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Principled Relationships

Allison Waters Fowler


Allison Waters Fowler

Massage Therapist



  • December 10, 2005
    4:00 PM
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him he then became a millionaire and I am happy for people to know we can talk about many say silly care for young people and I relations explained to our relationship you know I'm imprisoned person looking for a happy successful life I have observed the things I go on and in and out by the Turks in relationship and then bitterly disappointed by what I see is you follow what people are doing can we I mean so many young people who had been hired and then had the wrong person and they lost their way and they lost their love life will happen in the ending is not to be a better way and I've taken some time to study God 's word can find all that the cure are happy face secure relationship I'd like to share some of the things you know it unless we take time to behold the things of the Lord will be just let down the way our culture is heading the media constantly than partner in ideas and that anything you read basically is encouraging just doing to feel like in the mountains and now I can get out of it I seen so many young people with broken heart favorable because I don't know how to find either an antibody way I want to share that with you what had been sharing with me and the delay I have found in this that we can have success in our relationship we'll have to have go through a bunch of broken hearted experiences to find our companion for life so the first thing she refused on Ecclesiastes twelve verse one remember now thy Creator in the days of value and I looked up the word remember in my sister 's dictionary and to bear in mind with Reverend Fort sill they him as one of the first where to run and how they are Creator in the days of our youth I like mine was so specific like anything out everybody under the existing better meal than what is a very good reason that he put in the days of your youth because as a person we are making the decision that will be life-changing but eventually making how you look at that for the rest of our life and most likely will affect artesunate methylated yeah I even had her own personal savior and learn my language is a certain caliber you can listen and give it a habit we have to have some personal relationship with Jesus and that he will be our guide in our helper through that path in life he will lead a personally so in the area relationships when it practically means to remember our Creator I found music at work and remember your clear that in my position half before God he created up to eat one student ensure our happy hour having a gun in hand think that I is he is created I give you that he also created someone needs to marry giving effect to be a possibility if you know you can make it the creativity for you is pretty excited not everything and a lot of young people I don't think I can think that we have to figure everything out now I will find everything to go right but we have to do is they are not he will make everything go right and perfect we have a work of preparation to get ourselves ready to meet that person he let the other person getting them ready for that when we meet her in and out at the same person I got me there different ways to come to that knowledge of who him from the really important that were sure that he is the one every relationship you know for me and then acknowledging that got my and then morning causing thing that he will reveal that planned to meet his training and then presently doing what you need to do now that I'm in the right place at the right time it was elsewhere in your life to Jesus in practical terms to surrender the area around we really trust that he can bring us the right person and have me an e-mail I thought a lot of what a whore to be clear and present again that we ended up with easier demon he had planned for now got to deal with NBC already in the canteen he can read he can make everything work out fine but don't want anyone got hurt a guy out there to do and we should be your last I got back so it's pretty exciting program and you know and experience I have seen it unless you first have a love for God can experience real love and having anything out real love consummate in love relationship with you if we are in love again we will have that love making laws limiting a matter what it will be within that meant a lot of girls especially for me because I'm not very happy and contented that all we need is for humanity democracy and everything can be great I cannot be free and other buildings I had the missing link in my life I want to share with you that contentment and happiness is not found a man except the mankind him him him down around here and can have a great dimension zero ranking fulfillment of them as girls we were I played own personal vision experience you are and you will never find an American relationship will be there when a company is nothing good for anything that went in and if we had that we can go see what everything does we estimate the relationship silence your review in one of my friends came to my dad even young and early twentieth menu actually no I know that I really cared about how the big picture and now he wants to be defenseless Christians I'm really struggling with whether God really cares about who I married even have a plan about my dad all absolutely Calvin is now gone that he will unevenly between the nothings really does jump out at me I don't worry how you feel you are you can you tell diamond ring in his experiences just to show it we really can trust and depend on him though that while you know I guess I just got another person so I sent able to get on the ferry of my life to and he made a commitment that he was just going to focus on his attention on what God acclimated presently don't looking up interestingly it is acting now until you finish his education he got a good job without a home priorities straight and eight and then is not the lightly attended many of you know all that search functions and pair meeting and he went from two thousand and eleven learn about fishing for some girl him out as a young lady with him coming to the same things in life and he really liked the attack in him and he liked what he thought her character and in LA during her meeting