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The Power of Value

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • July 24, 2010
    5:00 PM
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you say Eminem and I'm very much for the singing mother brother and sister but only the soft number this morning as well singing is a form of worship the purpose why going gives people the gift is not to get a contract with the murder Incorporated or TBD Associates but to glorify God so Matthew saying the sayings that you may get a contract sing for the glory of God unknown bless you as you continue to praise his name through the gift of music I'm delighted to see those of you who've come back and I pray that God will bless us as we take a look into his word is no almost five hundred to six samples six so they won't go that far as I'm a little tired and hungry but I would allow the spirit of God directly please now Dmitri Fidler 's fifth number one what good is what is your guests asked the fifth number one please please journal every cell phone you have and some people have more than one of seeing the motor one possibly three minutes of a few cell phones George Shannon so nice to see you so this morning but in the heat of battle I omitted the say hi to my friends from Ann Arbor without Ohio somewhere I believe was right here all blessings upon the filaments over what I'm speaking I like to pray for me but I like to say is Lord put your words in that man's mouth I'm if you pray that prayer from your half going with answer there are some requests to Brenda God he will not answer on my phone as you may sue already the thousand dollars to big boat I want to raise what I want a better job more grandiose and yes what you are yes and followed into my heart but as soon yes father give individual alcohol yes give me a husband maybe so when you pray your words of that man's mouth he will yeah and he well and so that by the roots are difficult things so some speakers will have to keep doing that it constricted throat and makes production of the voice of the more difficult as my only gripes and is not too bad seven of the three what's that come on think think the spring are followed on we thank you so much father for the gift of life you generously given to us because of the atonement of Christ no father as we listen to this final presentation for today I ask is your servant your son here this humble printed on with an abundance that he may make the truth clear to us I asked your father to remember the promise you made the Moses in Exodus chapter four verse twelve when you said to him now therefore goal and I would be with my mouth and teach to a function say teach me thought what I should say that John Maine medical reply and your people blessed I also spread from my heart in Jesus name amen twenty three rating from verse thirty nine our subject is Apollo of value milk twenty three rating from verse thirty nine the room was a medical doctor and also export this story modern historians who study concluded that every figure refers in every place is historical his history is accurate you was a historian become trust what you wrote Chapter twenty three rating from verse thirty nine the Bible says on one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him saying if thou be Christ save thyself and us all and reflect on the progress of two thieves know by this time one of them had been converted if you continue from four forty of the but the other answering rebuked him saying dost not thou fear God seeing thou art in the same condemnation and we indeed justly for we receive the due reward of our deeds but this might have done nothing amiss and he set up to Jesus Lord remember me when I'll comes to like it this was a converted the ballpark of this he had been behaving just like the other thing because mustard for the seven forty four said the thieves also been supplied with him test the same in his teeth represent clearly at some point bull phase world appeals that Christ and cursive trouble but something happened to one of when you record the incident which Matthew also reported Matthew chapter twenty seven you is writing gives the appointment defeat has been converted the thief on the right within the right is the right set of the Bible is like a victory disciple Paul to the thief on the left please say the first thirty nine of one twenty three this file will be one Christ save thyself and us can you imagine the impossibility of that request Christ's could only save one or the other he could not save both unity and the repeated indices José said I feel so lost if you would make sense because when Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane twenty two forty one forty four the Bible says that he was withdrawn from them a stone 's cast a new loan it creates a father if I'll be willing remove this cup from me what was Christ going through of uncertainty because what he was saying get me out of this in our analog set up that point the balance of the fate of the world struggling to balance that because Jesus Christ was about to go back is getting gone back home would have saved himself a lot of status of sin witticisms from across him for the humiliation and bleating bleating of meeting bleeding from the skin of mistresses let visit again clearly there are some truths of which you can not be confused with that states that if I'll be the Christ save thyself and us he was lost in Christ for the possibility of Christ either save himself all save off I will say no