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The Moral Machinery

Dan Vis



  • May 29, 2010
    3:15 PM
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him was the amazing how much you can learn how to do this study before that despite the new insight that is amazing how good the Lord is just unthinkable the word and I'm thankful that we have opportunities like this Army Bible camp to be able to study together and learn new things we haven't seen before but have to tell you just a little personal note that I kind of have a little quirky way of thinking I've noticed this over the years that in the Adventist churches seems like there's a very strong much to say this very strong desire or drive to no theological truth and I'm thankful for that I think it's partly because there's such a powerful message of powerful doctrinal message of powerful prophetic message and delete it and that we want more of it and were driven to understand these things but somewhere in the back of my brain there's been this set and again I feel like almost another planet sometimes in my brain there is the desire and drive in a longing for practical truth for how to make the word of God actually were not as more information is being applied as much as I love that in value that the how to actually make it work amen and this is one reason that I enjoyed Bible memorization so much talked about that on Friday it's one thing to hear new insights but it's a whole other experience to memorize some verse and then maybe even weeks later the first classes into your mind and you see new insight that you never seen before it's like a pleasant experience and practical it works in the workshop this afternoon I talked about evangelism just a bit him kind of question how do we make evangelism actually work why is it that it just doesn't seem to be working with the West the practical side and with the New Testament really have to say about how to do it to them I'm coming from well that's kind of where I want to go to Dallas document management am not talking Bible memorization this presentation I want to talk about something that I like all the moral machinery have you ever seen that expression the spirit of prophecy the moral machinery she says that God would have his servants become acquainted with the moral machinery of their own hearts in other words there are faculties within the heart of man that function in work it's like machinery this piece is in the interact with each other in very specific ways specific faculty specific funds it worked it's like a big complicated machine and what she's saying that God wants us to understand the machinery how it works a practical size of Christianity and in I think sometimes we go around again in theological terms but we don't really understand maybe even what were talking about we talk about birth and we talked about sanctification we talked about I know the nature of matter the nature of Christ if you want to get into the hot potato something like that throwing around theological terms character development how important is character development characters not found in your Bible these managing James Bond never find it and yet we know how vitally important character development is that highlights how do we deal with temptation how is the process by which we resist and overcome temptation while we sort I have little clichés little hints and suggestions we will test we tell people but we don't have a good picture many times of all the moral machinery how the different parts of the nature of man worked on interrelate with each other and as a result we don't understand what's really happening deep down inside while I've been studying this for well over ten years this is actually the first time I've ever tried to do this presentation by itself usually in a longer series of about twenty meetings fifteen or twenty sessions around the shrine cram down the or like drivers that Jews accounted one basic presentation at least cover some major points okay so anyway let us begin with a word of prayer Holy Spirit to guide and direct our thoughts in the indictment this topic father in heaven we want to thank you that we have opportunities like this to come apart and to study your word we thank you for the knowledge the information that you are giving us but in my heart and I'm sure many here we have a longing for even more we want practical life-changing Scripture we want your words be overcome and our hearts such a way that produces real change not just more knowledge or information we know only Holy Spirit can bring about this change only Holy Spirit can see just how the moral machinery works so you pray for your divine guidance just now and masses in Jesus name we talk about internalizing the word of God is at least two parts to it one part is exposing ourselves to the word of God this can be of course memorization is one of the best ways to begin the process of internalization but you have the same experience by constantly studying the word of God by reading the word of God by listening to sermons anything that we go to expose ourselves to the word of God is just the first part in the process of internalization the second part come we encounter those moment by moment experiences in life where the word of God comes into contact with the reality of our circumstances so say for example were struggling with doubt or we want more love in our hearts are we want more of a burden for souls are some specific areas that were working on our life and so we go to the word of God and we study and we read we listen to sermons on that particular topic we memorize key verses and are trying to saturate ourselves with the principles of the word of God but the next console and were faced with that situation where an opportunity you are not logged to deal with fear or not you are current or moderate dealing with the temptation to even do some addiction are not given into talking about right at that moment word comes into contact with the realities of our life and this is where real internalization happens is not just what we care what we've listened to but whether or not we can bring the word of God to bear into our moment by moment experiences that really results in the internalization of God 's word payment is a sense now I'd like to try and focus in on the nitty-gritty the nuts and bolts of what happened at that precise moments how do you make Christianity work right at that moment of temptation threatening