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Revelation 10 and Daniel's Little Book, Part 2

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • May 28, 2010
    3:15 PM
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Alright, we are dealing with the internal evidence of Daniel 8 through 12.

The author of 508 538 1798 1843 Source Book is Heidi Heiks. It is an excellent resource, and by the way he has amplified it now into three volumes.

Basically the whole idea is to show that the traditional view of the Adventist church is that the

1260 days are from 538 to 1798 the

1290 are from 508 to 1798 and the

1335 are from 508 to 1943.

He shows through extensive documentation that the traditional view is the correct view, and I agree with him. There are many people who are trying to project these time periods into the future. They are establishing time for the national Sunday law, the Universal Sunday law, the beginning of the time of trouble, people are establishing dates right and left.

I know the book is available at the ABC, it's a small book, probably about a hundred plus pages, and it's very, very reasonably priced. It's a hard back book, really, really good.

Daniel chapter 8 speaks about the 2300 day period. Does Daniel 8 give you a beginning point for the 2300 days? It does not give you a beginning point.

Let’s go to our 3rd point here. There is only 1 symbol in Daniel 8 for both pagan and papal Rome, a Little Horn. The horn first spreads out horizontally, then vertically to heaven, in other words it first extends out politically and then religiously. It is rather clear that the introduction of another beast into Daniel 8 to represent pagan Rome would have spoiled the symmetry of the chapter which emphasizes the two beasts of the Sanctuary service. The fourth difference between Daniel 2 and 7 and Daniel 8 is that in Daniel 8 there is no reference to the establishment of Christ’s everlasting kingdom. In Daniel 2 it says that the stone smites the image and breaks it into smithereens and then the stone becomes a mountain and fills the whole earth.  That is the kingdom. In Daniel 7 it says that the time came when the saints inherited the kingdom after the judgment. But in Daniel 8 you have no reference to the setting up of Christ's everlasting kingdom. The vision stops all of the sudden. We know the reason why this is due to the fact that Daniel got sick before Gabriel was able to explain the entire vision, this is the reason why Gabriel came back in Daniel 9 through 12 to explain the things that had remained unexplained in chapter 8.

What is the purpose of Daniel chapter 8? The purpose of Daniel 8 is to give you the framework for the 2300 days. It says unto 2300 days and the sanctuary shall be cleansed, which is the judgment. But Daniel 8 does not give you a starting point for the 2300 days. So the question is, when do the 2300 days start? Where would you expect to find the answer? How about the very next chapter? In Daniel chapter 9. What do you have in Daniel 9? It starts out with a long prayer where Daniel is pouring out his heart to the Lord. He says Lord we’ve sinned, we’ve blown it, we don’t deserve any mercy, we deserve to be destroyed. But then Daniel says, remember, be merciful to us. It is a prayer of corporate repentance. At the end of this prayer the same angel who came to him in Daniel 8 comes back.  Gabriel says I’ve come back to give you understanding. Understanding of what? He says understand the vision. Which vision? There was no vision in Daniel 9 at this point, Daniel 8 was the vision. So he says I’ve come back to help you understand the vision, and then he gives the property of the 70 weeks does the vision of the 70 weeks give you a starting point for the 2300 days? Yes, so does Daniel 9 have a very close connection with the prophecy of the 2300 days? Most certainly, one of the great purposes of giving the prophecy of the 70 weeks was to provide a starting point for the 2300 days, from the going forth of the word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem.

By the way if you want a detailed study on Daniel 9, you can go to our website SecretsUunsealed.org and click on study materials and there is a whole study of about thirty plus pages, going into all the little details on Daniel chapter 9. We just assume many times that restore and build Jerusalem means the same thing, to restore and to build. It doesn't mean the same thing. They are two different words that need to be understood within their context.

