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Poisoning the Remnant

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • September 18, 2021
    11:00 AM
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Let's get right into god's word. We're going to go to the book of proverbs chapter 23. Proverbs chapter 23. Verses 123, which says, when thou sits to eat with a ruler, considered diligently. What is before you, and put a knife to your throat if you be a man given to appetite, Be not desirous of his dainties, for they are deceitful, meet, be not desirous of his dainties, they are deceitful. Meet our message, the sabbath is entitled poisoning the remnant poisoning the remnant. Let's pray father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word go through these lessons around health that we'll talk about today. Right now. Laura asked that you make me just a nail on the wall, a rusty, sorry, male lord, upon a nail or asked to hang a portrait of jesus christ. Let me not be seen or heard, lord. Instead, we want to hear a word from the throne of grace. This is our prayer and jesus, his name. A man going over a book book a daniel and I will go through the story quickly. You all know the story and I won't get into it from a deep biblical analysis. But just to set the stage for some of the other things that we are going to talk about. Daniel chapter one. Nebuchadnezzar has now completed his 1st raise of jerusalem and taken with him. Some of the young nobles and princes, including daniel and the 3 hebrew boys. This is the 3rd year of jehovah, kim king of judah, but never another king of babylon came in to jerusalem. And seized it, the Lord gave joy kim king of judah into the hands of part of the vessels of the house of god. When he carried it into the land of tion. Are to the house of his god. And he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his god. The king spake unto ash finance the master of his unix, that he should bring certain of the children of israel and of the king seed. And of the princes, children in whom was no blemish. But well favored and skillful in all wisdom and cunning and knowledge and understanding science and such as had ability in them to stand in the king's palace and whom they might teach, the learning of the tongue of the child dns or get too deep into this. But never can never approach the world domination was, and he would take of the next generation of leaders trained them to be called the N chaldeans babylonians. And once he did that, he could send them back to rule their own country as they served him. This was his goal, at least in part or a plan here. One of the learned to speak the language of the babylonians, and as will see to eat the food and learn the customs of the babylonians. Verse 5 and the king appointed them a daily provision of the king's meat and of the wine, which he drank. This is the actual food from off the quote unquote kings table. So nourishing them for 3 years and at the end thereof they might stand before the king. I would imagine that as this was going on, daniel and the 3 hebrew boys were quite stressed out. We'll talk more about stress and I won't get too deep into it here. But what stress does is stress causes our body to go into a serious reaction. The key mediator of this is a hormone called cortisol. And of course, along with this, comes adrenalin and the fight or flight response that we've all learned about. But what happens inside the body is that this cortisol as an actual fact, tissue causes the fact cells to begin to break down and release free fatty acids. This causes you to become resistant to insulin and that term sounds familiar. It's because insulin risk resistance is the Hallmark of diabetes. But it doesn't just do that. It goes into the muscle cells. It causes the protein in the muscle to get broken down, decreases insulin signaling. So the less receptors to a, to get the insulin to bring energy into the muscles. And so you get even further insulin resistance. But here's the kicker. In the liver, it does 2 things. The diagram only shows one. It causes the liver to make sugar for energy. While at the same time, as it does is it can actually cause more free fatty acids to be released. So stress is literally the platform upon which diseases like diabetes, and one that you've also probably heard about metabolic syndrome rests. This is why it is not enough to have a good diet. You must also have that 8th law of Health. You must have trust in god because if you don't trust god and you're always anxious and stressed, you'll still get sick. In fact, what we say here, that stressed spelled backwards is deserts. Not only we get sick, but all of a sudden the foods that seemed to make you feel better foods we now call comfort foods will be you'll have less ability to, to avoid them because they will actually feel better in the reward pathways of your brain. If you are stressed out because it will feel like you're getting the cheap calorie energy that you are in desperate need of at the time. This is why solomon warn, and I am sure daniel and the 3 boys were