your Bibles to the book of Galatians were going to quite a few scriptures here to get started with Galatians Chapter five and go just a little quickly moderately a little bit of groundwork if I time we could go into this and much more detail and bring out a lot more evidence but it is one of a couple quick points to start out with first of all there are different fast acids or faculty about these the native man in competing with each other at that moment of temptation within Galatians Chapter five verse seventeen the Bible says for the last loan against the spirit and the spirit against the last and these are contrary the one to the other children you cannot do the things that you would in other words in this verse we see that there are two different sides holding simultaneously on each of us there is on the one hand the spirit of God that is pulling us in one direction and then we have our own sinful life is pulling us in the net in a different direction in their country to jump in this is why we sometimes go either way sometimes we listen to the one or sometimes we listen to the other I'm allowed to get to have cartoons in error have someone being tempted and may have a little devil on one shoulder and a little angle on the other side and it certainly shows that there's one-sided quelling us towards spiritual ways and there's another part of the willingness towards fleshly ways not in between those two forces there is another faculty are aspect of the nature of man that makes the decision about which way will the turn with me to the book of Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight starting with verse five and will see what heart of man is that makes a decision which direction were going to go Bible says in Romans eight thirty one verse five for they that are after the last do what mind the things of the flesh but they did after the spirit mind the things of the spirit were to be carnally what minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life what is between the flesh and the spirit is making the decision which direction we go if the mind what do responsive promptings of the Holy Spirit on the spiritual nature or the mind is going to respond to the promptings of the flat and we respond to the promptings of the Spirit will be spiritually minded and responsive promptings of the flesh will be largely monitor carnally minded this makes sense so the mine is right in the middle between these two forces the mind is where the battle takes place unnoticed just a little side note send me to first Peter chapter four this is an amazing verse I don't really profess to understand it completely it makes a very amazing statement first Peter chapter four starting with verse one getting in the chapter the Bible says Bert van as for as much then as Christ has suffered for us in the last arm yourselves likewise with what this A- is arming right arm in arm me with the same mind what line the mind of Christ Christ had a certain mind and he dealt with all kind of temptation he suffered in the flesh and here's what I want you to have the same mind arm yourself with the same mind that Christ had the mind of Christ continues reviewed in a separate in the last has what ceased from sin vision no longer live the rest of his time in the last of the last amendment to look at it we can learn to have the mind of Christ and that means consistently we would respond to the promptings of the Spirit and we would never respond to the promptings of the flesh the reason that were inconsistent sometimes they gallantly sometimes we go the other way is a mind is not functioning in the same way Christ my function that the faculties of the mind that the faculties of reason and emotions in the world are not working in the same way that Christ reasoning powers and emotion capability sensitivities and is well working in ways Marcy and consistent victory and if we can come to understand how this all machinery worth these various moral faculty the God within our mind and also our spiritual faculties or physical faculties if we can understand how they work and how they interrelate with one another to where we can come to have the mind of Christ what will that mean in our expense this is the consistent it is all about having the mind of Christ knows a little something about the flesh in the book of Romans this is very important in many times Christians do not understand this Romans chapter eight in Iraq chapter seven notice verse eighteen lot of different ideas about this particular chapter but I wanted just make one observation one point that Paul makes in this passage setting the verse eighteen for I know that in me that is in my last throughout what know that they need to recognize that there was a problem within him there is something that was not good and he called it his flesh and skin than just a few verses notice where he says this last is first twenty two for I delight in the law of God after the inward man is there's another part of him than actually delighted in the logon is the spiritual part of all that was pulling them into harmony with alone but then there's this other part we just looked at how the plasma display and the other is going back and forth as it continues private light and love God after the inward man but I see another law in mind what members with the meantime members must write in my body my arms my legs environment the DNA of my body it is in my members is another law war against the law of my mind bringing me into captivity to the law of sin and death in these the next verse all recommend that Ampligen deliver me from this what where is the flesh nature for less nature is embedded right in our physical life the cravings of our life the loss on the end of the hormonal changes that happened out the type for food and we have when you get angry or stressed the blood pressures are going in Hartford 's chemical responses there embedded right in our body there's apart within our body that is pulling us in the wrong direction and the Bible says that the question by the way we inherited that we get our DNA Margaret became right now to their DNA and ours and we have a corrupted physical nature now notice verse thirteen of chapter eight next paragraph over a slow chapter eight verse thirteen notice what the Bible says about the spiritual side or if I live after the flesh universe fourteen or thirteen review live after the flesh you shall not but if you through the spirit do mortify with any