The purpose of Daniel 9 is to give the prophecy of the seventy weeks in order to give us a starting point for the 2300 day prophecy. In other words the central theme of Daniel 8 eight is the 2300 days. The central theme of Daniel 9 is the 2300 days, the starting point and then in Daniel chapter 10 you have a very interesting battle going on. For the prophecy of the 2300 days to be fulfilled prophecy of the seventy weeks also to be fulfilled did certain decrees need to be given in order for these prophecies to begin to be fulfilled? Did a decree have to be given for God’s people to be able to go back to their land? Did a decree have to be given for them to rebuild the Temple? Did a decree have to be given to be able to build and restore Jerusalem to establish the Hebrew theocracy? Absolutely. What would happen if these degrees were not given as God said they were going to be given? What would happen? The beginning of the 2300 day prophecy would be totally frustrated, and would remain unfulfilled. Do you think the Devil knew that these decrees were going to be given? You better believe he did. Do you think that the devil did everything in his power to keep these decrees from being given? Why would he do that? Because he did not want the 2300 day prophecy to begin to fulfill on-time. Iin fact let's read what I have here. Daniel 8 mentions the 2300 day prophecy but does not provide a starting point. In Daniel 9 the starting point for the 2300 days is given. The 70 weeks constitute the first 490 of the 2300 day prophecy and those years begin during the kingdom of Persia. This is the real reason why the kingdom of Babylon is not mentioned in Daniel 8. Under which kingdom do the 2300 days begin? Persia, do you understand now why the kingdom of Babylon wasn’t included? If they had included Babylon in the vision it would have given the impression that the 2300 days were supposed to begin during the period of Babylon. So God was wise saying let’s start with Persia.

In Daniel 11 you also begin with Persia. Ok now Daniel 10 in order for the prophecy of the 2300 days to be fulfilled, especially the 70 weeks that was necessary for the Kings of Persia to give certain degrees for Israel to go back to their land and rebuild their temple, city walls and to restore a functioning Hebrew theocracy.

Satan, the Prince of Persia was mentioned in Daniel 10 knew this, therefore he worked on the minds of the Persian kings to try and prevent them from allowing Israel to return to their land. Satan is working on the minds of the kings of Persia, it says. If Israel did not return if the Temple, the city and the walls were not rebuilt if the theocracy was not reestablished the prophecy of the 2300 days could not begin to be fulfilled, and God's plan would be frustrated. But in the end, Michael came to help Gabriel and the prophecy of the 2300 days began right on schedule. So does Daniel 10 have anything to do with the 2300 days? Yes. Does Daniel 9 have anything to do with the 2300 days? Yes. Does Daniel 8 have anything to do with the 2300 days? Absolutely, what is the central theme of these chapters? The 2300 day prophecy.

Now what about Daniel 11? Daniel 11 is a very, very interesting chapter. I’m going to go through this line by line because I wrote it exactly the way I wanted it to come out.

Now that which was begun and not finished in Daniel 8 will be completed in Chapter 11. Let me ask you, Daniel 8, to what point did Daniel 8 take you in history? the cleansing of the sanctuary it only takes you to what date? 1844, but your question is, what about beyond that? Daniel 8 doesn’t tell you anything beyond that.  It takes you to 1844 Daniel  got sick. So would you expect God to come back and say to Daniel, hey now I’m going to give you the complete picture? Of course, so in Daniel 11 God is going to start where he started in Daniel 8 with Persia and he is going to go over the history with additional details but He is not, listen carefully, He is not going to take Daniel only to 1844, he is going to take him to the close of probation and the setting up of Christ's everlasting kingdom. Daniel 11 presents the whole picture that was left incomplete in Daniel 8.

Let’s continue, as in Daniel 8 the vision of Daniel 11 begins during the kingdom of Persia not Babylon, and now it doesn’t even say Medo-Persia, it says Persia. It continues with Greece, it’s first king and the four divisions. You can find that in Daniel 11:3, it actually speaks about a king of fierce countenance, and it speaks about four divisions that came out of this kingdom. Then it continues with pagan and papal Rome in both its stages, the 1260 years and then the end time. I wish we had time to talk about the two Romes, but the two Romes are there in Daniel 11. Very clear there is a transition point in verse 22 primarily. Daniel 11:22 provides a transition point between pagan Rome and papal Rome. But instead of taking us merely from the time of the kingdom of Persia to the end of the 2300 days in 1844 when the judgment begins, Daniel 11 takes us all the way from Persia to the end of that judgment when Michael stands up. and the close of probation. Interestingly enough, Daniel 8:14 tells you when the judgement begins and Daniel 12:1 doesn’t give you a date but it speaks about the ending of that judgment when Michael stands up. So basically Daniel 11 has all of the history from the kingdom of Persia all the way down to the time Michael stands up, and by the way also the establishment of Christ’s everlasting kingdom because it says that God's people will shine as stars forever and ever. Let me ask you, what is the central theme of Daniel chapters 8 through 12? What is the central point that God is trying to get across?  The 2300 days, the idea of the judgment. So is this kind of like a book within a book? Yes.

