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The Four Laws of Marriage

Alan Parker


Alan Parker

Professor of missions and evangelism and director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism at Southern Adventist University




  • July 16, 2010
    7:00 AM
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him him are a man standing let's pray the father yeah we want to thank you again for a beautiful morning thank you for good foot Christian Fellowship thank you for the opportunity to pray together to study together as we enter upon this morning devotional Lord we we pray that that spirit of worship that was begun in the singing will continue that you will be present here that we will experience and you the joy of your love visit the shed abroad in our hearts and now the be with us as we consider your plan for marriage in Jesus name amen good morning everyone I myself feel little more awake this morning yesterday I felt like I was sleepwalking but for some of you seem like you felt that way too so I I hope we've all had a little more sleep although I know if you're living in in that dormant tree kind of situations that that can be more challenging but I'm glad Ridge of this morning this morning what we're dealing with is marry same-sex this is for young people why would we be dealing with marriage because it is my sincere prayer that one day those of you who are not carried will indeed get married I miss God has given you the gift of celibacy and that most people do not claim that gift I thought I I feel that God has a plan for marriage and often when we get to youth retreats we talked about the eighty but we skip a very important aspect and that is what is marriage all about the eventually when you finish dating what you hope to have marriage that's right so marriage is what we got to be dealing with this morning and the fall laws on marriage the beginning Genesis one verse twenty seven Genesis chapter one and was twenty seven and notice God 's original plan and I'm going to the kind of a preliminary to the fall loss but it's foundational Genesis one was twenty seven so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created he them as they say begins with yes God makes a man and then he goes on and he makes male and female in case you haven't noticed man and woman on difference at any of you notice that we think differently we act differently and I once dated a young lady who this was very frustrated at the fact that I was not able to understand and she said but I like an open book to which the response was yes but I've no idea which pager on this so I needed an index to be able to read that book gives man and woman a different God created us differently and yet we will see a plan some people have seen in this way man has one switch woman had many now because it's not quite that simple men uncomplicated to a man ladies but there are differences and I've spoken in the past my wife is spoken about differences of being like waffles and spaghetti men like waffles you know that little boxes and they work in little boxes he has my play box yes my work box yes my relationship box and he has my nothing box and have a happy little boxes that we had an end of boxes you don't you when you working in that box that's the only place you working so when you're dealing with something debts were to be an added woman can speak you my wife can call me up at work and and I like you say what you want and then I have to realize that she's alone everything is connected in a life much like spaghetti she doesn't have separate boxes have you ever tried to follow a piece of spaghetti all the way through plate of spaghetti have you been trying to it it doesn't work because every piece of spaghetti touches every other piece of spaghetti and subnet woman got greatest differently because a woman's brain is hardwired to be very interconnected everything is connected to everything else right I mean the fee what's happening at work is connected to what's happening at home what's happening at home as what's happening a spiritual act and as what's happening with Jane and that's what's happening with Mary out of all interconnected and emotions connect all these different things of advocates like this buzzing network of wireless as an Amman he's in his box and it has the box that he operates it and so we would never and God has created us differently for a purpose amen so he can put the two together because it says in the image of God he created them both of us reflect God 's image in different ways and so sometimes people although but how can you not have to you why do you say that men have to be the same woman have to say no I missed that we rolled different we will operate in the voice but God has created us to be uniquely male and female can you say amen now it will listen it's messed up and it will listen we don't know how to relate to our unique maleness and femaleness and God wants to do something special with marriage I found Ellen why giving a marriage settlement is not a wonderful thing to her granddaughter he was getting married and noticed what she says in a seven to a granddaughter you each have an identity of your wrong is that true yes but in that identity there must be a IC entity God wants to take different identities and blend them into a unity there is a constant need to be a development of the faculties that God is giving you that you may notice what Jesus twice improve improve and you may indeed be looked upon by the heavenly angels with commendation you are called you are not called to give up your identity you each have an identity of yarn that may not always run in the same channel and yet they may be the blame Dean that God requires nephews think about what she was saying about marriage if you think about her plan for marriage you clearly see that God is wanting to not destroy your identity but to blend in and so what is the purpose of marriage what is the purpose of marriage looking at Genesis chapter one is twenty six and twenty seven looking at what Ellen White Susan the seven what is the purpose of marriage I'm suggesting that the purpose of marriage is to blame two different personalities into the image of God amen so did take two different personalities to deliver the sexes and God created that