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Wreck-creation or Re-creation

Alan Parker


Alan Parker

Professor of missions and evangelism and director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism at Southern Adventist University




  • July 15, 2010
    11:00 AM
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I think how whereabouts on time to begin his side not sure because I get excited by what several times right there we don't have sound on the Mike might exchange what several times what is the time to do anything right and fifty seven always a given region given the couple of minutes and just in case is anyone trying to check out little bit about me before we get into our formal section and then I'll do of course yes so that they'll known or university campus plot out that my name is Alan hi Karen I am a professor at seven I teach in the school of religion but I'm on my way we mark the vicinity of familiar campus to me very soon I used to work for amazing facts for five years I was the in the amazing facts the team end at the College of evangelism director of the College of evangelism and inventions inventions department and then when we last we live three years ago to seven and we've had a great time there but God is calling us back so little bit about us this weekend 's skylight history and a half perhaps a very important you'll find out since his foreign half an hour daughter whose six and a half so there will be close together but we figured would get it done and out of the way we are planning on more than three and one stage but that we had three and that's where it stops its bow hits for WordPress finally got we thank you for being a prison of meetings we pray that you be without topic this morning as we deal with your purpose in re- creation we hassle of that you help us not to be dependent on the values that comes come from others but to be dependent on the values you would thank you for guiding and leading us thank you for being present in Jesus name amen because you can see is awake creation or reintegration is a very simple reason for that I believe that there are certain lifestyle choices and you can take that will either with what God is how to do in your life or will re-create you the way he intended it to be whenever you had truly re- creation you know what it's like to come back refreshed revitalize ready to face you weren't ready to do everything I got asked to do that whenever you went still creation through your lifestyle choices you wake up with headaches affect the sleeve nothing like you concisely do the run with me and so we want to take a look at the different options when it begin with a young man's death Demi Moore eighteen years old and he seemed like just a regular kid going to school doing things that other kids do but he was addicted to video gaming so one day you sitting in his car at a cop comes asked him asked the question he goes very nicely with the cops both to the police station and while they're at the police station suddenly Devin grabs again shoots the cost in the head 's been in the body the runs out shoots another person and then shoots another copy for getting into a car a police car accrues and going on a four hour high-speed chase the Laban she caught up with three people dead and Devon what was his response when it when they pulled him out of the car he said lives of videogame in Ghana die sometime what may dampen make these drastic choices we did for our chase in the cop car what made them make those kinds of choices what if you been playing that lead him to do that anyone think this grand fifth order and what what he said in grand theft auto was to ship policeman and you go on Chasen 's income and that's exactly what he did in the trigger of a moment seasonal depression starting the station and he's been playing these games over and over again until they drilled into him and he automatically goes into that mode and he becomes the character there is a correlation and audible correlation between violent video games and violence late in life now it will take a look people say I don't feel any of those kinds of thoughts videogames and ready for me I can distinguish reality from sin is not reality but I wanted to question out entertainment choices and compare it with God 's program got problem I believe is me creation what is re- creation can look it up in the dictionary and since the act of creating a new something created the new gods plan was that we are messed up by sin he is to step into this world and he is going to re-create us can you think of a place in Scripture that refers to that if any man is in Christ he is a new creation he is a new creation he is being created a new God 's plan is in our lifestyle choices when we needed to relax and get refreshed that he would be able to re-create us into his image I like the students to take a little theological point before we go into some of the practical things and recreation regression what was God 's plan for the Sabbath God 's plan for the Sabbath I believe that this was the highlight of the entire creation week everything that you've been doing up until that moment was just to prepare for that moment when he would take Adam and Eve into a relationship with himself the whole work of creation was performed yoga movement of famous theologians as for the sake of the Sabbath homework is everything every animal every slough off everything that was done ahead of time was done so that God and man could enjoy it on the Sabbath would you agree that the Sabbath was about celebrating what got it done in creation God himself race from his works under these tires but that he might be freed to be himself and enjoys creations of God is not on the whole unit was to run but on this one down the current monuments fund is to spend time with you I can be a big rating you will see all kinds of things but on this day I'm going to spend time with you I'm going to rest from my works so God raised from his works and