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Sword or Sawdust

Nicole Parker


Nicole Parker

Wife, mother, and Biblical counselor




  • July 15, 2010
    11:00 AM
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hi everybody I am Nicole Parker and if you were here for the last seminar you thought he is the man in the world my husband Alan I am very blessed to be married to him and were having fun racing back and forth year the tour one for heating and refrigeration I delivered at a NATO you never know which one of the community when you get there but if you are one for that matter I like that word fun becoming to present convention will bring numerous life on him as the faulty should know that you can bring your message even if you need every person hearing prevention of the help each one of us to come with less able to see how your words can do so much more all right sword or sawdust vitalizing devotional bottle studies and you know for me my journey with the Bible has been a complicated one I grew up in Annapolis home and we had worshiped every day and all that sort of thing so I had fairly solid foundation of biblical knowledge I can remember when I learned Bible stories you know David and Goliath all the strengthening and I thought we could need them and the Bible stories were interesting enough I was little we used to listen to your story hours versions of everything in here all of them battle the armies clashing and knowledge scraping the doll there and less in touch with God also the Bible became more and more boring it was just the big book and now it out of the acting grandma can we go rent a movie from aboard you might wonder how you could go and read you know we have all the beautiful red books we have Bible reading on my mom if the Bible was boring to me why would I want to meet with people I knew a while the story than just sitting down and reading it was like eating far less like all of the order sought about how I felt about reading the Bible it was like eating father I can do it with both of you in my list disarm every now and then there be something it was like wow you have any but read the Bible myself personally to sound like a really really boring thing to do especially because there were so many exciting novels to read things like that that was what I really enjoyed that would affect my soul the Bible did not when I was sixteen I went to us I hope we can meet and I started adding the Bible they are for a couple of years before that I was at a school a Christian school that made us have devotional time every morning we would sit for ten minutes and read our Bibles or something though I think I highlighted on the Proverbs or something like that I'm typing on your Bible you need to have many little things in their the Bible is not really anything important to me it was boring still and hard to understand no profit even if there was this some kind of something happen in eighteen forty four if you like there was something that happened in eighteen eighty eight the other studying the Bible do not do anything for me I wasn't into it then when I gave my life to Christ somebody introduced me to this beautiful big thick book called Strong 's exhaustive concordance how many of you ever easement of it was amazing wow I can look up the word I find a person thinks I wonder what that means I look it up in that ponderous Greek volume and find out wow look at that of the Hebrew word it was amazing I started getting things out of the Bible that happen before around that time I decided I was suspending our devotional life and every day with God and I felt terribly guilty if I get my whole sixty minutes in and understand I was I was at that stage I was trying to grow I really wanted to be a Christian and you know as I started studying the Bible like that in your prophecy became more interesting I started will have more writing rallying on the final afternoon session started going to prophecy seminars and things like that and learning things from the Bible and seeing cool things and Bible stories I always heard I never thought about you what was I really like for Daniel to have been out in the desert all this time so hungry so thirsty so miserable and he gets there in all this tremendous smelling food in around front and while it will be like enough for me to really think about the Bible stories and interesting it was refreshing in the Bible became more interesting to me but I had faith for a while where you know I read the Bible a lot they knew it said all my Daniels section the Bible of all marked up with all the loads my new hobby things about prophecy and I read the Bible regularly but I can't say that it was really exciting to me I try to hit the lowland my devotional time for a couple of years there where I just didn't really get a whole lot how the Bible and renown and I read a good book that tension something in the Bible and it would bring out things I be like wow that's cool I know that within the Bible actually studying the Bible for myself and do a lot for me I would know read through the book of Luke Corvino read a couple chapters a day or you know things like that I just couldn't really get into it then as I started studying the Bible more in a new way the Bible started really coming alive to me I want to share with you today about how devotional Bible study really changes our lives the first thing you know about reading the final it is not a novel I know that seems so neo- basics of the book for me growing up and in small I really had a hard time getting into the Bible you know when you're reading a novel even if most stories that you read nowadays true story tells you what the hero and heroine looks like that now the however I than how they are you know they're all the intricate relationship that you're reading about it think fighting you can't put the ball on the other hand was written in six hundred thousand years of history in a very brief space and computing essentials that you don't know what anybody looks like a story in the Bible unless is important to the story itself now we know Rebecca was beautiful we know that Bathsheba was beautiful we know green beautiful women however is actually looked like I'm going to the story write the things that are happening in the story are about character about revealing God is not an important details are left out it's hard for us in our current culture to really get into things like that we want to know all the juicy details had a great feel about the economy finally get into those things and if you're reading the Bible the same way you try to read a novel which is what I used to do you'll find them I will get boring it's just not meant to be read that way it convincing now all the history of things that happened over huge period of time to remember the people didn't have typewriters they didn't have computers they have to make paper or write on a clay tablet or something I mean and then anything that they write out if anybody else wants to get it they have to memorize it and repeated when they have to write it all out on more you know it it was a lot of work put