way and to blame them to get an idea of a contrast that with what is happening in today's world because it is the goal of marriage happiness or holiness is a happiness always I had a young lady in our house and she could she was pleading with us Louise please would you pray for me and of course we're always willing to pray please pray that I get a boyfriend everybody is why I will and we said we will pray for you we will pray that you become the right kind of girl to attract the right kind of I will try to bring a cell phone of why Brad Smith some so the problem was she believed that if she got away when she would be happy and happiness was so go if I just have I die I'll be happy if I can just get married all be happy when they showed statistically that you are about as happy after marriage as you were before so if you are happy before you're married after your marriage will continue to be happy they did find that you aren't happy before you got married would actually be more unhappy after you got married so that that goes the other way but the happiness quotient if you're happy before marriage will be happy after your marriage marriage does not bring happiness to get well so that's what happens with a lot of couples they get married and then when they married what they're trying to do is to ask the question how can I get the other person to meet my needs so the guy is trying to get the goal to meet his needs and the goal is to get the guy to meet her needs in a sometimes they joke it all out before awaiting a wife to be believes that she can change her husband and her husband to be believes that his wife of the change that you just remain as beautiful and is pretty on the day they got married and she will look exactly like that fifty years from now this talking away something has to change in the way we approach marriage modern marriage tends to be founded on feelings of attraction so we get these little buses that singles it assumes that there is the one other person out there who perfectly meets my needs perfectly understands me and I discovered befalling Iraq and what I do for you today how can I help you while you're feeling tired and seventy massage your feet I'll give you something to drink all you wanted to have time in the bedroom show off you will just go and do anything this is the modern gillnet and now the sitdown ladies and the guy will just sit there and listen to use and he'll smile at you make is anything else I can do is that how you feel tell me about it I kind of the know-how to do that that's not how you wait he's indirectly with other guys guys do not sit down together what was that like for you all guys and on the mode of thought weldment were to get going to do something before you start getting all emotional one because that's how guys are and so they know how to do so in marriage you take these two different kinds of people and you put them together and if they both come together within essentially selfish motive than this post will make me happy in the problem is that this Hollywood model of meeting the romantic one is going to lead them to manipulate each other to try and get back to us and to meet their needs marriage is not about happiness but about what holiness now known as marriage books that this is a Christian book of popular Christian vocal his needs and the needs and notice what they feel is the way to to to meet this problem I the also says look I can affair proof your marriage this is how to do it whether you're just starting to like to get it had an average marriage for a number of years in a bad marriage we would have had an affair you can build or rebuild your marriage if you look to become aware of each other 's needs and legitimate depth analysis solution is what you need to do is just meet each other 's needs can you ever fully meet your spouse 's needs now the way to happiness is not by simply meeting each other 's needs it takes a divine elements it takes the spirit of God to be in a marriage and it takes a desire for holiness not happiness so that modern marriage books and on and went the reality that God 's plan to seek God 's plan for marriage is God wants to reflect the universe is character of love and end to show everyone this is who I that's why takes to God plan that they would be to people visiting on an one thousand eight it was just me myself and I it selfish is a God plan for two people to reflect his character levels the only two institutions that we have from even all what Sabbath and marriage these two institutions and God gave them as vehicles of holiness that's why the Sabbath what is the plan for the Sabbath that through the Senate it will be assigned that I am the Lord you know it easy to twenty lists twelve and twenty I am the Lord he does what sanctifies you it's a sign of sanctification the Sabbath is also a sign of sanctification it is a sign that God can take two different people and link them together to show love to the whole University Senate that's his plan and so Satan 's plan is to book book book institutions so that people ultimately become like selfish and reflect instead of the character of love the character of the deceiver we're all about what cell its meet our generation is that the but I wish if I guess you could have another phrase I marriage I'm getting married for me is not is not we marriage is I managed you know and so I even yelling of planning a wedding or a woman goes through the mind again with whatever they have to do we can as we scantly noticed us at C-SPAN in a walk down the aisle and then I sat at the altar and in sing a hymn I hope over him but that's all right than zero wildly throughout trial all day that's the plan for marriage I'm going to change them to be the way I wanted to be so instead what we suggested in matter is that there off all laws that I want to give you whereby God can land two different people to make them all like himself Genesis kept the two lipstick Genesis chapter two the foundation and in the fall lost Genesis two versus twenty three through twenty five and the rib that the God Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man then the man said this at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh and the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed rightly that we find