he has a beautiful relationship with us we see can remind us what the purpose of creation was his works express God 's will that was his creative works but the Sabbath manifests his being I want you to think about that for a moment his works express God 's will that he will lose creation into existence but the Sabbath shows who he really yes it is a revelation of God self if all you had were God 's creative works you would go wow God is so powerful wow God is so incredible but because of the Sabbath we say God is a loving Wednesday God is such that he is a person who wants a relationship with us God is gracious God is patient got its kind we know these things because of the Sabbath not because God created the world 's sole creation was for the Sabbath and this is what makes me think that God has a plan for our lives that after he created us every Sabbath we would to be re-created created the news reminded you don't exist to do things you exist to be with me you don't exist to just go out and chop trees and a Clowes and all in and pick from you exist to be in my presence this is your purpose and I want us to remember that as we think of now what do you mean creation and recreation sold out so let's begin with the biblical view second Corinthians three and verse eighteen second Christians for university with a number of Bible text so feel free to follow along with me and a DC if you can jot them down and you know this very well but we all would alter the flight face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord what changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the law God 's intention was for us to be re-created in his image and how do we do that we behold him we look again now what happens if you be holding other things you become Jason to those things in fact we'll find out later on exactly how that works when you start looking at things that are not of the Lord he begins the impact on your mind as we spend time looking at God and his word were changed into his image but as we spend time looking at Hollywood and listening to secular oddness and playing violent video games we become more like the objects we look at environmental one young man telling he says I couldn't believe it in my house growing up you neighborhood us we would never but one day he says just just the other day something dropped on my foot and sent me the swing which can as I waited that come from when you think they can see it being watching movies and who those sweet words and then gone into his subconscious and when he wasn't paid he had an automatic response and a trigger those swearwords that cannot I couldn't believe that so that was coming up on we need to be careful that as we look at things we don't become changed incidents of violence tells us one of the things that we should look at one of the things that we should view in this one I do have screens looking for the site whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things away just whatsoever things are that's a tough one whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report if there is virtue if it be praise think about such things away should I think you need on the things that are endless these characteristics so let's apply the text to the games music and movies that you have glorified God will send forcible on a true affection that the doctors write it on a artist of this honest is a lot of lying going on comic amendments to the right do they promote justice or injustice on a purely in fuel on a lovely and beautiful on a shameful demanding to a good report or an evil one my wife went to the video store that was closing down she said I just thought I'd see what they had in the video still before the clouds so she doesn't obviously I'm looking for a video biography requirements of wine you can have any sex and the Julie can have any bad language and number three that can take the name of the Lord in vain all and a number for no violence the guy looks at who he says I have no man than we put any movies like that so brings us to the back and he brings out a single movie single DVD it was called Baptists at my barbecue Bible by by the moments and some story about how it was his town with Baptists Mormons and they ended up inviting the Baptist to come to their barbecue terrible acting bad story that you know your weight we watched it since that was the one really that they had that didn't have violence taking with them in vain swearing or six and so when you look at what's out there today can you meet these requirements is the music you're listening to does it live up to these because by beholding you be so let's take a look at some particular ones are hoping at the end that will have enough time to do a little Q&A and some reflection what about video games what is the problem with video games their addictive and I'm just giving you a study now and what it says about the integrity against people who did why hide into video games also shall always exercise with sleepless think less about real issues and interact with real people list does anybody know people who would fall into this category you because very negative I remember prepared in my life as a theology student we would get together a group of theology students and we would play in also the history of civilizations the result has been anyway any review whatever was there with them several whatever it was there was that users of our sessions we would play this game until like four in the morning anyway get up all groggy and the whole thing was we want to conquests they know that that man ought sweet times if not more likely to get addicted to video games the woman on because men love conquest and has a whole will you do to overthrow them to be the victor of it figuring if you can beat your friends in the process mail very competitive and so they get into this and is this this world that doesn't really exist and who cares whether you have a congressman doesn't make any difference in the world when you