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To Be Anything for Jesus

James Rafferty


James Rafferty

Co-director and gospel worker for Light Bearers Ministry




  • August 5, 2010
    7:00 AM
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Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life that he says no one comes to the father but by that sounds like an exclusive statement doesn't but it is actually a very inclusive statements because in the very context of that statements the book of John says that is Jesus Christ is lifted up from the earth you will draw all to him and furthermore in John chapter six verse thirty seven Jesus says whoever comes to me I will in no wise cast very inclusive I know someone here this morning who needs that promise John six thirty seven he who comes to me sheathing comes to me I will nowise cast doubts you know if you have that one promise you have all you need for entrance into the kingdom of God let's pray this morning Auburn had one thinking this morning the Jesus Christ for the word that you've given us the promise of the Holy Spirit to teach us to convict us to guide us in all truth I want to thank you for this providential meeting this time together with you in your words we ask that you will open our hearts or minds you will communicate to us your thoughts concerning us your message of truth that in this devotional times morning our hearts will being courageous and uplifted and directed to Jesus that as we go from this place we can direct others to Jesus that we can shine as light bearers for you in this world of darkness in our marketplace in our place of ministry father that your heart be transferred to others through us did our first one we pray in the name of Jesus Christ to everyone saying in a manner that's all my files this morning to Daniel chapter twelve Daniel chapter twelve I want us to look this morning in Daniel chapter twelve at first three Daniel twelve in verse three is the final horse of a long series of visions of Daniel has been given Daniel chapter two Daniel chapter seven Daniel chapter eight Daniel chapter eleven or a series of what we call repeatedly large visions each one building upon the previous window launching and expand the devious more information down through the prophetic picture of time in Daniel chapter twelve in verse three we have the very last verse of the series of visions I know we think that the series ends in Daniel eleven but it actually is in Daniel twelve Daniel eleven and verse forty four forty five is not the end of the concepts the subject matter of the chapter it actually continues on entangled love you could you grassy divide the chapter in Daniel twelve inverse floor rather than the in Daniel twelve in verse one because verses one to three of Daniel twelve belong to the visions Gabriel is speaking to Daniel Gabriel has been instructing the angle from the beginning if you go boldly back to two eleven in verse one I also in the first year of Darius the Mead even I stood to confirm and strengthen him and now verse two I will show you the truth verse two is Gabriel talking the day he's communicating this truth to Daniel and he continues to communicate him all the way through to reverse the read of Daniel twelve so this verse is the final verse of the series of visions the final message that Gabriel wants to communicate to Daniel him you'll has been in contact connecting with God since he was a teenager since he was fifteen or sixteen years old and was sent to Babylon on a mission from God an evangelistic trip or journey that took him his whole life not six weeks or two weeks or ten days but his whole life at the end of this evangelistic journey Daniel has been given a final vision of the cable nor thinking the South even on breaking the sound are very difficult challenging and somewhat confusing vision for many of us to understand the end of this vision the final parse the very final message is communicated to Daniel Y Gabriel from heaven is this Daniel twelve verse three and David a wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament 's and they that turn many to what righteousness as the star 's for ever and ever know people want to be stars and people want to be movie stars and one of the rockstar people want to have a star in the sidewalk in a place called Hollywood so I guess people can walk over those stars with their feet minimal dirty I don't know why people want stars and segments but one of the reasons that we can understand this desire for stardom is because Daniel twelve verse three tells us that that is our destiny as human beings we are destined to be starts that shine for ever and ever that's our destiny but notice the first verse is actually twofold the first half of it is talking about those who are why it's those who why it's those who are wise and when the shine is the brightness of firmament made it turn it on with his repeat enlargement of the previous thought those that are wise for those who are going to I may need to was awarded in righteousness I was really powerful about this verse this final horse of all the visions of Daniel is the understanding that we get when we seek to define the word righteousness righteousness because that would define powerfully not only Romans chapter one it back in the book of Jeremiah chapter twenty three that word is defined powerfully in verse six Jeremiah twenty three verse six is says prophesying of our time I know Mumia Jeremias in his days Judah shall be saved and Israel shall dwell safely