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  • September 10, 2021
    7:00 PM
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I was to go this evening to acts chapter 4. I'm going to pray with you in just a 2nd, but I'm going to ask chapter 4. And this is one of those passages in the scripture that, that I want to use kind of as a launching pad into this message. And you'll see one moment but acts chapter 4. And I want to pray with you if we could now. Thank you again lord for the opportunity to be here this evening. And as we spend some time with one another and with your word, we're acknowledging that without your holy spirit, this is all just a waste of time. And so I pray that your will, your spirit will be present evidence here tonight, that lord, that somehow you can speak through a broken vessel as you so often do with other folks and use the foolish suppression and I'm praying. You'll do that again tonight. Asked it in jesus name, men acts chapter 4 in verse, 13 of always like this text says now when they saw the boldness of peter and John and perceived that they were uneducated in untrained man, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with jesus. Now this verse doesn't need a lot of introduction, that kind of explained itself. But I want to 1st point out to you who the K is in this past is want to refer to this, they the ones that they marveled and they realize and you can back up to versus like 5 and 6. So that it came to pass on the next day, the their rulers, elders and scribes, as well as anason, the high priest and k, I F. S. John and alexander as many as were of the family. The high priests were gathered together. Jerusalem. So this is the group, this is the they in this verse that are seeing these disciple see, and peter and John and they're marvelling at them. But these, as we know, these are the enemies of jesus. They're the enemies of these disciples of jesus. But they are the ones that are marveling. So let's read the passage again, acts chapter 4, verse 13. Now when they saw the boldness of peter and John and perceived that they were an educated and untrained man, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with jesus. Now the greek here can be translated unschooled, an ordinary man, just plain folks like some of us, like you and me. I'm just an old country boy from mississippi and just plain folks. And so peter and John, they were regular guys, we know they were fishermen, you know, they, they weren't, weren't scholars or anything like that. They had no formal education that we know of whatsoever they never went to seminary. They never earned a bachelor's degree. But there was something that was very, very different about these to me. And in fact, they were so different that even their enemies when they saw them and they observed their behaviors, it says they marveled at them. Now to marvel it's something or someone means that you are field with kind of wonder or astonishment, you know, like, wow, check that out. You know, that kind of thing. So this is what they're happening. And so you don't have to understand greek to figure out what this means. You don't have to have greek to no greek background to, to figure out why they marvel them. The answers right there in front of us. And this is they had been with jesus, that was what set them apart. That was what made them be so different. These men who were their enemies said, wow, look at those gas. They had been with jesus that exposure to jesus. You see the twist now that exposure to jesus had done something so radical in these me in that they stood out to their enemies and their enemies were filled with wonder and astonishment. So let me make a statement and then we're going to leave this scene for now. We're going to come back to this idea again. But exposure to jesus makes a radical change in those who have been exposed. Well, you came all way from kentucky to tell us that dislike exposure to cove at 19 vars will cause her reaction in your body. Exposure to jesus will cause a reaction and create a reaction in your heart and in your mind. Now I want you to notice the irony, the most severe cases of karone, of ours as you know, usually leads to death. A lot of times it kills people. But the opposite of that is the strongest cases of exposure to jesus, lead to eternal life, right? So that's what I want to focus our attention on a little bit tonight. You know, I think it's time that we as believers in jesus and particularly a 7 day abas' believers, we have got to make our calling and election. Sure. And one of the things that we're told before jesus comes is that god is going to replicate himself in his people before jesus returns. And so this is good to got to happen. This to me is it's kind of a basic sermon but, but it is so crucial for our understanding if we're going to be ready to meet jesus alive. And if we want to be used by jesus to help others be ready to meet him alive. You know, there we have a vaccine. Now for coven, and even then, you know, we're finding out there's potential some side effects, etc. And a lot of times the side effects for medicine, as you know, are sound worse than disease. You know, if you, we rarely watch any television, but sometimes we'll watch something on Hulu and, and will those commercials for those medical medicines, you know, are horrible. There's all kinds of side effects you hear about you know, you get anything if you advertise some of these pills, you get anything from of constipation or diarrhea. Dizziness or drowsiness, post nasal, drip, lung cancer, stomach