Daniel 8 gives you the time period, 2300 days.

Daniel 9 gives you the starting point.

Daniel 10 speaks of the battle so that the decrees can be given.

Daniel 11 God says, okay now I’m going to take you over the same road again, we’re going to begin where we started in Daniel 8 with Persia but now I’m going to take you beyond 1844 when the judgment began and we’re going to go all the way till Michael stands up and the judgment comes to an end and when the kingdom is established and then at the conclusion of verse 3 where it speaks about the everlasting kingdom immediately Daniel was told to seal the book, to close the book. He says close the book now until the time of the end. So what is this little book that is supposed to be sealed until the time of the end? It's all of these aspects that have to do with the beginning of the judgment in 1844.

Now reason number 4. Why this little book is a portion of Daniel is found in Revelation chapter 10. Lets go through this material quickly. The opening of the little book in Revelation 10 is a clear reference to the unsealing and the opening of the book that was sealed in Daniel 12:4 because there's only one book in the Bible that was sealed to be open at the time of the end, so you know there is a connection between the book that was sealed in Daniel and the book is open in Revelation 10. There is no other book in the Bible that was sealed to be opened later. This is the only one now notably the little book of Revelation 10 is open in the period of the sixth trumpet. That’s another big point of contention in the Adventist church right now. The trumpets, there are those individuals who believe that the trumpets are all future. Some Adventists believe that they are going to be blown after probation. Some believe that they are still future but they are going to be blown before probation closes but they are still future for our time. Then there are those who have the traditional view that the trumpets begin with the barbarian invasions of the Roman empire and they carry us all the way through the establishment of Christ’s kingdom under the 7th trumpet.

Now I'd like to say that I'm a historicist when it comes to the trumpets. I believe that the churches cover church history from the time of the apostles till the end of time. I believe that the seals are parallel but they present a different perspective of the same time period from apostolic times till the end of time. I believe that the trumpets began also, and this is the problem with the ultra-traditional view; why do we begin the trumpets in the 4th century and not in apostolic times? Are you with me? There is a problem there for historicists. Historicism simply teaches that prophesy begins to fulfill in the days when the prophet lived. In Daniel 2 which was the first kingdom? Babylon, that’s the kingdom that Daniel was living in. How about Daniel 7? Same, how about the churches? John, how about the seals, the church going out conquering and to conquer.

But of course the trumpets, they begin in the fourth century, you immediately begin to discern a problem.

I’ll tell you what my view of the trumpets is in a nutshell. If you are really a student of prophecy and you really want to delve into this deeply, give me your e-mail address I'll send you the 140 pages I wrote on the trumpets; we just finished last Wednesday in our prayer meeting. It took us over thirty sessions to study the trumpets, about 1 hour and 15 minutes each session. We studied it with a fine tooth comb applying the Bible principles that we apply to the church's and the seals. 

@19.42 See, some people take the trumpets as literal. The mountain that fell into the ocean, they say that is a gigantic asteroid. That’s what some Adventists are saying.

Where it speaks about a third of the stars falling, they say those are meteorites.

They say where it speaks about the demons coming out of the abyss, they are talking about demons that God has tied down in the underworld and he’s going to release these demons and they are going to come up from the underworld.

The poisoning of the waters, they say some place on planet earth a third of the waters are going to be poisoned the third of humanity is going to perish.

To those that are interpreting the trumpets literally, my question is why are they interpreting the trumpets literally and everything else symbolically? There are all sorts of problems with these views of the trumpets.

Now I'll tell you what dates I believe the trumpets to be, don’t ask me to explain it I’ll be glad to send you the material.

I believe the first trumpet is describing the destruction of Jerusalem. I'm firmly convinced of that. Symbols interpreted in the light of all of Scripture indicate that it's talking about the destruction of Jerusalem. It is a punishment upon on Jerusalem for crucifying the Messiah is taking place in apostolic times because the destruction of Jerusalem comes as a result of the reduction of the message of the apostles.

