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The Secret to Vibrant Spirituality

Alan Parker


Alan Parker

Professor of missions and evangelism and director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism at Southern Adventist University




  • July 16, 2010
    11:00 AM
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let's begin with would a print father we pray that he will be present here as we as we think about how to improve our spiritual lives and you know that a number of us have faced challenges with our spirituality as we wrap up the session help us to to make a commitment that we will have a different kind of spirituality one that is focused on you one that enables you how to be at work in Jesus name we pray pain or I will take a look at the secrets of vibrant spirituality and so there's more than one but I get to take a look at the secret that made sense to me that being with a personal illustration I used to be a motorcycle rider that's not me but I look something like that and I rode motorcycle trials it was a unit obstacle course is a very unique kind of design motorcycle with very high sainted engine and I would go of obstacles and one dead body one of my friends to come out and watch me and I was still pretty new at the sports of ready to know what I was doing but I I would like with the boulder and ran on my motorcycle over the boulder and I would go into 's type tunes in the object was don't put your foot down and gone full of well that didn't work too well for me but my foot down all the time I felt a lot tonight and I remember at the end of the day we had a final obstacle where I had to go through this ninety section that was just you write to this matter was right next to a lake and most people was slipping and sliding all over the place and my particular motorcycle wasn't very powerful and so when I got into the mud it just wasn't doing well so I just read that as much as I could and the next thing I started to slide as I was sliding in the mud I knew I was headed towards the lake and then I just froze I don't know what happened but I do shut up so I kept going I went right into Lake into the woods of the year as my friend was on the bank he was laughing like crazy and we had to pull the motorcycle out I completely submerged with it upside down for like a week get all the water out of four kbits after that but I written at the end of that yes me a question you know after you finish mapping is it feel like folding what you mean wages you just seem to do it so often met in the Christian life I often feel like that's the critique that could be made of it you don't you like falling procedures seem to be getting there over time what's wrong with your Christian spirituality and these other things like that I can't seem to find victory over since they keep pulling it down I just don't have by that I once had and I don't even enjoy church anymore you know when I go to church is just like all do we have to sit through that again other people say I feel so good and then I plagued by guilt and remorse I just can't seem to find peace I have so many who wrote an e-mail to me and he says your everyday when I wake up both Russia and all the things that I've done wrong and I have no sense of peace on the other people tell me I feel like a cultural administrative event you know you live in happy Valley in a bid you good is I do all the right things but sometimes I feel like I'm faking it it is not real so something is going on here and elsewhere July is not where they need to be so we want to take a look at some myths about spirituality and see if we can find out what the secret is there is the first myth and that is that spirituality is the same as feelings and ways you feel close to God and as you have a conscience sense of his presence then you don't have a vibrant spirituality true spirituality is emotional closeness and intimacy with God so the idea here is an list you feel like you don't have and I've seen people hi Brian I cannot play the music and I'm waiting for the feeling you know the number one culprit of buying into this mess but going by your feelings you know who was in whose a famous person who really bought into this mother Theresa many people don't know that she was extremely discouraged in a spiritual life and it was because she had had business freeing way in the dream she had met Jesus should have this incredible spiritual high adding nothing else and unlike quite lived up to it and so she kept trying and she was doing good works and he never thinks but when you read her diary or journal she describes a period of incredible darkness and discouragement because nothing else a life lived up to that spiritual if you want to discourage itself try and compare all of your life to that one spiritual high that you have when you incredibly close and I felt so close to him and make yourself feel discouraged I imagine even my marriage I said no my marriage is just not going well well why not because there was one moment in my dating relationship when I was on such a high and I've never happen again so my relation with my wife is with with with it if you think the another problem is when you base a relationship with God and feelings you don't have several challenges I feel he may spirituality does not work because it depends on these things it is based on perception rather than on reality now you know what I'm talking about in any of you have this experience you are really mad at someone I know none of you get that this is a you with you around anxious about the way they thought about you and I had expense with the Skype reached a settlement and I was convinced that he was preaching against the seller that I preached a week before I was a young theology student I thought I was just a scene at the back I was angry I was I was frustrated when you don't and as soon as you know people stopped moving around a Randy Moss I nicely with what a new preset codicil you know what I precisely because I'm neither would you preach wrestling I wasn't even hear what he's talking about is that I felt like an idiot as I all is that whatever happened I all these anxious feelings based