I'm from MSF we don't clearly that Jesus Christ chose to save us by subjecting himself to the cross to bear with me Christ was gone united humanity to be a divinity he died in his humanity but there was something about his death that was infinite because it required an infinite sacrifice to deal with the problem of sin I am wondering how to see that so I know you understand I told you this morning with me to audition off and on what our high-quality page twelve paragraph three alike writes these words Gaul exhausted his benevolence in pouring out all of heaven man in one great gift notice Paul's unaccented the wording of application for our high-quality impeachment page twelve paragraph three Gore has exhausted his benevolence no explain to me how you can exhaust something this incident was definitively without limit and another offer another suggestion what is infinite without even a bit of work was that a list of another word or expression entitled everlasting without favorite in measurable beyond computation it would cause the most powerful computer for yes I will infinitely yet the prophet of the Lord the seventh of all tells us all has a new solo student 's benevolence all of him as a man in one great gift so that Jesus Christ represent the infinity infinity for the finite meal frightens when sin is so big of a problem it required no some of what go ahead but all while the vocal responses again while the repeated sin is such a massive problem the only successful strategy to stop is everything going infinity absolutely delicious I required in for my sacrifice to the death of Christ wasn't infinite sacrifice words of the fugitive save thyself and us I told her this morning under the commerce of the morning which I said were attempts to this afternoon 's presentation but we jump right into what Christ resisted the temptation to save himself and he decided to die to self oh and I for our salvation Christ was valuing us about himself and using the one present is impossible when we understand the love of God when God gives this planet revolutions of his mouth but I wasn't lastly is one of Leslie 's government is giving a clearer demonstration of this hearts will melt we must try to stop seeing God through the human lens except when God gives you restore the relationship when we forget we said forgive you but stay away from flat-out high rock facts how we put it in our spouses stay away from me I forgive you but most of the state when God will forgive us God says come sit on my information for at the fest Christ would have restored him to his position but also God forgives pulseless medicine mind bidding which was also in Christ Jesus will be in the form of God thought about Robert to withdraw but made himself of no reputation and upon him the form of a servant was remade in the likeness of man and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself will you go to himself and because they won't be there on the desk is outperforming even the death of the cross now if I were given the choice that I would not choose to be doing my lines in my life I would use I would choose the Douglas Hyde which use lethal injection at the pleasant odor I was shoeless laughing gas I would want to select a chat because while all decades are day the matter that you raise are you listening as it wasn't just that Jesus thought he died while the death of the cross that's a different kind of of the reports that have been found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death what kind of that law even the death of the cross the most humiliating and in conversation form of death known why why are you excited original for sixteen adjuvant adverse also again his only begotten son of Randy 's humility video registered shall not perish but registered shall have everlasting life that is a pop-up translation of that first for something that Jesus Christ died to maximize the stroke it is more important to understand that Jesus Christ died for you this on the parable of the lost sheep fifteen is a long human being had gone astray Jesus Christ would've called and suffered the same fate as the one that and so Paul says in this mind be in you everything begins in one requested by the change office is open to people of the ginger instantly stockpicking Christ died to perform a work of transformation on the mind of what the Bible calls the heart will say that this is deceitful above all things is the heart righteousness comes in a hot symptoms of a heart Jesus says in part seven twenty one fall within them out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts abilities and for magicians murders that business we can this BC the city this uneven I tried massively flinches all these evil things come from within and defile the Mac right comes from within will come from within with all the desire for wrong because I have a desire for right and so Jesus die through faith in the all sufficient atonement you and I may experience conversion for that to be made possible God had to give every single thing he had our subject is the Apollo of value was will says let this mind you subject to who we shall begin reading the horse won the horse fly comes to reading from first file mathematicians reading from verse one to have a Bible says if there be therefore anyone will constellation of Christ if any comfort of love if anything comes of this productivity models and mercies and fulfill ye my joy may be like-minded having the same law lobbying up one report of one mind with verse three that a thing