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03 The Everlasting Covenant

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • October 8, 2021
    6:00 AM
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Ah, camera evasion, and I'm or howard and this is talking points were on the 3rd lesson of our 4th quarter here, present truth and duty on me do toronto me. The week's lesson itself is entitled the everlasting covenant. And we're going to see things like covenant and law and gospel all used in this week's lesson to this week's lesson. But before we do that, Yeah, please. We want to just let you know about our upcoming sabbath school workshop is going to be here in Michigan on campus, apple and done to our 29 to 31. And you can register right now, the opening it online at michigan s S P M dot au argee. There's a little banner that has the logo in the right. We greatly thoroughly quit and I'm sort of as you'll see, they've been click on that banner and it'll have the registration form pop up and go to the page and you can like their sure way. So the registration is open. We want people to know about it, so come on out, be part of that. Absolutely. Now, this week's particular lesson has a lot of material in it. And I think it's monitors for some very interesting sabbath school experiences and local church. So I think we should pray to the Lord to guide our study here and think over our talking points you want to leaders and prayer. Let's pray, heavenly father, we thank you for your word. We thank you for these lessons that we gain from the book of deuteronomy in the history of the experience of your people as we are in last week. We have nothing to fear, but forgetting the way you've led in the past and your teaching to your people. And I just pray that your whole through guide us today. As we study this lesson may be a blessing to some school teachers and attendees alike. Thank you. For hearing and answering our prayer for we prayed in jesus name, amen. A men. Alright. Take us. You are talking points this week. Yes. Amen. Talking points this week, talking about number one. Well, in fact the introduction, let me be clear. Yes. The title of the lesson is the everlasting covenant study. And you're going to see that even on Saturday afternoon, it drives right into some really I appreciate this afternoon's framing of this week study which that in the 2nd paragraph there is no one of the bible talk to the other times about the everlasting covenant. And it already mentioned how there's everlasting gospel, right? And then summarize the thing. The essence of the gospel is covenant. And the essence of the covenant is the gospel. Which really leaves nicely in the talking point. Number one, which is that the covenant and the gospel are inseparable. We'll get into a lot of that, but that covers, that's kind of the theme that runs through most all of this week's lesson sabbath sunday, monday. Yeah, that's, that's the bulk of it. All right? beyond that, how we're talking about number 2. Distinction is good for god's people and the world that god calls people out and there's a reason for the world and the world to ok. We're going to see that and wednesdays. Less than particularly. And then finally from thursday we draw a 3rd talking point. The depth of god's love is hard to describe. It's easy to get very narrow and some of these conversations have got to remember there's a wide angle in on god's all right or to it. Let's dive in this way. One avenue ever. The covenant gospel are inseparable. Now I was tempted, passer howard to say the covenant and the gospel are synonymous or are interchangeable. But I know I don't want to overstate something, but there is clearly a unbreakable link between the coven, her, and the gospel in god's law, and his grace and all these things are bound up in it. Okay, so the quarterly brings this out in. I've got it in the notes kind of truncated here, but and Sundays, less than paragraph one starts and ends with these words all through the bible. The covenant and the gospel appear together. And even from the Start, the central truth of the covenant was the gospel salvation by faith alone. And of course, the quarterly goes on to reference what we well know in genesis chapter 15 versus $5.00 and $6.00. About how a believe the Lord it was credit him is righteousness than in romans. Chapter 4 and other parts of paul's writing refers to the righteousness of christ apart from the law. And we have this gospel message in the old and new testament in almost indistinguishable from the covenant itself. Now, what I want to dive into a little bit more is that this central truth of salvation by faith alone as the less and rightly refers to the heart of the covenant being does not negate the role of god's law in both the covenant and the gospel cuz sometimes I think when we start talking pattern our and maybe correct me if I'm wrong in this, but when we start talking about the gospel or the covenant or the law or grace or any of the themes, we start to humanly draw lines between terms that may be god intends to, to be blurred, to be overlapping, to be interwoven. And we artificially dissect them and then create tensions that are not necessary. But honestly, I was thinking that as you were going through this, we're going to have if I may be so blunt, we're going to have 2 groups of viewers. We're going to have people who are up on all these theological terms who are going to be checking every box or scratching off and whatever they're we're going to have people that are fairly new to them. That hopefully will not be totally bewildered by because you're going through and you're like, well, as long ago, there is a covenant with a covenant citizen. And it and right, you know, the new guys like I just thought I believe