on what the section all the way he was relating and reacting and many times enough emotional world all theories are based on the perception of how God is relating to us and that perception may be based on how parents have related to estimated based on something that we misunderstood in Scripture but whatever the case maybe you think this perception is that the reality and that sometimes you can have this in your relationships with the opposite sex you think that they feel one way towards you I really think that he's in love with me because he looked across the room in his smile is like raw and not paying there was a go behind anyway so that when you relate to guide and interdependent on feelings it's not like you notice his feelings fluctuate without moods and out the syllabus change once a month for guidance more complicated but when you discovered that you have moved fluctuations if you don't feed a guy and you make him tired he's got to be grumpy and so what you have is is that your moods change and incentives which would be that the gods to your having a blue day and so you have a blue God Inouye it is the sense of well-defined learning this way God is not love me and it's your feelings feelings are also become a substitute for real change as long as I feel good that I don't have to check that noticed this when I have a lot of our Pentecostal friends that I was a teenage him go and then they would be praising God and print the opposite on and so close to God and down and they need and in a wooden exit big and they go back to their lives is nothing it happened because the feeling of being close to God as a substitute for actually making change so we can depend spirituality that feelings limited can depend on feelings secondly we can't depend on facts true spirituality some people believe is about what you believe in the most fragile people are those who study the Bible a lot saw how my going it was spiritual I need to become like Peter Gregory I just can't take my bilateral rate as such I needed to apologetics like David packages do that I'd be a spiritual person but you can turn spirituality into his old factual knowledge and so what is the problem with this it's a problem the Pharisees have you can be skilled in the knowledge of the law you can be skilled in the Scriptures Jesus could use studying the Scriptures because even then you think you'll find eternal life John five thirty nine because the strange thing is you mess that they defied me so skilled knowledge of the law but that Jesus wanted equally what illegal the Pharisees wiped watched tombstones is not head knowledge but hot knowledge that they can see what to do a fascinating study you look out in the writings of Ellen White everything that has to do with the high and compares what she says about the hit she says those who are involved in any technologies has been preaching is as dry as we heal the go Paula the other got only hidden knowledge they can nail the law they can pick up the last non- Adventist out of the water but they can have a genuine relationship with that's why we needed eighteen eighty eight eighteen eighty eight was with the administrative transition from his knowledge to hot so you can depend on feelings you can't depend on facts myth number three is that spirituality is that what you have to do is fix your behavior it's about spirituality equaling sinlessness that anyone here who doesn't suck judges waiting for that because of you have raised your hand I figured as much but what you have is if using spirituality businessman you you believe if I can just change my behavior if I can just want to stop sinning and how they are able to have a great relationship with God is only one problem I can't seem to stop sending so just when I fixed one thing and another centric trips me out I keep falling expenses where you okay I'm going to do it on your fix this not the API I am never going to do that again at about six thousand eight you're in trouble again and the reason is what we would call the iceberg principle not take a look at this I spent is the majority of the iceberg above water below so I want you to think of this as behavior and character as actions or the hands and this is the hot and the rest of life so what happens is most people only see what your behavior what's above the waterline but what's below the waterline is what really counts it's your character when you get to take a heaven your character that's what's below the waterline can other people racier know they can just see the manifestation of it in the behavior so what are we trying to is when we have a problem on not real problem with swearing so what we do is we try and change the behavior than to get rid of swearing to try to change what's on top but when is the real problem what's in the hot and so may have us all focused on the wrong area with high change the behavior instead of dealing with the hot now it is the reason why we fail I I I began to realize was because we focus on behavior I want you to imagine baseball I'm not really a baseball player on a cricket player but it's too long to describe how cricket is superior to baseball at this time is undergoing baseball because you understand that a baseball player when he gets to the mounds can you go to if you've never played baseball before lately said I'm going to the mountain on you I played cricket I don't play baseball I go to the map and I think you know identity I I remembered I are going to just follow whatever the baseball player does the professional sites that have an understanding of the standard AMA Reaganite bigamist wages I try and imitate their actions exactly how they stand and then I say throw it at me and I am incoming event will be different to stand right and if I just look like them under the able and reflecting on you to be able to hit that goal out of the park no a basil plant with you to do he wants to be a successful Facebook is the practice is a healthy lifestyle is good exercise he's he's going to be that kind of time if his whole life that leads into in the moment make the right decision the Libby tell you that there's a problem with a theology optical what would Jesus