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Ellen White’s Amazing Vision of Civil War

Mark Finley
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Ellen White had many prophetic visions from God. In this video Pastor Mark Finley goes to the exact location of the vision and explains how an angel from Heaven came down to affect the outcome of the Manassas Battle during the Civil War.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • September 3, 2021
    7:00 PM
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I'm here at the manassas battlefield in manassas virginia. It was here a 160 years ago that an angel came down from heaven and divided the north in southern forces. It is an absolute, incredible story. The story of a divine miracle. Me. I the purpose of prophecy is to help us to look back at the meaning of the spirit of god. Once that prophecy is full, feel in know the truthfulness of the bible. In addition to that prophecy helps us look forward to the future. Fulfilled prophecy in the past gives us confidence in the prophetic word in the future. But now back to Minneapolis, on July 21, 1861. The 1st battle of the civil war took place right here in the masses. The general for the northern army was general General mcdowell assembled his forces in Washington, DC. Abraham lincoln, president of the United States, had sent out a message for northern men to in the list in the war. Some 35000 northern troops gathered in Washington d. C. They were raw retreats. They were not battle hardened soldiers. They had come from farms shops, most of them were young, about 18 years old. They signed up for 90 ease of westman to fight in the war, and they thought that this was going to be a very short war. Mcdowell marched out here along the what is now the Washington warrenton turnpike. He marched them out from Washington. The 1st hey hailey went 5 miles because they stopped to drink water. They stopped to pick blackberries. They were cut about lumbering group would sign up for 90 days. Thought this war was going to be over a very, very quickly as they were coming here. They were going to face general bureau gardens, confederate leaders, troops. He had about 22000 troops here. And those 22000 troops assembled here on the battlefield. Pura guard recognized very quickly that he was outnumbered, so he sent a message down to the shenandoah valley to general johnson of the confederate forces that he better hurry up and get here quickly with his 10000 troops. So johnson's troops came by railway up to manassas, and they came here to the battlefield. Why was this battlefield so significant? Because you have at manassas gap and junction, the center of 3 major railways and the northern forces knew and general knew that if he could possibly overtake the been asked us where way. He could then get that railway down to the Richmond which with, with capital of the summer forces. And so his forces came up. They attacked at a place called stone bridge mile and have 2 miles from here as a diversion area attack. But record the southern forces recognize diversion or attack hustled up here to henry hill and beyond matthew's field to try to stop them. Now something quite significant happened right at this place. You see the canon that I'm standing by. These are northern cannon. They were focused there on the woods southern forces where they're at the woods, north and cannon had been brought down to this spot. To guard the flank of the northern forces in southern troops began to come out of the woods. As they did, you would have expected the northern canada fire. Now in that time there was no consisted no consistent uniforms. And so the northern leader of this cannon brigade said don't fire, don't fire there. There are old men approaching because they recognized because there's so many different uniforms. Even today we wonder why did things can and not fire at the southern forces coming out of the what's the reason they didn't, of course, was because they thought they might be their own men, the northern men, because they didn't fire the rifleman got so close. They shot the northern cannon operators took over these cannon, turn them in this direction to fire back at the northern forces. That was the 1st little interesting thing. As the northern forces continued their attack, they kept pushing back and pushing back the southern forces. During the time that they were doing that, pushing back the southern forces, general jackson came to the ridge and wholly held his ground. Let's go out to that ridge and let's go out to the very place where the angel came down to see why this angel came down to see what he did see how this relates to prophecy and how it relates to the history of the civil war. It's an amazing story. So come with me out to that very rich where we can look at the spot where the angel came down. I ah, the battle waged throughout the day. It began around 10 AM in the morning. Southern forces here came to the top of this hill. Northern forces were they are coming toward the southern forces. The battle was fierce. Over 900 people were killed that day on this battle. In addition to that, there were hundreds more thousands for that were wounded. Remember, northern