more thought and you put the death of neutrality mortify the deeds of the body you shall live so here's the Bible again on the website of the spirit you have the body was in the body the lust of the flesh and were going to die spiritual death if we really listening to the Holy Spirit put to death the needs of the body and organ eleven for a simple verse fourteen for as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are what you really mean to be a son of God demands on God means that were no longer listening to the last but now were listening to despair continues I received the spirit of bondage again to fear but you received the Spirit of adoption and so on herself sixteen the Spirit himself talking about the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of another John spirit communicates with our human spiritual nature and is giving us messages giving us relation Holy Spirit prompting is given a impression given is a sense of direction which waited in the Holy Spirit is constantly trying to communicate with us through our spiritual make on the one hand the flesh of speaking to the other hemisphere speaking to us and we have two complete sets of census that are picking up these messages how I pick up the messages from the world around me was through my physical senses right things that I seem to think that I hear this now that they are all these things are coming into my mind from the body and my mind physical senses God and the other hand is taking to my spiritual nature communicating information that's coming into spiritual senses and a level four compliments of them and remember citizens on taste and see that the Lord is good without talking about something that our spiritual sense and in acts seventeen is that they were just feel after Godby was given five in the region constantly given the skin is here to hear let him hear what the Spirit saying to the churches and the Sabre or smell of life and the life or death for all the things talking about the schema they can perceive no all these verses are telling us that we have spiritual sense it is likely a physical sense they were handling to be listening to the spiritual senses responding to the promptings of the Spirit of the messages are coming in germline through the spiritual senses or we're going to be responding the lesson of life if we respond to the biblical sensory information this is why by the way we should guard the avenues of the saw and heard that expression before we need to guard our senses because the enemy comes in and tries to stir up our physical nature our lower nature and God is constantly trying to come in and speak is your spiritual nature every time we studying or memorizing listen to the sermon God is trying to implant information within us so that he and more clearly it is there is not the information is God speaking to us through the information that is on our vignette from your something we heard six years ago and is something is actually in our mind is working in making an impact in our choices so with physical and spiritual and constantly battling one another and let me just make this comment to we need to learn how to use our spiritual senses advertisement in chapter two verse fourteen this is the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness and I'm him because they are what you know is not just the process of our mind of our intelligence that enables us to discern Bible truth there are many very very intelligent people sometimes teaching it even religious school sometimes that are not converted that have not had a spiritual experience that you try and explain the simplest things of the Bible native and have somewhere just making everything confusing they can't see the dispatch entered is not intellectually discerned it spiritually this is a spiritual faculty not a mental faculty it is a place for logic and reason all of that in our study don't misunderstand but primarily God speaks to us through our spiritual faculties and it comes in through the spiritual senses into the mind and the mind has to decide what is going to yield spiritual or whether it will yield to the physical prompt anything makes insofar so the battle is where in the minds is getting messages from our physical senses in a spiritual sense of God is speaking to our spirit that information coming into the minds and the one site yet any assignees the world coming into our physical senses and leaders in the wrong direction to make an impact on our physical and online will make a choice that direction is a constant battle going on now actually a number of specific faculties that are connected with man's spiritual side I don't have time to want all of them I just want to mention one briefly one of the spiritual faculty one of the spiritual senses so to speak the Bible talks about is our conscience conscience is not a mental faculty it is a spiritual faculty if you've ever done something and maybe didn't really know exactly what was wrong with your conscience was saying something 's not right you shouldn't have done that maybe Kent would you bring on exactly the reason that you knew it was wrong because God was communicating spiritually healing your conscience was picking up those messages sending them into my and in the minus side I was in a constant reminder that was my conscience right incident to the colleges is a powerful spiritual family but when Paul preached you know what faculty Paul appealed to in his messages did you go to the reason emotions or the will or what all appeal to the conscience and sucking in the infantry instructor for this is my manifestation of the truth we commend ourselves to every man's conscience when he got up and gave a powerful sermon it wasn't primarily logical eight three points a turn to convince the reason it wasn't selling lots of stories to try and get an emotional response it was a long drawnout author called manipulative the will but he appealed directly to the conscience as this is right he was counting on the spirit of God to bring conviction to his messages there's a place for human reason in our sermons are the place for working with emotions and understanding that is the place for calling for decision again not anything extreme decision when saying is that spiritual things are spiritually discerned ever seen my spiritual faculties and one of those spiritual faculties is the conscience not theirs God 's plan for transport well I have God as communicators you are spirit and we