeper fellowship with you. And so order to you con, they are sap with experience in anticipation resting in christ until that day. Jesus news, this media was brought to you by audio purse. A web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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