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The Three Angels Message: Into All the World




  • August 6, 2021
    11:00 AM
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So this morning, our 1st speaking segment is called process of progress, the process of progress behind every individual who finds success in business or ministry or career. There is a story right. Often we see the results. We see, wow, look at what they're doing. But how did they get to where they're at? Today, you'll actually hear the intersection of 3 unique, very distinct, highly successful, deeply spiritual leaders in our avenue church. And you'll get to hear their stories. A little sneak peek into how god has led each of their journeys the process of progress. So what do a banker a program manager, a psychologist, what are these happen common? I hope today you will see that golden thread of faith that intersects these journeys the burden of the gospel that ties each one together. Our 1st speaker, this morning is a face that I am sure all of you recognise he is no stranger to a sigh. Denzil mcneil, s both him and his wife have served as passed a S I presidents and he serves on the S I mission incorporated. Also owner of Sterling bank and hills from minnesota. Denzil, we're so happy to have you here and just even I love hearing you come on stage and sharing your stories even just like last night the stories of evangelism and what god is doing, walk on the floor is yours. Thank you very much. You know, it's an honor and privilege to be able to be here to, to this morning to talk to you. But I just want you to know that whatever I say, I want to make sure that honor, glory and praise goes to our heavenly father. Because you know, if you think about it, are he earthly endeavors? And what we do is really insignificant. When you look at what he has done for us, you know, I was trying to decide what I was going to speak about today. You know, I grew up with the 7th day adventists, i met my wife in the 8th grade. We got married when I was 20 years old, and we just celebrated our 40 year anniversary. So I tells you I've been working for more than 40 years. I started working in our family business when I was 8 years old. And as I tried to try to figure out what I was going to talk to you about today, I was trying to figure out what area would be the most important to, to highlight. I thought maybe i'd talk about how that my wife and I, when we grew up, we grew up very poor. I mean, literally it took us one full year to save up money because we didn't want to borrow money to buy a microwave. And you know, we struggled, we, we worked, we worked very hard, we believe we should work half days, 12 hours a day. And it took a lot of time and effort and what we did, we are passionate about our business. We. There were 9 manufacturers when I started in the family business there and I met mixer manufacturers. And when we sold the business we were, we are the war. We are the world's largest mixer manufacturer in the world. I B missions. I became a president of our company, what I was 26 years old. And and you know, we're really blessed. You know, the mixer business. I could talk to you about how we did our marketing and how we did our, our, our distribution systems. How we put a separate system for, for our sales, and our major, or our factory operations. How we did our production, how we set up our, our factory. I could talk to you about that when we did sell or, or business that there were registered or registered mixer trucks in the United States. And so we're actually on the street was just under 39 or 69000 mixers trucks in the United States. And 2 skews me, 69. The house. I'm a banker. I should know numbers 69000 just under 69000. I registered mixer trucks in the United States on the street and 62 had our name. So the Lord really blessed us. We're the world's largest in the mixer business. I could talk to you about how that we decided to go into the garbage truck business. And in 8 years we came from not from starting business to be the 2nd largest mixer or garbage truck business in the world. I think the largest concrete plan manufacturing business. When we start, we started that became the largest so that in the world, we also were leasing and financing. We became the largest leaser of mixer trucks in the United States and but then we always had all our people flying back and forth because they couldn't work on sabbath. So we had all these trucks. We're delivering all over the United States. So we had to buy airplane tickets and of course we started buying land airplane tickets. I said, well, how do I get a discount to buy more places? We need became a travel agent and became that I bought travel agencies and I became the 2nd largest travel agency owner. And in the United in Minnesota. Ah. But then I decided i want to diversify. And so I actually bought it. And we started with that bank and the bank when I bought it was 20000000 in assets. But today we're really blessed. I work with my, my son, Justin and tyler and coleman, my son in law. And we're a bank now of 5th of 450000000 in assets. But the Lord really bless us through