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10 Sabbath Rest

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • August 28, 2021
    6:00 AM
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Aah! Camera innovation and Mark howard and this is talking points. This is our 10th lesson in this quarter pastor howard. All about rest in christ in this week is sabbath. You say it's a 10th lesson, but it's our 2nd one on the sabbath rest and last called rhythms of ratty and you had eluded in that study that you hadn't gone completely through lesson 10, but it was kind of a park to the last and it didn't it turned out to be just that very thing. That's ok though there's, i'm sure more we can plug in the sabbath topic and so it's going to be good. Before we do that, before you go into our talking point, how about we start with a word of prayer, then you can walk us through the lesson. Why do we do heavily, father? Thank you so much for this day. Thank you for the opportunity to study this important themes, and particularly the topic of the sabbath help us to see not just new light, but appreciate the light that we have and look for new ways to apply that light in our lives. We pray in jesus' name. Amen. Men. Alright. Rest in christ sabbath rest. And as the intro says on sabbath, the last paragraph and sabbath lesson says this week we will look more at the rest god has given us in the sabbath commandment and why it's important. Now obviously there's going to be some repetition in this lesson. But here's our, our take what we're talking points. In fact, I have for this week whoa, breaking the most really have 3 and you'll see what I mean. The minute point number one, the savage reminds us of our divine purpose. A little bit of a repetition from last week's about habit, the memorial creation. We'll see that in a minute. But that's drawn from sunday's lesson number to the saturday. They continue a reminder of god's power over sin. It's really is a repetition of a point last week. So it's point number 2, but it's like I wasn't gonna have it at all, but there's a little people going to take another angle on and maybe try something else out. Ok, number 2, the saturday to continue reminder, gods power overseen this mondays. Lesson number 3, true sabbath keeping. Cultivate a love for souls. True sabbath keeping and as tuesday and Wednesday and finally true. Fair, true set of keeping once again as contrast with false, we'll see that the minute or I don't even say false. Just disingenuous. Truth ever keeping is the sign that we belong to God that strong the lesson. So those who are talking points for the week, all right, so there is going to be obviously the same theme as last week and even some of the same talking points if you will. But maybe you had different take on the exam, spanned it into new territory. That's right. All right, well let's get into it. Then talk. Tell us about this. Talking about number one. Are divine purpose, the sabbath reminds us. Ok. So if you are just tuning and talking points, are you fairly new to talking points? Our goal in talking points is to highlight some things in these talking, but it's not necessarily how we would teach the lesson. If I were actually teaching the lesson, i'd have more time and I would elaborate a little bit more. So there's certain texts, we don't look up in talking points that I would in the class if you're kind of thing. So Monday is lesson draws his back to the or not mondays, sundays last, draw his back to the commandment. Remember the saturday to keep it holy, builds on that idea of remembering that you can't remember something that didn't happen. So it's obviously imply a something that is an experience. It's already you already had in the remember part of the sat with points us back to creation. If we're reading that in exit 10 commandments. And so the sabbath is a memorial of creation. And what I drew from that is, among other things, this is intended to remind us that we are created with a purpose. I think this is really an important part of sabbath keeping. Like what does it mean to remember gods or creator? Well, there's a lot of parts to that. One important part is if he is our creator, i'm created, i'm not an accident. I'm not a just a happenstance that I, there's a purpose for my life in the sabbath. Every time we come to the sab, this should remind us Of the fact that we were created with a divine purpose. And as such, it really should guard from a lot of the discouragement and depression that can crowd in when things don't go the way we want them to. If we keep in mind the bigger plan that despite all of it, I still have a divine prison value in my life that could right, god put me here. Yeah, that's exactly right. Okay. Maybe if you look at sundays, lesson quarterly. Paragraph 3, I'm glad you want me to go there because I have that will underline part of that. All right, so this is a good point. When we remember creation, we remember that we are created in god's image. Something that is not said about anything else depicted in the creation account. It's obvious that as human beings, we are radically different from any other creature on the planet, regardless of how much dna we share in common with some other animals. And contrary to popular mythology, were not more advanced age or more highly evil version, the prime people, primate, as humans, made an image of god, we are unique among all that god created on this world. And what I was, I don't know where exactly you're going with this. But from when I read that paragraph about, no matter how much dna we share in common, one of the evolutionary arguments is that we'll just look at us. We share so much d, n A our physical matter and it's like ok, but, and you know, years building blocks of all right? So like the ation formed it that of dust, everything's got it. So the fact that we share material in common doesn't the distinguishing factor is not substance, but