be done I open a glory but in loneliness of my neck each esteem other better than themselves pulls muscle groups will look on every man on his own things but everyman also the things of others from the songwriter or three again until the first three does not clash with your carnal nature and mind you can give version written with municipal course written elsewhere that nothing be done through strife of vainglory but a new loneliness of my unit each as team also how better than themselves that is the single most powerful principle in the Bible because it is opposite the single worst principle in the Bible which itself additionally if you missed remember what if you study the Bible is the server also opened a hundred and one because the carnal nature does not like truth I still have a major falling out if I thought of it is fruitful to tell you as a brother in Christ the Carmel nature does not change organization would've gone the Carmel nature is trying to twist you must bring the stars of God will overcome about half of allowing you to perceive the truth and so did it right if someone like diversity and open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of vital to come now my eye because if God is not open on you and I will go astray we go back to flip his divorce rate and let nothing be done through strife or vainglory but any normal ADSL my everyone work on Molina supplies unit was meeting with all this humility you count of how the verse ends with each esteem other better than themselves not the value the power of is over five be in you which was also in Christ Jesus question which my guess was that my described verse five to eight all first three and four versus three and four defines the mind forces find the location gives us the highest except for all that mind of a person as well Jesus Christ so after Paul tells the believer 's leaders and limit is applied to each esteem other better than themselves let you are always things but every man ultimately the mother then said he may give you an example of someone who has got my on Paul gives the details of that person is my view you was also in Christ Jesus and know what I'll do my music Christ the Savior will begin the formal bought the home what type could be attributable remember what Paul said in first week in moving this morning Paul wants to show how Jesus Christ in the holiness of my soul before Steve Christ position which is equal with the father on renewed in a statement saying them maybe tomorrow's of you if Christ is not equal with God he can see you are eliciting automatic this brief crisis Leslie God NASA via less than God cannot save you if a crisis less the bottle eleven missed understood the power of sand absorbable being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation this is in the evidence of my reply divorce rate made himself of no repetition of talk upon him it was enforced it was his will the form of the seventh and was made in the likeness of men in other words isolate from throne all the operation of the Angels and without using his divinity he took a condition that needed a servant you talk about humility we have a constant outcry should believe in himself if Christ had come in this condition before send this humiliation but he came to the human race have been corrupted by four house and use off-season if that's what she told you know how we hate to be humiliated out of a couple side vitamins of the worst special was November how angry they would've been gentle how we hate to be humiliated but for humiliation does not come from the comfort of my incomes of the Carmel region but isn't it in the comfort of my accept humiliation as a lamb to the slaughter one of the reasons there's so many problems in the church because most church members are not converted out of me to be harsh but I wanted to clear Bible three volume six page tens of the five paragraph seven and white rice the new birth is our area experience in this age of the world this is the reason that there are so many propensities in the charges Joan Rivers what was identical version just saying January comfort and people are rather facile reason so many children have so many perplexities manageable to say someone anyone see what the name of Christ are I'll identify as I have been baptized and buried alive she says no did not dying of therefore they did not rise the wall is in the use of life will arise the use of life in Christ thus resonance me are you if I would look to serve the search anonymous survey each member assessing government in the twenty years enormous number as liberal members is that one of the causes and problems of the board of the member calls ninety five the person have a short temper in nineteen nineties and has a two thousand ten twenty years later he are you converting all my the power of value this is because value places the other person ahead of you I'm not shopping a one sediment on the loss of sediment thank you let me give you my verse forty odors of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich yet feel sick to begin for that using this property might be rich about the first is Christ in you are in reduce new on poverty and the person in soon to support how much money you have practiced life of sin a life of sin is a life of poverty that is Christ or is there we are for the Bible says follow our sakes he became poor who is evaluating highly of us I sometimes entitled his message of your crime if you are more important to me than I am to myself I come over to Ottawa to