forces had about 35000 soldiers, southern forces, about 32000 force. And so the battle as the battle waged, general jackson wrote his horse up on to this hill. And here you see a statue commemorating the event that occurred here. Jackson, of course, was the leader of the virginians. The Virginia forces that were lined with the South virginia was divided between north and south north. Jackson came up on the hill and the southern forces were retreating at that time. But jackson held firm, and one of the leaders of confederate army and the name of being said, there is Jackson. He is standing firm that's rarely behind the virginians. Southern forces came up, rallied on this hill, stood here at this very place. As the northern forces came down through this very field, the southern forces held very, very strong with jackson here. The battle waged. Hundreds were shot dead dying on this field. Now, it was believed that there would be of this war with a very, very short ellen white in 18. 61 spoken a little church in parkville, virginia, parkville, michigan. And there she said, although it is believed that the war will be very, very short. In actual fact, in reality, this war is going to be waged for a long period of time. Now, none of the soldiers in the north, their army or the confederate army, believed that this war would be a very long one. All of them that would be a very short war, but the war dragged on for over 4 long years. It is the what it is for history as 860-0000 people die in war. But back to the battle bananas as the forces for back and forth in the northern forces for some strange reason, seemed to be confused on the battlefield and began to retreat. Now, there is an interesting historical narrative written by w. W blackford. And I want to read to you from the historical background of blackford blackford, was a lieutenant in the southern army. He wrote a book called war years with stuart, and so blackford was here, observing the northern and southern forces approaching. And so this is an actual account from July 21, 1861 blackford. Here's how he describes the battle. It's really fascinating. Blackford says it was about 4 o'clock. The battle waged with unabated fury. The lines were unbroken in their that's lines. Of course, the northern choices, their fire was vigorous as ever while they surged against the solid walls of grey standing immovable in their front. It was on the ridge early that day that jackson one, the name stone wall. So we find that here in commemorated statue. But now the most extraordinary spectacle, i ever witness took place. Now this is king, this is critical to understand the battle. I had been gazing at the numerous well formed lions as they moved forward to the attack, some 15 or 20000 strong and full view. And some reason for some reason I turned my head in another direction for a moment when someone said, pointing to the battlefield, look, look, I looked in what a strange change had taken place in an instant where those well dressed well defined lines with clear spaces between had been steadily pressing forward, the north on one side, the self on the other. The whole field was a confused swarm of men like beings running away as fast as their legs would carry them. With all order in organization abandon. In a moment more, the whole valley was filled with them as far as the I can reach, they plan to build bull run. That's the stream that was here. Wherever they came to it, regardless of fords of bridges, and they discarded their muskets, cartridge boxes, belts, knapsacks, however, sacks and blankets were thrown away. Now here's the interesting thing about this old thing. When the northern forces assembled in Washington DC and were sent off by lincoln and mcdowell brought them up here, there were many congressmen, many wealthy women, sophisticated men and women of high society that they thought that this battle was going to be so short. It was like a day's journey. I mean a days outing for them. They came and I want you to look over this direction up here. We see what we call matthews hill. There's henry filled and there's matthews. So they came with their wagons. They spread out their blankets up there on matthews hill. They sat matthews hill overlooking the battle, and they sat there with their bottles of champagne with their picnic baskets. And they thought the where this is a days that you know fun is a vacation. It's an outing, but when these forces came to this very hill and soldiers are being killed here and they saw was happening. And then when the northern forces, unexpectedly turned their backs and retreated. Thank. They couldn't believe it. They said, why is this happening? Is there a divine view? Is there a divine view of why this happened? Why would the northern forces unexpectedly retreat? Want to share with your bible passage that will help us to understand that story much better in amos chapter 3 in verse 7, the bible says surely the Lord, God does nothing unless he reveals his secret to his servants. The prophets. Where was god in this war? Me and why was it that there was not much more slaughter that day? ellen white, whom 7th day adventists believed had prophetic visions. Ellen white, who ad bennett