into hologram e-books though the Bible can get down to the basics the bare minimum and that's really important because when you read the Bible I would not like a novel the committee just that dumb type gas there are so only people over thousands of years and had to write this out word for word painfully even hiding in caves near the model everything in it precious everything is important any verse that you open up and read there's a reason it's in their God has are there for a reason and that they show how long will rather than around other things that showed business genealogy if it showed each person even though they may be forgotten by people hundreds of years later they halfway gone your name is the little details are important everything in your mind will is important thought it had put it there for a reason for you can get a blessing out of reading the Bible anything in life to really be able to understand libel and study studied not just read the Bible is meant to be studied within this learning meditative parts is designed for personal applications to heart you're just reading through the phone not getting a whole lot out of it I know people who were there devotions that if I didn't read through the gospel or something like that you know that that's really shallow there's nothing wrong with reading through the gospel I do it for fun it's wonderful that you want to really have a devotional life that followed he can't just you try to fill cannery three chapters eventually get through no matter how long he is a great idea to read through the Bible that way but don't your devotional time with talking about devotional time how do you spend time with God the Bible is the story of redemption and as we read that as a story of redemption is different now what is redemption entering this together redemption is the process of transforming info people into the image of God that's what redemption it is a God who bought people is now a redeem means to take him here in the group of beings God made them perfect he designed us with the potential to grow into being just like him throughout all returning will never reach becoming completely like him you know he knows everything is perfect he is lastly the embodiment of love love is God and God is love with fully comprehend that have been made at the anatomy of originally these two people who are supposed to spend all eternity beholding God and being changed into the next day after day after day they look at nature they repeatedly never seen before God was quite likely that there and show things like that and spend time communing with him in the house are so loving is amazing and so they would be changed into advantage as they admired what God was like they would become like God more and more and more throughout all of eternity will never reach the spot where like wow now I finally gotten there I might thought to but they would be growing throughout all eternity more and more into advantage that's important because what happened at the fall God says don't do it don't do it you guys don't do it again anyway and got his okay now not just as I didn't actually be kind of sin the University to know what I'm like in ways they never could have the God we serve this incredible God who takes that think that one of his will and you give them to fulfill his purpose his purpose is to change it into advantage and had to change a by beholding were changed right when we behold God which instantly limited now the whole universe with Stephen God of love in ways they never could have before as he sacrifices himself to buy back people who don't deserve it who rebelled deliberately against the gospel because redemption easy I can never compensate that is the gospel can you imagine he bought you a rebel you are worthless to get the ball inside and he should have to do anything many of us to get it is that what happened and work out and nobody would ever known you don't even live in for he says that while when I do have that when hearing more and give a farewell but then everything I would assert the fear which is true but him he can remember and was the first resume writing it down at about the way God works God is love and so I would always known that he done that even if nobody else knew God would have known exactly and Godwin said that's not perfectly so God in his great love he practices redemption he revealed himself in deeper and better ways nearly forgot to reveal himself anymore to Lucifer Lucifer had been in the presence of God made his decision to rebel but rather many that I made a decision thinking how he knowingly just beholding God when it be cool to behold evil to an curiosity has gotten us into this whole mess that now maybe hold good and evil and they have to make a decision which one do I want to be gone lowers up to him he draws us by showing I what live his life and everything that we like him mothers like them we see selfishness and like to live my life I really like that I want to be like we want to be changed by the holding in the process of redemption that the Bible is all about the Bible is all about redemption and how do we get redeem how you got to get his original anatomy let's let that change you into my image right and throughout all eternity God would be continually changing as more and more day by day into vintage now with my fault but God says don't worry I am filled I and anybody who surrenders to meet all still do that change them is not in what the Bible has to do with that process of redeeming me all will face beholding as glass the glory of the Lord fastener they can have glass glass mirrors like we do they had a really shiny piece of metal filling a beholding in a glass for them their marriage didn't work as well as our marriage there beholding it looks really shiny and you can't really see yourself as clearly as other people can see your face in the holding was a little murky but you can still see what God is like where beholding as in a glass a little market where to behold the glory of the Lord were changed into that same image as we look at him I think that what love is my favorite changed we set out to be like that but unlike that I now see how I want to be changed take this away for me change the selfishness and make me like you this is the purpose of devotional time I'm not talking about Bible study in general there are lots of reasons decided by only thirty five all day every day and never get everything we need to add I'm talking about devotional Bible study we are told no you need to spend thoughtful Howard God every day meditating on him what does that mean I'm talking about devotional Bible study this is spending time with God beholding him beholding his laws see what he's like because that's what changes is into his image that's what devotions are like that's what they're supposed to do changes into an image every day the word in the lives you know the word of God is quick and powerful than either the line and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword piercing through to the dividing asunder of the joints and marrow it's that the discerner of the Fox and