went to lose in a computer doesn't make any difference now it are you've got what could happen if humans this is little is a little electronic bites happening in a computer is little signals of a computer if you don't when the computer is not offended so what we do with videogames is we get sucked into something that's not ready ready real and will couple why that happens them not to spend time playing video games this is another study has a negative correlation with academic performance and a positive relations with antisocial and even violent behavior what that means is that the more you play video games it is likely that you will do poorly in school and the more you play video games it is likely that you become antisocial and even violent deaths the statistical studies so this is not something that's surprisingly the secular studies that indicate that video gaming has an impact on the social and psychological health this is comments on research by Doctor Douglas Gentile professor of psychology at Iowa State University uses the effects of violent gaming particularly in almost all videogames on violence it increases physiological arousal so your body responds the fact that response increases aggressive thoughts you begin to think more aggressive towards you get angry more easily that's what they discovered his people played a lot of videogames at this like in a anger that they can really explain it increases aggressive behaviors so that people are more likely to get upset that the push for something and it decreased pro social helpings of these people would list likely to want to help us since it was a person who is writing an article that I read he said Ritalin is that I said it can't be that bad and then I went to babysit my two nephews and the eight -year-old boy was playing a videogame and he was losing and he sent me shouted at the screen and began shaking it why are you doing this to me so computer 's without doing anything to you but it did the same time is this feeling that this is a Waldman that happens particularly the younger you are the Willis of this does videogame do video games have an impact on teenagers brains and the answer from David Walsh a child psychologist is yes and that's likely because the teenage brain is different from the adult writing the house control center of the brain that part of the brain and makes us think a hit that the frontal lobes consider consequences and manage images that's the part of the brain rightly found out behind off for him called the prefrontal cortex that's on the construction during the teenage years in fact the wiring of that is not complete until the early twenties so what happens is normally as you get older you have the ability to make judgments in your brain that is able to help you distinguish between what's good behavior once bad behavior but when she alleges that why means not get completed so you tend to go off more instinctive responses and of what you believe into instinctive response just like we saw the beginning is react this way you'll tend to be more violent more aggressive and so on and don't think just because you're an adult but this doesn't happen either the same thing is going on one of the things that we've also found use Fiona happens with video games and it happens with movies is the dopamine effect and I don't want to get too much into the rewards system in the brain but essentially when you play video games when you watch a movie it increases the dopamine in your brain which is kind of like a reward show brightness of your brain begins to assist for that hide that you created when you watch the movie interview felt better when you watched a movie I know none of you watch something that I need to let the final events DVD assist but if you watch a movie you tend to get a high keep lively again you tend to get a high and that's what so addicted because you get this hydrated by dopamine and it's the same thing that happens when you take a drive when you are taking a dry and people getting high on drugs the same kind of system is going on in the brain and so people get addicted and then that you and I talked about how I maybe I have it late at the top people are watching the movie avatar they they were depressed following because it gave them a temporary high and then they went into the British and will see some of that a little later on some of the other things you might consider beyond the physical effects Ukraine this artificial hindbrain and you can to get addicted some of the other effects on the more moral level if you think of who creates television programs if you think of grades video games you just think about the values that drive those people for instance they did a study on TVs creative community these are the people who write the Hollywood programs ninety three percent don't attend church ninety five percent think homosexuality is okay eighty four percent percent think adultery is okay in grand theft auto I haven't played the game but from what I've read you have these horrifying things with you you stomp on people and you bludgeon people to death yeah and they take prostitutes in the mimic killed them and this is part of the game I mean it's gruesome and so is this what we want to feed into our brains on some of the other things I I like to think about is what is the Telstra off the people who make these things what are the values and beliefs of those who write and direct Hollywood's movies and music and the values of those who make the video games in general some of the values unidentified number one secular values have you noticed if you watching television with you watching a movie that almost all the problems are solved without God between a videogame you don't does metal icon pray you everything is solved about it it's a secular approach to life and I'm afraid that more and more Seventh-day Adventists are becoming secular with secularism so that you don't believe in God 's just that you don't need him you don't refer to him so