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Daniel: The Greatly Beloved

Alistair Huong


Daniel is greatly beloved by God and his fellow man. He is an illustration of the type of people who give the end-time warning message that Babylon is fallen, and saving people out of Babylon.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • October 23, 2021
    10:00 AM
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Father, heaven, thank you for bringing us safely together today. We thank you for the peace that we can still experience and to worship. Then I pray that you will guide us into all truth today. Speak to us, teach us something from your word and help us to be more like you. At the conclusion, we ask and we pray these things in jesus name in the title, our message this morning is Daniel the greatly beloved. So when I ask you, what comes to mind when you think about the bible character, daniel, what comes your minds? I dare to be a daniel. Bear to stand alone. We think about the lion. Then we think about being faithful. We think about being courageous, right? These are all of the things we think about when we think about daniel. We might even think about the fiery furnace even though he wasn't there. It's still in chapter 3 of the book of daniel. But what about if I ask the question, what does god think about daniel? What do you think you have any, any words that come to mind? Well, we don't have to guess because the bible actually tells us straight up what god thinks about daniel. To be more specific, if we're told what the angel gabriel things about daniel. But gabriel, being the message from god, I assume they're on the same page. So let's begin in the book of daniel in chapter 9, asking the question, what does god think about daniel daniel? chapter 9, and we will read verse 23. Daniel chapter 9, verse 23. And daniel is praying. You remember the prayer of daniel an angel gabriel is said to respond. Berth 23 says at the beginning of the supplication, the commandment came forth and I am come to show me this is gabriel speaking for thou art, what are the next 2 are greatly beloved therefore understand the matter and consider the vision. Oh okay, so daniel is acknowledged by the angel gabriel as being someone greatly beloved. Ok. What else does he say? Let's continue in birth or chapter 10 and verse 11. And he this is Angel gabriel again and he said unto me, o daniel, a man. There it is again, greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak unto thee where he we're seeing a pattern coming up here. Let's get down to verse 19 again and said, oh man, greatly beloved, fear not peace be under the be strong. Yea, be strong. So what does god think about daniel? Daniel was greatly beloved. Isn't that what we would like god to say about us? If our name comes up in the judgement, i just want to think that god has a smile on his face and he says that is my beloved son. But that is my beloved daughter. And speaking of which, what other bible character do you remember in scripture where god said exactly that, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased with that jesus. So is it fair to say that daniel must have some christ like characteristics of his god review in his interactions and the terms of endearment that he considers daniel to be a beloved child of his now actually that's not the main point of the sermon. Even though I think there's a lot of a lot more we can mine from that. But the point is this jesus, he grew in favor with god. And man, jesus was beloved by god. And man, daniel, my contention is likewise was beloved by god and beloved by his fellow men. That's actually going to be the balance of our sermon. We're going to get there in just a moment, but I still need to set the stage with one more point. Okay, let's go to revolution, chapter 18. We're going to come back to daniel, but revolution chapter 18. We're going to read a few verses here. As we lay the groundwork for what we're trying to accomplish in this message this morning. So revolution chapter 18. We're going to begin reading, inverse one. This is often referred to as the 4th angel that comes down from heaven. After the 3 angels message it add it voice to the final warning that the 3 angels give and revelation 14. What does the angel say? And after these things are for another angel, come down from heaven having great power and the earth with light and with glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, babylon, the great it's fallen has fallen, and has become hesitation of devils and a hold of every foul spirit in a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Let's get down to verse 14 and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her, my people, the e B, not particulars of her sins and that you receive not ever played. So at the very closing scenes of verse history, there is an angel. That is lightening the earth with his glory, with a very specific message babbling fallen. And God, people who are in Babylon, come out of her. What bible character do you know of? lived in Babylon, was not tarnished by babylon, gave a prophetic message that babylon is fallen and we're saving people out of babylon. Daniel was. So here's the point where putting these 2 thoughts together. Is it possible that daniel, being greatly beloved, has