aware. This is why solomon warren and proverbs 23123. When you sit with a ruler like nebuchadnezzar considered diligently what is before you and put a knife t at the root. If you are a man given to appetite, do not be desirous of his dainties for they are deceitful meat. They'll make you feel better, think you're better. When actually you're worse off and the question is, the king of babylon do this today? If we are living in the last days, we talk about spiritual babylon. Well, here's a, here's a billboard from mcdonalds. It says crafted for your craving, the desire to control your appetite for profit. But in order to do this, as we're talk about the food that the babylonian king of our day had to prepare, has to be designed for you to get addicted. It has to be crafted for your craving. Well, what of the king of babylon to eli? Since the 1950 till now is massively increased the portion size serving size hamburger in 1900. 53.9 ounces. It's 12 ounces. Now a soda was 7 ounces. So it is 42 ounces now, and sometimes even bigger and easy franchise went from 2.4 to 6.7 ounces. So one thing is there's a lot more food being served and consumed, but the delicacies are based on the triad. This evil triad of salt, sugar and fat. And I won't have time to get deep into all of these this morning, but I want you to get that it is the way that these foods are designed and put together that causes the addictive nature of the standard american diet. One that has been exported around the world. I see it in Jamaica, i've seen it in africa. I've seen it in asia. The foods are being shipped all over the globe. And the sad, the standard american diet, the sad, is now causing the diseases of America and the west to be found in other parts of the world. Why? Because the New York times says there is a comment here in this article, the extraordinary science of addictive junk food and that powerful, the extra ordinary science of addictive junk food. How do they do as well? They study what is called the bliss point. They find out exactly where the right amount of salt is, what this graph is or sugar or whatever it is. So that you get the most pleasure at that point. And that's how I design the food. And as it gets fancy, they can look at you how to brain functions, they can do some pretty impressive things. But what they begin to do is even make food that have what they call, vanishing caloric density. Like cheetos, hot, cheetos and talkies and stuff like that, you know the food at crunches when you stuff like cheaters, you bite in and crunches a cheese. Doodles. You bite an A crutches and then it melts in your mouth becomes like a paste. So when I hit just stomach, your brain is and I heard a crunch like a cucumber or an Apple. Whereas all the nutrients with all the the fiber without got any more, we've got a more vanishing caloric density. Food is designed to be weapons of mass destruction. Here in the, the tobacco industry got in trouble because the tobacco industry said, you know, our products, not addicted, doesn't cause disease. And they busted them when they found all the secret papers I showed as it did. But the food industry, much of which has been bought out over time, a murder or mink, mingled in with the food industry. What tobacco industry, the food industry never had the truth. They said better gaining just one. It said once you pop, you can't stop. Food companies explored our biological preferences, the up, the reward pathway in the brain, under the guidance of a neurotransmitter called dope amine, which is the pleasures hormone in our brain, which is why cocaine makes people. Hi, it is released would food and can be manipulated To make some foods give you more pleasure than others. New York times again. And this one's over consumption of fast food triggers. Addiction like neuro addictive responses in the brain, making it harder to trigger the release of dopamine. So they pushed that more and more and more and more to get the pleasure out of the food. And it is, it is very powerful. But how do I do this? Well, how do I get you there? Well, if you look at this, the food industry spends about $2000000000.00 a year, marketing to children. The fast food industry spends more than $5000000.00 every day, marketing unhealthy food, children, and nearly all 98 percent of food advertisement viewed by children are for products that are high in fact, sugar or sodium. Most of it 7 percent low and fiber. One study found that when children were exposed to television content with food advertising, they consumed 45 percent more food than children exposed to content with non food advertising. This is the power of the television. Can't get into that now. It moves you from one brain wave Which gives you more attentiveness and focus to lower brain waves where you're more likely to just receive the information when, as you're in, like a kind of a mapping, daydreaming kind of state. When you watch television and sort of kids would eat more if they were given more commercials like this. But here's where it's interesting. Each day african american children see twice as many