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Abraham's Saving Faith

Norman McNulty


Devotional talk #2 in a series of five talks on the book of Romans given July 19-23 at the Community Hospital of SDA in Port of Spain, Trinidad.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 20, 2010
    8:00 AM
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morning everyone is awesome see you share in the book of Romans this week yesterday we talked about the power of the gospel that I think about that ever since yesterday how powerful God that means for the righteous to be re- feel what it means for the just shall live by faith about yesterday today were going to think about the faith of Abraham for we knew that her father is something thank you for the effort she stayed in the underground and there is only one at Romans chapter one sixteen and seventeen yesterday one of the key concepts that that the power of God and the salvation which is the gospel is for everyone who believes and what we are going to sit out Sunday's medicine needs and we says in the book of James Devil believes in traveling the same suggested as you believe that Jesus is God does not necessarily mean that you only say there's a certain kind of wallets each of them believe that we have that same and they're going to want about today that we now as we need to have and we see the same because the top of the gospel in the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes whether you are and she worried green energy him you know how Romans one sixteen seventeen the Last Supper room one shows how wicked the Gentiles are shattered shooting shows that the Jews you know the law are also wicked as they break the law and then you get a chapter by the end of the chapter we see that all the world is guilty before God in all this then and come short of the glory of God now we need to the beginning of Roman Catholic religion with a couple of points in optimization of human regions the beginning of Romans chapter is used in room letter from Paul are thinking now I thought we were better off once going on here and how does give them a message and responses one of them is your what profit is there certain match every way chiefly because that under them God as God 's people today when we read the book of Romans and becomes very that we are no better than the people out in the world if we are not following God we can now all the truth of Scripture and yet not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and yet there is an advantage to having the oracles of God admitted to there is an advantage to knowing what the Bible says because the Bible gives us the way of salvation and of all people who have a knowledge of Scripture we had networks is not following God Windows and so we have all the advantages that God is through the knowledge of his verse three or three Paul is one of some do not believe shall their unbelief make the faith in God without effect and resources in God now this is an interesting verse verse four God forbid you to let God be true for every man a liar as it is written that you might be justified in your sayings in my overcoming your job and notch medicine a lot of time on this in a nutshell that God is in and it doesn't matter what man the man and say well I think that's right and that never lie not capable the Bible says in Hebrew sex that is impossible for God he also said that in spite of so if God says something he is speaking the truth and now in the night is it that God is speaking that is true if you go on down to the end of Romans chapter and verse twenty six here Paul says to declare I sent this time is righteous that he God might be jobs and the justifier of him which believe in Jesus here is what God is saying that is true then God 's as this person isn't just because they believe in me he's not telling a lie now in that there is common when God will be justified in saying that he will overcome him him or her justified in Romans reimbursed for all things making him so in other words John is getting his name on the line and will be charged on the basis of him saying this person is a just living by faith why so if he says someone is a just person living by faith that is a true thing and God is having his name on the line in the jazz by Stan Romans said so in verse three Romans three even if some don't believe that doesn't change the face of God because God will have people who do beliefs and human beings to justify and yet you you look at that he said okay also nothing short of the glory of God none of us are righteously involved in controlling were not in a number rooms rank and yet what we saw yesterday but the word jobs means innocent and righteous God and if you are just living by faith you have the experience of justification by faith which means that God says you are now what we saw yesterday is that Jesus is described as being jealous several time is we want the passages highlights the highest life sentence highlight nothing to do with the stress and help series even they're certain so that you can sell the holy and just the same more important jobs describes Jesus as innocent gesture righteous is used to describe God 's people who live by faith in Romans chapter one and then God him him alive yes these words when laughing as they believe that when we get in the way we have to wonder how is it possible when we have all send and come short of the glory of God that God could say that we are just and in the and the answer of the illustration that Paul uses comes in Romans chapter four and the example is the faith of Abraham Abraham is the father of the faithful and as we recall from if we believe we receive the power of God and the salvation that is what Romans chapter four verse three says what saith the Scripture Abraham believed God and it was counted on to him for righteousness that is a pretty straightforward Romans chapter one says the gospel of the power of God and the salvation of all who believe here in Romans for verse three it says Abraham believed God and found them to write