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How To Study with a Jehovah’s Witness

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 29, 2010
    9:15 AM
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over morning a happy salary well and this morning I fly that many is not some holiday events my workshop at two o'clock Hutchinson is going to be called upon one of the most you send so many things you can use to learn how to study the Bible if I have to tell you one thing that you needed to do in order to dig deep in the word of God it is not one thing that I will share today and my workshop at two o'clock also want to announce you are seen him on your programs in your programs on the manual that would be presenting with us and I believe the manual exists arrived this morning and so we're looking forth in manuals presentations as well and having said that lets have a word of prayer and learning entire presentation this morning let's pray heavenly father please we asked which states are that you would equip us to do no work and to do your will in Jesus name we pray amen amen part of the purpose of army is not only to teach you how to study the Bible it is also the teacher you understand that when you go out there into the real world you are soldiers in warfare a man and dog wireless soldiers because God has called us to spread a certain message what is the three angels message is God has not called us to fight in order to win he has called us to find in order to win anything again God has not called us to fight in order to win no no no he's called us to find in order to win if I can say this late when you meet someone on the street someone of a different denomination a different fate God has not called you to win an argument he calls you to win that person be following me so what we're going to look at today when I promise you we would would look at how to witness to agent who was witness I want to remember that the purpose is not to win no it is to win a man shall not be share with you while about two months ago I had I was always in my house and I look out the window I thought my wife talking to some people they know who they were at first but not inheritance and I went back and was doing something the mouse and dog she was out there for a while so I began to wonder while she felt like there was discarded in the driveway I decide to go outside and done so that I was sorry to set off as my husband he looked past the talking and see what I can clearly see this is what Hamas is my dog I got good you will finish them off United him or not there is a gentleman standing there not much working the lines in who witnesses and down and die young I newly began thinking okay I don't want to scare these people I don't want us out then you don't get out here and I don't want until then you know I'm a pastor and I know my Bible so I went here and yet the same I want to engage them and so while they began something here you know were just twenty one RC shingles are viable not by this evening a single survival and not be and they had actually had been in the area before and had met another Seventh-day Adventist someone who went to my church who goes to my church and they said that they had began studying with him but they never got to reconnect and he was coming about the Sabbath and you know he began sure with me in Palestine and found that you know that Sabbath has been nailed to the cross and you nothing and I'm look at him and he's probably expect me to say no other seven have in the death of the cross out the site really I am just listening and benefits one well-known listen on now is not a good time but I wouldn't really love you guys to come and want to share with you how to witness to a Jehovah's Witness market share with you not necessarily how we've ever had a Jehovah's Witness comes to your door gave a whole another sermon writing as a minister in anyway so yeah Joseph has come to your door and you said you know no thank you monotonous okay good seventy to seventy you attempted to engage them wow what are the rest of you maybe didn't answer the door him and I along with a new attempt to engage when Windows is this means you and now they begin talking to you is one of the first invented in talking about Jehovah God and that Jesus is not God I haven't yet tried to engage in Jehovah's Witness on the adoption of the Godhead review and ended up banging your head against the wall and utter frustration okay let me share with you one of the most powerful ways that I have found two witnesses who was Jehovah's Witnesses when they when they came to method his thought you guys have a prophecy about the second coming or lunch is coming as well the net and in the year nineteen fourteen remember that okay to have a policy that that extension a certain period of time down to the year nineteen fourteen and condition I know we have a prophecy like that in a mean we had our property and they didn't really excited about obscenities on why because there are nineteen fourteen is our eighteen forty four now that's something what happens if you take eighteen forty four only from Seventh-day Adventist we lose our identifying market as no one amendments arts while there identifying mark of who they are the reason that they exist in is there in nineteen fourteen so I said that he wasn't known how does nothing for the policy that's really interesting because it on and we do have a problem system method that we call it the twenty three hundred day prophecy