in jesus and follow where he leads me. Yeah. Stick with that exact and that's a good thing to do. And I think to that point is that the Lord doesn't intend for these things to be at odds with each other and create these thoughts instance where it's supposed to be a common sense, straightforward reading and understanding of what god provide for us. Right. And we equate it in the last with last quarter. We talked about the covenant or was one of the with the covenant was equivalent to the know last year's rest of it. But it's, it's equated with promises of god. You know, hebrews, the apostle paul says a new company based on better promises based on the promises of god to save us through jesus. And so, you know, that's what we're talking about in the greater context of things. Well, I want to bring out to text here. Go straight this. I'm going to look up due to on the 4th 13. If you could look at your jeremiah 3133. Yep. Okay. And do, do me chapter 4, verse, 13 moses, of course, reiterating this to his people said so he declared to you his covenant, which he commanded to perform comma, the 10 commandments. So right there, he's talking about how the covenant is synonymous with the 10 commandments. Right? He declared it to you that you prefer you to perform and he wrote them on to tablet to stone. I see the law of god written on table. So given them to the people, so they'll perform. But then you see the promise in jeremiah 31. Sure. Jeremiah 3133 says, but this is the covenant that I will make with the house of israel after those days says the Lord, I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts and I will be their god. And they shall be my people. And of course this is what paul close. And he revealed when he's talking about the new covenant. Right. And so all through this lesson, like, for instance, on Sundays lesson is called the title is the covenant in the gospel. But it talks about how did that relate to keeping the law keeping mark you can law. And the idea of being is that the gospel frees you from having to keep the law. But it does what god has promised all along, but he's going to write that law in your heart and make you a person who keeps the law. That's right. It's a beautiful thing. In reality stuff. We read in the quarterly on Sunday paragraph for it says, the covenant promises are made to all jew and gentile, who are of faith in the US who are justified by faith without the deeds of the law. That it as however much they are obligated because of the covenant to obey the law. Sure. So it's the freedom from the law, but it's clearly freedom from the penalty of the law, right? As we've all fall in and but now in that relationship with god, he writes it on our hearts empowers us to do the very thing he's wanted for us all along. Well, I think one of the challenges is we have equated obedience to trying to be saved by our own efforts. We waited the 2, in other words, the lessons pointing out obedience. But to talk about those who are we are how we are justified by faith and quoting from galatians, of course, and not by the deeds of law. The idea of legalism is rooted in trying to be saved by my ever trying to be justified. Finding my standing with god based on my obedience. Ok. And the gospel says, no, you can't obey good enough to be in perfect standing with god. But that doesn't equate that doesn't get rid of obedience. In other words, it just gets already rid of a B as, as a, as a platform for finding my, my standing innocent before god. My innocence for god only comes by accepting jesus christ. But it's through that experience, then I'm brought into obedient relationship with god. Yeah. When you get is E q language and is equal 36. God says in that new covent problem, going to give you new heart, i'm going to cause you to walk in my ways and follow my statute and you keep them and do them. Well, I can imagine why this is important here in the early lessons of a study of deuteronomy, because due to rami means the 2nd giving of the law. So it's a book about the law where he used the word covenant. So much is called the book of the covenant at the lesson points out. So also talks a lot about be incentives. In fact, of a phrase its comments are due to wrong is not only to observe, but be careful to observe, right? That sounds like there's this mindset that if you are going to observe or obey, don't be real careful and that's been too particular. But this is language. It is found throughout the book of you to write. And I'm thinking that's what this week's lesson, the whole purpose of it is to prepare what we're going to effect that we're going to be looking at the law and obedience and carefulness. And we got to remember that it's in the context of the gospel. Yes. And I love this statement from quite object less than page $128.00, where she writes, no man can rightly present the law of god without the gospel or the gospel without the law. The law is the gospel. Embodied in the gospel is the law unfolded. It's right, the laws, the route, the gods move, the fragrant blossom and fruit. Fascinating statement. Yeah. So we should not try to separate those. The gospel is the law embodied in the law. As the gospel unfolded, it folded it or the Gulf was alarm filled. And when I say there, does it make the law as the gospel embodied, and the gospel is law enfolded, right? So the law unfolded and you think about the life of christ like his will you look at the law gotten so what does that look like in a person? And in the life of jesus, you see it in all, you know, every what he, what you see in the life of jesus. Because we want to talk about the fair to say, well that was the law keeping. No, it wasn't. Jesus said, why do you guys not, none of you keeps a law. Where are you trying to kill me? Jesus was the only one who