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  • August 7, 2010
    7:00 AM
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I hope you are welcome early with me this morning and covered in this course of time together before we open worthless our father the company this morning finally giving in this kind of emotional time because we want fully and completely minds and hearts every desire the energy to be devoted to you capable of this father and myself and so we ask that as we give you this time word here sphere would be here in less encourages where each person is this morning feet his father give me the grace to rightly divide your word pain can be as manner parcels this morning the acting chief name we are going to be counted seventeen dynamic namely the Chapter seventeen were going to read verses eleven through fourteen seventeen eleven to fourteen thinking the past as he and Jesus went to Jerusalem at half next area and gallantly and as he entered into a certain village there there met him ten men that were lepers and are and they lifted up their voices and they said she says master have mercy on us and when he saw the descendents of them go show yourselves unto the priests that came to pass as they went I am twenty centimeters L turned back in with a loud voice if I got fell down in his face at his feet giving him thanks and he was inherent so here is traveling between Samaria and Galilee and he enters into a certain village their myriad is the hot seat travail force a had introduced in their a lot of heaving colonists and had moved in a saw the place they saw the people that live there they said hey you guys live and worship like we do will hang here was married for you Galilee was where Jesus had been brought up a lot of Jews lived there along with other foreign inhabitants it was a fairly crowded area where there was religious turmoil insurrection had taken place there as well and it's here in a certain village that Jesus encounters these can want us now I know this place between Samaria and Galilee I've been in my life I look at the Marion Gallion I liken it to where I was brought up in Loma Linda and LA and grew up in Loma Linda going to Loma Linda University church with hundreds of other worshipers there on Sabbath morning and then Saturday evening heading west in LA picking up a few Samaritan friends along the way there we were my friends and I stuck in a way between the religion we were brought up with and the world we need to match the food we threw ourselves into the world and yet we lack the fire and passion really understanding what Cynthia Nixon was all about what was the message was a special about being a Seventh-day Adventist it was the place where they are born the placement we grew up kind of like the children of Israel who were born in the love and him no spam to freedom from Egyptian bondage they've been rescued from and they so they didn't really have a keen eye for her for the promised land they were easily it was home for them that wilderness area born in the wilderness and here we became comfortable somewhat successful and complacent in the spiritual heart got a little sleepy why we were able to have a good time somewhere between the two many Christians are somewhere between Samaria and Galilee Minneapolis on my Adventist friend goes I went to school with our stuff someone still between Galilee and Mary and that's where many people need to be rescued from these men enough exactly his agenda is to rescue these men and these men have a dreaded disease of that time it was incurable and it led to slow death I read where leprosy is one of those diseases is very subtle it occurs slowly some of the first symptoms are not enough you lose a sense of temperatures they can't fence the extreme cold they can they live somewhere in the land of lukewarm some of their other symptoms that began Bailey's texts pain they can develop ulcers understand that it's relatively painless to them then they start losing the sense of deep pressure their skin starts changing and you start seeing white patches on their skin then they develop either means they start losing their fingers and toes and there's facial disfigurement see generally recognized they used to be anymore this kind of says on the cooler areas of the body is an interesting description of leprosy can you see how it would provide an excellent symptom and symbol of sin him will be feeling I see now is treatable if caught Hansen 's disease and people in America because it causes leprosy bacteria and Mycobacterium and decent day there were no antibiotics no manicure so Jesus was their only hope that when it comes to healing spiritual leprosy hypocritically the cause has to be addressed as well selfishness the supreme love of self is our mortal enemy what does it mean to be healed from leprosy to be saved from the leprosy is sin therefore he saved from the leprosy of self if we are not saved in the latter we are certainly not say from the former South is the red for the leprosy of analyzing action then have its roots in the leprosy of self and Mycobacterium Jesus said if any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me for whosoever will save his include a word in their shelf life of Ivan was clinging to that health life shall lose it and whoever will lose his self life for my sake shall find so the ten lepers were at that point were desperate to be rescued they wanted to be healed and freedom clans and they realized that it would take a power completely out of beyond themselves for this to be accomplished of a breakout program world of letters probably live in some letter calling with a fan and a student her vulnerability out and they lifted up their voices and they cried Jesus now there have the Bible says that the Lord takes pleasure in those who hope in his mercy and that it's according to his mercy that he save setting the right thing when Jesus saw them heal them instantly this is that now he did not feel him him instantly he said go show yourselves unto the priests about pictures of active religious leaders the Bible tells us that there was another leper who Jesus killed instantly the man came to him and said to his master pitcher well you can make weekly as he says it is my well and he was clandestinely one when he do that please send why weren't they healed instantly that was not what happened they were told to go the first words of the second and go show yourselves to the priests taking the path as they went they were healed by title for this time we have