see because what would Jesus do is based on in the moment I'm suddenly going to be able to but what would Jesus do right now he would get it back and I do the right thing but you can get a baseball know what we need that is what did Jesus do what enabled Jesus to withstand the pressure of Satan in the moment what enabled him to face those battles and in the moment make the right decision it was his entire lifestyle because it is the father all preparation of mind and body as well as discipline the next good athlete your green visual overall preparation so because an athlete has prepared so well when he gets to the moment he could do the right thing because he's practiced it until it is spontaneous and so if we want to have successful spirituality we can simply have in the moment performance we need to have a way of life that is so ingrained that doing the right thing comes natural and you begin to look at Jesus life and he wasn't focused on behavior it was something else that made Jesus spirituality powerful and wasn't it in the moment experience so spirituality I discovered that who you are is more important than what I spent more time on it because this is a general problem that we have we just fix up behavior will be fine but the Bible shows us that you are is more important than what you do and this was really evident to me in one of the amazing facts evangelist from years ago he was successfully pendulous preached the thousands he sold tens of thousands of percent expecting that he just he give the right behavior he had the right hidden knowledge people felt incredible when they listen to him it was all of all of those mystery but at some stage he had to deal with what was happening on his hot and what is happening on his heart was yet homosexual and because he didn't know how to deal with how to grapple with now he's running a gay bar in New York you see doing the facts having the feelings changing the behavior is not to fix things we need to have God work with our hot and was struggling to visit can look at those struggling with homosexual feelings are not all they have same-sex attraction that rated for health meanwhile all of us have tendencies and all the hospital against what God 's will it's right so we all will try to that question is can we deal with our spirituality by being real while we got affected Westminster and this one has become really prevalent spirituality is security see don't worry about it people always coming in I feel so guilty about this event and I hear people such as you don't feel guilty God loves you got lucky life she can put on his life for you so even if you said he doesn't care about you you know Jesus loves me this site and all dry cleaning and you know even when I'm bad about makes and said he will love me anyway right the problem with the theology of rejoice in his lab and stop being so guilty the problem with this theology is the most comfortable please like me ought to change you when you're in your covers of Jesus is mostly just the way I have I'm not asserted any claim dress by Dietrich Bonhoeffer called this cheap grace is like going to the market and they are people you with a win is going to freely available will come again come to Christ available so many using it is no longer does get alumina brick and its fortieth Street against racism this is free but she because across the life of God the son a feeling of security does not mean vibrant spirituality Jesus called the Pharisees blind and foolish because they were secure in this salvation but they were not part of the kingdom the other thought secure when secure your the one used up as we look ahead knowledge we secure all we children of Abraham and just because you are a child of God does not mean you have an excuse this so these don't work if feelings on on free spirituality of the acts of a true spirituality of sinlessness is not true spirituality is having a sense of security is not true spirituality they were this one is true spirituality and I was fascinated by a pickup a book a while ago because I been thinking through this this thought and then I written this book and I saw a similar concept coming out from what they had been looking at bay they were frustrated with the lack of spirituality and Mrs. Eric in this community and irritable when God right to life story nominee view Wrigley God write you a love story that was what you're really interested in but I have another great book called when God writes your life story and in this book they take a look at some great questions and a notice a transition in those Christian slots since I left famous missionary to China he said I'm long that I'm so slow to imitate my my previous master I guess I'm not sure if I should ever than would previous precious they regard that's what happens when you type into Great Lakes all right my precious master undermining the great threats I cannot tell you how I have buffeted sometimes by temptation so he says I never knew how bad on you reach that snippet you how how can I possibly have to admit Hudson Taylor had an experience that transformed his life he was filled with peace he was filled with security he was able to face all kinds of challenges and he said that's my work was never so plentiful after this experience so responsible also difficult as it is now but the weight and strain I used to feel away not something happen that caused them to have a remarkably different experience it was elected Dwight L Moody famous evangelist and he is equal even though he was winning souls and and things are going well he says deep down in my heart that he was experiencing dissatisfaction that it increased to the point of desperation in the desperate because you just feel like thinking that is not working and they notice what happened this is often experienced later he had this experience something changed and he says I can only say now that God revealed himself to me and I have such an experience of his love that I even had to ask him to hold that because it because it was such a check from desperation to being so filled with diabetes if I can handle him just as I thought I I I got disconnected my breath and then we can