something to do with his capacity to give the warning message, the judge, a message that babylon has fallen, as well as being successful in saving souls out. A battle that's my thesis for the day. Is that Yes indeed. The point i'm trying to make is that, Yes, the final message is going to go out. But I believe we as aven't as we become very good at defining articulating, defending what the messages but we also have to consider the quality of the messenger, the one who actually delivers that message. And the point is, I believe daniel is an illustration to us of how to marry both of these things. We know that daniel was an incredibly intelligent person. He was taken as a slave, marched across the desert. He was made into a unix conscripted into the king service. He went through the University of babylon for 3 years, and at the end of it, he was 10 times wiser than all the wise men meeting at the end of 3 years of university, he was 10 times smarter, had 10 times more papers written at 10 more degree, he's whatever you want to say more than his own teachers. Daniel, did he have a high I q, you think? But you know, was more important. Daniel had e q. You do all the research effect of leaders, effective influencers. They may not be the a plus students, but they were a plus in people, skills, relationships and emotional intelligence. And that's is really what my point is to day. Daniel shows us an example of completeness of christian character, of not only knowing the bible, but knowing how to communicate it to people and how to win people. So this is what we're going to do for the our time together. We're going to do a speed run through the 1st 6 chapters of dan, and we're going to skip chapter 3 because daniel's not featured there, but the, the historical section, the story narrative section of daniel going to speed run through it, paying a special attention on daniel's relationships, daniel's interpersonal, ah, interactions with the babylonians in his lives. And we're going to look at it while to paying attention to the broader context in which these interactions took place. All right, you with me so far. So I, I'm guessing that most of us have heard these bible stories before and so I'm going to take the liberty of just go flying over them really fast, assuming that you can fill in the blanks of the details. So let's, let's go to daniel chapter one, right, let's start there. Daniel, chapter one. What happens in daniel chapter one? nebuchadnezzar, king comes to jerusalem. Raises the city to the ground, destroys the temple massacres. All the people will, almost all the people killed. Daniel's parents, he takes the cream of the crop of the young people back to his kingdom, and he is going to assimilate them into his government. He wants to take the brightest, the best and the brightest from all of his conquered nation so that he can enhance his kingdom. Daniel is brought to the king's court and daniel was forced to become a unix. And daniel was sent to the University of babylon for 3 years. Now. It's important to notice what nebuchadnezzar did not do. Nebuchadnezzar did not use force. He did not coerce. He did not beat these slaves into submission. He instead, gave them privileges. He gave them free tuition to the best schools in the land. He gave them probably a nice dormitory to stand in which there might have been a free subscription to netflix. And Hulu and HBO max. He allowed them to play the babylonian games. The babylonian, with babylonian friends with babylonian coaches, and of course we know the story. They were served babylonian food. What's the point? nebuchadnezzar realised, i believe, taking a page out of the devil's play book. If I am going to make these hebrews turn from faithfulness to their god, culture is more effective than coercion. Just like the frog and boiling water, we're all familiar with this illustration. The boiling water you dropped the frog in it just hops right out. But you put the frog and cool water and you slowly crank up the heat and the frog is dead before he knows it. And we know that this strategy worked. How do I know that? Because we fast forward a couple chapters. The daniel chapter 3, the golden image is set up on the plane of dura and every one bowels except 3 young men. Well guess what? There were more than 3 hebrews that were brought from israel. Why did they bow? Because the cultural assimilation strategy worked. That's the point. And so we look at this and we say, wow, this, the devil is doing the same thing. Babylon changed their names. Nebuchadnezzar changed their friends, changed their environment, changed their diet, changed all of the things. The dates on the calendar had different names on it, the worst, the day of worship. Everything is different now culturally speaking. And we know that they had to learn the language of the cal dns and for those of us were bilingual, we understand the learning. Another language is more than just learning vocabulary and, and, and syntax and adverbs and verbs. You have to understand the culture. Because communicating in a different language, got to know the reasoning, the history, the culture behind why certain things are said certain ways. And so the nebuchadnezzar was assimilating the him a daniel into babylonian culture. And the devil is doing the same thing to day. He was