together they were healed on the way now recently I now moved into the officially middle-aged for a few years now and I have experienced a few different symptoms in my lifetime I really want to get my foremost step C is going on there I had been thinking and so I did a test went to the doctor says bluntly Michael is my business but I found out that I have three times more testosterone than the average woman I probably had quite a bit testosterone just land three times more discussed in the document will become more testosterone so there I am when I hear the word go I can constantly living in a state of set is a really good to me when my son comes to me seventeen years old his mom new for you help us and claim this comment by hockey and make nobody ever wants to play goalie my love lingo a Somali regular my mom used to come in a certain way my personal experience that she says raising land when the Lord says John you don't ask how high that sometimes people will go the way Goldman may have a lot of exegesis said to them go this is when I hear what he says though he does go by going to the highways and hedges go into all the world believe therefore and teach all nations of who your friends in common when God is done for you go into their bridegroom is coming go ye out to meet him go and bring forth fruit this is what I hear you you catch nothing Jesus himself as action right he's looking for some action as an impetus go so and made his name I started looking at the Florida Bible who Jesus said to the demoniac he says go go home to your friends and tell them what God has done for you and how much compassion and he thought the demoniac just a few minutes before work the best three to five thousand England they were barely human to say that they were baby Christians as a total understatement they probably had tremendous emotional issues that are added in God Jesus told them to go to go in that statement they were and that baby Christians I was just possess a three to five thousand demons thin issues and that it's probably still am feeling like no helmet got has done for you I believe that the promise was for them as well we feel you on the way is going to the person that amazes me Jesus said go to was the blind man MS blind man who was sitting back and he sat and magnificent place all his life and blind from birth and she says it in a clay and he makes little my input on that blind man's eyes will instantly locate the bad with the word go go to the pool of the loan which is by interpretation and there wants were heavy and I wonder how blind man got his interest in writing all his life you know where the pool of the loan was he had to ask for help he probably has assembled an interview while on the way back to Jesus that go to go to the pool of the loan which is by interpretation the man with heel but he was sent by lightning and Tim the woman and adultery said her go and sin no more well you know how incredibly went down was impossible but incredibly difficult and painful fishing people it is for a woman disentangled herself from what has been feeding her emotionally for what is the feeling that incredible empty place in her life go and sin no more I was never that high calling for her again she was still probably very internally torn that God still sent her father who pleaded for the healing for his dying son this is neat because the healing is now extended to the children Jesus said go to well friends again the man believed the word planted in the way that Jesus told him to go and the healing was extended then his family the same with a woman who was willing to be the Masters crown from the cable the feeling was extended to her as Jesus said again go your way the woman at the well the woman at the well they defend her go call your husband will call your husband she knew she wasn't married she knew that she had five husbands and the one that she had now with her husband and he said go a few dysfunction based year said I believe again was my heel that the heel that has you go and of course he was look at this man Tony sent me to tell all of you everything for me everything I ever did and what a blessing salvation came to her and many in Samaria in these stories and going and healing size DC that I've met some really beautiful Christmas in my life and when I've never found anything so whole they seem so like they were sanctified probably the day they were born again and I've looked at them I thought wow praise God that is so beautiful but it doesn't work like that I said for some of us there's this blonde duplicate line drawn out process that healing has to take place in our lives Jesus told his twelve disciples to go to amount to buy to and he told them what not to care now you told me I'm going to Trinidad in and the hot season until you what ever time there were contents for law and will close them those he won't need any slant what make sure this is me taking the guy goes cold and that he would not be becoming what it's like that's how we prepare each other as we should take Jesus tells them what not to do the things he told him not to be said don't take the now ever since my selling out Jan when we travel always taken as of the first trip I didn't think they thankfully James had family respecting the plaintiff there was lightning storm every drop and we were starving I got food how can I've been thankfully James had some was a happy camper still though it finally got off the plane and I always take the refund check don't take anything don't take your script anything I'm pretty reliant upon the preacher I write my notes I I I I study has given me something I believe the share is really important that we come prepared with then he said don't take your purse purses where I have my credit card and let live and I don't go anywhere without those two things numbers and then he said okay and asked a pair of shoes if you told me James then receiving only take one pair of shoes on a trip I would be dumped on it would know what in the world to take my first election lightning finishes because it is comfortable I don't like finishes addresses is something that looks good so many scandals in with the reins at twenty with any color for different outfits pictured here for pairs of shoes you flip-flop sandals on status used for Brown Cameron Brown today and she is really what I've got more ships now the parents of students will show me I'm feeling I got free time Microsoft dynamics on a normal woman I like six so that my family always teases me about Suzy finally going to