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The Curse of the Culture

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • August 14, 2010
    10:00 AM
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okay well weren't fairly going to high top of the day father God we thank you Lord for bringing us together in this place when the University in Southern California Lord of the Sabbath is a such a beautiful day Lord Bessie Holy Spirit now to fill this place not just displace the law hearts our minds and more fill this message with truth and would love a prayer in Jesus 's name and men are methods for the Sabbath is entitled the curse of the culture the curse of the culture and how have the verses on the screen which in turn with me in your Bibles to the book of numbers the twenty second chapter numbers chapter twenty two Oregon is read from the stream this was the choice of the Bibles of the numbers chapter twenty two of the children of Israel set forward and pitched in the plains of Moab on the side on this side of Jordan by Jericho and Bailey the son of that for us all that Israel had done to the Amorites and mola was sore afraid of the people because they were many and Moab was distressed because of the children of Israel I'm a web set up to the elders of Midian now sell this company lick of all that are all around about us and the ox link about the grass of the field and bail in the sum of zip or whisking of the Moabites at that time the Bible sets the stage that of the children of Israel are on the side of Jordan just about to enter the promised land one of the kings of Moa Bailey looks out he is a person very high above the plane and he looks down and sees the past number that has become the children of Israel since leaving Egypt he heard the stories of how Pharaoh was destroyed him all the stories heard Paul not happen to them as they wandered in the wilderness and they're coming to the promised land now right at the border she realized that it was more careful the children of Israel will wipe them out there and share overtaken claim against the plot and plan how is it that we can destroy Israel before they get a chance to destroy us is whether the freight without fear out of Guwahati for his people his kingdom is power he begins to work a plan to protect his people numbers chapter twenty one verse five he sent messengers before of their form to mail him the son of B or the people which would just buy the rumor of the land of the children of his people to call him saying behold there is a people come out from Egypt behold it the face of the earth and the up by over against the public method he says the bailable the son of your V7 verse six now therefore I pray you curse me this people for they are too mighty for me peradventure I shall prevail that we may smite them and that I may drive them out of the land for I whatnot for better translated I don't know why I find always these drugs a medical US is blessed and we occurs is cursed because I know that we will bless is blessed and who knew cars is cursed because of the plan he looks for profit would argue a false prophet we are a lunch for profit any solo debut Israel before I come to get us if you do that we can protect ourselves we can live we can drive Israel out of the land because you have the power to imagine that God ultimately be able to the power we can use the ironically the power of God to work together on this and this is not kindled the whole story would think along this is a fascinating story with free time they take available to try to get them to come back to Missouri Bible story comes when he reached the bail him in a jar and mail them decide the following against God 's will to go back to Milan to talk to Baylor I know he's gone back to the story what a donkey in the donkey speaks the dog using the Angel blood but Belo moving a little committee strike the dog if Abu Dhabi speaks them in the donkeys that help a man why do you know what you don't be like this print will visit Angel Arenas realized that what I thought is an angel now although this that means so many times actually I will than England out of the store if you allow them to get there three times each day the high places he said that war subsides as the second one is one of the one column focus on about that one will do all three of them this is the second time Wayne's a prophecy for the building of the problem viability to try to get recursive look at what happens at twenty of Chapter twenty three of the book of numbers he said behold I have received the commandment to bless me on blast and I cannot reverse it a powerful word in fact if someone besides occurs someone with a child of the living God they have no power to curse all are doing anything to you unless God gives them an allowance to do it only because an interest in the mail of the eye the false prophet are the one problem probably is he actually talk to God and he does on many levels obey God 's way out of either corrupt false prophet was a ramification the the revelation is what we want is a you know I got a command from God the day goes on even if I wanted to personally one of these have not beheld iniquity and to look at what is that this is why we cannot go to Israel became presently God is not beheld iniquity and Jacob neither have you seen perverseness in Israel the Lord his God is with him and the shout of the King is among them if you are looking at the time who was visiting that is referring to is actually profound prophesying that Israel is the anointed people through whom the Messiah would one day be born in fact a very good of that on the three parables and prophecies of minimum he actually go into details speaking about Jesus that's a powerful prophecy areas of the south of the King is among them making it clear that there's something special going on a backdrop was that not one verse twenty one what is important and how you look at these tax is that they're going as legitimate automated