all these efforts. But that's why I want to talk to you about at 3 things I want to talk to you about with 3 things. I'd like you to listen, learn that I wish I would have known when I was your age. The 1st thing is the most important thing. Make guide your partner. If you make guide your partner and you're doing what he wants you to do, and you'll be successful. Elder z, I don't know. Do you? Does anyone know other for z? I've heard his his name. I see a few hands. He was, he was the mentor to pastor mart, family, ellers. He had a saying that I really appreciate, he said, the secret of wisdom is knowing the direction, the Lord wants you to go and following it. That's the secret of wisdom. But I also, the other thing I wanted to tell you was when I grew, when I started in business, wanted to be the 1st advocates, billionaire. Now I know you know, you think about billionaires today, but you, 40 years ago 1000000000 a $1000000000.00. A lot of money today is as much as it was back then. But back then it was, I want to be the 1st advent billionaire, but I'm going to talk about that a little bit later as I finish up when they tell me I have a few more minutes. But the thing I want to tell you that I want to so important, most people will tell you never let crisis go to ways. And I want to tell you what I want to spend a little bit time on today is to crisis. We were able to grow every time there was a downturn every time there was a, an issue that came into place we looked at is, is an opportunity to grow. And so I want to urge you to day that as you get a crisis, as you have a problem, it's an opportunity to expand into improve your business or your professional life. Like the 1st crisis that came into our family was my grandmother had open heart surgery, may affect my they tell me she was the 1st one in the mail clinic have open heart surgery in 1955. And what was there is my dad was there, we come from a scrap background and they were there around and there's no issues there for a long time recovering. My dad was walking by in there, digging a hole, and you healed down the whole the in a help. You want to get a job where it was sitting there and it was to build a concrete plan. That's where you learn the reading expense. Then that grew, he why say, grew he, he bought he said in the newspaper they hoped employ 3 people. He didn't say, tell the newspaper that one was him and was my mom of the 3. And when he went about, he started in the re MAX business. That was very tough. He learned a well, darn it. His competitors used to laugh at him with in the, in a pitcher we have is that they always used to tease him where there is a one seater, 2 seater out house was his office because they're so small. And but then what happened was he need to buy a new truck. We went to buy use trucks for the new one. You want to buy a used truck. He went down to visit the man, he greed on a price for the truck. He went back in knowing with all the money when he finally found someone to loan him the money back then of course communication wasn't very good. He went back down and the man passed away. He says, you know, what am I going to do? And him, and the widow said, I'm just going to put it to auction. So he did, he was really discouraged about that. But he went back and he decided to go to the auction, went to the auction in there, or auction, the trucks and lots of 3. Well, he bought the 3 for the price. He thought he was going to pay for the $1.00, went back and told his friends about it, sold the 2 for the price he paid for all $3.00 and got his for free. He said, boy, this be tall in congress. And that's how he started binding the use truck business. So as a result of that, that happened. Well then we, the industry when he both started buying and selling used mixer trucks. And of course that went very well for me. 0 payoff. I was debt and he was able to grow and then that era came and went in our country who started buying new trucks, new mixers, and created a need be. And I will get into all that because the time. But because of that here, all of a sudden we got all these trucks that came in while these trucks came in and to make a long story short, he tried to figure out how to build the mix, tried to get mixers, they wouldn't give it to him, they told my dad if sunny, if you're so smart, go build your own mixer. And so we had, we had to. So we built the mixers. So because of a car accident, we actually had a crisis. We were able to, we started our mixer business. Well then we had a, a terrible act act article that was written about us. And I can tell you all about that. But we had a terrible article written about us and because of that, a lot of things fell through in our sales. And we were able to because of that, we started in the garbage truck business. And that really helped our business grow even more. And then last but not least in the banking business, as I was in my banking business career, i couldn't grow in the certain area, confirm why the board was not linda's, grow in a certain area of the, of the, of minnesota where we are building. We have all kinds of problems. Everything was going wrong. It was a great