intent of the heart never gone at all in after your heart there's nothing else that he really cares about like he cares about your heart the Bible talks about the heart all the time we think of the heart and emotion so often in our culture but the heart is the center of who you are the Bible talks ha ha I have the place from which everything else a new flows from God want to change your heart to purify fountains and everything else in her life is transformed most of us don't grasp the true power of the word of God we have our own idea you know the Bible of this book that we carry around Bible is the word of God he remembered Jesus is the word make the Jesus went out for what he wanted us to behold but for us to stimuli every day on impressions you know Abraham Lincoln and how the Bible to walk around with and God revealed himself to Abraham in wonderful ways but Abraham remember United brother he doesn't have an iPad keep you in a place where he spent a lot of time in solitude herding sheep work milking caliber whatever you do you're riding a camel he got a lot of time to meditate and Abraham communed with God in ways that hardly anybody does these days and I could speak to him through his heartbreak to sacrifice your son Abraham knew that God would he knew God in our culture he learned more and more degraded by then as we get closer and closer to the end of time our minds are weaker we just we don't comprehend them are too easily led astray by our feelings we pray believe what you want me to do we get an idea and are heading that God will or is it that's why God gave us the word of God because this is something solidly dramatic gumbo I pray really hard and I thought I should do that but today I feel like I should do that which one you want me to do Mister his spirit but this is why he's given us his Word and why it's so important at the end of time because we can't rely on our feelings they lead us astray our heart is deceitful and desperately wicked God wants us have something solid but the word of God in fact that the Bible is something solid you can read those words and go back a week later year later it still felt the same thing it may say something different to your heart something that you need you have a year ago the word is alive and powerful thinking of applying to every situation in every person 's life many Christians as Redbook instruments in the Redeemer 's hands by Paul David Tripp which is a powerful book I recommend every Christian should read this book it really portrays the glorious gospel instruments in the reviewer 's hand page twenty fourth of many Christians simply don't understand what the Bible it may take a minute the spiritual Encyclopedia God 's complete catalog of human problems coupled with a complete list of the financers if you turn to the right page you can find answers for any struggle and I hear this a lot you know people come to me for counseling or I can't get on struggling with depression going to go to account for it help me with my depression like okay how the counselor can help you with your depression well you know that your job is to help me with my depression and then either Christian counselor and spoke to my envelope promising to hear that make you feel better whenever you feel bad making on the featuring singing because the leaves are hearing down developer funny pray for you all I'll be praying for you hang in there there any kind of the Bible really impact on those people my job as a counselor of biblical counselor I believe is to help those people understand how the glory of the gospel the plan of redemption apply to their lives ACU maybe depressed he may not be different new depression may be partly chemical it may be completely biological it may be completely because he's surrounding about yourself and eat chocolate too much and he is probably some combination of the two but even if your even if your problem is completely biological and that causing a depression that God will fill up on you because God takes us where we are with whatever situation we face him change our circumstances the changes are actually change in our heart that the God we serve and how he changes our hearts he helps us to deal with those feelings for the weather and I feel depressed I will live joyfully in the presence of God you know many of the Bible writers which is the great depression but God was able to help them through those times to become deeper and richer and better people nothing I want to do whatever circumstances you say God wants to take the circumstances and transform you into his image not just as I haven't actually because of them the very things that were not well happening to you in the first place can still be used for his glory and God Lefebvre drivers run into you in her life you but even if it does happen talking you those things that happen to you to accomplish his purpose of changing images and his welder that we never send right but his purpose is still accomplished not just in spite of connection because of sin his purpose of revealing his lucky universe the people of God the universal gold wow I got here he correctly I want to be like God purpose will never be circumvented no matter what people do his purpose will be fulfilled if you look in your Bible in the story of Moses and Pharaoh that his fascinating person in your underwear is but where Moses God said to Moses to tell Pharaoh he says tell Pharaoh that Telfair out that I have ordained him though that through him I will be known to all the nations of the earth and its arrow cooperate with God in trying to accomplish his purpose not at all but with God 's purpose fulfilled God 's purpose was fulfilled what arrow did I did reveal himself to all the nations around him cooperating that God will then you have a lot better off than on her but will be accomplished no matter what might you can circumvent God well I can say I refuse to follow you I refuse to surrender my heart you and I can be lost in the end the dog purposeful study fulfilled in my life because the universe will watch to see how I lived out selfishness instead of last note that you will in fact she deserves to die she has to go because she won't cooperate with the law of love that the entire universe have functional purpose of reviewing what his life is like will be revealed by the way he treats me whether or not cooperate with as well is a little diversion to say it is even talking about the Bible used by God to fulfill his purpose so people like me when they come to me they got a question about something they want to have fixed I'm dealing with depression I want to depression go away I'm addicted to pornography I want to photography addiction to go away I do know upset because my husband and wife in time with me anymore okay so what you wanted it well I want you to think that made my husband and spend time with me or at least make me happy but affect my husband was in front of me somehow fix it but the parliament say that God will fix all our circumstances it does say that he will change our heart as a result we will view our circumstances different now as we spend time