with the problems lie and say that I have to make a decision besides he will destroy all of Israel why is that important this far back in Israel's history to destroy Israel it's a numbers thing and understood if you destroy Israel Jesus would never be born he understood that Revelation chapter twelve thousand of the woman is ready to give birth what happens to Dragon 's decision awakened he understands that thou understand the significance of the nation of Israel commission was that I can destroy Israel Iraq Israel what I needed to Israel I can literally stop the entire progress of the great controversy and why wasn't possible to stay connected to this is what people don't as humans are connected to God a lot of potential disappears when they became disconnected from God will work tirelessly in the first five books of the Bible noticed that there is no mention of the devil or Satan is the serpent in Genesis is referred to in an indirect way like that is not direct calling on things they wanted double organs of work in all the books of Moses and American people some actually needed to make sure that they are connected with him a strong connection to God first before he even introduced of their enemy to know God first and most of the Bible every little war going on over the souls of the children of Israel but don't get confused this is the great controversy and played when you read about the children of Israel moving the wilderness is coming out of Egypt and taking over probably has the great controversies every battle everyone had thought and simply of powerful and it's a battle for hearts and souls of Israel to give you the battle for hearts and souls of Israel and bring controversy helpful stuff all in the Old Testament now the reason our government back the reason verse twenty one that they cannot be charged it is important to you the reason allow a person among Israel is kidnapping out iniquity is nobody sending the militant money in Jacob and there's no perverseness in Israel is no perversion in Israel then is no perverts in Israel I know I will remember the joke the people of Israel a series about what they're doing at this moment in time so much so that he would all of a sudden our mobile since I have cursed them verse twenty three says sorry there's no enchantment against Jacob and any divination against Israel according to this time it shall be Saddam Jacob and Israel what has God wrought now of course this infuriates me when I'm out on the third time ago but I've been realizing really can curse them if you absolutely enraged he realizes he can't get up in fact and how this whole dialogue ends would hit Milliken men and women to women is going home to separate them both back home and they both Michael and you would think an end of chapter twenty four what is happening you think I got protect of their faith nothing that happened to Israel that the water happens in Chapter twenty five numbers chapter twenty five the Bible says and Israel abode in shittim and the people to get the committee will award him with the daughters of Loeb what just a few days earlier almost as well and truly it is a Jacob desktop of arsonists in Israel not to commit a mortal what happened how quickly I like the culture around them pursuant to twenty five the book of numbers that I may call the people in front of the sacrifices of their gods and let the people did look at the two things the people did eat and hold to their gods they ate their gods and men piled to their gods verse three seven and Israel joined himself up to bail your and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel if the assets of what happened how did Israel do is not obligate back and that the second but one of our highlight a couple of things what a woman zero zero so I know someone to bail your veil means Lord in the Canaanite God of gods and he won again on Wednesday they'll be more than building Lord is still more of the opening is one of the most of based disgusting perverted forms of worship anything and God anywhere recorded in Scripture it is one of the most the testable things that Israel could ever have done in fact what is the Lord of the opening of the really speaking to the fact that they actually working orifices sexual and while for all the physiological top of usage they worship of the orifices of the human body and use those organisms in the worship of building your emphatically renewed historical terms of and and and or most of you are in the healthcare field I think I can save literally the worst of the God they will defecate in front of the altar in the form of the worship of a male and female prostitutes and all forms of a pub of the base sexual practices what happened in the NL and as out-of-the-way to worship they'll be your very culture of those who worked to build your to corrupt the basin disgusting form of worship that that was you have to be Catholic to be around it because the way that they were super disease would break out mail to your estate worship in the world today I'll argued with you that Mister club is still a temple to bail to your own argument what do pornography on the Internet is still aligned to the worship of bail to your insight today people still worsened Belfiore they may not know where worshiping with a demon that sat impulsive when used one forty idols this is all there are demons are fallen angels the statues represent in a big game worship from you bowling in front of him and doing me that the flight is impossible to do because you can worsen again was in the public the same time Bible says God was angry with Israel November twenty five verse five the Bible says that mold is out of the Jordan Israel slaying every one of his men that were joined on the mailed to your soul Sirius is this thing that Moses himself appraisal prompted a writer the leader General of Israel Lou one of my favorite Bible garden because we often live came into being you know the guy in front of Murray was with little