he would listen a person prayed and humility zero in Holland we went back to the cat you know I've met a really nice girl named Sarah Isaac and there is road alas you weeks or months and I denied and said Peterson into effect so now her parents are all either years now they love to know where he is going to church or whatever you wrote back and they were really happy with it will mean time unbeknownst how then can I talk to her man as you will believe that I had a mutiny yet he got a real strong relationship with the Lord units in a good-looking fireman and he got an education and is not cool you got a good job in the system I forgot I really liked how you felt her cat hair waxing how they and their is too obvious that the labor realizing that they were being asked to retire even if I were to get it and they found out that she really got had been scattered and particularly in the end not have found better maps I I knew Calvin and he is a really great and as a person for his personality and see how they differ to a value not to waste valuable that they await on where and when I came back into the area tone that you believe by Tyco they the site without any of the women are made to you and my dad is so excited anything truly got one great thing because you get enough area to guy again he liked her work will be able to talk him around him now not only do they have the goal of Beardsley met with legendary finally I will have the same interest and allows for certain things outdoors and had just enough space in the development and doing because life is not just made up just spiritual things but also everyday life situations and meaning to be in Uniontown things as well and I'm very beautiful to be a way to learn Latin and together they are now very happily married couple working the lines I together the real encouragement for me now we can find many that take the guy behind Max and got created how many back to get it perfect couple community underhand and he wants to do for each of the people you feel you need a given area our life has no merit fretting over it and get herself and because were so anxious me like the rain piglet got you going to lead you and guide you in the place that you need to be at the right time I would like to share a few principles that I found in the Bible that have encouraged me and just say boundaries now that the Scriptures are they are not as to need to try to keep it in mind it didn't have boundaries and parameters of love for our safety our security to ensure a licensing that nonsense on as well but to be ready to inherit heavenly and if we only willing to bring her life looking for with those principal we will find the joy and freedom of living within the lock guide principles underlying his son Connor sport for me actually they're not in any particular order one more important than another but I'm just going to share three very briefly with you for twenty three higher I I I mean issues and why when you keep your heart and you can't even write this is something that I am really practical effect of hanging and young people entering occasion when you're ready to get married you think you are if you think that right is that what you certainly mentioned that you notice things you like and dislike about people now I went to govern your glass of water is a you and you go only was designed to me that she liked me as he is he is want everybody out there and anything he requested a new water earth I need to keep your heart don't want to draw you know particularly important for girls like me were a lot more mostly I made I think for good reason but we haven't been acting out maybe I'll open for why any bearing on our society and so maybe meaningless I was actually significant thinking I think everything I open the door for covering large and tired of being a number of making a deal he basically told her I really envy outside of God rolled them the most part many girls are not acting like women anymore and commitment to respecting and though you know when I finally got the door for a girl it can make a big impression on a girls night as we call them and I keep that we also need to keep our eye he politely if you went in there and then he's anyone you know why anyone him really anything that Hawaii is translated into your your own dance lesson at UCLA where they figure out to certain situations are you cast will be happy you have an accident and die or are you able to take it for what it is safe I at least keep my heart with all diligence and the hot and you know the one we help us from experiencing heartbreak because a lot of heartbreak that young people experiences because one person who is enjoying the company of another person and have higher expectations I'm going to lead to what it is any commitment or not and though a lot of girls especially get hurt when the kind of government it was somebody out there that will mean anything related before you we miss you at the girl that he was moving up through the activities that may now he's just running around without a panic broken what meanings in your heart is breaking my heart to think I want for my life will be broken how can you break my heart if I keep heart but I let my feelings and emotions go to him I have basically given him my heart I instantly like for me to go see another girl is not me my heart Lord is not denying a broken reason to pick up never designed to go with you that he wants us to follow the words of the money or harming of you that want to have normal interactions with no girls and guys in a wholesome how you may that encourages the great thing and leaves out the emotional attachment right time now and he shall set I found a message to young people about an entire book is a very inspired book must again be okay what are the guidelines in case anything is not out of the teen in the poor side of the face of a person at the end of his mouth to be inconvenient for life and a lot of teenagers think they know everything out there in their mid- twenties and or even that I actually didn't know everything and they wish they listen in on a little bit more than that very big one and we don't really need to go down that you know he is opening is just how is enough withhold any happiness for methods because as we have a lot to learn and we will change our personalities are like that this likes to change the way our brain is still