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Logo of Talking Points, 4th Quarter 2021: Present Truth in Deuteronomy

02 Moses’ History Lesson

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • October 1, 2021
    6:00 AM
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Ah, camera debate teacher and I'm art howard, and this is talking points. We have our 4th quarter well underway here on less than 2 well underway well underway or talk about most history lesson and there's a lot to cover this week. But before we get to that, when you get to say moses history let, we have a little content with a, with a contributing editor author here. Deuteronomy is almost history less. And so we're kind of having a hard time, other than that. Good. Last week we could get into that, but we have some housekeeping items to talk before we dive into the substance of our study today, What is going on with our? Well, 1st of all, just want to make a note that many of you are watching this on our youtube channel, the manual institute youtube channel. Some of you are not, you can access that channel through our website, michigan, s S P M dot org and the resources page right under talking points. If you subscribe to that channel, you will automatically get the updated talking points when they post their company or tile or something. Yeah, because we don't have an outside department firm, somebody doing this and they have been times where the lessons didn't post it right when they were supposed to. And so you're subscribed to that, you'll get that link right away. So anyway. OK, so another avenue to get these resources is the manual is to, to you to page. Now talk about it e mails. What do we need to help? So sometimes you receive department emails, camera and I, some of you may not a lot of people don't understand a conference word. It's like we're pastors people that you preach and have a name. What do you do with the conference office? What do you do? And we sit in a lot of meetings and 3rd people call leave e mails. And sometimes we're in full day meetings and then we go home at the end of this or why don't you get my email today? So we have a department secretary, which we were, we didn't during the coven months. And if you want to contact her s L howard, s L h O W A R D at M, I S T A dot o R G with any of your questions for us that gets through to us and we can get back to you in the most timely manner, so if you have questions need sara, school supplies and other things that we've highlighted, that's the way to go. All right. One more housekeeping item, the actual document itself. How did people access it? What do they do with it? Okay, well you'll find on our michigan s S P M dot org website resources page under talking points. You'll have the weekly outlines. There's a link and there be 3 formats on our site. One says the device format one says single sided and one says double sided. People have requested all of those formats and it used to do in pdf. And so we want to be able to edit it. So we made it as simple as well as simple as possible. But when it comes to the device, the device outline is just one page from back because on the device you don't need 2 sides of something. Typically, the others are for print out in the 2 side, print out some people figured how do I get a 2 side print out with a half page like this? It laid out that way. When you print it, look at the double sided options in your printer options and select to flip it on the short edge. Anytime you have double sided, it gives you that option and we'll planning to do a video of some of these things in the future. But we want you to be able to use these resources. You don't have to. Of course you can feel free to modify and they are editable or in pdf format, but we provide them so that you have that opportunity as another resource using yourself school. All right, and speaking of opportunities, we want to remind you and this is our last housekeeping item. But on October 29th, a 31, just a few weeks away. Now we have our sabbath school workshop, and we're going to talk about all the different things involved with adult sabbath school lesson teaching and mission and involvement of people and how to increase the attendant and all kinds of things there. So you don't want to Miss that a campus awful and the registration is at michigan. S S B m dot o R G. All right, cool. Yeah, let's get into the lesson, the modem. History less than that. Yeah, no pastor, how would you are the one who study this one out and outlined, or lesson study this we have, what do we have? You know, I want to revisit something for talking points are the whole point for talking point is that there's a lot covered in these lessons. And a lot of times when you're in adults have a school teacher trying to cover everything. You just can't, you're trying to get interaction the class and what have you. This is an example this week. There are pieces in every day. I could have made a talking point out of every day's lesson, even the saturday afternoons lesson. And so obviously it gives you too much stuff on those things that I thought would be the most helpful. And you may come up with some different things with here where here's what I do have a lesson this week talking point number one. God is a god of order drew that from tuesdays tuesdays lesson in the quarterly number to talking point number 2, god's reputation is a stake. Integrate controversy. I