mighty man Moses spent forty years in pharaohs Palace and only studied for four years he became fluent in many languages he started strategy and war tactics he was unlikely general and what allowed was then engaged in forty years Donald W Moses as the Gerald would leave Israel entering high school is a God put you in place of the tomato why would God have never thought about what you don't earn some stuff in any of the polio in a wilderness experience on a lot of stuff but when one mold is one of the fight on the similarly was like most other sentinels in the game right from a list on the very culture of bail your public of the problem all by now so in fact that Israel is that he was in a lot of no one pray what numbers clean them up with was before them nicely understood they had gone up a defense against God the dignity was not limited to just the driver come back from Bible clearly says of Moses and Israel slay every one of his men that would join him to be help your persons in the middle of one of the children of Israel came and brought unto his brethren a nice woman that guys bold twofold commitments in a misguided logo Moabite woman giggled against a Midianite woman many of them alone will pretty closely connected that many of his woman in the sight of Moses and of all the congregation of the children of Israel will be bring before the door of the tabernacle of tabernacle of the garbage now is holding up on laying before got on their faces outside the sanctuary praying and asking God for forgiveness for repentance to remove the curse from often Israel while they were thinking this guy brings sin of Israel while there weeping and asking God to get visitors and someone actually brings sin into Israel bombs of the Merced and one for me is the Son of Man liaison the son of Aaron the priest saw it he rose up from among the congregation into the javelin in his hand and he went after the man of Israel into the tent and thrust both of them through the man of Israel and the woman to her belly so the plague was stayed from the children of Israel Vegas takes a job golden to the cameraman literally committing mortal while Israel is trying to reconcile a God take the job and runs into multiple and that the plague now what's interesting is out of this fertilizer than those that died in the plane Rahman twenty four fouls and in fact when you read the Scriptures which realizes that would make one of all the people that left Egypt all the children of election in the same hallway toward the maintenance of the seven one or two others this may does then only to mobile make it to the promised land Joshua and Caleb the generation who were slaves in Egypt by an wilderness misplayed sealed their fate this killing of those who find themselves to the Lord of the whole field of faith and only to what will make it into the promised land just to well just before you begin to promise land yet as to hard questions how does it get so many to fall before reaching the promised land to the second question is Satan using the same tactics debate on the last day remnant church could it be just as we are just on this side of Jordan is now waiting for what is soon coming of the Lord is all besides being fulfilled and just as God is ready to usher in is the second coming in and reclaim the world and we have a new heaven and a new earth to the log was about to happen could it be possible that literally the doctrinal day long what that is because of the culture of the LP or even that they can strategy will be used against God last day remnant church and all of Christendom I began general obviously specifically for us whatever he was against the length of answer that question at the duo that the Bible at all because there is a questionable silence between chapters twenty four and twenty five of the book of numbers we reason is they were abated as huge jump in one story to another story and you think the two stories are not connected with powerful so I'll not hold his tongue and inspiring moles is the give the rest of the story and other mold in writing or just to write it instead job arrival leader tells you what happened Revelation chapter two John Miraglia actually filled in the gaps for you and let you know what actually happened Revelation chapter one verse twelve the spring and literature department feels that these things say without the sharp sword with two edges Jesus meeting now these are the verse thirteen I know my works and what about dwellest in the web where St. Lucie is in the hall this fast my name and has not denied my faith with your verse fourteen but I have a few things against you because you are you are a you are in the US bear them that hold the doctrine of who they love him again watch what they eliminate equipment Israel remember doing so what a know it all they like to cast a spell moving block before the children of Israel to eat those things offered to idols and what the commit fornication to them so between chapter twenty four twenty five and the numbers sometimes about its outlook is about what you might want to try and adopt an available is a look maybe you can get it user soldiers are useless against them and what weapons and arms to build destroying lightly the Pharaoh 's new men's and young women the women doubted that about a seven women out of the way to make a modicum of water and cut down their guns and wisdom and the URL into your what is the length of the polyps what is the legendary culture tools are called to all around them and how to live in Israel what a terrible mileage Ms. Smith and and and and idolatry in fact you will send them with the virus culinary culture itself that's the story that will disagree about doing battle in the market that that amendment they did not want to get around and charge God with all due present through I get you get something out there were no windows but fortunately that is to imagine what it is an amusing abdomen I'll said that when he was sitting on and in the Temple