it's the spirit to component the character if it's the image of god. And that's distinct from everything else. I have protein implants have protein. So I'm kind of really silly argument, well, what it brought to my mind is this powerful statement from patriarchs and prophets. Page $44.00, ellen ray says there is no ground for the supposition. That ma'am was evolved by slow degrees of development from the lower forms of animal orville life such teaching lowers the great work of the creator to the level of man's narrow, earthly conception. Men are so intent upon excluding god from the sovereignty of the universe that they degrade man and defraud him of the dignity of his origin of it. Just that that sentence is riddle like, in other words, the understanding of a creator, god invests us with purpose and with value into by, into evolution, degrades man and defraud him. So even though the way they have been a man of the process, understanding the origins of it and the purpose really changes our perspective on who even. Absolutely, yeah, absolutely. So she continues, he who set the story worlds on high intended the delicate with delicate skill, the flowers of the field, who filled the earth and the heavens with the wonders of his power. When he came to crown, he is glorious work to place one in the midst to stand as ruler of this fair earth. He did not fail to create a being worthy of the hand that gave him life. So there's more of the statement here, but the, the whole idea is that it's incredibly moving. Yeah, man, it could be idea of creation, the realization that creation of as a reality and a creator god's reality investment with a purpose, investment, best man with a value. And so the savage, reminders of that, every creation but the sabbath as a memorials, that creation should trigger in our minds, those very lines of read. That's exactly right. All right. How about number 2? Then the sabbath is tenure reminder of god's power overseer. Number 2 is building on due to running 5 or do you know in exodus the command was tell us. Remember the saturday for 6 days are created. When you come to do to run me the version of the commandment, it goes into the idea to observe the saturday because you are slaves and land of Egypt, right? To ties it to the idea of deliverance. The lesson builds on that, but the lesson also built on that last week. So it's really kind of a repetition there. Monday it's quarterly. Paragraph 3. If you want to. Sure. Want to read that there. Para, in the little part where it says the sabbath is a celebration. Okay. Let's see here. Which one should I get to quicker here of the sabbath is a celebration of freedom from all the things that keep us in bondage. So general, just of the idea of the sabbath being a sign of deliverance. Sure. Those things that keep us in bondage one of the points that the lesson made there than in that context. And one of the reasons I included this is a talking point is it tells us in monday's lesson, in the last paragraph that we are set free from our own attempts that righteousness. And it's not that there's untrue. But there's this implication, like the only thing we ever are only challenge in life is that we try to be so good. And 1st of all, my 1st thought is for any school teacher teaching this class. Sometimes these lessons are almost like they're written for ad dentist exclusively, like if you're not an average to or christian at least because there are people coming into your churches and coming in that class who didn't just try to hard to be good. So they just down, right, wanted to be bad. Yeah. They're starting to come to those terms of the fact that they're in rebellion. But then you think further that's not limited to the people outside the church. So this implication the lesson, like everybody's just their biggest problem is we've talked about before, there's a lot of every time then it's brought up or our condition because it's, it's always in the victim mode. Yeah. We are the recipient and just the, you know, the, the, the biggest problems that we have are trying to hard and we're broken and frail. We can't ever accomplish all the good that we want to do and it's him beyond like, okay, but that implies that all of us inherently really want to do well. And we're trying really, really hard, but we just keep coming up short and we need to be free from that burden when the reality is, I think there's a lot of people i'll just pick on myself. I know that in myself there have been times I've known what the right thing is and I have chosen cautiously to do otherwise because I was just being naughty. That's right. And we all do that. But then from a pastor perspective, we were talking about this, we both pastored a number of churches and I wish the biggest problem I have with all my members is they all tried so hard. If you couldn't reach there was like, hey, calm down, it's going to be okay. And we only hear didn't lessons. We hear it. And I heard it in services like this is art. Well, we have this big problem. Well, I'm sure somebody has a problem, but I'll tell you by and large as a pastor, my problem wasn't that my members are trying to, a lot of them could have tried a lot harder and then they were trying, you know, and so a lot of us just think he said ourselves included. It's not that we're trying to hard to be righteous. If that were just not trying to be right just at all, I'm going to live for sin and I'm going to, Well, I know it's really great. Again, we're set free from our own attempts of prices. If you repeat a thing look long enough, you end up thinking with the single biggest problem in the church is legalism. Yeah. That the biggest thing that we're facing. And again, you talked about you, if you were to take the average pastor and ask him to scan his encounters with the audience, with a congregation. I want our congregations are all just trying to hard riddle with the so is it like extra time