and this is his name whereby he shall be called the Lord our anyone know the righteousness is talking about Jesus Jesus Christ is our righteousness prescriptive chapter one tells us in verse thirty to Jesus Christ is our justification he's our sanctification he's our redemption is everything in the desire latest a three hundred were told that he is our title and are fitness for heaven is our righteousness is our title and fitness Raven contacted a statement many of us driving to earn salvation that Jesus is both our title and fitness is our righteousness so if you look at this in the context of Daniel chapter twelve verse three you could actually exchange for the word righteousness you got to exchange the word is reverse with that word in their data for verse three and David a wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to Jesus later terminated Jesus as the stars for ever and ever naturally why we're here we hear so on how we can turn people to Jesus how can we turn people to Jesus that's why were here that's what ASI is all about sharing Christ in the turning people into his immunotherapy opportunities abound and sometimes when also aware of the wastes valuable at times over principles and issues in and distractions that surround us in our isms like Adventism and we need to perhaps learn from the history of God 's people how we can be prepared to turn many to Jesus let's look at it in the contents of this process showing I believe this prophecy had a fulfillment in the days of Christ now of course we believe this is a real-time prophecy and it is but first and foremost the prophecies of Daniel are directly Nazi than the seventy weeks of the twenty two hundred days or directing us to Jesus first and back to his first coming this prophecy therefore has application there first and foremost Daniel twelve are stated to be wise whether wise people when Jesus was born on this earth weatherwise people let's look at that in Matthew chapter two I think you know work were going with this message aptitudes talks about some people we believe there were three of them because or three gifts they brought with them gold frankincense and myrrh and in Matthew chapter to beginning with verse one it says that when Jesus is one in Bethlehem of Judea and the days of Herod skiing behold there came one hundred men wise man glory coming from what made them why they were wise because they were looking for the Jesus don't don't stop with this idea they want setting process indeed they were studying the prophecies the reason why they were saving processes so they were looking for the Messiah they looking to Jesus it's one thing to study prophecy and has nothing to study prophecy to look for they were wise because they were looking for Jesus sometimes we study prophecy and we stopped we understand prophecy we stopped before we find Jesus but look an example of that it says that these wisemen came to Jerusalem to the church there are wise people there are people that are looking for Jesus and they're coming to our church to come to the Georgian village of Jesus they're looking for Jesus saying verse two where is he that is born King of the tunes we have seen his star in the East and are come to worship another a lot of people I've ever see the star to shine people that are leaving them to Jesus there watching perhaps three Vienna getting trashed the literature and a sellout at your church maybe my come on a Sunday to begin with and then they realize they need to be there on Saturday who knows what they saw the chart and as they come interested in listening and reading as they come your chart guess what they're looking for Jesus as it are looking for a lot of these people understand they been reading the study may understand the process just like the men from these but they're looking for one Jesus I wonder if they'll find will he find Jesus they've seen this on Easton says here and they can't see what worship him so it says in verse three when Herod the king heard these things he was what was aware there travel and all Jerusalem when you mezzanine from among the good news of Jesus can you imagine the trouble when people come to church looking for Jesus these minute looking to Jesus and troubled Herod and it troubled all of Jerusalem and it says the first four when he had gathered all the chief priests and the scribes of the people together he demanded of them when Christ should be born here we see the uniting in a sense of church and state we see the enforcement of the demand being of truth to come forth verse five says in a set of the hand in Bethlehem of Judea for thus it is written by what the process they don't want since yes they knew the process do we know the prophecies yes we know the Protestants people are looking for Jesus and we would become the loss are giving a prophecy for six about Bethlehem in the land of easier or not least among the princes of Judah for out of the succumb for the governance are ruled by people Israel and then Harry when he and I recall the wisemen inquired of them diligently at what I start I like this because this not only tells us that hair is interested in prophecy but Herod is interested in time prophecy is interested in time prophecy yields time prophecy is send out his time prophecy is in a lot you know that we're still were still seeking to reapply the time prophecies and put them in the future somewhere you know we want to do something with those our processes got to be some way to put that maybe in a literal format of some kind up there in