of the demon worshipers and the human priest was upfront speaking in the Damen freezers anything has two great victories to break I think he saw at least been able to pull off against the Christians and the people of the world one of them is Sunday worship the devil rejoices that Solomon in a world worth of on Sunday and everything in the Bible Sabbath they also said that the second thing is that it believe that when they die to have the Bible and straight to heaven or hell the double jumps up and down the rejoices when he invented a funeral I had that Roger Reynolds has built up in the back of the Demon Temple within that in some see dirty places in a mansion in Montréal Canada in the basement of a mansion easy thing the doors open something no poor people and sorry neighborhoods no as I imagine he says and I is in the back of the temple and the guys of the one about the Adventists in a David versus Law forgot about them because there's so few of them is that but in fact because they keep the seventh day Sabbath they cannot be deceived three the book is often find a moment as long as you keep the commandments and you get a room you can keep the Commandments are wonderful presence on the Bible seven of the love of Christ the constraint of us without faith it is what it possible to believe God is unfolding they continue got by themselves sonnet impossible journey but a lot measuring Christ in a loving relationship and a lot of crisis constraining his thing and living in and in putting up thoughtful as he prayed by the strength of the hands and power you knew right the battle what happens is the doctrine of Bill himself but when the church folk like that we can curse them directly we concur some of the culture we can use the very practices all around them the more the men out into sexual sin to the women to behave like the women of the world we can find another way to curse them that in and of itself is the doctrine of Babel and look at the point of a block before Israel taking those things offered to idols and to commit fornication permits let's get into this a little more now invited minimum being a donkey anything is the end of the document that the protection of God people can be removed if they can be seduced into disobedience this can be done by using sex as a gateway into deeper sin and watch this even into spiritualism now one of thing the devil does in order to get you to buy into the culture is that he began to teach all kinds of lies he wants you to tell the children ferry to is sleeping we thought was and one day some as the writeup on a white horse and save the day in the medical office live happily ever after right and of course the magic doesn't get you but the reality is that in a lovesick society where everybody is waiting for the fairytale more Muslim growing up in broken homes more families are being destroyed and more divorces because of the cult 's recent surge of the Christian churches of the United States of the all denominations are just about the divorce rate in Athens I just a lot inside of charges by the outside of churches that is because of the culture and teen pregnancy rates inside of managers that just arrived in pregnancy rate in the neighborhoods they exist because of the music the love songs like baby face another the singledom everything is all that paint is wonderful picture that you get married to get together you have a relationship relented to get married anymore and is not always so sweet and wonderful and you marry somebody ought for you so you get benzamide is not so sweet but the wonderful but oftentimes you figure out after you've given yourself to them sexually or the music and movies and television and I think what distorts American college and is gone and spent the rest of the world because of our movies our media is a purposeful lack of understanding of God 's plan in essence the society the culture is indirect and complete opposition to what God 's will not wanting people culture no man with all his physical social mental emotional spiritual and when it comes that a realm of sexual sin of all five aspens in the human being are involved building twenty was chosen as the physical side of the most engaging and not biblical every of the person is involved in sexual sin and recommend charges hard on the Williams is once the Longfellow again revealed to said that the uses presently they will drink it that's what my auto with sexual sin becomes their drug we get those on my prerogative but these fears the sexual revolution mountains on this idea Bobby Brown originally sang about is my private do what I wanted to tell me what to do in such a composition to the will of God but I wasn't like this the road to Atlas pain that good intentions but about die tonight at least I can say I did what I wanted to do tell me how bout you but I have and be glad going to have them Alexander wanted to do this is the culture is in the document they are literally being spoken Eric Alister Crowley who was considered because of the most evil man in the lipstick thinks it should be stopped thirty seven of them ineffective but not as though we have over than there do what thou wilt that is the only commandment in the church of the one commandment do what thou wilt shall be to hold the law known as the Jay Leno frame is not a monoculture now how the culture of life and can impregnate the church in fact the charge on a short JV rock rental Jamie Abelard the very one commandment of the churches they can do what thou wilt meeting of the coincidence was a sexual revolution in the United States that the person culture they had to get America to move away from a place where it was indecent and many things for girl to be pregnant out of wedlock once was what I will bring shame and abrasive tribes of the windshield and the center stripper publicly would've been shameful once launched it was now well what happened well one upping the database through university systems of the world into Christian