calories advertise in fast food commercials as white children as able. How is that possible? Well, there's 2 ways, one studies i've said for a long time, african american children watch more television, so you're going to get more exposure. But also the programs that african american children watch also targeted with more fast food junk food commercials. Jo fermon based out of new Jersey, a physician, joe from an M D. Dr. Firm and is a plant based physician who's been around a long time given talks, lectures and as a line the products and stuff. But he said this in his book ita live. It's one of the best statements i've ever read on the way that the king of babylon has taken captive the world when it comes to food from the, from these food industries is of the modern food and drug and mystery has converted a significant portion of the world's people to a new religion, a massive cult of pleasure seekers who consume coffee cigarettes soft drinks can be chocolate alcohol process food fast foods and concentrated dairy fat cheese in a self indulgent orgy of destructive behavior. When the inevitable results of such bad habits appear, pains suffering, sickness and disease, the addicted cult members dragged themselves to physicians and demand drugs to alleviate their pain mask their symptoms and cure their diseases. These revelers become so drunk on their addictive behavior and the accompanying addictive thinking that they can No longer tell the difference between health and health Care. In America, we've been crying for health Care reform. Nobody's really asked, how do we get america healthy? So from when they were children they, you know, ronald reagan was the one made catch up a vegetable. And you can see from the school lunch programs, historically the food has been very devoid of nutrients, very high and fat, and salt and sugar. You think of pizza? pizza is in many things. I've read pizza, the most addictive food you can eat and if you one of them it while a dough is basically white flour, which turns into sugar. There's tons of cheese, right, and cheese is full of fat and salt and then of course you've got to meet on top. And the sauce is also sometimes has a ton of sugar in it. And it's, so it's a, it's a medley of all these things. And this is what children of it, so children are trained just like they were trying to chain train. Daniel and the 3 boys to be babylonians, we from a child with train to eat mac and cheese and, and pizzas, and things like this that have very little nutrient value. But a very almost habit forming in that you can crave the food. An example of his government, jesus president ronald reagan holding it up after they figured out a way to take the waste products from milk production. The fact that was left over that they couldn't use probably from process like skimming of the milk and make it into blocks of cheese, that they then turned around and took taxpayer dollars. Paid the farm as well as what would have been thrown away like waste food and turn it into blocks that then the taxpayer funded to give these blocks of cheese. The poor people in white, rural america, black and brown, inner cities on indian reservations, all over the world. I've been one of the blood people in bombs that they used to get it as well. Cheese is one of the most unhealthy foods we can actually eat. She the so addicted one doctor called the dairy crack and this is from meal bernard's book, the cheese trap. This is an article on a book, the cheese trap, which I recommended really points out the cheese even has in it a substance case of more form that are related to like heroin and morphine is very low. But does it? There's some opiate effect that actually can stimulate the brain and it's one reason why people tell you it's easier to give up meat than give a cheese that allow people say, but it's cheese can be very difficult for a lot of people to give up. Because I have a lot of properties, everything from the salt in the fact that he's case a more form that actually work to keep track. Of course, if you eat the block of collector, all salt and saturated fat, it's definitely not gonna be good for your heart. When I was going to a lot of admin is when we meet with a cheese on everything. And I am one pastor that I love very dearly when we go to burger king, when I was in vegetarian at a time and I get a whopper or whatever. He went to order, they didn't have venue offers, but then he'd order a whopper. Would extra cheese. What know me when o, B, fatty. And later on he actually got pretty sick and actually, ultimately it was a heart attack that the dido. So cheese all by itself, the bad food may be one of the most unhealthy things you could eat. This is put on the table before daniel daniel would have said no, I'm not eating that stuff. And we in the last days we clarity of mind to think like that. So there are facts that we should have what I won't say that, but this is what the bible says about fat. Leviticus 2723 and 25 says speak to the people of israel saying you shall eat no fat of ox or sheep or goat for 25 for every person each of the fat