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A Brief History of the Sexual Revolution

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • August 21, 2021
    12:00 PM
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Right, welcome back everybody. It's been a long day. Yeah. Yeah. So we are, we're on the final lap here. And When deal with a very sensitive issue, a very important issue, something that's happening in our now Well, today I'm going to give a brief history of the sexual revolution. So I talk about this because god is not willing that any should perish for that all should have eternal life. And that should be our approach not philosophy to however, we talk about these issues because we're going to talk about something that's really the most intimate and personal detail in somebody's life. And you know how you identify and that we may talk about what it means to identify. But your sense of who you are is incredibly important. And for someone to say to you or not, who you say you are can be profoundly insulting. So when I talk about the history, the sexual revolution, i'm not going to talk about the origins of certain things. I'm gonna give a broad overview what's been happening in America. Then I'm going to talk about the comparison between the competing worldviews that are out there. And the consequences that we're looking at in America today listen bow heads and ask god for his blessing. My dear loving, heavenly father. We asked for a spirit of wisdom to descend upon us today. Father told us through the epistle of the apostle james, that the wisdom that comes from above is peaceful and gentle and makes for building up. So father, i pray for that spirit of wisdom. Now, I pray, lord, that those who are hearing this today, those may be watching today online or later from the archives. I pray that they will send your present same what is said and done today. May we never look on others father, as if our salvation is based on our own goodness. And those is based on their own worthlessness. May remember that we are all sinners in need of a sin bearing savior. So father bless us now with your presence in jesus name. I ask, i'm in alright, so we're going to talk about some american history here. Some of this, you may be familiar with this. Probably most of it you don't know, but you may have picked up somewhere in the news. And the 1900 forty's, when start there is a very famous doctor down in Nebraska called up to arthur louis miller. And he argued that homosexual had urges about once a month in the same way that a woman had a menstrual cycle. That was his idea about homosexuality. He argued that $3.00 to $4.00 days and each month, the homosexuals instinct had his from all decency breaks down and he's driven into abnormal feels of sexual practice. And what he recommended was large doses of sedatives to kind of calm people's urges during those during those critical moments of the month. Hard to believe that what was argued in the 1940s, he then argued voted to congress from nebraska. And you offered what was known as the sexual psychopathic law, but in common parlance, it became known as the miller act. It made the act of sodomy punishable by up to 20 years in prison. And anyone accused of it had to be examined by a psychiatric team and repeated acts of this and led to a diagnosis as a sexual psychopath. And you would not be put to prison, but you were going to be committed to the criminal ward of Washington, d. C, same to this was like the hospital until you as sufficiently recovered. And president truman find the miller act to lower 1948. After that, in the 1940s or parallel to that, it would be fair to say that homosexuals were the on the receiving end of incredible bigotry hatred and violence. Police departments nationwide, 100 for homosexuals and bars clubs and other game meeting places, particularly here in California. In fact, the California department of alcohol average control the abc, you still have the abc Alright, abc was created to maintain public safety and establishment served alcohol and other establishments will enclose if they broke the alcohol law. So the big they became known as gay meeting spots. And homosexuals were captured in sting operations by the police in gay bars and police officers posing as homosexuals. And then arresting people who came up to them in proposition. And homosexuals were 1st was perverts and psychopaths. And there was very significant public hostility to homosexuals. Now, 1900 fifties becomes the American psychiatric association and diagnostic and statistical manual mental disorders. They classified homosexuality as a pathological disorder and in popular literature it was viewed and portrayed that homosexuality was results of some psycho social maladjustment in your preteen years. A popular perception how that homosexuality could be cured through psychoanalysis. Residential group therapy, front of the bottom is insurance shocker, electro, convulsive therapy, electro shock therapy, and many wealthy parents paid for their children to go precisely these kind of treatments in places like new York, washington and california. As all parents put their children through, hoping they could be cured of homosexuality. President truman in $45.00, signed executive order, 9835, known as the federal employment loyalty program, which established review boards to work within the federal agencies to identify and fire any individual suspect. The disloyalty to the U. S. At the time america was entering the cold war with the soviet union. And president, truman and eisenhower after him were trying to make sure that there were no red some the bad as you might say. With senator coughing, that there was that the red from the bad sky and homosexuals were viewed as being susceptible to blackmail that if you are known to be homosexual, lucia job that we can blackmail you from the K g b. And so truman needed to show himself top on tough on communists and to be a true cold warrior. Resigned, he signed that particular executive order into power. And with his blessing, a guy called john perforate put forth, began routing out homosexuals within the state Department using the powers provided by that particular executive order. And the state Department was viewed as a hot bed of homosexual activity. And as a liability to united States in the cold war against the former soviet union. So he then homosexuals, as they were viewed as molly deviant, opened to blackmail by foreign powers. Namely the ussr, they were believed to weaken your moral fiber. And they were alleged to have a corrosive impact on the non homosexual work. Colleagues. And so the U. S. Senate decided that the executive branch of the US government must be purged of all homeless sexual in the fifty's. A senate subcommittee was formed by clyde her way, senator, from North Carolina, and by november, 950 over 5500 federal employees across the state said either been fired or false to resign. So there was a lot of purging going on in the upper levels of the U. S. Federal government. Her parallel latch dwight eisenhower within 3 months, coming to Office, signed another