was going to put in the dealing with his people, but it kind of made it too long with great kind of risk. And I do that from when say lesson, this week's lesson and then finally touch point number 3, god's justice is the Fruit of his love. And I do that from thursday and fridays lessons. And that's we're going to look at some pretty heavy themes. We're going to be doing this week, so let's start wasting more time. How about we have a word of prayer and then you lead us through those look, pray, heavenly father, thank you so much for another opportunity to study your word. And especially as we study the themes that outlined here, please send your holy spirit to give us wisdom and understanding and let the sabbath, who classes the discuss these things have that same wisdom and understanding from a high we pray in jesus name. Amen. Alright, talking point number one, god is god ordering all of these themes you said are weighty themes and we can't exhaust them here. That's not our intention may not be even looking up the extent of all the past. The lesson on Tuesday takes us to this idea of israel is growing as a nation and then points us to do to ronnie chapter one versus 12. 17, where moses recounts the what we call the general principle. Do you have that there were you and what I was is look up that text numbers chapter one and sorry, jerone chapters 112 through 17 says again, this is moses speaking to people. How can I alone bear your problems in your burdens and your complaints? Choose wise understanding and knowledgeable men from among your tribes, and I will make them heads over you and you answered me and said, this thing which you have told us to do is good. So I took the heads of your tribes wise and knowledgeable men and made them heads over you leaders of thousands leaders of hundreds leaders of fifties, leaders of tans and officers for your tribes. That I commanded your judges at that time saying here the case is between your Brother and the righteous between and judge righteously. Between a man and his brother on the strangers with him. Marrying too for? No, we're still going. You shall not show personality and judgement. You shall hear the small as well as the great you shall not be afraid. Any man's press present for the judgment is god's. The case is too hard for you bring it to me and I will hear it. OK, so moses isn't counting something we already saw earlier in exodus. And I mentioned to jethro principal because it was his father in law, jethro who gave him these principles and moses adopted them. And not only did moses adopt them, we see them throughout church in those readings, guiding the organizing principles for instance. And that's when jethro encountered moses, he was doing trying to do all the functions of everything for himself and he said, what you're doing isn't good. Oh boy, A boy we could say so much and this is the modern pastor it where we got into and it's not, not, not reading, but the modern pastor is what moses doing it for when jethro said what you're doing is not good. Well yeah, it's interesting that because this is obviously ancient history, right, old testament, israel and you think, well the new testament church, they were just led by the spirit and it was a free wheeling. But you know, as you, you know, and they were led by the spirit organization. Exactly. And so you get a new testament and behold, the church is organized for service again. That's right. And so the lesson highlights this on Tuesday, just the importance of order and organization in the church. We see modeled here and became a key to israel success. And it's interesting that within the context of israel's growth in numbers that necessitated the need for organization. So a lot of times today organization is a top down like we start with the organization and we met and we manage the growth or we initiate the girls. But when you see it in the bible, it was the fact that the growth, the church was growing. We see the same thing in the new testament, new testament church, it was growth that drove the need for administration, chapter 6, the appointment of deacons. Why? Because the churches to this too much going on, we have him and we need to keep on ministering the word and not waiting tables. And so right, the church had this organization, it was more thoroughly organized. And it's interesting also that in acts chapter 7. Stephen, one of those 1st deacons appointed to act over 6, refers to the Church of israel as the church in the wilderness. So that organizational structure we find throughout scripture. Right. And so we should be, it's interesting that, that you know, the, in moses time, the temptation naturalists do it yourself. The ordinance through jethro, you got to organize this thing better. And you look at possible time, the temptations, we apostles do all. But knowing that organized for service and you know, there's the state and I think you have in the notes there. Yes, it talks about this need for organization as well. I'm going to have you read that. I just want to highlight before you read it. You had made the point and the reason that we're bringing this up is, this is always been you missed. Why are we talking about this? There is this mindset. As you mentioned, the earlier the new testament church. So they were just spirit lead. And for many people, spirit lead equals emotional, whimsical, wherever i'm going to go, like no orders, are certainly not