primary care this is going to bring another pair home is my monitor shows love if I could afford an individual 's frivolous I probably have a few keys match every outfit because shoes made the outfit look like this particular that you look like looks really good shoes out there and you never notice women and women check other women out the way they look we might look at the face first and then immediately we go to the a lot of the woman walking around with his other women having me with the women do anything like this I know that women experience some women that are not enough in itself those eyes on you and you ever done just on our way here when airport and as early in the morning and my daughter and I are when the airport waiting in line shoes supercheap mom is so embarrassing to look at other people 's shoes I'd choose I really like she is in their important we got to have the look that we don't have the right program and have the right thing this may we have to have our house and the food we conceded to the community we've got to happen all together for weekly and we can go in Jesus name now you don't have to have it all together before you go from one pair of shoes all you need now and got sent back to me to this verse I found a lot of comfort in because I don't have an altogether a history reveals even more rubbing elbows with people reveals that even more now as Seventh-day Adventists we like the big evangelistic meetings we like putting up a big posters and the impersonal flyers and we just think people are going to benefit I think that the works can be done when we learn how to knock on doors and I don't literally although I think that's great when they start knocking on the doors people 's hearts are close enough to do that you remember what happened to Philip Philip that the unit was did the Angel Saint Philip one hundred angel said draw me earlier I think that's what the Angels are trying to tell us still today drawn air you got to draw near to the people if you want to in any way affect the problem is that when you draw near and people get close to you they see your imperfection something you have those mirrors and written arithmetic at night I present reality at my here at home here as well imperfections right when you start putting when people draw close that I used your year you you're still a sinner saved by grace the fellow better than less people know that we try to present something different you know be disappointed we present ourselves as anything much anything different that we see a personality rubs we have to sacrifice time and maybe become impatient with meetings slowness of people 's perception what were trying to share with them to start seeing ourselves in a different way in this work evangelism four sixty six in this work is a constant education the desire to be a blessing discovers the him us everywhere the experience that this drive is sold to God in prayer the Lord Jesus gives life Holy Spirit and they understand that is Christ who does announcing the breaking of the Hyde Park my job is Chrysler even I see all these imperfections it is a constant education but smooth now the loop can fill in the book of Luke are going to go to Luke ten versus three first three verses wireless began verse one through three anything of the Lord appointed seventy he sent them out to be two by two before his face in every city and place where he himself would come a second and the harvest truly is great but the laborers are few pretty therefore the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers into his harvest go your way and behold I send you forth as lambs among wolves in the way the content of this we are going to face to face danger this can be temptations from without is also going to be temptations from within vaccine things within ourselves but he says contain continue to provide freedom wherever you go the people there feeds you eat whenever set before you provide for you through them to your fellow man I want you to extend yourself and ceiling others I want you to tell them the kingdom of God near to them and behold I give you power over that reaches out to hurt you surface and the scorpion and over all the power of the enemy that was first nineteen power over the servant is suffering the same power with a hedge of protection for the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness Deuteronomy five cents don't forget that the Lord led the children of Israel through the wilderness well fiery serpent scorpion consigning in the way of services don't forget I have power I will protect you don't forget that this was the way he led the children of Israel this is the way he led seventy and still the way the praise God we had the same power Jesus promised power for class the power that the children of Israel so desperately needed to utilize is the provision is made to the plan of redemption for subduing every sinful trait resisting every temptation however strong that Howard has for us Holy Spirit power over that reaches out to her that power is given to us as we go a lot of times we read every a scorpion on her ask anything you are right infinity everything that love the ease and convenience as one would think that but that's not what this verse is saying nothing is going to hurt ourselves in the land again and again and again nothing will hurt ourselves that is the power promised letters resisting every temptation however strong Luke seventeen and twenty the seventy returned again with joy had gone back the recs identified as young people were clearly gone knocking door-to-door yesterday they were excited he returned with joy and he said Lord even the devils are subject unsolicited me excluding notwithstanding their first twenty rejoice not the spirits are subject unto you rejoice about this but rather rejoice because your names are written in salvation by the blood of the land and the message Bible shares the same first I love a great time is knocking your authority over you you were able to cast out demons and I listen to you begging God authority for you is present with you you do for God what God is doing that is the agenda and Julie because they go experiencing pain we will experience God 's healing power and presence in our lives now their time and power within those covering the children of Israel mistakes amen well listen to the story about Miriam now I can hear him have been set free from Egyptian bondage is headed to the promised land anywhere she vanished anyway she was going Miriam was fully healed either