executive order, or to $10450.00 naming certain categories of people is being security risks. Can be, have you switch this microphone often keep a song, a lot of and have a lot of feedback here. Thank you. Among those security risks were communists, molly, subversive, the drunk, the dishonest drug uses and sexual perverts. I homosexuals and the eisenhower administration that was concerted efforts to purge homosexuals from all federal positions because they were alleged to be a security risk, which would be the soviet union and have a marty corrosive effect on their colleagues. And because of this, tens of thousands of patriotic americans who were homeless, sexual or purged from their jobs in the federal government, across the United States, onto the allegation that they might be subject to blackmail by the K g, b, and other overseas agencies. Intrusive investigations were conducted that destroyed the careers of many americans and private corporations engaged in the same winnowing out process. It seemed like they were going through exactly the same process on another issue. But anyway, in the U. S. Navy f d R, when he was the assistant sex with Navy ford became the president young. He had assigned investigators to invest like m. C. S alleged homosexual acts on the parts of the sailors and the 1920 articles of war which of the notary code of conduct they had criminalized homosexual behavior in the US military. This was enforce until early world war 2, when, because of manpower shortages, the U. S. Government relaxed that restrictions on active homosexual serving in the military war department. So can 3, I think in $42.00 alleged that some homosexuals could be reclaimed from their homosexuality, but only the resolutely homosexual were to be discharged within it with a dishonorable discharge. But by 944 homosexuals still faced intrusive psychiatric investigation when they entered the U. S. Military, despite the labor or manpower shortages. How's world war 2 played out? After world war to the U. S. Military shank strike shrank by 90 percent and once again, homosexuals were aggressively rooted out in favor of heterosexuals serving in the military and army regulation 60443 described 3 kinds of homosexual, aggressively homosexual. Let's be court martialed. That is the flagrant homosexuals, non aggressive, homosexuals could resign or be to be dishonorably discharged. And those with homosexual tendencies could receive a dishonor. An honorable discharge discharge has dropped during the korean war due to manpower shortages again, but a short sword afterwards from 1953 onward. So basically, the US military's position was if we're fighting a big war, we need you. If we don't have warner hands, you can go home. That's kind of the summary. The asked you to the US military in the forty's and fifty's. When it came to women, america in the fifty's or married the American ideal for women was motherhood, apple pie, and white picket fences. And there were not a lot of career opportunities for women in the United States, particularly 1900 fifties. They sled parallel to this, to the torrent in a 2nd way, feminism, but we're not going to talk about that today. So anyway, in the 1950s lesbians were attracted to the military. Why? Because in the military, you didn't need to have a husband to support you. You've been in a salary with benefits and the g. I bill benefits for yourself as well. So for a woman who did not want to marry a man, the U. S. Military provides a very good option to further yourself in life and be able to support yourself and his believe now that there are many discrete lesbians who served in the various branches of the U. S. Military throughout 1900 fifties. And so be neat and discrete, was a common latin common motto among lesbians at the time. Now, we move on to start that the starting as the gay rights movement. And magnus, her felt, was in germany. And he organized the scientific humanitarian committee in germany, 997. His focus was on de criminalizing homosexuality. As a parallel talk, i give magnus hearst valdez. He was an active, homosexual. He lived with 2 young men in france. His library was burned to the ground by joseph goebbels in 1933 in germany by the nazis and he fled to france. He lived with 2 young men in the german man and the China chinese man, a man from china. And he was kind of one of the founders of, you might say more than transgender etiology, but he himself lived with 2 young men at the time, them, ah, parallel to him in 1924. We're not going to go down the transgender route today, but henry gerber in 1024. He opened up the society of Human rights in the states and he was closed down. The veterans benevolent association fought the dishonorable discharges that homosexuals received so they could receive an honorable discharge and received your benefit bills. Harry, hey, here in California. Believe that homosexuals were an oppressed cultural minority within a culture remarks as well. If you, This is very, this is the frankfurt school of philosophy and the origins of Social justice, water idiology, where the hard left has repositioned. The debate marks said that the world is divided into the proletariat to the bottom, the workers and the boise of the owners. Of the factories and there is an economic struggle going on on the left under the, the frankfurt school of philosophy, reimagined not in America and said, no, the world is divided into the oppressors and the oppressed. And you are either an oppressor or the oppressed, and we're all familiar with that kind of video g today. Critical race theory, critical theory, all that kind of stuff. We're not going to go into that today. We could, but we won't, but harry have was using that kind of marxist worldview to argue that homosexuals were an oppressed cultural minority within the United States. And he organized him an organization called matter. She knew here in California. I think it was. And they fought against him and treatment by the police. And they also fought for homosexuals to have basic civil rights within the United States. Naval 953. There was a convention i think was in San Francisco, the mattress, you know, movement. I hope I'm pronouncing that right and there was a convention and there was fears over mark system secret, secretive approach leadership, which well, there was and this was the 1st time in US History. It was in the Bay Area that a public hall of homosexuals spoke openly. For political purposes, they spoke of their pride in their homosexuality and anticipated walking down hollywood boulevard almond proclaiming their fright mountain riga. One of the speakers spoke of the need of homosexuals to come out into the open. That was in 1953. Now parallel to this, you have the daughters ability this. This was a lesbian rights group. Formed in 1955 telpa, john lesbians, a just to and prosper and an advance with U. S. Society. Now they produced a magazine called the ladder at the job ladder, and they sought to produce to raise the public profile of lesbians and across america. They would profile well known women who were lesbians and put them on the front of their magazine. And