ache, strangers, the bark at the moon. All kinds of things can happen from 4 side effects from some of these medicines. But notice the cure for from from jesus has been tried and proven. There's been no lab testing has been required with Matt, with mice, rats, or monkeys. No reason to get peter all worked up in a, in a, in a se about it. Nobody has to be concerned about and or animal rights. It's tried and it's true. And it's been proven for thousands of years now. And there are no side effects from exposure to jesus, except for holiness boldness, peace, joy, love and assurance. Fast the side effects from exposure to jesus. So all my bring this up this evening. You know, right now we are living or have been living in a, in a fear that has gripped the world. A fear of being exposed to this virus. We're afraid of dying, we're afraid of the financial impact. We're afraid of all these so many different things. We're afraid are right now as a result of coven. And what's been going on with that? And I think, and I'm sure you've probably heard this many times and I've got sermons on it too, that god is using this difficult time to try and wake us up and to prepare us to be able to face that time. A trouble smitten. And daniel chapter 12 verse one such as never was and there was a nation even to that time. Now, I quoted earlier from 1st peter 2nd peter chapter one verse 10 about how now the time to make our calling in our election. Sure. But now I believe is the time that we have got to become ready to meet jesus. Now you need to be here tomorrow. I think 10 o'clock of the message, tamara, i'm doing something i've only did one times and in over 2 decades and ministry and I did it last sabbath and my church actually. And so I'm will do it again here tomorrow. And so you need to be here tomorrow for that. But the only way to be ready to meet jesus and to be written about in his book is to have the piece of jesus and to be exposed to jesus. And there is a character transformation that has to occur in US that only comes by that exposure that we have to jesus live this quote from steps to christ page 49. And I hope, by the way, you guys aren't bothered by quote from ellen white because you're going to get plenty, especially tomorrow. Plenty of takes plenty of quotes. If you come to my church, you're always going to hear the bible and ellen white. But anyway, notice this take some steps of christ, 49, it's piece that you need. And now what we need in court though oral needs right now it's piece that you need heaven's forgiveness and peace and love in the soul. Money can't buy it. Intellect can't produce it, wisdom can attain to it. You can never hope by your own efforts to secure it, but god offered it to you as a gift without money, without prize a man. That's what we need. In brothers and sisters, peace comes in only one of 2 ways, and that is either through a clean conscience or a seared one. You know what I mean when I say a seared conscious means that you have rejected jesus and his word and in that the pricking of your conscience as he spoken you over and over so many times that your conscience is basically feared. You don't hear it anymore. You don't recognize the voice anymore, so that's one way of having a clean carpet. And the other way is, excuse me, sir, conscious or having a clean one is the way to have the clean conscious which leads to the piece of jesus is, is being exposed to jesus. And I'm going to talk about that now. The only way to get the peace of jesus that leads to a clean conscious comes through this exposure is not through some big explosion of feeling that comes over us and immediately transformed us. I don't know if you, if everybody in here in this room has been born again, we all kind of go through the transformation a different way and in some sense, and some people experience it in a more dramatic fashion. Some of go through some terrible events in some folks. It happens more in just a slow, steady is consistent exposure to jesus over time. And there's sometimes no great dramatic feeling. I went from this guy and the bars and doing this and that, and all the things that I was doing to, to now being a preacher. It's not always that way. You didn't have to be that way, but it has to come to exposure to jesus of peter and John had been exposed to jesus consistently for the previous 3 and a half years. And it wasn't something that happened and changed your characters overnight. Now you get a pickle, you get a pickle he's going to pick old bush right. Know you right. You take a cucumber and you just different manager and it's a pickle. Know you've got to take that, that cucumber and you've got to be soaked in vinegar over time, and then it slowly becomes a pickle. And you know, when you read these accounts, an earlier accounts of peter and John and even some later accounts, you'll find that they had a lot of rough spots in their characters. They had had some character flaws that were major. You know, john, he wanted to call fire down on a group of people peter made, you know, you know, lots of impetuous statements that he didn't back up. You ran off of the mouth a lot. But the miracle occurred and the cure to their broker, broken characters came only as a result of having been exposed to jesus over time. I read a book and I'll do a lot of reading on the side and read a book call habits of grace. Probably year and a half, maybe 2 years ago. And the author in this book, he said this is much as we want to quick fix some fath, less than that, will make us near experts. And just a few short