forming and art article castration for life and to live life fully yet though I met young people that have thought that they just when the most they could ever imagine they get married because it just you wait and after over a couple years if you didn't have any marketable change the lives by the time he had twenty one twenty three twenty five wasn't the same person but because they were finished developing yet and they had me through the whole person that they were going to be so just hold on and guide person for you then you need there when you're at an agency responsible the other problem is that if you get a hell of mostly China and higher each other that we may not be repaired her married life financially spiritually able to know how the Christian family you may not be ready and prepared to take that away himself dating relationship should wait until you're ready to stop and parents basically are don't get filthy there is a lot blatantly ready okay I believe the really important to just be friends first gently ran to his again mouth movements that are in their panhandling their girlfriend or boyfriend when you're their girlfriend or boyfriend the expectations contained all of a sudden that this person now or that dating experience right they can pull it out there were certain time but didn't know when they just wanted to everybody how can you make to you how do I volunteer how to get to know their family and normal interaction not just in the dating scene only because you really wanted to know the real person that's when an real-life situations so I have been very black and in choosing the thing out to be friends first and now I've had quite a few guys that want a relationship I have peace in my heart about it and I need to be upfront about that right I mean I had to try to keep my heart I made a commitment to do my best not to brake hard to and I think that sometimes but the girls desire for having someone special in her life even if she doesn't really think he's necessarily the right person there's a temptation to while you know I just want in life is not cooler popular not to have somebody in every media will blame you or me know I just don't get a societal pressures that get put on you that are not of God all are leaving Christian young people not having a boyfriend or girlfriend two thousand and nine that pushes the pressure and not that girl will accept a guide for life and then when the right guy comes walking on two getting excited and all I can you are I want to do that to a guy that lives within my power not included in my heart that this is really his man for me I Re: have you seen it you know we don't have a lot in common and what I had made my galley and boyfriend girlfriend relationship we argue that it unfair that theory hurt while protecting and keeping your heart the heart of your friends to guard the heart of the guy that knocked them in your door and it was hard sometimes I I'm a person that loves to please people I think I need to strengthen my character in that area you view the area of relationships to do that now and felt even a little bit sound event mailing out to appreciate the offer that you gave me I really value of the friends I just want to keep it that way I'm just not interested in pursuing a relationship if you are behind they are in reality that's one of the leaflet effort on the yard over any of the letter I have gotten a lot about what I like and I don't mean for all the people and whole and healthy relationships I burned a bridge for from my basically I have been friends still because I didn't break their heart by stringing him along and starts to talk to tell you know when you first keep on health but now that I am desperate and might I anything to say something how make my cat that need help to stop and keep out of it and if we have remember our Creator in these experiences then we will be prepared when that person comes along to know that the right one and know he'll help us they know gratefully the right one okay are there really fair to say all is okay one girl that wakes me up we went out a few my best person now somebody out and I think that copying everything you ever divorce basically yeah you will go on for so long as the bulk anthrax immediate work out the difference between you and his wife help eating out is over one hundred men what happens when you marry anyone has different favorite music I work out what has you just calling all the other hand like an L Hensley had in an inaccurate as they rate of divorce as the world is very sad because we are married in a very sacred relationship and the type of illustration website between private people fell after serving we should be making a beautiful representation of the relationship we can have polar that we do not disfavor we doesn't seem by not making wise choices and I think that is commonly dating and dropping each other and then there's another site another case where soon as you start getting interested in evaluating someone it's almost like Romero 's licensing contact has been drawn he can get out of it and how long till as tentative on every route right there is the really really a liberal nurse the really really conservative and I walked a narrow night in either days and so it's very important that when evaluating someone that you think you know you might be able to have a nice relationship went that you carefully guard your heart you don't get into that person during that time and that you just spend time just sent out potassium expectations on each other and when you start in life it is greatly back out of that more deeper friendship and don't go forward with any more of you have are there we haven't finalized yet a lot of editing on my flag is not wrong even if it does not mostly hurt someone and that cannot and don't know you're focused on one person because you are not interested in doing the typical dating thing that everyone doing around you you know the health is very important to know what your parents think about that person and that brings me to the second principal contacted twenty probably time to now as well I mean other than five days in a long upon the land so glad I got given a we need to know what our parents think about the person registered and they needed in active part in our relationship and you know it going how do we think of people what we like about them because they are even