struck to the point that when people start talking about what we need to sit down and have some meetings and plan some stuff and write it out on a no, let's not get ahead of the spirit. It's almost as if it's, it's contrary to spiritual things like to be spiritual to be just disorganized and whimsical lead wherever. But to be You know, to pretend to be orderly, as well as the enemy, a span that's exactly. Yeah. And that's exactly the length. So why don't you read this from testimony way back contest, most value one, page 650. Sure. It's a satan. Well knows that success can only attend order in harmonious action. He well knows that everything connected with heaven is in perfect order. That subjection and thorough discipline mark the movement of the angelic coast. It is his studied effort to lead, professed christians just as far from heaven's arrangement as he can. Therefore he deceive even the profess people of god and makes them believe that order and discipline are enemies to spirituality and oppose their and let in it. What does it mean enemies to spirituality? Another is spirituality is if this free of organ unstructured you know that and to be orderly as an enemy to spirit. That's a deception of the devil. Well studied efforts to trip up the church. It's fascinate. Yeah. She goes on to say satan's line of reasoning, and that the only safety for them to let each pursue his own course and to remain especially distinct from bodies of christians who unite in laboring together to laboring, to establish this discipline and harmony of action. All the efforts made to establish order are considered dangerous, restriction of rightful liberty in his as are feared as popery. These deceive souls considered a virtue to boast of their freedom to think and act independently. They will not take any man's face, so they are amenable to no man. I was shown that it is satan special work to lead men to feel that it is in god's order for them to strike out for themselves and sooner choose their own course. Dependent of their brother and I was pointed back to the children of israel very soon after leaving egypt, they were organized and most thoroughly discipline. So it's interesting and I hadn't realized it before this lesson, the context that she in after stating this point right back to what we're looking at around me in this experience of the organization of israel that continued all the way through the scripture, the organization of the church was god's order, not man's order. And the devil has ever since been trying to disrupt that by making people think that to be spiritual to be disorder. Right. And I know that you mentioned like, why would you be talking about this? We've got some, well apparently satan those the power of organization crisis trying to organize and we have this misconception that the Lord is trying to clear up that order and organization are not enemies, the spirituality, right? Okay, so moving on to talking point number 2, gods reputation is a stake in the great controversy in the context specific context in dealing his dealing with his people wednesdays. Less than brings this out about halfway through that when moses intercedes for the children of israel after their failure. Kadish marnier. He has a special concern in that concern has to do with how the nations are going to regard god very interesting. Now, if you'll read numbers 1413 to 16. Sure scripture says and moses said to the Lord, then the egyptians will hear it. For by your might, you brought these people up from among them and they will tell it to the inhabitants of this land. They have heard that you, lord, are among these people that you lord marcin face to face in your cloud stands above them and you go before them in a pillar of cloud by day in a pillar of fire by night. Now if you kill these people, is one man than the nations which have heard of your fame will speak saying, because the Lord was not able to bring this people to the land, which he swore to give them. Therefore he killed them in the wilderness. And now I pray, let the power of my lord be right just as you have spoken, he goes on to explain. So with fascinating here is that moses, his concern is that the failure of god's people is going to have a direct reflection on how the nation's view god, which is true. It's a very big deal and it's not the only time that it's brought up. It's interesting that the similar thought is brought up by moses and exit is 3212 also in deuteronomy 928th. And it's really fascinating if you go into the actual taking of the land of canaan. That in joshua chapter 5, the bible tells us that the young men were not circumcised. Those born in the wilderness were not circumcised in the wilderness. Not until they were going to come into the promised land where they circumcised. And you read about that in deuteronomy chapter, i'm not sorry, joshua chapter 5. And what's interesting is then josh was when he circumcised the males and they're about to take the land of kane. And he says now actually it's when they come into atlanta canaan. And he says, now the reproach of Egypt is rolled away and the place is called gil goal, which means rolling away the idea, meaning that reproach of Egypt, that language is referring to just what most concern was like as long as they don't come into delay and the nations are always going to say, god was too weak to bring them into the room. And so once they came to land got to reestablish