kept the law in his life was an embodiment of that when an unfolding of what those principles were in law, god. So fascinating. Yeah, I'm thinking of his encounter with the young man who is like good teacher and he starts to like, why do you call me good one who good. And he was the guy who thought he was doing well. He went to trail other dichotomy. There it's interesting do we want to mention in ministry of healing 142? We discussed earlier on, but I don't know if we maybe still referencing well, I'll just say, I mean this, this, we could take this whole lesson on this point. There is just a lot. I've been in the ab, my family's church. I came back in the church and we've been back in a church over 20 years. I have been personally since I've been baptized, been in ministry, and I'll tell you that this contention over obedience and how far does obedience go before it becomes legalism? Is this confusing thing as if obeying god is ever wrong? And the context of what we're looking at is simply saying if you're beating to God is to earn something from god. That's not the same as obeying god because you love god and you want to serve god. There's just a difference in the motive there. And so there's been a mindset that we discussed and it comes up all the time that it seems to be the tipping point for most people like how do I know the difference between if I'm obeying the right way, wrong way, effort, if you put forth any effort That lives and we talk about doing it in your own strength. In fact a lesson, we're going to get to that at some point. But there, there is this mindset that, Oh, doing it on your own strength that comes when you try. And that's just not the case. So there's a great statement where the book, ministry healing and I headed up here. The book minister healing highlight says, this is on page 487, paragraph 2. I must have gotten a whole. It says day by day and year by year we shall grow. We shall conquer self and grow into a noble heroism. This is our allotted task, but it cannot be accomplished without help from jesus. And we'd love to stop it right there within resolute decision. So we're going to have help from him, but then we've got to make, we get to resolve a resolute decision. Unwavering purpose, continual watchfulness in unceasing prayer. Each one has a personal battle to fight. Not even god can make our characters noble or our lives useful. And less we become co workers with him. Those who decline the struggle moves the strength, enjoy victory. That last sentence, i mean those who decline the struggle, can you imagine a football players like no, I don't want to get on the field because if I do, I might get injured. Whatever is true, but if you decline the struggle, you're never going to get a game from the bench. And in the same way as much as we don't want to strive in our own efforts, you're never going to overcome the christian life. If you don't put some energy into a minute balance here that I want to bring in, it's actually for fridays lesson, but it goes nicely here. It's from the bible, commentary, vines, 6 pace, 1077. It says the spirit of bondage is engendered by seeking to live in accordance with the legal religion, through striving to fulfill the claims of the law in our own strength. So that's her definition there of legal religion which is driving the law in our own strength. Now let's be clear that not saying that religion requires no striving. This is a quote, legal religion, that is a formal cold, separated from the power of god. Religion, right? Through striving to fill it in your own strength, she goes on, explain the remedy. There is Hope for us only as we come under the abrahamic covenant, which is the covenant of grace by faith in christ jesus. The gospel preached abraham through which he had hope was the same gospel, is preached to us today, through which we have hope. Abraham looked under jesus who is also the author and finisher of our faith. So there is one gospel in this one covenant idea that god has always intended us to be able, in his strength, to do all that he asked us to. That's right. And that in his, in his strength, in our strength, i mean the only way you can strive in your own strength department, lord, is when you're apart from the Lord. In other words, how many people do you know that grew up in the church? They don't go to church anymore, but they try to live more lives by the finish. In other words, if I'm spending regular time with the Lord, it can't be in my own strength because I'm tapping into him. This is a person who I'm going to go about and live morally, but I don't want to spend that time with the Lord. I don't want to go to church. I don't want to have that. They may go to church. There's more that could be said on this, but the point is if you're sick, realizing recognizing that if I ever needed the Lord before I sure do you need me now and you trust in the Lord every day. And then you seek to follow where he's. He's not to disappoint you. You in your own strength, but he thought just the author of it, and then we're the finish or he's the author and the finish. His promise that strike to us. That's incredible to think about. All right, well we need to move on more will come up in this lesson of do the wrong thing that I'm about to point 2 and 3 and for most have 2 classes. They're going to spend their whole time. Even if they don't go on, like the lesson itself is going to get in Best time. If you open the floor a little bit. Exactly. So who? All right, but there are other things they're drawn out. Number 2 is distinction is good for god's people. And the world now that's interesting language it is and this comes from wednesdays lesson where it talks about god's people being a special people. Right. And we've referred to this before. How god's