in the word and letting a transformative as we behold this whole plan of redemption in the context of that plan of redemption we look at what the Bible of things my heart today went well be changed into God 's image some people though even if they don't see the Bible as the spiritual encyclopedia never felt like you know God why didn't you organize this a little better you could just put all the verses about this year I'll think about how you peace of mind all in one place you know that the encyclopedia encyclopedias is divided him or Israel and I can read all about Peter waxwing you have to read any of the other articles around back in the encyclopedia than isolated at all about the directly if I want to find out about something of the same volume I can enter into that is not related to that the Bible is not like that if not a little category the Bible at all this overarching plan of redemption God transforming humanity and his image and using the power of love to do what no earthly power can do and every story and everything in the Bible fits into that grand scheme of redemption some people don't look in the Bible encyclopedia but a more sophisticated variant view the Bible in systematic theology textbook and outlining essential topics you must master the thinking that God 's way it also instruments in the meeting resume page twenty four thousand in that bed that's often how a lot of Adventist book of the Bible I think we can see what we got to know what the Bible says about all the things and you know I need to memorize that you know what happened to the reading of the prophecy you know what's happening in a time and I should know all these Bible stories you know we want we want to know what the Bible says no to me about face or gray the law know that the balance between long gray understanding the sanctuary in either case we can't offer each other isolated pieces of Scripture commanded principal promise that seem to fit the need of the loan but we think of administering the word is not little more than spiritual cut-and-paste system the people people want to find something that works they'll fix how they feel right now but God wants us to look at everything in our lives in the context of redemption he wants us to apply the thoughtful to what's going on me in my I live in a ministry that is were just looking for something to know what I'm going through in my life Lord my husband of the London Times what to do about it please help me we wanted to do something that he wants to change our heart in the ministries self to start the center will mean how to get that job please help this person like me or not likely if they're not the right person we were looking at the little things going on in our life today personal needed to focus and personal happiness remains the goal for everyone to get me back up a meeting evening that you never prayed that prayer but a truly effective ministry of the word must confront herself focused and self absorption at its root opening at the vastness of God defines God centric world I remember when I was talking to this girl girl I knew from the college and she called me up when writing anything to promote legacy talk about the message sure you know Grenada seventeen we sat down together she said right-of-way friends as well she is the probably that's really not what I wanted to pray about if you have you thought about letting God into the center of your life like popular for a while about that about how she wasn't really anything that God how her life was kind of spiritually dry and templates and that what she really needed was to start spending time regularly with God and learning how to let the center of her world center of her sense of identity in words of love ability to talk to me twenty minutes and she said no but would you still be willing to bet I can get a boyfriend no actually I will pray that the Lord will give you what you need dynamic not a boyfriend not long after that I want regulated a verb you got a boyfriend and the horse they didn't work out because our idle time to grumble and him not long after that everything upon partly guy was a jerk and raising like he was so wonderful new adventure it was after that he got another boyfriend and then before you know he will begin a question of whether or not either they were to hang it looking for something if I want to instead of turning toward God that the way it always is when we don't have Christ at the center of our life we look for someone or something to worship God wants us to have a God defines God as world as we spend time with God every day he will change our focus so that we can face the day and say whatever happens to me I can choose to rejoicing you know yesterday when it didn't look like we were to be able to get on the flight to come out here I gathered my kids together I had visions my husband was on the plane he had he had a first-class seat but they can eyebrow on standby we didn't know if we were to be able to get on the plane and I could see the handwriting on the wall all the seats were taken and all the people discredit on the play we're still standing there said there were zero available feeds on the board on the wall tripping out on five okay guys let's pray that you get the hop with happy hearts no matter what happened even if daddy are the reason we all stay here with no thinking great Rodney figure within bellowing back to Plato the only ones crying the day we wandered off into the sunset I think there were three exhausted and cranky children in Atlanta but then the Lord opened the door and we were able to get on the plane I can see what was much more important to me with my children was not whether or not we got off the plane it was that we learn in whatever situation we face God 's strength will be enough his grace will be sufficient our circumstances may not be what we want but we shared the right attitude is one-on-one we got him all the time and circumstances Lord I really cared about this test can help me with that he says we think about your attitude to talk about your heart today where it wears her heart do you spend studying for this test and why did you go shopping with your friends instead of studying for this testing you need needed to study what was going on in your heart you see how it things for our heart and our circumstances while he loved to change our circumstances I pray very hard to not be able to get on the flight to come here believe me he wants to be able to change your circumstances but his main focus is always changing heart that's what the Bible is about that's why many people read the Bible the library changed because they're still focusing on themselves they needed to focus many people will read the Bible regularly and yet are they living loving life of a bickering and being nasty with other people they yell at the person who pulled out in front of the road because they read the Bible they're not letting the Bible trickle down into the depths of their hearts and change the economy do that we need to look at Scripture differently I may give you some specific hints for the lead first of all we would