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07 Rest, Relationships and Healing

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • July 21, 2021
    5:21 PM
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Ah, i'm cameron baser, and I'm mark howard, and this is talking points. Here we are on the 7th lesson of our rest in christ 3rd quarter lesson study here. This week is titled rest relationships and healing. And as I study through the week, I think all of those are synonyms for forgiveness. The one word that keeps coming up over and over in this week's lesson is forgiveness. And it is an important topic. It's one that every one of us has to deal with in our lives, either to be forgiven or to forgive others. And so this is a very practical helpful lesson. This week also builds on last week's lesson a little bit. Last week with all about story joseph, but if you notice last week's kind of ended when he was like and thing, well, well, well, what happened after you got reunited with his brothers? And this is where we call the other side of the story. If you will, all right, well what are point this week? Well, I tell you when you have a word prayer, then we'll walk through talking points and we'll dive in. Our gracious father in heaven, father pray for you. Holy spirit, to guide us. Now as we review these, this lesson and the story and your word, we pray that the holy spirit would give us clarity of understanding in a very practical way. And may the word transform us into your image as we see your reflection in it for we ask in previous in jesus name, amen. Ok. Again, let's, the introduction just simply says this week's lesson continue with examining the life of joseph, particularly how he dealt finally dealt with his brothers years after they betrayed him. So we've, you know, last week and seem sold in the slavery. Now we get reunited with those about forgiveness and people that maybe teachers or savage school students, or whoever watching who may have held a grudge at some point in life. How many of us are holding that grudge? Because our family sold us into slavery. You know, like, well, yeah, well, I'm a member, you know, whatever we get them wrong. Well, not only think about this though, not only with the sold in the slave, the lowest degradation trail, right? But then at the same time now he's made the most powerful man, basically in the world. So he could literally have a death sentence at the depth of his betrayal. And then the height of his, you know, potential for vengeance. Yes, this is a unique circumstance. So talking about number one's we forgiving others is possible because god forgives us. What we're going to basically seeing this comes from tuesdays a lesson just that week that day. But essentially, all the forgiveness that we have on the horizontal is an outgrowth of the vertical us and God. And we'll dive into that a little bit more. That's the root of all forgiveness. Number 2 forgiving people is a hard blessing. Hard, but it is a hard blessing. Now, it is a blessing, but it's also got some challenges and difficulties to it. Is that when you think where is this uncomfort? Well, just thought we take a little bit from sabbath and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. So the longest element and the most consider problem elements in and Thursday, and Friday I need to know what it is. But this is where we're going to see the story of joseph exemplifying the difficulty and also the same on the blessing of forgiveness. And finally talking point number 3 is a view from god's perspective helps us forgive all right, very easily cut up and humanity. But from god's perspective we see bigger things and that comes from Monday and Thursday. So fantastic, interesting mix of days. But let's start with the one, number one just from tuesday. Forgiving others as possible because god forgives us about how we've talked about this in previous lessons. But that all thin while it might have an earthly victim, god is the victim of every sin. And all sin is against god, the Tuesday is less than paragraph 3. It says no question. One of the key from learning to forgive is to understand what we have been forgiven in christ. We have often not just against other people, but against god as well. There's a couple of passages in the bible, but again we've seen previously, but it's good to highlight here and I'm thinking, so I'm 51124, and then genesis 39. Go to genesis ok, then I'll go to psalms and this one we've seen previously, we're going to see it applied in joseph life here. But in some 51, david is reflecting on his experience with Best shiva and the great sin that he committed. He says, have mercy upon me. Oh God! According to your loving kindness, according to the multiple you of your tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity incleanse me from my sin, for I acknowledge my transgressions. And my sin is always before me to turn my, my sin, my thin inverse bore against you comma, you only have I sinned and done this evil in your site. I think, well, some other people he's been against too. But in his perspective, the number one issue was his sin against god and everything else flowed out of that. Look at the same thing you see now in genesis 39, which, oh well, and not so ironically this, this particular study bible has a marginal note for some 51 for relationship there, 5 or 9. This is just 399 where joseph said there is no one greater in this house than I, nor have he's being a part of her, kept back anything from me, but you part of his wife because you are his wife. How then can I do this? Great wickedness and sin against