try again something took place that changed his life and when I read this and I select they came up with I recognize that that was the same experience that I have my own life and that's what I want to share with you the secret according to the movies is simply that there was an exchange it was an exchange that took place and here is my definition of spirituality my secret to spirituality real simple spirituality is serving now now it may not seem profound healing but when you begin to look at how spirituality is Samantha it starts to change everything but for years I thought that the Christian data was a fight I discovered it's a surrender and then I read is that elicits the cross does anyone know what the greatest battle we fight the battle also read the battle of surrender itself in all the greatest battle that we have to find and so give it when you get this concept that changes everything so I'm going to take you through steps to Christ and show you how this concept comes out the steps to Christ and I know you get to take it from the base of salvation we know from Ephesians to visit in mind that you are saved by grace that's the gift of God through faith so I said okay I know I thought his heart is what breaks my part is in Vegas on the other figure out what is and that's that similar and has what I came up with faith is simply trusting God enough to get yourself entirely to him that's what I like how did I I I love thee if a I T H was sinking all I taken forsaking all I take it that's right I'm going to get myself under the surrender myself to Christ I desire of ages saving faith is a what transaction what is a transaction and exchange I'm going to give you something I never receive something that sustaining faith of the transaction by which those who receive Christ join themselves in covenant relationship with God is that the graphics are very great you want to give all and you want to visit when receive all of title particularly to all the technical what you want to get everything it's I love the little illustration of the great price and the visible parable told by Ortiz and when he says it was a man looking for code right price so you finally find the merchant is selling what because I like to have a public great price purchases or actual that everything you've got well okay off just sixty seven dollars and thirteen cents that's all I got cases whether you have a bank account I would yes but you are running that's six hundred dollars in the bank account some history of speculative money but I yeah got six hundred dollars will be all of that series is that everything that's everything you have a car out there when you drive a car out there but that's got to belong to me to that's ridiculous wedding when I see looking for you want me to take my house all you have a house is out there that's crazy willing to let my girl you have a garage everything everything belongs to me now the good news is all given that but remember those my saving faith is a transaction by which he syringes off your body like yourself your attitudes your actions your relationships your possession is a transaction by which we did everything and that's why this changes us back from full spirituality I would just read this morning I think you cannot do what change are you cannot take it against the hot be good today as it doesn't work and make it stop only but God promises to do all this for years with Christ that's pricing and so what you have to do you must believe that promise and it says you must confess your sins and that is how they comes about you admits that you don't change a hard to believe in God 's promise and you can pitch is that you can see this in the book sits across the bandwidth laid out it has these elements and this is what comes next you want to give yourself to God that's the surrender and you must will or choose to some of him just as surely as you do this God will fulfill his would do you suppose what happened I admitted God I can't do it I can't do it so so so sorry but I believe your promise I confess that I am sinful but I believe that you can change me and now Lord I surrender myself to you I give myself to you and I choose to serve you this simple process is what real spirituality is all about just as surely as you do this God is going to work to make you powerful and effective so you would miss can't do it you believe that God can you confess your sins and you make a decision right now that you decide the following these simple ABCD is what makes for vibrant spirituality every day we talked about enough precision you pray this prayer what you say well I label my plan video feed I surrender them to you to be to be carried out who given up as you direct I am giving myself to you I believe that you need to take over my life and in the book of the movies before I get to that section it's they mention what this was like the one I love some of the way they save us what was the exchange that change Dwight L Moody and Hudson Taylor's life this is what they say they gave up their very lives in exchange for the very life of God they allow their bodies to be taken over like a town surrendering to the invasion of a foreign power they loudly being to be possessed by spirits so the holy soak your so righteous that any remnant of selfish sense with blonde away in the fire of God 's perfect print they relinquish complete and total control of their lives to the King for him to dispose up as he sold that they invited the most divine distance of the center of the existence of the makers humble stable your princely Palace Ogilvie argument to be temples of the Holy Spirit they make each made in exchange and exchange so pronounced that will have an studentship at the simple men woman took her very first step up the impossible slopes of God 's ever they exchange like visiting your full life as God you do you sense that God is cooling to make a complete summary visit it if you don't spirituality is always a flaw it begins with this moment of surrender and once you do that once you make this friend and you believe God 's promise that he is limited at best the fact upon which your feelings will follow it's like a train