we go to church on Sabbath that's the only day we do anything one of my friends that a doctoral dissertation on a very boring topic switchboards any winter like a hundred church boards one year and he examined what happened in the church once you know what he said we print the beginning of the church board and at the end of a church board that we don't pray the rest of the time I mean we don't even mention the name of Jesus the rest of the time it's essentially secular and in our lifestyle choices we intend to rely on things that have singular values not in use of secular but it's relativistic most of the models got instantly values but that's just what's good for them it is always good for them as long as they are not hurting anyone it doesn't really matter trying to think of a movie that does not break one of the ten commands spiritualism if you've watched movies of using video games lately you see that there is a tendency to glorify the darkness and power of evil and so there's a lot of focus on what's on the evil that is going on on darkness on spirituality the wrong kind of spiritualism again what are some other things that we see we see antiauthority dashing of authority take a look at any television program today that's a comedy that has to do with dance dance made out to be more on-site and what we did wrong but you know they they make it the mother kind of has some sense the dads and idiots and the kids are the ones you have it together so you watch these things at night and night sulking against the authority of the dads by downplaying religious figures like passes and so on because that was dashing authority and of course the underlying experience all this entertainment is its escapist and intensity of emotion is an adequate replacement for real action so people watch something and I'm I I don't get affected by this very much so maybe this is not my struggle but you know when I'm watching a movie I try to find that you know everyone around him like they were acting this didn't happen and you don't I like looking at me like Jay you would don't experience the moment and I do not die I know that they use onions whatever else to make the people on the movies cry so much what they used to say his attention was then enough and I know so I don't have that reaction of the some people may really get into it and they can escape into this well when you don't have been charming prince of the Princess and they are taking on the well the males doing all of these wonderful things and so they escape into that debate on action do anything demise of the story off a Russian countess went to a program in a theater and there were these two lovers on stage and the one dies and she's crying these two elements of a settlement outside in a carriage the driver of the carriage had frozen to death in the cold so she has she was crying of actors going through an imaginary death but quite willing to live the driver outside freeze to death cult new for many of us we will cry over a movie but do nothing in real life medicine from because we going to that virtual world and I believe that this form of escapism is particularly negative to Christianity because it tends to remove us from what God is calling us to do we watch it we listened to it we experience it but we don't do anything with it very cool leave in an attempt for a program nonresponse and you could watch people dying while you're eating your hamburgers in all and ridiculous and you and you are having a frightened and you want something terrible taken but it doesn't affect a single because it's just on keeping we get you know you can even get concept terrible has happened do nothing about some of the other dangers that we've seen with television movies of the love of the brain is largely inactive during a movie it has a hypnotic effect on kind of like I might be having facility right now that it had this hypnotic effect to watching the movies images and we know that you don't stay on the shot generally in a movie for more than a few seconds so you have these flashing images and is something about that slashing that makes you go into almost like a trance and that's why with my kids I noticed that they would if they watching television and that's why we just decided we getting rid of the televisions of the television is out of our home now but when that television was that we notice we would even put them harmless little necessary unknown until combat is little cartoons about Bible stories and the kids would be good to the screen you could talk to them I will and I and you and you just any mention in other item out of it now may do this anyway but but there's this tendency to just salt and add to be in the trancelike state way you want not effectively processing secure money hold another bite baby Einstein videos used to safety just watch the baby Einstein videos are dropped to become more intelligent edit they did a study on it and they show that was false people watch baby Einstein videos were dominant people even because they were watching a television screen instead of interacting with the real world the other effect is what we call there and you run smooth a monkey see monkey do fix so what happens in the brain and I've done this with brain analysis is when you watch something industry does the same response in you as if you were actually doing so if I was for instance to describe to you eating all the lemon and you and you crunch into that women what begins to happen you begin to taste it even though there's no limit that's the power of the mind so when you're watching things that involve violence sexuality is what happens in your online you experience it as if you're doing it yourself and that is what is incredibly dangerous about what we do with movies it stimulates sexual desires and increases aggressive and violent tendencies we know this from studies and so it's is very clearly out the television watching the average eighteen -year-old has witnessed two hundred thousand violent