church. In fact, the words per church in the bible mean cold out, ready to be separate from and we would think, well, the reason he wants to be separate is for us to not be polluted by the world. And there's truth to be clear we, if there are bad habits and situations, if you're an alcoholic in a bar, get yourself out of it, right? Got calls. People to be separate in the special peculiar is work, right. And so sometimes I think we focus on the separation from us in the world is important for us to maintain that faithfulness. And I would submit that that is true, but also submitted that incomplete because there's a reason god wants us to be distinct from those in darkness. It says that we can be a light and help draw them out too. That's right. That there's the distinction to separate. The peculiar ness of god people is in itself a ministry to those in darkness. Absolutely. So it's kind of hard to get a clear picture if, if, if the church is so muddled and mingled with the world that you can't, there's not a clear l M. I used to use the term de line of demarcation difference. You can't tell like it all looks the same and right and suddenly christianity that would be this great, shining light is all kind of it's like one. It's like a stained glass window in a church that's all gets everything written and just there's not much light coming in a more. Exactly. And so the distinction is good for us and for them when they've less than brings that paragraph for says by having entered into the covenant with god. They were to be a special people, a witness to the world of the god who created the heaven. And there and being only god. So there distinction every year. It was a ministry to those in darkness. We see this repeatedly in this book of deuteronomy, that we're going to study where the emphasis is. Well, for instance i'm, I'm open to due to only 4 of our 6 right now. And we see this straight, therefore, be careful to observe them. Speaking of those laws, right, for it doesn't say for your own self preservation. Now it says for this is your wisdom and your understanding the fight, all the people who hear all the stand, you say sure, the great nation wise understand people. So your fidelity to god's law, it's really make me for you, but it's an outreach to them. We always fear we're like now if I do that I'm going to be too particular they're going to look at me and say that person's weird and the Lord says, you know, do this, they're going to look and say, you guys are really smart. Exactly to something and we might feel uncomfortable separated from it, but gods like that's the very thing I want because it's a help to those other people to see something different. Right, right. Once you're report profits and kings, this fell in in our outline, the lesson references due to around 2669. Give that same what am I going to read them? I'm just saying. But it's that, that wednesday is lesson brings that there are few passages that highlight that asked yes, profit thinking $570.00 says the principal set forth in deuteronomy for the instruction of israel are to be followed by gods people to the end of time. There is constant danger that professing christians will come to think that in order to have influence with world things, they must to a certain extent conform to the world. But those such a course may appear to afford great advantages. It always ends in spiritual law. And I don't know about you, but I've been in that just ministry, but for a good portion of time and in youth ministry. Right. And dealing with you and you always kind of think, wow, you got to blend in with the kids. You gotta, you gotta make it, you know, just meet them where they are, that kind of thing. And the idea is you need to embody their worldly culture without being, you know, solely by yourself. But really reach really where they are. And you know, we heard of worship talk here and the other day it was just a phenomenal testimony. The fact that the person talking was not at all converted when they were in their youth. And they had a teacher who was the opposite of him in every way. He's like, we're from a different culture, different religious background or different way we dress and talk and everything was different. And we thought this guy was, you know, the dorky is, do we be his guy, but he said, but it was through him that I saw what christiana was really like and had an influence. My very clearly said I, this is not a guy ever wanted to be like, right? You're like, oh no, we get to act like, you know, real hip and cool with the kids like I want to, I want be and we can address down and we got the snaps, his mindset that grab my you know, there was nothing about him that I aspire to be like him, but his interest in me and he has connection with the Lord one, you know? Exactly, and we see this and if it's not just a youth ministry thing, but in all we look around and how many church growth movements in the last decades have talked about where you got to find out what the people are. Just like talk like them and act like my listen. And the reality is actually when it might, when friends or something, but it's not really changing people to want to see something better. Right, great controversy. 