believe, spoke for jesus, she had the testimony of jesus, gives us an explanation of the battle of manassas and she gives us an explanation of what happened right here. It is an incredibly remarkable explanation here in one of helen white's visions. She writes about what took place on this very place. She says, I had a view of the disastrous battle of manassas virginia. It was a most exciting and distressing scene. The southern army had everything in their favor and were prepared for a dreadful contest. The northern army was moving on with triumph, not doubting that they would be victorious. Many were reckless and marched forward, boasting lee as though victory were already there. And now remember, they came from Washington, 35000 of the northern forces. And remember, they thought the war was going to be so short that up there on matthew, feel that you have the chasm congressmen and some aristocratic women and men that are sitting there with their picnic baskets. So they thought is going to be short notice as the northern forces near the battlefield, the cell and white writing now many were almost fainting through weariness and want of refreshment. They did not expect so fierce an encounter. They rushed into battle and fought bravely and desperately. The dead and dying were on every side. Both the north and south suffered severely. The southern men felt the battle in a little while would have been driven back still further. So northern forces are coming through this field. You see that little trees keep that mine? Their coming southern forces are now on this hill. Jackson is standing here on this horse. That's what it's called stone wall jackson. But notice the northern men were rushing on, although their destruction was very great. You're going to find this in the testimonies. White wrote a series of testimonies, and this is the 1st falling of those testimonies. Page 266267. Then it was explained, so the angel explained ellen white exactly what happened here. Then it was explained that god had destination in his own hand. I would not suffer victories to be gained faster than he ordained. He would permit no more losses to the northern men in his wisdom he saw fit to punish them for their sands. I saw just then an angel descended, waved his hand backward. Instantly there was confusion in the ranks. It appeared to the north and bend that the troops will retreating when it was not so in reality, a precipitous retreat commenced. It was wonderful to me. Now look here, god explains what happened in this battle. There. By that train, a 160 years ago, july 21 1861. An angel came down from heaven, divided the north into in southern forces, created confusion in the battle. The northern forces retreated across that hill. Can you imagine as we look them into the heavens tonight, we see jesus in his sanctuary above and the jesus that the keeps the destinies of this world in his hands and the christ that sent an angel down here to divide those 2 forces. Why did he do it? For what reason did he do it? Here we find the answer. It was explained that god had this nation. I'm continuing to wait for the vision. In his own hand, it would not suffer victories to be gained faster than your days. He would permit no more losses to the northern man than in his wisdom he saw fit punishment. There had the northern army at this time pushed the battle still further in their fainting exhausted condition. The far greater struggle and destruction which awaited them would cause re tribes. God would not permit this and sent an angel to interfere. The sudden falling back of the northern troops is a mystery to all it is even today. They know not that god's hand was in the matter The god of heaven knew that if indeed the northern forces would have continued to win this battle. They were young. They had signed up for 90 days. They were in a feinting exhausted condition. They would have gone down here to manassas taking the trains go on to richmond, but there would have been a much greater loss of life. So even in the context of the war, even in the context of bloodshed, even in the context of vicious suffering, god's hand was still in this war. And God wanted to have his little suffering as little bloodshed as possible. Because god cares for human beings. The outcome of the civil war was the unification of America, the abolishment of slavery. And for you being is precious to God. But there is another lesson that we learn from here. And we find that lesson deeply embedded in an old testament book of scripture. We find it embedded in a book called chronicles. In 2nd, chronicles chapter 20 verse 20 and adverse 22nd chronicles chapter 20 inverse 20. We find an old testament passage that helps us even today because fulfilled prophecy in the past enables us to have confidence in the prophecies of the future. And here in 2nd, chronicles chapter 20 verse 20 last part of the verse. It says, believe in the Lord your god, and you shall be established. Believe his prophets, and you shall prosper for the remnant church today. God has once again restored the gift of prophecy. In revelation 12 verse 17, it says, and the dragon, satan was angry with the woman, the church and goes to make war with the remnant over