the future will freebase there because were afraid it would put dates you know what really can be out of harmony with the cows would be given but was kind of strong operating limits on the law passes the Nativity thirteen hundred and thirty five literal days until time prophecy can was really interested in what I start here to searching the Scriptures but notice this notice this any sent them verse eight to Bethlehem and he said go and search diligently for the young child put it talking about Jesus search diligently for Jesus and when you have found him bring me word again that I may come and worship him also in August called that's called secondhand religion that's what happens when you spend all your time watching three again in no time in the word of God in personal devotion with Jesus Christ you Mister Speaker Mister preacher is to pass it will find Jesus Hugo study and findings and went whatever you find whatever whatever insight common share that with me tell me about that anal the Angels for days the Wiseman to be there and God is remitting us today the message that we must communicate this to all is that you must find Jesus for yourself individually personally you must find Jesus and so we find these men that are wise going one step further inherit in the scribes and Pharisees they continue on their journey to find Jesus they continue on their journey to find you there not satisfied with the prophecies that are not satisfied with time prophecy they want to find the one that is prophesied up again they want to find Jesus enough weatherwise it says in verse nine when they heard the king they departed in love this Don which they saw in the East went before them to the came and stood over where the young child was in the back of a little bit ever stands and when they saw the star they watched rejoiced with exceeding joy we are to be those storms those lines if you will we are to bring light to the people of this world so they can rejoice with exceeding joy and a confines the Savior our job is to lead people to Jesus to lead people to Jesus and he says when they were verse eleven common to the house they saw the young Child with Mary his mother and he felt about and they worshiped and when they opened their treasures they presented an intense gold and frankincense and an verse twelve being warned of God and dream that they should not return to Herod they departed under their own country another way and when they were departed behold the Angel Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying arise take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt and be thou there until I bring the word for Herod will seek the young child is God still driving his people today those who ally have nothing to fear for the plans and the plots of others those will Y 's have one job only and that is to lead people let me share with you this morning statement is made meant a lot to me I recently read this book it's called the return of the latter rain this is a book that should be in the hall of every Seventh-day Adventist I leader available here in the exhibit area you go to the glad tidings movably even find one of these books every Seventh-day Adventist you have a copy of this what reasons return of the latter rain is a history of this church from eighteen forty four eighteen ninety one second edition coming out the pics are from there to share your statement that was written by a man named James White's never heard of it you know James why was actually the sending is actually a descendent from the early programs that came across the ocean there and that often withdraw he was a descendent of the first one child there is among those programs and I think that is profoundly interesting because when you look in Revelation chapter twelve you look at the prophecy on the woman with the wings of an eagle flying over the scene into her place and of course that is a picture of God 's remnant people coming to this birth to the United States and among those people was one of the founders of the search teams prophetic he says here just before his death in eighteen eighty one with some there is an honorable journey of soul for Christ and the writer is one of this class with some of us has been business work care giving Christ but little room and mine in the affections with others it has been nearly all theory dwelling upon the law the prophets the nature and destiny of man the messages want destitute to an alarming degree on your indwelling Christ are creatures need more encouragement they should preach Christ more they should know more of him upon whom our hopes of success here in heaven hereafter just before you die this was the birth of James Watts one of our Adventist pioneers carried on his hearts the burden that our preachers needed more of Christ that he wanted indwelling Christ that we needed to focus more on Jesus Christ's descent into the nest we want to do in our series this morning I want to be sure and we do not only this morning but more morning and my wife is going to take over from there she's going to send you in our last emotional meeting on Sabbath morning and the theme the focus of the two means that I have is based on the statement in the design basis this Davis page four thirty nine four forty and this is how it reads not work for work design it's four thirty nine four forty when we see Jesus scorned slide deriving driven from city to city until his mission was a Congress when we see him into seventy 's wedding great drops of blood and on the cross dying in