minutes. The best of bible reading isn't learned overnight or even after a semester of lectures. But day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, imbibing the bible, having god's words inform our minds inspire our heart, instruct our lives. It's then that we slowly see the lights going on everywhere as we walk through life and keep walking through the text. That's the only way it happens. There is no shortcut to, this is no shortcut to dis. And I think it's time that we have to get serious about being like jesus and consistently spend in time with him. Could this the only way that we're going to be transform? You're familiar with this text. Second corinthians chapter 3 verse 18 says. But we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory, the Lord are being transform into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the spirit of the Lord. And most of us have read that takes many times and in all the though the wording sounds kind of complicated, really has a very simple, profound meaning. And I'm sure we could probably all sleep here together, bobby holding, we become what changed. That's what the bottom line, this text means, bobby holding. We become changed. Being exposed, we become changed as I think it was mentioned. I was born and raised in, in mississippi. And I didn't, grew up a 70 avenue, had become a some damage. So I was an adult at 27 years old, but in any way, when I was around, probably 1920 years old, I worked at this company and there was a guy that came to work in here. I was, I, I was born and raised in mississippi. I was just a good old country boy. I mean, redneck, you know, you guys here talk about the, you see the, the caricatures, you know, I was me back then. And so anyway, this guy came in, he moved there, he was in the navy had a navy base there in meridian. And he, when he finished, when he left the navy, he had met a girl there and he got married his right side to live in britain. And he came to work at this company. I worked at his name was tony. And so tony, i'm this tall, lanky redneck and tony is a short, stocky, and he was, he was from New York and he had that accent youth guys, you know? Yeah. He, I mean, he thought that he talked very, it was hard for me to understand hard for him to understand me at that point. And so we were so very different. I mean, I was tall and lanky, he was short and stocky. He had a sob. His car, I had a 68 firebird and so our cars were different. We talk different, we look different, we dress is different. Everything about us was different, but somehow we became fast friends. And for the next several years we were good buddies and we hung out and did things. And then at some point, you know, I left that company and he kept work in there for a while and I left and went on to do other things. And we kinda lost track of one another. And I went through to angel listing series on the evidence church. As she mentioned, sir mentioned earlier for 3 more years, I continued own in still business. And then I went off to southern. And what I would do when I was at Southern, for the ministry in the OWN, the summers i would come home and I would go back to work in the still business because I could make good money and make money for school and all that to support myself for school and one is probably 2 summers into that into my education at Southern i went home and was going to see my nephew's ball game. And so I drove to, the ball feel was out in enterprise, mississippi way out in the country and a pulled up there. And I got out and make my way over to the bleachers. And as I was going towards the bleachers, i was kinda looking across the field and I saw a guy. And he said that loose like tony, and I hadn't saw tony in years. So it looks just like tony. So I'm going to go see thought and so I walked around the edge of the field toward that and there was this got me every was yet a pickup truck and I'm not, this is not a preacher story. I mean it is a preacher story because I'm afraid to but it's real. There's this guy set known on it. On the pickup truck, he has the tailgate opened. He's sitting on tailgate. He has own coveralls. You know the overalls with no shirt under it. He's got a big tobacco in his mouth. He's got a baseball cap, bone. And so, but he still and I go over there and I walk up to this guy. Told me. And it was tony. And I started talking to him. He said, man, you've lost your southern accent that you found it. I couldn't believe the way he talked. I couldn't use, couldn't believe some of the words he was using. I couldn't believe how different he sounded, how different he looked, everything about him was different. And you know why he had been exposed to that culture for all those years and he was changed. He was completely different. I couldn't believe ma ah, there is no shortcut to be in change to the image of jesus. We have to have steady repeated exposure to jesus if we want to be growing, having more of his peace in our heart and to become more loving to have more of the Outlook of jesus and to be growing and having more of his joy in our lives is a spiritual law bobby holding. We become trains just like their physical laws and cyclists, as, as she mentioned. And my goal is to rod a 100 miles a week. This what I shoot for during the summer when the way you know you colon kentucky, you can't rod year round or least if you, if you want to ride in the snow. And so anyway, my goal is to 100 miles a week and, and only got 84 miles in this week because I didn't get to ride today. But anyway, during the really cold months, I