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Go Show Yourselves to the Priests

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh discusses the controversy of vaccination vs. non-vaccination, and proposes a solution.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 2, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Father haven't, we're thankful to day for the sabbath day. We're thankful That we can spend time in your word. We ask that your holy spirit would be with us would guide us and lead us. And we thank you. We come a christ name on it. Well, um Have you ever been asked to preach and you kind of don't know what to preach about? Has this ever happened to you that ever happen to you that you've been asked to preach and you don't know exactly what you said, talk about anybody? How many of you have never been asked to rate? OK, so maybe that doesn't apply to you, But That's kind of been, you know, my quandary today. And I was very clear about what I said preach about at $111130.00, which is the next service I preach at. But today, someone sent me an email this morning that made me recognize that probably even though I don't want to preach about it, I should preach about something else. So I'm going to do that this morning. But the risk of, Of getting in trouble. And I want to talk about today, a message is entitled, go show yourself to the priests, go show yourself to the priest. So invite you to turn with me and your bible to look at chapter 17 luke chapter. What luke chapter 17. And we're going to have a little bible study this morning. Look, chapter 17. Now remember that luke is, was a physician. And so look as a favorite of mine to study because You know, I like medical things and being involved in those medical missionary work. I've especially enjoyed the gospel of luke. So let's look at luke chapter 17 and let's pick up the story in verse 11. So now it happened. As he went through the mit that he passed through the midst of samaria and galilee. Then as he entered a certain village, he met him 10 men who were there, met him 10 men who were what lepers, who stood afar off and they lifted up their voices and said, jesus master, have mercy on us now normally, what did lepers say? They didn't say that normally. What did they say? They would cry out on clean and clean. And this lubbers instead of crying out unclean on clean. They said have mercy on us. But they stood afar off. Right. Why did they stand far off? Because they had leprosy. This word leprosy has mentioned 55 times in the old testament, 13 times in the new testament. And most likely meant a variety of infectious what infectious infections, what skin diseases, even mold or mildew on clothings and walls. The precise meaning of leprosy in both the old and new testament is still in dispute. But it was infectious disease of some type where they were asked to stand far off and cry out on clean. So this was actually a contagious disease. And they were asked to actually also cover the lower part of their face and cry out and clean and clean. So they were asked to do what social distance and cover their faces. All right. They stood afar ah, numbers 51 numbers after 5 in verse one in our study. Lord said to moses command, the children of israel, that they put out of the camp, every leper everyone has a discharge. And everyone who becomes defined by corpse, you put out both male and female, you should put them outside the camp, that they may not to file the camp in the midst of which I dwell on the children of israel did so and put them outside the camp as the Lord spoke to moses, so the children of israel did What were the lepers supposed to do as a result of their disease? leviticus 1345. Leviticus 1345. Now the leper on whom the sore is his clothes shall be torn and his head bare. He shall cover his moustache. Do you cover your mustache with a just a piece of tape? Now it was everything from a mustache now and cry out, unclean, unclean. So instead these people in luke 17 were crying out, jesus have mercy on us. So how did jesus respond? In verse 14. Luke's 17 verse 14. So when he saw them, he said to them, go show yourself to the priest. So it was, as they went, they were what they were cathartic, though we get the word cathartic from the word cathartic. Though, we get the word catharsis, we get the word catheter. All these words that we use in nursing or medical arts are from this word, catharsis. And So he goes, go show yourself to the priest, and so as they went they were what cleanse, right And one. And when he saw that he was healed. The word there is soso, made whole return with a loud voice and glorified god and fell down into his face at his feet, giving him thanks. And he was a samaritan. And jesus answered and said, were there not 10 cathartic though? But where the 9 were there not any found who returned to give glory to God except this foreigner and he said to him, arise, go your way. Your faith has made you what soto has made you complete has made you healed. So jesus sent this leper who he know who knew he knew was infected. He was infected on the way to the priest. Go show yourself to the priest. So what happened when people would go and show themselves to the priest? Why did jesus say go show yourself to the priest. I mean, he healed the man. He knew the man was going to be heal, but he says, go so yourself, the priest. Why? Because jesus had actually set up the public Health system. He had actually set up the system of priests, the priests were the physicians of the day and he had set that system up. So when you went to the priest, you know, if you want to see what happened, just go back to leviticus chapter 13, go back a little bit 13 and see what happened when you would go to the priest or