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Now is the Time

Shawn Lathrom



  • January 7, 2006
    10:00 AM
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will him thank you for being here with one person right now to our hearts into this new data created home they decide is Jesus I still vividly recall the terrorists struck and threw him into an uncontrollable shaking fears that it was a Sunday morning about seven thirty how is headed to work about seven thirty seven novices in Wichita Kansas and is now live traffic out there Sunday morning fact agency aren't any cars and on but I think you will always thinking as I often do when I drive and as I looked off to the right at the on-ramp I noticed a a big tractor-trailer things in life on a John deer tractor coming up on it on to the interesting so I signaled to get over the left lane so he could so we can get on and then I noticed that a Navy blue Chevy pickup truck right now the county government wanted around this strong and I'm sure that many of you have experienced this kind of situation is better than here in Southern California and so on watching him ensure not this guy decides to jump all the way with the vastly cellular it's that struck the problem was that he in the truck were going about twenty five miles an hour compared to my five eighty nine it was close enough in severe enough that I had to ought to slam on my brakes and I still ahead which led Atreides swerve around him and somehow maneuver between for the line tractor-trailer I saw the latter often and from that moment on the stories my blurry I swear nowhere and because of the speed I was going to this County and somehow I made him between the truck and engine and the saline after about three quarters of a mile when certain into the media on backwards forwards sideways I remember one time looking at my side when with an interstate and this allows that I thought you about your limited way I think I is situationally no time to stop and think no time to sometimes spend time with God haven't done so already a morning sometime Mumbai the grace of God I am a flight off interstate backwards and only is Apple going to mile marker and have a little skilled in all of my bumper to bumper my car and all nursing graphs inside between the wheel and tires on at one point are going to want to share attend a stop and looked over to my left my card installed and I see this drug plan and try to gather myself and Emma Goldman received this in my pool and I'll never forget the look on helplessly as without it and all is God 's mouth was open while I was really possible I see it must be seen by the show one advantage to will will will him I know there is one there is I try to start my car is flooded sorry right away when I can I realize it was quietly always I was shaking I lifted my foot drivers the question remains just shaking I can control it my rock 'n roll musician and black background presented in the shutdown is no one listening music system the second sled I started my car and started and drove off I decided to take the bathrooms finish the work and I can tell you that was probably the most solemn pride that I ever as I was thinking about all of this thinking about conditions in contemplation of my heart previously the words came to my mind almost on a gun pressed upon my heart because of their agreement violates the gun pressed upon my heart shall now is the time we reconcile things I can say that that morning on my way to work seventeen years old I made myself I gave my heart and I made a decision to follow and will him this morning announced this to me second Corinthians chapter five verse twenty second Corinthians chapter five verse twenty six five twenty headsets that is what O'Reilly chapter six will explain a little bit when here we go now then we are ambassadors for Christ as though God were pleading through us we implore you on Christ's who reconciled to God for he made him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in him we met him that's a huge lead as workers together with him also please would you not to receive the grace of God in vain for he sat in an acceptable time I heard the and in the day of salvation I helped behold now is the accepted time behold now is the day salvage I will break this down to three points in the first one that we find here is that God is saying always say on Christ's behalf now is the time to be reconciled with LSI very first one that now that we are ambassadors for Christ as of the completing the levels we implore you on Christ's behalf erectile images videos of you have not been addressed it is forgot and he shall be reconciled to God that is the next be reconciled to God not the concepts of these verses here if you were to read the voice of the well-known person on if anyone in private integration Ryan never Vespers seventeen therefore if anyone is in Christ is a new creation on things that would know all verse nineteen says that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself through Jesus and Paul turns verse twenty is in speaking of the reconciliation did not already provided across and mercifully he turns to the church and he says to your patients reconcile yourself reconcile the reference to another said the chapter Greg really should've been a consumer is earlier probably should've been two verses later because the next two verses really does follow the thought of what was being said there but it doesn't have the numbers is there is concern itself with this command originating with pride I mentioned briefly the person he times this is this just simply coming from an alcohol coming from Jesus Christ God suggested fairly as we read these words this morning Jesus himself is saying to you reconcile yourself straight from God straight from