the foundation of the fall loss of marriage that was take a look at what is God 's plan what is his foundational plan was double marriage is based on an essential unity even though it different is that what we've been saying notice Adam 's reaction he recognizes somebody that is different from him but more importantly that is essentially the same as him his reaction vessel at last he looked around and there is no one else at last visit his bottle my bones and flesh of my flesh he recognizes a unity in spite of the diversity him sentences and attraction that is based on that unity and I believe that God 's plan for two people is to be united as closely as possible in their desire to reflect God 's image and for attraction to be based on the community not today attraction intensity based on what we say opposites attract so we tend to base it on the fact that we different enough and so what happens is that we have superficial unity and essential difference we we should have essential unity and more casual difference it's not enough to be explained essential unity is that you marry somebody who has the same fate as yourself that's essential unity not that people come in and tell you nonlife I love this person and and we get along so well together and and we even like the same colonists and we we like we like going we like the same sports it's incredible how much we like each other we had a young couple went on then been dating for four six days and they came over to Houston we ask that was it so what is it like and the guy said you know it's incredible I I don't I know exactly what she wants like Orwell what you're like twenty years the unit of analysis how do you know exactly what you want he says I just think about what I would want is exactly what she wants and I like how I even writing again to expect little change note the unity between us is the desire to reflect God 's image the unity between us is when we are both committed to ministry the unity between us as we may have similar values and beliefs the unity between us is when you are you are willing to die for your create that the unity that binds us together and you can handle your differences and it will be different so what are the four laws that are based on this foundation of unity one of the philosophers law is what we would call the law priorities who is number one now we understand of course that God has to be number one in what was the creator who binds you together if it is God is a strand of three and saw stranded too so we understand that the beyond God who is your priority for this caused a man shall leave his father and is not another word leave is very interesting if the wood of the means to leave or relinquish it means to give up and this is a problem that many people have when they get married on Sunday morning if you're not married ahead of time marriage is going to require sacrificial commitment to legal father mother is to move your spouse the position of commitment that exceeds your previous commitments and takes you out of your comfort zone you suddenly say this is my priority now people realize that when they get married what they think is all right before I get married I want I had woollies plans my life and now when I get married I'll have all of these plants while it also has some need help encompassing no-no this is not the way in which you make a priority that your spouse comes before you work and there is there is confusion today because some people think that my work is more important in my specs and and unfortunately homes now have kids now been raised by television because both spouses refuse to give up they work for the sake of effect latchkey kids they come home they open the door they sit in front of the television crews that isn't a family member at home because work is more important than family there are people who say why dentistry concepts the administrators administrators more important anyway the attaches got to marry me she's marrying somebody who's in ministry and my ministry is more important than anything else and let me tell you that's not what the Bible 's yes the Bible says when you get married you have another commitment to replace affable you have another commitment you you read Smyrna prophecy your family is your first ministry but it's tough those involved in ministry this is tough tough talking but this is what the Bible said he will leave you previous commitments step out of your comfort zone and your number one commitment not besides God becomes your spouse becomes your family have to have to there is a legitimate jealousy that the Bible speaks about which this victory defines jealousy as intolerant of rivalry or unfaithfulness there is an legitimate jealousy that we need to have when you're entering into marriage yes jealousy can be destructive I understand that you note the wrong kind of jealousy selfish jealousy is destructive but even God has a jealousy look it up yourself Exodus thirty four was fourteen God is a jealous God now jealousy was essentially sinful men God can say that so what kind of jealousy should be permitted in a marriage a righteous jealousy that since I refused to layout family become second-best and when I deal with married couples and I and I do a certain amount of counseling my position I have found that many couples have let go the priority of the marriage and so they come to me as they say things like you know it's just not the same anymore and I kind of feel like we just than this functional relationship is she saying things like we never have time to talk anymore he sang things that we never get to do anything it's just kids and family and finances and doing all of these things to keep our family-run eating but we don't seem to be a priority in each other 's lives don't let your marriage to and into the morning and now because winged they are easy it's easy when United Artists also sweep all went what would you like to help you anyway all I mean what we will drive across country we won't fly between confidence that's what my wife and I get for the sake of our marriage we will do anything for the sake of my neck but let me tell you it was hot when I was flying here and I had a first-class seat and I could get up for my first class seat and go back to coach without three kids and