spoke to moses and aaron saying when a man has on skin of his body, a swelling scab, a bright spot, and it becomes on the skin of body like a leper, a sore than he shall be brought to aaron, the priest into one of his sons, the priests. And the pri. So examined the sore of skin on the body, and if the hair of the score is turned white, the sor appears to be deeper than the scan. It's a leprosy song. The preschool examined him and pronounced him on clean. So when you went to the priest, what happened? You were tested, you had what you might call mandatory testing. So you were tested, you couldn't say, my conscience tells me I should not be tested. You couldn't say freedom of conscience indicates i will not listen to the physician. This was not an option. Because what was associated with leprosy was dead. If other people got leprosy, they might die from leprosy. And you do not have freedom of conscience to kill people. Does that make sense? You cannot say. Alright. I consciously think that no one needs to day to day, so I'm going to kill him. And I just want you guys, let me do that. How do you think that would be positive now? And by the way, you have no freedom, according to the 10 commandments to kill people, to rate people, to steal from people. The life from people lie to people or even think negatively towards them now, so not covet. These are all mandates in the 10 commandments. And in liberty enrollments after 13 and says the government is ordained to actually protect you. How many, very thankful that there are police that follow up on the mandate that you can't be killed? I'm everything for the police. Or what do you say? Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, stop that, No, no, no, put your gun away. That's freedom of constance. He can kill me if he wants to. How many of you will argue that? No, no, no, it's ok. You can, you can I have sexual liberties with my children or my wife or my spouse. It's ok. Freedom of conscience for you? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. And, and the law was set up in the old testament to actually protect people and mandate. You can't kill someone else, you can't rape someone else. You can't steal from someone else. You can't even live in someone else. And you can't even think in your mind that you would kill them at that comes out. That's called premeditated murder. And you're going to go to jail much longer for that. I'm really thankful for the scriptural mandates of the last 5 commandments. And I'm really thankful that actually the bible says the government shouldn't force though somebody very thankful for that. So there are in fact mandates that go against what you might think is right or wrong. Can your conscience actually be wrong? Can it be completely seared and wrong? bless it is a man walketh not in the counsel of a godly nor stand of the way of sinners, nor a citizen to see the scornful why? Because that's the way that leads to death. Because the person is not what delighting in the law of god and meditating day and night. So a person that's with people that actually don't meditate on god's law are going to have feared constance's and they're going to be a problem. So jesus and sending people back to the priests were actually sending them to people who they actually had to surrender their ideas to wait a minute. You're saying, I'm not better. I think I am Better Know you're still outside the camp. How do you understand what I'm saying here? You had to actually surrender your ideas to that of the god ordained physician slash priest. In this scenario, let the priest examine in and pronounce him unclean. But if a bright spot verse for white on it's going to be buying does not appear to be deeper than the skin and the hair is not turned white than the priest. So isolate the one that has a sore for 7 days, and the priest will examine them on the 7th day. And indeed, if the sor appears to be, as it was, the sore is not spread. Then the priest isolated him another 7 days. Then the preschool examined again on the 7th day and indeed at this sort of faded sore, not spread. The skin so pronounced the pri, so pronounced him clean course if it had not been clean, it's another 7 days. It's another 7 days. But the scab should spread over the skin, as the priest has seen him for his cleansing, he shall be seen by the priest again. And the priest sees that the scab is indeed spread and the priest pronounce him unclean. It is leprosy And it keeps going. When the leper sort of a person, this is leviticus 13 night, he shall be brought to the priest, the pre shall examine him at this. Why on the skin, it's white, etc, etc. It is an old leprosy on the scan, the priest from now to him. Unclean, and I shall not isolate him for he is unclean. And it keeps going pronouncement. No pronouncement examination, no examination. It's testing, testing, testing examination. Corn thing covering the face all through the whole chapter. And so this is what jesus was referring to. I mean, you read the whole chapter there's, there's, there's 59 vs and it's basically mandatory testing through the whole chapter. It's isolation. It's also masking. And this is what jesus was referring to when he said, and luc 1714, go. So yourself to the priest. And so as they went, they were class. Now let me ask you a question. Why did jesus come to this world? Look 910. I heard it out there to 2 chapters away to seek and save that, which was what was you see in our ne, with our nature, whether be our human nature as relates to our mental abilities or our even natural immune system. We needed help. And we think we needed help. Do people spontaneously get healed from blindness? Do they spontaneously get healed from luck from anything really? Each of us has been given a natural immune system. 