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14 The Near Future

Jim Ayer Janice Nelson
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Three men: They didn’t bend, they didn’t bow, they didn’t burn. What was the reason? There was a fourth man in the fire. You don’t need to stand alone! There are fires in your life everyday but they don’t need to consume you.


  • April 8, 2021
    2:12 PM
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Ah, ah, ah, very welcome, everybody's talking don't international in our new television series, country wisdom. Let's tone for this new series of hours if found and proverbs for let your eyes look directly forward and your gaze be straight before you. Honda, the path of your feet and then all your ways will be sure join us now for the country was in Ah, ah Ah Ah, in you sure, we're right about that view and we're not even quite at the top. Yeah, beautiful, linda. How high up our way? Oh well over 6000 feet elevation. Wow. And how far is it over to those mountains? But as far as you can see, A long way name. Way. You know, there are a lot of people who would give anything to have that clear review of their life of the future. I found that I keep running into people at my hairdressers, in the grocery store, parents of kids at the school where I work that are concerned about the future. Things just aren't as stable as they used to be. If they look at the economy, they're worried about their jobs. You open a newspaper, look on the Internet, and it's always bad news. Something more. Another country that's unstable, another country, this declaring war are on the brink of it. I, we've got diseases that are brand new and others that we thought were under control. But now antivirus antibiotics are resistant to them just every day. It seems like there's something new to worry about. And people who have never really thought about the future not seriously are beginning to question, where is the world going? They want to know because question. It's like they don't have a firm foundation. Everything is shaking around them just starting and they know that we're on the brink of something, something bad. And they're starting to worry. They're starting to really pay attention to signs around them and bringing subject up with me and going, you know, what do you think is going on? And I know that gods in control. I know that god has the future. But I'm not always sure how to tell them how to convince someone else. Maybe let's sit down or give you a little bit of an idea study that it just blew my mind the 1st time I heard. Because it, it lays out kind of the beginning to the end. It'll give a lot of courage. So a lot of folks sitting sounds like a good idea. I mean, really real. So here is the situation, like I said a minute ago, the just really when I read this, when it was explained to me, I just went, wow, you know, this talk about the god of the universe. Who can see the, the end from the beginning. You know, he steps in and out of time he can see it all any laid out here an amazing dream. Now I think what happened is, it's in the kingdom of babylon. King nebuchadnezzar, he's only been in his reign about 2 years, but he's a mighty king. He's captured everybody including everybody, a jerusalem. He's made them subject and on and on and on. But the situation he's one night sleeping, but sleep kind of passes him a little bit, but he has this dream, you know, kind of how you're, you're just about ready. You wake up, but you're not awake and you can going. He has this amazing dream and just goes, wow, he wakes up, the dream is totally gone from him. He can't remember any more at all. He calls in all the astrologers, all the soothsayers, the magicians, all the, all the one the prognosticators, you know, you name it, he's got them in his court because he knew that his dream had been important. Yeah. But he couldn't remember any of the details. And remember, yeah, so all these guys in tell me the dream. You tell me the dream and they're going king. You understand what you're saying? Nobody but the gods can tell you the dream now they didn't know how right they really were. But they begin revealing themselves about what charlatans they are. You know, the king finally you tell us what your dream was and we'll give you the interpretation. Oh, come on. There are people today that do that? A lot of people put stock and dream. Yeah, exactly. And anyway, he starts now, he's getting mad, he's getting madder and madder because he finally see that these guys have been leading him all along. Are a bunch of quacks and frauds and fakes. And they're living on the king's no. And anyway, he says, look, if you guys can't tell me by tomorrow off with your head it. So what kind of men were these that nearby can as are had there in the room with them? All of his big top advisors that advised him about all the things that they couldn't tell him the thing about this dream. So now the decree is out. If by tomorrow I don't know this dream, you're all did off with your heads. And the, the king big man goes out and he tells daniel who is actually hebrew, who believe in the true god and his friends. He goes and tell them this of the situation guys, I'm sorry because he'd become friends with these guys. He saw the kind of character they were the temperament and he goes out and tells them. And daniel says, please ask, ask the king for just a little bit more time just a little more time because they would be killed. Even though they hadn't had a chance, they hadn't had a crack at interpreting the dream themselves. Yeah, exactly. And so anyway, he's daniela's friends. What's the 1st thing to do, pray, boy, they begin to pray. This is a, there's a per meeting night for sure. Because if they didn't happen the next day, they're dead to begin praying and praying and God, the god of heaven who daniel and shad recognition and then you go to friends with he answers the prayer. So here's what daniel did when he came before the king and berth 27, chapter 2 recess answered in the presence of the king, the secret which the king is demanded. Cannot the wise man answer this drawl injures a magician of there's none of these guys can answer this because this is