that ended in eighteen forty four and without fail their life is not never heard that before wow that's interesting I also than half-time and I be while you share with me your nineteen fourteen and I can share with you my eighteen forty four and clothing something than if I wanted something that because Jehovah's Witnesses believe that they are the shadings on Bible prophecy interpretation you understand they then got home once they got a book on download another book on Revelation so they have a whole world you know given this interpretation of Bible prophecy so what you do is you do not engage them on the Godhead don't engage them all on one day think what they really think is their strong point they also think that Fox is a strong point of an about share with you that as you begin to reveal to them some things about their own prophecies they will begin to lose confidence in what is an soul this is now was very eager yes I would love to do that and I sent them after all you know I miss all of us using their asset of you guys have truth I wanted anti-Semitism you know what that looked up that's when we have to be met it's all about submitting to true asset I hear you I three thousand and analysis will you know don't you this is a book on that one of the things that will okay so when when a Jehovah's Witness comes to your door number one when the given engageable one even asked them you .com CNET and then ninety one and I would like to know what your God he was on a hot injection that we have something so how I used I can find what is only when you okay and then I want you would you want to want from them for their book on Daniel because you do have an interest in Daniel don't you that I don't know if anyone else was written a whole book of Daniel can I see I'm not going to another once you get this book and guarded when you're there because this book is a treasure chest of error so let me tell you what they will share with you once you get together by the way you should be familiar with your own prophecy if you're going to talk to you come in there and not do that we went over yesterday what we've been covering and uncovering how to present the Bible can be mounted when you how to get Bible studies themes remember so you should be able to on your own notes explains Frank is a prophecy in a convincing and did so it'll don't tell you they were explained to you they commonly rejuvenate and they won't be one I so know you can't abhor nonfree by you on your own and operate in the money come in they will begin to explain to you how they arrived at the year nineteen forty and what they do is they they have the basis of this policy in the vision that was given to the screen that was given to Nebuchadnezzar chapter four before having to remember that dream that genetic and cat where there was a tree grammar that and it's free what's hot now and then how many times were Passover seven times and what would happen during a hearing king Nebuchadnezzar was goal crazy and I be in the seven years he would be one restored to know he finishes okay and so they explained to you this is in their book now our page ninety five that they are represented by the great street Nebuchadnezzar civilized world religion on your agreement that but remember that series that are realistic sovereignty far grander than that of Babylon of Babylon King it symbolizes the universal sovereignty of Jehovah thinking they had especially with respect to New York before Jerusalem's destruction by the Babylonians the kingdom centered in that city with David and his heirs onto the stone representing God 's sovereignty sovereignty with reference to the art first Chronicles twenty nine twenty three God himself has such sovereignty chop down and then did infants go seven B.C.E. when he was medicated to destroy Jerusalem exercise of divine sovereignty toward oh David was restrained for seven times how long were the seven times when did they begin and when do they monger and obtained a response so knows what happened there's sure he not only represents Babylon but a nickname and a great offense that sure is also said to represent Jerusalem while wow now you got me confused and I'm limited to confuse just the same way because that's how you probably than in the event that you don't want it really so that yet take the stream represent Jerusalem in a greater sort of greater sense the Jerusalem whether no thought of greater sort of sense can you see the stream representing Jerusalem in any way shape or form not less than what goes on within it we were in account two thousand five hundred and twenty little days from Jerusalem these shops from Jerusalem Stratton six oh seven BC that would only bring us this is an easy idea having no structural significance of attending the next sentence of me that the seven times are prophetic we want to win what does that word we want one more time we are right now what do the same with energy and feel we very good we now apply to the two five two zero days the schedule rule I think more year now you sell that means seven times if you were to take a date will the days following the two thousand five hundred and twenty days into another thing is the prophecy we were as I found in one book therefore we must apply today for your principal this role is set out in a prophecy regarding the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem Ezekiel four sixty seven compelling numbers were converted for him he is in you believe in your principles will enable you to