God he says it specifically urges restraint was from you created now as I pointed out explain the context of this passage is indicating that we play a part in this process right if the command is make well that assumes that the fact that we have to do snake somehow responsible that it is that logical is okay we would therefore reconcile is not colossal and it interesting that the definition actually needs to change mutually to change mutually in order for reconciliation to take place interested parties nationally advantage that will event on October twentieth you were to read up until summer twenty is always talking about how John reconciled the world to himself through Jesus Christ 's sacrifice of his son and friend I wanted to work for the Creator of the heavens in the art to come down a human question he and his interviewing is this positive individual reconciliation print is find the answer that the party has authority not his part is not oriented ball is in your juices here we find an opening prayer is your time reconciling your heart and I don't know in your face praise the Lord that all these people were able to go to UIC I wish I could of been there but I was happy here I can't seem to have completely to Christ the reconciling something last time you want to the second we got our passage will will will the second plea is now is the time to start receiving the grace of God first of all now is the time to be reconciled to God know that yesterday except Christ into your heart sincerely honestly going to put across but across the state Jesus I want your your sacrifice a lot of money records videos and business x-rays on those on the same angle as right as these words to the Caribbean 's right to the church if they were in the church are to baptize them they were already reconciled it was claimed to be reconciled to God by now my business name and not receive the grace of God they think that means but is all kinds of things that can be looked after in the history of the church at Corinth they had fallen into polygon a land-based phone into horrible disgusting sense back into the pagan worship and immorality all kinds of things and policy address and had has been addressed in a single one is saying is start doing stuff like English and active start at friends University Christ in your heart your question stopped receiving his dreams and passwords it will purposely and intentionally if we purposely a potentially instantly but a course of sin again and again we are receiving the grace of God reservoir are becoming more like world 's greatest if we're continuing in the same onset the same thing in common and seventy three and we intentionally plan questions and you and I are receiving hundreds not my words Christ stopped receiving grace is the second point because the historic beginning shortly if if I had after having not having saved my life that I recognize got been convicted he put for example to not listen to this music NFL thank you for saving my life my sense I'm not to listen to it anymore and after work that they are not only Cartwright on my stereo in your home rocket within receiving the grace of God this is one it would and I'm not crazy about music is going to separates you from God anything that the Holy Spirit convicting your harmony and changing your life my high-strength nylon of course is that anything that's in your life incentives and airline inherently constitute receipt 's greatest people on screws who is no perfect we can't work talking about President Bush John specifically speaking of crisis come into your life except that it and he has been harnessing praise the Lord he reigns victorious today and he has the power to come into your heart if you would not ever ask you something you would I said all received my resume your password when you have called that one daughter and I think I know it absolutely is if you want and if it is within something like that in your and my Jesus is an important harness is to request us and horsepower only Jesus and I can tell your friends that you have a picture now is the time to start receiving the grace of God in vain now the third and last point that automates this passage one hundred and God is simply say this is that we must read with me verse verses one to second grade teacher six within his workers together with him possibly would not receive the grace of urgency for his set an acceptable time I heard you and in advance salvation I helped the whole is the second time you know now is there something is not clear God hears and helped this is one of my favorite verses in the Bible you know are very difficult decision situation trial and I have been struggling to what to do about this and on one morning I I remember so clearly I was on my knees I have on my love was I was powerless to point where I'm just telling you and I pray Lord even if you don't give me the answer is I have to wait long at large that's okay just let me know when no weekend reading it before I finished Chapter five soliciting and begin reading for recess in an acceptable time I have heard this is the violent student at the time that I can see in my mind I I have heard me three times rent the movie is the Holy Spirit came upon refill bedroom and I realize not heard in some time I'll know I could somehow I don't know where you've been where you go but when you pray you should use your God helps us him us now is the other healthy until the story last week about Greece Cyprus your health the stories in the Bible I know that we can all share stories and photos stored on a yacht helps us in America the story is beautiful too too long Mother's Day I have experience just how amazingly miraculously and you rest assured that if God was willing to come down to his son Jesus Christ and Doctor yours two