 The second trumpet I believe to be the fall of the Roman Empire I believe it is talking about the barbarian invasions. The fall of the Roman Empire.

 I believe the third trumpet is the fall of the Christian church in the year 538, the Roman Catholic papacy.

I believe that the fourth trumpet is describing the whole period of the dark ages from 838 to 1798 and the reason why I believe that is because it speaks about the sun being darkened it speaks of a third of the sun which in Scripture means partially is not a total judgment like the plagues it is a partial judgment. A third of the sun was darkened a third of the moon was darkened and the third of the stars fell from heaven. Now the wisest way of interpreting this would be to find out what the Bible means when it is talking about the sun. Are we dealing with symbols here? It must be, why do you say trumpets and no symbols? Everything else symbols? No that’s not the way to interpret Scripture. The sun represents Jesus Christ very clearly it represents Christ, The Son Sun of Righteousness. In some way during this period the sun was going to be eclipsed. What does the moon represent? The moon is the lesser light. Do you know what the lesser light is? This book, the Bible, is the lesser light. I know that that's different than what we've usually thought. We usually say the Bible is the greater light and Ellen White is the lesser light. Especially the enemies of Ellen White like to say that because they consider lesser inferior. But we’ve got it wrong because the Bible is not the greater light, its gives testimony to the greater light. Jesus cannot be contained in a book. He is the greater light and the Scriptures give witness to Jesus. In other words the Scriptures are the lesser light that lead to the greater light. By the way Ellen White is also a lesser light.

Last year at ARME I did a parallel between John the Baptist and Ellen White, do you remember that? Ellen White and the Bible are both lesser lights, and you say why are there two lesser lights? Let me ask you, did the Jews of Christ’s day have scripture? Yes, did the also get John the Baptist? So why get John the Baptist if they had scripture? The reason is very simple, they were not studying Scripture they were not obeying Scripture so God says I’m going to shine on the pages of Scripture to see if I can help them along a little bit. The same is true of the Christian world. The Christian world says we’ve got the Bible and nobody obeys the Bible. So God says I’m going to give you a flashlight. The flashlight shines on scripture. Wow, Scripture is marvelous and both lead us to the greater light, Jesus Christ. Now how did I get on this side road?

The fourth trumpet, what do the stars represent? What is the partial darkening of the moon is explained in Revelation 11. The two witnesses prophesy in sackcloth and sackcloth in Scripture is identified with darkness. So what happens is, the work of Christ is eclipsed, the testimony and the lesser light, Scripture is eclipsed, and a third of the stars fall, what do the stars represent, they represent angels but they also represent what God 's people. What did the little horn do with God's people in the dark ages? They cast them down, and they mowed them down according to Daniel 8. I go into detail and connect Daniel 8 with the fourth trumpet. There is an amazing connection between Daniel and Revelation.

The fifth trumpet I believe to be the French Revolution. Very clearly the French Revolution. The deadly wound that is given to the papacy culminating in 1798.

The sixth trumpet has to do with events surrounding the year 1844. We are going to take a look at that here because that's a special focus of study.  It has to do with events actually happening between 1798 and close of probation, the sixth trumpet.

The seventh trumpet is the moment when probation closes in Jesus Christ takes over His kingdom. That’s what it clearly says in Revelation 11:15-17. It says the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of Christ and he will reign forever and ever.

Basically I’m a historicist when it comes to the trumpets because I believe that they began in the time of the apostles and we need to see the flow of church history in the trumpets. I just disagree a little bit with the specific dates that we've traditionally given. I mean why would God need four trumpets to talk about the barbarian invasions? That was an important event but let me ask you this; How many times does Ellen White attribute any role to the Muslims in end time events? I’m talking about in the future, how many times does Ellen White say, Islam is going to be a power that will be threatening to God 's people in the Great Controversy? She doesn't, who are the powers that are going to be particular enemies of God’s people? The papacy, apostate Protestantism, spiritualism, and the kings of the earth that will be used by Protestantism and by Catholicism. Right? Have you read the last half of the Great Controversy? She attributes no role whatsoever to the Muslims and Islam in the book the Great Controversy. You know, I believe what the devil is done in causing this focus on Islam, is that the devil wants Christians look to the Middle East for fulfillment of prophecy, it's a distraction. It's a distraction even for many Seventh Day Adventists. So that as people are looking to the east they are looking, oh the Muslims and the Russians and the Arabs are going to attack the Jews and they are looking over to the Middle East and meanwhile in Rome and in the United States the antichrist and his helper grow and people cannot see it because they are looking in the wrong place. It is a smoke screen it's a distraction.