trying to undermine the, their world view by indoctrinating them by osmosis. And we might be saying today, Well, it's not exactly the same, but it's really, you might say, well, daniel didn't have to have his friends or, or daniel had his name change or we didn't, we don't need to have our names changed. We're living in a day and age where we are told we can change our pronouns. And honestly, what's the difference? The point is an undermining of the biblical world view. Daniel's name and his friends names are still associated with the hebrew god. And now we're being told, oh, you can pick things that god made you a certain way. And so we might be thinking to ourselves, or we might be in a, in a public setting where we claim to believe the biblical ideals of sexuality and gender. And what do we call homophobic transfer bic? We believe in creation, we might say, especially of as a short edge of the recreation. What you're an anti science purveyor of this information. That's what you are. Oh, what we say. We have to preach the gospel to every nation. Can your tongue people, oh, you want to be a colonial list? I see. Oh, you're a western imperialist. Okay. Missions, all right. And then we begin to talk about things like the sunday law and the Mark of the beast. And well, we're just conspiracy theorists not jobs. What about when we talk about repentance and sanctification and judgement and the law of god? Well, then we're being discriminatory. We're bigots committing micro aggressions. We might think we're in a sophisticated enlightened, modern age. But the paganism is still with us. We are still according to the bible. We are still living in the age of babylon. We are still given the message, come out of her. My people and so daniel and his friends, they were subjected to this immersion in babylonian culture. But how did they respond? How the daniel respond? What is our natural reaction? I think the natural reaction to this type of threats. Generally it comes in 2 flavors. There's one which is the more passive approach and that it, let's just withdraw. Let's just isolate, we're gonna separate ourselves. We're gonna have our own life, our own community, our own. Com pounds, our own activities. And we're just not going to interact with all those filthy heathens. Out there but then there's another approach and that is the tribal instinct, us versus them. You came and you sacked my city while I'm gonna get you for that. And we might manifest itself in sharp words or social media. It might be through political activism, it might be through some form of aggression in some way, the fight or flight reaction. But is that how daniel reacted the daniel isolate himself. No, he didn't. The daniel fight? No, he didn't. What did he do? He came close to the people. He won their confidence minister to their names, and he bade them follow christ. Well, how do I know kate? Let's take a look. Dana chapter one and verse 9. Daniel chapter one and verse 9. Now god had brought daniel into fever n. What tender love with the prince of the unix. Remember the thesis of my message, daniel was greatly beloved by god and greatly beloved, beloved by man. And here in the 1st chapter, by the 9th verse as a slave in a foreign country, made into a unit conscripted into the king's service. Daniel was nothing in this land were told that he was brought into favor and tender love of the prince of the unix. Now, who was the prince of the eunuchs? He was a babylonian. He was the prime agent that was commissioned by the king himself to convert these young men into babylonians. He was the enemy, he was the guy who was born into the babylonian culture. He's probably a hard drinking man, swearing all the time. I have tattoos and piercings, and I don't know what con yeah, I don't know exactly what he was like, but he surely was not like daniel Whatever the most horrible boss you can ever think of. Just insert him there. I imagined that person as the prince of the unix, who was in charge of daniel and daniel was brought into tender love. He was greatly beloved by this babylonian. He then And you might be thinking, now I'm in it, let's not take this out of proportion. Daniel was just polite, he's just being a nice guy because he's a slave. What else is he gonna do? malesky reading, verse 10. And the prince of the unix said unto daniel, i fear, my lord, the king, who has appointed your meat and your drink for why should he see your face is worse, liking than the children which are of your sort. Then shall ye make me endanger my head to the king. Then said daniel mel's arm, the prince of the unix has said over, daniel had an army, charlotte, ezra approved our servants, i beseech you the 10 days and let them give us pulse to eat and water to drink. Let us skip down a verse 14 so he consented to them in this matter, improved them 10 days. So daniel came to the prince of the unix, who had no relationship with him. No common frame of reference, different world view, different religion, different background, different culture. He was the one in power, daniel was not appear, he was a subservient and somehow daniel got him to change his behavior. And you might be thinking now. All right, that's great. But notice this guy, the prince of the unix understood the risk involved in listening to the slave boy. You will