there's extra do you know well, and what we've seen is, and I think it's a net result of this, this kind of repetition that more often than not members aren't putting forward enough effort in being faithful because they're afraid of being legalistic. And so rather than trying to hard thing, no, no, I don't want to try, because now we'll try and everything else in life. We've mentioned that before, for the job promotion, i'll work more hours money when it gets to my future life. No hands off. You know, I'm not going to set my alarm clock to get up in the earlier devotions because that would be legalistic. But I don't know that the apostle paul his like you have not strive until the shooting a blood yet and resisting. So anyway, the point is not a bad point that we are set free from our own attempts at righteousness. And there are times when we try to save ourselves and we try to, we think we're real good now, but that's not, we're not, that's the limit of well, what we're talking about you're talking. Is it freedom from legalism? If that's your problem? Yes. But it also is freedom from the rebelliousness that's been so which ever dis you're in the sabbath can of you for it to continue reminder of god's power over sin, whatever for me, find it in your savage reminds us that his power let's go out from beyond ourselves to what number 3 true sabbath keeping? cultivate the love for sol. How is advocate? Well, of course the lesson goes to in exodus $23.00 verse 12 as well as due to wrong me chapter 5. Verse 14. It talks about keeping the sabbath for the benefit resting for the benefit of letting others rest. Now in the commandments in deuteronomy chapter 5, the bible says so that your ox in yours to servant, i believe in it. It is not right in front of me. I'm can, you can rest as well as you. So the idea is you're resting, not only so you can enjoy the sabbath. But when you rest and you're not demanding something from somebody else, and that means they have an opportunity, your household, your, or even animals have your rate practical point on this is there is a debate. There's been a debate for years in the church about do we go out to eat on the sabbath? And it's what's funny to me about it is I don't have it here. But if you read and desire ages, ellen, why it says that the, that the ferris's used to hire people to come in and light their fires on the South for them because it was wrong for them. I know 70 and it's like we don't cook on the sabbath, so we're going to go pay somebody to for you don't know. And then they think that that's being more less pharisaical. But that's exactly, that's the definition that the idea is you're, if you're doing that and if you're demanding somebody else work, you're robbing them of the experience ref. Now inherently in this, the deeper point of this is when, when I part of my sam keeping his resting to give others an opportunity to rest. That's not just physical rest. I should be thinking the spiritual rest that god desires is for all humanity. And so in truth, that's why I call it true sabbath keeping. I mean I can go through the motions on the sabbath, but true sabbath keeping and in entering into the rest and realizing that that rest is essential for all humanity god created for all humanity. Leads me to start thinking about others, experiencing the rest that comes to christ. And I think those bigger principles of sabbath keeping, you know what one of my little I understand the need for it, but it's always been kind of a pet peeve of mine is in the bullet and they say, all right, so that this week is 657, the idea of being like and, you know, and so like, there's a time and then click there. But the idea is that you prepare for the side of the head if you enjoy the sabbath while you have it, you're sad when it's over and it's a blessing to those like, it's just a matter of time that now I'm not working. And then after this time I can work again it's, it's a richer experience, a totally blessing to you, but through you can bless your household, your family, your neighborhood, your summer walking blessing for other talking my wife about how sometimes you can get in a mode. You know, we just moved in, so we got all this stuff going on and it's not hard to get into over the sab, instead of becoming a rest, becomes an interruptions, right? It's like I'm working on work and I'm working. Oh man, I'm going to stop. I got so much to do and in it's easy to fall into them where the sabbath an interruption instead of a delight. Murray, you are you like, ok, and then we can start back it. It becomes a very self thing. Like 1st of all, it's just, I got to get through it. I'm going to keep my time in and not do my work. When this is talking about how our minds need to go off of whether it's an interruption or hassle to us, that the opportunity provides to bless others is really bare about when it comes to the sabbath day. That's right, the quarterly on Tuesdays lesson last paragraphs is that even the strangers within their gains, that is even those not yet partaking of the covenant promises given israel, that even they should enjoy the sabbath rest says a lot human beings. Even animals should never be boiled abuse or taken advantage of every week. The hebrew people, me to should be reminded in a powerful way of just how much we have in common with other people. And so then is the idea of privileges of the extending others. And keeping in mind others. And the lesson refers to either $58.00 and that when we, you know, if you got 13 for turner, if you turn away, you have basically trampling the sap with under foot. Not doing your own pleasure. Speaking your own words senior pleasured, you know, that kind of thing. But in the greater context, if you have it, there is the greater conduct of isaiah $58.00 is what? Oh, it's actually service to others. And that's how you find your delight in the sabbath is by not only being blessed, but being a