they also wanted rollback vac glued lords and the homosexuality laws, vagrancy, loot law, new to laws. We used by the police to entrap people often in public toilets and so forth. And they were used in sting operations. They want to roll back those laws. And now the ladder magazine, it started out of the machine, a movement of focus on the Human and the civil rights of lesbians, not on the kind of like relational issues. So by 964, the early gay rights movement has shifted its focus to the question of church. And in 1964, there was an ongoing dialogue held between liberal protestant pastors and gay rights activists again in the Bay Area. And that dialogue was established, what became known to counseling, religion in the homosexual. And that was intended to be a meeting place where members of the homosexual community and the lead liberal churches could meet for an honest dialogue about what was going on within that particular community. And the homosexual community challenge the pastors, they said if you're standing up for the african american community in the civil rights movement with martin luther king junior and white, you standing up for the civil rights of another press, minority known as the homosexuals. And so they argued in these meetings that love is the ultimate and only norm of conduct. That is that sounds great from biblical perspective. Love is important, but that there are boundaries within love from a biblical perspective. But this was, the love was to be the ultimate and only norm of con, nothing was to modify what you called love. So the council held a, marty grabel in 1965, and it was kind of a set up, but they invited a lot of prominent rights activists to that. And the police chief decided to read it. And this was in the full view of the, of the press of the Bay Area. And they sent shock waves across america because the police were beating people with attractions, dragging them off in their cars and put them in their cells. And there was a big public outcry about it because the, the pastors in the homosexuals are actually meeting for actually very civilized discussion. You might saying. So people said this violence against homosexual community is not acceptable. Now soon after this you have a guy called frank maney co kamini or Mr. Slide here, have I? Yes. Okay. So the 1900 sixty's. There were many police raids on gay bars particular here in California. And instead of being met by a mix submission, the inhabitants are the people in those gay bar started to fight back. They started to throw their chairs, their food, their furniture and taunts at the police. At 900. 66, a young man call steve guns, ginsberg started the personal rights and defense, more education organization, otherwise known as pride. So the word pride, pride marches does not relate to. I'm proud to be gay. Is born outs of the struggle for fellow americans have their basic civil rights respected by the police. Okay. I'm not here speaking positively or negatively. I'm just describing as neutral as I come. Right. So hundreds of pride supporters started marching in the Bay Area on the police stations demanding that the police leave them alone in the gay boss. And the police no longer harassed them and the police no longer arrest them and abuse their civil rights and Human dignity. And soon pride marches of breaking out, particularly in California against the brutality of the police to the curb to the homosexual community. So then we come to frank khamenei. He was a brilliant astronomer. He is perhaps the single dominant figure in the gay rights movement in the last 50 years. He is to the gay rights movement as martin luther king junior is to the civil rights movement. If you never heard of him, you should have. He was a brilliant astronomer who was actually given a dishonorable discharge from navy because he was homosexual. And he fought his discharge quite vigorously. And tom, he started to lead a more militant gay rights movement in the DC area in the 1900 sixty's. He participates in the march on washington with martin luther king. And he argued a he lobbied before congress and he spoke passionately that, that homosexual should have the same civil legal rights as heterosexual. Should have. He argued, furthermore, homosexual should not wait for heterosexual society to give them those rights into affirm them. But that the gay rights movement should take those rights for themselves. Using legal means now he was a tireless campaigner. He was a brilliant campaign and he was a guy who believed in what he stood for, and he fought tooth and nail for 50 years for that he died during the present abundance administration. He was supported by barbara giftings at owl and others. Barbara giftings was a high profile lesbian at the time in the DC area. And they were hand in hand together. And Company encouraged homosexuals to have fired by the federal civil service to sue foot to get their discharges overturned. And he litigated a number of cases with some lawyer, friends. And finally there were 2 landmark decisions. There was northern versus macy in 69. And scott versus macy in $68.00 after which the civil service commission has stopped its policy of firing homosexuals and also refusing to highest homosexuals and $73.00. The commission, the civil service commission issued a federal guidelines or federal agencies allowing saying that you cannot refuse to hire somebody because their homosexual and you cannot find them because they're homosexuals. So this was a big legal advance in the early sixties. And late 960, you have the stone wall riots that the sun will right start in June 69. There was a police raid on the stone wall in there and I think new York and this letter series of peaceful protests initially. But the police raids continued and eventually it turned to violence. Now, america and the 19 sixty's was a violent nation. We had race riots across the country. And the civil rights movement was torn between those who sang. We peacefully march and we overcome through dignity and an appeal to people's conscience, which was martin luther king's approach. And there was the more militant tom of the civil rights movement said, we're not going to wait to be given these rights african americans. We're going to take them in society. And so there were sit, there were black race rights in britain, america. You see the New York watts, cleveland in Detroit and leo lawrence, he argued in the gay rights movement that the gay rights movement needed to adopt the same militancy as some of the more militant african american groups. And so he argued that the black men found self respect and dignity when he said black is beautiful and proud. Now homosexual, started saying gay is good and I too am proud. And so the gay rights movements in a certain extent, parallel to some aspects of the civil rights movement within the United States and 19 seventies. We start having more direct action that's called direct option. The process was known as zapping. Zapping was public confrontations shouting in your face, turning up at your workplace, turning up your convention, turning up at your church where it may be