endanger my head to the king. Daniel had the gift of persuasion and his relationship with this man was deep enough that this person was willing to take that risk. Not just the risk of his career and his job, but his head to give daniel what he wanted. So when we say daniel was greatly beloved by men, he really was because we can see it in the change and behavior in the people you interact with on the same theme. Let's go quickly to dana chapter 2. Daniel chapter 2. Nebuchadnezzar has a dream. He can't remember the dream he brings in the wise men they can interpret the dream. In a fit of rage, he says, kill them all. And daniel and his friends were among the wise men. Somehow they weren't in the room at the time. And so the king commissions airy jak, the captain of the king's guard to go and begin the execution of the wise men. I imagine. Maybe they had government provide housing. So all the wise men were in one neighborhood. And so they're just going in there. And you can just imagine the swat team coming door to door boom going in and just wiping them out. And apparently in some bible versions make this clearer than others, but the execution of the wise men were already happening before area gets to daniel's door. So let's see what happens when areas finds daniel verse 13 of damage up to 2. And the decree went forth that the wise men should be slain and they sought, daniel and his fellows be slain. Then daniel answered with counsel and wisdom to area the captain of the king's guard, which was gone for the sleigh, the wise men of babylon. He answered and said to Eric, the cat king's captain, why did he decreased so hasty from the king? Then area made the thing known to daniel. Then daniel went in and desired of the king that he would give him time that he would show the king the interpretation. Who is area. Anyway, what's, what's the king's guard? The king's guard is like the private military escort of the king is like the secret service and he's not just the king's guard, a member. He is the captain of the king's guard, like this is the guy tasks with protecting the king's body and life and limb himself. He's probably in the king's cabinet. He's probably high up an official and to rise to that rank, he must have been a hardened soldier, accustomed to war and killing and bloodshed again, using my sanctified imagination. I see him as his big, muscular, burly guy, tattoos, big beard, probably battle scars, gruff, unlikely to be the kind tend to hearted, meek, and mild type of person. You understand. That's not the captain of the king's guard, you know, type of personality. And so they're going door to door and they're just killing the wise man. And he come at the daniel's door. Boom, boom boom. He opened the door and daniels like hey areas. How are you doing in area? This is Daniel. I need to talk and they come in and they have a little counseling session. That's what it says is that with wisdom and counsel, he speaks to areas. Imagine an F b I agent comes to your door or if you want to go back in history, the K g, b, or the gestapo, or maybe maybe today in it, since it's in the news, maybe as the taliban coming to your door. Can you imagine having them sit down, having a conversation with them and getting them to defy their order? And area not only defies the order and not kill danny on his friends. He turns around and let's daniel, go see the king. That's not what captain's of kings guards are supposed to do. What is this telling us? Obviously, daniel an area had a prior relationship before this happened at the door that I think goes without saying. But the deeper point here is just like that the prince of the unix area here was a babylonian the had no common frame of reference. He was not from the same religion. He did not have the same cultural background, but yet daniel could reach out of his olds sphere influence his old world view to get these babylonians hardened pagans to change their way. This daniel was greatly beloved by the babylonians. Daniel was able to win the confidence of people with whom he, she little to no common frame of reference. He was able to operate effectively into personally outside of his own world view and moral framework. And most importantly, he was able to influence people to change their behavior. If we are to stand at the end times and call people out of babylon, re, to are going to have to convince people outside of our worldview, outside of our more framework. And to get them to change their behavior to a man. Let's give dana chapter 3 just because daniel's not there, but let's go to daniel chapter 4, because I think the chat before gets really to the heart of the matter. Why was daniel able to do this? What is the secret to the genius, interpersonal, you know, relationship person. I mean, daniel, this is incredible. Daniel chapter 4, there's a similar outline of the story, daniel chapter 2. Now because it has another dream, the wise man still can interpret it, even though he remembered it this time. And daniel comes in to help the keen and notice in verse 19 daniels response. After he hears the dream, 1st 1900, then daniel, whose name was belt, the shadow was astonished for one hour and his thoughts troubled him. The king spoke and said built a shadow, let not the dream or the interpretation or trouble. Thee belt schanzer