tell my wife Stephanie zero seven first-class with a suited food and drinks and an little hot cloths to clean your hands with them and I'll send it back next to the bathroom with my three kids climbing a lot of amigos were once a short time I'll do that because Israel might number one priority when you got to do it right because when you're married to use out if you don't keep up the affections that began when you were dating your marriage will middle that's what it's that's what it will what recommends that you read a nebulous you don't want to turn your dating into a bad marriage so we need to make it a priority and some subtle temptations he will solidify the way gets hung decided just wants to risk and we don't get high monkeys doing something with his buddies you can guess that in that marriage is not the number one priority she doesn't even know when I'm home she's so busy with the kids in the house that any anything I want to do it anytime I want to get romantic or have a do something with me she's worn out GC is always on the computer there are these distractions that come at the prevent marriage from being the number one priority we need to have an essentially unselfish motive when we come into marriage unwillingness to let go to relinquish those things that stand in the way of our marriage and if you are concerned with the pursuit of happiness if your goal is happiness you method of achieving it will be selfish it will be so the process will be manipulation so ironically the people and find happiness in marriage are the ones that are looking for those of my happiness in marriage on the ones you have a goal of holiness and the myth that on achieving that is sanctification God help me to be the person I need to be healthy to swallow my pride in helping to make this other person a priority I will not look for my own needs but I look after the needs of others you know which of us I'm referring to I will not look for myself but I'll look for the other person because instead of your goal is happiness Daniel contentment will rise or fall on your spouse 's behavior you know what you can do this for me some are not happy I I hate hate it when people think you made me angry I got angry because I was essentially selfish of me to do what I want about when your spouse does not please you you will seek to manipulate him or her you will swing from apathy to resentment anger and disillusionment or depression because your goal is happiness it is not to become like the image of Christ we need to change our golden marriage you may find yourself thinking about a healer she would do this so that there I would be happy but your happiness is not based on what other people do it is based on what God is really done for you can you say men the goal of marriage when you may cry someone and you may dispel some of what you'll find that you are released from your selfish desires and instead of approaching conflicts predictably you will be able to be vulnerable and open yourself up to the other person because they have become a priority and God is giving you the ability to love them with holiness is that of with the goal of happiness if your goal is holiness you will find that you rely on Christ as the rocksolid foundation of your happiness and self would you approach conflicts of the primary desire not to be ministered unto but to do what the minister this is how Christ was will respond to conflicts lovingly and respectfully whether or not you will love the respect that because you will have that inner ability that crisis giving you will bring to a halt in an atmosphere of heaven and we know that marriage is meant to be a taste of heaven on second law the law of the students now I want you to notice the wood clique because we often misunderstand this would work leave your to leave and then you want to cleave the wood leave does not need to cut or two separate but rather to pursue with great energy and to cling to something zealously enough unlike today we cleave fruit now that's not what it's about cleaning means to be in the streets now let me I know some of you are may be overzealous in your pursuit of someone who's not it just bask but what remarried you need a constant continue that same pursuits in all woman often joke with me you know I I chase what you know I got my husband was the one who chased after me but it was because I had a really chased after him I just knew how to get them to run estimator and so there is a synchronous thing the love that saying the skewed by which you engage in dating will need to be the same as you'd by which you engage in marriage can you say amen so there is a secret of staying in love it's called W all RK what is that work clothing once I get married it will be wonderful and everything will go well and I'll be so happy when I get that idea from Hollywood you know because the movie always a chance with them within kissing each other at the old and having a great time and in the nice music plays they don't show you what happens next but fortunately were able to read the tabloids and we know what happens next and is not happily ever at the rest of your life you must work every day to marriage this is according to marriage on the rock of marriage both you must work every day to marriage for it to be rewarding and a healthy when you stop working at it it will stop working for you you get the point marriage takes work it takes unselfishness and I remember you don't initially we were just in this euphoria our honeymoon lasted like a year and it was just wonderful we would doing ministry together where we struggled was when we had kids of the office you know it was because kids come in and people joke with you your life will never be able say that we were going all we know but we didn't when kids came along suddenly we had the twenty four seven responsibility and I would get untied and the call would be tied after looking after the kids cancel cancel bank and it we get together were both tired and exhausted and what we expected that the other person will minister to meet you I had this little nineteen fifties picture my mic on come on in the kids along nicely made with little bows and they hit and aniseed can I get you something to drink you know just sit down and read your Bible of the advocates of the room