visit my work schedule giving one of saying an old but mercilessly try on the brightness of outdoorsman Mesmer with me it was the analogy I use this morning you have to parse Lexus and when I see a focus to the Michigan Riley in the winter one good one of the rooms saw it also listed are which car you keep in a garage during the winter which will give Dreyfus lunch which one you prefer to develop Ross why because you value the Nexus and you will not harm the Lexus and I come knocking on your door of the system is so much of Christian can I borrow one of your cars after a few minutes of fussing and fuming UCS which one you give me as bifocals you real for going to Kmart Walmart guesses why because what it means to you now is a banquet coming up in November some by Goodridge as I think that's when you bring out the offers of the temperature drops good autonomy genes and sneakers because the occasion calls for a higher than the full of trash so the first but you bought the Lord 's time I am talking about value not as a model of his love there is a child there is one morsel of food to go to save one of the other life was given food to what kind of mother that I think a decent month because of sin the world is overrun with babies and mothers your life to get the fault of the child because she values to chime in each esteem although better than themselves you will not have a conflict of the church I am practicing the power of value I see you it's okay because you are more important to me and I have myself unless it violates God 's will which is evidenced with the civilian is the principle of value worked in the churches they would be the world would be so miniscule that would be pulled in a flash and a very football in my life but I see it out there is a line called the offensive line what is the major function human of the offense of life protect the orgasmic than what I was secondarily great holes for running block block block dignities so she does not hinge Jesus Christ is our offense of line all by himself with it he comes at us with three cents comes off the defensive line which he always does is coming on our knees Jesus takes the if we stayed right behind Christ he did and why because he values us about himself when prices on the cross it really should of been awesome artificially underwater educational background is how many degrees you have public are to have cool original with the president United States the each of the Christ because he doesn't it should've been the human race on Ross Reese Reese of institution to progeny but because of low golf set I shall be removable sinners I can also be losing like this video is without him it really is that is what people zoom in to compute my emotional life this meeting is on the map by physically and robots that I must have these with me on I will do was marked in the bookmarking the modern extent by any means necessary including the loss of much because I found you in fact highly modular presentation about being trained the results every soul windows must have been after the Christ no I will close look at those addresses we don't have that attitude however there was a class how to win souls in Beverly Hills on the law are most audio resulting class we want to see Brad Pitt Denzel Washington and the wrong and have a missile was a member over the class physical to skid row and say that while you open the eyes of that prostitution bought me why because we do not understand Calvary 's cross is the measure of the valuable pieces on how many human beings if a human being we live in a world I was due in December I I like it a lot is the focus of the world press country hundreds of languages to review for country on things it is not what is the hundreds of casts I was awarded three thousand cats a month or less accurate when people from the untouchable it is a class called untouchable that's the only culinary this is the scum of the earth out of all of the Brahmin without your vital custom classes wicked arises to where you have superrich riches not storage upper-class middle-class upper-middle-class middle-class normative class will include less about moral Millipore middle floor and number and because we have grades then we attached degrees of value are you message me fast luckily bought a house full classes only recognizes you a little paranoid about your rights as I go again regardless of education up to the process let this mind be in you about the street to the front door we see the first disappear as little at showered since New Year's Day we just missed the because that's the kind of person we had a good from someone who comes of it and the more I we won't move I want to greet him if one Pixar decided to come to church the seventh to say was beaten Denzel Washington for the okay let's say he comes rather unlikable whose visions was that guy Jackie Chan Robles with the Latinos will roll them up as soon as they all are the cost you know which one is it as close to their motor smiling and it's good to smile left the ligaments bones this is the misuse business you know why Jesus came for he wanted to identify with the lowest levels of society in this regard upper classes he wants to come up below of the government because what the blood of those who have died in the gossip it does for the fellow in provisions pulsates mind being Jesus Christ valued us so highly that of his humiliation in a strange reading is the measurement of the hike to reach this boss even get it is it again if you message the distance which is a