of an animal of which a food offering may be made to the Lord shall be cut off from his people. So you're not supposed to eat the fact of the Animal because the fat as we, as, as you start to look at it in the fax, the saturated fat, when it gets down deep in our gut, that actually damages the gut micro biome. And allows toxins to cross the barrier and go into the bloodstream. And then those toxins can cross the blood brain barrier and actually cause inflammation in the brain. We will talk about in a 2nd and actually cause things like brain fog and may even contribute to the development of dementia directly to the toxins, but also because they clog arteries. A lot of people wind up what, what we call multi, in fact, dimension, little tiny strokes in the brain over years that ultimately coalesce to cause dementia and loss of cognitive function. Brained minds must be protected. Some say, well, I'll eat fish, some fish as more collateral and pork. Some fishes do some type of fish, but a lot of mercury and fish. If you get it from the ocean, you get your omega 3 fatty acids with a, I need a mega 3 and get them from elsewhere, but also very polluted, not just mercury, but p. C. B's, for example, as a, as the poisons bio accumulate. When you eat seafood right? A little tiny fish is a little tiny. If he's a Mercury, the bigger fish eat all of the little fish, but so that bigger fish gets a lot of mercury and the fish that he's, that fish get even more and up the chain. It goes until we eat the fish. And what we now know is that they've actually classified as group one carcinogens processed meets like salami, which includes bacon sausages, hotdogs. I was just reading something I said, if you, if you, every time you hot dog, you take like 36 minutes off your life. Wow. And so to classify these things that can class one cause engines and it's weeks that's makes their ability to, to cause cancer. But it doesn't speak to their ability to cause heart disease and strokes and other problems like that. Of course in the next group, the group 2 a and let me say this group, one of carcinogens, are the same as like the, the cancer causing effect of cigarettes. But group 2 ways that they probably cause cancer and in that group is port beef and lamb talking about the table of babylon. Many was grouping lots and lots of eggs. And what we found is we're finding through the studies that exit increased the risk of cardiovascular these by 19 percent, colon cancelled by nearly 5 times. You hang more and more young people are having serious problems with colon cancer. One of the most famous was chattering chad with bozeman, and I don't know how you ate, so I'm not speaking to his situation. But I know when I used to go to the gym there, a lot of you went to just down raw eggs to try and get protein to get super strong. Already, you know, eat boiled eggs and stuff like that, but it actually increase the resin cancer diabetes we talked about. We'll talk a little bit about how fat calls it helps called diabetes and lethal prostate cancer. By 81 percent and black men and in specific are most likely to have really serious prostate cancer problems. Jamaican men also are very high up and probably related to the african american risks. Why does happens? But one of the things that we know is that the prostate cancer is increased and that's probably cancer, but deadly prostate cancer is increased with the consumption of eggs. And so we also know that when you eat fat, one of the things that it does that actually increases the appetite. So when you eat kentucky, fried chicken is all greasy and slimy and fatty. It actually increases the appetite. So rather than turning down your appetite, it increases it and it does something else we want. People often ask about diabetes and how people get diabetes. We think it's from eating sugar. Sugar is a strong contributor, but not for the reason we think fat is what does it when fat jams up this lock and key? This is what insulin recept is. Insulin plugs in this is the cell here. Insulin plugs in and this receptor jeff, it's jammed up with fat isn't i can't do his job. It's job the going to turn his lock and this gate, this glucose channel open and the sugar goes into the cell is a muscle cell. The muscle then burn the sugar as energy or storage is glycogen and you are in good shape. But if it, this is clogged up because the fat than the sugar stays out here. And you have high blood sugar, high glucose blood glucose level. Not how diabetes happens, but it's not just eating fat stores in a sugar does it do because when you eat sugar it go. The table sugar sucrose, lety in named a 1000000 different things and hidden in food names like fruit, those and I for those corn syrup and other things like that when it gets when it gets in even honey. And some of the things we think are healthy when it gets in there, it gets into the liver, your liver, actually in a way it biochemically. Processes the sugar. It actually releases fatty acids itself and causes insulin resistance, so sugar. So here's the kicker. The American diet combines sugar with