and belt the shells answered and said, my lord, the dream be to them the heat, the and the interpretation. They are up to die anatomy, and of course, delta shadow is the new babylonian name that was given to daniel. When he heard the dream, he knew it was not good news for another another. And there is his response was simply, i really wish I didn't have to tell you this. I wish this dream didn't apply to you because this is bad news. The daniel care about that, but as are sure he did. But if you're, if you've got a cynical side to you like I do, you'd be looking like, well, of course he's kind of, hey, this is the most powerful man in the universe at this point. Of course is going to be polite, is going to be politically correct and when he says, of course, he's going to say that, but wait, what else happens? Daniel proceeds to interpret the dream. He gives interpretation. This is what the dreams and dream means. You know the tree and it was cut down and all the animals, 7 times pass over the, you know, this of the king and all of these things. But then in verse $27.00, daniel gives interpretation and then, and then he goes and he gives the most powerful man in the world unsolicited advice. I'm gonna give you a little unsolicited vice right now. And that is, if you are called before a very powerful person to, you know, do some task, don't offer unsolicited advice. You have is the president of one window or the president of the United States. Yet just just go in, give them what they asked for. And just quietly st about. And that's what dana could have done. He could have said, this is not a good dream, but I'm going to tell you what it means and I am out of here. But daniel didn't do that. Notice what he says in verse 27. Wherefore, o king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee and break off thy sins by righteousness and thine iniquities by showing mercy to the poor if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquillity. Daniel called out the king since he gave us direct appeal, a spiritual appeal of repentance to the most powerful king in the world. And of course, he did a tenderly and with genuine regard. So obviously on one hand, daniel was fearless. We see that on the other hand we were saying earlier, was this just a cynical, politically correct response, daniel? Just saying the right thing to save his skin, or did he genuinely care about the soul of nebuchadnezzar? He did because why would he stick his neck out to give unsolicited advice and call the king to repentance for his sins. If he didn't care for the man, let's pause right here for a moment and less. Just ask the question. Who is this king nebuchadnezzar anyway? That daniel's trying to say, we think of him as a sort of, almost a cartoon character, right? We think of him from the bible story books, you know, he's the king that had the image. And, you know, we, we kind of this mental picture from, you know, uncle arthur's bible stories, but let's wait and fussing about this. Who was nebuchadnezzar? To daniel now began, as it was, the commander in chief who took over his homeland, destroyed jerusalem sant solomon's temple. Desecrated the vessels, took them back to babylon and, and co mingled them with the, you know idolatrous vessels that he had probably slaughtered. Daniel's family marched them across the desert, turned him into a unit, made him to a slate. If I could put it this way to use a historical illustration, nebuchadnezzar to daniel was like hitler to the jews in Europe. I think it could have be a case could be made that nebuchadnezzar could feature in the histories hall of fame of worst villains. You know, like nero and ganga khan, an stalin and you know, these guys, I think there could be a case to be made that he was his name would belong on that list never can as was an oppressor. He was a dictator. He was someone who was a cruel man who had destroyed entire civilizations, and daniel did not treat him as such. Daniel's response in making a genuine, heartfelt appeal to save. Nebuchadnezzar shows me that daniel saw. And nebuchadnezzar, not this foreign heathen king dictator, oppressor, horrible mean person that I have for the rest of my life. Even though that might have been a justified response. Daniel saw in him a child made in the image of god, a sinner who needs to be saved by the Grace of jesus, an individual that he wants to see in heaven. That my friends is the secret to daniel's power. He did not resort to a tribal instinct of saying you are a bad person because of all the bad stuff you did to me and all of the people that are like you all you babylonians. I hate you to daniel did not think that way at all, and it's manifested than the way that he reacted and how he, he responded to nebuchadnezzar. And here's the amazing thing. At the end of the chapter for everything that daniel predicted came to pass, 7 years now began as it became a wild beast in the field. His his reason came back to him and then what happens, he gives a testimony to the most tiger. And we are told that nebuchadnezzar will be in heaven because of daniel daniel calling. Not just come out of her, my people, he called the king of babylon. Out of babylon. Talk about a soul winner, a man. But that's not where the story ends. We see the heart of daniel, he had a heart of loving kindness