near him was a spiritual leader and Israel she was next to the highest level of organization her forthrightness and responsibility of the news and she was a girl right watching over Moses and the have still used nineties these talents and affections of heaven withholding infections and people the only thing most people she was one of those of how one and you know that this election had an altogether to discount it musically she had always possibility that she did she was a virtual leader high standing for something member Moses all the complaining of the people it finally just wore him down as I'd like you can't take this anymore on my own and so in harmony with his father-in-law 's counsel he got seven eleven seventy three seventy one help you with Mister beating this whole huge weight of responsibility so that's what happened Marion heard about it she felt ousted that we asked her what she thought about this idea he was involved are so see how bad it was known that women against women to be discursive women against letting Kathy Callis mean girl starts Liriano has been an evening out in little middle school girls and women against women very sad that that's what happened Marion looked at Moses life that Ethiopian woman I felt that now this woman had more influence over Moses is was so numbers twelve the American historian and Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman and married and they said has become Lord indeed spoken only mimosas has also spoken by Peter for now God has something to say about this it says in verse five begin and the Lord make suddenly and Moses was no gone with an enemy right away this is worthy of his direct attention likely suddenly under Moses and Aaron and Miriam out to three the tabernacle of the congregation and the three came out first by the Lord came down in a pillar of the cloud and stood in the door of the tabernacle and he called Aaron and Miriam they both came for said here now my words if there be a prophet among you I will make myself known and immunization was speaking in a drain my servant Moses is not so faithful and online house with him will I speak mouth to mouth even apparently and not in dark speeches and this was the Lord shall he hold wide angle you not him and my server process anger of the Lord was kindled against them he departed from the cloud departed from the tabernacle and behold Marianne became president in there to start behaving no slow subtle occurring right-handed and Miriam because the White House is a seasoned of leprosy now I'm not leaving until I thought God was in the business of electricity and giving the game leprosy in the Old Testament of the believe that this leprosy this external manifestation of the disease was near him unmerciful revelation of that Mycobacterium was living inside of your heart was going to destroy you get taken care of various biodiversity giving her this visible evidence of what the disease is inside leprosy incurable one week she was out of town and I think it's because self diehard is given time to think about it time to develop itself stress physical weakness sense of dependence upon God that deadly self when destroying or if it was not taken care of is either self or the spirit those are two lots of effort on the wrong Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight versus one to there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk Corning flask according to the spirit for the long beard of my crazy faces made me read the law and to live in a lot in life and crises is the law Romans seven twenty three fifty versus before but I see another law in my members law that is in my members at CNN members warring against the law of my mind and bringing into captivity a lot in my law then it's part of who I is in my members in this logic is that the principle behind the law the principle of the law life in Christ ceases is the last eleven K got right and left my family is the principle behind this appraisal of the highest law in my members live in a destruction the love of it we had is looking for the love of self and allowed time element this was a lie members be the law of self-serving desire mages were told a lot of self-serving is the law of self instruction this incurable disease illustrates to itself is doing to us spiritually killing destroying it no man can conceive himself herself to drive in theater some of the in my members and so we have to come to God and ask him to do this work for any of the healer out of beyond myself to heal me of myself here I Mycobacterium let me take care of that with the problem not the beginning of my journey to the savings that every advance a pro- are you there only the Holy Spirit former rain have to be given first to experience it in preparation for the latter rain and the Holy Spirit news is life experiences he uses experiential revelation to show us the self is now alive and well the experience and I told that they bring forth all the evil in a surprise and experience in that was what I could have done or that was what I did or that is what I price sometimes even NASA calls for the evil of our natures will like Jacob either one is to let the use my guess is that is within me or maybe because there can be become depressed hide ourselves the way we ignore it recognizing their it doesn't work either the Holy Spirit revelation of the South life to the believer is very important aspect of Christian growth Paul said for me to live is Christ for me to live is Christ and I believe we can only ignorance of this experience and all have is if we come to understand me to let herself be had to turn to Christ need to live is Christ and necessary lands every as we need to go the believer who's going to struggle failures is that Christians don't carefully and lovingly handled by a smart and very personal way he's being taken to the experience of self revelation into death the only basis upon which to know him and the power is the house of NSF e-mail conformable to his death so there emphatically fell five hard I believe she learned her lesson by God 's grace I didn't just do that incredible conflicting of leprosy for no reason he must've known it was because Merriam that she would come forth self distrustful independence upon receiving the carnal nature though we lack to understand beyond repair no makeover me know redesigning is going to take care of the problem even under the latest car is still leprosy enough of the story MSI acidosis in second Chronicles twenty six verse nineteen twenty six the story of