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Sabbath, Creation, and the End Time

Allen Lloyd




  • July 17, 2010
    9:45 PM
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him father in heaven we thank you for this opportunity to come apart on your Sabbath day and worship you and we pray that as we discover more about this great topic the Sabbath creation that you would guide our hearts and our minds and that each one here would be open to the inclination of the moving of your Holy Spirit as its name we pray amen I must admit I was a little disappointed that my topic was not the actual sample school because were studying probably the best exposition of the gospel given in all of Scripture during our seven school lessons and that is the book of Romans and last week I had the it really introduction to the book of Romans but this week we were to be studying Romans six one verse sixteen and onward and it turns out that it's actually related to the topic that was assigned to me and I thought why don't we actually open our Bibles to the book of Romans and delve into this topic of the gospel because really the Sabbath creation in the end I is intimately connected with the subject of the gospel as I mentioned last week we had the introduction to the gospel reminds us back up to verse one Paul a servant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated unto the gospel of God Paul that word servant really means way he said he was a slave of Jesus Christ when a master tells a slave what to do as he do it absolute him absolute connection as far as obedience is concerned to the slave master now many people consider slavery to be a bad thing most of the time of this button right same verse Paul tells us that is good news is good news part of the good news of the gospel yes I have that trusting faith relationship that no matter what the Lord Jesus tells us to do will do it even if we don't completely understand that and that's where the Sabbath part comes in the out to grass can make sense from a health standpoint I actually give talks on rest and if and sometimes I even call it vitamin R vitamin R could be put into a bottle and you can get the benefits of rest by taking a capsule it would be the best-selling supplement on the market in regards to the wonderful benefits that could bring and we could go into many of those benefits and you know it's often best even though your work is not completely done to still go to bed at bedtime I did hear some events and that timelessly particularly that early to bed early to rise phenomenon that the Lord Jesus also practice is actually even healthier than getting your rest it just all other times and so rest is an important principle of help but there's also just like vitamin B has multiple numbers vitamin are also has all the numbers there is vitamin art to him are one of the daily rest vitamin art Sue is the weekly press and as a something that I is also tied in to creation we know in the last day of creation the Bible teaches the Sabbath for all created the that rest that twenty four hour rest period was set aside and sanctified and made holy the evolutionist has a hard time describing why all of humanity today virtually all of humanity marches through a seven-day week what they will say when you read their explanation of it is that it began white early in the evolutionary cycle the social week they'll call one of the reasons why they have a hard time describing as there is nothing in nature that is associated with a seven-day period the lunar cycle is not divisible by seven the yearly cycle is not divisible by seven the star cycle is a star year that's not divisible by seven there is nothing in nature that sets a seven day rhythm there am so they try to describe it as something that just started early and we have somehow long onto however after the and actually is about a hundred and forty years ago more than actually I think it was seventeen eighty eight wherein the French decided to him apart from the seven-day cycle and he wondered where we got our metric system that the French have a lot to do it in the French are very well what would you say hard-nosed in regards the metric and they've instituted early and really trying to impose it in many cases on the rest of society American atenolol harder time imposing that metric system by design they also tried to get the metric week in seventeen eighty eight it was instituted the ten day week and each day was divisible by ten hours and each tower had one hundred minutes and each minute had one hundred seconds and so they took that and just figure out what was in a day and then divided it by ten etc. Nass how the hours minutes and seconds were actually read the during the French Revolution now since people weren't taking hold of this as well as they thought they should in seventeen ninety two in the reign of terror they instituted it with civil penalties if you didn't keep the ten day week and in fact churches could only open once out of every ten it was called the age of reason in fact even the Temple and Notre Dame was renamed the Temple of reason rational reasoning but yet they were mandating this rational reasoning time and it lasted for several years but there were major problems that occurred in society the mental institutions filled up the capacity the efficiency of the worker went way down crime significantly worsen and it was a mathematician who actually helped them out when they consulted him to be able to come up precisely with how long a second is and how long an hour is etc. Laplace the French mathematician was instrumental in getting the authorities to get rid of the ten day we can go back to the seven-day it just didn't work and installing way years later but a hundred and forty years after that is when Stalin instituted the five-day week in Russia and it was to be for efficiency everyone could get one day off every five days so you would work four days and you'd be off one and what it would rotate it wouldn't be the same for everybody so twenty percent of the population got the same day off etc. and so that way they could dramatically improve their productivity what you think happened with her productivity it went way and Stalin himself was the one who said let's forget about this go back to seventy why that seven day week now some people might the evolutionist believes somehow it's just something that we started with humanity and we clung on to but because of the field of proto- biology krone biology is where you actually study time and just like the electron microscope has allowed us to see some very small thing so computers when we graph out things in relationship to time as Institute has revealed to us that every creature whether it's a plan or whether it's a bacteria or whether