only from god. God is the only one who can see the future. These guys claim to what they can then he says, but there is a god in heaven that reveal secrets make known to king nebuchadnezzar. What's going to happen? So it's interesting, he could have taken all the glory to himself because here's the king he's. He knows the answer to the king's question. He could have gotten all the gold everything because the king had promised all this to everybody. But he said no, no, there is a god in heaven who reveal secrets, no credit to himself, all to God. And then he begins lane it out. But as for me, the secret is not revealed to me by the wisdom i have. And then he goes on and begins to lay thing here. Oh king, you saw and behold, a great image. This great image whose brightness was actually stood before thee and the form there was terrible and it was magnificent. Never mind it. It was. It was huge and I can get to see the king and the throne sitting forward on the throne of that. Yeah, yeah, I was just picturing the same thing. I can picture him. They're going. Yes, yes, that's it. It's all coming back to me. Tell me more. I just saw the Yeah. This image, the head was a fine gold. His breast and arms, the silver his belly knew by the brass and legs and his feet apart or iron and part clay, thou sawest tell us stone was cut out without hands and smoke the feet of the iron and clay and break them all the pieces. Then with the iron clays of brass, the silver, the gold, broken in pieces together and became like a chief on the summer threshing floor. In other words, when you got green on the floor, they would stamp and then they tossed it up and all the chief would blow away and just the grain would be left and the stone and smoke damage became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. This is the dream and we will tell the interpretation thereof king. So the king, i think, yeah, that's it. That's it. Then. Yeah, you got it. You got it. And all those other wise man, we're going go daniel, because daniel took care of it. So there's no death decree for all the all the fakes in the cheaters. And everything else is so interesting that god loves everybody even the fakes and the cheaters. And those that because he's always hoping that some way somehow they'll hear that skill, small voice and come to him. It's amazing. If it was me, sometimes he off your head man. You to try to fake the king out. You know, the no, no, god is always there to try and help and I moved and I and anyway he continues on now the kings on the edge of this down. Because daniel says, now let me tell you the interpretation. Though it goes on and after the short walk me thou king. In verse 37 now king arthur, king of kings and strings whatsoever the children men dwell, the beast of the field, the 1000 of heaven have given into thy hands, has made the ruler over them all. God recognizes, i made him ruler over everything. You are the head of gold. How I'm the head of gold, you know, now the king said straight up, buttons are breaking his puffing up. And he says, then he goes on the 4th into the next kingdom. A kingdom of silver, inferior to you, but there's going to be another kingdom after. Now. You have daniel with a fake and he just wanted the money. He would never tell the king, there is going to be another king and ask him, right. He wouldn't bother to explain the rest of the stage that you don't do that. So you know, he stop there, everything would have been roses for him. But he continues on and then king, there's a 3rd kingdom. That's the kingdom of breath, then forth came a buyer and working, you know the king now what you know, and then he goes on and he continues on about that. Stone cut out without hands. It strikes this image at the base and grains it all the pattern daniel continues on and he talks also in later chapters. Never can as or is the head of gold. The silver is the needs and the persian it was, you know, your picture, the statue folded arms, all silver. The maids and the persians weren't as strong as never can, as there was, they were a dual kingdom, both art and then a kingdom still inferior yet. But abreast who was that king alexander the great, everything alexander made his whole army have brass weapons and brass shields and everything else like that. But then there is a 4th kingdom, a king of ire. We can look at history, what, what kingdom was I think it thrown irons minor, gabriel and we know iron monarchy of you know, so here you've got this for kingdom and it man, it tears up every other kingdom in it. It rules with a fist hire is strong, but as with every kingdom it began to break up as well into the 10 toes of the statute, down in the toes. And daniel says they're the toes are part iron, and part claim earning play a mix. The 2 don't mic no. If you look at history, we come all the way down to, to the iron moniker, monarchy of rome, then you get into the seat of iron and clay, and europe. All the king's tried to do what they married back in for you. You got their charts in Europe. They talk about the marriage on the everybody was related to everybody in the kingdoms because they all wanted to try and fortify and press together. But it couldn't happen because god said it wouldn't happen. It just wasn't going to happen. Just like iron doesn't mix with clay and clay doesn't mix with iron. They kept marion marion marion. But it just didn't happen. Queen victoria is even known as the grandmother of europe because she was putting all of her children and grandchildren marrying them off to heads of state. Because her idea was that everyone would be related, but it still didn't make them cohesive. You know, here's the thing. You, you look at all these kingdom, god pronounce this thousands and thousands of years ago. Exactly what was going to happen. He laid it out perfectly. And then you look at the king, we can go to our history books and we can compare and we can find out Yes, exactly. As god said it, what happens? There's other places we can go and we can finance god talk with cyrus 200 years before cyrus was born. Of the medes in the persian empire said cyrus, you're going to be a great man. You're going to go in through the leave, the gate lead gate of