universities Gail Princeton are always to be Christian institutions went for humor 's all Christian words of the panic turned and began to teach instead of the Bible and Christianity moral relativism really nothing is really right a wrong of two consenting adults agree to do it and it's not that I'm it on anybody else it's okay if the call to be encouraged medical and technological advances one thing that was agile revolution allowed to happen is they removed the consequences of careless sex of sex outside of God 's plan builds on the girls of the afraid they might get pregnant nowadays bills IUDs abortions medical and technological advance the central revolution began to protect the culture began to change the medium and the table will talk about technological American automobile one of things you have as an example where one time a guy whatever the girl yet don't want to her house the right of ours the knock on the door of our house and meet her father and Phyllis Iversen on the porch instead once the car was invented and become popular guys to pull up and found out the girl jump in a takeoff on the protection of the home disappeared this will allow the sexual revolution that happen was arts and limits able to get it a little more men with architect of this great sexual rooms and one woman that sex out of his name Alfred Kinsey in nineteen forty eight he wrote his study on human sexual behavior published sexual behavior in the human male the report in America away from a traditional Victorian view of sex open and will open accepting outlook towards human sexuality one of his pupils you have to turned around and create a boy and everyone knows it at a minimum I can say what you have now walked with you what the goals and really began to push the envelope from a cancer specific targeting just like they did what comes up to teach manumission if you should be up later examine many women as you want when the things he was satisfied is ostensibly even in the pornography blindly for the movies movie seven eighty seven percent likelihood of preventing sexual material from another job within the movies movie in the dumbest boy what will we do talk a lot about see that not all of all the commercial maybe the average American adolescent will you nearly fourteen thousand sexual references every year every single year that was most frightening is sixty four percent of all no-shows and consensual private and only meant only fifteen percent commission waiting protection or consequences so I deliver that only one side of sex and pleasures are the glamorous side dilemma presented by Maria side the committee of five the vision about how you get to see both sides with similar principles about sex and love are not the same thing that's important the Bible says that God is love in fact attack on love is an attack on God when he said making many views always phrases of people trivialize being in love is an affront against God himself since evolved into a prison of insects and the feeling of being a block reason in the pet scan studies of the human brain have a look at it when people think they're in love for the word think of purpose the things I love in fact the reasoning centers of the brain slow down or turn off to have a girl is unable to see the love it's another way shape the town about a boy the fact that a boy is a delinquent and Bob run-ins with the law and finish high school doesn't have a job treats her poorly at the droppings even like the reasonings and Fiona shut off the sexual union between man and woman to produce live your people seem to forget that one important piece of sex of the metadata bargainer Deirdre permitted GGG general home pregnancy test is positive amazing Mister Huber R if you come in and she gets tested fourteen fifteen sixteen seventy ago to come back in a room with the baby they are either pregnant and ignore responses how did that happen happen are you a you are you serious and wanted to draw on the paper Ottawa on because only the blood disconnected sex from procreation but this is enough I also know there's a lot not partly why is not the only reason God invented it was a big part of real life exists and that procreation is one of the greatest argument against evolution is not really a balding to do what you do you want me to organisms to make one organism right blogs with making optimism that the nature on a lower forms of life were they just saw that the Bible you have another life form they want me to people and a really evolving it was Donald created in this way the design this and we have to be careful that we don't table everyone at them if I wanted for while it was something of sex and sexuality they found it in circles where people are leaning more to the more conservative side badminton and a more formidable presence roof am finding inside of these articles were sexual sin of happening running of the people will visit in the very features sitting in what ultimately because of sexual sin because of the doctrinal bail to have fallen out of favor with God trusting someone our amounts the church was a sick among you initially will administer because they met someone who was an ad medicine began to date and began a sweep of his person and by sleeping with a person and thinking that would one day marry him they tried to run him add little to convert them but the document this one says something different you commit sin and driving someone with a person 's conduct a person is suddenly a difficult task it might present a break in the gas on their part at the same time that things will happen in my warranty because somehow this thing coming what do people give up meet me then give up e-mail Dragon melting cheese pizza salad the upper palate is the elegant style infinitely Palin writes their own I can start a vitamin all that followed all the other things in the romantic relationship around it bogs down in the waters of drawing that margin and Gaza www. is being Avenue North I love