 [question asked] Answer: The close of probation when Christ takes over His kingdom. By the way, the taking over of the kingdom by Jesus Christ is a two stage event and the Christian world only understands one. The Christian world only understands that when Jesus comes He is going to take over the kingdom but really the time when Jesus kingdom is made up, is when probation closes. Isn’t His kingdom made up when probation closes? Have the righteous been separated from the wicked before probation closes? Absolutely in fact Ellen White says that the harvest is the end of probationary time, in Christ’s Object Lessons.

The harvest is the end of probationary time. The harvest actually takes place before the second coming of Christ. The righteous are tied in bundles to then be gathered into God’s barn. The wicked are bound together to be cast into the winepress. The binding of the righteous and the wicked and their actual storing in the barn represents the second coming of Christ. It's illustrated in the story that I talked about at last ARME, the story of the flood.

When were the righteous and the wicked people separated so that the righteous could not become wicked, and the wicked could not become righteous? Was it when it started to rain or when the door closed? It was when the door closed. Was Christ’s kingdom made up, so to speak, when the door closed? Absolutely, is that going to happen in relation to the second coming? Absolutely, we’re told very clearly that as it was in the days of Noah, so also shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. We just assume that the coming of the Son of Man refers just to the second coming of Christ. If you continue reading it explains that the coming refers to two things. The coming of Jesus to His Father to receive the kingdom and then His actual coming to earth to destroy the wicked and to save His people. Because its says there, For as it was in the days of Noah  the people were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the ark and they did not know until the flood came and took them away, until the flood came.  The word until is used twice. What didn’t they know? What didn’t the wicked know between when the door closed and when it started to rain? They didn't know that probation had closed and they were lost.

So folks, we don't need to prepare for the second coming, we need to prepare for the close of probation. If we’re not prepared for the close of probation we’re not going to be prepared for the second coming. After probation closes there’s no more second chance.  So we need to make sure that our lives are right with the Lord.

Going back to reason number 4. The opening of the little book of Revelation 10 is a clear reference to the unsealing and opening of the book that was sealed in Daniel 12:4 because there's only one book in the Bible it was sealed to be opened at the time of the end. Notably the little book of Revelation 10 is opened in the period of the sixth trumpet, at the very end of history, immediately before Jesus takes over the kingdom at the time of the seventh trumpet. Isn’t that interesting? So does the sixth trumpet take place at the time of the end? Sure, is a little book opened in the context of sixth trumpet? Sure, so the opening of the little book must be in the time of the end.

We are going to find in our next study that no chapter in the Bible, that I’ve been able to find anyway explains in a clearer way the origin, message, mission, and destiny of God’s end time remnant people. It's amazing the sequence of events in Revelation 10 is simply amazing. It fits what happened between 1798 and 1844 perfectly without missing a beat. It is no coincidence that the central message of the Millerites who preached at the beginning of the time of the end was drawn from Daniel 8:14 and Revelation 14:6-7. Why would they be preaching that?  Are there lots of things that could be preached? Oh sure, Why did the Millerites preach from Daniel 8:14 and Revelation 14:6-7? Because they were living in the time of the end and the little book was being unsealed. So very clearly history proves beyond any doubt that they were preaching exactly what had been predicted by Daniel when the book was sealed. Now let's continue.