don't get to rod that often. So when the weather starts to warm up, I get excited because I'm, I'm happy we'll get out in the sun and on my bike again and. And so it feels good to be out. But once I get out on the bike after the long winter, any little incline on the road, you know, it kinda hurts the legs kinda, you get really tired. If you drive, if you go over, you know, 1015 miles you start to get kinda tired and, and, and it happens like it every year. Do you think I'm surprised by that? No, because it happens every year. I know I expected it happens every spring and so it always hurts to get started. And you know, there are folks, i know people tell me, well, I don't like to read. I don't like to this or I don't, I don't like to study or this. Sometimes it's not fun to get started, may be painful, it might not be the easiest thing for you to do. But somehow we've got to every one of us. There is no exception of this. You can't just say, gee, is we're going to develop another way of me becoming like you, you have to be exposed to jesus. And his primarily through his word that he changes us. When you spend time in that book, it starts to do a miraculous thing. I mean, I was the more surprised at what jesus did in my life as much as other people were around. I couldn't believe what god was doing to me and do an in me as I continue to read his word. It was amazing to me suppose to jesus through his word. If you have to begin and little doses, whatever it is, but you've gotta do it. You've gotta get in there. You've gotta be in town with jesus again from the book, habits of grace. If you feel uncomfortable in the scriptures and inadequate in the art of bible reading, the single most important thing you can do it to make it a regular habit of reading the bible for yourself. I see a typo. There is no substitute for a few focus minutes each day in the text. You may be surprised how much the little bits add up over the long haul. Is the slow, steady application of god's word, just healing, transforming work in our lives? You cannot discount the idea that god is working in you because after one day or even one week of bible study, you said, well I don't feel like a new person. I don't see anything changes in the slow, steady plotting work. But the results are long lasting and they begin to make a change in the way you see life. And the way you see people in the way you, you, you take own the pressures of life. Notice system, child, god, it's page $511.00 knows what she says, neglect anything, neglect anything of a temporal nature. But be sure that the soul is fed with the bread of life. She says it's impossible to estimate the good results of one hour or even half an hour each day devoted in a cheerful notice that social manner to the word of god. Neglect anything. She said anything notices, patriarchs and prophets 596. It's a law of mind that it gradually adapts itself to the subject upon which it is trained to dwell. If occupied with commonplace matters only, it will become dwarfed and enfeebled. If never required to grapple with difficult problems, it will after a time, almost lose the power of growth as an educating power. The bible is without a rival. Without arrival. When I, when I heard this message for the 1st time as a 27 year old young man it, I consider myself then and even now I'm just a simple guy. There's nothing fancy about me. But I started reading. I was a single guy. Time were or I became single very quickly because I was no find any more when I stopped drinking and doing all the things we were doing and I moved out with my girlfriend. But I started had a lot of free time. All the sudden I started reading the bible like 3 to 6 hours a day. Every day. I go, I go or I get up my head be work at 7, I get off 3 or 330 or 530, sometimes, whatever. When I get home a shower at eat, i get in the word and I started studying the bible. I start reading the bible in all a sudden the things in this book that I had had read as a, as a baptist all my life. All a sudden they can the life. I mean it was like I'd never read a book i'd never seen before. You know everything in it was so real it was so it's so pertinent to, to what was gone every day in my life. I just couldn't believe the changes that began to happen inside me. You know, to get the, rona, some people call it, you have to be exposed. You have to come in contact with someone or some service or some fluid that has that virus. And from that exposure, you will begin to work it's viral magic, so to speak in your body, and cause you to get sick in extreme cases to die. And rather this is, we are all taking our precautions or social dis seem were worrying mass. We're doing the different things, we're wipe and surfaces and washing hands and all this. And we're told by health experts that this is what we need to do. So we're doing it. But my friends, if we want to be ready for heaven, we gotta be exposed to jesus. We've gotta be expose, you know, the quarantines have allowed. Most people have time at home like they've never had before. You know, lots of folks. Now their jobs are home. And for many of you, you know, you've had more free time for me, it really didn't slow down at all for me. But with the free time, lot of people been as can spend time with their families and get outside and do more exercise. All those, those are good things, but we've got to make sure that we are spending time with jesus. We're getting exposed to jesus. You know, there's a quote I want to share with you to with you now and, and, and by the way, I can send to a PDF, the pdf that you referred to earlier for the sermon tomorrow. There's also a handout tomorrow, but I can send a PDF of all the quotes and texts from the night 2 and 2 more afternoon. But anyway, I was going to share just one sentence and then as I kept reading from, from here in profits and kings, i said, man, I got it, I guess you're all of this. And so it's kind of an extended quote, but I'll have it on the screen for you. Profits. King's faith. 