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04 To Love the Lord Your God

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • October 16, 2021
    6:00 AM
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Ah, I'm cameras voucher and I'm mark howard and this is talking points. Pastor howard, we're now in the 4th lesson of the 4th quarter of this year of 2021. This less is entitled to love the Lord your god. As we continue looking at present truth and deuteronomy, that's right. But before we get to the substance in content of our lesson, let's have a couple of housekeeping items. The 1st of which is we want to remind you once again that we have our sabbath school workshop coming up and very, very soon, in fact, it's october 29 to 31 at beautiful camp. A salbal here in the michigan conference. And if you go to Michigan, s S P M dot o R G and click on that banner that falls down there. That's right. Talks about it thoroughly equipped is our thing, and we're talking about how to Had a do savage school more effectively. Yeah, exactly. All the elements of sabbath school more if you're not doing children service school thing, this particular, this is all dealt savvy school stuff, but we're going to have resources in training. It's going be great. So register sign up today and you stay there and we had every we've had, have had request from people out of state, you know, you can get on a register. We do have lodging there. If you were so inclined to come toward the, the fall, me state of Michigan. What was the other thing you want to talk about? Well, just highlighting when it comes to teaching lesson. We've had people say it's always funny when you go to sabbath school class, cameron, and I was like, oh you guys do talking point and then people get all weird about like teaching. If they do knows. I never had a knowledge us. Yeah. Like I'm sorry. I didn't use I like this, like there wasn't a thing. Yeah. We are. The point purpose for talking points is to give some tips on being able to get through the lesson. So some people will walk through the lesson sam the afternoon sunday, monday, Tuesday and we'd commented on how a lot of times that just get you through monday afternoon. Right. That is not saying you can't do it that way. I know several people and sometimes I myself a walk through Saturday, sunday, monday, Tuesday. Our purpose here is that when you do that, if that's your method of teaching it that you get all the way through with some clear take away points from the last of the, by the way, the name of the program talking points is we want everyone to have when they get up to teach sabbath school to have some points in mind that they're trying to convey don't hatley are points exactly. The goal isn't getting just through some of the stuff or filling the time. The goal is to drive home points, make it clear from the word of god and leave with some conviction. That's right. Anyway, so thank you for that clarifying a little of training there. But we do need to dive in at this week's lesson. Very important theme, perhaps one of the most important all of scripture the love that were commanded to have for the Lord. Yes. So we'll get into that just a minute. But before we do that, let's start with the word absolutely heavily. Father, thank you so much for this opportunity to study these important themes, lord guide and our production here to day and the lessons and that sabbath school classes are going to be held on this topic, help it to be a blessing to the world. What's done here and through the local church help souls to be drawn closer to you for praying in jesus name. Amen. Amen. Okay, well as you so aptly pointed out, the lesson this week is on of the love, the Lord your god. And I've put in our summary outline that this week's lesson focuses on god's love for us and our love in obedience to God that connection and relationship for the interesting lead the memory, the verse for this is due to only 6 verse 5. And if we actually look at verse is 4 through 6, and deuteronomy 6, a lot of our lesson this week is really based on that little chunk. And there some of the pastors will refer those here shortly. But in deuteronomy, in fact, i'll start and verse 3, i'll have you start and verse 3. Why don't you read that for a studio only 6 versus 3 through 6. Cherrmis 63 to 6. Yes, her hate there. Says Sarah, therefore hero israel and be careful to observe it that it may be well with you and that you may multiply greatly as the Lord your god of your fathers has promised you. Now I probably should pause right here in just reminder of yours that deuteronomy 5 is the re giving of the 10 commandments. It recounts the 10 commandments. So it's in that context when lord says there for here and be careful to observe, he's talking about the commandments. Command just to reiterate, okay, well it continues inverse for here it is with the Lord our god, the Lord is one. You shall love the Lord, your god, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength. And these words which I command you to day shall be in your heart. Now another point here that I think is fascinating is for a lot of christians. When jesus quoted from deuteronomy and he said, the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your god. With all your heart, mine's own strength. They say all that does away with the 10 commandments yet here, where he quoted from It's a summary of course nation. Oh, like the commandments were just given in. This is a lord's way of he just got done in verse 3 to talk about being careful to observe them and then he says, you shall love the Lord with all your heart. Any tides that do so this year boy is like it. What crisis giving as a summary of the law, not a substitute for the last that that's exactly right. So here are talking points for this week's lesson. I've drawn them from, well, I'll just share as a go along number one. To know god is to fear him and I've drawn that from monday's lesson this week. Number 2, god loved us 1st, and that's drawn from