you know the facts pulls the feelings you believe in the promise and the feelings will follow susceptible sex and I prayed I did make a difference I said what did you stop right visit it if you keep praying the feelings will follow I is meant anyone am I sent off in I had an experience with for three months where I pray and I felt like my my prison of bouncing off the ceiling but I would ask the feelings of God 's presence that followed to three months but you believe in effect and what happens with most of us it is that when you claim God 's promise you just wait a few hours and the feeling of God 's presence will follow so cannot really right away you just wait the feeling will follow the effect put away the suspicion however that God 's promises are not made for you I don't understand best that you know what I've gone through I mean I live this stuff I mean I don't know what you will be a possible send but I know I'm in the agreement and listen to this how many non- and also sinful that I cannot find strength purity and righteousness in Jesus who died for them to be saying that Jesus says is R how do you know how do you know if you are really Christ's how you never know on what basis are you unable to know that you made the surrender is a story of a man in the Civil War through he was afraid that you know I'm just not sure what I should do here because in a water fight in court on the wrong side so he decided that he was to win both blue and brown and gray sorry yet there we don't know you can tell how Mister Burnett enough in a frenzy so you can win a blue and gray the two different sites was a bedtime I support rack great thank you you can tell I wasn't brought up in American history for Pinellas out of the zoo with everyone get into that so you really dry and so you decide on this cutaway one cut on the top one color on the bottom and now I can be on either side you know just in case so they went also wonders what happens is shot by both sides yes this does not work well so what you have is when you come this position you can take halfhearted to know I want to have some of the world and I still want to keep my relationship even though it's not exactly what it should be with this goal with this guy that I want to have John and he doesn't work I you I want to be a successful wealthy person I was wanting the money to the church and be a good guy that no doesn't work you have to make an entire surrender somehow even though if you have made the surrender the books since the Christ it tells us how we can know which side will run in the wind the questions asked that so you can know where is my hot like coming convenience is highly got your hot well you know I the good news is a dissent yet it would be a recipe for sleeping in the garage what will all the thoughts could you love to think about with two other thoughts on foodie love to convince any of you ever had a friend July was in love are you know what happened they can't already get who you think you had an innate amendment the guys he sees all you know she just walks into the room I just noticed I went zip phone or unconnected to school time and your text message they just can't stop talking about that putting you at a friend love you know that's the one topic of a conversation about nothing else right so that's okay if you made the surrender who has out warmest affections and obviously energies is a Christ with what so what are we supposed to do you make this decision you surrender what comes next now that you've given yourself to Jesus it's a crisis is something you need to do number one do not so you get is out of surrender and then you have buyers regret not talking about like when you bought that new computer and ministry what documents should I read is that the also well when you come to Christ don't fool back don't have buys regret do not take yourself away from him another was you believe his promise but there's a pot when you can you can use the surrender moment by going back by going back and by drawing away but day by day say what you say I have Christ that surrender again I am Christ I have given myself to him and did you ask him to give you his spirit and keep you by his grace so your body second floor I surrender to you I am Christ will me up and then keep me by your grace as you grow in faith notice what will happen Christ will change the high seer bites in your heart by faith with you what to do is to maintain this connection with Christ by what they do what is right belief that results in surrender thank you believe that results in surrender and the continual surrender of you will to him so you believe and you surrender and as long as you do this is what will happen he may work team will work thank you in you to will and to do according to his good pleasure the reason why we have such midst of life is because we do not surrender ourselves to God 's continual presence that is the secret to the Christian expense net of the devils also believe and tremble so is not just believe it must do believe that results in surrender what is faith when it is not only a believe in God 's word but also notice how these connect with surrender at it what's the keyword submission we had that would submission submitter have to give up what I really want but this is what it is I'm going to submit myself to him where the heart is what yielded to God and the affections are fixed upon it so I yield myself to God I love your pics my fictions upon you I I'm warning you to look at me I don't just believe in you I surrender myself to use there is faith ceases faith it works by love and purify so patient is by grace through faith what is I think is not only believe that surrender and that's what changes everything and this is what health with my up-and-down spiritual experience clad with this quote change my life the child cannot fight any anxiety will power of its own accurate statute you can't make a separate unknown shorter kids that tried it might make it the other day said that he am going to sleep a night neglectful but they want to go anyway but for their younger go sleep and outgrow is under growing my feats of a false and self to sleep so they can