understand Scripture explains humanity in the context of creation fall redemption that means God created me in his image that means that loving person but with infinite possibility of growing more and more loving throughout eternity as I grew more and more like him then I fell I made the decision anatomy first but I got it too many times myself I decided I said I feel in which one might pick I think I feel naturally but God says I will change you I'm going to redeem you change your I think the person who thinks after my heart changing back into a person who is being transformed is my end Wednesday by day by day as you look to Jesus as you read the word and let it do what it's supposed to do your devotional time is our time to meditate on this great plan of redemption the only understand creation we understand him God loves me that much here I have a little ball of mud and he has made life to write it not like I'm not disposable they make that and you make the person and he reinvented the first breath of life and not one of feet and all of a sudden and goes from being a ball of mud that God can speak into existence three twenty one two two this person with an infinite value in God life music I would die for you creation says you are worth so much you can never possibly understand how much you are that the God of the universe who ruled everything who can speak that ball of mud into existence and speaking of women into existence because they that when rebels well kick him out let's start over all makes of instead the God of the universe has I created I breathe the breath of life and in and at that very second he became worth more to me than my own life he would sacrifice his life for him he would do that when that really comes down into your heart it really trickle down and then you realize no matter whether I'm fat or skinny ugly or pretty now other person on this earth cares whether I live or die either infinite value in life creation I only have to worry about whether your closer in style suddenly you don't have to worry about when you have him your faith as they are irrelevant sure sure you would like that have everything go your way but you are so allowed that when they reject you are you cleverly talking bad about you may hurt but it doesn't crush and destroy you it doesn't make you need to find somebody who will love you because you're so is the last creation reveal how much God loved you now when you study about creation in the Bible you also had the fall then I fell and I am a carnal person soldiers then my heart is deceitful and desperately wicked these come to grips with wow even though I'm worth so much I do some many trashy thing how can I be so bad but then definitely the story of it because then there's redemption and God showed even when you make so many mistakes even when you have fallen into selfishness even when you fall into the same sin over and over and over until you said it's cursed you can even get up and clear faith than mine God said no you haven't finished your work at all I love you I love you too much like if you you take a hundred dollar bill and you stomp in the mind seeing you in drop it in the driveway and run over it a few times you put the money payout growth convert in the trashcan know it at reluctant value at all you wash it off right you see God looks at us and he doesn't be our value damaged in the line that by the mess that we've made of her life the one you've made a big mess of your life the dental work to rub your face and he wants to say you're not worth anything anymore but God said no no no I have paid an infinite price for you see that but redemptions of Scripture explains us immediately context creation all redemption and the game design and cakes I in all of our Madison Oliver felt such a disaster anything that you're worth it just is not she pulled a hundred dollar daughter Madison watchmen I can do changes that he cleaned that he changes everything any changes are very heart move that back into that process of being changed into his image this is the God we serve is what you want to be holding your devotional current crime talk with young people all the time is need for counseling because they don't feel lovable they don't feel worthwhile and a don't know who they are if they're studying the Bible the way they're supposed to be in their devotional time they will go now and so lovable I am worth so much how are you how your work measured in the light across you think about winning now I think that he the cost of painting Safari I know some you may be our duty is to let the cop that I think is that the job playing anglais layup not art okay that's me I said my piece on Irish as is but I find the value of that the cost of painting measured measured by the prank that buddy out there is willing to pay for it you have been bought with a price the precious blood of Christ as we meditate on that price that was paid for you you really drink and then let it become part of who you are pathogen emotional about drinking and how he loved me that much you will find everything else in your life comes into focus it's like putting on glasses that progressively make your eyes see more clearly and you look at reality is that you keep seeing the length of that person truth is really irrelevant I have to confess about that so my car broke down and I won't be able to do the things I went through this afternoon Rob I don't destroy your life when somebody says something bad about your you realize you have the right to a method that area totally disorganized I can't do that it will destroy you go allow but you still of infinite worth you're still infinitely lovable and even when you make a total disaster of your life even he realized that I have no visibility I have a learning disability or maybe I'm just plain ugly it's totally irrelevant because your value with Phil leaving the light across the matter those little things are just inconsequential details the main thing that you want to live in this glorious knowledge of how much you love how much you're worth and even if you struggle with depression because of some kind of biological reason that the consciousness of this incredible worth that God measures UN just makes you don't know I'm loved no matter what I'm going through your new letter how I feel and I let her break into the collection of rejection you think your last yet this is exactly our self-esteem movement is one of the greatest idolatrous movement in all of the world history self-esteem is that you are special because your unique think about it our world held that to be sure you maximize how unique you are glad you brought that up on the idea addressing that later on you're not sure but anyway this is what the world tells you find something your special about a parenting magazine I read not long ago it said he sure did you get involved in lots of activities and lessons tennis lessons whatever so that they will build a good self-esteem and I thought all my you want my child you know what they look like whether good or not anymore one of my friends even as a concert pianist she recovered and her life