it's an animal or what is a human being has a seven day cycle and so how do you explain a seven day rhythm and creatures that can't read the Bible that don't know Saturn from Santa Claus but still have that seven day rhythm nothing in nature to correspond with it programmed in part of the biology program the corona while I think is powerful evidence additional evidence for a common design by the creator God who instituted that seven day rhythm right if the time of creation now that seven day rhythm makes sense when we understand krone biology and it also makes sense that it would be best for us to rest one day in seven much arrest a particular day of that one day in seven and arbitrary day doesn't necessarily make sense and this is why in God 's infinite wisdom he designed a task that all humanity will face and that task is something that all humanity has an equal proportions what does all humanity have an equal proportions time we all have the same amount of time and by the way time is speeding up slightly the last big earthquake in Chile set up the day by microseconds whited that may the earth actually became a little bit smaller due to the collapse of the place there and because of these smaller Earth and actually rotates a little faster slightly fast and the interesting thing is about the seven-day rhythms and biology Noel one of the classic ones as the mermaids wineglass Bay the scientists and actually instituted different time periods of light and dark to try to confuse the mermaids wineglass that seven-day cycle and no matter how little or how much the period of light or dark occurs the mermaids wineglass goes into a seven day rhythm in other words seven periods of darkness and light and it will not have a new biological rhythm because of so that doesn't mean that that God 's system of rest or time is based upon a twenty four hour time he could have a twenty three hours and fifty two minutes and it would still be that seventh at seven periods of lightness and darkness that biology is set to sell the test involves time something that we all have an equal amounts and by the why why are tests required his you know that students are tested doctors are tested airplanes are tested automobiles are tested my father was an engineer he would go to death Valley in Southern California every summer the hottest week of the year to take the new automobiles and test them out under those type of heat conditions to be able to climb that Steve Gray and death Valley and they still have that engine power and not overheat and ninety we got a K Singh Canada the coldest time of year testing automobiles why do we test well the question is what will happen when this car gets on the road what will happen when this airplane gets in the air what will happen when this person practices medicine what will happen when this teacher teaches at the way prediction we test as a way of being able to predict the future and parole boards are faced with the same phenomena that one of the greatest anxieties of parole boards or how do we know when the prisoner really is ready to enter the free world without repetition of their crimes and that's what the unfallen universe is concerned about we are all in a penitentiary Calder we have all committed crimes and they want to have assurance that when we are released to the universe at large we will not repeat our crime because sin is not to rise up again the second time the effects of it are so terrible and so bad the universe doesn't want to see this experiment never run again and they want to be sure that when we are released to the universe at large that we will not repeat aircraft and so a test has been devised and this is a test young interestingly if not test about work most tests involve work by the way in fact if we want to test how hot it is in here right now we take a testing device and have the heat do some work and then measure the want to see how much pressure there is a attire we have that pressure do some work and then measure some most tasks our work mates but God in his wisdom devised the tasks that is not a space en masse because some people might be a low work harder than others might not be fair some people may have more abilities another he gave us the tasks that is rest the opposite of work and heat required us to rest and you know what a on fallen planetary being might think when someone comes into the tube the universe at large and the Lord questions him and says we have a requirement here that everyone rests every seventh day and does no work and nothing for themselves is just devoted to worship and rest they might say you know what rest makes sense I understand one day in seven makes sense but the rest I particular arbitrary day doesn't make sense and there might be times when it's not convenient for me to do so there might be times when because of what I'm involved in that I really need not to rest and in so I would like to be able utilize my own rational judgment as to whether I will participate in this consistently or not and I can tell you people from the unfallen universe or essay no don't let a man the greatest tasks of an individual is not whether he follows God 's will when he understands that the greatest test is when he follows that when he doesn't understand that was the test of the believe there at the tree of knowledge of good and evil understand what God said but didn't understand the requirement when she delved more into it didn't seem reasonable to her and us he departed from the will of God and used her own reasoning and sin entered the world Abraham had to go through the steps what was the greatest test of Abraham faced a sacrifice of his only son Isaac to say that that did not make sense is an understatement because in Isaac encompassed all of his hopes and dreams all of his hopes and dreams it but yet the Lord Jesus said sacrifice by only son Isaac the question would be when Abraham obey even though he didn't understand Abraham passed the tests in math light is called the father of the faithful Jesus also had the pass that test he was in the Garden of Gethsemane and he said father is there another plan in other words do you absolutely have to come legally withdraw your presence from me he wanted another plan to be rejected no one likes but to be rejected by the Lord father God is excruciating him call the second death Christ didn't want no one really has understood the anguish of that besides Jesus and Jesus said I really is this what you want me to do and is there any other way he didn't quite understand why it had an answer came back is no other way this is in the Lords Jesus said not my will but thine he passed the tests in the test for every human being in the end time crisis is going to be that test of time will you obey even though