tuesday lesson. And number 3, god commands us to love and obey him, commands us to love and obey him sunday, wednesday, and Thursdays lesson. Those is pretty simple and straightforward, but I think there's some, as I know, in fact there's some depth here that we're going to get into this a little bit more than a cliche you might be expecting. Well yeah, in depth and an some obviously to know him is to fear him. Heritage, is it right there? I mean, a lot of people would be up in arms and protests. Yeah. They're like the freezing room is the loves, it sounds good and it Well and even well. So let's talk about that a little bit to know. God is to fear him. And of course the lesson goes in on Monday. The lesson is to fear god, it talks about the issue of the idea of fear. And if anybody had this discussion before in christian terms, you know, fear in the bible refers to all in reverend, in, in most kit, when you're dealing with fear of god is and reference. Not A survival fear, abject terror. But what's interesting is in fact, the dictionary definition for reverence is a deep respect for some one or something. And so I put in the lesson here that reverence defined as a deep respect for someone or something is the result of knowing god. You can have a deep reverence, a respect for, or an all or respect for somebody you don't know, Right? And so what I'm wanting to look at here as a lesson touches on fear and fear in god. And the idea of reverence is that reverence grows out of knowing god, the better we truly know. And I'm just talking about you know, oftentimes you talk about knowing god in terms of the intimate relationship that god calls us to have with him. And I'm not discounting that, that I'm talking about more of the understanding who god is in your understanding just of just seeing him for the reality of julia's as the creator of heaven and earth as the in the words of revelation, the one on the throne from whose face heaven and earth led away, right. You know, just these words that evoke these images of the awesomeness of the grand magic hour god. And so what's interesting to me is when we talk about fear, i've gotten a note here that the word fear means fear. Because we talk about fear in and we get to the strand is messages. Because yes, so as for 7 amis, this is a discussion. It comes a block as our messages, his fear, god give glory to him and we make the point that fear means reference for god, but was really fascinating. Is the greek word that's translated, fear and fear god. And revelation $147.00 is the greek word phobos, where we get to or for bail barrier, what we get the word phobia from. And a phobia is in and incidentally for bail means to put somebody to flight like put them to the running away, fled away, had a thing to terrify or frighten. And so in the Play, the very same words in the bible that are used to talk about reverential fear for god are also used to talk about terror stricken fear in other situations. And the reason is because there's an element of that and we're gonna explain it. But there's an element of that in how we relate to God. Not that we're to be in abject terror of him. But that when we realize who were in the presence of, it evokes a how do I word this? I mean, when you realize that you're in the presence of somebody who could speak you into non existent, right. Even though he wouldn't just the reality that he could, it's a remote thing, something well you think of like the natural and there's a reason when god decided to reveal himself, he didn't always company middle course and jesus knew him, but he would come if the lightning and thunder, an earthquake and and although he speaks him a still small voice, he still the god of nature, the god of creation, the god of the universe. And if you think of those natural, even like lightning can came very close to our house just to come back and it blew some stuff off the trees in summer. Yeah, look at these math and cottonwood trees have just bark and splintered off. Like I have a newfound appreciation yet sincere fear of lightning not like a magic. Like I'm going to cry every time I think gray, but I'm like that is that is to be regarding every time this is thunderstorm, you cowering and robert house somewhere. But I reminded like when you feel like these massive rocks you stay, these powerful thunder lightnings or god equates god. Relates to us in that way that Yes he is our friend and our e christ as are older brother. But we must never forget that he is still got on the throne and that there is a, there is an inherent sovereignty and universal power that we can't even put into words. So what I've put in the notes here is that in the context of reverence, this simply emphasizes the reality that we're in the presence of something so much greater than us, that it calls out are all in respect a man. And so it's, it's the idea of reverence is something that comes from realizing the majesty of god and that he, we're not on the same plane. We're not peers with gum. So it's sometimes you get the idea that when we, when we looked because of the mercy of god, because god in god's mercy is a condescension. Understand. And he by condescension. So it's a stooping down. He doesn't need to be merciful. It's nothing that requires him to be like we deserve every bit of justice. Gov would pour out on us, but he doesn't. And because of that, it can make us take advantage of it and treat him like as one a angelos. Put it at one point. Some people view god as a beggar with a tin cup waiting for a dime. You know, it's like a and you can give anything, you know, just help me out like he's okay with any kind of service we give to him. He's not, he's almighty god in his certain kind of service required. And so that's when you look at the passage now due to ron me 10, why don't you redo the amount of the 1012 for us in the lesson highlights this here on Monday. Sure. And now israel, what does the Lord require of you? But to fear the Lord your god, to walk in all his ways and to love him to serve