pick up those methods is through our spiritual faculties and is faithful to the content of God sending a method of conscience picks that up the colleges can actually give you two different messages to the mine Romans do it says it either since accusing nothing is or excusing messages in this image are doing is wrong with you doing is right and so the conscience receives that information and tries to communicate it to my belt with faculty in the mind you think picks up those messages from the conscience interesting if I could also bring up of gears levers and I often think of repetitive machinery or the Morley here's a whole string of faculties at this impression will work its way through the in order to be built into the life starts with God goes to the spiritual faculty of conscience and in which faculty first picks up impressions of the conference and wedding guests what happens when your conscience is thinking done something wrong you feel guilty editor cut this is what you did was right how do you feel all that are rejoicing is this the testimony of our conscience is all about killing when his conscience was clear they visit Hugo Sorel or sin with his conscience was violated really real peace with God a refill trouble with our consciences been perfect as its enemy an emotional response note our emotions are the part of the human mind that first picks up those sensory impressions from our spiritual nature guilt joy peace troubles something like that but what we do with those first glimmers of the spirits prompting an online what faculty doesn't need to go to next month 's believe not every spirit but I see whether they've got and how we try them with our standard by which we drive through the log to the testimony root node every impression every feeling every impulse that we noticed in a lot of emotional senses have to be tested by the word of God to see whether not that impulses need in harmony was injured or not in harmony with Scripture this is the whole purpose of our reason is to determine whether or not and impulses are biblical or not one reason has been able to ascertain sanctified reviews been able to ascertain that that person is in being in harmony with the word about what faculty does looking at SQL and what is the weather the function of the well is to issue this command is his body yes or don't do that another act on impression of God sends an fashion to the conscience the conscience and into the emotions emotions and that the reason reasons and into the well and well into the command to the body and the body acts unimpressed how long you have to take by the way and everything is working properly connected just a matter of seconds just a nanosecond to sense impression you immediately jump to see when it's probably worth indefinite endurance in your act on enterprise almost instantaneous Obi selling Apple process everything is working as it supposed to be doesn't always work who had both of them always work that way but I felt busted and by the way when it was all away from God to the conscious emotions the reason with two body happens to flesh whether the flesh is crucified when we're constantly responding to the promptings of the Spirit only with prompting the spirit upon things of the flesh are put to death that Southwest is crucified by his any enemy works models in the first on five nineteen of the whole world lies in the power of wickedness by their wickedness I know the things in the world does mean that there is a pervasive influence that is out of harmony with God and the world around us is in our media culture societies all around again is using the wall to appeal to our fleshly nature largely through our physical senses and the goal is to get us to violate the law of God annual faculty has overcome first of the always this way but generally the first faculty with the enemy wants it back to the faculty the will so you see that luscious piece of chocolate cake say for example you look some more sleep it's not letting you going and see the colors of it in your thinking your stomach starts to growl and all the senses are working in the fleshly natures crying uncle duplicate and all I probably shouldn't have that but I was going to distance oneself is a graph is a it is a really reasoning process is just the wills surrenders to the cravings of the flesh I know what happens next with the enemy has compromised our will begins to go to work on our reason exactly the opposite process begins that while you know it's not really that bad it just every once in a while just a little bit of shopping an area whatever is on the other hurt me up a little bit of chocolate is now in and recently justify ourselves we rationalize Leavy is the reason to justify a wrong course of action no reason has been conquered by the end we think you do next what we do with those impression that God is sending simultaneously thing you should do that you should do that with you convinced yourself that there's nothing wrong with what happens to those emotional signals were getting were set them down we just got them all that unless the is no point to that as the norm and brazenly chewing out the emotional signals that were no one really one another the emotional signals because when we shut down the emotional receptors we examine ourselves more confident enough to get Erin can no longer hear the voice of God speaking to us at least minus three we shut it down and so the enemy is trying to separate us from God through this process using the wealthy accountant of the body the fleshly nature overcomes will overcome Israeli shuts down the emotions and reason were no longer getting the messenger the conscience God cannot speak to spiritual anymore on that particular point and I think I was going back and forth a hundred times every a thousand times maybe every single day one way or the other and how the mind response each of these impulses whether the impulses of the blasphemy impulses determines which direction we're going in are spiritual there is high-stakes involved either flashes can be crucified or the conscience of any silence were talking about life and death issues here it's not just a little thing were talking about everything is up for grabs it all depends on how the mind functions particularly the emotions the reason in the well the faculties of the mind how they function determine which direction we go in our spiritual life might just make a few suggestions to you how to make sure that we win this