industry, great market. I thought for sure it was going to go well. And it kept family not feeling well then 19, crash happened about 1012 years ago now. And through that, every bank in the region because I never grew, but every bank and that region went broke. And I firmly believe that if, if I would have done those, if we had those problems, i believe I could have been in that situation as well. So you just never know how the Lord is going to lead you in your careers as you go. But take operative crisis is and turn him into opportunities. I see my time is almost up. I just want to say that I want to be an ad. This billionaire, but I found something way better than a $1000000000.00. And that's the price of a soul. Each one of you as you go into your professional career, are going to have an opportunity to witness like never before. You're going to reach people that no one else can read. You're going to be able to talk about jesus when no one else can talk about jesus to that individual person. You're going to be able witness through your living testimony. Because of you How you live, people are going to be watching you and all because of that, you're going to be able to bring people to jesus and I will tell you, you can talk all the money you want. And I can tell you all kinds of stories of wealthy people have been through that aren't happy. And I can tell you about that. But I will tell you this. There's nothing on this earth that's more joyful and seen someone that you studied with with the bible be baptized. And once you get that like a friend of mine always says is a disease and there is no cure. Thank you. The aim then a disease of no care live it. They really love point how he said the crisis is the opportunity to grow beautiful. Thank you dan. So for that message, our next speaker in the line up for process of progress is Jason bradley. There's many things I could say about him. He is one of our, our programming directors for our young professional team. So it's been a privilege to work with beside him in ministry. But he is also the 3 apn dare to dream general manager. So he spends his days at 3 a be in studios hosting and producing television shows. And today you will be able to hear his story of how god called him into this beautiful ministry. Jason, welcome to the platform. Thank you for that, rebecca. It's great to be here with all of you. You know, I'm so happy that the way that we start in life is not the way that we finish. I want to take you through a little bit of a journey through my life, and we'll start with a part called the problem. The problem I wasn't solving the problem, I was the problem. And so in i'd say about the age of 14 is when I started going down the wrong path. Prior to that my mother had had worship with me day and night. She had me in church, all of those things. And she's, she really worked hard to instill christian values in me and in my brother. But as I was going through life, I started listening to the wrong type of music. I started watching the wrong types of movies. And so by beholding we become changed and what I was putting into my mind was the youth and sale of narcotics. And I was watching that and listening to that and all of that. And it was being glorified in the media. And so I began to gravitate toward a lifestyle that embraced those things. And I started smoking weed at an early age, 14 and drinking and partying. And all of those things while all while trying to hide it from my mother. And I remember going down through life and as I got older and my, my habits became worse and they just kept getting worse. And so I was smoking a little bit more. I was doing some other drugs like ecstasy. And I had to find a way to fund that. So I started selling drugs and you know, is just the slippery slope. Sin is a down word spiral. We're talking about the process of progress. Well, I was headed downward and I remember coming to a point in my life where I was about, I think 19 or 20 years old. And I ran into a situation where I got really sick. And my stomach, i used to be in shape. I've been eating quite a bit since then, but I used to be in shape and I went into this particular situation. My stomach started growing and got bigger and bigger. And it was getting warm and harder and it was, I was in a lot of pain. And I was feeling nauseous, and I remember telling my dad, hey dad, i'm not feeling well. I feel like I might die. I don't know what's going on with me. I don't know what's wrong. He took me to the doctor the very next day. And they ran a test, they sent me home. I went back to the doctor again the following day, they ran a test, they gave me more medicine and they sent me back home. The 3rd day my doctor was supposed to be on vacation. He happened to be in the office and that was by divine providence. He ran another test he told my dad to take me to the right away because my appendix had ruptured inside of me and sealed off my intestines and they were about to go. Next, I almost died from that particular incident. I want to show you some pictures of when I was in a dark place in my life. As you can see here, this is I was clearly intoxicated driving, which I had no business doing either. And then here I don't know what I was thinking, life of sin, and then there another dark, dark place in my life. But I remember laying in that hospital bed and not being able to do the basics. And my mother had to help me up out of that bed and she walked me over to the sink to help me brush my teeth. And as she was walking me over to the sink, she began to cry. And as my mom began to cry, tears streamed down my eyes because she felt her son withering away. I was flesh and bone and I remember she walked me back to the bed. I laid back down and I told god I forgot if you get me out of this, if you get me out of this, i'll change, i'll do something different. I'll leave all that stuff behind. 