the Lord your god with all your heart and with all your soul. And to keep the commandments of the Lord and his statutes is asserting. So was the Lord require. He requires this reverence, this is not a suggestion or whatever this is required of god. And I can't help to think of when jesus told nicodemus, that if you're not born again, you cannot, a person is not born again, cannot enter the king of god. And I often make the distinction. We discuss this before between cannot and may not. If I say you may not do something that means i'm not letting you, but cannot refers to your ability or give rightness to an when god, I believe the reason god requires this reverence is without this level of reverence. You would be unfit for heaven. I mean, the angels veil their faces in the presence gotten back as an awesome statement here. Maybe you read that from paychecks and prop, assures to 50 to humility and reference should characterize the Department of all who come into the presence of god in the name of jesus. We may come before him with confidence, but we must not approach him with the boldness of presumption as though he were on a level with ourselves and it's a powerful statement. So we can come with confidence. Our confidence is because we come through jesus, who is god, it was like a you at the door. So I'm good nail sloan, you're always through christ doing this right. But those are yes, there are those who addressed the great and all powerful and holy god, who dwell in light, unapproachable as they would address an equal or even an inferior. There are those who conduct themselves in his house, as they would not presume to do in the audience chamber of an earthly ruler. Thee should remember that they are in his sight whom sarah f. M adore before whom angels veiled their faces. God is greatly to be reverenced, all who truly realize his presence will balin bow and humility before him. And like jacob, beholding the vision of god, they will cry out how dreadful is this place? There is none. This is none other but the house of god. In this is the gate of heaven. So the point there was to know, god is to fear him to realize the majesty awesomeness of god brings forth that reverence it. It's borne out of that, in fact for you, we're talking a little bit and I don't pass his up that there's a trend in someplace. It's a day to refer god on a very personal level to the point where i've had people and when they praying and just say, hey dad, and instead of our father, as I say it, was I you shudder if I have, I don't want to be condescending about it because there people who sincerely think that when he said the cost of a father's, we don't want to hurt their spirits. Want in other means kind of like affectionate dad. He exact ever but, but it's not like like, you know, there's a still there still there. There's a closeness we can have through christ, is the Lord God, something about what I used to say about jesus said to his disciples, to call, I call you my friends. And there was one pass you said, but there is a difference between jesus and our other friends. We don't worship our other friends. Right. So as much as he calls us, friend is a deer is not on the same level in his writing. And so the Lord approaches us in ways that we can understand analogies. We can appreciate, but that doesn't negate his inherent godness, that we must all his right be aware of. That's right. And that's where the read, which comes from, by the way, segue to the next one. Yes, god loved us 1st. Now that we have this enormity, this magnitude of god in our minds, it makes all the other stuff that comes after it. Even all the more impressive, right at god from that position. Loved us. That's right. The lesson draws of the some of those things out in a Tuesday lesson is called he 1st loved us and the lesson highlight several verses which express god's love during $43.00. Did army 77829713. And they're listed there in that 1st read section of tuesday's lesson. But they're all that clear take away from the versions. Is that god is the initiator in the love relationship he 1st loved us as the lesson sites from 1st john for 19. And so this concept of god's love in fact is a great statement. Tuesdays. Lesson paragraphs, 3 and 4 there under the house, settlement gods love you want to read those to her for god's love for us predated our existence in the plan of salvation was in place way before the foundation of the world reference their effusions, one for as elegy wife said it, the plan for our redemption was not an afterthought. A plan formulated after the fall of adam. It was a revelation of the mystery which have been kept in silence through times eternal. It was an unfolding of the principles that from eternal ages have been the foundation of god's throne. Okay, so she's using the language of roman 16 there. That mystery kept in science. That means it was silent. We didn't know it, but exists. It exists was there hadn't been manifested, but this concept of god's love predating our existence. This is so foundational. You know, a lot of christians knew in oak, suffer from feelings of inadequacy and insecurity because of that. And that kind of thing. I don't know if I measure up et cetera, et cetera, which is a very faulty mindset to him as a christian in understanding, not grasping the significance of this idea of god being the initiator. In other words, think of it this way. God loved us 1st, but let's we then to that god's the fact that he has foreknowledge that before he ever created any of us, he knew what we would do. And he still made us because we can tend to say, well, yea, created but he created when, when you know adam and he and they were perfect and, and, and he loves them. We do good and but then god already knew what would happen even with those who would be lost and he still created them to give opportunity. So this idea of god initiating the love means his love can never be dependent on what we do because his love is there before we ever did good or bad. It is something about