there before and don't have a lot of wisdom out why they have one more year and you can see right through thing that we might be a little deadline then because where they were so a lot of them even though I love often has what colored glasses on and that we actually blinded from some very blatant but if that person is around InfoSpace in consulting with your parents are going to parents note perfect in the palatability a quick type very important that we listen to what I say no recliner with a request now what if they don't bring it over there working as a Christian imprisonment should you do what is the honor and fright any person for easy and apparent heart in the right him I will review that will ask willing I doubt if any well he will change the way will help you when you learn about inviting your heart anyway even after a little more in the reason for your parents have to just give and take on how they and their parents that you are more mature attention to relationship if you without saying how I'll respectfully and obviously right now but I know that I need to respect her wishes and heart related and I can do whatever he wants and maybe your meal but nothing was selling home I had never met in person or you'll be among the be brought back into their path again Japan is what you can have a beautiful relationship the win-win situation I will certainly have to agree with you you know I think sometimes we get caught inflation says that are less than ideal because maybe we up winning the English we don't think that this is a problem for but we might be attacked by luck and I am going to tell the doctor who made building a good living inhabitants that I saw all the thing you're little more than where and if they were their same personality with the wind just a dancer at the school you'll even intellect the why are you being attacked by many in the airlock in any kind of position they haven't quite become behind that they have no a person can live their time they can lose their position they can lose their love heart character remain home and so if you're running a person and went inside then he allowed for the right reason and your beans on the right reason that if there really were and that we evaluate the time needed are you true that if you're going I internationally tackle to them that means neither but that's not the most important thing the character is what the most important and had a really good definition I ran up what character is a little main character is what you are when no one is looking and when Natalie Buchanan now but today is that your character manager character okay so it's really important that I mean what I just have a little tactical tips are things you can do before you mean somebody right with things that are important to you for you you have to be the don't rank the list when guys want to enjoy myself what you like as many writing the list next to you in person to mention that and I listened in disbelief I want to have been one dried out there just over four pay that's really just a block and I had to let analysts that called me the man I listed one one yes it even if he had been great if he doesn't become half person but neither something they're unchangeable means that if I made I think I'm falling in love with it I go back to that live in hope neither there that he'd ask someone forward this other really need and you know I think the face so I'm sure if you were my ideas girl for your lead okay now by the way to you are not to be the pursuer are you filling in tiny reality daylight future you want to show you whether you are not then you can wait on God right girls have a lot to learn this generation I feel bad for didactic zero three I really knew him to God through him and I don't think the weather I need a pursuer and I mean no one out there looking for you here where God wants you to be buying you a user need to let go and really try okay so that they are not to be very important for me I will be a strong person of my think they were and you may think about you and the person that you let us know what I see young people that have been drawn in the other main and their religious beliefs and insignificant because they were silent and live statement important benefits importantly put on your list until I move very important for you to be in harmony in your spiritual desire that the foundation of what everything else is built off of the human unity there you can very well count on the fact that he will not have a harmonious marriage okay I do think is that a job really mean the income rider for your family maintenance and that girl I went all the time either one they can tell me at home doing things Novell guys are going on the negative it is taking your children because the woman was not allowed to be among Exodus international if you are married and you have children I tried calling for you if to make sure the needs of your family first so he would pursue a career had enough of that satisfaction in life and before you get married and you know what it is just you and your husband may be continued on while you both together and him him laugh out now and the mother happy homemaker you have a menu matter what is an okay yeah okay anyone have leadership skills especially in degree to be divisive your family you will be encouraging you actually helping you supporting you and your commitment to Christ absolutely very important also he should be full of integrity and unbending principle if you are sure of something that word you don't want to be dependent on whether you're with a group of ethics manual although the inherent world everything out you want your man to be strong to think that he believes right and you know if you are not really have integrity and heart one of the ways you can figure that out is what you and your dating relationship any time you hide anything from your parents one young man asked me yesterday and I played for the first time I thought I was standing below the tree of knowledge of good and evil satisfied out my field I can very this last night there was much steeper imply you and everything was okay and he is everything when it is a negative note while he leaving it on you in that I will I have to be free he now doesn't mean they hear every single little thing I had to the client that you are looking for an applicant to treat high something I can't observe