agony when we see this self will no longer clamp to be recognized will be ashamed of our lethargy and our self-seeking and we will be willing to be anything when so we may depart service for the master anything or nothing this one want to focus on being anything for Jesus we want to focus on that because it is our lethargy that keeps us from being anything for Jesus tomorrow focus on being nothing twenty six years ago when God first converted my hearts he called me in a ministry it was an ceiling call for me because of all the things that I ever thought I might do with my life public speaking was the furthest from either no problem with my English classes my mother was English teacher and so I got A's without even trying except when it came to speech that was the one quarter the one class that are the most difficulty with because in order for me to get eggs I would have to speak publicly before the whole class and I was scared to death you can ask anyone who ever heard me preach in my early years I was terrible this improved a little but the last thing I wanted a new was speaking in public I had the same excuses that Moses had brought them all forth one after another cool mind with my background what what kind of credentials the why have to get up front and share anything with anyone but God wiped all of those away as he did with Moses as he will do each one of us say not I'm a child he said Jeremiah you will go wherever I send you whatever I command you you will speak some of us are children in age and others are children in experience biblical experience of the gods is on what all that away because I have a message and I need people to present in as I grew twenty six years later I come to the place where it's not so much willing to be anything but at times will you be nothing as a balance between the tubing anything or nothing John the Baptist was willing to be anything for Jesus he was call the wild fanatic out there in the wilderness and preaching and an eating honey locusts can you imagine the nozzle insects and in honey and chop them down I can either inspect those locusts really works Sarah Ponce from the care tree which grows profusely in the middle eastern countries Sarah was used to make bread even called St. John's bread to this day and also for father for animals it was a poor man's food and was thought that if you were so poor that you had to take care of odds Garrett read that you needed repentance as God was blessing that's why Johnny because he is a message of repentance there he was out in the wilderness eating his care for going always chocolate even the dark chocolate was supposed to be good for you I'll be leaving the getting is good for you that's an aside and preaching of Jesus Christ the Messiah was about the manifest among people thought he was crazy was a fanatic but he was willing to be anything a man and then later on his life is willing to use willing to be nothing so that Jesus Christ could increase that's what we are to this church we are in a place where Jesus needs to increase and we need to increase enough of us refine right here prophecy in fact it's interesting isn't it how the wise men have paved the way for such open our Bibles out of Revelation chapter one the wise men have paved the way for us in a sense because they have shown us that hazards the dangers of focusing on prophecy without looking for Jesus is not what happened here in Jerusalem they were interested in crossing a new prophecy that you answer all the questions that the prophets those but they weren't willing to diligently search for Jesus and a lot of people struggle with the book of Revelation because they understand and to book profits to be understand this talk about problems in some of those prophecies are pretty challenging like for example the seven trumpets lots we do not always diligently search and find Jesus and the prophecies thought leader Daniel chapter twelve verse three is telling us counseling us to recognize that as we get to the end of time we are going to be danger room in the history of the early Jewish church and that is mean satisfied with prophecy and not diligently searching for Jesus and that were counseling testimonies ministers and one hundred and fourteen that we have a better understanding the books of Daniel and Revelation we will be impressed with the characters almost that we will see more of Jesus in these books I believe that's the case in fact I believe in the book of Revelation is a revelation all describes we think of that once the title I know a lot of people say what that means is from Jesus you know God Senate transformed Jesus will I believe it's also obvious I believe the theme of the book of Revelation is Jesus Christ I believe also that this book could be called the fifth Gospel of Mark and Matthew Mark Luke and John of the four Gospels why because they talk about Jesus will so does the book of Revelation the book of Revelation points us to Jesus let me give you an example Revelation chapter one verse five under him that loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood we figure was that talking is at the basis is that the Dragon now that's talking about Jesus and that is the first message of the book of Revelation the first message the book of Revelation is the message of salvation in Jesus that has been accomplished by Jesus the first thing that God wants to know if we open up this book is that Jesus Christ loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood we as insurers have no business directing people