cell phone which is a fellow who got the letter from the earth aware of no less than this as he fell but in the same microsecond you need to understand that the best as he races you how of what value will ask you within minutes of the six do you value of the lost souls in this community the insidious because you don't if you value the most souls every untrained person that would raise the hand veteran that was offered I wasn't here but I can bet vital benefits of up to my neck on the block that many of you will did not raise your because you just cannot be bothered your dog is a dance of them saw demotivated Bible studies anybody with our last review of Jesus yes yes I love that man so much my brothers and sisters you can only devalue people with Jesus Christ has changed your heart on your focus ceases to be you and it becomes somebody this viewable for particular those of you in the South is there anything your heart you want to send their children to school and I hope if we gave you would wash out one uniform your silicone so it can be cleaned every day you'll have these floors you scrubbed how many people 's bunches of a vehicle itself for utopian washing clothes until chemicals was sore the to send your child to school so your child will not happen this way why because you value your child about himself a relative imposing legend on finishing that's the minor which perhaps is going send you people every human being you see trying to see the cross of Christ the first Chrysler is not every human being is an amazing thing sometimes I talked about my cash was a father and mother for that believing that you value that person 's message of allergies your Johnson I have them allowing me but they made it perfectly want another woman old enough to send me and has loved them as thou hast loved me what is John Sagan seventy twenty three gone noodles you as much as he loves Christ I believe it starts this weekend convincing of about forty seven call me all this fuss but we personalized golf below you as much as you know Jesus Christ original higher-level and he proved it by sacrificing Christ for you and for me the power of value on I ask you again even before you bring people into the search because I believe God is giving many people out of the church is not ready to receive we need some serious internal evangelism estimates of how many people were present this morning across our summary look at the attendance of a victim of this morning were also at work on doing what you've got a hold doing well though this is not funny to tell you something Michael's boat is not senile but always live forever leaders would want if you like he is not senile Jesus said these people trust volume to mean with their lives but their hearts are far from me my processes of God to change your mind and give you the mind of Christ it was in my being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with all you need himself of no reputation at the appointed before the service was made in the lives of men and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became old because of the depth e-book the death of the cross this was the high pulse last you and I should have it is my value is the other person and so Moses devoted to exit thirty two thirty one and Moses return of the Lord and said all this people have sinned a great sentiment and have made them also will yet know if I would forgive his sins and if not but we had Brady out of Bible was not was Moses says if you destroy them additionally because he'd love to was that a lot of in happen if them up with me if you plan to dislike then destroy me no wonder Moses was a type of Christ outside of Christ a useful height that he crimes even for so you think is no human being can ever see Michael Michael glycosyl present except price are listed to be very long there is a process blog of the father Christ in order that he might not seek you and your music to me about her that I did was going to need to apologize to go I'm not joking apologized to go for your snotty attitude as so Jesus cried out my God my God why does the opposite way with all the more positive for a while because Jesus said in John forty six I have the way it looks in the life of Jesus could not like he was trying so when he said why secondly it was because the father had for synonym for a while in it although he might not proceed you love Jesus says seek self in order that you either win others the first scene itself shut down TVs go out hassle subtracts some weeding that stupid romance will hold a big of an evangelist just as one of you will read like a suspended for a while and contingent was to be carefully six twenty one says it there my seventy nine the heart is deceitful above all things Google heart disease first the person was under this section is so powerful the person things are deceiving you not realizing that the parcels on our house already receiving I ask you from my heart in the name of the missing Christ us going to take selfishness out of your heart will have is not love his concern for others and even of the risk of self-sacrifice love is the financial authorization for most of the world that he gave her that he told he gave us going to give you the heart of Christ within us go into the mind of Christ that we may have such a burden for souls and when Jesus was told one of the world and for thirty one one as meanwhile his disciples prayed in Salem Mass. the date because he was tired and hungry when Christ was sold to the celebration of the woman that is