god. Yes, she would think that against that she was offering would be at least again a part of her and his household pay. He just got done saying he, he's given me everything in this house and he's not kept back anything. How can I do this? Great, then had this great weakness and against him you would think. Yeah. But it's a sin against god. That's right. So we have to understand that our temporal, we called horizontal sin and forgiveness, dynamic is all really an outgrowth of the sin and forgiveness dynamic with god. And so god's willingness is our 2nd sub point here to forgive us then becomes the model of how we should be willing to forgive each other. And the lesson brought out. And I think rightly so, this great parable by jesus and Matthew chapter 18. That really speaks to the to this, this idea of in light of the what we've been forgiven. That's where we get the source for our forgiveness to other people manage chapter 18 once you go ahead and read a vs 2135. It doesn't take that long. All right, then, then peter came to him and said, lord, how often shall my brother sit against me and I forgive him up to 7 times. That was vig here. Jesus said to him, I do not say to you up to 7 times, but up to 70 times 7. Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. And when he had begun to settle a house, one brought to him, one was brought to him who owed him 10000 talents. But as he was not able to pay, his master commanded that he be sold with his wife and Children and all that he had and that payment be made. The servant therefore fell down before him saying master, have patience with me, and I'll pay you all. Then the master of that service was moved with compassion released him and forgave him the debt. But that sir went out and found one of his fellow servants who owed him a 100 an area. And he laid hands on him and took him by the throat saying, pay me what you owe. Then his fellow servant fell down at his feet and begged him saying, have patience with me and I will pay you all. And he would not. But he went through him and present till he should pay the debt. So when his fellow servants saw what he had done, they were told they were very grieved and came and told her master all that had been done. That his master, after he had called him, said to him, you wicked servant, i forgive you all that death because you begged me, should you not also have had compassion on your fellow servant just as I had pity on you. And his master was angry and delivered him to the tortures until he should pay all that was due him. So my heavenly father also will do to you if each of you from his heart does not forgive his brother, his trespasses. So that forgiveness theme is the idea there just as I had pity on you. The idea of being that in our relationship with god as we deal with other people, we have to keep in mind that our ultimate affinity against god and he's willing to forgive us. Then we have to, we are under obligations spiritually to extend that same mercy to other people. Well, the same, the other thing that's reflected in the parable is that what the 1st service was for given was a much larger than, than what was own him. And sometimes we think in terms of somebody who should, you know, be asking me for forgiveness because they did this terrible thing. Yes. Me how that pales in comparison? Yes. To what I've done to God with my sin, but we don't, we don't use in that way anymore. We've. You sent a very almost excusable. Yeah. I was a light thing thing when not a big well and what was the thing that actually crushed out the life of christ. It wasn't the cross of calvary, it was the weight of sin and that's what our sense that he took upon us. And so we are guilty of a capital crime. And so should we not forgive one another, he's well, you forgive us that being and I should and I wouldn't be a good adventist if I didn't bring out the 70 times 7. Here's what we would have to go into that. Well, go a lot into it, but you know, peter's thinking he's being super generous. Sure. Forgive $77.00 times when jesus says 70 times 7, that was the period of time that word for gave israel in the probably daniel 9. And so to the disciple that should have resonated with as many times as I forgiven you. And it's been a whole lot conversing and so it was starkly bigger number than peter 7 time. Exactly. And probably a little bit overwhelming. Like really that much. Yeah. Well, we don't have time to go into the prophecy of that, but it is a fascinating tie into there. But in quarterly, a paragraph to camera for on Tuesdays lesson said everything is indeed a sin against our lord and make your and yet in jesus we can claim total forgiveness for all the sense because we deserve it. We don't. But because of god's grace towards us, once we can grasp that sacred truth, we can begin to let go and forgive others. So the key to beginning the forgiveness process is to understand that we've been guilty forgot and he has forgiven us. And in the light of that forgiveness, now we have the capacity through his grace to forget. But you know, this is not a popular concept or popular theme today, but it's very clear here. There's it, it's desirable to be the victim. When you're the victim, everybody owes you, and it's the scriptural truth is and I'm not trying to take away from the fact that there are real vision you in the world isn't full of you. But what this passages are also telling us, some of the things we looked at is every one of us is a perpetrator as well. Yes, against god. And when you realize that it can't help but change your perspective a little bit, make you a little bit more lenient