revelations at the thirteen and we have a dragon Revelation chapter one we have no business putting in place and thirteen in front of Revelation chapter one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven or twelve and that with no business even quality revelation chapter twelve and seventeen here they the until we thoroughly share Revelation chapters one through eleven and you know Revelation chapters one through eleven never mentioned people who keep the grams of God is you know that search I love you will not find in the first half of the book of Revelation any mention of people to God 's commandments you know what it is because the first half of the book of Revelation is dedicated to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and the only way people will ever Commandments of God as if they are saturated are established in the gospel of Jesus Christ is that if you love you going to keep my commandments he said he might grant you love and we love him first John four nineteen says because he first loved us so we must find the genes that before we get to Revelation chapter twelve it's vital it's it's it's karma that we find Jesus first we don't have to look far Revelation chapter one and first what John says I turned to see the voice that spake with me and I turned I saw seven golden candlesticks and first thirteen says in the midst of the candlesticks I saw one like unto those that Jesus received it's not only the first message is also the first vision the first vision of the book of Revelation is the vision not of the Dragon all of the beast of Jesus the first thing that God shows John is Christ the first thing he sees is Jesus the first messaging here's the message of Islam and forgiveness because God knows that if we are established in the gospel of Jesus and if we are eyes fixed upon Jesus will be ready for the rest of the revelation with me everything else that 's will be in significance in comparison to this but if we missed Jesus and the Gospel the rest of the book of Revelation will scare here my wife was raised seventy abaci was Loma Linda California is where she hails from and she has told me that her first nightmares are directly connected to her first revelation some of you know why all those basic images for trading their focused upon night after night meeting after meeting and very little but that's not what revelations written and wanted a seminar the book of Revelation got to start with chapter one and events go to chapter two and chapter three chapter two and three Pixar this message that we call the everlasting gospel relationship to begins with the seven churches the seven churches have some problems but each one of them is encouraged to do one thing overcome to him that overcomes to him that overcomes and overcomes which makes it very evident that they're not right with me in fact when you look at the vision of Jesus Christ he standing on long the church is any kind of wonder after you read the message to the churches why because these churches are some major problems why would Jesus want to be associated with it will last with a gospel concert because Jesus Christ wants to assure us before he even tells us about these messages is with us these among us that he is standing with us we may perceive him but he doesn't present us we may turn from him he doesn't turn for months there are two churches that have nothing against no review that is Philadelphia and Smyrna but Jesus does not get yourself a stay among two of the candlesticks while the other five are located over on the on the on the other side of the room saying the other churches you when you get your act together you can come join us know Jesus stands among also gives us the assurance that he is with us is either mouse even though the latest in church makes one throw a he says as many as I want to rebuke and Jason so what we see here is an unconditional love and assurance of Christ's love for us in spite of ourselves and we needed and when it is more than a human relationship before you see this vision of this is wrong it is set in him was a rainbow over the throne which reminds us of God 's promises and then it says continuing further in Revelation chapter five but there is a book in the right hemisphere that sits on the throne in this book this role is written on the inside on the outside face the eleventh seven seals and John says as he hears a strong age of going with a loud voice was where the open that the book and lose the seals he says in verse reader there is no man in heaven no man in earth and under the earth that is able to open the book neither the couple and what is jumping into the act receives that no one is able to open this book to be instantly it instantly this book contains the history of the world 's every event every nation every person is written in the book and the summary of that history is all I sent a short of the glory of God and the ways of sin is death and John realizing this because to wit because is no one in heaven knocking about Eliza who was so righteous cool walking so closely with God about translating without seeing the no one in our topical not the present matter how powerful the holy claim to be no one under the earth that would include those of guiding flashlight again was so blameless Lisa before his enemies without faults no one is able to open this book would look upon and reason that is because we cannot say ourselves there is not a point of truth that needs to be dwelt upon more earnestly repeated more frequently or southwesterly