8 of us have been given a mind. But the heart is desperately wicked and who could know it? Our mind is actually diseased. And without a special interposing by god himself, we're all last time you understand it. We're lot physically. We're lost emotionally. We're lost mentally, and we're la, spiritually. We need the divine nature to overwhelm our human nature. Yes or no. Lot of people like to talk about how their human nature is good enough. It's not you need to have the divine nature that comes to you for from claiming the promise of god. I mean the thing from the promise of god, without the promise of god, year last, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. So when jesus comes, let's talk about the physical area. When he comes as the master clinician and physician, does he come to people that are sick and stay to them? Well, I created a natural immune system and that should be good enough for you. Does he say that that he ever say that? No, he does not say that. Does he say to peter's mother in law who has a fever, fever comes from what an infection of some type does he say to her? Oh, just be warmed and fed. Your natural immunity will kick in. God bless And he doesn't do that. In fact, he would. And by the way, some people say he only healed people that ask him to that is patently untrue as well. You don't even breathe without jesus. Every breath you take is a miracle that was performed on your behalf. Whether or not you believe he causes the rain to pour on the righteous and the unrighteousness unrighteous. And he actually allows you to live even though you're sinful. Because he would like you to see his gratitude and doing those miracles and then respond and gratitude and respond to his love and be able to be alternately, he'll, he'll be thankful for the miracles. God does for you. Even though you don't ask for them, or even if you don't want them, I have a friend that works over in San Francisco on a suicide hotline for people that want to jump off the bridge. And when he answers the phone, what he says is, sounds good. Let's go with your conscience. Go ahead and just jump. Does he ever say that? I used to work in a psyche, patrick unit, where people had tried to kill themselves multiple times. Do I go into the room and say I am so sorry, so, so sorry that we have been trying to go against your conscience? kill yourself. Do I ever say that? Now because I know that they're not thinking right? So jesus comes. There's this communicable disease of leprosy And he heals these people. And by the way, when jesus healed, do you think that he had something better than I ever met? That I me think he has something better than I ever met. That. How me think he had something better than hydro corklin? I mean, think he has something better than vitamin d. How many think he has something better than vitamin? See how many think he had something better then? Any remedy you've ever heard of. In fact, he provided them with supernatural immunity, not just natural immunity, supernatural immunity. But even though he does that, this is what's interesting in this text. Even though he has all of those remedies, he can heal or hurting world, even though he could hear whole villages when he went through He does not say you're just healed. Go back into society. What does he say instead? Go yourself to the priest. Now did jesus have multiple trials and do studies before and some people to a priest? Did he do that? No setting of the priest was the study, the priest, we're going to be the one say, oh wait, look at that. Look at that. Look at that. And did the priests see that jesus actually had a better treatment plan than anyone else? And actually says an extra after 6 and 7, that a great number of the priest ultimately be lead. And it was largely because what did jesus do? He healed people and then sent them back to the who. So the priests. Now by the way, let's look at these priest just for a minute. Let's look at these priest just for a minute. Because you might think that you know, these priests were a pretty good people. But look at matthew 23. Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to his disciples, saying the scribes and pharisees sit and moses see therefore whatever they tell you to do, observe And do. But do not do according to their works for they say and do not. And so the priest ended up being pretty bad people. And a matter of fact, very bad. If you read the rest, the chapter hypocrites, all kinds of things. And yet jesus still says so yourself to the priests. Ma'am you think k I, if that was a good guy that had pretty I think there were some pretty bad priests And yet jesus says go show yourself to the priests. Not I don't want to just apply this to rigorously, but how do you think that people today think public Health officials are not to be trusted? Have you ever heard this? I mean that they actually point to things they did wrong. They points allies they made on national tv And they say see, you can't trust them for anything that happening at all. If anyone heard this, they are not to be trust. Don't go sell yourself the priests, don't even listen to the praise. But what did jesus say? Go show yourself to the brief and by the way, someone else came to him once and said, you know, what, should we pay our taxes? And he said, absolutely not, don't pay your taxes. They don't deserve a red cent. Is that what he said? What did he say render under caesar? What is caesar's and under god? What god's pay your time, but also pay your tax. I visit a lots of people in jail or maybe not lots, maybe 2 or 3 people in jail who decided that they were not going to pay their, they're not going to pay their taxes. And they went to jail. And I gave a little bible study