509 comes to my mind. Conformity to worldly customs, converts the church to the world. It never converts the world to christ. Mercy. That's a great statement. So god from the very beginning. His ask us to be a distinct people, not only for our own good, but for as a witness to all nations. And finally, who, let's go to the talk point number 3, which is the depth of god. Love is hard to describe. It's almost like a truism, like a really, I mean. Yeah. But god's really big, i don't know. Maybe this is part of the reason to bring that up is we're always and I think we mentioned this in one of our recent lessons. Like we're always trying to explain god's love, which I'm not saying it's wrong to do that, but there has to be an element of recognition. Like you're talking point here. Says the how in the world are you going to get? Like we talked about, didn't know where call history on it. When you put in a lot of Human emotion and it try put emotion, your voice to, to, as if that's going to give the idea clear up the conceptual versus lighting, the holy spirit convey what human lives just can't write. And as we read through did or on a me, you're going to hear it. Well, quarterly brings us out. I think I flee and paragraph one from thursday. Yes, this is the idea of a covenant. A legal agreement between 2 parties with rules and stipulations of regulations can seem so cold and so formal, though that element must indeed exist. God is the law giver. It's not broad enough to encompass the depth and breadth of the kind of relationship god wanting with his people. Hence, other images are used in deuteronomy to help betray the same idea as the covenant between god and israel. But just to give it added dimensions. So he then lifts off of the contributor, makes reference to other passages and due to rami, for instance, in chapter 8, verse 5 were the father, the imagery of a father, caring for his children. This brought out ok. You see that in 141 and 30 to 6 as well. In chapter 4, verse 20. There's the precious metal being refined like he's, he's pulling us out of the fire. You know, he's looking for his character, reflected in his people. Then you can see, and you know, may 31st 9 where he says that that they are the lords inheritance his portion his share. So if we, you know, or I'm reading and I can't be in touch with the idea of a covenant, illegal agreement with stipulations rules and regulations that just sounds so rigid and whatever else. But it's about perspective. I mean, I could talk about the marriage covenant, right? In my marriage there are rules and stipulations and you know, no more dating around. Yeah. My wife and I just bought a new house. I can No longer just do everything I want to do. It's like honey do you like this carpet color? No, I don't like it, I mean, and then we've got to go through these. Well, I could make that just, I could state that in a list of well now I can buy the things that I want and I can't do that. But that really doesn't represent, so there's always rules in connection with these relationships, especially covenant agreement, what have you, but that isn't it. Your perspective can, can give a whole different view of how the, how you interact with them. Exactly. Right. And yeah, well I think that's another reason why this is probably coming up now is because we're about to go through a book of law. Man, I guess god is only a law giver. It's only this legal thing. When inside that same book to me, other representations are given to help us expand the concept. Even my point is that even those very laws can be looked at from 2 sides. In other words, the restriction, i can look at a restriction in my mirror and say, I'm not allowed to date anybody else, or that would make it terrible anniversary. Or now I don't have to worry about ever trying to find anybody found the, I mean they're just so the, I think when we go through in fact, what makes a great thing. We don't have it in here and test my advice for where she says to those who go bay the command of god. They're like a pillar of fire, you know, using it. But to those who don't obey them, they're like a clouds in darkness and missed. So it's the very same laws for a person who's converted and loves the Lord. It's a law of liberty to love life that the very same rules can be read very differently by somebody who doesn't have that relationship. And that's a great point. And I'm thinking of how this is also a theme and new testament, the depth and breadth and, and beauty of god's love. And thinking of ephesians, chapter 3, where it says and versus 17 through 1900. So that christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. That you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the things, what is the width and the length and the depth and the height. To know the love of christ, which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the full. It's got so he's like it's white and his tall and his deep and his broad and you can't put it more. And that's why in 1st john 3 be like, behold, just look at it. I just, it's huge, but it passes knowledge like you're not even going to grasp it completely. Right. We're told that this, this whole thing about salvation. God love is going to be the science and the song as are deem through eternity turn and T. Yeah. And we're still going to be learning so, so please don't get well down into all the narrow human made to things where god has a 3 dimensional beautiful picture of himself in his character that he wants us to know and to experience through his grace. And so I'm excited about this week's lesson. I think it's going to be some great studies as we go into our sabbath classes this week. So as we close passer howard can you give us were for, let's pray, father, in heaven. Father, we do thank you so much for your lover, us as manifested in your laws and lord your the sacrifice of jesus to pay the penalty for our sins and bring us into harmony with you. And ultimately the Lord to prepare us for that day when jesus comes again and we spend eternity together face to face without avail. Between we ask that you bless our savage school teachers in classes for this lesson, that they would have a rich experience in the things of god and that they would be drawn closer to you. And we pray all these things in jesus. Ah.


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