battle that takes place in our minds know the Bible talks about renewing our might I don't think that's just about information I think it's talking about online actually being healed sorry emotions work like they're supposed bizarre reason works like it's supposed to soar will works like it's supposed the mind is actually being renewed as being human being transformed when the mind is restored to the in Christ then Lavinia is constantly responding to the impulses of Holy Spirit is the process while all this documented to the back of the leg had about three minutes for each one so I got to go quickly but it's not complicated as I like to suggest that emotions are actually too dangerous with emotions first one is that we try and shut down emotions there is there tends to be a prejudice against emotions and administered like reason is that emotions are about so dryly rational and dollars into your most hotel about the matter our reasoning is no more reliable than our emotions buzzes lean on your own understanding of the way that seems right to amendment and emulated that you trust your real name when you can test your most the fact is God created our most inquiries he gave out an anime emotion so they could enjoy the sunset they can enjoy the singing birds and they can enjoy love towards each other luck to their children I can enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing something emotions are very important part of life Jesus was a strongly emotional being he wafted the great anguish he was indignant and certain situations embraced wrong emotions with a passionate person while in my life sitting over here she she is more in tune with their emotional nature than I am and you know what the benefit is you walk into a room and should almost immediately detect and did you notice a little over there she looked like she was down today or someone was troubled it was and it's because she has this greater sensitivity than most other like early warning detection system of government in a in a situation we looked over and you just a little safety don't feel comfortable you look when you mind saying I was anything wrong with his reason spot any problems at the most somethings on Dante Mister sensitive emotions are important about we have to learn to choose and to our emotional signals the company 's and even will I know we are careful about expressing our negative emotions but we shouldn't ignore them if we are struggling with negative emotions these are some damage in the heart is not been resolved and I can know who my car got a little blinking red line I got the wire is trying to connect the signalman does not really smart thing to do the problem with union is video with causing the problem and fixed the problem is assuming that we haven't shut down the emotions were not tuned into them like we need to be the problem is that we use our motion for a guidance system rather than a detection system we let our emotions the guide is not business what Adam did and the gardening anything any different he was not thinking exactly what happened as a model as well up inside that I can't bear the thought of living without any of the deceased unless identical to the motions between the guide system rather than a detection system we need to learn to be sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit our emotions are vitally important but it's just detection is not guidance what we detect the information that are emotional sensors pick up our spiritual sense of budget that emotions pick up that it is over to the reason and reason is given the primary task of ascertaining whether those promptings are in harmony with the spirit of God in the world that were not sometimes we just neglect the fact of the refinancing is happy to get us to say something without thinking of you ever done that the mold is something he does respond without thinking I'll think about you working you end up working you never said that wishing you never done on the stimulus as well as I think I want one I think but most of us realize that that's not a very smart way to live our lives as the other problem assuming we are using a reason and an intelligent people tend to struggle with this more than others I think if we can use our reason the rationalization very smart people can come up with very creative excuses or justifications for wrong choices and I know something I visit on a revelation for me I realize that what rationalization is is very simple rationalization is simply asking the wrong question for example if someone says while it's just a small piece a cake with what question are really asking is it a big beaver diggers a small dinner finally the question of questions in the right community in this development is the Bible really say I'm not picking on talk later working on his use as an illustration of his estate illustration of the questions are really the babies are a small piece of what is right for me to look at some of the wildlife concert does enter so-and-so that the question is not what is your pastor the question of what is also the question is every rationalization is asking the wrong question that was still harder the consequences of any connect the question is not what it easier or harder questions not what are the consequences about the question the question is in the biblical question is not in all of life unloaded that half the other Vietnamese I know and maybe it'll gray area but you know the end result account questions on what the end result the question is is this action the local is this choice that will only need to discipline her mind very simple is constantly asked the right question is this impression in harmony with the word of God are not just that simple it's just that simple I will we fall into couple different ditches with the will as well one dish says just trying by sheer willpower try and do what you know is rising as is your command in your own human strength and what happens while losing their life row since then are we trying to admin and being frustrated we do not have the power within us a chance to do right the flesh nature is too strong Ethiopian can changes in the leopard can't change a spot near gently choose to do right we were accustomed to doing evil power of the Blessed just too strong for our own human will can know the advantages the other did you say well and has been a surrender to God in the end and so we don't use the web we don't engage the world in your happens