in a music career that she had a snowboarding accident injured arresting can play that game again where was she about a person 's identity and worth have been built on her ability those things are shifting sands with your sense of identity worker mobility is built on what people think of you or how good you look or whether you're popular it goes up and down like the tide and you can guarantee you have the insecure and then the world tells you how you detect a more secure in the UR you know twenty years ago we had a different work that we collect conceded in theaters when you think I have felt special that they should love me the way I am now in Colorado she got hyped up with the we know what people I thought that even people that look up with the same problem they have a fear of man the Bible called the fear of man when you're too worried about what people think of you people are so sure they don't dare talk because of what other people might think of the that the fear of people that think that everybody wants to hear what I have to monopolize the whole conversation the same thing fear of man they think well because people really liked me and I'm really valuable to all of those people I must be worth something and then it interestingly and there's a whole are looking thing that the presentation Ion audio versus and presentations made it on the difference between worldly self-esteem and on the software but in the godly self-worth people know their value is measured on its rocksolid foundation of the love of God but when you don't have that rocksolid foundation your desperate because God has created us to long for love ability and work so that our hearts would be drawn to him to find a sense of love ability and work on that we build identities and then when we realize I'm not really get that I'm not really good-looking well you handle that because those are just inconsequential details the main thing it I what do I thought I left by him and we don't need other people not that we don't appreciate it not that we aren't built to love relationship but we are driven by anymore now the purpose of your devotional time is not to get your Scripture memorization done it is not reading through the Bible it is not studying out a complicated passage of Scripture is not putting together a study for someone else or getting a competent and checking off something on my list of things I must do in order to be spiritual admit fine-tune you know we all should be memorizing Scripture readings in the Bible there are so many great things to do in your time with God but the purpose of your devotional time is beholding God nurturing your friendship with you saying here and communing with God about what's going on in your life my husband really talking about prayer this afternoon letting the sword cut where my heart needs to be cut you know my devotional time profit but when I kneel down and I pray the Lord with me to talk about today right away he said you need apologize to your children you just you just use a sharp voice and talking with them that was not reflecting my love to your children my job as a parent is to help my children understand what God is like that even before they even know that there is a creator at their they know what love is like they know that there's right and wrong you know it's okay to be kind and loving it's not okay to be needed and selfish you don't even need to think that I can teach them by the way that I live by the way that I talk to them God wants to build a worthwhile ability and identity on relationships with our Creator and Redeemer undoes to those two topics that God is our Creator and God is our Redeemer the Bible says so Olmos because that's what you want fast you meditate on and about one of the pharmacy for the fact that the reminder of creation and redemption we creation that will respond to think about the identified one anesthetic analogy especially in time thinking about that I created you and I redeemed you because those are the things that you need to build a sense of worth liability on that for your identity being of your secure things everything else the convention much of the fine if you're not sure those things are to become workaholic or codependents or addicts of one kind or another it really doesn't matter what you're addicted to some are more destructive than others but they're all the same thing I think that I flee to for my sense of love fidelity and worth instead of thought on want us to get those things are personal devotional time devotional I need to spend time thinking about God 's love for me now some theme change the image of God is the purpose of our life right that the single thing God created you for even before you send to be changed into his image and as we do that we will will find our devotional time to become more and more rich and beautiful and a lot of things that can kill your devotional time watching movies wasting time on the Internet doing empty staff the more empty that he do that stimulates your mind makes you feel excited and were while studying comparison to get boring dry I remember when my sister and I were always there begging for watching movies amendment both of us were convicted later on we should stop watching movies and with a terrible struggle for we really wanted to watch movies we raved them and that's not an exaggeration but not couple of years later my sister said to me when they are remembered born you are doing battle in a Lisa complains all the time about how floor we were but after we stopped having that stimulating the item garbage that was so unrealistic but not at all like what happens in the real world we found ourselves getting less and less bored with life when were able to get and hours out in nature just enjoying herself picking a lot contemplating things we work addicted to the garbage and the fast-paced exciting staff that we can appreciate the natural thing last week we had our kidnapping Gatlinburg for family vacation time we had a cabin out near the great looking out national Park recently given to County public times you have read the number of white votes for five minutes by printing the we took them out all day long into the park I remember officially on Sabbath daughter was on the this is so beautiful is so much on anything how you are much better than being down there in town route with people driving around in their loud go carts and the tinny music and everything else gagging on it so much better I'm so glad that my daughter has that perspective I know she loves the thrill of the excitement is not best for her and this is this is a way that she will build tolerance for quietness and being able to spend time with God if we get addicted to those of the things that are quick quick fix make me feel good in ten minute things we miss out on the blessing that God wants us to have if the first thing you turn to when you're down into you open your refrigerator you up in your cell phone you're missing out on Avenue U Bible and getting that the slower more lasting kind of action that God wants you to find from having in the meditating relationship with Mister