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The Power of the Gospel

Norman McNulty


Devotional talk #1 on the book of Romans given at the Community Hospital of SDA in Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 19, 2010


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 19, 2010
    8:00 AM
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hello everyone him this weekend to be here today today is actually my birthday so I'm not hotel him to have taken eight years to start off my Earth Day with the staff of community hospital I guess this also special for me to be able to share on my birthday worship talk from the book of Romans which is one of my favorite books in the Bible somehow maybe if study to look around so it's then that for those of you who are studying the alchemist obsolescent quarterly we are going through the book of Romans as well in my case to cover the book of Romans and by fifteen minutes Fox is very difficult to the source and has some high points that I think these are the points that are the most in Fortin on this trial is an important point that we believe not we are going he's dark today in Romans chapter one four start beginning of the tenth I think there are Bibles doubted throughout is anyone not have a Bible that would like to have a Bible the sum of the wiki to provide up to six before we start on his emissaries report for started father in heaven thank you so much for the opportunity to study from the book of Romans was as we study are working in prison Jesus the victim if you can distill it down to one she can't set the book of Romans about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the way I know that is by going to Romans chapter one sixteen seventeenths of traveling me to Romans one sixteen seventeen and sheer salsas for I'm not ashamed of the gospel of four it is the power of God and the salvation to everyone that believes in the Jew first and also to the Greek is there in the righteousness of God we feel from seeing the same as it is written the just shall live by faith in Venice is one of the most powerful of them all of Christianity and I wanted to take a look at a few key concepts of a number one the gospel Christ and what about the gospel of Christ is the power of God and what does it mean for the righteousness of God and be renewed and what does it mean to be chefs to live by faith as a just and so those are the things of my females were in what is the first of all cancers he is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ that suggests that at least the time of Paul wrote the assistance of the people around there was something to be ashamed of himself and all the gospel reasons in a message that Jesus Christ died to sins and he is our Savior well in the minds of the people of that time if your job is someone who died wishing to the applause is not I'm not ashamed of the gospel says the fact that Jesus died for us is what brings special power to the gospel now it's like about the gospel can make the very clear that the on Christ is the power of God to salvation how powerful is the power of God God is all and so the gospel is all power in big John's is something that a lot of times we give it credit the gospel our insemination times we as Christians may not get an almost ordinary setup for the Lord Jesus died for my sins I can keep on the way on where that's not what policies are not here in the living room I was talking about a gospel that is so powerful that it brings salvation to everyone who believes in the Jew first and also the great families that the Romans on the rest of Romans one all of us humans we don't have time to be a evil find it quite astonishing that there is any power in the world that can save centers as wretched as Jews and Gentiles feeling of the Gentiles and chapter one talks about how the wrath of God is forward out against the Gentiles for their wedding and chapters evolves as when you don't think you're so good you guys know the line you're breaking it anyway some of us are needed around the three salsas all the world is guilty before God all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and yet he introductory statements in the blood around she says that the Gospel is so powerful that it brings salvation to every one who believes now this wart power comes from the Greek for him the other place than ECA in the New Testament is in acts chapter one verse eight which in a nutshell the disciple of Jesus for the last time before you have nieces you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses on the name of Jerusalem and unaltered idea and in Samaria and the uttermost parts of your server the same power that a while the fossil to be witnesses to the whole world and their generation is the same power that is found in the gospel now is there Rob is the trial were able to take the gospel to the whole world in their life how about a theory we have more than twelve people Mister Howard Howard Begala do we have as our is as if the same power of the gospel that the power the Holy Spirit was given to the apostle in the early Christian church and a short gospel as a witness to the world and their generation was the Bible say anything else about that Matthew chapter twenty four verse fourteen Matthew twenty four says a convincing job of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end of time now the apostles in acts chapter one verse eight received power to be witnesses to the whole world and their generation Matthew twenty four Jesus says that the Gospel will be a witness to the whole world him we shall find him now is the on television throughout the whole world so that the whole world and see Jesus died for your hearsay that necessarily sure can the second coming of Jesus Christ in Matthew twenty four I think we must see what a nasty that the gospel will be dealing with so it's one thing to preach the theory of the gospel and save Jesus died for our sins we accept him as our Savior he will come back someday if you accept him as your Savior city will save you and then we save if we can just get that message Jesus what Matthew twenty four thing is the gospel power of the gospel needs to be demonstrated through the lives of the people who are preaching as a witness enemy and not what the apostles that in their generation they were living witnesses of the power of Madonna they received Pentecost so Paul says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ four is the power of God and the salvation that everyone that everyone who believes this power is given power in the words unanimously dynamite and dynamite means that this power comes into the life sinful human beings like you and me and it's explosive it wipes away the power is engine is the power of God is out of the gospel Christ and then when you get to verse seventeen makes sense when this is for the very just the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written the just shall live by faith now what is the righteousness of God him why the righteousness of God is the righteousness of God in him where is the and the gospel so why is the gospel of our as a revelation of the righteous in God now as possible that we as God 's people have a gospel wrong is the righteousness of God being read