acts on television movies including forty thousand bonus by the time is eighteen this is all the research but I like to share with you how all of the role she has been studying one set of children for more than twenty years they found that kids what significant amounts of TV violence at the age of eight were consistently more likely to commit violent crimes or engage in child or spouse abuser thirty and this was a conclusion we believe it heavy exposure to televised violence is one of the causes of aggressive behavior crime and violence in society and the wrote it when nineteen eighty four twenty five plus years ago this is phenomenal even if that was true back then just think of what would happen now television violence affects youngsters of all ages about the invisible social economic levels and all little of intelligence it cannot be denied or explained away and every study since then has backed up that fact so what we've seen is that is that when you're watching something it has an impact on your brain has an impact on your ability to process this is another study more recent spring of two thousand and eight now the future of children and notice what it saves you electronic media can have both positive and negative effects on children's about could be used positively as well it is simplistic to argue that the media on detrimental old valuables to children now notice what they suggest is the criteria much of the effect depends on what conscience which children are expelled Wallace in one experiment the simple insertion of a humorous subplots distorted children's physicians on a negative emotional events a program and also cause children to minimize the seriousness of a similar event in real life so for instance if I you have are what's the city and what's this will finally notice it's like this cute little cat and dog and they may have this terrifying scene with and a remnant of the dog fight each other for what they do they play this nice little music in the background that makes it sound like it's a sickness that that is done that out and then fighting each other but because of that it makes the kids laugh and they think of it as a job for what would happen if a real bear in a real dogfighting the kids would tend to say all this is fine what happens if you're watching violence and sex on a consistent basis what is it due to your perception of what those things me my daughter she was two and a half at that stage where we were visiting with friends and they had a couple of kids and we went into we went and visited the house and my daughter disappeared into the back room for just a few seconds amazing just a few seconds what can happen and we would just look at something 's not right and so my wife got upset wins in their and she went to look for a inch open the door and did the kids watching television and it was this woman who was head of man standing overhead was jabbing and knife into her just multiple times of blood spraying everywhere and so she ran out and she taught and what the TV screen and the kids said auto wires the kid got one of the kids that she was with who is about five oh six said I don't worry it's just a movie we didn't get that from parents just isn't just developed a lifestyle choices against what God calls us to become only waking creation of how we becoming re-created father did some study on long-term effects of television that took hundred and fifty college students and interview them about their memories of intense fears ninety percent were able to describe in detail a movie or television program that frightened them in a lasting way although most have seen it in childhood twenty six percent reported residual anxiety such as sleep disturbances that's according the younger the child the longer the fair lasted so they could say they could say all you I remember being frightened out of my mind and was this television on this very product does television do movies unable to make an impact on your brain to have a long-lasting effect yet how many of you struggle to get rid of the images that come through the computer of the television but yet we've seen something and it blows Intel memory it is such a powerful medium and so when you expose yourself to certain kinds of entertainment you are doing in those images in and they get stored in your memory and it's a challenge to get them out amen you but for the grace of God think of what we could become I think he gives us some selective Divine amnesia so there is one category that I feel covers at all and that is G4 God which we needed to get rid of some things in the Bible does tell us love not the world know the things in the world and so that should be our focus were not a lot the world some of the dangers of movies I think we should think about I mentioned earlier program nonresponse we don't respond it steals time at Southern they have a network that you can join up all the computers in the Domenic Barone movies from each other I don't quite know how they do it all the foreign movies and I've had guys staying awake until like six in the morning just watching movies is there with his wife not Everest I climbed it because it was they why watch the movie because Wednesday and when you finish watching a movie we know now that you are more likely to watch another movie so when you when you watch one you will you will you house control is along with and you more likely to watch analysis feels you time and reduces spiritual interest how if you have tried reading your Bible after watching the movie challenging right it encourages full lifestyle habits how do you watch a movie are you training on your bicycle knowledge during his slouching around the city 's abstinence should I do not get enough you not eating well Johnson eating snack food and soul of these things are cool lifestyle habits so what should we knew some people tell me what is basically three options number one is abstinence don't watch movies number two is moderation and number three is addiction