and talking about why and she respecting the civil rights and legal rights of homosexuals within your community. Now parallel to that many lesbians, the, they felt that the gay rights movement was dominated by white male homosexuals. And that the needs of women, lesbians were basically kind of secondary and the gay rights movement to the needs of men in the gay rights movement. So there are some lesbian groups, kind of high off the main going gay rights movement. There was the lesbian liberation, committee and radical lesbians was another group. And radical has been called for hetero women to emulate lesbians by ceasing to be male identified but to become women identified in their heads. And you start to see the 1st this is coming out of 2nd way, feminism. You starting see the 1st kind of hints of what we now called modern transgender movement. A feminist lesbians, in particular, objected to transvestite men who dresses women. Because transvestite men who dresses women don't dresses like amish women. Men who dresses, women emphasize the sexualization aspect of women, high heels, red lips, et cetera, cetera, short skirts and the lesbians were saying, okay, you think you're a woman. But why do you emphasize that? Which causes our problems in the 1st place, which is, you know, the, that the sexual aspect of women. You see the point. So there was a dispute, there were debates within the, the gay rights movement of the time. So read to renee brown in the african american community. Sorry. And charlotte brown, they weren't that lead the furies and $170.00. There was a lesbian commune, established in Washington, d. C. And they made a political choice to escape male domination. And they argued that hatred such sexuality fed, male dominance and society. So lesbian was a conscious choice by which women to read the world of patriarchy, sexism, racism imperialism all to be replaced by socialism. Sounds very similar, modern social justice for a movement. They inspired a bunch of feminist lesbian collectives across the United States. They saw homosexual socialist men. As much as a problem as capitalist, heterosexual men. And the solution was to be a feminist lesbian. That was to build and all women world without men. And that really didn't get very far for obvious reasons. And just as the, the white middle class women who were lesbians felt that their voices were not being heard because the dominance of the white homosexual men parallel to that you have the african american women in particular saying that our experience of subjugation and oppression all the rest of it does not match that of the white, lesbian women. And so the african american lesbian community kind of had their own offshoots as well arguing for that particular needs. The that was the combo he river collective was formed in 74. Some of those leaders wrote what is now known as the company here, the collective statement. According for the destruction of the political, economic system, of the states of capitalism, of imperialism, and patriarchy. One of those leaders with lady, called mccrae and shirley mccray, who then met a guy called built a blasio and you know, build last year. Yes. And they married in 1994. He was the support of the sandinista as the communists of nicaragua. So that's kind of her background before she met bill de blasio now parallel to this 19 seventies. You have the 1st edition of the equality act. Come in 1974. He was proposed by guy called ed coach who spell his name kotch. Ok. Sorry, I wasn't here at the time. Ed koch? No, really I wasn't. I was in england though. I wasn't even born then so I can claim ignorance on that. So ed caught yes. Okay. Um he sought inequality acts of 74 to to ban discrimination on the grounds what he euphemistically called sexual or affectionate preference. Thus avoiding putting the word homosexual into the act of congress that is $74.00. Recall jack never made its way out of clunk out of committee within the house of representatives. But by this stage, activism was now transition to the decision makers of congress. But one important barrier still remains not with the psychiatric profession. So in 1970, there was a lot of focus on why the psychiatric psychiatry professor psychiatric profession was overwhelmingly proposed. Opposed to the practice of homosexuality. Now the American psychiatric association has manual convention and in 71 that's association meeting in the DC area was zapped by thousands and thousands of gay rights activists descending on that hotel in DC. And the whole thing descended into chaos. And so the company negotiated with the American psychiatric association and agreed that in 1972, there will be no stopping of the a P, A annual meeting. But there would be a public presentation than a debate. And design a company was that together with giddings, the lesbian leader. And they had a very, very famous engine. There was a psychiatry tool that kind of a white anonymous mask that hackers were. He was that he was dr. Anonymous. And doctor hate anonymous and he was a gay psychiatrist who was challenging the views of the American psychiatric association. So there was a debate there american psychiatric association and their reference committee and 73 voted to replace homosexuality with sexual orientation disturbance in the D. S. M. That's the handbook for psychiatrists. They sought to keep in harmony with, with a time with the dominant notions of mental influence. They viewed for homosexuality was not normal. It just was, it was not normal, it was just not abnormal, which is kind of like her. Where is it? Who knows? So debate raged in psychiatric community about homosexuality. Is the mental illness or is it not a mental illness? Is it a disorder or not to review it as a disorder because of biblical worldview? On what basis do we argue that this is a disorder? And eventually as a result of those internal debates with the American psychiatric community, the 74 d S. M to eliminate still references to homosexuality. And we come to the eighty's. And the big story of the eighty's is the gate, the, the gate, the aids epidemic. And it 1st started appearing in June 81 physician that u. C. L. A reported via the cdc is morbidity and mortality. Weekly reports on 5 young men who had appeared in hospital with a rarer mas and knew most his status currently pneumonia. Previously only seen him, patients with acute immunosuppression. And all 5 young men were homosexuals. And by the time the report was published to already dead, and this is the start of the, the gay academic that hit america, them the rest of the world. The New York times report on the new gay cancer. And he chose to emphasize not the fact that they were all young men, but it shows him size fact that the allegedly were promiscuous young men in the gay scene who had as many as 10 sexual encounters each night up to 4 times a week to quote from the New York times, and this was clearly an attempt to kind of smear as everybody in that community just morally outrageous and grossly promiscuous. And what they think that doing is to having sex with 40 different men week, something like that. So the