fat. Right? That's what a don't it basically is sugar and fat. And I could go on an analysis that a, like the french fries are basically sugar, in fact a white potato and deep fry it. So this is why diabetes is such a scourge. A lot of people don't know you've got to cut the process sugars out. You've got to cut out the fat, even an oil, which we talk about that this afternoon. So what happens? Well, insulin resists once you get into levers acid as resistance. It messes with your appetite, and it causes something called left and resistance. Once you're left in the fact, cells make less than to tell your body that you're full of fat cells have enough. Once that is broken, you don't, your appetite no longer works and you'll just keep eating. And a problem that happens when you, especially when you get all these fat, that fatty acid media hypothalamus. Inflammation is real. And this is one article that I read on it. And what it basically is telling us is these saturated fat said early call this, these toxins that emptied a brain and inflamed the marine. And the brain then no longer works right. And so inflamed inflammation, linked with all timers and reduce cognition and something we now call brain fog. It also long for all time and suffer. His brain inflammation ignites a neuron, killing forest fire. What we now know is that an inflammation that is our enemy, and even in this covert pandemic, it's inflammation through cytokines storm that the virus causes. But if you're already in a state, we already inflamed because eating process foods, junk food, fast foods, mean dairy sugars, oil in your bodies already and flame, and you get cove, it now you go into a hyper inflammatory state. Wondering why in America covert is doing, the number that is doing is because we all lived stressed, which caused inflammation. And we all, most of us, many of us at least a higher inflammatory calling diet. But it's not just that. The other thing that does it is marijuana, the while marijuana legal in New York, massachusetts, connecticut. And everyone is saying how harmless it is. This study, this is done on one of the hospitals in greece. Long term use of marijuana gradually become worse at learning and remembering things a new study suggest and have you been around the small one of a long time? This probably is not a very big surprise, but also some other foods that can cause brain fog. I want to bring this in there too because we're talking about a poisoning of the remnant if being a christian in the last days is about having critical thinking skills and being able to think clearly We are warned to be sober and to be vigilant. That's the warning that comes to us. We know that it is the frontal lobe, and we'll talk about that this afternoon more in the front, a lot of the brain where salvation and the thinking and a choice to choose christ. This is the like, the most holy of your body is a temple your frontal lobe of the most holy place for the devil wants to get at your frontal lobe. And so all that we're talking about as hell as important to be healthy and longevity. What is most important is spiritual clarity and here, this is what daniel in the 3 hebrew boys gained. This is not to me, is not a coincidence that daniel decides to eat right. And he is the one given all of these amazing prophecies in the book of daniel and of the any ability to understand prophecies and dreams. But m. S G and salad dressings, and pre cooked meals, up the, the free glue tannic acid, which is the g, and amazon g. Because glutamate glutamate is a neurotransmitter. And when you get to what glutamate You, it depletes, glue the thigh own, and other antioxidants. And so it changes the way to blood brain works. And if the brain does not have the ability to scavenge and get rid of free radicals, which is what happens then there is constant damage in the brain. So you eat m S G, some use of preserve food, and that can happen. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, the breakdown into products like a spartak acid feel melamine and methanol. These all excite the brain cells and then kill them. Methanol itself becomes formaldehyde, which is a toxin and poison that we use to actually preserve dead bodies. So what we eat doesn't matter on a lot of different levels. Daniel, one of our 6. Now among these were the children of judah. Daniel had an I, michelle, and as ariah, unto whom the prince of the unit gave names and tell the all new names. The bible says in verse 8, but daniel proposed in his heart that he would not def file himself, with a portion of the king's meat, nor the wind which he drank. Therefore, he requested of the prince of the unix that he might not be file himself. He said, listen, you poisoned me, we are not to be filed. If our body is the temple, then literally our digestive system is like that brazen lever. At the beginning of the sanctuary. The largest piece of furniture and no one clean thing to be put, put on it. So nothing that would destroy should come in is why? Because food that far the brain has spiritual consequences and spiritual consequences. I say one in