so Abraham is very righteous by faith now when we look at rooms for verse three we see Abraham believed God so Houston for the Abraham believed God God says your right for example I believe in God God says okay your righteous and there is talk about soon the question is what was Abraham believing that allowed God to say that he was righteous you know where in the Old Testament the story comes the sound of Genesis after fifteen to ten in Genesis Hall is him from the story in Romans chapter forth in Genesis chapter fifteen if you remember the story God has promised to Abraham that he and Sarah would have a child and first shoe Abraham says to God Lord you just use my servant Eliezer he can be that the child of promise because Sarah 's past childbearing age and I childbearing age we can't have children so why he does make Eleazar the air of Congress and in verse four notice what God says behold the Lord of the Lord came to Abraham saying this shall not be thine heir Eliezer shall not be your places that shall come forth out of thine own shall be thine heir now I just think about this and no man will childbearing age and Jonathan on the math five enemy Eleazar Juergen have your own child from your from you and Sarah from your own miles from your own flesh that's impossible that is human lease is impossible there is no way that Abraham and Sarah can have a child and yet God a thing is an notice that happens because Abraham hears is the child for my home was Sarah she is a way you cannot afford not to and God brought Abraham announced for and install the stars and out evil the number seven social life is not as in the wind and the will tell him or him when I was around him learn and have in Genesis fifteen five that caused Abraham the believe in God that I got it say you are righteous that God appeared to Abraham in Genesis St. Lucia from the start that okay so he should invite his generation will be so great that when Abraham looked up at the stars that make him think about with respect to God is these they got involved specifically made a date yes in the interest of time otherwise I would keep him cyclically when Abraham looked up at the stars he was green minded that God is the creator of all and he recall that in Genesis one Genesis one says repeatedly and God 's wrath and there was and God said and thereby so humorless of the stars and I can't like and how much tile were passed childbearing age and visit Abraham with the stars and Abrahams is always you are the creator here word has renewed our anything you say that even though my old dead body will bear fruit I don't see how I believe that you will make it happen if you are the creator and John look to Abraham 's faith instead you understand saving faith you understand that I can say it's the old body of death and made a new life him and what we have here is a spiritual illustration special illustration is that Abraham Sarah their bodies were dead they could not make the only way with through the creative power of God 's word that Abraham believed in the creative power of God 's word so then God said because you have that kind of faith you are a righteous man and now fulfill back to Roman chapter to see how Paul do know this concept and I have about five software that cannot find Romans chapter four verse Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness season that is Abraham believe in the creative power of God and God said okay you are righteous and when you come to the end and genesis of the story Romans four in verses twenty one and twenty says being fully pursue way to that what he had promised he was able also to perform and therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness now you understand that to be counted righteous when I have a righteousness impunity is the same thing as justification by faith is to be declared righteous and what were seeing then is that at the end of Romans we have a more complete explanation for what it means for Abraham to have beliefs and what happens is we see this is the explanation beginning and persons so appointed dining rooms worsens as it is written I may be a father of many nations before him whom he believed that work we may remember we suddenly John Cooper Quinton that and call those things which may not know they were see what Paul is saying Abraham believes in God who calls things which are not even as if they really are now if you study the faith of Abraham for example when he was eleven remember the story of Isaac and how he was and offered him up Paul makes a very clear and he was eleven that Abraham believed that God would raise Isaac up from the death the amazing thing is there never been a resurrection without the kind of faith Abraham having got that he believed in God things that are not even as if they are right now continuing on rethinking engines so believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations according to that which was spoken socializing via Nina so some pretty unbelievable things to us in Scripture we saw yesterday and rooms everyone uses the jobs shall live by faith screenshots is to be like Christ and we say I never seen a person whose life is like Jesus didn't want to any of the Bible just shall live by faith Abraham Vincent God you might be the creator that nobody can ever have a child of John childbearing age so don't tell me that they see have faith in God that okay you're right Gene I just hope the notice verse nineteen says not agent phase she considered not his own body now dead and he was about an hundred years old leader yet the deadness of Sarah 's wounds you about my analysis in the story of a in order for a new birth it's very safe place anymore this was true to be born Abraham 's faith not only had overcomes his own imposter will him overcome Sarah 's impossibility as well this is very well that not only did God to Abraham 's wife that Abraham 's faith or fruit area as well and should develop savings there really was a lot as a practical illustration if we are living righteously was like a parfait should bear fruit and other