age pandemic continued, but then it's the turnaround started on the 11th of October, $87.00 with what was known as the 2nd march on washington. There was the martin luther king's 1st march in Washington, the sixties and the gay rights community activated in the 87. There was another march on washington over 40000 people died of aids nationally. Physical attacks on homosexuals were skyrocketing on the streets and fear rule. The streets in some of the gay enclave parts of the United States. About events. They ho unfilled a quilts along the Washington more maybe some of the remember that quilts. It covered almost the entire washington mall. Thousands upon thousands of rectangular 3 by 6 panel quilt panels were made, each representing an age victim. Each final panel had a message from a family member or from a parent who lost a precious son or daughter. So there was a massive increase of pressure on big farmer and through congress, a big farmer during the battle. And in 96 protease inhibitors were made widely available and deaths from aids enlarged us cities dropped about 40 percent almost over nights and we've seen a decline of ever since then. So some more modern day advances in 193 by president bill clinton signed into effects. The don't ask, don't tell act which essentially said we won't ask you if you gained the military. And if you don't tell us that you were not going to discharge you, but even under that act that was signed into place by bill clinton, over 14000 people were discharged from the US military. And 2009, president obama signed what is now known as the matthew shepard and james bird junior High crime prevention act. I don't know if you know what happened to matthew shepard or james bird. But what happened to them should happen to know human being? Let's be honest about it. The most brutal physical assault possible. They were brutalized and brutally treated and present pama obama signed this hate crimes prevention act into law in 2009. And we, as christians would absolutely reject the violence brutality was visits visited upon those 2 young men. Nobody can justify that under any way, shape or form present law. Obama then signed the law repeating the don't ask, don't tell, act in 2010. And then into 2014, he amended clinton's executive order, prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity to, to prohibit generation based discrimination based on gender identity for federal contractors. So l G, b, T, q persons could not be discriminated against by federal contractors. Those are some of the acts that president obama did. In 2015 oberg fell. Obo fell versus hodges. This was a key law. A decision by the U. S. Supreme court. It had been buried in the pressure been building for 50 years for this law to be. This is Susan from the rest supreme court. And in this decision, present a justice anthony kennedy discovered in the 14th amendment, the equal protection clause, the 14th amendment, a constitutional right, requiring all states to perform and recognize, same sex marriages on the same terms and conditions of heterosexual marriages. That was the oh bridge fell versus hodges case in 2015. There's a lot we can say about that, but time is pressing, so we'll move on. Then we have the hate ch are 5, this is hate job 5 here. And this is what I'm president biden promised. He's signing his 1st 100 days. Now he hasn't not because he could not because he didn't want to, but because he couldn't and hate char 5 is known as the equality at it is past the house. But it's now stuck and it can't get through the senate unless the, the What's it called? Sorry. The filibuster. Thank you, bob. I have the filibuster unless the filibuster go. If the filibuster holes, this won't be voted. The filibuster goes, this will be voted through Now the equality act sounds great. But as you read through h R 5, it's basically a list of statements. Paragraphs em, stripping any reasons or any defenses against the full recognition of sexual orientation and gender identity as new protected classes to be added to what is already protected and civil rights act like race, age, sexual, that rate, race, age, nationality and national origin. Okay. And so the, the equality act clarifies in the U. S. Federal law for the 1st time that sex is separate agenda. Now this comes off to some very famous american psychiatric work in the sixty's. There was a professor, usually a who argued that your sex is below the belt, your gender is above the belt to put it crudely so jet sex, his biology, biological gender, is a social construct. Some would argue today. So the quality act is being passed by the house of representatives. And it basically says that you can't discriminate in any basis from the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. And this is significant because is the 1st time in american law that we are separating gender from biology with all the consequences that goes with it. Now in the infrastructure act that has just been passed by congress in that they include is one of the projected clauses, gender identity. Ok. But that hasn't elevated it to a civil rights protected class that needs to be included in the equality act. And equality act hasn't been voted yet because of the filibuster. That hasn't. The filibuster still exists. And perhaps the filibusters, the only thing stopping america, dropping off a cliff to votes. Senator cinema, from arizona and, and renew can from West Virginia. Those 2 people, you pray, they don't have a road accident. Why is this important to us as christians? Well, there it is. There on the screen. Section $117.00 says that the religious freedom restoration. I shall not provide a claim concerning or defense to a conflict claim under a cover title, sex orientation. Gender identity will provide a basis for challenging the application and force them to recover title about legalese for saying that you cannot choose who you want to work for your organization anymore. If somebody believes that they are x, Y, O, Z, that's their gender identity. You cannot use that as a basis for not employing them or for not selling them, something of not providing them with a certain service. Now, this does not say lesbians gaze and bisexuals. It is any gender identity and gender identity as your internal sense agenda, which is entirely subjective. That's her obama defined it in his de cardia colleague letter of 2016. So if sexual orientation can legally be challenged or discriminated against. And the basic premise of the gay rights movement is that government cannot and should not legislate for any particular version. Morality. Comedy argued that as did 80 jones, that is not the job of congress to impose a certain world who on the society, the job of congress is to lift up the civil rights of all American citizens. Now, 80 jones argue that on the assumption that congress still had a biblical wealthier company is arguing, he's now dead. But the gay rights movement argues that there is no moral framework. There should be no restrictions on the individual's pursuit of happiness, no restrictions. And it's the job of the American government to pursue, to uphold a society