Isaiah Isaiah as I had with the King Bible tells us that he is right in the eyes of the Lord during his reign over Judah as long as he saw the Lord the Lord made him to prosper but when he was strong and he was strong his heart was lifted up his destruction he went to the Temple and air staff he was the way that God has blessed people but as I think that way and we overstep that place and he started burning incense on the altar of incense in the high priest gave this and rebukes them it doesn't belong to you and I have it to the priest the sons of Aaron that are consecrated to burden the mental health of the facial area for you have children in Zion thinking and talking that way to me he is angry as I is living how dare you talk to as the anger is just boiling were told in verse nineteen the leopard him around for head before the precinct house of the Lord from the size is set by the forgiving parsing again Revelation and just set Mycobacterium I pray that was living inside as I had been probably problems there is the opportunity had been there and maybe to see how deep and dark and finally went down there here was his opportunity I crave look at Isaiah repented of that as well you see the old nature that it was just any situation religious worldly out of Marianne Galloway between the two old nature it will align how to drive only back only decorative tile difficulties challenges temptations like what Mary and experience is how we are friends and grow training spiritual expansion spiritual growth and these things travel difficulties they are designed the determination I like that we had to use them as God means to gain the victory over self instead of allowing the offender address or destroy character will be tested day by day year by year we shall conquer self and grow how they this is our online and how to do for living where we are where we led this is our allotted trials temptations opportunities life experiences experience of revelation is all going to come to us this is our allotted task to convert them to grow but it cannot be accomplished without continual help in him his unwavering purpose anyone lax on the same track godly people on step by step he brings them up differently calculated in fact what is in their heart and every advance point the heart tested try the organ without all that experience is every plaintiff and every test number be the price when it may have heeded the Council of the two witness they will receive the latter pain investigated for translation accident I love his promises says God says I will not drive them out before you in one year when the land becomes desolate and beast of the field multiply against you by little and I will drive them out before you until you be increase is so patient and a long train of thought is our salvation little and little he is working with me to bring healing we will allow only one of those letters that only one was able to say you are made to get a knife can now be reinstated in the church reinstated as dieting but they do it all the healing and home their minds and their hearts are still somewhere between Samaria and Galilee they were okay with unfortunately some twenty five verse twelve says what man is he that fears the Lord will be here when you fear God and live in loyalty and allegiance to him him can Shahid change the way a person who wants the land feared to guide and teach them in a way as they're going softly five aces good friend of the Lord therefore will he teach sinners anyway because he's so good for those of us who experience life damaged below week then send if you are still good for them and he's going to patiently teach them in a way in the way education to sixty four says fellowship with Christ sermon only training that Parker or participation with them in glory only three why are we spent the I want this training part fitness for participation the crisis glory this is my favorite quote in heavenly places it said and is probably gone places before human beings service that will be medicine today is my beautiful union medicine today for the Mycobacterium for the disease it is in her heart mind and pass the service of God given to you individually so I encourage you to go feel that testosterone will go in Christ name no more excuses no more fear failure because again and make a addressee the work on our nose other people in a statement can not important important that we go foregoing happens of those levers you happen him one of our frame of reference S you I will be made we will be healed on the way medicine for leprosy found service and then pieces at things you are out and occurs in your credit card with an extra shoes when I sent you without food you can have emergency backup when I eventually got just granted even know it today did you think to yourself that you provided everything for only weeks so I can look back at how dysfunctional he will work real-life anything you healed me on the way only a Isaiah says for science they will not hold my peace of God became pay for Zion for your great for my people say I hold my peace for Jerusalem is not going to arrest until the righteousness goes forth as brightness and their salvation as a lamp that bar the Gentiles shall see your righteousness and all clean kings your glory and you shall be called by a new name but the mouth of the Lord Sony eighty five fourteen and life anything at all the problem there can be in connection with that proportion even greater authority and I live in peace and in many I don't even get me healing on the way I father in heaven the body come individually before you as well consider these lepers came father and a full and now we are that we have this leprosy is deep-seated it is deadly and highly valued by your mercy have given us experiential revelations to reveal actualize and we want to thank you because without the sense of a father we would be happy and content to live somewhere between Samaria and Galilee we don't have just returned to a religious institution we don't have to look at the car you want to be healed and whole we pray that you would impress upon each of our hearts the service that you have run how we can reach out to our fellow man how can we be of value assistance to your kingdom this agenda we pray that he would bring healing I mean I yeah I worry me will a media wasn't as when audio is only a evidently been learn more and identifying a defendant in daylight it is a word the online newsroom reason is www. nonbelievers .org


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