and play with them and you don't need to worry about so yes the nineteen fix fifties version of what can happen in marriage and you should read how lovely it is too challenging us we must sit in front of the fireplace and read to each other on a great step that you don't do that when your kids and I got together I stay away from there if not exactly this romantic beach at sunset I get home I'm tired she's tired you know and we both look yet she she's like you I arrive home expecting to be ministered unto and she's she's righteous as if I don't get out of this house right now to be running down the street naked naked screaming so you decide to look after the kids and I'll be signing on let me look at the kids and I'm not responsible what what are the author contends she was World War II comes but we need to minister to each other in marriage takes work and so you can go into it expecting it to be you know Heidi and roses when when you have to recognize you have to confront your selfishness relation to list five tells us how you going to protect a relationship that is no longer working guess what you have to do remember therefore from where you have fallen remember from where you have fallen out with if your relationship is not working try to recapture that first love experience remember what you used to do at first what made a marriage work at first I mean a dating relationship what matter what the fuss you are caring for each other you will you are buying gifts and spending time with each other and calling each other up every day and takes missing the text messaging to each other I just wanted to say how much you mean in my life when you get married and you forget all of it so remember what you used to do it first then secondly it says repentance of you have a relationship is not working it means you don't have to repent what is repent means it literally means to do a U-turn admit we went wrong and make an adjustment if you can't fix something by doing exactly what you did before I met so long on cutting Elizabeth is to write these down and come back to it in five years or a number three do the works you did at first and Mrs. Khanna connected with the other two if you really want to make it work go back to what made that dating relationship with you this time and energy into relationship like he used to change your actions and this is really important if you are in a marriage that right now is not working the way it should be change your actions and your heart will follow and this is incredible I've been with with two people sitting down I believe God can make a marriage work between any two committed people because because of land the two together I've had two people sitting outside we do not love each other and I say Laura I want you to act and they act lucky and it's amazing if the two ultimate the love will follow itself those allow was the laws not get priority 's second law was the law of this year that the law is the law position it's easy to believe your father mother you got to Cleveland to your spouse and then the law opposition and they shall become one flesh now there is a challenge as people do not really want to give themselves so this is what the Bible recommends from the ESV office printing seven verses three and four the husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights and likewise the wife to a husband for the wife does not have authority over on body at the husband does likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body but his wife does now I'm on try to speak in a way thank you for speaking a way that will help you to understand what what God intends for marriage when two people now willing to give up their independent position are you listening to me their independent position on himself he is intending to make a unity of the two remember when they graded in the beginning God silk from Adam 's flesh and bones and now when he brings them back together he says look you to ability one body that's why you can have sexuality outside of marriage driver witness you can have six other matters like this because the Bible says when you have sex outside of marriage you are combining to them they become one so God 's plan is that this happens way one in that range and that in marriage is beautiful is beautiful but in this world today what we've done is we try to have as much sexuality outside of marriage as we get and we need to change the order of things and so as a result when people get into marriage there is a holding back off of themselves they don't want to give themselves over to the other person fully I just can't trust the other person with you better figure out before you get married with you can trust that was not payment because when you get into marriage you need a one hundred percent trust the vet of the person so you better figure it out before halftime people going well I didn't really trust them before we got married because he had kind of been missing around behind you want to get married it would will change were of do not take this exits you know you are on the wrong path when you get married you need to have a fundamental trust but then some people are married say but I don't have a trust right now within you better start giving yourself to the other person and developing trust on you planning for your wife husband will future spouse the full position of six muddy friendships time feelings and emotions some people sick what a meaningful position does that mean on the doormat no remember this is a blending to get off to a different identities and flinging together to provide identities to you to bring them together but you are willing to share these things with the other person I am I think I have my bank account and she is a bank account is a fundamental problem in trust when that thing takes place when I Wednesday well you know and I recognized people need their own friendships but when my wife says to me I don't like the way that goal relates to undergo job as my friend you don't mess with my French no I don't know you may be seeing something I don't see it when I agree or not I believe that friendship behind why we establish that vengeance because I read it as she sees something that I don't and so we are willing to what commitments because of a law physician being