blessing. That's right. And when the Lord and it starts in verse 6 way rhetorically, we're not going to read through it. But he says, is not this the fast that I have chosen, it talks about how you know to loose about the weakness, undo the heavy burden with the oppressed, feel free. In fact, later on verse 10. If you extend your soul to the hungry satisfy the afflicted soul, then your light shall done in the darkness the light shall be and then it current. And if you turn away from the saddle, those are linked together to show that true sabbath keeping is not just again time watching or endurance. But it's supposed to be an active blessing through you that you get a blessing, but you get it more blessed to give and receive that blessing to others. Could you read that quote, to me? I love the book from the pages to 7, says the sabbath is not intended to be a period of useless inactivity. The law forbids secular labor on the rest day of the Lord, the toil, the gains, a livelihood must cease, no labor for worldly prayers. Pleasure or profit is lawful upon that day. But as god ceased his labour of creating and rested upon the sabbath and blessed it so man is to leave the occupations of his daily life and devote those hours, those sacred hours to healthful rest to worship into holy beads. The work of christ and healing the sick was in perfect accord with the law. It honored the sabbath. How many 70 i was, grew up with again with that check, then 6 57 o'clock. No neighbors to see on the face. Exactly. But we think like I'm going to do 2nd labor that I'm going to be labor. So it becomes a day of using not an activity that would keep talking about being that the layer we have the jokes and she's a hike to the springs, right. The bed spring and we have The, you know, in it's not, not that it's inherently wrong to, to, to get some physical rest on the shirt. The, some people just like to sleep it away until that point. It's like going to a long trip and it's like I'm going to sleep and then hopefully I'll wake up and we'll get, we'll be there. Well, be honest, a lot of people are fuel enough for Saturday night. Yes, exactly. Something like now I'm ready to go. So anyway, now one of the things that I want to point out here is getting the lesson that as much as the sabbott is a time and opportune time to minister to others. You've got to, we got to avoid the temptation to, to postpone all of our unselfish labor for others until the sabbath. In other words, I can't do anything else and I'm not supposed to be sleeping. So I guess I'll do something for others today, but the rest of the week is my time when I can do other stuff. And so, because I have more important things to do than labor, to other mindset that, that I'll do labor for others on the sabbath. But that should be a combination of what happens to week. We should always be thinking about others as christians. Now the lesson also highlights 2 places, wednesdays, lesson and also thursday of last and it talks about ministering. And in the lesson it says in paragraph for on Wednesday, especially the downtrodden and marginalized. And on Thursday, the outcast and marginalized. And I'm assuming the lesson is trying to draw from I there 58 when it's talking about the hungry. However, I want to make this point. I don't know how many of you have read the the dream l white shared where she went out searching. They went searching for berries in the very representing souls. And she said, most of the people were looking for what she called low bush. Mary's. And people wouldn't look for the height because you had to reach too high for the buried, but the high bush berries in her, in her, the application was the more fluent of society. The more that seemed like they had everything together. And in the vision that she saw, nobody was laboring for them. We have a tendency to limit our labors. So I look at the statement and it's oh, especially the downtrodden marginalize. It the language is very p c politically correct, but it's limiting. When we look at it, because there are people that we meet in our, well you go to church on 7 there, people right there who look like they got it all together. Who need just as much ministering to the other guy. Now, nothing is routing. I think we should minister the downtrodden marginalized. Don't not. But sometimes we can assume that because a person isn't homeless or a person isn't struggling with drug addiction or something like that. They're all ok and they're not. Everybody needs resting christ and there are some high bush barriers that really need that read well into not consider their background or their socio economic status or whatever their whatever that thing is, is the actual definition of disinterested benevolence. Like I'm not interested, i'm not shunning you because of those things, nor my seeking you out exclusively. My goal is wherever i happen, be, I want to be a blessing as the oppertunity. So I think that we need to be careful and saying like, especially these ones because we'll pass by a 100 people that nearby to search out for that one. Like, well, you know, as well as I do that sometimes my motivation for ministering to a certain person is I know I'm going to get credit for it. I minister to the certain home that I can go tell somebody hand minister, the homeless people go pat on the back, whatever else. So the whole idea of disinterested is I don't care what credit I get. I'm minute string for souls. I don't care who they are. Everybody hammick who I come in contact with is a divine appointment. And I'm going to use my influence in connection with christ to share christ with them. Beautiful. So we need to keep true sad. Think of that in mind, and then finally to sabbath keeping, the sign that we belong to God. Now the lesson on, on Thursday, the quarterly paragraph 3, it says the sabbath today remains assigned between gotten as people are building on exit 831131617. It brings that out in