the circumcision covenant. And now the reproach of Egypt is rolled away, right. God is vindicated. If you will, as the one who did what he said, he, because you said a thing and it happened. And that moses is, you know, issue here is like lord, this is how many times you say you and your, your name, your I was reminded as we think about this is Daniel and he was when he was praying about the 70 years of captivity. Yeah. He said, lord, it's your name, you're the one who said it and not for our writers, but you're on the line here. Absolutely. We see this scene throughout the bible. Can you go to ephesians 3 verse 10? Sure. I love ephesians 3. This is another lesson, the lesson is bringing up this thought at the bottom of wednesday. And then at the thought question in the highlighted partial part of the bottom of wednesday is picking up on this. I want you to read ephesians 310, and then I pose the question and ask shirts in this starts as, as almost all the apostle paul do in the middle of a sentence to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of god might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places. Now pastor hard, when I'm right, teach on this particular i'll ask people will, will I'll look it up. I'll read it out loud and have them read along. And I say now, who does he want his manifold wisdom to be taught to in time? And again, people like to the church. I know that's not what it's. It says by urge how to print, but heavenly place is like his audience is the heavenly beings, and he's going to use the church as his teaching to his object lesson. So this is, this is just astounding. Because 1st of all, manifold wisdom of god just means many facets, like you, fullness of works is big because we're going to get into that in just a moment with the justice of god. Like there are things that we don't fully grasp about god, but that's being worked out by what happens on the earth, god's people through the church. And so the question posed in, in the thought of the end of the lesson says, how is the manifold wisdom of god made manifest to the cause most through the church, by the church itself. And it's very similar thinking to in fact, wednesday's lesson, the last paragraph says in other words, what we see here is a theme found all through the bible. The idea that god is to be glorified in his people. That the glory in goodness and love and power of god, or to be revealed in his church through what he does through his people. Of course he doesn't always make it easy for him to do. His people don't always make it easy. It doesn't make, pardon me, his people don't always make it easy for him to do this, but ultimately god will be glorified through his people's actions on the earth. And so many text come to my mind. We were talking about this, matthew 5 where jesus says let your might so shine the form in that name. You see your good works and glorify, you know, glorify your father in heaven. Your good work, glorify your father in heaven. Well, you mentioned jesus and across on the cross is Fatima and John chapter 12 or 31, he talks about it, I lifted up when I quoted you, I think we always say all men are all people because that's what it said, right. But if you look in the bible there, like it might, you can change the version, it has the word people's, after all, italicized, which is not there in the original is just a clarifying term, assuming, well, we mean all people. But what jesus was saying was all you read the desire of ages, account about what jesus happened on the cross, and it wasn't just winning the loss to him or even showing off his glory here on the earth. That's right. There's a cosmic element. There's the universal perspective that there is an audience up there as well as down here. We just read in ephesians that it was revealed guys, wisdom was revealed by the church to the principal. Power is in heavenly places. We see it in 1st printing spelling. Only time paul says he's not just using flour. Rhetoric. Heath is a repeat of being the whole lot. He talks about things being reconciled, both in heaven on earth and right all through scripture. See that in this whole great controversy, gods reputation. Is it stake? And what is happening here is interaction with the earth is manifesting his manifold wisdom. Well, in our discussion before this, we had mentioned how some people will push back against that idea of god using us to show anything about him. Felt like why would he need us to vindicate him? He's got he can just be himself and that's enough. Well, and I kind of mentioned how like artist, is like an artist. Has the tell everything is in him. But why does he need to gamble? I need to camp that canvas shows demonstrate, says work. And this is what christ wants his people to be a canvas of character, if you will, that he can do something enough. Well, it's interesting. Illinois highlights brings up on the bill bills in this point. Test my volume 6, page 13 paragraph one. She actually close booter on a me $76.00 and under, on the 4 or 5 rate talking about this is your wisdom in the site. How god's people are revealing, god's goodness. And then she says, even these words fail, of expressing the greatness and the glory of god's purpose to be accomplished through his people. Not to this world only but to the universe are we to make manifest the principles of his kingdom. Upon writing by the holy spirit says, and as she quote fusions, 