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Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • July 24, 2010
    7:00 PM
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a menu will I thank God for the privilege of being with you here tonight what we hope and believe I called Chris Rubio blessed weekend and the weekend of revival I thank him for safe flight from Detroit to Los Angeles I have told many five lands is a good flight and so it landed very softly and I'm grateful to God for that thank you for taking the time to come here tonight we live in a very busy world and even the Christian channel find time for his over God but I'm so grateful that many fueled I believe with all my heart that God will bless you tonight from his work his words Geo hot other to relieve this place with a clear understanding of who you are why God gave you life today and what his mission for you is I bring you greetings from the campus ministries programs and the conference of Michigan where we try our best to train young people to go out and take the gospel of the soon coming Savior to a dying world in crisis if the dibutyl because many of those dying in the church and so we need able to evangelize in an out of the church 's event about a serious matter but with my goal for this opportunity I wish him make the most of it by deleting on the direction of his Holy Spirit our subject for this evening called to bless what I say hold to bless motives it is not a decision to bless it is called to bless out of course if there's a cold oh must come from someone outside of ourselves with our heads no and we pray but before we pray your three things for me please number one if you have a cell phone and I know you have raised animals you observe I did not sit with them on vibrate what I say until the event please live in an age of electronic and technological advancements abuse advancement in this respect on his house but we shall know that all the forms are not all beavers on alarms everything fit them into what I'm speaking I want you to pray for me what I want to say is this the Lord put your words if that's not enough what you say let me tell you why the Bible says we have this treasure where it are the vessels vessels of dirt that's what I have my own six feet two hundred and five pounds of dirt not in the process of bridging some dirt may come out on the message are you with me if you pray the Lord will hear you and it allows the operator and he would put his words in my mouth and if his words in my mouth what you will share with you the truth and your online will be protected so you're saying Lord let your words in Batman 's mouth went into set up on the day of Pentecost Ridge accepted to verse fourteen the Bible says then he goes standing with the eleven in all spoke but somehow it was a twelve person presentation the Bible says was standing with the eleven today I want to stab with the eleven so you pray from time to time and you simply say more put your words and that man's mouth and seventy three I want you to think somebody same for thinking most people who go to church don't think if people who go to church would think that would stop doing a lot of the things they do sometimes on Sundays I don't television or listen to these bridges so I can know what the correct and I said to myself Lord Bissell 's people listening would think reason at all devices who comes out of us reason together if they would release there would pick up the Bible 's pickup at pocket books or whatever else and he people don't think of asking you about the name of Jesus as you listen to what our subject of the best let us bring all our father in heaven and recovered your presence at your invitation to come boldly to the phone of grace we come to thought to ask you to bless us with the revelation of your word a revelation of truth the Bible says the Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth and according to the words of Jesus Christ and John sixteen thirteen albeit when he gave the spread of the flu this he will guide you into all truth father but it's worked to guide us into truth it is because we cannot guide ourselves of the truth so please grant us in abundance your Holy Spirit and needs assistance with father let us all find that true but had to submit to his meeting requests from his life speaks for me in Jesus name I pray but all most people say a man and event are subject call to be less as though on a Michigan time without it's seven thirty supposed to exit this pulpit what time is thirty all right we're being filled so I have to respect that I generally do why are you a Seventh-day Adventist olanzapine justly why are you a seventh day Adventist anonymous why are you a Seventh-day Adventist unload a Pentecostal what if your Pentecostal message they are about this why are you a clinical why are you about just what are your Methodist why are you a Jehovah's Witness why are you a Presbyterian but for this particular event this lot this weekend because this is sponsored by a Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Oster questioned this with why are you upset with me at that just what do you understand by the word Seventh-day Adventists not too cold with a quotation from and what early in this message that is going this route is forty nine paragraph four missiles at the words remotely Christ was a Seventh-day Adventist to all the terms and purposes I'm waiting for somebody to say about me as a event of the search this was less