even I'm not going to find someone to being quiet and paying I be free that is it in my heart Sarah ninety the ability that so if there is no way that they love you and I care about you and you you are not man if you marry him you know what you will not be the test area integrity even if I wanted inviting you when your manual is unfit because he will not confide in you are the one I think other things because the area the character and outlet so figured out what was really honest and dependable at the heart level watch the way they relate to your parents relate to you and listen to others' pain very very important I am now saving to that is for you I have these things but yet to be humble and teachable event important to you I have seen tonight that basically they do no wrong and they can't do any wrong and everyone else around and around and around until everything that would be very hard in a relationship Wednesday that he wanted that no man knows what the man you know that all because when you everything you don't have to listen anybody in learning them and anything else because you know everything and so it appears that peaceful spirit and so I'm getting it for ninety nine million and with many of their pay and the same thing goes for girls girls having that Noel attitude to she's not likely to be very method and very teachable under your guidance that she is important for you to see how the seasonal spirit to be workable definitely an important scene that she should have her own personal experience in the understanding buried at CNN are a lot of confidence and not hang on you for everything she needs me a happy homemaker and him a hair because she wanted to open a home agency has eliminated one ammo supply at five three one I will give mother is not happy nobody's happy and so one evening figure out if she is a happy homemaker is to observe her and your family setting now you think the important and a lot of people that get along great with her on dates but you didn't bring him home and had within your family and their inhabitants and your family really with their life in issue so then you are and how to make all meal her mother on the house be or is she a very big heart about that inhibiting pardon to be able to see for yourself if she would be inefficient and every aspect of the hall as you have a good attitude about it even being and acting as important as you will is there okay now it is important that she keep the house that means hiding one we figured I take a look at Romans went in expecting over a round around will indicate how your house will look and what is landing on handling if you think your homework well keep in everything from preparing their mother as she learned nothing but very important question note against quarterly housing is not we had a very unhappy environment to be it doesn't engender love and sell that much respect for the husband when he comes home from work even though I have housecleaning really nice but I will be more of an environment for good communication I think that that hardly anyone ever have to take all they clean house agency that made my day a lot better and more things in your life this greenhouse fishes and learn how to be efficiently nothing will hold in China and that okay what are skilled in working with children and that's important to you how you can now announce this home was owned already UK what constitutes it is treasonous meddling to see how the love and respect for them as she reached out to management and or are they just too little and she is in her own world constitute the children insert that she drawn in this he or she do with the teams in the -year-old youth group and doing anything there to be a part of the group to figure out whether a girl loves children many should help take care of children and how that attitude is that by now in real-life situations are such adventures family and her own family is also important community and its traders bill that she can support herself in a litany then like while I was not important I mean in the income but there are some girls that just sit around waiting for a complete democracy I decided forever more be happy and blissful but it should be industrious with her time how the hell do you agitated and then using those skills to forward the call to help others around her it's an important medical happiness you can fall back at what I was getting angry with I know I'm twenty four and I'm okay I have my own and because I believe that I have something I can count on it him I don't feel that Kerry because I know that I can take care of the needs that he's helped me to fabulous and now I have my husband and that hurting and malware breaking that is where I went with a living have attained that I can do that with that if something should happen and he died he will my children are ready if I am according have been trained that hypothalamus before he singled that I don't have to worry is that he is now very important for growth pink and how to swing around nice guy he do pursue a advertising to our education and finding family as you like to do that can provide an income since it is not the same as my important thing is that we are in words how to spend your money now and figure out but maybe it will be good about that you know how to value money is okay provided all of the money was then medicinal value of the dollar as you go shopping with her mother has her mother taught her how to not just my luck that I would fail and when he went down at the family eats a lot I get a lot of that when you have money and without fail again to invite me to you but if you can hear dollar there by the end of the year you had a hundred or thousand dollars and I'm not joking about that you made an incredible amount of money when you watch the community a little and especially when you're starting out in a new home and your life will knows how to manage money and who can live on a budget that very I have just the challenge of it given myself but it seemed like a one-on-one with the reading experience that was the idea that and I'm not interested I think when the realistic announcement for close care for Sarah for Parthenon hang on I mean they cannot admit different category than I figure there is a holy air I lived with great experience and I feel secure about when and how he made a lot of money and it's very important they had from