winds off and the impossibility of man on man marrying anything buys on this one salvation is in Jesus Christ alone this is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ we need overcome but we can't know many have in no manner of the minute of the earth to prevail no one can open the books no one can also address me with that we are dealing and John begins to weep when he realizes that fat as he was waiting one of the elves were spies set underhand units seven letters comprising two words that bring us the rest of the story we know there's the gospel with lots week not behold the lion of the tribe now you know that is not a command behold the line of Trenton Judah it ought because here is found the secret of success in the Christian experience he holds the why of the tribe of Judah he has for the next four eight one prevails anyone know what that word means individually necessary work that is given to each one of the churches is the same word overcome to him that overcomes and overcomes him that overcomes what you can overcome well we cannot weep not if you have not been able to overcome it here's Susan and overwhelming if you feel the Lord and the weight until on your shoulders they tried and tried and tried to you about babies cannot need not we know the line of the tribe of Judah the he has proven he is able yes all is any come short of the glory of God yes the ways of sin is death lots the gift of God the one big gift of God began earnings to get narratives but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord he has free male he has overcome his overcome that's the worst is overcome seek the book of revelations given us an outline of the plan of salvation Jesus Christ loves us step number one cause love for me Jesus Christ and he has washed us from our sins in his book he's taking cabs in problem is died for every senator ever been committed not once it has been left off for us Jesus is not parents step number two you need to overcome don't be satisfied with a few less than overcoming sin because sin will destroy sin will separate you from Boston will overwhelm you sin is what Jesus came to save us from don't give up as if the mind no longer believes that you can overcome the battle was lost in outsourcing this is fighting about right here you may think that is worthless is useless but that's because you look at yourself he holds the land God she has prevailed keep your eyes on Jesus keep your focus on just in case prevails she has overcome and then you have the White horse Rider in Revelation chapter six in verse one as soon as this on John Netherlands prevailed in the land begins to open the seals of this book this rolled us in the right handedness is on strongest title deeds of Europe if you will is begins to peel back the seals he begins to alter our destiny with death deviance and change the history of the world is Jesus Christ is the object is altered our history each one of us has a destiny in Christ is one of us has a new experience waiting for us in Jesus Christ every person on planet Earth is a new creature in Christ there isn't just sitting waiting to be had in Jesus and Brad what is the message that we had to proclaim to the world the good news of the gospel is to have a future at all whoever you want wherever you want wherever you want to have a future and hope in Jesus Christ waiting there for you to be claimed to be appreciated to be to be taken in excess again purchase with about your name is on its again your name is on it's their in the Whitehorse it says is the four beasts one of the four visas come see I saw me hold a white horse and he decided him had a bow and a crown was given him and he went for thirty one conquering and called anyone all that workings to overcome same word same way to overcome you need to overcome jealousy to be able do it but Jesus is overcome and now white horse why was right it was white with writers Jesus religion nineteen tells us that killed the white horse this offs Zechariah Kapitan tells us that we or his goodly horse in the sick write-in bursary unified anniversary read the whole chef read the whole book you'll find them in the Zechariah we are as goodly horse in the battle so what was this first course is telling us what the imagery this was the town is is that when we let Jesus take the way when we connect with Jesus when he becomes our wider we go forth conquering and to we can conquer impossible we can't do that we can overcome that Jesus has overcome and we connect with Jesus guess what we go forth conquering and call Chris God is God that is the essence of the message and revolution and as we take in this message as we focus on client as we lift them up as we see him step-by-step and point by point in the book of Revelation the first half were going to find ourselves fulfilling the description of God 's people in Revelation chapters twelve through fifteen you know there are seven descriptions of God 's people in Revelation chapters twelve to seventeen I see the twelve to fifteen we focus on two of them Revelation twelve seventeen and fifty grams one hundred testimony Jesus Christ reporting troubles can transcribe the faith of Jesus but there were five other descriptions of God 's people there one of them I want you to think about is because it means morning is this revelation twelve verse eleven and they got steeple could be accused in night in the context revelation twelve are stamped by the accuser are brethren who accuses God of them before God day and night they God 's people