that the main thing that I see kill people devotional time is that they want to feel good now when I say one guy for contemplating and finally I contemplate these themes of redemption creation data we had to paint or whatever you know they wanted and they want and how it but they want to fix everything that they want to feel that right away when they know you have to spend weeks any time with God to be able to really get to the point where I'm feeling good just too long they got other things quick fix of the devastation along I didn't want forth he wants us to be set free from the addiction is not held by those chains that find the secret ingredients can be free if letting God fill you in your personal devotional time you know if I if I fasted for three days and then he led me into a banquet room with all my favorite food granite table I would have a really hard time not looking at is knowing I'm longing for the rind and I'm hungry and when you when you try to break that cycle of going to the things I find it really hard to talk this afternoon about breaking the cycle of the broken sister but linear when you're wanting to go to the thing you go to God in the ads and as you keep on doing that you make that choice over and over the call of the wild that you want to call it gets weaker and the satisfaction of the Lord gets stronger what if instead you brought me into that banquet room and all my favorite thing to eat on this table but I just stuffed myself in a different banquet and I can be going at it I want this stuff all I look and allow wish it were another day but I'm not interested people people try to break out of the fight over stuff like that but it is just another word for idolatry when they when they really need I tried coming to help people understand now I know I need a break I need a break up but there is harmless because they are not being satisfied by God they cannot break away they can tear their eyes away from that table is asked whether their desire in fact that they think is satisfied rather than going to God and spending quality time nurturing relationship with them it will be long term because of the quick to make him feel good transforming Bible study is not people trying to save themselves by the Bible study or people trying to be saved without the Bible studies as a narrow path and to decide that you can follow off on some people I find to say while I'm I the meantime with God this is a common thing I get for the company that I just don't know what's wrong with my relationship with God I think I'm about every day okay I need about twenty minutes a morning appointment at nine okay when you give my read three chapters the Bible and warning in the afternoon or I read another chapter in the three chapters that you know near your check-in after last but can you really meditate on all three chapters are so many deep thinking of the Bible wasn't written written to be read like that if you don't casually go through no Cunningham today amen that's not the way God meant for us to spend time with him he wants us to meditate and think about something to really draw into his presence and transforming Bible study is not able trying to save themselves by the Bible study are known other people who when they are struggling spiritually start studying out a topic and make them feel they are spiritually their doing something that legalism that's trying to save yourself by her own work all the Lord has all of the Lord has spoken we will do just like back in and I know people say you know not connected with God I didn't do something to connect with God and are still relying on well you can't work your way into relationship with God you need to give your heart to him surrender to him draw near him he doesn't want you to check it off the list if you'll spend your time and devotion every day for two weeks I'll come and spend time with you he wants you to build a friendship with one every day I I had every time I had a date night with my husband I depend upon saying okay honey we do get the think bingo around half let's read through your old love letters that you written a long time ago again instead of actually spending time with him talking with you what's going on in your essay how are you feeling about this how are things between us anything that then I need to apologize for you we want to have time to gather right now in the now talking about the now going on in our relationship right now is going on in our lives right now I want us to spend time with him and if we're just before they are right to have devotions I listed and read the Bible for half an hour we even spent time you can spend half an hour reading the Bible and our two hours you can do that but it's not devotional time unless you nurturing a relationship with God in your heart the parable of the sewer I want to give you an example of letting the Bible in a terrible that God has given to us I believe she really help us understand how transforming Bible study work and you have your Bible you can turn to Mark chapter four in the parable of the sewer Jesus told a very simple story that illustrates how Bible study works to transform online it starts out in Mark four verse for our rent out to so as he was selling since these fell along the path and birds came and ate them and imagine the footpath that then we'll pounded down by a lot of people see and they needed five Monday to make a garden there what he learned due to transform the footpath into the garden again editing of the foil pill start working on so what you're saying is you need something sharp right you have something sharp to dig up the foil whatever the sharpest thing in the world of the diamond the hardest but the second thing I'm talking a spiritual thing you know the word of God is the Lord if the sharpest thing in the world it divides even the that the soul is experienced in the third box and intents of the heart the Bible is sharp if you want to cultivate a hard boiling your heart they you think about my book that he know you want to do it but it just seemed like one more thing I need to do in order to be spiritual yell really feel like it do you not really drawn to the Bible how do you get started in Bible study Minnesota so he doesn't just gather the seeds on the ground that the first to take something sharp the shocking thing in the world if you want to break up a hardness of your heart where you don't even feel close to God you want to be close to you but you know you aren't being used like you do you take the sword the sharpest thing in the world now if I take a sharp instruments to my pathway you know I'm turning the past way into the garden now right I'm in take that sharpening is given across the surface right when he wanted to do with that the word the first training out there and when in the right direction right you can't just turn along with everything pointed in the right direction the point with the Lord at your heart when you want to study the Bible anyone could penetrate your heart needed pointed out yourself take a verse and say Lord what do you want to say to me that or you may just even before