babylon. He predicted this man 200 years before he was born, how he's going to take over babylon, how they're going to congress. And I've had the great opportunity to be in the museum and see the cyrus cylinder that talks about some of these things. God is always right. God is never wrong. God lays out history just perfectly through the medes, the persian, alexander, the great, the, the iron, monica rome, you go to when they were breaking up, you know, cassandra, lisa, because lucas, and told me that the 4 generals that, that broke up and split up into europe and then the, the canceling out of some of the kingdoms. It's all there. All we have to do is be open to god's word and say, there really is a god, you know, and that's what, when you're talking about with these people. You know, if you get this lead them to a point to say, I'll give it a try, you know, I'll check it out, I'll look at it and see if it doesn't prove to be true. Now that's the thing, it is true. I mean, would that give somebody hope you think a chapter like this? I would think so because when you say that in scripture, god already knew exactly what kingdom would follow which one. And you can see exactly where we are in history, where we are in the world. You can understand what's going on and feel more secure. Yeah. Now get this. What's the last thing to happen here? Is that stone can I without hands? In other words, it's not a means devising it all. This is jesus christ, the mighty stone that comes down, smites earth grains, all the kingdoms to powder and sets up his own kingdom. That's where we are right now. You want to know where we are in the span of time in her history. We're right down on the toes of iron and we've gone through all the rest of verse history. We've gone through all and we're right there right at the very end of the news. I have a little pamphlet here called hope in trouble time. I don't know about you, but the times we're living in scene pretty trouble to me. If I didn't have the hope jesus gives me, I couldn't get out of bed some morning. Hope in troubled times is meant for that kind of morning. Inside its pages, you'll find promise as the pope straight from the bible. Go to talking donkey international dot org and request offer number 129. Hope in trouble time. I've had the opportunity to travel in film in many countries of the world. You see, I hate doing the same old thing. Fill me in a studio. No, as boring, maybe cheap, but who wants to walk? Very few. I found that people love program. They take the viewer outside in the field, like programs that take the viewer on a journey. That's what talking don't international the. Our team decided it was time to create innovative produced programs that go beyond the cookie cutter approach to deliver the production some more, returning very soon. We need to act like it and work like. That's why I'm committed. That's why talking don't international is committed to doing all we can for as many as we can for as long as we can in New creative and exciting ways. Please partner with us today. Your prayers and financial support are needed to take this ministry around the world. Ah, so you appear is even better when we were down lower. I could see all of those peaks, but I couldn't even see those snowing ones and the all had clear off. No, no me. Oh man, you know I was talking about from down lower. It was that vista was open and I had mentioned how many people can't really see what's going to happen in the future. But I'm glad you reminded me about daniel in that vision. I knew that story, but I never thought of using it. When somebody is going poor, can you believe what's happening in the world today that I think it's just a more concrete way of showing. God knows at all, he sees everything. Even if we don't think we can see it. Now, you know, part of the problem is, is you may lay it out to people, but it's their choice where they believe it or not. I mean, I think about, well, in daniel to, in verse 43, it says they shall not mingle themselves with the seat of men. They shall not cleave one to another. Speaking of the toes of iron and clay and things. But this prophecy has been out there, you know, for thousands of years if charlemagne had paid attention to it, if, if charles, the 5th them napoleon and hitler of all things, if they had read daniel too and understood it, they were, they had a last. Com. Yeah, they wouldn't been any reason because we think we can't unite europe. It isn't going to happen because why god service of god so that it is going to happen because god simply goes out of time. Looks the future and see and comes back in, lays it all out for us since very simple, you know, but they didn't want to see if they didn't want to follow it. You know, when you mentioned the toenails of time, I've never thought about that. I had heard about the legs of iron and the feet of iron and clay mixed, but you said we're in the toe nails of time and that was such a vivid picture. But it also occurred to me that knowing that were the toenails of time can be terrifying. For some people, at least. Yeah. I've heard many people that I don't want to know. I don't want to know him. The thing is, you know, gun believes this out. Him the only other thing to happen is christ come. I mean, we've got everything else. If there's other prophecies, we can lay it out and say, well, we are right at the very in regard to what man a woman says within the time prophecy bears out. Now the question is, yeah, should you be scared? Well, maybe if you stood on the outside the arc, you know when, when, when I know a cold, everybody in the art get in the arc of safety because this prophecy says this is going to happen. They're going to be one of those, this data big problem with gun made. They are big enough for anybody want to come in. There could be salvation, and that's the key here. God says, I want everybody to be saved. I want nobody to be lost. I want you to come in, you know, jesus, when he stood out over the edge looking over jerusalem and all jerusalem, jerusalem, how often i would have gathered you as a mother he gathered that you would think about that mother hen galvis or chick god. One of his titles is el shaddai, the mighty