seed, the keep the commandments of god and the testimony of jesus. God would have an end time people that love jesus so much. They would be obedient, his commandments, but they would be characterized by the testimony of jesus. The word testimony means witness or witnesses. Jesus would come to the last state church to encourage to guide and strengthen it. What is this testimony of jesus? In revelation 1910. An angel comes down to John when he checks out on the pap. Miss john bows down before the angel. Angel says get up for the testimony of jesus is the gift or the spirit of prophecy. So god would give the gift to prophecy that prophetic gifts that guided the church down through the ages his last nature. And ellen white would be blessed by visions of dreams. Here to me is one of the significant things about this particular placement asks the same god that the angel down to guide his church throughout the history of the bible. That same god has sent his angel down today to give guidance church. And as we believe his prophets, we look back to the pastoral film into prophecy. And we see again the prophecy will be fulfilled in the future. War must always be put in the context of a larger great controversy between good and evil. It may seem strange to say that the 1st war again and heaven began what a rebel angel of god had given the power choice, rebelled against the heavenly principles of divine revelation. Chapter 12 verse 7 and onward says and there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and dragon and his angels. What? But they did not prevail. Neither was any place found to them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out that serpent hold the devil and to see the whole world. His cash out of the earth is injured. So war began in heaven. God gave every heavenly being the freedom of choice. But when you get things the freedom of choice, you run the risk that they might make the wrong shows. If indeed god had taken away the freedom of choice, they would not have had the capacity to love because love can never be forced to work. Because there was war and heaven, there is war on her. Not only did satan manifest himself as a selfish egotistical, being wanted to throw god off the throne. But when adam and eve fell in the garden of eden, god had given them that perfect choice as well. And now the heart of men and women is deceitful, the wicked spring in wonder who can control that desperate heart. So the reason there is war on earth is because of the selfishness of the Human nature, the corruption of the Human heart, and the desire of men and women now to dominated control. That's the basic war. And war brings so much suffering and hardy to innocent people. I'm sitting here on the porch of a home. It's called the him raise home. And here in this henry home, there was a woman living called by the name of judith. She had lived here for many years. We've done this hill and the war began. Judas did not want to evacuate during the war. Living with her was a servant called the northern forces and the southern forces were having their battle right here on henry farm and unbeknown to the northern forces. There was, there was someone in the home southern snipers hid behind this home. And as they did, they began firing toward the cannon on my left and they were trying to pick off and kill the northern cannon operators. Some of the northern can operators aimed their cannon. So this home, they knew they had to take out the snipers. They didn't know judy every home. They did not know that anyone was, it was on, they fired the cannon totally demolished the home. So that's why it's reconstructed today. And judith henry died here. The tragedy of that is that an innocent woman personally for servant died. It was a horrible death. Often women and Children suffer most many people who I have nothing to do battle or fighting or killed there. And as I sit here in this porch, i think about one thing. I think about the day the sand and suffering and heartache, and I think about the day when there will be bloodshed no more. Think about the day when there will be more no more. I think about the day that christ will and grace will be opened. Graves like that has judas every come with me and notice her grief. And I want you to imagine if you're standing by this grave that jesus comes. I want you to imagine as we're standing by the grave that christ returns. The bible says the Lord himself shall have shout with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet. And the dead in christ will rise 1st and day that are alive will be caught up together with them to meet the horde in the air. What a day sin in sorrow and suffering no more. What a day, disease and disaster death no more. What a day poverty no more. What a day kills and calamity. No more. What a de jesus will return the graves and the righteous will be opened and we will reign with him for answer for less pray, father in heaven. We thank you so much for jesus. We thank you for his love. We thank you for his goodness. We thank you. That one day war will be no more and christ will return in jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org in.


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