you also obviously don't stop the cycle does what would you feel when you feel like a better we should be right now I don't understand if you guys away so that was out of work and in his able moderation take that which is not harmful in which moderation is a sonic adoption what's what's the problem with option number two I think it's a great option what's the problem with most people with option number two final segments deleted for what it what the problem is we not to stay with what's not harmful that's the issue and so we keep looking for something else because what drives us to making creation is we are thirsty and Omnicom Continental would run with this to the something something moderation only works if you can exit following if you're not following it if you start taking the half open to some moderation you leaning back towards addiction so I recommend not because you moderation but I recommend abstinence at least for a while because the tenancy of us even if we can escape we will suggest little cycle streams escaped stress is that any nearly been in that cycle the more you escape the lease assignments you've done for class the most racer becomes the more you escape the morning is good the list you've done so the most race you become someone use getting out of being caught up in that cycle so movies naturally leads you to escape and when you have that option available view more likely to take it and so is manages to make a decision so not in a different wonderful things to love the movies every time he got on the plane he couldn't like to stay Sheena once we have with you can choose your movie and so you just love it and so the one time gets on a plane and then I promised myself not to watch and you have all of these options available in six I knew if even if I started with the National Geographic documentary I would end up in salinity after the capital does think that decision surrendering to God not to watch but will the morning if I give up all my music and movies as God does want me to live like a homeless in a lighter gravity dog is autistic Jared read Exodus Leviticus what am I going to well think about the options you use a life is to be boring but I find that movies and music and video games tend to be like a pain pill and the pain pill what's its objective to silence the pain that will what happens when it whistles the pain is still there in fact sometimes it's even stronger now because you are aware of it in contrast having no pain is one of us actually live with a little amount of pain every day that you take away letting them instantly comes rushing back and and so what you need to do again go get another pain pill is a pain pill helping you want not no it was thing is alleviating the pain what would be a much better way of dealing with this problem deal with and I absolutely so and if we need to deal with the pain of those people haven't dealt with the pain are more likely to become addicted because they have a natural painkiller units take so are you saying then that it's a send to watch soon well enjoying watching listening to even contemplating sin weakens our hatred for it however Jesus would you agree the state electrically couple of takes on the hundred one verse three well you probably know this already I will send no wicked thing before my eyes should we set wicked things before our eyes not Romans one was thirty two notice what it says about this group of people what they take pleasure in they take pleasure in someone else doing it in the Bible says that that is wrong if you're enjoying someone else's sin but the best knowing the judgment of God that they which commit such things are what you did not only to do the same but have pleasure in them that do that they get pleasure out of watching someone else committed since Elizabeth and Watson yes now is therefore temptation is sent what is the Bible say a few quick clicks get Hebrews chapter four and was fifteen his temptation to send Jesus was in all points tempted Jesus was tempted his temptation to send no it's not a sin and we can see various other places that I'm getting it sometimes wonders thirteen pics later we can see that temptation is not a sin but when you look lustfully it can become a son right so we need to distinguish what's going on yes I love this quotation which is attributed to Martin Luther you cannot prevent bugs from flying of a head but you can building a nest in your head the problem is not temptation all loving is a beautiful woman all there is a movie that looks like I should watch that's not the problem the problem is dwelling on that thought over and over again until you can think of nothing else and you end up engaging in some temptation not to send that allowing it to grow and grow Kandi Thomasson so this is what is really how my wife and myself to understand how to deal with recreation and re- creation this is a central principle that that has just opened up so many doors for us we said well this is the key it talks about two sins that Israel had committed a notice what they are number one for Satan meaning the fountain of living waters and number two she went out for themselves broken systems Jeremiah two thirteen so take a look at what happens here they forsaken the true way to get with this answer saw been appointed the third section here what should you do with your list according to their mission go to the fountain of living waters absolutely now notice what happens if you don't they go to broken systems so we have a thirst that results in the design I sell it Saturday night and I've been spiritual day Sabbath so now set a I get the students to do what to do something exciting that is radio cold to reconnect with God but instead of answering Nicole to deal with my payroll to reconnect with my friends that are answering the call that these I have become selfish and its selfish desires is I want to get some fun out of life and so it meets which would send now I go and I said and I watch this movie I should