the idea that there is no question that this starts. Did god no that ever ends with anything but yes, it's always a yes he knew so and you think about your mistakes and failures in your fall by doing that. I got he knew that. And here you are. And so he, knowing that you were going to do that, he still made a you that's right. That what does that do to your psychology him in that he's got to do something to your dad that should help us. Oh, you did it. No matter how many times it never comes to assail us with a thought that Well now you messed up and you're too far gone. We should always be able to go back and realize despite what the devil wisp is in her ears that god knew ahead of time. And he loved me then and he loves me now that love is constant, it's unchanging, god is unchanging. He is always you put her there. He is always on our side. He's always on our side. He's on the side of the last. They didn't choose him, but he wanted him to be say, mercy. He didn't turn to a point where he's like, I don't need to be saved anymore as the people lost by their own choice is just fascinating. And I put in the notes that this characteristic is unique to the judeo christian world view. Yes. As much as we have lost a lot of, in other words, all the other religions of the world have man trying to piece their god seek a to turn their gods change their gods mind what have you not in biblical christianity, however. Yeah, there were, as you brought up in it, maybe you're about to have there. But the idea is sometimes even christians take on that pagan concept of appeasement and say, well it's been tainted through the devil and isn't, isn't happy with that viewpoint. Sustain it. It made way back and is really made him think that the sacrifice is rather than god giving christ to save them. They were giving god something. Exactly. And even from the christian perspective, new test you can say, well now god loves are now be got. We're accepted him because christ appeased him like body his wrath. Right. I don't have to peace god in the orifice. Yeah. Jesus appeased him for the I know god, the hike. Ascending of the son was a demonstration of his love. Not a brief, not mechanism to begin his law. That's exactly right. This great. What is elma? sand septic crisis. Great love was not a just I forget the exact wording of it, but it was not because god sent his son because he loved us. His mother propitiation and the sacrifice was not to create in the father's heart love that wasn't there. Right. It was always there he loved isn't her brush of love that yeah. Loving us 1st is foundational to the christian faith. And that leads us to Yes, the 3rd talking point and that is that god commands us to love and obey him. And we see this in the lesson. Did her army 6 more than that rod construction commanded to love like does that almost undermine the whole concept of what we've already talked about that with this in the lesson? I don't know was last week and we before we talked about the freedom of choice and joyce has to be given freely. You can't force choice, you can't force love, right? As love is a choice. So then to say he commands us to love seems counter intuitive beta him In on the question on on Sunday. In fact, the starts on Sunday and that 1st read section says read dear army 64 and 5 and, and asked what command does the Lord God give to the children of israel? verse 5 to command to let the command to love. So I'm not making this up. So then the question is, what does that tell us? So one of the 1st things that came to my mind was why don't you read what it says there in book education 126. Every command is a promise accepted by the will received in the soul. It brings with it the life of the infinite one. It transforms the nature and recreate the soul in the image of god. That's a fascinating statement. Every command is a promise. I think we need to keep in mind that there is no commandment of god that we can keep without god as such a good point. Yeah. So even the whole idea when guy gives a command, isn't he's not surprised that we didn't quito is it's not like we have love that he wants us to tap into on his behalf is like, you know, I want you to give me some of that love you said you don't have any love. So if you're going to have a relationship with me, I have to give you the parts that I need and returned rival is it? I always say the set something similar in connection with the sabbath command. Remember the savage to keep it holy? How is not wholly being ever going to keep anything built? And so inherent in the commandment is god's going to make us holy this promise. It already, he commands us that the idea of this gets me to day in the christian world. It's like you, the 7th day adventists are always worried about the sabbath. We can't keep any commandments. All god wants us to do his love. Like really that's all he wants us do that all we have to do is love perfectly that god loves insurance. In other words, as though we have a reservoir of our own love that we can, can as you know, in easier to lovely than it is to keep the commandments. We know from romans, 138 to 10, and we're not going to read right now. But we can't love any more than we can perfectly begun love. Is he out working? Oh, right. The lot implicit reveals a, a discounted understanding of what love as a cheapness to love. Yeah. Like that. I can't keep sad with I can, I think my love, i mean I was a little bit love like that little bit of love is the greatest principal of heaven. How do you think you have to tap into that but you can't, you've sabbath. Oh, there's so much we can say here, but just being in the personal ministry's department where a big part of our job is to get church members acted in sharing their faith so others can be saved. There's a lot of talk in the church about love that love that we talk about doesn't seem to motivate us to go and reach out to save oil clue. But that's what you're talking about. A quality of love. Look at these statements. Actually pulses $551.00 says supreme