Seventh-day Adventist to all intents and purposes once you simply saying that based on his lifestyle based on these teachings Jesus Christ is the hold up what a historic step of the attribute should be one of the key when I just use installer we have some seventy at this debate and wife would not recognize or kids want on CNN proves much on tomorrow opines of the first juicy president we have Adventist today that the plan is working not recognized as Seventh-day Adventist as Laos the question again why are you a Seventh-day Adventist and hopefully during the course of this weekend I will try to answer that question but it is a foundational question of it would underlie every message that I present by the grace of God and by the help of his Holy Spirit call to be less motivated Genesis chapter twelve we shall begin reading the first one all those with Michael's race the receipt just raisins is risen up out of whole commissioners is room for improvement bring a Bible 's tomorrow please bring about so I was I was where was I was someplace today of airport I think and I saw someone smoking metal smoking in the smoke was coming out of his nostrils I said to myself something is wrong with the causal nature that smoking is considered so was the work was a so acceptable so it is a shame that people put in public with no sense of shame even Christians feed the sense of shame won't publicly with about I said to myself although something is wrong without thinking that carrying a Bible in public is an act of embarrassment but smoking is something that is fine public radio Bibles tomorrow please abide in his life about not reading the Bible Genesis chapter twelve reading from verse one the Bible says Melvin Lord had said unto Abram get thee out of my country and from thy kindred and from my father 's house onto a land that I will show the high will make of thee a great nation I will bless the and make thy name great unsolved shot they want a blessing I will bless them that bless the and curse him that curses being added to me that as it was with me shall all families of the earth be blessed yes for you is another a problem with the translating throw you in the shop all families of the earth be blessed based on our subject why was Abraham called this on our title why was Abraham called stimulus not reason with reinflate the Bible says in Galatians three twenty nine and Phoebe Christ to finish and then are you Deborah Hennessy and as according to the promised one of the blogs promise Abraham is ours through faith in Christ are you adding that any woman with a relationship with Christ is a seed about that for a call to Abraham is called loss absorb losses University church I would miss them but mostly occurs in backers of the reservoirs and in the shop all of LA business was this community home you don't know yes but are the communities in Los Angeles neighborhoods with their own names was this area South LA and in the University charts shall south LA the address of course the Reagan of Genesis twelve and I will bless them that bless me and Chris Haley the person we saw God has all responses to the world Nathan he blesses on forces he does not have a middle ground strangely I have strange little stupid W Gifford clinic gall messages on curses when he called Abraham following he called it to be what a blessing not if God calls a man or woman to be a blessing of that person is not a pleasant this verse L like right as object lessons page two eighty three paragraph three there are only two classes in the world today and only classes would recognize that the judgment will also violate the law and those who obey no idea was that preferences are you that the Bible is a book of opposites your eye that will be suboptimal are you disobedient to Baltimore the classes in the world today or causes to be a blessing Brenda refused to be a blessing we are across whenever I was negotiated with God in Genesis eighteen over the impending destruction of Sodom you want dishonest path because as Matthew Law collective sovereign ever had centered on the Genesis of a divorce wonderful without also destroy the righteous and wicked we got a divorce twenty three to twenty five of the book of Genesis chapter eighteen will now also destroy the camera have defined of the world it will write access and wait for that until now went back not just vis-à-vis brand from the days of King and able the world has two groups righteous and wicked you will not have one can be either a blessing or a course going cause us to goodness and so he says and I will bless them that bless me and curse him that curses the and in three logon is also in some ways exclusive wires nonexclusive additionally in will you have the right this is not exclusive yes going to hesitate is wrong speak with confidence is that exclusive yes on all yes will go to hell is not exclusive yes there will not be one righteous person to know a lot of you want a wicked person it happened to his exclusive now notice the exclusiveness of God in Genesis chapter twelve verse three on I will bless them that bless big and cursive vectors of the as is the Fianna Fail 's no no no no you disappointed me was useless and of course again and is the Wells White House it is specified as part of things in heaven this is the words of God again underlined the golf speaking to Abraham was Jesus Christ I don't have time to select you visit again the golf school to Abraham was this a person who died on Calvary 's cross list is the law that