4 weeks into recovery, 5 weeks into recovery. They left my stomach open to close, so they just put gaus pads over it. I ended up hitting a known drug area. Once I could move around, I bought some drugs. I went out to sell some drugs and I got greeted by the police. I got arrested, i spent the night in jail slipped on iron. I hit my rock bottom. I had to go through so much pain, shame, and embarrassment before I ended up not having a genuine transformation but a behavioral modification that was the last time I touched drugs. I was looking at a potential maximum prison sentence of 15 years, 15 years. But god had something different planned for my life. And so I ended up getting out of that situation. Probation, everything like that. Now to this day, my record is expunged. And you know what? I was so tired of being a part of the problem and I want it to be a part of the solution. I ended up making a shift in my behavior. I went on to manage a sports bar, was working like 70 hours a week became a part of another problem, introducing people to alcohol and all of that stuff. And then I felt empty inside. And I recognise from my upbringing that it was empty because I did not have christ. And so this is where that genuine transformation began to come about. And so I got a call from my mother, she invited me to 3 a, B, and she was looking for an assistant. And as she was looking for that assistant, i took that call and said mom come out there or visit. I'll come check it out. And see what it's all about. And I went there and I remember danny shelton was standing up during the day of prayer and he looked out into the audience. And he said that if you leave this place and you can't get it out of your mind, then perhaps this is where god would have you to be. And I was working 70 hours a week and atlanta at the time. And I went back to my job and all I could keep, i couldn't shake the thought of 3 a B, N. It was so heavy on my mind, never had anything way on me that hard. And I remember I quit my job. I went to 3 a, B, N and I wanted to become a part of a solution. And I did, I want to play this short video. I'm running low on time here. So we'll go to that, we'll play that and then I'll wrap it up on the other side. As I look at the world today, I see a world that is strange so far from god's ideal for mankind. Unfortunately, when adam and eve yielded to temptation, sin entered the world and life changed drastically. Soon after the fall of man, we saw the lack of value that was placed on human life. A prime example of this was when cain killed his brother, able fast forwarding to the day and age in which we live. We become desensitized and witness real murders on television and the Internet. As I look at the world today, I see a global pandemic that has been around prior to cobit 19, and it's called sin. I see parents that are struggling to train up their children and the way they should go. I see homes without fathers or if the father is in the home, he struggles with displaying healthy emotion. I look at the world today and I see the crime rate on the rise and a massive rate of incarceration. As I look at the world today, I see people that are surprised when they had to their demise due to their physical and spiritual diet. As I look at the world today, I see people being taken advantage of by financial predators such as pawn shops, credit card companies, and check casting places. Even though there's a long list of problems that I see in the world, there is a solution that outweighs them all. The solution is jesus christ, 3 a, B, and dare to dream network is here to introduce people to jesus and to put on display the practicality of the gospel. We do that by creating television programs that deal with issues that are plugging in or city resident. We are a viable based solution oriented network. If parents are struggling to train up their children in the way they should go, they can watch pumped up parents. If fathers are having a hard time opening up or they just don't know how to be there for their kids, they can watch a father's heart. If someone struggling with criminal activity, they can watch the new journey. Someone doesn't know how to make meals that are both delicious and nutritious. They can watch creative cooking. If you're tired of barely making ends meet, you can watch dollars and cents. We have programs designed with you and mine 24 hours a day. And 7 days a week, we need you to