on a perpetrator, being one yourself. In the contrast of this parable, a far greater perpetrator in the sin against god basically crucifying credit. You know, we can say, well, my son's a little, the littlest sin l M. I says subscribe to their sins that are some, that god considered a greater than others. And when we walk away from that say, well, some are good, but the littlest fin, cost the life of the son of god. And that should weigh heavily on the heart of christian. And that should inform our forgiveness perspective as we go forward. Right. All right, so let's go to the applying distance. Let's say we want to forgive. Well, point number 2 is forgiving people is a hard blessing. So even though we have been forgiven of god and we know that there's an opportunity we have or even a necessity to forgive others hard, just saying it. Even if we know it's a blessing in the end or even promises, but it can still be a hard process to go through. Ok. So the 1st point here is that forgiveness is a choice, doesn't negate consequences. Go to matthew, chapter 5. We are already there in math, you just go back and this is the terminal amount. Jesus speaks here about how we should treat other people and others read here. So if you have heard, and it's starting with the 1st $43.00, you've heard that it was said, you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies. Bless those who curse you and do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your father in heaven, for he makes his sunshine on the evil enemy. Good, and since rain on the just and the unjust for if you love those who love you, what reward you, have you not even tax collectors to the thing? If you greet your brothers only, what do you do more than others? Do not even a tax lesser do so. Therefore you shall be perfect just as your father in heaven is perfect. Now we're not getting the perfect stuff there. But notice that he makes the templates just as god has treated you. Now you treat others well. It's fascinating and verse 45 that you may be sons. Or in other words, that you may be called or considered sons if your father and ever like father like son, we have a thing like if you want to be considered sons of your heavenly father, you gotta do like he and Right. Does he not make the rain? You know, think about that would have god just withheld rain like it only rained on Facebook is drown everywhere. There's a green, you know, the, your farm, your garden and all this or the sun only. You get rain, you know, little parts of dark dark. But no god, the blessings of god's creation are available to those cursed him in. It's just, you know? Yeah, it's just him and that's the point is if you look at this, he didn't say when they've stopped being mean to you, then you can start forget they are your enemies and a present tense. There's your missing mistreating, whatever. So the forgiveness is not like a mutually reciprocated d. You should offer that forgiveness, even if they don't reciprocate just like god does for us. Yeah. Right. And so that's a radical departure from what maybe the world says we should come to an agreement between equals no, the christian is supposed to be kind and prayerful and giving towards even the people who are currently mystery in them. Can I forget what page it was on the lesson? But the lesson highlights the idea that when you don't forgive, it doesn't hurt the other person as much as it hurt you. Just you begin to get the bitterness and resentment and it's not like that. Doing you Good for giving others as much as it's hard, as you said, it healing to forgive others because it relieves that a burden from your own arch. Well, the bless them brings out this in the 123, 4th paragraph on Wednesdays lesson. It makes his point that says forgiveness like love begins with a choice rather than a feeling. And that's an important thing. We can make the choice to forgive, even if our emotions may not agree with this decision. God knows that in our own strength, that this choice is impossible, but with god, all things are possible. So the idea of forgiveness is not once they say they're sorry, then I can start the process, know you in your mind have determined in your heart even if I don't feel loving sweet kind, happy thought it's the right thing to do. And by principle, you act on that and you put into practice, i'm going to forgive. And then the segue into joseph. If you think about his experience down. Oh, he mentioned last week when he's been carted off to egypt, sold into slavery, betrayed by his brothers, separated from his home. How palpable must his temptation to be vengeful. Like if I ever get a chance and he would nurse this, this grub right fully. So from a world perspective, right? He has every, he has every freedom to feel betrayed because it was and to really nurse that. But instead, what we see as joseph interact with his brothers later in life is that he has chosen a different path. And right, he could have treated them a lot worse and gotten away with it basically. And on Tuesday, when you read that from paragraph to what is the lesson, say about consequences, forgiveness doesn't mean that there will be no consequences. Forgiveness doesn't mean letting an abuser continue to abusive patterns. Forgiveness means instead that we turn our resentment and our desire to forgive over to God. Ok. So joseph, as we're going to see in is dealing with his brothers. We see both the hardness of the forgiving process, but also the blessing that comes when he actually does this. Okay. Well, yeah, there's a couple things that just this whole concept of forgiveness. First of all, I think one