Seybold said Wendy Ward who for refuge of the five reading verses thirteen and fourteen Matthew five thirteen and fourteen our subject is called to bless if you don't have the Bible you see the next one who has one reason over and read along with that person this is a Christian community him while Rizzo versus it was the Bible say you are the salt of the economic Jesus said he was a speaking of was us let us answer the question in the context of Matthew five thousand years ago to hold was Jesus Christ speaking out from the Bible Genesis direct but I read it from verse one stated that serves up a resident verse one the Bible says and seeing the multitude he went up into a mountain and when he was checked by the related words he has disciples give a gala annual bonanza mouth at all I thought that now planning the multitude over are you following me the multitude over there but Jesus Christ was speaking to look at some effective than each of the upper world he said to them ye are the salt of there being that not say he ever got locker room there were two rooms on the mountainside with the Bible carefully and seeing what the month is one group you went up into a mountain range was set okay is this we have two groups Jesus will one yes the multitude over Humphreys bought been a resumption some competitive but Jesus Christ look at the disciples you are the salt of the is the exclusive just know it's been exclusive it is not exclusive on the basis of how many people 's exclusives exclusive on the basis of the qualities required to be part of the digital of the Dragon every year thousands of people become American citizens of Iraq anything that all is additionally additionally a height this when you have hair no UK will this affect you fulfill certain what requirements you have somatization just as you and golf functions safely to win all six disciples see a whole lot of the world his exclusiveness was not based on how many could join it was based on the quality required to be part of that growth that's why he told his disciples we therefore teach how many all nations baptizing them in the father and of the son of the Holy Ghost you don't observe all things whatsoever I have commanded to price was say as many as you can get to join you a little down the numbers I desire to reach quality this tended admission she in fact since Gore 's exclusive goal is posted with the sense for me righteous people when you will not open the eyes of someone to righteousness is what people thought about me are being honest and say him and I'm grateful for your ignorance but I'm still wondering are you really on this fourteen Matthew five he also of the world was his life will get back to what is left with just one remembers what our subject is called to bless what is John chapter one rating from verse one John Chakravarty remembers one Bible says in the beginning was the word and word was with God and the Word was God the same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made resourceful with me in him was life and the life was the life of the real again if him was and the life was the light of what is life what is life what John chapter eight is reversed well originally read the words of Jesus in that verse regulators John eight first round reading the red letters of Christ what is Jesus Christ saying I am what I want elsewhere in the light I am the light of what he met with one shall not want but so what the light of life one is like life though if Mescalero somebody say a man not understanding this life as well what is going right now Matthew five one horse forty three had been out with a different understanding everyone related Matthew five fourteen if you have the version he on the new life of the Loral in other words my brothers and sisters there are people in Los Angeles will go to hell if you don't do your work is good it's not like you and I have life and also suggested but the words that have been entrusted to watch the lessons that has been entrusted what it is unless it's over life and I haven't gotten message and trusted lots of options city were to make you a better life on the life of the because the message were called upon to preach his message of life we understand the seriousness of that responsibility already unable to send that on Oscar couple of questions to answer on it if you have told them about the goodness of God was to then know about the Commandments of God bless do you know that through faith of Christ every one of them can be safe once little of that righteousness is the basis of our so our mission is our salvation once you know golf has a special people that will be debated as very as he had one two thousand years ago I'm all will know that their charges that tell just on the basis of what we preach Jesus is the worst that I speak of you aspect of their life now he met with little individual 's life you'll tell you what ever is there a church is that you enjoy maybe one of unforgettable cold to bless what was dismissing with assumed it would be limited there's possibly from the Bible again to reread Genesis twelve verses one to three as I want to apply to your vivid personal our subject is called to bless Roy back to Genesis twelve reading the first three verses which in my view is one of the most fundamental passages in all of about that while the Lord had said unto Abram removing the person you sent just the out of my country stopped if you are a child of God you are seed of Abraham somebody save them not the