naming the ball back is important that she the industrious and last but not least Berkshire whatever character as players issues is writing her look or is she really thinking our heart and working inward adorning the beauty of hearts so needless to yourself and see how you do when I bring that person into your life can go back to live the house how they compare the principle number three economy they are forty eight verse eleven actually in Isaiah fifty eight I just noticed that I have the wrong chapter on in the Atlanta Fed and the lawyer shall probably be continually a you know what I'm coming to understand more of it that God in either there or today fulfillment they were just written for people in the ancient time they are for us to clean them all to live and to gain victory by gene out for this area of my life in relationships I know that the Lord will guide man in his time because he and he will guide we continually try and following the path of evading out right now everything is going to work out his perfect timing I believe one hundred percent if I had to enable it to meet how can you be having your finger on getting married at any boyfriend right now what are you enough I'm not sometimes it is not right hunting in my life right now and though I have found the contentment and being in the hand-in-hand in developing that relationship and a beautiful relationship to actual in-house and got about this area of my life my friend I think how long-winded buyers are women leaving I stayed behind how they work and everything and I can tell you that person I think I know what and how to fulfill and hit me he is waiting around listlessly will be as well whenever God I naturally engaging and indoor climbing to right now that will be prepared in a season before I had him know what I is that there is no worry in my heart I will tell you know okay okay and I saw that young people who are just molding around and they don't have permanent know how I know the you know your intentions in the one and only went meeting I see you have freedom nearby an individual before God it will be proven at trial pressures and here's Robin van inebriate and you know I have no less filling patient he had while popular in my position and not to worry I just had a boyfriend and the legality of other situations you know if there's another drive in one day while you automatically fresh Fedora have a boyfriend that even you are trying to work with them I like that on the BNP believe that I heard anybody and be really easy to know something about the William Wiseman no commission will be her boyfriend you will not have to think they need help I realize this is letting you know my character development raising one one he is not supposed to be binary and pruning my character I'm determined I got to go with it and while using opportunities to strengthen the head and you happen and I need to be on the program now not be recruiting I felt that the situation is to be running out of working with your particular weakness and strength you can be read commonly to be fully idiotic by the position right now and you know I don't know when that person my life I have numerous joy in anticipation of being able to help my man at the marriage altar honey I can't heart for you I have not been just flirting and going if any otherwise been waiting because I turned my attention to my heavenly father hit working on my love relationship and you helped me to protect everything about me interrogate for you can you imagine without we like those you want to be your experience to be able to come to the resulting and the spirit from all over things that are our world that have to be there I know it doesn't have to be I can't remain pure and impure world I remain faithful and unstable world I think that altering variety and I can give my husband I happen not to have always other guys one way this is how you build a strong marriage before you marry you keep your heart faithful to the Lord now as you are faithful to him he was in every situation you encounter and you will be able to be his hat and I bring that person into your life you know maybe you fine under temptation and you lot really wish I had to wait was not happy now nothing is your heart now and you won't have more bitter experiences here husband and children Elaine and I went to guide you you know we had created person for you then claim that is what that something is not an earthly thing on earth it is meaning that the light of learning the way I have it nice how about you give me on the desires of my heart because I actually want that to me only want me to be happy that you served to and he had something in your life until you by trying to make yourself happy to Gestapo and you will find that happening he will give you the desires of your heart because he denied any more than you are back in your happiness to be complete so in their lifetime God 's plan if the lawyers waiting in his word abiding in Birmingham your parents are supporting you and you have that natural attacks guaranteed guaranteed without that they don't settle for less investment needs remember there's guaranteed success without that letter are we half-time with her love life you really didn't hand when you do you will be free and I'm working you are handling outcasts and what has Hanley run around China figure in her life the way we live we need to let go and let him take tax and he will be elemental lead up faithfully all of the different circumstances that we encounter human everything is really beautiful I want to disclose a pair of people in their life to the Lord leading out of me the only one thinking for the pellet of contact I knowing that you care about it even more than you can handle that hard to imagine they do so much for taking a personal interest in each one of our live in learning young people especially when we we don't see the whole picture right now I pray that you should just try to wait on you to find our joy in content meaning you are knowing that you do fire and that you will work out there well it will make everything truly beautiful in their time in the meantime ordinary wear for the improving our own character and for preparation for your heavenly kingdom thank you for your comment within your word pray that you will soon return to take home with you June fifteen


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