this is great DOS the seven times on twenty five twenty years and invite Jesus Reagan should be fifteen on October fourth or fifth nineteen fourteen all right so how do they get to the severe nineteen for my way one reason what happened in nineteen forty world war one broke out there is the evidence that Satan was cast out of heaven and God 's kingdom began ruling on earth with the kingdom is simple with witness and so this is not nice people they are nineteen fourteen in our walk eighteen forty four so yeah then after they presented this on I think he wanted that interesting but on the precedent is one of the clarification can you point out to me where in this prophecy says Bitstream also represents Jerusalem and ill-fated oh well you know what you see in Bible prophecy but Street may also represent you know what trees are using the Bible to represent Ms. you know Israel is referenced in treason not a lot I can understand that but can you show me where in this prophecy that history is said to represent Jerusalem and then they'll think they go take me to live somewhere in Ezekiel and I might even know what I mean I'm not in I just really want in the light in the context of this prophecy were in the same industry represents Jerusalem I think not in fact listen I said that one will be submitted to many same acting on the line in Daniel seven represents Babylon well in a greater sense since a lot is also used to represent Jesus we might face in upgrade is more symbolic than this long and in Daniel seven represents Jesus tried that and nothing known of in fact is not actually understand what you're saying that's a really good question nothing was known in the controversy why the confused about young I just want to know like a fundamental essence of it all minutes each this I want to be the light teaching you know but if I'm enough you really make a connection of note on struggling to find that I say no without the e- because they face I will have to get back with you in that because we we really had never been asked that before okay no problem no problem but one soul the visit of the twenty five twenty two nineteen forty one that's amazing the need for something else I can see they fit of Babylon Jerusalem fell in when six oh seven BC if you have on the Internet and type in the follow-through will you will see consistently five eighty six or five eight seven BC nobody but Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jerusalem fell and since the seventies so even if they is totally wrong boundary that is only because they have to explain that I would do well hey that's interesting because you can only do this if you have their book so he has also long enough to be interesting because Nam he there okay I trust them hitless in your twenty three hundred eight off-season one nice thing about the tweezers a prophecy or the chocolate is a fear promisingly I think about that this is their estimate of the twenty first of April the twenty three hundred days constitute a lot I want everyone and was a constant had a perfect year of three hundred and sixty days is involved this twenty three times rent and then when I'm not too six years four months and twenty days when I have a question him argue what is said that since this was a prophetic we will be applied what is it for your principal and on and when you look at the processes that Scotland in sixteen days the thirteen thirty five days the twelve ninety days on the twenty three hundred days just like they all are but they for they see why this book is such a gold mine so I asked my my my my my my felt it might might might the people I'm studying with my students and how is it that he said that since this is a prophetic time hearing tomorrow supplies underlines circles colored in and then put a different color for each that of the one month you said we must while she will to the twelve sixteen and twelve one thirteen thirty five Ann Arbor until you walk because you see all their other prophecies beginning with nineteen fourteen the father shall not all there I want you to notice how they face in it also how do you have your booking okay this is kind of under the out of order on my screen here so just noticed with me okay is with me on Halloween this is a moment when this is almost a notice of me on the point number two these don't help his numbers to the movies once the very end of the month maybe about five to ten pages or so back from the end of the book after the timeline after the time I how do witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses and I want you to notice under three three is the twelve hundred sixty or proxy here's what Google says the holy angels refer to a process that I carry it on my time time that I have what is the angel referred to and what prophetic sign on defeating the inconsistency except how long one that for the anointed Christians World War I meant a time of testing by the end of nineteen fourteen they were inspecting prosecution hands beginning in December nineteen fourteen the small band of witnesses preach in fact law harassment of God harassment of God anointed ones climaxed on June twenty one nineteen eighteen when the president JF Rutherford and prominent members of the watchtower Bible and chat society was sentenced on false charges to long prison terms intending to change times and laws the small horn had effectively killed the organized preaching work while one so I asked my young my friends can you tell me first of all who was as little more will