sit around waiting for God to do it for us and nothing happened we keep waiting and waiting and waiting away for long time that's not a plan is not just now it is important not misunderstand me it is vital that we surrender the world together cannot happen when you surrender your will to God about his statement this was a life-changing statement is found in Boston my blessings this really quickly page sixty two news many statements on the well similar to this but I like this one particularly God does not design that are willing to be destroyed that is not just surrender the weather will doesn't do anything okay it's only through its right to exercise that he connect that we can accomplish when you announce that it all away God 's purpose can be carried out is through the right exercisable everything depends on the right exercising for investing in foreign steps across the will has to be exercised when I has been exercised in the right way it continues our will is to be one minute will our will is to be yielded to him that we may receive it again so what happens when you surrender Willie got going is it right back to you but you know something is not the same well as we gave them and returning India but it's purified and refined and so linked in sympathy with the divine and he can pour through us five of eleven so when we surrender the weather guy will recognize the helplessness of law I can see this I didn't knew my well been the very next step is to say thank you for giving them to me now I'm in exercising the will and issue the command and guess what happens at that point who will is endued with supernatural energy when it issues a command is carried by the Vista credit for God is within leaders and knowledge that we could know Marcel God was the only one ethylene in my LiveJournal is the knowledge and power but who makes the choice who exercises the will we do God has given us the faculty will and in barley and when we learn how to use it as a great statement from the desire of ages page four sixty six all readers of the limit long to make over minute or two in the work of redemption there is no compulsion God is not making is this some kind of marionette or popular something like that were personal character development of what is the path that is we have to make choices we have to rely on God received strength we have to determine if a character wrote this place in the work of redemption there is no compulsion no external force is employed is not amazing God has not put his hand over you would do it for you under the influence of the Spirit of God man is left for me to choose what happens when you surrender what the he certainly empowers you with enough power that you're actually free to choose right before he went on the power but now you have the power to choose now you have freedom matters let me choose anyone serving the change that takes place when assault surrenders to Christ is an important discernible absolutely wet loyalist surrendered to God surrender to Christ in the agenda takes place in the Salzman is Christ there is the highest sense of freedom the expulsion of sin is the act of the soul itself true no power to thousands inconsolable when we desire to be set free from sin and in our great need cry out for power on and above ourselves the powers of the soul are imbued with the divine energy of the Holy Spirit and they obeyed the dictates of the will and fulfilling the will of God seeing we need to learn to rely on the power the Holy Spirit every step of this process we need to understand how the mind works how the lost of moral machinery functions how it interrelates out each faculty is supposed to operate so we can cooperate with his God with God in the process of sanctification of resisting temptation we need the Holy Spirit to speak to our spirit and give us his impressions otherwise were just wandering around what to do we have to have the emotional sensitivity to and to what God is saying and not miss those promptings went to be sensitive so that the lightest whisper the Holy Spirit we says it just was with murder conviction the lightest whisper of an impression one way and is the sole and absolute with the spirit of God dependent on Holy Spirit when I have been Egyptian on the Holy Spirit to wash our minds of the worth thinking the right way so they were asking the right question what are rationalizing coming up with justification we can deceive ourselves and anything when we can just learn to discipline the mind to ask the right question what does the Bible really say every thought captive to go into graph and in the will recognizing that is only by the power of God we can even choose right he realized that every right decision we make in life is only possible by the powerless nose every right decision is stamped by the blood of Christ is of the gospel is like not just something that happened twenty years ago when I became a Christian the gospel not dissimilar legal transfer of information my recognize our heart and more than that the gospel is a living breathing dynamic power in our lives today moment by moment as a single temptation the gospel is stamped on that decision as the only way we can gain and the more we learn out the mind of Christ the more consistent we will be in our personal Vic Viper the Lord will help us to understand volunteering God would have the servants become familiar with the moral machinery of his heart there's much more we could say about these different faculties and there's other faculties the Bible talks about as well but I pray the Lord will help us to understand enough about how work that we can begin to actually see the word of God into the lives out in the moment by moment decisions we all face in our heads for worker father in heaven and only went very quickly and we covered a lot of ground and yet it just seemed like we barely scratched the surface I pray father that you would give us power of your Holy Spirit to understand these things and act on these teachers as we heard several times already this week and I are Holy Spirit into just one instance lifetime a study of different schools whatever we need that teaching of your Holy Spirit gives victory help us know how to on your work and response are prompting to be so sensitive still small voice would never miss the lightest wisp give us the mind of Christ we pray that we could cease from sin we thank you assess in Jesus name


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