of our biggest challenges in our own ability to forgive is we take forgiveness and we define it by human terms and Human term forgiveness is I'm mad at you and I'm resentful and I'm going to hold it back or I'm, I choose to let that and we put that on god and we assume that god is forgiveness to god's forgiveness. His god was resentful. We've got to talk him out of it. That's never been the case with god. Forgiveness. When we ask god forgiveness, we're asking god to give in the words of one of our pioneers, to give something in place of our son to give, forced, in. He gives his righteousness 1st in his transformative. And my point is, you know, this, there's not resent pin and here there's not revenge element. It says the spirit of revenge originated was saying. So if we've got a spirit of revenge, that we're working our forgiveness around this wrong spirit altogether. When when the Lord spoke of his character next to the 34, he said he would by no means clear to guilty and a commandment to visiting the iniquity of the fathers. In other words, and not a vengeful just there are punishments that are due to the victory. I just want to pull away from the idea that god was be, is ever vengeful, like some angry greek god. And so when joseph we see joseph interaction. Joseph was reflecting that kirk of god was ever even attempted to be, as I think you're putting out that he never gave into that. And I think we need to understand the death of christian sentiment right. Well, and also as we, what I wanted to highlight here is the lesson does a pretty good job of this is not that I haven't felt vengeful sometimes. But my point is I've got to recognize that that is not coming from the Lord and it's not, well I have a right to be that know, well, but there's a us here that, Well, for instance, in genesis chapter 42. And basically the lesson essentially walks through genesis 42 than 43 and more into 45. Ok, right? But it's, but basically walking through how, because I mean, for instance, you think about the 1st time joseph, you know, the story can find just 40 to the 1st time he sees his brothers sense of youth. And that betrayal is when they come asking for grain. Right? Right, they're looking for great and he recognized them and they don't recognize him return. They don't ever know whatever happened at joseph. So the idea that he's alive at all is, is adamant thought about in year probably. Or at least seriously considered it. And here he is watching them do that. He could have reveal his identity right then and there. And he could have said, brothers, i forgive you all as well. But he doesn't do that. He takes his time to go through this really a surreptitious kind of intriguing, probably also could have had them executed right then in their right, which would have shown a spirit of revenge if that's what he had right back. That he didn't immediately just ok. Now it's my chances that he hadn't harbored that. Exactly. But what, what he's doing here, I think you're going to see this process is finding that godly way to. Yes, not to be vengeful. And just, you know, just getting it. Yeah. But at the same time, not also just blindly on their mind. Everything fun were he wanted to see genuine, right. And he's looking for that redemptive process, right? God knows with us. So in just this 42, it records his 1st exchange with his brother. Again, like I said, since you and so he's not dishonest, right? But I think she's on the road to mass doesn't show up card yet he letting the thing play out is to evaluate. Right. And joseph does this with his brothers, he's evaluating their true, intense and thoughts of their heart. Are they truly repent? Does he do they even keep in mind what they've done well, and he's allowing the situation to where I mean, the brothers being put in that circumstance. Was doing something for that at that moment that he didn't want to interrupt. There was one of those quotes for last week's lesson. I think we're talking about how the circumstances are god's agent, to help us do this. And you know, how god allowed jacob send to work out its own? Correct. Exactly. And joseph is essentially doing the same thing. Joseph records just supporting the records, just a 2nd test of his brothers. This one is the one they demanded to bring benjamin back. Right. And finally, you know, the whole story, he does bring, they do bring benjamin back and he lavish is on benjamin. Like all the extra food and comes to here and, and very type of behavior that is father to see putting them in many was their response, right? But no feelings of jealousy, no murmuring in v. Okay, maybe they are changed. Genesis 44 records, joseph 3rd and final test was about this is the one with the cup put in the sack grain. Right, right. And, and the punishment here, quote, unquote, as joseph lays it out, is that basically you're going to have to sell your Brother into slavery and go home and tell dad that he's not coming. It basically brings it full circle. The very thing done. He brings a circumstance out of it, and this time, however, praise lord judah offers himself in place of benjamin, so that his sons, the younger brother's life, would be spared, and his father's feelings wouldn't have to be crushed again. And in that, joseph sees these men have truly changed, right? And then genesis 45 records, the beautiful moment where joseph reveals himself to his brothers, everyone's true intentions are exposed. And so that not only does he not execute them when he could have legally nor does he go the other way and say, oh, you pretend everything's okay. He does this redemptive process that you know, genuine