where there are no restrictions on your pursuit of happiness. So if the, if h R 5 gets passed, and I'm not saying this to scam on you or anything, this is if you read upon hate your fact, which are 5, you'll read this all over the place. If we, if hate, are 5, gets accepted them, we're going to have to accept and normalize not just l G b T q, but minor attracted persons otherwise known as p to files, genetic sexual attraction, otherwise known historically as incest zoo ophelia, otherwise known as bestbuy, ality macro failure, making out with dead bodies in a mortuary, multiple partners, same from the marriage of cetera, et cetera. That's the impact of this law. It removes all restraint. Is not just l G b T q, which the alphabet many times over. That's the impact of the equality act. So I'm not making this up. You can read it for yourselves. Is what the act there is? No. There is no religious defense for this here means the religious freedom restoration act codifies in the codified system of the US legal system. The 1st amendment, the congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of the practice of a religion that this means that theoretically, if, if a homosexual couple whom in the same sex marriage recognized by the state of California. Common apply for job burt, the se california conference to be a past and the conference has no, they can be sued because the conference is Tony down, people who are in the same sex marriage If a person who has opened the a minor attracted person, peter file applies for the conference work as a bible worker was a youth worker and his turn down because they're open, the a minor attracted person. You can be sued for turning them down on that basis. You understand the implications of this? We had a man wanting to serve with a fm 2 years ago who proclaims openly on the incident that he is a minor attracted person who calls himself a virtue, virtuous p to file that is I have the attractions, but I don't act upon them. We said no way, sue us, do whatever you want, we ain't hiring period. But if he qual, jack gets passed, we have no defense. So you might say that the quality act, it goes over and beyond establishing the civil rights of those will homosexual. And it goes, it actually establishes civil rights for people that's for, for communities who have sexual attractions, that almost any civilized society in human history, utterly rejects as being abnormal and unhealthy, such as pitifully best geology, natural videos, ophelia. So what's happening with adventures and right now I'm up and so about what's happening with immunity and all that kind of stuff. But what's happening to adventuresome? Well, a couple months ago, a lawsuit was filed in federal court in Oregon just about 3 months ago. Group of current and former l G b T q. Students have sued the Department education to force colleges to change their policies or to stop providing federal financial assistance. Title 9 gives a religious exemption for color of faith based institutions to practice their faith and still have the students receive for instance, student loans. But these students are looking to have those protections of title mind the religious exemption eliminated, which would force every christian college in America to now to actively promote the l G, b to q lifestyle. Now if you look at the list of colleges who are listed as defendants, you'll notice something bella, or religions, baylor baptist, brigham young as indiana wesley in his methodist fuller theological is non denominational, evangelical liberty, eve, angelica and lassie ever is said the adventist, you see that targeting one university of every major christian denomination in America is named in this lawsuit to force original nations change as policies. And how they do in this are essentially saying, we want the federal government to the court to strip out the religious exemption that congress gave. Many years ago, for faith based organizations so that you can No longer live out your faith on your college campus. And if you don't, then you lose the right for your students to get student loans. And if you lose the right for students get student loans, what happens to education institution in about 5 minutes time? It closes down. Thank you, brother. Yes. Well, this means that every adventist college of this case succeeds, every adventist college is going to have to make a hard decision. To what extent do we allow this to go ahead? Is it better to keep the institution open and have us and I have a same sex might accommodation facility somewhere? Or is it better to say, this is not what we believe we're going to send our children to the Philippines and kenya and britain and germany for education, where they don't have these laws in place. So hard decision to make. I'm not in those committees so I'm not gonna have to make that decision. But I do know that in the N A D, approximately $0.18, if not more of our overall income is not from the members. Over 80 percent of our income comes from medicaid, Medicare and federal student loans and hospitals and colleges. That's where most of our time comes from. You understand the implications of this if we refuse to go along with this and we lose very 80 percent of the income and we are in a day as a massive reduction in pastors bible workers, conferences just evaporate. So we are coming up to the point A moments of truth, so we have to make some hard decisions. We have to decide what do we stand for, and what do we not stand for? What is acceptable or not? What is not acceptable and truly our administrators need the wisdom of solomon and the guidance of the holy spirit to know how to navigate these challenges. These lawsuits are targeted at christian colleges. Specifically. There's another lawsuit right now that I haven't put up here that's been filed against harvard, harvard's discharge to students one who entered into a homosexual same sex marriage. When winced into a lesbian the same sex marriage, not so long ago. Harvard fuller discharge them because you have to sign a covenant that says you agree to buy certain biblical standards, and now they're being sued by that, by harvard fuller being sued by those students. And that case directly applies to our colleges as well. So these things are on the line right now. We essentially are looking at 2 competing worldviews. And those worldviews are incompatible with each other. You can't co exist with these worldviews in the biblical worldview. We would agree with the sexual revolution that civil statutes define crime. And deal with crime never with cinema reality and to break a civil law is an incivility. So it is not immoral to break the speed limit. That's kind of good news, is unlawful, but it's not immoral to break the speed limit, no matter how much my wife tells me like use up. He's up on the search and it's not a moral unlawful maybe, but not a moral divine law. On the other hand, does not deal with legal and unlawful deals with morality and immorality. And divine law defines did deals with what is sin as a breaking of a moral law. That's what we believe as christians. Whereas in the sexual revolution, there