to show them that they actually should be paying their taxes. And they said, man, I really wish you would have studied this with me before I was in jail Anyway, was jesus and an artist? Did jesus have gone on social media and wrote terrible things about all the public Health officials of his day? What do you have done that Would jesus have gone on to social media and written about why you should not pay your taxes? Would jesus have done that? Well, I don't think you can make the case. He says, go. So yourself to the priest, of course he wanted to reach the priest. He desired to give them evidence of his healing power and love. And ultimately, as a result of the example of christ, a great number of people believed. Now sometimes People are offended by you know, christ methods They didn't like the fact that he used supernatural means to bring healing. The double never likes healing. He wants disease, suffering and death. The thief come with that but to her kill him destroy. But I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. So the devil wants people to die rapidly and in misery. As soon as possible and the Lord wants people to live and live eternally The priest could not heal. They could only assess, diagnose, and treat with very rudimentary things in jesus day, isolation covering of the moustache. And of course, you remember the story of the reluctant leper name, and I remember the story of name and they're elected leper who was in a foreign country and the little maid Said, you got to go see the prophet who can heal you so name and went and was given a treatment plan that included multiple emotions and water. You might say hydrotherapy And He didn't like it. He didn't like the treatment plan. So wait a minute, this river, my river's even better than this river. I think this is crazy. And by the way, why is the profit social distance thing from me? Why didn't he himself come out? Why does he send someone else out? That's expendable, maybe with a gown on. I'm not sure why does he not come and treatment himself. So he's going home with all of his servants who are all infected as well because they're near him probably. And they go, wait a minute, wait a minute. If you would ask you to do some great thing when you have done it and they start talking to him and not once he do, finally, he changes his mind. And what does he do? He does what jesus said. He does what god says any sealed Will. If he would not change his mind, do you think he would have been healed? The thing never would have been healed if he would not have changed his mind. Probably not. Right. Jesus chose is an act of mercy to heal the lepers in his day. There is no way their natural immune system. What of overcome it. He chose to heal them. He did not say to the leper as your immune substance system just needs to be trusted. It will eventually fight this off. Instead he specifically intervened. He did something, their natural immunity could not do. He supernaturally healed them. When he did this, he did not send them immediately back into society. Now. He sent them to the public Health officials of the day. To the imperfect priests in the, in perfect public Health system That he himself had set up. He did this to reach the priests. He also did to send a message That he was supporting this flawed public Health system. He was not an anarchist. He did not tear down the public Health system of the day. Now today, you know, it's a very rough day for people here in America because everybody's fighting over a vaccination versus no vaccination. And they hear all kinds of mixed messages. They hear people that they think are very credible the say to them, this is the worst thing you could do to your body. If you have this vaccination, you will probably have diseases and may in fact die. And they also have spiritual leaders that say to them, if you have this vaccination is an act of no faith in god. And it's setting you up to have more acts of no faith in god. And essentially, you're going to follow the hannah christ. When the anna cries comes and then you have people on the other side that say no, no, no, no. Actually if you get vaccinated, they can help you. And actually, it's up kind not only to yourself, but other people that might get infected. And it's a public Health issue that's not a mark of the beast issue. How many of you are familiar with these various arguments? So people are so much at each other. I've actually personally, I, I posted something on social media that posted what the 7th day adventists health Department had said back in 2015. And that is that the adventist church isn't support of vaccinations and that goes all the way back to to you know, 19 o 5. And so they support that. Although they also support the idea that people make their own conscientious personal choices. That's basically what the statements that I happen to think that's a very good approach. And the reason I think has a good approach is because it protects people to make a choice. So it's not taking away freedom of choice. But it's also saying, if you can do something that stimulates your natural immunity, We're not saying you can't do that either. And if you happened to believe that vaccines do that, then go for it. Does that make sense? And so it's not taking away freedom of choice, but it's also saying there is some validity to vaccines. Now, why would the administer say that one of the reasons is the adventist church actually is the vaccination poster child in one sense. What do I mean during world war 2 and aftermath? There was something called operation white coat administers were being asked to be involved in various armed conflicts. They didn't want to be for conscientious reasons. They did not want to kill people. So they said will