restoration and forgiveness. It's okay to take the time to ask the hard questions to talk about the thing to look for changes in life. And so it's not like he wouldn't have forgiven if they hadn't seen this changes, but what he wants is more than just fine. Let's just call everything good. You want everything to actually be good, to go into the process to evaluate, discern, to test them even. And by god's grace to say, let's be better than we were before. I don't want to be just the same old, but I just call it good. Let's actually make it good this time and the Lord going back to the forgiveness of god. Forgiveness of god is changing. God. Right? It's for the purpose of changing us, right? Giving god what, right justice in place of our sin, jesus took our sin and then god uses that true to drain, to transform. And his forgiveness isn't a cheap grace. He's like, no, you're fine, you're fine. Like no, no, I want to work this. So we actually are fine right to forgiveness his healing. Yes and both the one being forgiven in the one doing the forgiving. Exactly. And that's where sabot afternoons, less than talked about, that woman who had falsely accused this man and he was imprisoned. But then d, n. A evidence came back and, and exonerated him and how bad she felt. And when he said, I forgive you, what a weight that must have been lifted off, both of them, right. And it's good for both parties when true, repentance and genuine forgiveness office will finally live close to this was a view from god's perspective helps us forgive. No, I was surprised that the lesson kind of, I didn't want to say minimize this, but I thought it was a bigger point. I wanted to make it a key. If you look at genesis 45 versus 5, and then mark, why don't you look at that one? And I'll look at genesis 50. 1521, but 2 different places. Here. We get of the sneak peak into joseph thinking, his mind that his perspective, which with a spring for this forgiveness, genesis 45, I'm going to read verses 45 and he said to his brothers, please come near me. So they came near then he said, I am joseph, your Brother, whom you sold in egypt. But now do not therefore be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here for god sent me before you to preserve life. So god fit me before you here, like this is all part of god's bigger plan. Right? Then believe it after his father dies. There again thinking, oh maybe he was just being nice while dad was still alive and maybe near the real pharaoh, going to draw. And so they're afraid again, and so is that versus teen starting chapter 50 says when joseph brothers saw their father was dead, they said, perhaps joseph will hate us and may actually repay us for all the evil which we did to him. So they sent messengers, i love that they didn't go to just that they did you go find out if it messages to joseph saying before your father died, he commanded thing, thus you shall say to joseph, i beg you, please forgive the trespass of your brothers and they're saying for they did able to you now please forgive the trespass at the service of the god and you of your father. And joseph wept when they spoke. I spoke to him, the idea of being that like I forgave you long ago, and you're still having fears that I wasn't genuine, right. So he called his brothers 1st 18 then his brothers also went and said and fell down his face before his face and they said, behold we are your service. Joseph said to them, do not be afraid for am I in the place of god. But as for you, you meant evil against me, but god meant for good in order to bring it about as it is to this day. To save many people along the ideas of like, guys, you don't understand, I am. What if we consider every situation in our lives? We find ourselves in as guides, intention to save many people live? Yes. And if I could say, I'm going through this, but god, the only reason you would allow it is to save many people live, how different we would deal with are sick right now. What if we, if things set up being so short sighted and so myopic about the problems and obstacles we see which are real, but paired out to that $30000.00 foot view from god's perspective and say, you know what? I think god's got it some bigger thing and I'm going to trust in his plan. How different with that change, our daily experience. Absolutely. And so, and the conclusion on Fridays lesson from christ lessons to $51.00. Once you read that beautiful statement in god's forgiveness, the heart of the airing, one is drawn close to the great heart of infinite love, the tide of divine compassion flows into the sinner soul and from him to the souls of others, the tenderness and mercy that christ has revealed, in his own precious life, will be seen in those who become sharers of his grace and methods through what a beautiful promise, friends we have so much to be thankful for in god, and we want to be extenders of that mercy to other people. So I pray that we each learn to forgive as god is forgiven us. Let's pray heavily, father, thank you for jesus. Thank you for his offer of forgiveness to every one of us. And lord, help us to not betray that beautiful trust but extend it to other people as well. Help us also not to be vengeful or tried, but help us to be redemptive in our forgiveness process as we see exemplified in the life of joseph. Because we want to do more than just be called good lord. We actually want to be good. We want to have repaired restored, healed relationships, and that can only come to the power of jesus to learn. Please give us that blessing. Today we pray in jesus name ah.


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