breasted man. He portrays himself that is the mother. To gather the children in god wants together. He wants to take us to himself. That's what it's all about. Said of being terrifying. It's actually comforting to know what's going happen and that he has it all under control. There's no need if we, you know, basically let it driver to the mother him to, to get under his wings of comfort and safety. And then when he comes, we look, I'm saying low, this is my God. I waited for him. I me Jim is a good friend, terry control, and I have travelled all together so me from egypt to zanzibar for costa rica, the brazil india. For years we've captured stories of uplift, the god of heaven story. The plugin seems like now on a new adventure and you're invited. We started talking don't the International talking donkey. As a media ministry dedicated to sharing jesus christ, unique and powerful way out of the ordinary. Just like talking don't like us, i'm dancing. You're hiring the same old cookie cutter programs and why in the christian airways. The whole is exciting. Just time to jump out of the mold and let the donkey talk. When that happens, people will pay attention its way out of the ordinary. And we're inviting you to become a part of this exciting and innovative outreach to the world. People are tired of watching the same old thing become a financial partner with us today and together. We will change christian tv will never give the donkey voice. I have a little pamphlet here called hope in troubled time. I don't know about you, but the times we're living in seemed pretty troubled to me. If I didn't have the hope jesus gives me, I couldn't get out of bed some morning. Hope in troubled times is meant for that kind of morning. Inside its pages you'll find promised as the pope straight from the bible go to talking donkey international dot org and request offer number 129. Hope in trouble time. Yes, baby. Baby. Yeah. Oh. You want them buena? Ok. Kim? Come on, have some food. Hello janice. Hey there said you have dinner before we go back here at the ranch. It's not quite done. Which means you've got time to finish that story. You started up on the mountain here. Do I do? Well, let's just get started because I don't have much time. I've got to do some other rest chores, but here's the situation. At the end of daniel to member, the king was the head, a goal. But in chapter 3, the king, thanks. Hey, I had to be the whole statue man. So he build that on a plane, a dora. He builds a 90 foot statue on the goal. And he calls all of his leadership from everywhere around. And he says, hey, this is the situation guys. When the music plays, you're going to bow down basically and worship me. Worship the case. And course, boy and I don't smoke, you know, once on while it's great once a month. But it's a terrible situation. But all the, all the leadership in the kings court are rooting for it because they don't like shad rack me shack in a bed to go at all. You know, there, there are foreign nation, but the king brought him in this part of his leadership team and they don't like that. So they created this whole thing behind the scenes in order to destroy these guys. So the situation is all set across that plane. There's thousands of leaders called from maybe all over the world. And we don't know where daniel is for some reason. It's like god kept daniel totally away from the scene, but here, shared rack me shack in a bed. Me go on this big plane that day and the king said, look, I'm going to play the music all, all the different musical instruments. And when those are played, it's fine about down. And so that's the, that's the whole scene now. All set up. The 3 guys are there and they're listening and they're watching and they're kind of, I'm sure talking amongst themselves. What are we going to do in all of a sudden it's time hebrews stood on that plane that day. They heated the furnace up. And anybody who didn't bow was going to be thrown into it. Well, the music began to play the hebrews. They just stood there. They didn't bow everybody on that vast plain bough the need to never can answer to his god. As they stood there, pretty soon people began to whisper began to talk. They're not now and they're not valid. Got back to the king. The king hold them before him. And he said, what, what are you doing now? You must have misunderstood this whole situation. Tell us when the music plays your post about i'll give you another chance. No, no king doesn't matter. How many chances you give, we're not going to about you. Not going about the gods of gold and silver, all these things. We were represent the god of heaven. Well at that moment, that just inflamed and inferior, the king's that he heat the fire 7 times holler. He did more. It was amazing. What happened? The guards came over, he said, throw them in the guards got over there. It was so hot, the guards couldn't get anywhere near. It actually killed the guards. They became crispy critters. But the hebrews are in that fire. They're standing in there and never can look at. He said one how many guys did we throw in that burn? 3 king, look, I'm counting for 4 in there and the one is like the son of god. Fellows come on out in the hebrews, come out. Their clothes aren't burned. They don't smell like smoke. Nothing harmed about them at all. Not the hairs of their hands. They say, o king, live forever, king what we worship. The god of heaven. I believe you. I too will worship the god of heaven. Totally changed his tone in his tenor because jesus could fire with his children. Friend, maybe you've got fires in your life. Maybe you got trouble life, you've got situations that just tear you apart. Let me tell you. Call upon jesus. He will draw near to, he'll walk through the flames with you. He'll, he'll turn life around for you. And perchance if he doesn't in this life, he's got the next life for you. See, jesus didn't create you from time. He created you for eternity. This wife is just so tiny, so miniscule. But he's got for ever ready for you. Choose jesus today. He will change everything, believe me Ah, there thanks for joining us for country wisdom. See you next time. Ah.


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