is no god, there's no revealed morality, there is no divine law and there is no final judgment. So we're coming up this question from completely different worldviews that we universe as a pot. Terms of the separation of church and state. We assume as christians, that there is a separation between the church and the state in the states not imposed the religious views of a certain group on the rest of society as what he promot his adventists in the sexual revolution. The state is supreme and alone, and there is no assumption of the church in the secular. Well view of the l G b T q movement. There is no assumption of the church. Rather the role of the church from biblical perspective. We are entrusted by that, by god, with the gospel we are given the gifts and fruit to the holy spirit. Why not to bless ourselves but to promote the obedience of faith. As the apostle paul guide calls it and to guide individuals into morality and good definition of the church, i guess from the sexual revolutions perspective, the church is merely a social actor. That should promote the civil rights of the l G b T. Community. But it does not exist to promote biblical, reveals morality is because the l G, b to key rights movement deny is such a thing altogether. When it comes to more framework, we believe as christians that we live within and we are morally accountable to God for how we treat our brother and sister. There is a final judgment. How I treat you. I have to answer to before my heavenly father, by your words and by deeds you shall be judged. Okay, we are accountable. And so I the advice of jesus to do unto others as you'd have them do unto you is the best advice you're ever going to get. Because who can come and stand before the law during the psalms, those who have clean hands. But as those who deal kindly and cleanly with others can expect kindness from god, because mercy tribes, so with judgments as it relates them in the writings of james. But the sexual revolution there is no revealed moral framework and there's no moral accountability to God. Each individual is sovereign. Now their own god, they seek happiness as he or she chooses is essentially a nationalist. Well him that there is no moral accountability. There is nothing that says anything is right or wrong for the whole concept of rights or wrong make no sense any more. Rather, i must, the, the states must create an environment where I am free to pursue whatever revenue happiness i seek for today. With no condemnation, no criticism, no cotton, no nothing. The state must exist as a support my happiness. In terms the civil authorities, morality. Well, we believe is adventists that with a separation of church and state, the church and state should be separate and the civil authority should not legislate from morality because the results of morality and of the union of moscow states in the muslim world is sheree. A law which we reject. And in the catholic world, the union of church and, and cathedral is the inquisition. That's the logical conclusion for the states imposing morality. Which is we're going to get through with a mock of the beast one day. But in the sexual revolution, they also believe that civil therapy should not legislate for morality because there is no morality. But this is still happening today via council culture. They're still there still an imposition that if you don't dance to the tune of the new well you, you are going to be cancelled. So we might argue today that in conclusion and time is moving on for the arguments used by the gay rights activists such as company and getting things at all are very similar to those used by a T jones in 18 eighty's. When he spoke for congress, a T jones argue that is not the job of congress to impose a certain moral worldview on the society. And by that he meant you can't impose sunday laws. Company argued before congress and in the civil rights movement with it, with the legal cases that he pursued. That it is not the job of congress to impose a religious well view. It is the job of congress to uplift the civil rights of every person that lives within these borders. We would agree with him to a certain extent on that. But we reject the idea that is implicit within that, that there is no moral framework. And that society must promote my happiness, which means I can do whatever I want with whomever i want. Whenever I want. However, I want with no moral judgment whatsoever or social consequences as a result. So the west has progressively abandoned scripture in last 40 years and become ever most secular. And that parallels the growth of the gay rights movement in the west, which is advanced culturally, socially, politically and legally. And so in our brave new society that we see happening in front of our eyes to be seen as a good person, means being a vocal ally for certain minority groups. So in critical race theory, or even critical theory and social justice for the algae, there is a here hierarchy of the top of the hierarchy. There are the oppressors guilty of all even human history. White heterosexual, says gender, males asked me, I'm guilty of all evil human as I'm born guilty. In my mother's room, i'm guilty because of the color of my skin. But the only way that I can and everybody to me, there's a hierarchy of oppression with muslims at the bottom. And transgender, isn't there certain differentiations we get to the had white heterosexual, says gender males like me. But then how do I escape that guilt? I escape that guilt by becoming an ally of one of these other groups. I divert the blame from myself. That's why the, you see people put my ally shipped. Now. If I become an ally of one of those of the groups and stand up for them, I social justice, warrior. I am as old of old guilt being born white, heterosexual, says gender male, you've all of us. So which is why many of the social justice, why is our white middle class college kids that are absolving themselves of their illogical guilt? And there is no forgiveness possible within the critical theory. Welding forgiveness does not exist as a mechanism. So we are brave new 2nd, a culture to be seen as a good person means you become a vocal ally and everybody in america's russians become an ally right now. So if sexual orientation as per the equality act cannot be challenged or discriminated against anyway, nor gender identity. And we will talk about that today, but this are not the whole discussion is the basic premise of the gay rights movement is that government could not and shall not legislate for any version of morality on society than it's an inevitable fact that we will have to accept peter failure, an incest, and 0 failure. Next failure, all the rest of it has been normal and celebrated with in our society with the inevitable carnage in family life and personal wellness to that's going to bring along with it. And you say, oh possibly you're exaggerating this? No, I'm not. I follow this very closely. I read a lot of stuff in his area. There is now a law suits in New York State where one parent is suing for the rights married that same sex offspring. This case is now pending. The press will