watch what happens in my head I get a dopamine high and so I had this high but when the movies all the and isolate those images playing through my head maybe it was sexual images maybe something else I'm filled with shame and strengths anyone know what I'm talking about you so this shameless race NSA ministries resulting pain and a lot like a depressed as I mentioned at the top blues so I have this pawn I pay my articles was low this depression that makes me thirsty in order to get it fixed wish I got to the fountain of living waters because he's the only one he could fix my pain but instead I go back to my selfish design I got back negative of the movie and the movie becomes a pain reliever I get a temporary high that results in shamans rescinding around around anyone follow the cycles so we need to find a way to break out so I we have to deal with the pain that drives us the person who manages to deny his pain behind a façade of togetherness is dangerously dangerously vulnerable to developing compulsively sinful habits because he's not dealing a death blow to the wrong strategies that blocked his enjoyment of the Lord is not willing to deal with them is music in the movies of addictive behaviors the unrecognized demolishing the files they can assault still demands relief he's like being home when he stumbles across something that provides a flash of excitement and a sense of fulfillment the momentary relief of that core eight more closely resembles lessons and that's the experience of joyful living than anything he's not it brings them closer than all his efforts to be obedient and a half so for a moment he feels good when you play the videogame when you when you listen to the music when you watch the movies for what it feels that everyone had this experience I mean at least some stage in your life and when it feels good it's because if answering the pain one will not be met either one and you and you have that momentary feeling but it's a broken system is he going to drink from that one of them was a broken system assistant was identified as a picture that I don't assist was a place where they kept water in a broken system into the water would leak out and so they keep going back and therefore in the empty revenue God 's plan is to sell us up with himself to re-create us in his own image so that we don't keep going back to the full systems notice how it looks when tempted no one should say God is tempting me for God cannot be tempted by evil notice he tempt anyone but each one is tempted by his wife's keys on evil desire and he is dragged away and enticed the problem is we haven't learned to figure out what out when our hearts desire and to change the design by God 's grace to be filled with his life so some people say well you I'm not sure if I'm really convicted about over this music these what if I'm not sure if I'm convicted what is just for this image is a read with me to him that knowledge to do a good and do it but not to him it is it said that's right so many people know they should do something but I don't feel guilty doing I mistakenly say why not convicted about that because their feelings lied to them they think they don't have to obey God of the Bible says that if we know something went or not we feel guilty for disobeying we ought to get the point so we need to sense that what we've got you is we are in this we follow what God is doing in his recent job I broken on Thursday I'm looking for something to fill me up help me to fill myself up and you pull out your level upon me and missy take that for the Pentagon got on lonely we find substitutes that create a problem for us in one four one how hot spree needs to be sewage near God and know my thoughts see if they be any wicked way in the end lead me in the way everlasting may we want the convictions just one other people think is okay will be able to surrender to God in the Scriptures will leave this guy does and he will show us that this is good and this is an some things that you need to give up some things that keep you back I love this site quotation from Susanna Wesley the mother of the famous evangelist John and Charles Wesley when she warned him about sin she said what if one increases the strength and authority of your body of your mind that thing is sent to you how in a innocent it may be if it's increasing your flesh the nation over your spiritual gifts and twenty nine it was sent Canada Canada because God has a much better way he is a fallacious rhythm we has a banquet feast prepared for us how do you want to thank little refutes Murphy's ego still awake I know it's a little woman yes what a feast now we need a face of the Bible simply save the land with this part of the old man and put on the new man so that means things are done have to be cut off even on his knowledge of the reason that what Jesus said that it is a heaven that with you your handle your foot cut off and into heaven maimed than to go in with that you know that you go to hell with all your limbs now he's not me physically I don't want your peoples like all men might submit into semi- disconnected off not always meaning is had out the things that keep you from their so what should you do you know we've had bonfire as we read the CDs and byways it's kind of freaky because when you burn CD covers that make this these these interesting blue flames and you can see all kinds of things in this item note that demons may put any lacks the plastic burning city does something freaky tickets of weak blood stuff we thrown it away without people believe their hard drives all things that should be on their people taken the video games and put them away because they recognized that the devil has an agenda would you agree the devil has an agenda and minutes and they said all right now what am I to do because I cut out of that stuff and I'm still listening and that's when the real work begins replacing the negative stuff with God 's higher collisions at the right handle please is visible God wants