that you need that are up the chicken and being essentially be sure to be a vegetarian Sabbath deepens lots and done us the house crew with the fact him a new review made on this one right in God is calling you shortly adult linens and a lot will let people and has given up on this piece of it the Levine account we can do everything else right into the blog was part that the document I can get you a lot of them but I can get you the guidance of another girl direction of the Bible down just like they set a limit on the mountains and valleys the devil will send the right person do you knew what about the bottle of the lump sum is not as kind love does not envy love does not parade itself is not puffed up does not behave rudely does not seek its own is not provoked thinks no evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth love bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things love never fails this does not sound like a one night stand with others out of fleeting relationship where two people look up and shout the open and whatever happened happened and it had the first drop of trouble to break away and walk away from each other and what happens inside the judge that we have people who are sleeping around a disabled one person at a time there's serially monogamous so if you have twenty levels at once but in twenty and about twenty lovers of God 's plan the wealthy do you know you have a boyfriend or a mutually faithful are one drug company happen every live by the wildlife of the cable boyfriend bottles will but at the point that they are the last alleles the honey of sin to keep what is most Latin American fact a woman bought manhandled both ways these days the angle always when you are sleeping with someone before you get married you literally trained them to cheat on you after you get married of the nuclear envelope with them before you get married you will not be expected and all of a sudden keep the commandment at the somehow you get married to allow trained of the job prenatal he didn't really train how to break the seven Commandments is different the principal and the person we must be logged in the first few multilevel mold is Christ himself the keepers of the Mozilla keeps up your favorite job in a laptop computer is optional for Christ this theodolite is secondary to that anyone will not look like we don't have felt about love and somebody more men boyfriend girlfriend by the gods as anyone who loves his father or mother more than he is not worthy of me anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me Malachi twenty one about nineteen fifties as the Lord made them one in flesh and spirit the ideas and why one regarding seeking godly offspring so guard yourself in your spirit and do not break faith with the wife of your youth he was seeking what godly offspring sixteen he says do you not know that he will unite himself with a prostitute is one with our in body forty said the two become one one flesh in fact what about the purity retreat the otherwise they will wait automatically to be was was numerical two white sheets to come together and they can figure everything out and have fun such an enjoyable and married some items they meant and got designed that way but what I want to be with him again and not to what you like to what's coming together him him him get mad all the memories only mused on the web in all .net we go to become one of my copies of eleven could often you having to bring it to the local understand the Bible says do not know that he will be like in some of the prostitute is one with her Kaiser family foundation reported two thousand and fifteen twenty four -year-old the United States get most of the information about sex from their friends this is followed by closely bisexual education courses parents rank third the church doesn't make the top three medium tomatoes are sold like sex and the city and all the stuff that they teach all the little innuendos all the subtle things and when when when we color watch this doubling it is affected by Mister Weasley I'll bring the policy was we think the defense against being absorbing some of their belief and doctrine into ourselves if you absorb some of the engine by default might be holding you become what you change showdown with mingled in the spiritualism is Beyoncé lyrics of the song Halo or Halo the pagan symbol of our Christian symbol remember those laws I've been elevated tumbling down when he didn't even put up a fight beginning to make us out of our way to let UN but I never really had a dog standing in the light of your halo I got my angel now I start my JV the maintenance of my carbon awakened every rule I had to break those a break in the roulette roulette the break is the right that I've taken on I never go to set you up anywhere I'm looking now I'm surrounded by your embrace maybe I can look at the lifeline you know you're my one saving grace people are training our relationship with God for romantic relationship you can somehow they will find fulfillment in life the same problem the crack addict addicts what I want to do better than limited to medicine is one of the groups will document the asking guys wrote where you sit in the groups and at the end of the groups of God was awful and I was a godly in the human heart so big only she can fill it when we submit to you that romantic love cannot feel the God shaped hole in your heart sex and sexuality on conversion thermography not to fill the God shaped hole that is in your heart Rihanna said it like this and talk about sex Magic Susan and I hate how much I love you but I just can't let you go one of these days maybe a magic magic won't affect me and you just will make me weak but no one knows me will you know me though it is evident so you'll probably always have a spell on me it begins than all of the spiritualism that's the doctrinal dialogs that work out for her consult God not sold the Romans chapter one seven like this for this cause God gave