of tender regard. Viewing each person as an individual made in the image of god, not because of their identity, not because of what they've done in their path. He could forgive like jesus forgave. And as a result, he saved the king of babylon. Nebuchadnezzar himself. But of course a story continues. Danner chapter 5. Nebuchadnezzar has passed away, his grandson, bell showers on the throne, and he's really making a mess of things. Made a persian army as at the gates. They had besieged the city and he instead throws a drunken orgy. And so finally, the hand riding on the wall. We know the story. Daniel is finally called in. And when daniel comes in, he gives a run down of the history of what everything that happened endangered before the story of, of nebuchadnezzar and his bell schanzer. Verse 22. Verse 22. Let's read it. Nebuchadnezzar. Or I'm sorry, an o thou, his son o. Bell shows her has not humbled thine heart, though thou newest. All this daniel did not treat bell shows her in the same way of nebuchadnezzar. You noticed the different, the contrast on one hand with, with nebuchadnezzar. Daniel had this tender yearning in his voice. Like if I can just say one thing, ok. If he'll make a difference, please let me just save this one thing. Maybe I can help you. But when it comes to bell shadow, there is fire and brimstone, baby. Daniel, stand there is like, you should have known better young man. Huh. And he raised the writing on the wall and he says, guess what? tonight? Your kingdom is over. If I can say this daniel that night and dance up to 5, he literally gives the message babylon has fallen, his fallen. That's literally the message of dana chapter 5. And this is the point we're talking about. Daniel's interpersonal, interpersonal genius and his e q. What this tells me is that emotional intelligence is not just merely being nice. Emotional intelligence is knowing what to say when to say and how to say it. Right? Like he was, he is basically rehearsing the same store. He is talking to the king, but to one person. He was wise, a serpents and harmless dogs. A soft answer turns away wrath. But on the other hand, with bell schanzer, he cries aloud, lift up his voice like a trump been and shows as people as sense, right? And that is what emotional intelligence is all about, is knowing the difference. Knowing when to have the soft type of answer and when have the tough love. Because hight having that emotional intelligence is to know when to rebuke went to exhort and encourage. But at the end of daniel chapter 5, we have the transition of power. Ok. So let's read in verse 3, dana chapter 5 in verse 30. And in that night was bell shouted the king of the cal dns slain and daria's, the median took the kingdom being about 3 score and 2 years old. So at this point in the story, daniel was already what 3rd in command or something like that in Babylon, you would expect with a bloody transition of power that we just read about. I mean, they destroy the city, right? Yeah, well that's the end of that daniel stood up, went out in the blaze of glory. But is that what happened to daniel chapter 6, verse one. It please dear, is to send over the kingdom a $120.00 princes, which should be over the whole kingdom. And over these 3 presidents of whom daniel was 1st that the princes might give accounts unto them than the king should have no damage. Then this daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes because an excellent spirit was in him, and the king thought to set him over the whole realm. Then the presidents and princes thought the fun occasion against daniel concerning the kingdom, but they could find none none occasion or fault for as much as he was faithful. Neither was there any error or fault in him. Then said these men, we shall not find any occasion against this danny exile we find against him concerning the law of his god. I love this story. Because in daniel chapter 6, we see a cabinet number in a republican administration. Promoted to be the vice president of a democrat president. And you might be thinking vac never happen. Well endangered chapter 5 and 6. It did. And we might think, oh, that's crazy with the political division today. You don't think it was political division, then they literally killed a whole of the outgoing administration. Daniel was the 3rd and command in Babylon, made a purchase sweeps and destroys babylon. And daniel becomes 2nd in command. What in the world forgive me, but I must say this. This tells me that daniel was a non partisan actor. Daniel was involved in politics no way around him. But he was not defined by He was defined by principal, by faithfulness to his god, not by party, not by peer pressure, not by popular opinion. And he was greatly beloved, both in Babylon and, and meat of persia. He was able to save souls in Babylon and meet persia. Daniel is an example for us to stand for principle though the heavens fall regardless of party preference, politics, pressure, peer pressure, whatever it may be. But then, or chapter 6, tells us several other things. The next really 2 main points. Ok, and dana chapter 6. And that, and the 1st point I want to bring out is that No matter how high e q we might be, no matter how good we are interpersonally there will always be people that dislike us. Daniel in daniel chapter 6, he had a lot of enemies and he had a lot of enemies simply because he was a good man because he did what was right. And he was good at his job and he had ethics and principal. And here we see that these hooligans in, in government here, they tried to cancel daniel to use modern day print parlance. Learners to helen had the way you don't understand what's going on you, they are put them under strict surveillance. They bugged his house. They traced his phone, they had, you know, they hacked his, i found the poly knew where he was at all times. They scoured his social media accounts. He surely must have said something inappropriate. 