verse 18 says come let us reason together said the Lord, they assume we are a scholar. They shall be. Why does snow though they be like crimson? They shall be as wool if you can't reason if you can't think straight. If you're in toxic You can miss out on salvation. Obviously I didn't talk about alcohol, but clearly alcohol alcohol. One increases appetite of a slide on that skip, but it also inflames the brain and causes cognitive decline. And once you start to step back and look at what the impact is on a lifestyle where you're in front of the screen on your phone, on your iPad, on your computer, on your TV, all the time, estimate your brain and then not exercising, like we used to not being out in the air like we used to. And then you look at what we're eating is food like substances. It's not even real food anymore. It doesn't come from the ground. It comes from a factory and all of the impact that it has on how we function. It is no, no surprise that so many are going to be deceived. In the last days, thinking has programming their minds, the turn off. He wants to poison the remnant. Now god had brought daniel into favor and tend to love with the prince of the unix Prince of the unit said to daniel, i fair, my lord, the king appointed your meat and drink. Why should I see your faces worse? Like than all the other children of your sort. In other words, all the rest of the guys came from israel, or from all the other captured lands. Then shall you make me endanger my head to the king. If I mess up, you guys look terrible. You'll kill me, daniel said to males are Well skipped to the next verse here. Prove your servants ibis each, the 10 days let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink. Then let our countenance, as we looked upon before the countenance of the children that eat of the portion of the king's meat, and as thou seest, deal with di servants. So he consented to them in this matter and prove them 10 days daily. Basically, daniel sets up a scientific study, let us be given this food and give everybody else the rest and again, evaluate who looks different. And at the end of the 10 days, their countenances appeared fair and fatter, healthier in flesh than all the children was it eat the portion of the kings meet. Then males are took away a portion of their meat and wine which they should drink and gave them pulse and the word for pulse actually can translate the word like to lentils and look at what lentils are good for. They help control diabetes, manage weight spotted lentils, a the muscle and generation of a muscle generation in the body, right? That's engine that not raw eggs but sprouted lentils will be better to eat, helps optimal brain functioning. There's a lot more I could say here, full of vitamins, minerals helps to fight cancer, but it definitely helps you think better clears the mind, blueberries and hands brain flow. Here's a great one. So if you want to your mind to work better, if your children are in school, blueberries actually help improve memory in older adults. So if you eat blueberries is a rich, an antioxidant, they can actually help to correct things that are wrong and the brain and blueberries may lose brain function for kids. Look at this study and what they found that when you give the kids blueberries and I've talked about this before, some other talk 0 cubs one cups, 2 cups. The kids got 2 cups of blueberries equivalent before going to school, perform better. Diet impacts was that directly. Studies are beginning to show it of die. It can affect how you think and how you learn. Can clearly definitely affect salvation for you. Because you've got to be able to choose, it may not be solved difficult enough itself, but not having a clear mind, or if you intentionally are destroying itself, what would a poor diet, then you have a problem. Here's what other white says. She says through the fidelity to the, through the fidelity to the principles of temperance, shown by the hebrew youth, god speaking to the youth of today. There is need of men like daniel will do and dare for the cause of right pure hearts. Strong hands, fearless courage are needed for the warfare between vice and virtue calls for ceaseless vigilance to every soul. Satan comes with temptation in many alluring forms on the point of indulgence of appetite. The body is a most important medium through which the mind and the soul developed for the up building of character. Hanson, the adversary of souls, i answered, is that the adversary of souls, directions, temptations to the feeling and degrading of the physical powers. His success here often means the surrender of the whole being to evil, the tendencies of the physical nature, unless under the dominion of a higher power will surely work ruin and dash. In the last days, again, our goal is to develop and have the character of christ to gain victory over sin as he works in the sanctuary to concert in heaven. Each of our hearts should be cleansed. The body is to be brought into subjection to the higher powers of being the passions to be controlled by the will which is itself to be under