thousand years ago helping to instill around Moscow should I'm convinced that I've become convinced that witnessing is largely blessed to witness yes we were here to preach the gospel to save people through the enterprise he said people in and out as the primary purpose that I can say that a very large purpose of wings is for you I was and I was in Norway a couple years ago will her score for an system stores a helmet actually took a trip to Germany and in the night before when I was praying this I felt depressed specifically to guide someone specifically adopted is to strengthen it never happened besides I pray this prayer I specifically made for this individual I woke up I was so sure that I was to meet this person as I packed my bag on the Boston on the bus to the airport known to them that you claim to have airport in Amsterdam so I did that on the Norway end I catch my flight to Amsterdam and again and see that okay no problem I still have the airport answer them in another player therefore an eminent immigrant Amsterdam airport places fill the seat is a total I thought the corner drive it away from it and I found my gain as I read my Bible and I'm reading it I looked up and I see them the walkway a guy .com twenty five what direction now there were hundreds of people but when I saw this guy simply don't we just got a question for everyone the lawyer 's guide again raided and made a call quest aboard the plane I went to the gate I was at the end of the line because I was so far away and we went downstairs and we had to get on a bus to go to the Playhouse 's outstanding source event never happened to me or that seven a quarter death usually however the nurses got their son Mark I sent my next only to on if you think people aren't ready or Southern California government going here I and I mean I'm not saying that Europeans are bad people but they don't like to talk to these trains and buses so much this is the is like driving a car and I consider myself to this message innocent visits all over the box on the offender 's same thing my heart was pumping but if I know that I say something we stopped to their desire not to so that it sounded as if a lawyer admitted that help patient with a guy whose signature I don't know the slippery sign sitting in front of the bus plane assigned seating sensing twelve cents will be on moment I felt about the Holy Spirit was there I realized God 's word sat and began talking with this guy as his hand wrapped welcome to gossip to get off his net a lot sticking out of his students close and so swollen up and it looks hideous for he began attending I really wish who follow the story and just this situation found out his girlfriend ran off broke up with him one day she said they were supposed to be together ran off with an exemplar jockeying his hand and pushed his last seven dollars to an accident codified status his father is telling a story I'm thinking with us now I mean Jesus Jesus was him and they did they handed out were no love so prayers and got starts impressively to share my testimony without them none silly stuff telling the story of his quietness for a while I can pray about the size as it had been and never studied the one prophecy and you know the honest I have never read the Bible as history can help one of my set is listed here centers Jesus yearly study is I studied a little thing and not so I began to tell him I got it done in my life I was seventeen years old taking world history in high school I went to some props and of course I grew up with his family I heard him before but the Holy Spirit is not part of their time all my history book Python wireless on three and the computer freezes harder and I decided why I give them a short Bible study on Daniel two seven eight but not ready to give an overview and is twenty five to send you something because as I was going through this this prophecy will not be required where they will likely want to another I told that within the front of you ever hear European this guy knows his history and messaging I pump management intermarry and all the rest is the one is the first Bible study and at the end and I said he understood that I decided it has lots of the statue has come to pass one hundred percent business Jesus is coming to stay with us for him to hasten a Muslim is a documented work is not reconcile himself to you guys there is are there now is impressed I have one looks back over the ultimate act of God helping mankind groups is a struggle there is a new history is that his day he hung across and that I gave you and I accessed friends it is only liberalization of the love of God for you and you will ever ever is only in the context only the process of Hezbollah 's command that these requests will be by grace through the values he now helped identify the foot of the cross and see my bleeding dying Savior hanging side and I hear his words my God my God why I got why you are going take this morning they did not leave the story of countering miracles all the best that God so now you know what the lawyers committee owner requested I make to using simulator is other like the same one person there is a film that is possible on some of the planet 's number three thirty six analysis of closing purchaser is I this afternoon rated Premier God is one in your heart is a is in the wrong I said in a dog and and in and him as an will a result also a to our and for an is a is a and him now will I move you so much leverage and my friends you within the new employees William Thompson's house we ask you back give our hearts to you to use you for your glory with miracles do you say they want to his many people as possible is that Jesus was talking to address your wisdom is thank you Jesus and


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