10 or 20 years ago. I went through his high School year books. Maybe there is some off color remark. He may somewhere that we can, we can nail on that. Daniel was pure and they could find nothing. They looked at his bank accounts. Is there anything offshore here? Is he hiding some stuff using bitcoin? What is like there's gotta be some dirt on this guy and they're like, we can fly nothing. And daniel finally had to be caught because of his faithfulness because of his faith. And they could not cancel him any other way. And so the 2nd point part, the 2nd point and 2nd part of the story, is that endanger chapter 6? I don't really believe daniel, to be the main character of the story at all. He's really not the main figure because the store, you know, usually the main protagonist, you know, he has some sort of arc. There is a conflict, some resolution. But if you look at the story of daniel, there are danish, after 6. There is no drama with daniel literally the whole story in dan chapter 6. He just goes about his life doing what he's always done. That's literally what he says. He goes and continues praying as he did a for time. That is, there's no drama. So who really is the main character of dan? chapter 6 is king dairies. And the whole core of daniel chapter 6. The whole story is because daria's loved daniel daniel chapter 6, think about it with me. The whole story kicks off because darian liked daniel so much that he promoted him. That's what stirs of the jealousy of all of these other guys and daria's signs this law. And then he realizes all, I knew there was something suspicious. These guys are all going after dana, he knew it immediately, the story tells us and he works until the setting of the sun to try to deliver his friend. The conflict in the whole story revolves around daria's and his relationship with daniel. And at the end of the day, daria's because he cannot change the law of the media present persians, he trudges out to the lions den with daniel. What king would do that to a political prisoner and at the gate of the lions, den derrier says the daniel, your king, whom you serve continually, he will deliver you. How about that? You think he heard a few things about the most high god from daniel prior to that and then he goes home that night. He won't eat no appetite. I don't want to hear the music, not in the mood for it, couldn't sleep all night tossing and turning. Why? Because daniel was greatly beloved by doris. Early in the morning at the crack of dawn, darian gets up and he runs back to the lion's den. That and that mustard seed faith that daniel probably help plant there. Right. It awakens. He's like, you know, daniel's god has done some amazing things for him before. Maybe he worked a miracle again. He runs back and he called out, daniel, daniel, is the god him you serve able to deliver you. And daniel, of course, we know the story alu ya, he's alive. And at the end of danger, chapter 6, we see again a testimony from the heathen king. This time the mean persian king testifying about the most high god. I don't have a 100 percent confirmation. I don't believe the spirit of prophecy makes us clear. But I would not be surprised of dairy as to was converted by daniel. Because that's what daniel does. The message that god's people are to give at the end of time is that babylon is fallen, is fallen and come out of her. My people. Daniel gives us the picture of someone who did exactly that. And there's a statement and minister of healing, page $470.00 that I think is appropriate. The strongest argument in favor of the gospel, you know, the rest of it is a loving and lovable christian. I've read the same and many times and I've always associated my mental picture, right? The, the sanctified imagination. We think of someone just warm and soft and squishy. You know, just sort of sort of the syrup. Be sweet person. Right. Like, oh, you got this right? Like you can do it like just the self help cheerleader like no judgement. Just accepting just warm and just embrace you for a who you are now. I'm not saying those are bad traits. But I don't think that's a complete picture. When I look at, when I read this statement, now a loving and lovable christian and mary, that the strongest argument. Ha, i think a stronger us pretty strong argument would be the argument, the save, the king of babylon, right? loving level of christian. In my mind's eye now does daniel and at the end of time to call souls out of babylon. You think we need to give the strongest argument in favor of christianity. That means it's not just the word that come out of our mouth. It's not just the defined, a message that we are given as important as that is, but it is the messenger ourselves. He see calling people out of babylon consists not only of fiery sermons, an appeal from the pulpit, although it will serve surely include some of that calling people out of babylon does not consist merely of rebuking of sin or proclaiming the righteousness of the lawn of god and pointing to a judge coming judgment, although it must include some of that Calling people out of babylon does not even consist only of living out our faithful lives in private. Although it must include that. What does it mean? What does it involve? It involves coming close to the people mingling with men as one who desired their good, showing our sympathy for them, ministering to their needs, winning their confidence in order to bid them to follow christ refer all her that statement before. Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people And frequently we associated with programs and activities and dates on the calendar and things that we do as opposed to the type of people we ought to be. People of high emotional intelligence people of high relational skill. And when we think about the completeness of christian character, let us not be so my object to think it is merely knowing the truth, the, the, the ones in 0, the bind harry of the truth and not just of keeping the law in the checklist. Type of sense, it's not, that's not enough. It is involving our ability to reach out of our comfort zone, out of our worldview out of our moral framework, into people that have nothing in common with us to, to be able to speak the love of jesus into their lives. So how is it going with us in this regard? That horrible boss that we talked about earlier? What does he think about us? Do we have any influence? Have we spoken anything into his life that might take root and grow? What is our facebook and twitter feed look like? If we were caught in daniel's position in daniel chapter 6, are they going to be able to dig up dirt on? Maybe to get it, bring it even a little bit closer to home. How do we relate with those people with whom we disagree? Maybe those friends or the family members that we've found out voted differently than us. Or maybe even those who have differing opinions on vaccines. Yeah, actually said that How many of the people we deem our enemies will be in heaven because of our influence. That's a tough one. But I know what daniel's gonna say. Plenty The everlasting gospel is not merely about the content of the gospel message as important as that may be. But it's also the manifestation of that gospel in the life of the messenger. And that manifestation in perhaps the highest form is when we are able to win souls out of babylon, men and women who have nothing in common with us. Men and women like nebuchadnezzar, or derose or areas, or the prince of the unix. And the mission that god has given to us is to save them too. So in conclusion, our very last verse in daniel chapter 12, the very last verse in the last chapter of daniel daniel chapter 12 or 13. And we will conclude here, damage up to 12 verse 13. But go thou thy way, daniel, till the end be for thou shalt rest and stand in thy lot. At the end of the days. I believe this statement has a primary application to daniel himself in which he will stand in the judgment, and he will receive the reward for his works, his righteous life. Yes, but I believe there is another application to this. And that is at the end of days, god is going to have people like daniel, who will stand in a similar place and position like daniel in Babylon. But not of babylon. Declaring a babbling is fallen and calling people out of babylon. And who is going to stand in that lot to day? That's the closing message of the last verse of daniel. And now I believe looking at the life of daniel, his interactions with people with a slightly better idea of what that entails. The challenge that it entails. And so the simple appeal this morning is how many of us want to accept that challenge? The say lord, I am not anything like daniel, but I'm willing to be made like him. I'm willing to be made in the image of jesus because to be honest, daniel was merely reflecting the god whom he served. And so how many of us want to say, lord, help me to fulfill this mission? At the end of time, let me see your hands, god bless you. Let's pray father in heaven. May we, when our names come up in the judgment, be deemed your greatly beloved. And in the meantime, while we live on this earth near the end of work, earth's history in a time of moral confusion, may we be able to stand like daniel in his lot declaring the truth with clarity. But just as importantly, to be able to reach out of ourselves to reach people where they are to minister to their knees, to win their confidence, to show our simply for them and to lead them to jesus. And father made their big stars and our crowns. One day who represent people that we have helped to save by your grace people. In Babylon, people who do not know you. People with whom we have little in common. May we be able to accomplish that work by your grace, humbly with your indwelling spirit. And may we be ready for you when you come and we pray, or we can help us and bless us the remainder. Now me and I, this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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