give you the option to be a part of the war effort by testing out various vaccines. You breathe in various viruses, you have various bacteria that are put within your system. And we see how you relate to those, how you can fight those off. In fact, 13 vaccines that are still in use were developed during that time period. And those vaccines have actually save countless lives around the world. That's not an opinion, that's a fact. And and so While they're still freedom of choice, it's very interesting to me that many of these vaccinations that we now have saved lives were actually developed as a result of the sacrificial service of the 7th day adventists. Another thing that interests me is the entire attitude of not being willing to sacrificially serve. When the 1st plagues pandemic se, in ancient times hit very large cities, you know, christians were known for they were not known for trying to get away from the disease. They were known for running towards the city and taking care of the diseased individuals, even though it meant they would die. How me think that, that self sacrificing attitude is actually a good attitude. And we think that would be a good attitude. I mean, we're thankful for the doctors and nurses and health Care people that actually go into harm's way every day to take care of people. I'm thankful for that. And some of them you know, brussels when I worked in the hospital, i was asked countless times to get various shots for hepatitis c for all kinds of stuff. And that I want to take those shots now, not necessarily. I want to sign up and woke up in the morning. Hey, let's let me get some shots. But did I want to help people in the hospital? So guess what I did. I took the shot that was a long time ago. But part of my entrance into being able to serve people was to take those shots. Do you think I was wrong to do that? So I'm thankful for a church that has taken a position that does not vilify people for taking a vaccine and does not vilify people for not taking the vaccine. I mean, are you thankful for that kind of a church? And we were thankful for that. That is a well reasoned approach and they don't moralize over it. All right, you didn't get the vaccine, so you're somehow evil. I don't say that or you did get the vaccine. So somehow you are evil. Don't say that we were thankful for that. Now I got, I gotta, I gotta say, you know, some people are really in trouble today. I mean, this last week, what went into effect were in the private sector. And also, I don't know if it's in the government yet or not, but I think that's what suggested is that mandates come down and people are going to lose their jobs. How many of are praying for people that are involved in that I am to and I feel i'm not for mandate with vaccines, but I do know that people are going to lose their jobs over this because of their conscientious objection to it. And how me think we should pray for them. Now I want to, I want to also just point this out. If somebody has a conscientious objector at that level And they believe god is believing that way. How many of you believe that if God leads them that way, he will also sustain them in that way. How we believe that's true. So if someone says as a doctor or nurse, i'm going to get fired rather than get this vaccine. I me think god will sustain them. As a matter of fact, why it says, profit with the administered says this ellen white, she says that at the end of time, there would be thousands that have the training as physicians or ministers that don't work in physicians or ministers, but they're working and other other means that the end of time does, you know, she says that and so in fact, if a person conscientiously believes that they should not receive a vaccine. And that means they can't work as a physician or a nurse. And white already saw that and says there's plenty of work for them to do. Can you say hello? Yes. They may not in fact get paid for that. Like they normally have, but they may get paid in other ways. People might pay attention to them. And there's going to have, there's going to be plenty of service at the last remnant of time. And even now for medical missionaries that need to serve people that have not been vaccinated, how many you think that's probably true? In fact, in the world today, there are large sectors of the world that you couldn't even get vaccinate if you want to, to, because they don't have it. How do you think those people need to know what to do and how to be served? So one very vitriolic post on my facebook page, one of many led me to actually make a phone call to somebody. And I was talking to this person that had a clinician who had made very strong statements that a few actually got vaccinated somehow. That was a part of, of, of bowing eventually to the beast, power and etc. So I called them up and I said, you know, I saw what you wrote and I just want to listen because I may be missing something. So I listen for about an hour. So what the person had to say. And as I did, the spirit of love for the person came over me. Because I realized how conscientiously committed they were to what they were talking about. And how good a person they were. I have no question. I love god, no question. They love others. I have no question even love me. So I told him and I said, you know what? I am praying for every success in your ministry. I want you to know that and I am because there's a lot of people that person is going to serve. The no one else will serve You understand what I'm saying? Because there are people that are convicted, they do not want to receive a vaccine. And how do we think those people need excellent medical care? And we think they still need that and this person is set up to do that. So I really want that