love for god and unselfish love for one another. This is the best gift. Yes said our heavenly father can bestow. The unconscious rated a heart cannot or originate or produce it only in the heart where jesus reigns. Is it found? So this love is a gift from god. It is commanding it, it's something he's going to give us. And I don't want to give too much waive it next. Next week study we're going to get in our love for man and how that expression of god's love is manifested in love for others. But this exactly, sorry for jumping the gun. No, no, no, it's a good. It's a good foreshadowing. But the point is that this, when people hear like alice, good thing, we don't have to keep the law. Now it's just love we. We have a very low value on what that love really entail is. And if we were to truly love, as christ's love, it would radically alter on not only our relationship, a god, but our relationship in the church and in the community. It would be a whole different thing. And we don't have it to offer. We have to get absolutely check out the statement from god's amazing grace. 158 is his man gains everything by obeying the covenant, keeping god, god attributes our imparted to man, enabling him to exercise mercy and compassion, mercy. So whatever you would be doing, how part from that, it might be nice, but it's not mercy and marching. Imagine as god values it, right. And so love is the law expressed in the life I am in the nose. And love is expressed by our obedience. The lesson brings us out on Wednesday. Perhaps she could re wednesday the 3rd paragraph in the lesson. Where sure is this, why when john says such things as for this is the love of god that we keep his commandments. Or when jesus says, if you love me, keep my commandments. These verses are merely expressing this basic st. Teaching. Love to God must always be expressed by obedience to God that has always been the case and it always will be. And this obedience to God means obedience to his law, the 10 commandments, which includes the 4th commandment, the sabbath as well. Keeping the 4th commandment, no more legalism than is keeping any of the other 9. That's right, so I put in the notes, your obedience is more sums as we say, well god saved us. And then we obey in response, almost as if to your point of minute go like we have this reserve of ability to obey, but we'll give it when we're motivated to do it. When I'm, when I'm sturdy enough by the calvary picture, whatever, then if like, okay, I'll open up my store house of love and I'll return what, where we don't have it in warehouse, right? And so obedience is more than merely showing our love. It is the out working of god love in the life of the converted. You want to read the rest of that statement actually pacify 50 while powerful in the heart renewed by divine grace. Love is the ruling principle of action. It modifies the character governed. The impulses controls the passions and a know both the affections, this love, cherished in the soul, sweetens the life and sheds a refining influence on all around a man. So we look at the idea of god's the all and majesty of god, which the lesson asked the question, what if God were pate instead of love and my responses, he would still be god. Yeah. And so pray, you know, like, as like, I want, i'm had people say, I don't, I don't, I wouldn't believe in it. God, who burns people. Reverend, how and I can appreciate that. But even if, if God did bring him, but he'd still be the guy to be terry, could you cannot believe in him just because I don't believe in bad people, you know? Like so when you realize that god in all his awesomeness is a loving and merciful and compassionate god then just enhances came as you had mentioned earlier, everything. So the idea of drawing out the reverence to God and the desire to love and obey him something god puts in our hearts in his own compassion, his love and his mercy is just phenomenal. The conclusion of the lesson actually takes us back to what the theme is going to be the the theme of study throughout the eternal ages. You want to read that from a great controversy. Sure. The cross of christ will be the science and the song of redeem, throughout all eternity. In christ glorified they will be hold, christ crucified. Never will it be forgotten that he whose power created in upheld the unnumbered worlds through the vast realms of space. The beloved of god, the majesty of heaven, he whom cherub and spinning shining sarah delighted to adore humbled himself to uplift fallen man that he bore the guilt of shame of sin, and the hiding was father's face till the woes of a lost world broke his heart. And crushed out his life on calvary, cross that the maker of all worlds, the arbiter of all destinies, should lay aside his glory and humiliating himself for the love for from love to man will ever excite the wonder and adoration of the universe. You see in that statement now in that you all those phrases that you love, those images again, the arbiter of all destiny, right? Just a majesty of god. And yet in all at his greatness, it just magnifies his humility and condescension. And just as much as we can't cover it in a 30 minute little presentation here, we compare with evidently in eternity vessels in this society were to study it. We're to sing about it when it stole it. We're going to reflect on it for infinite time is bigger than we can put language around and praise the Lord. It's real in a man on that note. Let's close with a word prayer heavily. Father. Thank you so much for this powerful god that you are. And for being a good god, a loving god as self sacrificing god. Help us, lord, in our, in our walk with you in our relations with other people even to keep that truth, that reality of your grandeur and your self sacrificing love, in our minds, help it to not just call forth the response from us. But we're change us so that we can respond that somehow we can become more like you, we bring all of this in jesus name. Mm.


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