38 through 10 were we just read so manifold with god made by the church to the prince pallets. What's happening here with god's church in deuteronomy all the way through to our day is a fascinating revealing of the wisdom of god and how he deals with men. Or by the way, moses history less than. I mean, we're not just learning about history here. Clearly like the things we've even touched on. So for water and organization. Yeah, those are themes they are still relevant today. Actually talk about like the revealing of the character of god in his people. That is a theme alive and when the new testament in the last days, especially, and moving a talking point. Number 3, here's you ever hear much about justice these days. Is that a contemporary theme as well? A morrison is that we're not just learning about history here. We're learning about present application have so little. What is this justice? Well, let's talk about that. Now in the talking point of actually taking this from a statement that we're going to look at in a moment that god's justice is the Fruit of his love, illinois. It says that, but the lesson highlights the def, possession of the nations from, you know, in other words, when israelite was to take the land of canaan, it wasn't empty. There were people there, and they had to go and dispossessed. The land of the people take, dispose of the people of their land, take it away from them, and they would in many cases, destroy men, women and Children. And I can't totally answer that. And I left highlights and this is a thing. In fact, it's brings up this concept of this taking of the land and it brings up this on the 4th paragraph of thursday lesson. There is no question. Oh no, no, that's not what I was going to look at. The 2nd paragraph. Of course this brings up the difficult topic which we must at least touch on regarding the destruction of these people. Though the children of israel Would often speak 1st peace 1st to a nation and give some examples. Yet if the people didn't accept that offer, sometimes the israelites would go in and destroy them, including women and Children, and it sites due to rami to 33 and 34. And so yeah, how do we deal with this issue of god's justice? Yeah, it's always interesting because I don't know why I didn't think about it. Anytime they referred to the land of kain, i'm going to give the land of canaan and middle a list of people in the land, you know, the Chevy side. But all the, all the way through and they're like, well, it's occupied, right when they get to the border, the promised land. Remember the spies go and they're like, hey, it's beautiful, but it's not in the like, I know it, this is part of it. So the Lord didn't give them an empty when you think like, well the Lord is picking people. He would just clear the path me, but there were these other people there and that's right. Sometimes I think we read into that like god had his own one special people and all the other ones were just gross to him. He was just wanting, get rid of him and, and I don't believe that the picture that we see in script, you know, the lesson actually brings out earlier. I mean, you have in the beginning of deuteronomy, it talks about, or perhaps, I mean it may read it in the lesson that somewhere in this course of the S A discarded told moses, don't you know, fight against the The amorites. Yeah. Don't fight against the I'm trying to think of the nation's defending from lot the extensive lot, the defense of ethos. In fact, it says that it talks about the giants and how god gave there were other giants beside the anti came and God gave their land to the defenders of law. So there were other nations that weren't, you know, direct like israel, that god worked in behalf of, and they dispossessed the land from somebody else. And we get a clue as to what was going on in genesis 15 and lesson highlights this in this whole account where god called abraham. It says in genesis 1516, do you have it there? I do read verse 16 if you would just but, but in the 4th generation, they shall return here. He speaking about the 400 years of difficulties. His descendants we have right. But in the 4th generation of, if we turn here for the iniquity of the amorites is not yet in my virgins as complete. But james as full full and I used the king james, just the idea of fulfilling up a cup. And I think of babylon whose cup is full. And so there's a measure of iniquity that that reaches a point where god says that nation has exhausted all her privileges, not to these. And I think we have to keep in mind that everybody on this planet is here on probation. We all deserved, yes. God gave an extended period for us to choose him to choose mercy. There's all kinds of factors related here. One thing that we had talked about before is the israelites did not end up destroying all the people of canaan. They started out that way, and then they stopped. And what happened is they became pulled down and, and made idolatrous by those that were left in the land. In other words, god had a far seeing reason for what he was doing. Number one, number 2, all that destruction happened under a theocracy when the people, it wasn't like they're on their own, that I'm fed up with these people. I'm going to go and wipe them out. I thought the vengeance are for us to understand how an army acts under the direct, the socratic role of god, which has not been since israel. Right? You know, and what have