true who just of the body affected you to get it even to all you do is thought to the present by Pacifica Jesus Christ this is only slightly previously of some people who in the heat of battle they were shocked and did not have her that somebody shot is why because at the part of the loop and then shot the person 's mind was one extract the elevator car accidents added that he will go away and do not know I bought another car trying to think of something else this affected my visit to me this is a pain pill with no prescription these sorry for the salvation of all of you aware that you become one of the vital ordinary irritations of life authorities is that I have means we get visitors you want to see you elect to geography relatively going on with them in the morning the South Asian households of the disciples were assembled Jesus and what keeps us going in the morning program on Fridays those of your school you don't talk about your brief VM can the SEC you turn off the TV review because you know you have that access you understand what I'm saying is to be so consumed by one thing and the other things the body not want to be consumed with concern for authors that requires conversion I wanted to recommit your life to Christ it is a medical disorder yes it has been moment by moment Christ triumphant page one twenty two paragraph three and went right to follow Christ requires wholehearted conversion at the start of a repetition of this conversion everything in this moment by moment bizarre of it is refundable paragraph one without a plaque in connection with golf of all something and moment by moment we saw beautiful how long does it take than double the cost will some accidents occur in so much that in a moment you hit back it was unfortunate that the persons that you and you live in the moment if all your electrical power in the brain heart and shuts down for a moment your day if all funds of the blood collapse for a moment that absolutely must when you moment by moment because some of them die in a moment of Laos you commit your life to Christ secrecy be Christlike in your concern for the salvation of others if you are not idle and more portable than the group that was okay with you about the exalted Christ learn having heard from back there is available online your love computers still feasible and go get the thing all are one room ceremony to me the mind of Christ seriously taken themselves out of me if that's your desire to corrupt us get a mind of Christ to suffer so if you have someone to Christ make a decision about by July twenty four two thousand eleven amenities one person so I'm not asking for the possibility I told you this morning was the last night your ticket into the kingdom is the person you want you can not likely you cannot enter heaven by himself not by all means go to hell although but you cannot go to heaven by himself you must bring someone you must be responsible for someone's salvation I am asking you if you know you will be an Apple Mac someone to price match a decision now father you have by July twenty fourth two thousand eleven I want to be responsible by your grace for bringing what is the price gently once twelve months of those of never let anyone if you never have one single note we delete one sold to you in the next twelve months is right to me than you know about records everything you if you want to confirm that commitment Richard Hannigan as that is what it wants to do right the names of three people on a piece of car five of these people put it where you keep your license review Bjorn is a free day to father helped me to lead these people will at least if all three of you are just save them because they were saved just by prayer are you listening to me when you are in the kingdom and you get that you're looking for credit you will praise the father there are three nice heels I do not willing that any should perish I have no scales I could pray please is the name of Jesus Christ of value them highly sought in the open everything you have to say what you want about us on that list video husband review Professor your friend in the classroom next year whose unseen sports don't treat alcohol womanizing but maybe the above list free salvation of someone and when you pray father if there some way you can involve me in his salvation will that see what happens this time next year or before one soul is upon us our father in heaven reflected a golf for the South humiliation of Jesus Christ in here nothing that the extent of this in the US may represent the extent of our innovation through his sacrifice of God in heaven I've tried to live your word for many times I thought I was getting through but perhaps your smooth as doing work I N shall use also called I ask you father with no pretense troubled the hearts of those who overcome myself they were the student must understand it gone no one say he was not responsible somebody else's opposition to appreciate the value you place the house and help us to value each of the above ourselves if we would you like that principal dig all the problems instructed his family is that society would vanish the father in heaven please God please hear this printer answer this one of my sick for the sake of your own glory out of the sacrifice of Christ available to waste the lives of those listening to my voice in the name of Jesus or maybe you never resist please follow up on this request with a eyeballed whisper from my heart in Jesus name amen


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