overcome him there's a keyboard again saying what is prevailed they overcome him the accusers by what underway by the word of their testimony and they love not their lives under that they're willing to be anything or nothing in human him thinking that experience how to become the place where they would be the first of all they saw Jesus alive Revelation one personal then they put their focus on Jesus Revelation one versus twelve and thirteen they kept their eyes on Jesus they look at other people look around the faults and imperfections of others or themselves with a result they kept the focus on Jesus then they receive the message you need to overcome you need to overcome they never gave up believing that they could overcome they never allow the theology of cheap grace to tell them that they could not overcome even though it times they were overwhelmed with their own imperfections and fall like Sarah and Abraham at times they made an laugh at the idea that they could have this child Jesus one in him this child of promise they can't their faith in the promises of God for us and then they realize that Jesus has overcome edit as they united with him they too will go forth and overcome and they gained through this the experience of overcoming by the blood of life and then they had this word of their testimony sharing with others the beautiful truth of Christ and his righteousness I want to close this morning with a statement from the stay with God August fifth that's today's date August fifth this was written by Alan White to might be a rather it was written in nineteen oh three one hundred and seven years ago I believe it is the message that God wants to communicate with this voice as I read this this morning a proportion of these meetings I thought I must share this with the brethren as I'm not the rather my brother but this is to the restaurant August fifth nineteen oh three Joshua stand before the angel of the Lord we defiled garments represents those whose religious life has been faulty good overcome by Satan 's temptations and are unworthy of God 's favor today human beings stand before God with defiled God 's all their righteousness is as filthy rags Isaiah sixty four six Satan uses against them his masterly accusing power explains their imperfections as evidence of their weakness you feel him breathing down your neck he points scornfully at the mistakes of those claim to be doing God service they had been deceived by him and he bags for permission to destroy that to you at times feel like giving up that why is worthless that you might as well just quit perhaps it's even one to die battle constancy but they trust in Christ and Christ one percent he gave his world and take away their sins interview today in his righteousness he declares that through faith in his name may receive forgiveness in a perfect Christian characters Christlike characters they have confessed their sins to him they've asked for pardon and Christ declares that because they look to and believe on him he will give them power to become the sons of God 's image their characters in effect but because they are not trusted in their own merits and axis and excuse their sins because they are not trusted own merits and not excuse their sins because they've asked for forgiveness into the merits of Christ the Lord receives that I rebuked Satan praise God because they humbled themselves confessing their sins he refuses to listen the enemy 's accusations he has abundantly pardon the current penitent ones and he will carry for his work in Van 's work of redeeming love if they will continue to believe in him and trust those who by divine grace to gain the mastery over their faults are to teach others how are you over you see them it's outlined in the revelation how to overcome step by step pointing them to the source of all strength to every converted soul is given the privilege of helping those around who do not rejoice in the light in which he standing they also may know the joy that is come to him as many as received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God even then that believe on his John one twelve they may take their place in the world as God 's like there's can resist that is gods like there's they that turn many to Jesus will shine as stars forever and whispered on the network thankful 's morning that you given us a picture of Jesus a picture that is found not only in the Gospels we know to be Matthew Mark Luke and John but right here in the book of Revelation the fifth gospel of the Bible and they are in the book of Daniel again the final message the final verse of those that series of visions directing us to direct others to Christ thank you father for the hope we have in Christ thank you that we do not need to believe that we have been defeated because we have a savior thank you that we can accept this message of your power your grace that enables us to overcome the go forth conquering and to conquer we look always to the work you promised to do suite believe that you're the author and finisher and this morning we ask that your Holy Spirit will work in our hearts causing us to be willing as we look to assess to be anything or not so we need to heart service for our master work this out and are expressed when we are in you are not a young Westerners might not ever is more than five hundred maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find them in Anaheim is a poor is a free online service please visit www. nonbelievers


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