The eating of the little book in Revelation 10 clearly describes the judgment hour preaching of the Millerite movement. How do we know that? We already studied that the central theme of the little book is what, the judgement, right? So the central theme of the little book is the judgment, so when the Millerites eat this book that speaks about the judgment. What is this book like in the mouth? It is sweet in the mouth. We are going to talk about all of this. Sweet in the mouth means that the message of the judgment was beautiful, they love the judgment hour message. Of course they thought that Jesus was going to come. But then it became what? Bitter, the judgment hour message became very bitter in their stomachs so would you expect the Millerites to be preaching a message about the judgment if they're eating this little book? Of course, did they preach a message about the judgment?, Yes, because they are fulfilling the prophecy. It says the eating of the little book in Revelation 10 clearly describes the judgment hour message of the Millerite movement and its subsequent disappointment. Here comes something very interesting. After the disappointment John was told the prophesy again. Again from where? Where did the first prophecy come from? From the little book, right? So if you must prophesy, can you do something again unless you’ve done it before? No, see they gobbled up the book, it was sweet in the mouth it was bitter in the stomach. It was a message of judgment, it’s all happening around the year 1844. Then afterwards John is told, and John represents God’s the people because John was not alive during the period of the sixth trumpet.  John is told to prophesy again from the little book. Is there going to be another message of judgment after the disappointment in 1844? Absolutely, but what is it that he's supposed to preach about concerning the book? Listen, he is told to prophecy again and then he is commanded to measure the temple. What is the measuring of the Temple? The measuring of the temple is the measuring of God's people in the Judgment. So what message is coming from the little book after the disappointment? It is a message of judgment that the measuring of the temple has begun. Is this exactly what happened around 1944? It is amazing, and as we study this, this is just an introduction, but as we study it there's no doubt whatsoever, that we’re in the right church. I don't say that arrogantly, you know, we’re better than everybody else, no. It's the truth it's a privilege to belong to the remnant but it's also great responsibility because we have a message that we need to proclaim to the world.

Notice this last statement from Ellen White on the little book, she says, it was the lion of the tribe of Judah, who is Jesus who unsealed the book and gave to John the revelation of what should be in these last days. So who was it that took the seal off of the book and opened it? Jesus himself then she says Daniel stood in his lot to bear his testimony which was sealed until the time of the end. Now notice this, when the first Angels message should be proclaimed to the world. When is it that the book was unsealed? When the 1st Angels Message was to be proclaimed to our world. Now let me ask you, what is the main content of the 1st Angels Message? Fear God and give glory to him for the hour of His judgment is come. See how it all fits together? She continues saying , these matters are of infinite importance in these last days but while many shall be purified and made white and tried, the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand. The book of Daniel is unsealed in the Revelation to John and carries us forward the last scenes of this Earth 's history. So are you seeing the importance of this little book? It’s a vitally important book.

Okay let's review. My wife tells me that I repeat too much, and I always tell how do parrots learn how to talk? Through repetition right?  

What is the central theme of Daniel 8? 2300 days

Any Beginning point? No.

Where do we find the beginning point? Daniel 9.

For that beginning point to come right on time, what needed to happen? Decrees.

So what’s happening in Daniel 10? Oh, there's a battle there between Gabriel and the Prince of Persia, the ruler of Persia and they are fighting for the minds of the kings. The devil is saying “don’t give the decrees” and God is saying “give them”.

Who prevails? God does.  In the year 536 the decree is given for God’s people to go back to their land. 

A little bit later on in 520 another decree is given to rebuild the temple and of course

In 457 you have the decree to build and to restore Jerusalem exactly on time as God said and the 2300 days begin on time. 

Then what happens in Daniel 11? God say’s to Daniel, Let me go back to the beginning Daniel. I started and you got sick, I wasn’t able to finish, I only got to 1844. Now I'm going to take you all the way back to Persia again and I’m going to add some details and slowly He goes through the whole history. But He says I’m not only going to take you to 1844 when the judgment begins, I’m going to take you beyond that to the time of the king of the North when he’s going to come against God’s people and to the loud cry when tidings from the North and the East is going to trouble the king of the North. He’ll go out to destroy. He’s going to place the tents of his palace in the strategic place to destroy God's people all over the world. And I’m going to tell you about Michael standing up to defend his people. And I’m going to tell you about the time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation and I’m also going to tell you about, at that time God's people will be delivered everyone who is found written in the book and they will shine like stars for ever and ever. Another words he leads you all the way to the end. The central theme of Daniel 8-12 is the Judgment hour message and it has to do with 1844.

Was Ellen White right when she spoke about that part of the book of Daniel being sealed until the time of the end? Yes, you don't have to lean on Ellen White. It's nice to have Ellen White, this is one case where I read these statements in the writings of Ellen White where she said that portion of the prophecy and I said now wait a minute, portion of the prophecy? which portion is that? So what do you suppose I did? I went to Bible. I said let me check this out, let me study it. I studied the internal content of Daniel 8-12 and I discovered that exactly what she says is true. When you examine the passage within itself, what Ellen White had to say is corroborated absolutely and truly we have not believed cunningly devised fables. In other words we are exactly where we should be.