you to have his pleasures and he wants you to good music he wants you to be able to watch things that are helpful we want you to interact with the real world and do mission work and just find yourself list by doing those things that make a difference but you can have to make the decision photos and put on father someone here this morning has been struggling with letting go something that they know is harmful to the they seen how it had an effect on the brain 's had an effect on the spiritual lives of the values of the very people who created these things is meant to lead us away from Christ's now will be somebody here is willing to say I never throw that away under the delete that I I never protect myself by finding my servicemen and you and go to dwell on what you mean for me I can relate Q steal my pain somebody who's been lonely and maybe they've used movies old computers something else to fill up that loneliness what I pray that you will you will fill that loneliness with yourself and with a good Christian family please lots help us to give up that waits that entangles us and trips us we ask in Jesus name all right a little Q&A we have a limited time now Q&A what's what this this is not as easy as I is not in a theater watching and easy to know he is and is not as it is we haven't been studies on the evangelism effect but listen him then studies on how much you absorb from a television program and you can easy see is what you remember from television programs may be a concept that is more like an emotion you think about a lot of the movies and TV you've watched them in your emotion so evangelistic videos help people maybe to catch the concept of the Sabbath what if you ask them a question afterwards to really explain it to find many of them struggle is solely it is it is a challenge but it is useful to at least get the support I hear across you but people donated I mean even just this whole presentation I'm giving you you can repeat it on so this is not the most effective way to learn anything to sit here staring at a screen and spirit a speaker so we should be out there in the sunshine within Shamika couldn't get her video okay yes I will repeat the question so the question is should we use question that we just as it was should we use video Re: should we use evangelistic videos how much do people retain and the answers they get the basic concept but not much more all right any other questions this as well they sent right to say yes to the question is how how dangerous his television on the canopy positive I think like most mediums like most technological meetings means it can be used positively the challenge with television and you mentioning the use is that if if you've ever had a break from television you've gone back you find the thing is they just repeat the same things over and over you leave and have the same shots I just cycle through them and any little the ads to contend with and between and up close as you mentioned used since the negative cause that's what sells you know you do not put on the news everybody was happy with my campus today and really wants you not it's just that soccer make the news what what would make the news is the principal went wild and killed three students than that what is that guy everybody happy and doing well in error having a wonderful spiritual time doesn't make the news of the news tends to glorify the negative any other questions what about videogames is this too hot at me not every this on video games can help kids with skills videogames can help you with what skill set yet if you're it if you're planning a career in him doing things that require videogame skills I guess there's some value to that the problem is that when you spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen that negative Elizabeth your eyes as that's waiting for you when exercise is bad for your sleep patterns at night and so the problem is again moderation in choosing that which is good it's a question that may have to have shown that that evening and is still new because text messaging is fairly recent so we don't have enough longitudinal studies but very clearly with text messaging missing that people could text a lot and we were talking about the kids these days will takes upwards of ten thousand messages a month when you're texting when you texting that many people that becomes you means of communications that people are texting on a paying attention to what's happening around them so we got more car accidents are the poor academic record the more antisocial behavior and all of these things are as a result of this dependence on texting because we are a soundbite generation so we left the soundbites it's on the Facebook because a status update is limited you can go on like a block you don't like MySpace we pour out your guts for three pages if it's short and that's the new generation that's we like sending short soundbite quick day and that's text messaging but what that's resulted in superficial relationships how she really know about these people I have twenty three twenty four hundred friends on Facebook and all my friends was on the Albany this is Muslim or not my friends they are people who recent soundbites across the ways in the something that's a little dysfunctional about the by the way up to Facebook they have been a study on the Facebook will also give you a hormonal high just going on Facebook but you knew that all right well if those the only Christians will wrap up thank you for listening and I hope all goes well there is the day I should they don't have a paper you about what's coming up for the next seminar 's I think this afternoon we may have one on race and the one on worship and so when the one hundred Cisco be interesting how should you grace one of worship is dealing with what worship is acceptable for church services and worship wars and and those kinds of things so if they are to those interests you please do come back


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