Udall understand and if you say yes I don't completely understand but I understand Lord that this is what you want me to do and I will obey that is an example of what going to be speaking about here later in Romans chapter one of having that faith of Jesus which allows us to be able to be released the universe at large and non- repetition of our sense verse sixteen is what our lesson went over for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ just that phrase alone is instructional it's natural for the human heart to be ashamed particularly in the time that Paul was talking about that young today it's its more popular to be called a Christian in in Paul's day wasn't popular and in any and any front or in any way it was a way of actually almost sabotaging your career I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God on the salvation the word power that is used in the Greek anyone know what that word is that's right dynamite is the root word it actually is very similar to that but for those that know Greek and I say symbolic because when dynamite when the effects of dynamite happen is there a change that takes place there is a tremendous change that takes place when a portion of the mountain is blown away etc. the power of God is not just a story that is interesting and nice but doesn't change a the power of God does change and that's what the gospel is about it is the power of God and the salvation to everyone that believe it whether you're a Jew or whether your Greek it's to everyone who believes Paul puts us all on a level playing field later on in the book of Romans he tells us what it means to believe it's not just a believe that Christ died for our sins it's a belief that goes to the deepest aspects of that of belief that changes everything about us changes our thoughts changes our actions as Thomas Fuller says he does not believe who does not live according to what so this is the belief that does indeed change verse seventeen for therein is the righteousness of God revealed him from faith to faith as it is written the just shall live by faith that verse is worth dissecting the righteousness of God what is righteousness Maine right but this is the right of her thought and God 's right was made manifest in Jesus and the Bible says Jesus live without sin this was complete total submission complete righteousness this is what the righteousness of God is the Bible calls him the righteousness of God revealed in house and reveal from faith to faith as it is written the just shall live by faith now this is the text that started the Protestant Reformation this one tax started the whole entire Protestant Reformation Martin Luther was going up the steps one was coming out of his way suffering and you done this repeatedly workspace religion and he heard a voice of voice that said the just shall live by faith it read the text before but it came out fully as he was climbing most and he got off the stairs and he started the Protestant Reformation Joss to be just means what to be righteous that's right and who does the Bible described as being just the Bible describes who is being just a liar number of names let's go to the top Jesus described as they just actually right there in the mess of his crucifixion trial pilot 's wife said Stephen thou do nothing with this line just man and Pilate when he washed his hands that he washed his hands from this just many also called us the Bible calls Jesus Joss righteous one hundred percent righteous in the Joss shall would have by now by faith the good news of the gospel is to be Joss is not just for Jesus to be Joss is for everyone and we can experience that righteous living by faith in a phrase by faith to faith what is that mean I and I Hebrews it talks about a of the week and in the the Hebrews faith chapter Hebrews Chapter 11 it's as though we are made strong through faith no matter how weak you are you can remain strong through faith by you don't golf from faith to faith in one day you don't do it in one week the experience of a lifetime saw a lady for thoughts about from strength to strength how do you get stronger how your muscles get stronger after exercise is my oldest boy is figured that out and exercise significantly increases the strength of those muscle and you can't get muscles like that today you can get like that in a week Chris from strength to strength and we start out with that faith is the immature faith you know just as in the sea and then you get the three of the small corn is not even a corncob yet that it's in the year and then it's finally ready to be as perfect any stage of development but if your faith is not stronger today than it was a year ago something 's wrong if your faith is not stronger today than it was ten years ago something is significant the just shall live by faith and the pain is not stagnant it grows the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written the just shall live by faith verse eighteen for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men the truth in unrighteousness because that which may be known of God is manifest in them for God 's showed it unto them for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse what is Paul bring up here in the good news about the gospel as executors and the gospel to you brings them the subject of creation and he says because of what is made if you just contemplate on them you will understand that there is a creator God I still believe Esther there are those of course been taught the theory based on the origin of species by Darwin and by the way one evolutionist read the origin of species read recently one of the top evolutionist in the country you say clearly that ninety five percent of what Darwin wrote has been proven to be wrong so why is it than that everyone is still following him including have and by the way ninety five percent is wrong I question maybe the other five percent as well Darwin and even evolutionists know that he was wrong dead wrong about a whole lot of thing again that theory is there that it all happened by chance in the selection process that in order for us to advance to the way we advance today required death and creation does not teach there was no in the thousands and millions of creatures over years why wasn't his in the creation and actually if you look at more closely those who have looked at more closely from our professors I hear I think you've heard in the seminar hopefully you'll get the tape of our seminar Doctor Jackson Doctor DeRose Doctor Jenkins all at least to my knowledge all at evolutionist I know at least two out of the three believe firmly in the evolutionary theory is that so they were taught until they began to discover more realize this could not by chance design elements of their weekend we