@42.22  okay now I will going take a few questions. I don’t want to get into anything new. Tomorrow afternoon we have two sessions together, We’re going to get into a real intense study of Revelation 10. What I’d like you to do in preparation for that is to read the material in your syllabus and put any questions that you might have in the margins or if you want to add any new light that I don't know, I'd like to learn from you too. I've learned a lot from a lot of people let me say. We are always learning, not only from the Bible but from we are learning from each other people give me wonderful ideas.

Tomorrow we will begin Revelation 10 and on Sunday morning Lord willing we will be able to finish. Before we take a few questions I want to announce that our Secrets Unsealed booth is here, we’ve got a lot of real good material there. One particular book probably most of you are acquainted with our materials

Worship at Satan's throne is a very important book that deals with the theological issues behind the worship crisis that we haven't administered in styles of worship but it goes beyond you know the periphery like minds are no minds dancing around as if nothing is only the symptoms known as most of the disease something happened in 1844 with the religious world battle and Phil Protestantism fail forever in 1844 and no white says that the no and they kept on worshiping before the phone oblivious of Jesus or Barnstable citizens and that's where we really need to understand the worst crisis that we have been as a is an amazing story some people are scared when the cover of the book is a unused lines penetrating on this nevermind book just because of the hotel but remember the good bargaining that's never judge a book by its cover I do good morning I will call the

Prophecies Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde to study in the prophecy Revelation 13 there's a lot more than what we see in that means that has to want like a lamb but speaks like a dragon and then as a book called

Hidden Sabbath Truths  some amazing things about the Sabbath that perhaps we haven’t seen before and also to a bookseller published by amazing facts when his

Futurism’s Incredible Journey follows a whole historical sequence of how Protestantism change from historicism the futurism and to Predatorism an event is a small book that was published by Mason faxed the name of it is

Taken or Left and usually we assume that the one was taken is taken at Jesus at the second coming the one that is not is left on earth but really when you examine Scripture very carefully you discover that the one that is left on the righteous and the ones were taken of the weekend yet understand the meaning of left and taken within the meaning of Scripture not its meaning is twenty first century you know somebody once said to me what part of take until you understand and what part of left don't you understand I said well I understand his words in the context of only the way that they use in Scripture

Scripture the word left is a remnant word and it refers to people who are left after great disaster calamity or great distraction and were taken in the Bible refers to being overtaken or to be destroyed and so the problem is that we've we've injected 21st-century terminology and the main Scripture is taking Scripture on air and its meaning within itself. We have those 5 books and a lot of other material as well.

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@47.13 Okay any questions

? …

A: That’s absolutely what I'm saying. The 1260 1290 and 1335 days are passed. They were fulfilled in 508 538 1798 and 1843. In the book that I mentioned has strong documentation to that effect and there's also another book that was published by the Michigan conference that has a couple of chapters, the book was edited by Ron du Prey, I don’t remember the name right but it has two chapters on that particular point.

? The question has to do with the statement that Ellen White made where she seems to imply that the 1335 days are still in the future.

A: There is one statement by Ellen White which could be understood in that way however when you carefully read the syntax of what Ellen White is saying, she's not saying that at all. In fact in this booklet published by the Michigan conference in one of those two chapters it deals with the syntax of that statement from Ellen White and it shows very clearly that she was not predicting that that was going to take place in the future as many people have assumed by misreading the syntax of that statement by Ellen White. Let me give you an example of how people misread syntax and therefore they make future what is passed. Go to Revelation 11:1-2. Do you know that many people are saying that the 42 months are future. The reason they are saying that is because they don't read the tenses of verbs as they appear in the original.