them up at the vile affections for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature and likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another men with men working that which is unseemly knowing the judgment of God that they which commit such things are worthy of death not only do the same watches what pleasures and though mid-to-late seventies like soap operas and desperate housewives and dolls shall take pleasure in effect the dental training on the wickedness and perversion that you don't do it the doctor bills that he just got a get probably never touch a woman at August the at the temple the bill be your blog and wanted to get your mind to memorialize alike in all of the craziness and slowly but surely by watching it then begins in on an important script is that you can't want to get pleasure out of it this was modified amended two thousand teenagers get to the denizens of one problem unintended pregnancies annually countless abortions emotional pain and guilt that goes along with all the fornication the Bible says every sin that a man who will does about the body unit committed fornication some of against his own body what will you not answer bodies of the Temple of God of the Holy Ghost which is in you would you have of God and you are not your own you are bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God 's first review tentative name and let us commit fornication and some of them committed and fell in one day three and twenty thousand is referring all the way back to be eliminated as of nevertheless first representative authors nevertheless to avoid fornication let every man have his own life and let every woman have her old husband wife seven child died as the Christian life is one of constant self-denial and self control there we these are the lessons to be taught the children from their infancy teach them that they must practice temperance purity of thought and heart and act but they belong to God because they been bought with a price even the precious blood of his dear son he said there no you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom will God be not deceived balls as neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor abusers of themselves of mankind nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor am I was nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God is my big trouble if the verse stopped right there and now the last version that has been trouble descriptors evidently these things you can inherit the kingdom of God I would look to laundry list of it on some level when you look at it to find some way may probably fall Christian in part because of this next verse the next person and such for what some of you suck and suck for some of you what you are washed you are sanctified you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God such were some of you would say something when you come to know Jesus Christ one of the things that Paul was that the things he used to do we don't want anymore stop to use the find pleasing and attractive it it was desirable to all of a sudden the work that you enjoy very appetite the power of the living God working in your changes you to apply for what was once caught pleasant and how disgusting by submitting him a Christian because I've been washed and I thought I can't say muscle but of power in the blood of the Lamb Paola Paola wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb if you are someone who is struggling with sexual sin for the demography of in a relationship and you're not married and yet present whenever a homosexuality nonetheless let me tell you that if you claim the promises of Scripture if you lean on the everlasting arm of Christ and not lean on me all the flash and allow the blood of Jesus Christ to be applied to life is all in the blood and diesel if any will transform you went heavy on Jehovah that all of a sudden you to open a nightclub in shot put and how the ring focus on school your microphone legume bringing people at introducing them to Jesus Christ there is power in the blood of the Lamb Bible says we all sin and come short of his glory is none righteous no not one we all are in need of the blood of Jesus he says come let us reason together though your sins be as scarlet he will make you white as snow don't clean UI and meals are kind of God would jump to make a decision to follow when not to make decisions for you we still have the power to make a decision blog I'm going to live for you and you alone and allowed to live me whenever everybody can see I'm not living where everybody is visible to everybody can tell live in for you in the secret recesses of my mind and the secret recesses of my heart when nobody knows what's going on I determined to live for Jesus Christ in secret as well with an open question designs by you and me today father God we thank you Lord father God we understand the devil is still trying to curse the culture we still and we understand what the devil is still coming after your people the father God were not careful when I'm sober for not vigilant father God will let down our guard and in the false pretenses of of of romance and sexuality and in the pleasures of this world will sweep in and take a additional is just as we were able to just about to enter the promised land father God be with you people are not but hope and with those will listen to this message anywhere they hear to the world I thought God has shared his words of truth come out of your Bible and Dave and Corinthians in and in numbers Lord and revelation of fog out of the truth will respond to it by saying I will follow Savior all the days of my life Nevada one mean I have to give up on this earth we do not know Lord that you have something so was better for us than anything that is on earth Blessed be the Lord that was fun got to follow you no matter what is our prayer in Jesus 's name of the church say amen and amen


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