one flesh means that you enter into a state of intimate union in all areas of your life are you ready to make a commitment when you get back if you are not given an octave cause that's what it requires the principle of oneness is unconditional affectionate and intimate devotion to each other that encourages mutual growth into the image of God and that means a foundation of trust I am willing to give you all of myself so you can critique me when I'll talk you can set you know it cannot be like God right now you don't be like Christ right and I have to say all right honey I could listen to that because I given my body to you I give my time my energy my money to you we are now one you have the ability to help direct to become like the image of God and I can do the same for the and many tell you this is tough possession is a result of surrender and I you can see that you know there are books that are being published about the sooner time to surrender but really the idea roast Orinda is Luke fourteen was thirty three laying down your life so that the other person can enter in and take full position now not saying that you have to give up your identity and nothing you become a doormat but true intimacy is created when two people so intertwine their lives with one another that you really can't tell where one begins and the other one in spell flinging themselves get in South Africa we had we had the something called pointy costs it was a was ace stewpot is an actual part with three legs middle cast-iron pot we support your vegetables and rise send all kinds of stew things inserted into the stew pot and it makes it together and the great thing about it is that you would still have all of the different kinds of vegetables and beans and rice everything out they would be individual entities would be there but when you've window them together you would have individual entities but a unique blended taste known and talked about so that's all we need to weigh down our lives to be able to say look I am willing to lay down my life for the sake of the other person 's final law the law on purity and the man and his wife were both naked and were not what ashamed what does it mean to be unashamed God 's ideal is unhindered intimacy without shame what you think creates Shane in marriage since good answer send me a check marriage is honorable and the bid undefiled but isn't undefiled today as soon as you send within this initial euphoria followed by guilt shame hiding in plain these effectively destroy intimacy so the log jewelry pieces we have to get rid of sin and what is the number one said that I find injuring intermarriages today and its parasites that comment particularly through the use of anti- speak directly we need to deal with the said building to destroy marriage I had a out a family that were doing some marriage counseling with me and the man had just had an affair and I said what we draw he said for years I been struggling with pornography is admitted when did it begin with it before I got married and I thought once I got married the pornography would disappear and instead that parasite continued to live on in my life and he says I don't know what to do and eventually it led to my entering an adulterous relationship please can you help me and we had to root out that parasite and praise God that marriages restored today we need to get wood of the parasites soon affects every area of your life including a spouse against it was just my set is just internal one affect the other person what we need to do is admit all said and trust God 's plan for purity to it we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us and then do what claims us from all unrighteousness so we need to admit of seven after reducing will cleanse us know when you write for each other we need groups of young people gathering together praying that God will help young people to be able to overcome the sin that is Crippen tell us when you have accountability and if you're married you need to do this with your spouse and you have other people outside of your new marriage even to help hold you accountable and pray for you because we need to confront this because if we don't God 's platforms average one that will be accomplished anything that God give us grace God 's plan for your life holiness and purity will result in true and unbounded intimacy without shape God give us the ability to do this we need the law priority on spousal family will be number one at the gap we need the love the skewed to follow after a spouse with everything that is inside of us to run after burly hand we need the law position to be able to share freely and fully with each other and then we need the water of purity that God will give us the ability to be pure and holy to become more and more like him so that together as a marriage we will have on in the May God help each one to experience that kind of marriage I I want to make an appeal as we enter when they can appeal with you married or unmarried are you willing to accept God 's plan for you marriage or your future that if that's your desire once you stand with spent with me and that's kind of a generic appeal but I want to make that commitment in your hot and so even as we pray if you say God I want to have these fall laws of my life I want to have your holiness in my life if that's your decided as we pray through praying for God 's holiness maybe something is touched you just raise your hand while loop rainbow every eyes close this pray together father Jack we are in your print science presence that inspires holiness forgive us for our selfish desires to minister to our own needs we believe you want us to be happy but only by making us holy and loan what is holiness after but to be filled with your presence so now Lord I'm I'm asking those in the audience who there's something that they need to give up with something that's been holding them back from reaching your ideal to just raise their hand 's to raise their hands and say God I want your purity I want to holiness in mind I want to be made in your profile you seen the hands we know that if we confess our sins you are faithful not only to forgive us of our sins but to cleanse us made it become a reality in Jesus and I made


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