you. So those are more of the other thing that I like about this the sooner the amorites, you know, the iniquity is not yet fully complete. And the idea being that god already had in mind his chosen people, you think, but I'm going to stretch this out. That's not for your sake, but for there's so when they encounter these people groups later on, it's not like they're just arbitrarily discriminatory in the way and gosh, just wiping them up because he doesn't care. He's been dealing with them for centuries at this point. And just because it's about recording scripture, all the details of it, we can trust all that we can see of god. What we can't see in his dealings with that. That's right. One of the things I have in the less now I'm here is that you know, last week's memory versus that god is love. And we have to remember that what that tells us is the acts of god define love. However, foreign to our own way of thinking, like we want to superimpose our idea of love and we see that a lot of what our society called love is just indulgence. You know, what do you do with what we do in our society of a person said, look, I'm going to kill people as long as I have availability to do it. So you put me behind bars. I'm telling you as soon as I get you try to reforming for granted, i'm just going to kill people, kill people, kill people. You got to deal with that brothers. And I'm just using that as a, as a weak example. But the point is got new, the direction that these nations were going, and his justice is not just for those who have rejected him. But what about the others? There are times and got a moved in it. Look, here's a nation whose head is their privilege. In fact, is a fascinating quote. Deserve ages 587. It says in every age there may, there is given a man or day of light and privilege, a probationary time in which they may become reconciled to God. But there is a limit to this grace. Here comes the limit. There is mercy may plead for years and be slighted and rejected. But there comes a time when mercy makes her last plea. The heart become so hardened that it ceases to respond to the spirit of god. Then the sweet winning voice and treats us in no longer proofs. Morning cease the only god knows when that time is. But when the heart, when this person can No longer be reached. But this person can, in this person, is impeding this person what the god of justice to do. Right. And I'm going to say at the end of the day, 1st of all, we know we got to superimpose the gospel upon all this and realize it in the new testament. We see it's clear that god wants to save everyone. Absolutely. And the intention is to save everyone, so at the and of the day we can come and find fault with god in the judgment. But I'm going to say that every one of it, when we, when we look at everything he's done to say will realize that there's no better way that it could have been done. Absolutely. And I love the thought that god wasn't just working with israel. He's been working with the whole world. He said the whole world is mind. You just happens to reach the road. So he's managing more than he's walking and chewing gum. At the same time, he is doing more thing once. Right. So I said I was gonna bring this up at any outlined therapy, just 6762. God love has been expressed in his justice. No less than in his mercy. Justice is the foundation of his throne and the Fruit of his love, not love and justice is justice because he's love payment and the lesson brings up a great thing. If you look at the last, can you read the last paragraph on Thursdays? lessons sure says the fact is, for now, given the limited information we have about the full context of events, we just need to accept this hard reality and trust in the goodness of god, which has been revealed in so many other ways that an important we what we see about god informs what we don't know. Right. Got right. Asking us to believe blind. We have evidence and he goes on to say faith isn't just about loving god on a beautiful day and a pre force full of wonderful sight and found it's also about trusting him. And despite what we don't fully understand, that's right. The power to be seen every one of those talking with could be a full lesson. So I trust that the sabbath, who classes in every local church are going to be blessed by a deep study of god. Absolutely. But let's close with route. So I want to finish this in conclusion, i'll leave the less started with the statement and we put it the end. I think it highlights really the whole book of deuteronomy. What we're going to see, speaking of our history, it says in reviewing our past history, having traveled over every step of advance to our present standing, i can say praise god. As I see with the Lord has wrought, i'm filled with astonishment with confidence in christ as leader. We have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us in his teaching in our past history. And this, what we're looking at due to wrong is a big chunk of that teaching came in, was our prayer, heavenly father, thank you so much for giving us your word. We're so happy to have life and, and all the things in it. But you give us the context for the life and the History lessons that we can apply in our daily experience. Now, please, lord, help us to learn these lessons and put them into practice as your holy spirit leads for pray all in jesus. Name, amen. Ah.


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