field as a witness to our line because without the power the gospel that Paul is talking about Stella saying the righteousness of God is so powerful that winter is really feel it will change the lives of all those you believe in it to their salvation whether you are a Jew or Gentile if you believe if you have faith and when it says is revealed from a face that this is talking about is that in our faith it's very the more we grow the more God 's righteousness is revealed in which helps us understand the parable of Mark four twenty eight when Jesus speaks about the way them warm than the full corn in the years that is perfect that each stage of the room but it eventually reaches a point of surety where it bears fruit and in our Christian experience the righteousness of God to be revealed at each stage so we reach a point of full maturity now let's get to the heart of the matter Paul says as it is written the just shall live by faith now so you know that for the afraid is the phrase that started the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther studied the Bible him realize righteousness is not my words is my faith we cannot save ourselves in our own strength that through the power of God can save us and transform him now what does it mean to be just and living by faith all we've all heard these terms of format at its most basic level if you are just living by faith many Japanese variants of justification by faith right if you are just in my faith you have used the justification by faith now this word shots comes from the Greek word Deke hires don't expect your member that however this same word which is used in the English translation as jobs is found several times to describe a seat person who walked this earth needs to interview that is Jesus Christ interview three versus Matthew twenty seven nineteen Highlander wife right highway that have nothing to you it isn't just that I've suffered many things in dreams event within that same orange is the same in Rome the just shall live by faith acts three fourteen Peter 's preaching he says you denied the holy jobs that's thinking of you just saying more and Stevens famous sermon to the Sanhedrin in acts seven fifty two speaks of the coming of the just one you have murdered and I again the same work now think about this for talking about this game Jesus is described as just as human as word means innocent jobs or rights him Jesus was clearly all three of us was in a son she was jealous and he was righteous now this is the incredible power and really the unbelievably good news of the gospel the gospel is we can be just as in the MSM we can be just we can be righteous as Jesus was left out of that were as we've all send and come short of the glory of God the good news is when we accept by faith Christ sacrifice he forgives our cell however in the morning does not only does he forgive our sins he gives us our so let me just why I like the human on this earth which was a righteous life that is the power of the gospel and salvation power of the gospel is not if you accept Jesus as your Savior he covers you with a justifying righteous while you keep sending Romans around the King is the power of the gospel so powerful that when we buy a believe in the power of the gospel we can live by faith the same righteous life that Jesus and is about two minutes or so this is brand-new so what we've seen in a nutshell is justification by faith the question is how is that possible you see one terrible passage Galatians chapter two verses sixteen and twenty Galatians two sixteen says knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law that life Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the faith of Christ and not by the works of the law and I am a little diagram here for Galatians two sixteen so the evidence is we are justified by the faith of Jesus Christ him I see sixteen relations to try built on the confidence of the question of how is it that I can have faith and live the life of Christ here on Mister Galatians two choices I am crucified with nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flash I live by the name of the son of God to love me and gave himself one who is the son of God Jesus Christ how does Paul live twenty screws supplied with Christ by the faith of Jesus Christ and that is the line when I'm crucified I live by faith in Jesus Christ and him crucified Christ as and when he lives in me he exercises his faith now notice this the same Jesus Christ equal faith of Jesus Christ to the diagram and here's when the distant age equals being down here simple logic tells you if the faith of Jesus Christ it was the faith of Jesus Christ then being justified must be the same as being crucified so how am I justified how do I get justification by faith to be crucified with Christ crucified Christ is living in this means that when unjustified Christ must also be living in that means justification by faith is more than an outward covering insulin and word gets very now what's interesting for those of you who are familiar with Ellen why in the selected messages volume one page three sixty six she says requires the entire surrender of the heart before justification can take place an order for man to retain him be through active living thing that works I will purify the sulfa and heart of this method in order to be justified we need his Jesus Christ every single that's why Paul says in first Corinthians fifteen hi dive you visit daily dying to self so that's self gets moved out of the way and Christ comes in second about how that community hospital would have each one of us allowed right to live out his life in us each day human something frustrating process and getting angry getting grumpy humidity we demonstrate the love of Christ and Jesus did when he was set upon in the gospel is so powerful that can take sinful human being such as us and help us to live that way towards those who mistreat us out of the power went off that is what God is calling us and that is why in review nearly when aging on the own wine offices several have written to be wiring is justification the three angels message and I have responded it is the third Angels message and very why is that because when you get the revelation fourteen twelve Revelation fourteen twelve the Sears locations in the same care they may keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus remember the faith of Jesus 's right here in your justified your justified by the faith of Jesus Christ in your crucified Christ was any you live by faith in Jesus Christ and that is the three methods that is the message that he is God 's people need today is a message that is a message of complete surrender to God Christ living in a and him and us demonstrating his righteousness him righteousness of God to the world when I happens the gospel will be revealed as a witness to the world in the matter is what he is looking for his people today say that they are in a continuous state of Iran through the book of Romans throughout the rest of the week for several Romans three and four tomorrow the faith of Abraham the morning and she Romans six seven hit the end of the week so thank you very much these were closing more sales and


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