call of Abraham is the call of going to every one of his children listen to how Bucholz a person get the out of my country that's wrong that's general are you and from while let's is not a little less broad this will close a hole going all cousins by marriage or whatever subcortical and from my father 's house you don't understand what I just said that this lady the call of God is and moves around your neck a type is the customs and how does it until you calibrate out when you die then he lists you will gives you you become his servant Abraham died to that old life called San Diego country we take great pride in our countries and so during the Olympics all World Cup or whatever we it I was driving I was in England in about a half ago and World Cup was just around the corner where my living room I saw people driving with flights the cost of the root of England World Cup almost delusional in two thousand one September eleventh right after the catastrophe in New York City were everywhere what did you see on cars selects what class in the item of the compound of Ann Arbor Michigan .com has the largest outdoor stadium in the United States is playing whole field of the was is no reason for multi- every Sabbath dutiful you drive through our church try to keep most holy sample somebodies they even and you see cars with flags what flag they fly the flag of the University of when God calls you got us to the flying the flag of heaven on the flag of heaven is a white flag with blood on white from the righteousness of Christ government ribs and the basis on which you would like to be different in righteousness and so for you to be part of our hubby borrow you what I have to make up she so wanted to Abraham get thee out of thy country is necessary to need your culture that supports amendment 's language I hate one of them is culture of thirty one hating the word itself I hate what is done with I travel a lot in Africa Southeast Asia where I go I've observed people place culture of Christ in our business as well every country has a culture and every culture has subcultures we place cultural of Christ and so process medium country leave your kindred rabbi go I frequently run into individuals who desire to serve all their hearts have been touched by the message but they concerned with family what will my family say what my friends say if I did give us some of my friends would laugh my colleagues of the job will ridicule me and my family members were turned their backs on the Apollo of the people probably Jesus Christ as I said to him or have you been in the news the fields that behold now I was somewhere preaching this vacuum levels ever in my zip past them convict convicted unconvinced I then called the baptism the answer the call but he wanted the wedding again his wife God says it needs you that a whole one going to simply say to us by the quality Abraham you must be willing to shut the rituals found from anything and everything that keeps you from the get-go by country without the kind of surrender the blog what is the human eye cannot be a blessing as skull defines the word blessed with his elegant a partial surrender to God is a total surrender the Germany people Sorbonne only way the seventh I surrender one presentable next Christmas another percentage of God know you either give them yourself or you don't golf will accept one thing on reserve some random answering Mark chapter twelve verse twenty the Bible says and one of the scribes came and having heard the reason together perceiving that he answered them well I asked him which is the first commandment of all that uses sensors within the fourth of all the commandments is a or Israel the more our bodies one morning I found some of the multicolored of all my heart out with all my soul and with all thy mind of it all what is not saying you are not sitting up and off I go with my heart which is my wish high-strength he said with long life as you and I thought it is all or nothing sexist cycles because he knows if he has found it also has blessed Abraham again at medical visit get me out of my country and from my kindred and from my father 's house on the other hand and I will surely you are familiar with I plan you are familiar with that life you are familiar with the customs I want you in a setting I want in a situation with Madge was small will you vacuum the absolute garbage and one of you I need you to keep my voice up with resistance and the use of the floor I worked most is getting the job get into a territory where you have two trust me it is in fact situation faculty use that person to be one in ministry was revisited Lord put Georgia veterans psychomotor Moscow-based uniform rest of you please stop being stubborn and primitive region the first new gems as well I recently upgraded mission this call Dennis 's drug one three has two parts generally speaking one what God will do to think what part of your second part will call Abraham from the cloud provider blocks what God will do and what they should what was Abraham to Great Britain Great Britain 's problems he didn't first get the out of my country just feel like kindred theodolite father 's house not while since you knew that not one roadblock to personal rid of it I will bless make of it great nation I well mess then I a great other out of the C yes in all of football to blessing they must be cooperation with the thing is will blessing for the schools open you without some output from you forth have inundated it again and visit