grow but it doesn't work that way whatever you got it like that but this melt all came to my anxiety or if it of yourself such as Virgil grow way the jewelry that you can secure spiritual growth by effort is where thinking of the runway the hope apart from him you have how much life not life you know how to resist temptation or the growing grace and holiness and by abiding in him you may flash but that's the only way in list you abide in Christ there is no way that you can play so you will have your part in the process is the red now notice that it's it's just real clear yet that depressed a sixty nine now covered about three chapters you are not still look to yourself not to look yourself not to let the mind while upon itself but to look instead to Christ with them I dwell upon his love upon the beauty the perfection of this character to duty motion should be by Christ in so that when they stop this way is by loving him copying and depending wholly upon him that you want to be transformed into his likeness if you want another secret is by surrendering to Christ beholding Christ bringing your time looking across now notice the opposite of this one is behold Christ that's the secret now notice the opposite window mind dwells upon South it is what Sean away from Christlike crisis yeah sounded here in order to face out what I have to do turn my back on Christ the sources strengthen life is known as the Devils tactic in a sentence constant effort to keep the attention devoted from the Sega and thus prevent the union and communion of the soul with Christ because that's the secret of my surrender I have union with Christ so what do I do she mentions for ways in which we can let the Bible itself no notice Satan strategy is to keep on mind of Christ for things he doesn't keep her mind of Christ page seventy one assist across number one the pleasure is all the will that's how we keep online from Christ when I start people thinking about how pleasurable bewilders minders of Christ 's number two life 's cares and perplexity exhibiting your experiences that they just take a mind with Christ one of the challenges is the faults of others I may not be that this question shore and then number for your own faults and imperfections although it am so discouraged with some missteps on just what that is yet isolation minds of know my wife gave sort of human big picture miss my wife told this illustration the week of practice okay so I need I need a victim all right so you'll get a balance this on your finger and that we have a Lowe's on your finger just like this we can make it more difficult you can use two fingers of you if you want but maybe many one finger would be better Christianity to get into things all right knowledge what a good job sitting there will alright she is balancing the room on a Vegas finale telephone look at her hand luggage and a half witted than with a dinner for high-rise you can do it I've never had anybody it was one kid was real close but I've never had anybody managed to balance the broom by looking at their end and of course is quite simple when you look at yourself your life is not about when you look to Christ your life is about the secret spiritual life is to surrender to Christ to look at him and not to look yourself with love to others which is pleasures of this world we get another low illustration on the next life they get to be a cause in a veneer that we play out yet but that's a different kind of life so that I can't want to choose one and to memorize that's okay did you choose one all right now on the the college which you chose will be turned face down all right that's good again a qualified again choose one and memorize it is a God all right on the the cock you choose will be turned face down ha ha right yes the secret is that when I change slides I changed every single solid now why did you not pick up on it those that you are looking at why did you not pick up on it because was we'll focus was you when your focus when your focus is just on the cottage he picked the CU economy temperatures and of course that's what you focus as you ignore the risk and they were the changes you all is missing and so you think it's got and at how did I do that but you can look at the rest of the car the crippler got back here has the big picture but so he has what I found was the secret where my focus will wear my focus once we should not make self the sense that this would regularly and indulge anxiety and dear as to whether we should be saying all this turns the soul away from the source of our strength now notice the Sarabia commit the keeping of your soul to God enough that the rent and trust in him that's the surrender talk and think of who Jesus would itself be lost in a put away all doubt how is the Christ what will this book all these years what was I struggling with right here it was a lie not stroke is the first artist interested three months I wasn't used to the English language and I go back how incredible it is what we look to faith is trust and surrender faith is a transfection where I kick myself the got right and it emphasized focused on client instead of ourselves secretly vibrant spirituality is to have Jesus when you put them at the center when you make in the focus when you just decide father I'm not going to my own way I surrender myself may Jesus do for me that which I cannot do one myself being you have fun again some of us here have struggled with Samantha is something holding us back I I remember my own journey Lord I I had pride in my accomplishments and and what I have to I had to get rid of some of those favorite papers that I had the told me how good I was in order to say you want everything and I'm not with this is somebody's just struggling with an area renowned life the thing that will let go forgot how to make that surrender right now maybe was the father I surrender all and then look away on Dallas and off he is our anxiety as to whether we are saying give us the peace and confidence that you would have begun a good work in us will be faithful to completeness of father thanks we pray these things in Jesus and


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