can go into that in great detail but what Paul is saying is because of the creation because of the invisible things of him creation of the world are clearly seen there is no one that is that has an excuse for not responding to the gospel and notice the phrase very first twenty the creation is tied in to his eternal power and Godhead him a you people believe that God doesn't have the power to create a world away the Bible says I don't think it was possible for him to do so and if you don't believe it's possible and you don't believe in the creation of the world Paul says later on in the book of Romans back a few verses down maybe we go to back let's go to verse twenty one because that when they knew God they glorified him not as God the first Angels message ties us all in together revelation fourteen verse six the message of the angel by the light of the word angel that means messenger that means us we are the ones to give that message the everlasting gospel to preach under the fear God and give one lorazepam for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made worship the creator God is the first Angels message and asked how we give him glory by worshiping the creator God and when we deny creation we are actually first twenty one were going the opposite we are not glorifying God verse twenty two professing themselves to be wise they became fools and of course the Bible says the fool as sediment in his heart there is no God change the glory of the uncorrectable God into an image made like to to corruptible man to birds and four-footed please rethink things in other words it says that these people will worship thing that are created instead of the Creator change the glory of the uncorrectable will God into an image made like to corruptible man verse twenty four wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness in the lusts of their own heart to dishonor their own bodies between themselves first twenty five you change the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the creator who is blessed forever Paul is telling us that if we don't believe the Bible in regards to the creation of the world and the power of God we will not only that he has the power to change us and we don't have the believe that he has the power to change we will not have the faith that is needed to be just it's that simple if we don't have the faith is needed to be Joss when crisis we well use are all rationing our own reasoning instead of trusting in the reasoning of the Almighty God fall easily in the time of you believe in the creator God is intricately connected with having the faith that all goes under that enrollments against us Romans chapter four years as an example someone who did live by faith in the example he brings out as Abraham he actually brings out the example of Abraham when God gave him promise that he would have a son and he knew he was too old he was incapable he knew his wife was too old and too incapable and God Ronda mountains that look at this in other words when Abraham back Abraham said when he looked at those stars he realized who created those are and if he could create those stars he can perform a miracle and you must and he believed God and was counted on I have Verizon says he would not believe God had he not believe in creation he would not believe in the power of God is and when we understand God as the creator with that type of power we recognize that yes he does have the power clearly change us into his from faith to faith lime looking forward to what the symbol of the Sabbath represents the symbol of the Sabbath Hebrews tells us actually represents a paradigm even and every Sabbath is really a foretaste of heaven if you want to know whether you are fitted or prepared for having one of the ways of being able to easily judge that is how repaired were you are when did you start the repair was it just three hours before the sun went down or was it earlier in the week and did you really take the preparation day repair and I'm on the Sabbath comments the wine is alas you want to be able to bask in the Sabbath for a long time or you want to be overweight wet live to be over with when you really want having to be over with quick you wouldn't enjoy heaven for very long period of time because the Sabbath is a symbol and just like what we should be going on Sabbath not just thinking of our own rest but how many other people are we bringing variance the blessing of the worship service or the Sabbath we are to bring before the main others with us to experience this blessing this is one of the greatest things I can understand about the Christianity who somehow thinks that to be able to put a twenty four hour period of time aside that the Lord says we should set aside to worship him and to become intimately acquainted with this principle that this is somehow a burden an undue burden that is unnecessary and I can tell you they haven't even started to begin to understand the blessings of the staff know I was a few years ago my third son Nathan asked the question Sabbath morning at breakfast furthermore Sabbath keepers in this world are more Sunday keeper what would your answer is actually more Sabbath keepers I told him very clearly there are more people who go to church on Sunday but how many Sunday actually see the entire day holy when you look very closely hardly an individual out there but there are more Sabbath keepers because the Lord has put that blessing and those who experience that just this that combine living by faith experience a tremendous blessing on the seventh and I think it's clear that were keeping the Sabbath holy in every sense of the term that would the Lord desires us to work keeping all the other nine commandments holy as well I'm thinking keep the Sabbath holy one you're breaking those other command a wonderful diabetes created for us a blessing for us but yet there'll come a point in time when it doesn't seem reasonable and doesn't seem rational and I want to be ones that are counted for righteous as Abraham believed God and its Taliban to us for righteousness plus our heads father in heaven we thank you for your infinite wisdom in setting up the seven-day cycle and not only setting up this seven-day cycle and all of the created things in this world but also setting aside a day to rest and reflect upon your creative handiwork and upon your redemptive work for because of this day that you also rested from all of your works when you said it is finished and rested that we thank you for your creative power we thank you for your redemptive love and may we be not ashamed of the gospel of Christ but take hold of its power and let us transplanted transform us to be a new creature like you in Jesus name we pray


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