Great Britain really laboring at the facility and that some it cannot be written if Britain was one of the ten horns that arose out of her home is not right because the alarm is set to come up after the others so Britain could not possibly be little more however L is no way that Britain can you telepathically tell me how this little online slot to change time and our memories now he the technique a look at his Bible back to me and them become citizens it is the question I don't know and you know in that moment of silence enough that Linux is that something must eliminate his songs last in the fire looked out the window when the thermometer didn't put up because I wanted to thinking you know I wanted them to think you know what it will be teaching what we teach messaging utility dialog in this little horn what lost in the sequencing I should avoid doing here was simply taken because you know where we're looking at here interpretation of prophecy him explains what and in the meantime when went out to every child is finished explaining one of the properties I was at all because my understanding of that even as we got the twelfth is always so than that and that alone is the papacy at five thirty eight on the little one begins to dominate at exactly twelve hundred and fifty and is an old man didn't find what I'm hearing you say so for me to give up this for what you're telling me if I is dotted and not always on your side 's thousand aside a table I be looking at me like him to inventory with Matt and will and him and become the nonexistent you will not find words like those coming out tomorrow up until they are trained to be the teachers Solomon and teach them to every prophecy what we went over I would ask them while they so demanded twenty three hundred this office he on the Jehovah's Witnesses represents a time hearing where they came into a happy state of existence of the four-year degrees we won't even allow you to reduce you have you been reading you can see how their policies are applied to them so it's obvious why they cannot make the autopsies on a daily one hear him the user I thought about you know nothing happened in if you are just thinking this guy misread the time how can we say then that you know I mean nowhere would be the dual purpose of this prophecy offenders and I do not know of any prophecy in the Bible are time prophecy that is both literal and at the same time someone in terms of the time it felt Yahoo! control applications from all the prophecies but let's go back and forth and please show me the angel gives the interpretation that candles of mastery is an managing other Kenyan Salim warehouse and downhill for me can come to the conclusion that history represent something other than Nebuchadnezzar teach me because I wanted this shoe wallet teaching and there is in all this is a quarterly excellent questions would have to get back to you on this but you know we are so impressed with never saw them with anyone quite like you doing what you're doing and I have white hair I'm impressed I never sat down anyone like you who would be willing to take the time to teach me at one point visits me listen listen listen you don't really want doesn't matter if the prophecies are off because we believe that we are we got the message we are that final lesson that man I shall read because it is thing that they have the message to you where the remnants the only thing we had with them we are looking will will will him Jesus said that he was one of homicides using communist sometimes you say that Jesus is being engraved for all three days within the grave for eight days but what that they said would prove was that it was canceled the time that he came three years earlier that he was prophesied the top five two years later he was prophesied with any collection until listening to Jesus at all their connections and everything seemed to be right on but they did not fulfill the time element what would that mean nonexistent it defaults I think you understand something like you know my number on this like a numbers guy you know numbers are misinformed to me and from what I'm seeing you don't understand that by this time I think includes weekend things so that his relationship to the twelve hundred and sixty days so this relationship to the seventy weeks I can look at is beautiful now I don't like you can see sunlight can you understand my dilemma in giving up what I have here for things that you don't even have history debacle like more Jehovah's Witnesses really persecuted from December nineteen fourteen to June twenty one nineteen eighty two degrees on historical evidence that England said that those Jehovah's Witnesses and change times and laws while no one can be needed for the decent receiver you can't we understand chest go one and when you put when you are able to know I think with them exactly what we did yesterday I saw been the theme picture and what they were able to see that be each not pieces here and there argument about the piece of the Godhead on a piece of this say I want to see a big picture selling of a picture and when he saw that the big picture is not adding up it's not making sense they will before if they are genuine in any times to help women get along with and study two months you don't defend America back to mud we have not tested they tried to get to the Godhead once because they saw how dismal things were going and I just let them talk to the ideas of God okay but history again I was wondering if I just kept coming you