person to be successful. Yes. That makes sense. So the big thing is I don't think I'm just telling you now this is, this is just my suggestion based on what I've presented to you when I presented to you was in jesus day. There was a public Health system. He did not tear it down. He referred people back to it. I wouldn't say this That Because of what scripture teaches And because of the present reality, i really do not think it's helpful for people to vilify one another over this issue. I do not think it's helpful for people to moralize and say that if you received the vaccine, you're somehow a compromising soon to be receiving mark of the beast recipient. I do not think that's appropriate. Likewise, i don't think it's appropriate for people who have been vaccinated and believe in that to say someone is stupid, ignorant, whatever they say. I think that is totally inappropriate. Does that make sense? So in the spirit of jesus, who brought every healing mo, data that he could to bolster a person's natural immunity, which he had made and realized was not up to the total task. So he gave them supernatural trap help in the spirit of jesus who did that was the same time pointing to the public Health system and said, don't yank it down. I think that's where we need to be. I am so thankful that on this campus we have a group of physicians and clinicians that could treat people like louis who did not have the vaccine. And after a big struggle, a near death struggle that he's saved for the cause. Can you say, man? He had hydrotherapy, he had all the things we talk about. And he also had a prayer of anointing. Any sitting in church to day Basically resurrected from a debt. Can you say hello. Yeah. And I say praise god for anyone that goes to that experience. Likewise, people who maybe have received a vaccination in of also and voided disease. From that level. In my own personal affairs, my as my mother died of coven 19. And my think sneaking suspicion is that she may have caught it for me. I know it's a terrible thing to actually have to think about, but I was so sick for like 2 weeks I tested negative for coven 1900 number of times. But when I was really sick, my mother being a nurse that she was, she came into my house. I was in delirium on my couch. And I woke up and there's my mother with a washcloth plan on my head. And she hasn't. Thanks for me. I said, how long have you been here since I just been sitting by your side for for about a half an hour and I was like please leave. I don't know, she caught this from me for she kind of going out to the hairstyles but she got over 19 And she she died from cove and 19 by a lateral and a 1000000 code 1900. That was the diagnosis. Immediately after that, as soon as I could get a vaccine, i got the vaccine solid, my father who's $89.00 subsequently over the last month. But the Delta vary and whatnot. Although I don't know that there's test thing right now that can tell you whether or not what you have is an adult variant or not. But My children are tested positive for cove and 19. So they all been going through cobra. 119 in my house, along with me and my father And praise god. We did not again go through covered 19. I happen to believe I may be wrong. You can disagree thing you want, but I haven't to believe that the vaccine afforded some protection. That's what I think you can disagree you want also I would say the people that are telling you and I've actually been told this, it's only a matter of time that you will lose your spirituality if you get the vaccine, lose your spirituality because you've compromised and you're going to lose your life. I've actually been told that. But I want to tell you, I believe that god has been leading in my life in more deeply profound and spiritual ways over the last 8 months than ever before in my life. Maybe I'll become a past date because of the vaccine, but I don't think so. Even though i've received messages to that and You guys are all looking like shell socked here and maybe I should not have spoken about this. I'm not sure, but my message may take a whole west to you is that god loves you whether or not you got vaccinated or not. And God is working to save you whether or not you got vaccinated or not. And we should not be in the Church of god allowing something to come in and divide us when really this is the time when we should be united. And that's the reason why I saw that quote couple of weeks ago. After watching the vitriol, like per on a like, interchange on my facebook page, that's when I said, wait a minute. Our greatest need Is not to make a decision about novak versus pro vax, our greatest need in the church, his revival and reformation. How do you think that is the greatest need? It's the greatest need and we're told the christ going to come air this if that would have happened air this. He say how louis the that going to come air this that would happen. So personally, i'm focusing on personal revival, asking god to work in my life to bring revival and reformation and praying also for corporate revival. So jesus answered and said, were there not 10 clans to but where the 9 or the not any found who returned to give glory to God accept this foreigner? And then he said to them, are rife, go your way. First of all, go show yourself to the priest and then go your way. Your fame Has made you. Well, let's pray together, father in heaven. Thank you for this time where we can Talk about important issues. We know people. I know personally people Who have lost their lives And I know people who was there jobs and lord we asked for People that they would be able to find physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing, but mostly spiritual healing. 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