tell you whether it's father and son, mother, and daughter. All they will tell you is that conception is not possible in this relationship. Now, why is that case going to succeed? logically, it should. If you accept the premise of obo fell versus hodges, as president obama says, you can love you love. Then there is no reason why under the quality act, why a father cannot marry his son. That's their genetic sexual traction that says sexual orientation and that must be a protected class now. So what happens in America where you have inheritance tax? Oh, just think you want to avoid inheritance tax. Guess what? You do, mary, your son, just before you die. If that case goes ahead, new York, and it may well, do you marry your same sex offspring just before you die? They become your spouse when you die. They don't pay an arrogance tax. So marriage becomes a tax avoidance or tax reduction strategy rather than being the place where god has given us to raise a family. So that as one, there are many other unforeseen consequences are going to take place as we go down this path. But this is the path that we go in as america. And I want to emphasize that in for many, many years, people of the l, G, b, L, G, b, community or folks in that for minute. They face violence and discrimination and bigotry, non nation that should never have happened. They should never have happened. Nobody should be beaten up for what they feel like. Nobody should be persecuted for what they feel like. So that should not happen out. I should never happens, and that was a shameful thing. And on nation, however, that does not mean you go to the other extreme and say that there is to be no more or framework in society. And anybody who upholds them or framer, because now the bigot, anybody who says there is such a thing as morality is now, if you does, the bigger because we are holding back. Other people from the pursuit of happiness, of unrestrained happiness. This is happening in literature deconstruction circles, which is where transgender movement comes from. The idea I can be who I want to be. And those who insist that language has meaning that when you say that a man has a definition, and a woman has a definition, linguistic terms, those definitions in defining what a man and a woman is. You're actually stopping me from being who I really want to be and then we have to get rid of those definitions and literally constructionism in order for me to find full happiness. So we're essentially looking at her profound changes happening very fast in american society. Um jeffrey dahmer understood this very well, you know, jeffrey dahmer because his sexual orientation was picked up cannibalism and ultimately but he, he gave an in, she re died and you can see a copy of this. I think it's still up on YouTube. Gave an entry for a died. He was not that raving monster. He was a guy who understood the philosophical implications, what he was doing. He would sleep with young guys in the milwaukee area and he'd kill them slice and dice and put them in his fridge and frame up later. And you don't have that much in church to you, but it's what happened. And this is what he said. He says, I was believe lie, that the theory of evolution is truth, that we all came from the slime that when we die, that is it. The person does not believe there is a god that we are accountable to them. What's the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it with an acceptable ranges? A great point. He argued that if morality is just a social construction, there's nothing absolute spot. Morality, and morality is kind of like a bell curve. What's to stop the bell curve shifting this way? So I can start eating my lovers. If there is no absolute external morality, why can't I the boys have just left with y county? And the answer is, there is no one's why you can't do it. Because if there is no external morality, this is now shall not kill, then you can kill. And we, in America, not just have fostered this kind of culture. But we've also foster the culture of death and americans in american so many ways. People see a gruesome death at the movies and they laugh dumbly. Yeah, we have a culture that celebrates death and has little regard for the sanctity of Human life in all kinds of ways. So we are changing fast as an american society without the biblical worldview. There is no longer sin per se, and the only remaining sinners for christians to impose the bigoted biblical. Well, if you a more, a framework on others, that means we are holding back other people's happiness by imposing a framework of morality on society. But I would say say that No society has ever survived without a been a popular culture that refuses or moral restraint. Maybe the last culture that did, it was the french revolution. And that society collapsed for about 2 or 3 years before they decided we need got it back again in our society without revealed morality rather than unexplored morality without, without revealed morality that protect but places, protections of holiness on personal behavior, on personal attitudes and social morris our society will inevitably degrade the point of collapse that immense human cost. That is where we're going right now in America. So as christians, as jesus wept with jerusalem known that destruction was coming to it, we weep over our nation now that it is hurtling towards destruction. We don't weeping anger, we don't point the finger, we weep and anger because our nation is hurtling towards wilful self destruction and civilization suicide. And they will be a profound personal cost to be paid by everybody in our nation because of the collapse that is going to come. As we turn our back on revealed morality and say that everybody is free to exactly what they want when they want with whomever they want, whatever personal cost. But that is where we are as a society. So I guess the end of the day, jesus never taught us to hate anybody. Even if we profoundly disagree with other people were still called to love him as jesus 1st loved us. Because we are ultimately morally unlovable ourselves. We know better than anybody else. We are all sinners need of a savior. I need a savior and you need to savior. So let's walk to the new jerusalem together. We're not call to hate to point the finger or to despise or denigrate. Degrade in any way, shape or form. And I want to encourage you, they do not ever do that kind of behavior. That could be your grandson, could be your nephew, could be your own daughter or son. We want all people to be saved and received the wholeness and healing that only god can bring. So love your children, love your neighbor, love those and the l. G b T q movement and recognize that jesus died for them as much as dying for you. There is precious to God as you are. There is precious to you as any but as to God as anybody else. And therefore, we cannot sit in judgment on people. But we can wait and we can beg for god to change hearts. They may be saved, restored the likeness of god that originally created. This media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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