partner with us. One way you can do so is by sharing dare to dream with 2 people. The other way you can partner with us is by sharing a link from there to dreams youtube channel on one of your social media platforms. You'd be surprised how sharing a link could change someone's life for eternity. Thank you for being a part of the solution. I wanted to become a part of a solution. I was tired of being a part of the problem and God bless me with a 2nd chance opportunity and I want to share with you the thing that hurts me the most. And it's still pains me to this day just being transparent with you guys. Is that I led so many people astray in my past. But now I have the opportunity to lead millions to christ. And that brings me great joy, great joy. Where on in africa covering west africa on freeview africa, 45000000 homes, we have the potential reach out there. We're going into prisons and taking the gospel into prisons. God has something great in store for each and every one of us. And as I look out here in the audience, i see a bunch of people that want to be a part of the solution. And I'm so glad that you all are here today. And in the process of progress, i'm looking to grow the ministry and I'm looking for an assistant talk to me about that later. God bless Are right. Can you hear me right? I love it to the scripts to take us from problem to being the solution. Powerful, by the way, just so you guys know all 3 of our morning speakers from process of progress will be joining us for lunch right here in this room. So if you want to ask the more questions, get to know more about their story, find them at lunch And you'd be able to grab a piece of them. Our next speaker and our last in the line of her process of progress is none other than to say it's so fun to introduce her because not only she's my friend, but she is also my work colleague at beautiful mines, medical and austin practice in Northern California dr. Katy elson psychologist there and she has a passion for mental health. She is an international speaker as well as has developed her own ministry, which includes podcast and youtube. And she will be sharing a little bit about how god has led her through this journey. Katie, thank you for sharing today. Thank you. I will give 20 dollars to anyone here who can name 20 adventist biblically based psychologists, and I'll make it a little easier, maybe 20 adventist mental health professionals. Now this is an unfair question because I myself tried and failed, so I will not be losing $20.00 today. So the question is, why are there so few adventist biblically based, mental health professionals. And if you have some thoughts, i love to hear them afterwards. I will share with you 2 main reasons by also sharing my own journey into psychology. Now, I'll start from the very beginning. I am a pastor's kid, a P k. And as a P k, I saw a lot of brokenness, both in the church and outside of the church. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. And I think that's one reason why a lot of piquet's leave the church. But instead of judging the church and the problems, my father taught us to understand that even within the church, hurt people hurt people. And especially in the church because the church is a hospital, right. It attracts the most hurt people. As I understood this, and I saw a lot of problems, i didn't neatly know. I wanted to become a psychologist. And why is that one of the main reasons I didn't quite know is the one 1st reason why they're not many psychologists and the church? And that's because it's not introduced to us as an auction. We hear of physicians, we hear nurses of pastors, of dentists and all great professions. But mental health is not presented as an option. And so the 1st answer, why there are not many adventist psychologists or mental professionals, it's not an option. And so I didn't know, I didn't know that it was an option for me. And so although I didn't know as an option, god knew that it was the option for me and he revealed that to me later on. So you might ask will, how exactly did you end up as a psychologist? So the journey is kind of an interesting journey. I was in high school, I graduated from high School. I said, I guess I got to go to college. I went to college somehow some way ended up in a course of psychology before you know, it graduated with a bachelor's in psychology and then I realize you can't do anything with a bachelor's in psychology. And I thought, well I guess I'm going to graduate school. And again, although I didn't notice that god was leading me, god had an intention of bringing me to the field of psychology god was leading. And although my journey sounds easy, i'm actually going to pause for a 2nd and rewind and share with you the struggles and challenges of going into psychology. Of course, with such an amazing work, the enemy will throw out many, many trials and tribulations. And so 10 years ago, I remember going into the church and going to church related events like these and people asking me, Oh, what are you doing? What are you studying? And I say psychology. And this was 10 years ago and they look at me, Oh my 2nd, the reason why there are