again all blessings from God require cooperation from us this is not by involved message you got by with but all this is only where there is some cooperation from those needs as best you cannot just yet hopefully reinvested in the sense that you have nothing to do it also has bring it all the time in the house that they be believed in my house was spotless that the South was not taught and ruled me know and worship the Lord of hosts if I will not only the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that this shall not be room enough to receive it I will reveal the demography also that's possible at your apartment we have to box there must be cooperation to have it but we can many sermons and one of the edition this year one submission of the original has the fastest system originated and invest all right I was a good length of this confession is based popularly on first on one nine which is what is we confess our sins that she is faithful of Joss was sparse that is a work of cooperation in forgiveness is yes most popular the most popular person the Bible is John three sixteen so riddle related with me for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son who is smart is that Goss that whosoever believe that they won't spot is that hours they must be cooperation between heaven and earth taking this concept of cooperation I don't use would wish to see you can signal so you cannot see us if that were the case Christ died in vain but so this cooperation to be a blessing then must be cooperation you answer my call I will give you the blessing of Sobol says against the drug for school I will bigger be a great addition on I would message and I will be excited about some domestic and I will bless them that message I will post it but trust me I will delete his access bought it you will have in the in the old families of your list of another word for families developers click given on religions and given a north of legal nations which introduces another principle of limited with call to bless to all called Abraham for Abraham sink causes the Big Bang that yes I play us a question clumsily was to begin you see I like to do more teaching and preaching is okay I believe this is having a learned something did not call Abraham Abraham Satan is the passage of seat and gave the shop all families and live the rest why good call quality to bless the vessel itself out to bless others when God calls you a claim to the benefit of somebody else in your boss we come to go try to see what's in this release because the world functions what is now there's a lot in enforceable general the salvation was written in salvation there is a time when you would look embodiments face as robust as good as there is no respect without the price on that is it for you but you and I need to understand that God does not call you for your sake and send me here for my same old shabby for your sake but ultimately focusing he's his glory and so God said to Abraham and the shout all the families of the earth be blessed what was stop listening and the force in Romans by the Romans of relationship before he has published three we wait for states deliciously for state the subject is called to bless I left a drab finishes visions is in the New Testament is in a seriously because I've observed at this find books of the Bible with the use the menus I know what I don't reason for that is what I want view that not nonstop but I stuck completing on that point Galicia seven three reading for state this is what Paul says in Revelation three God can give version Bible says as the Scripture foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith preached before the gospel of Abraham Tsinghua if they shall all atheists are want all nations be blessed now Paul says God brings what come on you read the first one Paul said to Prince Abbas somehow and that expression and is the shop all members of the ex-president to show a loss says Ball raised the bar with him when he said and in the shawl missions goodness was the boss but you should bring to you just saying Daschle about all right this will accept as if struggling with Linux let me set up the firstborn theaters averaging opposes putting the devil and he tells the universe like it repetitive therefore be converted but just as we got out of the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord and he shall send Jesus Richman who was recently divorced nineteen and twentieth gotcha three as Peter continues his sermon he tells of the first twenty two five seven three almost twenty seven the fathers a prophet shall the Lord Jovan Rizzo but you are the president 's lack of the meeting shall you and all things whatsoever he shall see until we are seeing the Bible prophesy but Baldwin raise up a prophet like Jesus Christ of priceless of the preceding peters reminded of them but it had been prophesied going to raise up someone would be the ultimate malicious is the most elusive of Christ now both officers were stratified about this promise you up the children of the one of the prophets and of the comment which bought made without fathers saying unto Abraham saw well let me ask you this what is the community of the children of what is anyone webmaster this was are you the children of our enforcement I do get some rebels when I said that but are you residents of the city of California you watch a little source of art are you with me because you live in California and he is what the government of California I am a child of