got your fancy for me it's timing and message and message is beyond the message has to be on so we delete the message what this means being always on the sandwich is silently therefore sometimes you okay and we sneezing state because when begins the message we've got to find out what really happened is a signal to send them I need to know that what I'm preaching history he said this is why I appreciate what we're doing right now because you're causing me to dig deeper to start will assess before I will praise God because I like the Indians who in I like knowing that what I know is true and then please understand that as I present this to me if you are need you to give up I think I have not verified it but they said it formed out this picture how can I you're asking me to trade when I have for what you have nothing to me if you get anti- movement and ninety percent of your offices are wrong that the trust now totally a lot worse to follow I'll be looking at me like this out through a crack so understand the feminine okay when a Jehovah's Witness comes to your door what are you going to it going to be nice we can ask them if you got a nineteen fourteen don't you I would like to hear from you as an outline before I want to hear from you so I suppose it is I consider it is a descending before from you in your place and so you cannot share with you my hour in eighteen forty because amazing that we have prophecies that are so eighty eight to fourteen hour finding several of the him him so I like to hear from you I mean I will show you our e-zine forty four prophecy and so on .com and wanted to share with you that Daniel 's dream though initially it represents Babylon in a greater kind of crazy nonsensical way it also represents Jerusalem in one and a half mile commute can you share with me how you get and when they take any other place in the Bible except for Daniel for Wednesday I'd like to see it in the context of Daniel for our place of safety what other places so that a streaming something that's fine but now let's bring it back to Daniel for where the Angels say that the streaming anything else than Babylon Nebuchadnezzar and what we also show them in the process what about the year know the year that Jerusalem was cut down success of your product strange that it were on the scene five eighty seven you then notice that thought they apply today for your principle and you will get a lot what do you realize that we must be only two groups in all the world and apply this law and whether the law is something that is nearby at all times felt him us in the law amending the law intervention and that someone else I felt as when he was a moment on the amendment and explaining the original before long you can gingerly right here it's on the way of interpreting what he estimates will and you have explain both North and they are going to be there want to realize inconsistencies of their positions you're not to talk about what the not yet not that you have to break them down first let me realize that in ninety percent of their property is our then how can they claim to be the kingdom of God honor as a sharing in their promises you will in turn share within your understanding of the prophecy and when the last of how can I give up this for what you're showing and you don't do this in a condescending way you just say hey you know these numbers just at they are historical religion history and see this when you're giving me there's not a whole model evidence or consistency in what you're telling from active his woman Astrid is there quickly they sent one will tell me how you swing World War I methods then you know what to do you believe that Israel as a nation is not Israel is our faith they represent the people of God and they said of course not Israel disparaged said okay given what happened in nineteen forty eight year Israel became what our nation is given what all the Christians on the world saying he fulfilled his mission and then I gab at the Bible does not support that so even a moron these things happened in the world that seemed to say that this probably wasn't the needle and classroom is a file that would also mean just about it that might also mean that just because World War I broke out in nineteen fourteen does not necessarily mean that your prophecy was fulfilled we must be our prophecies and his fulfillment on the word of God amen we don't base it on circumstantial evidence or coincidence we basic off a solid history of a solid interpretation all the prophecy itself so in a sense okay so that it will just than is we are not greasy at soldier nonchalantly but the one platooning a man and did you understand this was a clear how do you looking forward to that in the Jehovah's Witness heavenly father a thank you Lord thank you for giving us the very tools we need not to win arguments and as soon father honestly and sincerely believe that any Jehovah's Witness was supposed to be a Seventh-day Adventist there is Islam that are lower are we knowing that you have sincere people are that all parts of this is going to help us to open their eyes are then used to come out and into my season your precious name and are aiming to produce our mission is to help people coming at you how are the Lamb of God to the experience of Victorian time for more information on our multimedia resources or encourage an engagement is not time to our website and WW how are plan .com www. power and I were thank you from a


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