you open them I'll think on this company when talking about please talk to me please show me what I need to hear and maybe you'll say why we start studying about the Army start setting up face whatever it is you make a sudden violent capitalists are fitting for scripting thirteen about love or go back to creation and study about no God created the world and speak instead of just reading through okay check out my twenty minute think about it meditate on it God wants you to envision public going on in creation molding at our concerts I think what he did under his fingernails the God of the universe get down there in the dirt gets dirty to make a person keeps you have a personal interest in adamant even though he formed off in a different way he had a personal interest in molding every intricate little part of you of who you are so there may be something you don't really like about it you might not like everything about your body or your faith but God made you exactly the way you are and he put much detail in every kind of Millipore in your skin he made you in his image so instead of just reading something meditate on it and don't just meditate on while that's an interesting story as you like to make an application how does that apply to me I give point of the sword after are you think that praying about what that means to me then he redefined the progress of the Gospel parable in another easy things to start studying for meditating on how well it happening in the story is not long ago I think the story every as and it was named was great I I I how long I spent in the book of Ruth even a very short has so many great applications I studied about how you how long it take root to get from the last act is reality my kids about a three day walk for her to go for Moab back to Israel so here she is she and Naomi item meeting and he only says they here don't go with me and Ruth said now I'm in a go with you not only does she say I'm getting away even your something I haven't thought about before she said where you go I will go where you die I will die soon I'm just doing this for he only has she not it would be really nice and sacrificial everything on and your old man who can take care of you back there and I just can't bear to see that happen he's on the back regular ones your life you can know I'll be there lower than wonderful but she doesn't say that she said when you die I will die they are widely dairy well rated taking upon herself a worse fate than Naomi Naomi going back to the old widow with no one but you have an extended family there really is going there as a young widow with very little hope of ever getting married his visionary Moabite woman she's probably not going to get married she's been married to an Israelite guy for ten years she knows something about the culture and shoot they go there take care of Naomi and how Mayumi died but she has no children she has no inheritance there she can immediately demanding how to something since she is the barren wife of Naomi fun but she unhappy friend there shouldn't have any relatives there this is a culture which hi everybody favored their family forever and she had her mother Naomi and you got back your mothers but instead he said where you die I will die she's making commitments and there we go she and her life in Israel doing whatever they liked never been there when getting into the community that felt when you take that that terrible and pointed at your heart how does that strike you while here's a brief extent wherever you take me God I'm to be fine have you ever thought Lord please don't come before I get married I did and I felt guilty drain that prayer but I really really wanted to get married and unmarried it's just one more chapter in the journey the important thing is having gone with me throughout all that journey here's rated that I'm to go there no matter what happens all I want to know is that God is with me and Naomi Clemente can take upon myself something even worse than what you have to go through resistant it lived alone far she knows that she is going through what Jesus is through Jesus took upon himself everything that I go through and much more then she spent three days after she make that commitment she'd spent three days going there to get their barley harvest which is the time of the wave sheaf this is the time that that that wave sheaf symbolized Jesus she goes through this this death to self and three-day of not knowing what they had for her and gets there a time of celebration new beginning at interesting things are lots of ways you can study the Bible look at archaeological records you can visualize and think wow what method of been like to be in the situation and think about all of those things but always pointed at yourself what is that mean for me in my life in my walk with God safely point authorities from heart what you have to do it if I'm thinking this is stored to make a pathway into a garden right by that authority 's sharp sword and pointing out how but I just happened on the ground now yet but the force behind it don't you know when you study the Bible and forth behind it meditates think about it I haven't apply to me maybe you are looking other verses that are on a similar topic I used the King James version myself because that's what the work versus company in my mind you know I study for my thinking games that when I think of a person I can look it up and he stored and I know enough of the words for the King James I wouldn't know what word they were given the ESV or something like that whatever version you using enough on hundreds of a few different versions and compared they can read it in this way the reading another way we did anyway there are lots of ways to study the Bible but the main thing you need three things you'll find your final statement is the right thing for you you take the word pointed out your heart that the force behind them time meditating on what it says to you that takes quiet time to take that as you do that the Bible before coming alive for you I doesn't mean that if I pound on the ground for five minutes I didn't have a beautiful garden it takes some time quality things take time quality relationships take time that he spent time with God and meditate on his love for you to find Bible study will be transporting for you now you can meditate on the parable of flour this is only one of them I just want to give you an example of how God wants you to study the Bible and it will be a transforming influence in your life let it be something you really study for yourself and you heard that so many times I heard that many times myself to really study them for myself and for the Bible became exciting and transforming and I know that and when you do the same thing to persevere and letting the words go straight into your heart involved in great thing to transform your devotional heart let's finish with more from Bon Jovi thank you so much for ninety days for giving us your word this immeasurable treasure that teaches us more about you and we can learn any other book we love you


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