625 and 626. And he said, between the law, the man and the precepts of jehovah will come the last great conflict of the controversy between truth and error upon this battle. We are now entering a battle not between rival churches contending for the supremacy, but between the religion of the bible and the religion of fable and tradition. There are few who really accept it as the rule of life. Infidelity prevails to an alarming extent. Not in the world only, but in the church. Many have come to denied doctrines which are the very pillars of the christian faith. The great facts of creation as presented by the inspired writers, the fall of man, the atonement, the perpetuity of the law. These all are practically rejected by a large share of the professor, only christian world, 1000 to pride themselves on their knowledge. Regard it as an evidence of weakness to place implicit confidence in the bible and a proof of learning to reveal it the scriptures into spiritual laws. And explain away their most important truths. Christian should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise. And this preparation they should make by diligently studying the word and goes on and strive and conform to live, to its precepts. And how do we prepared to face all these things are about to happen, goes on, god calls for revival and a reformation. The words of the bible and the bible alone should be heard from the pulpit, but the bible has been robbed of its power and the result is seen in a lowering of the tone of spiritual life. In many sermons of today, there is not that divine manifestation which awakens the conscience and brings life to the soul. God's word Is we've got to have a revival of the belief in the faith and confidence in the time and God toward the preparation for this crisis is about to break on this world. To most folks, as an overwhelming surprise should come as no surprise to us, and we're going to look at that tomorrow at 10 o'clock service. But that preparation is exposure to jesus. Now her pastor mart fenley years and years ago, soon after I was became an admin is Christian. He said, the only piece that will cure to the disease that we have is the goth peel. And as true, we need the gospel. Now before peter and John had been expose to christ, they were just regular ordinary guys as we saw from the scriptures. But after spending that concentrated one on one time with him, they were so different people marveled at him. The reason and they, they said that the reason because they had been with jesus, they had been exposed. And this re, if you'll think about the timing of this, this is the very beginning of the book of acts. All those things we get to take place when you read the book of acts. I mean is the book of miracles. And all these wonderful miracles and things began to take place around these men. And it was carried out by these men only because of the exposure they had had the jesus romeus chapter 12 verse 2 says this don't be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of god. God works. His will in US through the transformation of our minds. And I have been able to personally see how god could take a man this in one place and by exposure to jesus to his word can bring it to a completely different place. And I know for a fact because I've experienced in my life that it was nothing but god's spirit in his word did that there's and. And when you see that happen in your own life, you can't ever go back any more. I can never deny that. Now, I've seen it happen and God was to do it to all of us. And your story will be different than mine. We all have the story. Notice this ministry of healing for 58. The whole bible is a revelation of the glory of god, and christ received, believed, obeyed. It is the great instrumentality in the transformation of character. This book received, believed, obeyed, is how god changes us. And what I'm telling you to night is very simple stuff. I mean this is elementary, but if we're not diligent and explode, supposing and applying god's word our lives, we're going to be with the rest of that group, denies the very foundations of our faith. When these things start happen, and we'll talk more about that again tomorrow. Another quote, testimonies, volume 8, page 169. The question is often asked, what is the cause of the dearth of spiritual power in the church? Was there any power in the church where, why, what's going on? The answer comes, the members allow their minds to be drawn away from the word of god. She goes on, we are built up physically from that which we eat and in like manner, the character of our spirituality is determined by the food given to the mind. We can't let this happen to us only you can expose yourself to this. Nobody can do this for you. There's no other way, but exposure to god's word, don't let anything come in between you and jesus. And his word put anything as we saw in that 1st quote, put anything aside that comes in the way of exposure to jesus. As much as we want to find short cuts and quick fixes, there is no other way you can listen to. Sorry, there's nothing wrong with listen to sermons. I do that all the time. All of my bike is what I do. Listen to sermons, listen to me. Other times when I'm driving you listen to the bible. I do that to you could read these other books and all those things are good and appropriate and they do help us grow. But to get the jesus virus coursing through our blood, it comes only through exposure to his word. Great controversy. 