Jennifer Granholm because she is a governor of Michigan I am from this you know looking at me all my outside of Africa yes oh yes argument yes go to some of you have a Hispanic heritage argued the children of some Hispanic culture yes not theologically now Peter says you are the children of the prophets why because you are part of the same theological tradition do you understand that okay are we as after this the children of the pioneers of fungal yes for divorce with some clear understanding you the opportunity of the profit and all the competence of the two things the province and the cult what he's saying is when the comment was spoken to Abraham the company including all those who dissent from Abraham and as we said earlier commission three twenty nine if you be Christ's then are ye Abraham see the sink you want me to pay ye are the children of the prophets and of the covenant which God made with our father saying a damper God made a covenant with us please will give you years ago that only three thousand years ago interesting I is not the problem it is true from a receiver it is not high it just shall ye all to office another comment was augmented our fathers saying to him I have an even one feet shall all tensions of the earth be blessed where is Peter Corning from Genesis twelve thirty it may not read Paul according to exit message in English and three first date now Paul Klotz a call to the gospel does not use the word gospel but the definition is also said that he and Paul are green because of the sacrifices of x-ray on to you farce gone having raised up his son Jesus sent him to the law now the outset it was noted by many the shuttle can live you beat last identifies the blessing of the forest law having raised up his son Jesus sent him the less you what was that nothing finished upwards in the way it is one of you from the obstacles and management but I'll take it because Gabby chooses Jennifer eight listen carefully when Gore told Abraham in you all the nations of the earth shall be blessed all nations of the earth includes what everybody does include Papua New Guinea yes those include Jamaica Canada well yes means yes we shall be blessed in what was a blessing to him once this crime in Los Angeles everyone were sent not forsake sin no Christians must think differently if only closely if you think the reason this crime Los Angeles is because of certain groups you thinking sociologically then you go to the University Southern California for an answer in this sociology the sociology department I do never assaulted Mister McGovern in the presence of a holy God the reason for crime in Los Angeles since not just an act of sin referring to the carnal nature by the slimmest divorce in the church but because of friends a Beverly Hills tool one the ninth eleven twelve nope it's because of sin to lie husband be there white or otherwise skeptical because of all I may adversely want to frighten knights and the objectives of Alan Sabbath morning with temperatures below to did work the night before because of sinful nation and I do know why you than the less than fifty five percent of the church returns by because of the simple page to tell you something Jesus Christ I told her I watch television once in a while she will be speeches essays although what the correct use of the always the one to bridge send the money yes for step giveaway of money and goods saw seated his ministry you get the impression that Jesus died because people if Christ died because a positive pump is sending of the biggest in the world was Jesus Christ was able to Jesus once you retrofit your house legend hers and of his one match that iPhoto is that I have a visit with Mister Jimmy carefully poverty is not the problem in the world today that you simply will study on some of the pass exams the capacity of cat yesterday BCT the RIP send Christ didn't die because people uneducated guy because of God told Abraham I will admit us to other real estate to the world through you that blessing will be the rule of society from people 's lives by visibly forming so much fornication of the church what chemicals in one sin entered or if this is apartheid with other guys and boys nine golf has one problem in this world but extended to three of his difficulties gone has one problem in the universe tells me that problem since aphorism was associated in Christ both bots won't ever have throw you I will shed I will need to throw you a message of the gospel the message of Christ Christ himself were called and in the shop all families of the earth be blessed you and I are descendents of Abraham through faith in Christ other people die because we are not doing what records do with a statement taken a step further with some degree of embarrassment many of us are not doing what we have been called to do because we don't know photo printing several sermons and one is just a brief weekend in all the very name several of the absent the family name is a server OS has been they Seventh-day Adventist is this pending review the partisan world that is the line of distinction between the worse was a bottle at those sorts of goodies I would see the testimonies volume one page two twenty right she writes about in seven attitudes about that he is access to reveal that approximately had is the line of distinction between the worship was a bottle those who worship the beast and receive his mark in putting me this morning forty one page two twenty four paragraph one she writes the name Seventh-day