the lesson on Thursday, where the bible talks about, you know, it, with israel, the sabbath was to be a perpetual covenant. Yes. A sign forever. Yes. And so of course, the lesson is saying, the sabbath today, even today, because it is perpetual forever. It's still a sign between god as people. Of course this isn't in the lesson, but it came to my mind that especially in the prophetic picture, where you go, who revelation 1217 revelation 1412, it talks about those who keep the commander who god the commandment. Money of jesus who keeps commands have gotten, have the faith command keeping is especially highlighted in the last name as a sign between gotten to speak when we were talking earlier about why that is with the fab as above other commandments. Yeah, because it could be, I mean, you think about the sabbath and it does seem from a human perspective, almost arbitrary. We're like, why couldn't we make it sunday, what did we do? Anything else? What? Well, because that's the definition of command mich keeping is you don't have to understand it. You know, it's to be clear. I'm not saying this habit is arbitrary, right? But even if it were, if God says so, okay, that's the bottom line. It's a demonstration. We can talk about benefits to savvy, keep sure if there were no benefit at all when a bad fit do it, I believe in the, in the probably not so distant future. There will actually be a lot of down point done a detriment, keeping the family going con, loaded a lot more at a societal outcome. But the reason you keep it is it because, well, I get a blessing or I'm going to live longer. Know it's, you might live shorter and hassle, but you do it because he says so, and that's the bottom line. It's a sign between me and you that you're my people who will do it. Exactly. Right. Pretty straightforward. Great statement here in the law, melinda messages, page. 33, element comments about how this is always been the case with god's people. The sabbath has always been something that has set them apart. The law of god, the spirit of prophecy, go hand in hand to guide and counsel the church. And whenever the church has recognised this by obeying his law, the spirit of prophecy has been sent to guide her in the way of truth. And then she quote, revelation 1217 here, that when you have gotten test, might have test my des, then she comments this prophecy. Revelation $1217.00 points out clearly that the remnant church will acknowledge god in his law and will have the prophetic gift. Obedience to the law of god and the spirit of prophecy has always distinguished the true people of god, always been assign, just as god said it, perpetual sign is still the time in the very last days. It will be that indicator of who are choosing to be faithful to God. And the last 2 paragraphs on Thursday could you read those? Sure. Gods. Sabbath is a constant reminder of our or engines, our liberation. Know the, let the next to that's a good one, but yes. Last to ok. Well I'm very glad to on Thursday. You're right. Go ahead. Thank you. God, I say. And then I really heard it doesn't even form it. God, sabbath is a constant reminder of our origin or liberation, or destiny in our responsibility to the outcasts in the marginalized. In fact, the sabbath is so important that instead of our coming to it, it comes to us every week and without exception, a perpetual reminder of who we are, who made us what he is doing for us, and what we, what he will ultimately do for us when he makes new heavens and new earth continue want to fit a holy god invites his human covenant partners to consider the rhythm that governs what really counts saving relationship between the creator and redeemer and his wayward creation every week and with the force and authority that comes from god, we are commanded to enter into the rest that we have been given freely in christ jesus the author and finish of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross fit point there and the lesson. And then I want to close with this. In conclusion, on Fridays lesson, the very 1st quote at the top, the page. And I got one more sentence added. This is all through the week. We are to have the sabbath in mind and be making preparation to keep it according to the commandment. We are not merely to observe the sabbath of the legal matter. Now it ends there, but I've got the next sentence because I thought it was helpful. It goes on to say we are to understand it spiritual bearing upon all the transactions of life. It is contracting merely observing the sabbath of a legal matter. You're just going through the motions. And I think what counters that is that next sentence that says we are to understand its spiritual bearing upon all the transactions of life. In other words, it's not a one day a week thing that I subscribe to, right? It affects what I do all the time. Exactly. It's that sign between me and God and the world that I belong to. God will believe it pass or howard. We've come to the end of our time and there were 2 weeks worth of sabbath discussion in this lesson. So I trust that the, this article classes will be a blessing at people to dive into these topic. And as we close today, could you give us word for let's pray together, father in heaven. We do. Thank you so much for the sabbath. Lord, there are benefits and blessings to keeping the sabbath. But our greatest blessing is knowing you and jesus christ you had sent me pray throughout this world. Those who are studying this lesson this week would be drawn closer to you in a clear understanding of their identity and purpose as creatures of the most high god. And lord of the blessing that we are debtors to share with others who know not god, lord, that we will be faithful witnesses and sat with reminders of that spiritual rest that we want others to have as well. Thank you lord for hearing an answering our prayer fully praying jesus Ah.


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