519. Satan well knows that all whom he can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the scriptures will be overcome by his attacks. Therefore he invents every possible device to engross the mind. Sorry, satan knows it to be true, and he does all that. He can to somehow find a way, I mean, I act as a pastor. Believe me, every day, when my feet hit the floor, I got a 1000000 things on my mind that needs to happen that day. I am i've, that's one of the most frustrating things for me who like to check things off a list and have things in order and know that I've got this taken care of as a pastor, is it in 20 something years now? I have never been caught up, madge and that never called up for 20 something years. Always something that there's always someone. And so there's always playing in my mind. And so satan can use those things. He can use your school where he can use your job, your spouse, whatever it is, exercise. Satan is going to use anything and everything he can to try and keep you from getting this exposure that you need and that I need. She mentioned, and I mentioned in the little introduction that somebody for to me is what I call a car guy. I don't know. Is there any car guys here? You may know what I'm talking about. Yeah. Ok. There's the least one here. The car guys. We love cars, i mean, I just, I love him up since I was a teenager, i get him a 1st camera when I was 1516 years old. And I've just been a car guy ever since then. A short cars, i'm going down the road will turn my head like nothing else will. And I noticed them, I see him all when I go back, I don't miss one of them. And jesus is working on that. He's trying to get that me too. But. But anyway, I've rebuilt motors. The truck here on the screen, the man a friend of mine took this. We took it apart and we painted in my garage, this is my truck now the my, my side truck, I call it. My wife said mother, my side chick, but anyway, I real built motors. I took a, a night to 968 firebirds in a, in a 970 impala and built a car out at one time. All those things. But in all my years of working on cars and doing all the things that I've done with cars and keeping up with cars, i don't know if you ever heard of play bars. You may have heard of a clay bar or to clay bars. And after all these years are doing, i'd never use one because it frankly, i doubted that could possibly work. They say there's this, this bar play. You can rub it on your rough paint, you know, make sure you're right, right. I don't believe that I've been doing full car to Long and know that doesn't work. And so I never tried it. But anyway, I had the truck you saw on the screen. Me going to have what I call them. A preacher cars at 22011 toyota Camry and the pain of it looked at the little silver car looks fine from the distance. But at the time you get close to you rub your hand over like bumps all over it. It looks fine, but it felt all bumpy and smooth. You could you put whacks on it didn't do any good for. And so I thought, well, I keep hearing about this clay bar. I'm gonna try. So I, when bought me, clayborne, i bought the little kid them that goes with it and I used it and I took it all over the whole car. And guess what? It worked. I couldn't believe it. That rough paint. I mean, it's smooth as glass and now smooth as glass by rubbing a clay bar all over me up and you gotta spray some water too. So don't just go by, go out and the behind the University here and getting hungry clay and going rubbed red car, but there's a, there's a method to it. But anyway, it worked. And so I'm sold only effective is that now and, and the reason I share that is because the word of god makes the same claim to us. You take the word of god and you apply it to your life consistently in regular. It will again to remove those rough characteristics will begin to change the way you speak the language you use, the thought you have the Food you eat, the people you hang out with. It will began to change everything about another, quote, education $126.00. The creative energy that called the world into existence is the word of god. This word imparts power. It begets life. Every command is a promise accepted by the will received into the soul that brings with it the life of the infinite worn. It transformed the nature and recreate the soul in the image of god. A man, please understand what I'm about to say is not for me to bring into the question. Your desire to see jesus. It's a question that you have to ask yourself to help you Uh, valuate the reality of your claim. If you say you want to spend, want to spend time, which is you raise your hand on this on the next question, don't. How many of you would like to say, hey, I want to spend time with jesus? raise your hand if you would like to do that. Now, to for, to, to make such a claim. We have to evaluate that claim in the way to evaluate that claim is this is to ask yourself some of the questions. I say I like to spend time with jesus. Did you spend time with jesus this morning? Don't raise your hand. Just think about it for introspection. You know, we have and we say, oh, I can't wait to see jesus. Jesus is coming again. Praise the Lord. That's right, that's what we're looking