Adventist counties its full features of all faiths up front and will cover things inquiring mind just than they lack an hour from Boston about if you want to the transgressor of Baltimore and we delete the repentance towards God and faith in our cases just the sound of the pain of the name is associated with our mission NASA the event five paragraph two and went right gone has caused this search also glad with his habitual to my gauntlet has a peculiar people separate from the world 's and instantly in the old week replacing them with repeated quotation last events three four five the seventh day Adventist have been chosen by God as a peculiar people separate from the world you understand that there is a message the world needs to hear you have a message about getting rich since no one is looking in removing from Crenshaw to Beverly Hills and what moves you to have a message about getting more education remove you from being a Clark being a professor it will not move you towards a message about the righteousness of Christ will move you from birth to have all this is that it is possible eventually I victoriously overshadowed when walking from a message from the very about the crisis on cavalierly Virgil 's eighty -year-old from day-to-day to move your program to have supposed love this so much we don't want to be moved and so our good properties alike right to review and Herald January twenty four eighteen eighty eight four if your faults your plans your purposes are all centered upon the commission of the things of earth yet this ineffective at getting getter your anxiety you'll study your interests with all these concerns of the world heavily attractions was carefully when you see the beauty of your areas of you will will see how the force of reality but we would sentence him to lose by the if all you think about is a vitamin for me today ever received from your mind it would be as Realty was Star Trek you have a genus Falco Los Angeles Lakers now you think the season is over the season is over as far as Dean's being each other they are still playing basketball to say what it should because that is their only understood to be with us as individuals but as also as a baseball of El Dorado sounds different basketball how long bought twelve months a year until the joke only your practice are one seven my brothers and sisters listen to me carefully I will be straight with you between your eyes with no apology but with respect weather this weekend is over you must not wonder what did he say you must have one response Steve accepted by rejecting God has called you to be a light to the world and the world is no your neighborhood the city your classroom we're surrounded by unbelievers your office manager have never thought that once Antichrist will present but was a disaster together with some degree of discomfort how many of us have no consciously and purposefully intentionally deliberately with Goss had a somewhat surprised at the these present truths that we call our beliefs all right visible addition the exact locations of the note finder will review tomorrow no starless crowns would be unit on Saturday if God doesn't see that you love me when one person to heaven you cannot enter heaven you can argue how many church offices you have you still don't get it but it would eventually the person you bring to Christ is your admission ticket to have when you go to where to play the metaphor of the Wesley Blake what you have to present to punch extent that such at whatever they do have anyone this is no different so here you come in along with I didn't even let me in this is what it is you want to get to get out of the impedances that the elevator going back to me I have been used as one side of you what's next for Matthew to see what is listed as little lady comes of them seem to be leading any slew many comes out of the process where is your ticket and she turns around and near six to twelve people behind of Venus has come in someone else comes a young boy fourteen years old because this registered and what is wrong and there's another fourteen -year-old boy was in his classroom he spoke to Mark gawked at a young boy came to Christ happy business and bring your ticket with you but here comes a man because his visit to get it turns that there is a woman he met her before she wasn't on our product this looks okay get me started and he brought the subpoenas but when it comes as when you scissors you to get she turns around is a nice distinguished looking man in black suit red tie white shirt and and he was there as it is all about your boss that you work for witty observe your life he joins do you have your spouse your colleague on the job who the way to bring back to give the King is my understanding called housecall as to what the less common in similar businesses open my eyes help you see from this point on to be a blessing to us you're right have you been set up with me will help we can be a blessing on his salvation motivation of the destruction ever had about every eye close father in heaven reflect the call of Abraham which is the call to us you called us to be a blessing please thought I was kind of your presence recommit our lives do use us that God as instruments of blessing that many men women boys and girls when I was up early gains because of our ministry under your leadership we offer this prayer in Jesus name and for his sake that all cost we will say a man and a man


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