the control of god. The kingly power of reason, sanctified by divine grace is to bear sway in the life. Intellectual power, physical stamina, and the length of life depend upon immutable laws. Through obedience to these laws, man may stand conqueror of himself, conqueror of his own inclinations, conquer of principalities and powers of the rulers of darkness, of this world, and a spiritual wickedness in high places. The feet in $612.00, if you want to win the victory in spiritual warfare, it's critical that we pray, but it is also critical that we eat the kind of a food have the kind of diet, bring our appetites under controls that we can fight. The spiritual warfare what the clearest of minds Daniel 117 and as for these 4 children, god gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and daniel and had understanding and all visions and dreams. Now the end of the day that the king had said he should bring them in. Then the prince of the unix brought them in before. Now we can measure the king commune with them. And among them all was found none like daniel hannah, michelle, and as ariah, therefore stood day before the king. And in all matters of wisdom and understanding that the king inquired of them, he found them 10 times better than all the magicians. And the astrologers that were in his all his realm, daniel continued even unto the 1st year of king sires and tell you that a few things happened. One, the way that they took a stand on lifestyle and living in diet, exercise, water consumption, all these things, as they agreed with god on these things, they were smarter. They were 10 times better than everyone else. And verse 20 want to tell you, daniel was granted as well a very long life. He lived through nebuchadnezzar rain. There was suns, rain to his grandson's rain, all the way into 3 kings into the next empire. Otherwise, this In no other way. Satan come with his temptations to fall in human kind as successfully as through appetite. It is necessary to maintain a living connection with heaven. Seeking as often as the daniel 3 times a day for divine grace to resist appetite and passion. Rustling with appetite and passion, unaided by divine power, will be unsuccessful. But make christ, you're stronghold in the language of your soul or be in all these things. We are more than conquerors to him that loved us. Romans $837.00 said the apostle. Paul, i keep under my body and bring it into subjection. Less that by any means when I have preached the others, i myself should be a castaway. First, corinthian 9 and verse 27 and award castaway. There. In the greek is a dock came off. It means to be disqualified was as I do not want to run this race, i do not want to have done all these things that I'm being that god has asked me to do. I don't want, i've done all of that. And when the final analysis, i am disqualified, satan wants to poison the remnant. He wants us to, to, to go slack of her pastors, mark our health message from the pulpit. Laugh about the burgers, they eat and, and all the other things advent as who were wine sores now What she watches as we walk away from the truth on a health message. It isn't long often before we walk away. Other truths the world is following. What we should have followed world has gone more whole food, more plant beast, speak on programs, and specials all the time of people who are, who are not christian at all. Never read the bible, but have understood that this way is the best way to eat and it's a shock that in our own churches, we would rather often eat the food from off of the king of babylon table. Even though we have the message that says, come out of her, my people Come out of babylon. And yes, this is a tough subject. We'll talk more about it this afternoon, but it is incredible that we are still arguing sometimes over the subject. The scriptures stated, the spirit of prophecy supported and the science now sees it. Though let, don't let them poison you. You are among the remnant. Let's do a god says do step by step little by little let's move in the direction that chrysler have us move in is our prayer. Let us pray. I should say father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word and look at these issues. So many so deep lord, so many things that were exposed to, to that, that are damaging to our bodies in this modern world of profits. And of greed, not just the greed of individuals, but corporate greed, father, god, we have been calling daniel, and the 3 hebrew boys to make a stand that ash finances of the world that we will not eat off the king's table. How was father god to eat the way you have prescribed for us to do to live that way to trust in you? Most importantly, we've got to turn our over our trust to you believe that you can give us victory. As paul says, lord, when I am weak, then am I strong? Yes, some of us have weaknesses, but if we lean on huge weaknesses will be shrinks. Bless us to descend in jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio purse. A web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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