not many ivan has mental health professionals is because even if you do hear about it, you're strongly discouraged against it. They would look at me and say, who you're going into a heathen field. You're going to lose your faith. And I'll just pause for a 2nd to say, they had good intentions. There are many dangers in psychology. But there are also many beauties. And so I was discouraged against it within the church. And sadly, right, I started listening to the discouragement and instead of feeling praised and encouraged, especially as a young professional, right, we need to be encouraged like events like these 2 in curtis into the fields that are needed most. I was discouraged, but god continue to validate my decision. And I want to share with you that also not only from the spiritual side, but people started invalidating my decision even from a personality side. What I mean by this is, I'm an I S T j which a is the largest dition, typically engineers lawyers and so forth. And people said, all that's not the personality type for a counselor. And so some people can either discourage you from a spiritual perspective or from other perspectives. Satan was really trying to discourage me from entering into the field and actually those same skills are those same personality characteristics. It's actually what makes me a better therapist than if I had not had those skills and personality traits. And so discouragement from every side. And the breaking point for me was actually my 2nd year of graduate school when I was listening to a series online and on audio verse on a dangerous ecology. And I heard that this adventist psychologist stopped her practice because she learned these things. And I said, god, what have I gotten myself into? And so I seriously started looking into nutrition and p T p T. Those were 2 of my other interest and I was thinking, god am I'm, I'm going to change my career focus. But god continued to have me persist and now not only was I discouraged from outside for from within the church as also discouraged from outside. Now in the world, the psychology they found out that I was christian and supervisors, colleagues and so forth. They started discouraging me from continuing on. They said, you're going to be biased. You're going to impose your beliefs. I don't know how many of you have heard that within the field of called your mental health is they have this view of christians that you're going to be an inferior therapist because you're going to be biased and try to force your beliefs on others. And so from outside, from inside from both sides, i was being discouraged and so much so that I remember even getting lectured by a supervisor for signing my emails blessings. Katie. And I can share so many challenges of attacks from within the world of psychology as a christian. But god said, katy persist. This is the way to walk and don't turn to last, don't turn to the right, pursue what I have for you. And what I found so amazing was god sort of validating the through the very same things or same ways that people were trying to discourage me. So people use spirit of prophecy to say these are the dangers of psychology, but thank God, use the spirit of prophecy to say, katy, no, this is the way. If you've read my character and personality volume one, chapter one in the very, very beginning, it says she calls it the nicest work to deal with minds. Is the nicest work ever committed to man. She later than says it is the greatest work. Not only is that encouraging that is empowering god is saying you are in the right field, katie. So spirit of prophecy, he validated me reading the bible. I started seeing the bible in a whole new light. I realize that when we talk about use his mission here on earth, we talk about teaching and preaching and healing physical ailments. But if you look at luke chapter 4, he says that I can't heal the broken hearted jesus was a psychologist. And is it that was jesus his job? I'm in good company. God sort of validating my decision, although it was hard, although is discouraging. God was showing me katie, continue and why? Because if you look at the world around us, Yes, there are physical health problems. But there are, there is a mental health crisis, and so I'm hearing today and my stories so much more. And if you're thinking about mental health, come talk to me, but I'm sharing not just so you hear a good testimony, but I'm sharing with the intention that I hope you someone here. Maybe encourage to go into the field or perhaps to support others that are already in the field. Or if you're already chosen a field to in, to start considering incorporating a mental health component. And so please find me whether afterwards at lunch or I'll be at the beautiful mines booth tomorrow around 145. I love to talk to you. There is a mental health crisis, but there is a wonderful counsellor, jesus christ. And he wants to use use this media was produced by audio adventures, layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more, please The W W. W dot Or if you would like to learn more free online, please visit w W W W dot org.


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