for, right. But I've always thought if we really, really mean that we can't wait to spend attorney with jesus, why we spend it with him every day. How real are we? When we say we can't wait to see him come in the clouds glory when we want to spend time with him in our closet in the morning. Right. Oh, dropped her clothes with another text and some thoughts about it. X this chapter 20 or excuse me, 34 verse 29. I've always been fascinated by this to now was so when moses came down from outside, he'd been up there with god, with the 10 commandments. And all it says when he came down from the man that moses didn't know that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him. So when he came down and moses came off the mountain, he started talking to the israelites. He's like, man, they were like, we can't look at you. He was in his exposure to the living. God. Had this made this glow come about him. And the people couldn't stand to look at it. And by the simple fact that moses spent time face to face with god, he transformed him in such a way that the others could not help. But notice what was happening. Isn't that exactly what happened to peter? And John? The people marveled at them because they had been with jesus. I want that experience. I don't know, but you it only comes in one way. Moses had the mountain top, face to face, encounter with a living god. And you know the most glorious at the right word, but the most exciting times that I've had during the last 28 years, I guess, since I became a Sunday abas christian have happened in my personal time with the Lord. It didn't happen that way every day. But you know, when I became a 70 as christian, you know, I started hearing the things i've never heard before from the bible. I've been going to church for 27 years. My mom had me and church sunday morning, sunday night, wednesday night 3 times a week were in church. And but all a sudden I started here in the bible from a different angle. And when I started here in these things, as I started here in these teaching these doctrines, and is through the doctrines in those teachings, that I learned in love is delayed by tell you can't love jesus of studying the doctrines you can't learn. Yes, you can. You expose yourself to the word any way you can and you can learn to love jesus and you can learn to become more like him. You know, god says is that his word will not return void. And when god speaks to you, there is nothing like it. There's nothing alike. Knowing. I have made a personal connection, the creator of the universe. He has humbled himself in such a way that somehow in this amazing and comprehensible way, in spending the quiet time in his word. He spoke to me And he ought to do that every one of us, every one. Not every day's. One of those heaven comes down and glory feels my soul days. You know, some days I sit before the bible is just drive the hills of gilbert and I don't feel anything. I just do that. You know, I check it off. I go through my reading or I do whatever it is not spend some time on it and I don't feel anything as just the way sometimes. But those times when you know, god just spoke to me is nothing like it get yourself exposed. Get yourself exposed is the only safe guard against this world and the things of this world. And it is the only preparation for heaven is the way to find peace in a world that has no peace right now. Is the place to find a assurance in a world it seems to be coming apart at the seams. Jesus took peter and james and John to the mountain. Remember, the mount transfiguration in their jesus was transfigured before them. And it was on that mound that they saw jesus who he really was for the 1st time. You know, they saw him transfigured there and they were amazed by that. And he was on that mountain with jesus that they heard the voice of god speak into them literally at that point. You know we, we may find jesus healing dallon valley, which he did so often. But if we want to see jesus transforming, you have to go to the mountains. You've got to be exposed to do that. You know, I of, i've just given you some from information this evening. And I hope somehow the holy spirit has had inspired some of this information. But now what you do with it's up to you, we've got to make up our minds because I'm sure by the fact that you're here on a Friday night, you're probably committed christian, you love jesus, you your have a relationship with it. But I think you want so much more from what he has for most of us. I know he does for me. And so jesus was to do a work and he's gonna come through that exposure Get infected. Would jesus get expose to jesus? Be transformed by jesus, and by that exposure, you'll be made hole. You'll begin to be made holy, and you'll be prepared to meet jesus and to share him with others until he comes Home. What a privilege it is to be here to night on the sabbath with a group of fellow believers in you, a group of men and women that want to be transformed him lord. I admit i acknowledge that it is nothing short of a divine miracle. To hear from the living god through your word lord, I know you want to do that for each and every one of us in. So I'm praying that whatever decisions we have to make, whatever calendar changes that need to happen, whatever needs to go on and live forward, i'm praying that you will inspire us and encourage us and empower us to do whatever it takes so that we can be exposed to jesus, and we can be transform asters. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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