people who live in their something wrong with RFK if our faith is so powerful that causes other people to believe in the saving power of God 's word continuing on this one he staggered not Jonathan God through unbelief is strong in faith giving glory to God in everything he stood on giving glory to God he believed in God 's and such a powerful way to believe that God can take a wife that was physically dead and bring new life out of it in the end I gave glory to God and God why they people that believe that God can take our lives which has been dead in trespasses and engines is a new wife and I righteousness by faith in him and that is forever twenty one 's Abraham being fully persuaded that what he had promised he was able also to perform and therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness notice God declared Abraham to be righteous because Abraham was right remember what we said in Romans three God does not why so if he says you are right that he says you are just a piece your file is the thing you really are justified because you really are right this is if you really have a new birth rates God is not a you are righteous volumes exciting because that would make God a liar and God is not why I said I have your question there are not righteousness we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God that God can change it so that we don't continue to live show we are sinners because of our that God has changed us to the light and is not now this is my wrapup we believe this story said okay Jesus was just the just shall live by faith Jesus was just okay Abraham just about Abraham was the father I mean yeah I mean God with a linear and incredible miracle for me he gave Abraham and Sarah a child when he was a hundred she was not physically speaking that's humanly impossible any I realize that God is the creator and he has created power he worked a miracle for Abraham the one about me versus no I was not written a single long that it wasn't healing Abraham 's experience is not high in the sky experience that was only for him and a few people down through the ages of time this was not just for Avery notice what it says in verse twenty four this is for us all so check righteousness shall be imputed if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead it was delivered for our offenses and was raised again for our justification notice righteousness might by faith is not just for Abraham is all who believe in living if we believe him that we only ever handling the dogs creator we believe in God 's greatest power we wanted something that wanted to say here she says if we believe on him much of the father that raised Jesus our Lord from the dead now why does he use this illustration only answer is found in Romans chapter 's face first for some instructors therefore we are buried with him by baptism that that life is Rice was raised up from the dead by the ram the father even so we also should walk in newness of life is what God wants us to believe today we would let her lie we look at our lives we see life better dead in trespasses and some that are rearranged and Gentile we realized we comes short of the glory of God and we say however that I can get out of this in the side of a certain why is it that I keep falling in the sun all the time and that God is saying through the number you see the faith of Abraham humanly speaking could not have a new birth this is your life humanly speaking you cannot have a new birth of the same genus in the magazine not a born-again negative and how can a man be born you will and yet was saying just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father if you believe in the same power that raised Jesus from the death power of God the creator resurrecting power of God will raise you want in a new life of faith so that you that has no more dominion over Christ he dies no more system will have no more dominion over us and we will send him to you may say that it there is no way in the world I am not a victory over sin and yet the Bible so we believe in the creative power of God who is all powerful that is the experience of faith that we can have any one that is how many of you want in your lives and how well two ways you some money that would be amazing to have these very things that a similar talk about the surroundings is where your dad is a dead person to him nor attack or anything of the number from him plus with suicide upon his market it was really filled fight back and you realize about the laid-off people need to have an end we can have the next if we exercise faith of Abraham the father of the faithful exercise faith and we can be raised to living your life the favorite talk about that tomorrow after six so let's continue to pray for God 's allies as we continue to go through the book of Romans afraid that we will have the faith of Abraham that will be strong faith giving glory to God so that we won't rightly represent as we talked about yesterday in the Gospels of the knee a witness to the world is not just the as it is a demonstration him them demonstrated to the world not just as a theory then the vertebra four thousand four seven I think in the interest of how monitors have a closing prayer on his father and thank you so much for this story in the feed lever thank you there seemingly even the creator hour your word to do something that was seemingly all thank you so much that this was not just written for the benefit of also becomes more than maybe some of us here today billing statements see the promises of God and yet we haven't been around long perhaps there's things and a lot of them were holding onto that are preventing our time working I clearly was paralyzed in the entrance is anyways so that meeting will happen it's very shown by your righteous Mister Hammond not communication system here passed through your same that you see the love of Jesus Howard is in a special way is with us now throughout the thank you for being with us this morning is that the rest of this week


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