We can't just read translations as they appear. Get yourself a Greek Interlinear. You don’t have to know Greek an interlinear has the Greek on top and the English on the bottom or vice versa and so it literally translates Word for Word so you can know what tense verbs are in and so on. It says: Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod and the angel stood saying, rise and measure the temple of God the altar and those who worship there. So after the disappointment he is told to prophesy again and then he's told to measure the temple of the worshipers therein. Then notice V2 But leave out the court which is outside the Temple; in other words measure by the way, when Revelation speaks of the Temple it’s the Greek word Naos which means the Most Holy Place okay in the book of Revelation the word Temple is Most Holy Place there are two words in Greek for temple. One is eron the refers to the whole temple complex word that refers to total temple complex, that one was never used in Revelation, and then there is the word naos which was used fifteen times in Revelation and invariably it refers to The Most Holy Place. so when he is told to measure the temple and those who worship therein it is talking about measuring The Most Holy Place of the sanctuary. Then it says: Leave out the court which is outside the Temple [In other words don’t measure the court], and do not measure it [notice this] for it has been given to the Gentiles and they will tread  the holy city under foot for forty two months [are you catching the problem here? It is giving the impression here that he’s told to measure the Temple and then from that point on the court is given to the Gentiles to trample for 42 months, right I don’t know if that's the impression you get but from the translation, he is told to measure the temple, but don’t measure the court because the court has been given to the Gentiles and then the Gentiles are going to trample, according to this the Holy City for 42 months.

But really if you look at the tenses of verbs, when it literally says is but leave out the court which is outside the Temple and do not measure it, for it was given to the Gentiles. That's a critically important tense of the verb. Let me let me put it here on the boar so you can see what I'm talking about. He's told in 1844 to measures the temple, but don’t measure the court, because the court was given to the Gentiles. The question is when was the court given to the Gentiles? It was given to the Gentiles in the year 538. Then it says it was given to the Gentiles and they will tramp the Holy City for 42 months. So when does the treading begin? In 538. In other words it is not saying measure the Temple in 1844 the court of the temple is given to the Gentiles and from this point on they are going to trample the holy city for 42 months. The tense of the verb makes it very clear that in 1844 he is told to measure the temple, match in the Most Holy Place, those that worship therein but don't measure the wicked. Don't measure the Gentiles, those that don’t belong to God's people because the court was given to them in the year 538 and from that point on they will trample the city for 42 months. So in other words the will tread begins in 538 it doesn’t begin in 1844. In other words we have to look at the tenses of the verbs too or else we’re going to get all messed up and the same is true with Ellen White. We have to look at the syntax that she uses because, let’s face it, the prophets were human beings that were transmitting the message of God but they were doing it in human language and Ellen White says that human language is imperfect. So God has to transmit a perfect message into imperfect human language. So we need to study that language to determine what God intended to say through the writer of that book, or that passage of Scripture. I have this in my material on the trumpets where I do a very detailed study of the chronological sequence. I have come to the conclusion that the most important thing that we can do as Adventists besides praying because we need to pray for God's wisdom, but in terms of technical study I believe that the key to understanding Revelation is to understand it’s literary structure, how it was organized. More and more and more I'm concluding that unless we know how book of Revelation was organized through the superintendents of the Holy Spirit we’re not going to understand where to place the events in the book. Revelation is not written in chronological order. It function’s on the basis of climax anticlimax, in other words it goes back and over the same ground, and back and over the same ground and unless you know what it was back, you're not going be able to interpret the book of Revelation correctly. I’ll give you one final example.

 Revelation has introductory scenes and those introductory scenes contain two points of time. The point of time when that vision begins and it also gives you the event that ends that vision. For example Revelation 3:21 says He who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my throne as I overcame and sat with my Father on His throne. Two points of time, when Jesus sat on the throne after He overcame and whoever overcomes will sit with Him on His throne. The seals begin and when the seals end.

The same is true with the trumpets, in the trumpets you have a scene where there is an angel with Jesus he's interceding with a sensor. The prayers of the saints are going to Him and He’s interceding. And then suddenly the sensor is thrown to the ground which means that intercession has ceased. The trumpets are actually depicting the time when Jesus began to intercede and receive the prayers of His saints until the time when probation closes and the sensor is thrown to the ground. Unless you realize that the introductory scene has both points of time, then you’re going to say that the trumpets come after the time the sensor is thrown down.  But the trumpets come after the close of probation because immediately afterwards you have the trumpets. Unless you understand the literary structure you're going to misplace the events of Scripture.

Well I hope all this was relatively clear, thanks for being here and let’s pray that the Lord will continue to guide us as we continue to study the Scriptures.


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