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Alan Parker

Professor of missions and evangelism and director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism at Southern Adventist University




  • July 15, 2010
    4:45 PM
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welcome everyone I think WIC and your life still IAI notice when you are sleep deprived but I am today I got in plenty of sleep and twelve and I will give it force of I can make it you can too but maybe if I had you at the running around that would help so will be obvious to give everybody focused want to begin with twin and they will get until topic for disaster fund don't want to thank you that you are a God who is powerful helpless not to settle for substance use counterfeit revivals and gospels but to simply exhibit you are the powerful God who can do powerful things right in our generation may we had a worship that is an account of the changes our lives we ask these things in Jesus name amen out of the use of high worship and you can tell little play on words that I want to deal with what is worship like when God is involved and is the root so that is out there that we need to begin for that seems like there's a lot of with syphilis in a few guys been around a little bit you know what I'm talking about and so there people who say we go to get more excited and worship and is other people you said you stick with the hymnal unless it says Seventh-day Adventist hymnal lot and you can sing at banning you have other people who go in all on board by the hands and raises his drums in it I can't listen to it it's boring what's going on here I'll be going to go but will we go by by the revivals and encounters out the watch should worship be like that site to ask an honest question is a time for us to embrace contemporary worship that was in the way you rest your thinking I would ask the question but just think about some of the reasons on one today's house is different essence music is helpful we need an update on music so that it appeals today's culture I read an article recently it came into my e-mail box X youngest week ago and it said why should Bush should remain the same when people have changed to understand the argument why should we should remain the same when people change today's generation is not like previous generations so mainly because culture is different we need a new cultural for worship Satan argument that is given is our current worship services on boarding and day and we should be able to encounter God so even if you are making two options you can say you can have a lively exciting worship when you can have it did worship they were even adjacent what you probably don't go for the lively exciting one for you can encounter God number three we need to embrace content we worship because when you get more people involved if we have more praising skits and puppetry more people be part of a worship service in an interview grade and in him before this is the only way to keep young people in the church which we don't do something young people to go out the door because they tired of listening to the old hands so what you say let's embrace contemporary worship on you guys are not buying this I wasn't convincing for a time that WIC is unlikely that I'd be saying that so lives take a look at how we can do this because I believe that arguments only have power when is some truth in that so these arguments have some power because there is some truth in it is culture different than it was fifty years ago a hundred years ago yesterday so it had been counseling changes and we do need to take them into my associate into consideration discounted strength number two already worship services boarding a dead yet you know sometimes when I singing a hymn and a singing him to see that your manager doesn't do this in all this is that I add with Mensch tries to find the most of again on line we and any and you and you feel like it's a funeral I want to go running on the island I will remind you of the resolution and so did many of our worship services on inventory and I agree it is some truth to it the document we need to get more people involved you know what you're absolutely right too many about which services like this one person standing up in front speaking everybody else means that Titus is that should mean to be a spectator sport no the church should be a body of believers and we should have bought more involvement of people the question is do you need praising schizo puppetry to do it for three this is the only way to keep young people in the church and I'm to be very honest with you we are you using young people in droves all the statistics out they clearly show that young people are leaving the church so is this the answer to keeping them in the church that's the question we writes now notice the Temne terminology when we confidence notice that we need to embrace what is called content free worship versus traditional wish now what sits up as you know it's not that one wishes is better than another is just that you like to do things my tradition and we like to be relevant to the culture you follow the argument you so you want to be relevant or irrelevant that's what you want to go with your old rituals would you want to be relevant to today's generations even care about our generation given that these are viewed here about what the music we like to listen to what you want to just be stuck in your him and not even think about what's going on in our generation if you want to do that and you can have a traditional service and we'll have eight content resumes just think of it as a buffet we have many different options would you like the hands who would you like a AA chorus hole would you like to have some contemporary jazz that music we haven't all are often just come to other sites we had all available to you just pick what you would like is that what's happening is in fact I prominently as directed and told me that that was his philosophy of youth ministry provide a diverse enough buffet that anybody who wants a different kind of widgets that could get is this being what will keep young people in the church while this argument is really a cultural argument insists the gospel is always in a Council fall so you need to reset the gospel in a comfortable man this thing since Jesus was incarnated as a white as you let me know what kind of human being century June that's the kind of beings and he lived within the couch is the gospel came within that culture of that time is on the same weight as you go to a incarnate the gospel into the culture of the time and the text is used for scripting the night was nineteen to twenty two full said I wanted the old things to all people to the Jew I become as a Jew into the Gentile I becomes a gentle to those under the laws but as one having the law to those not having laws one not having the law and I think this shows you that Paul abducted himself to the couch now what they will ought to basic things number one the kind of commitment to the focus of the context and you can read in the context of the chapter has nothing to do with worship you really look at that that's happen to be able to do it was and it has to do with the right of the apostles to be supported by the church and he is saying look I don't demand anything from anyone in fact I'm the one who finds myself adapting to meet your needs he's not I was talking about his sacrifices in adapting to where they are that's what it's about so when people use it for worship in transit all we need is a solution that's not the context is not what the passage is about certainly look at the focus the focus is not culture but the gospel he begins with sixteen will to me if I do not preach the gospel vessel focus you read it is all about I am an apostle and message of the gospel was twenty three right after the section he says I do it all for the sake of the one the gospel reasons I discipline my body and keep it under control without the preaching to others I myself should be disqualified busy wanting to be cultural or easy whitening gospel centered gospel since Switzerland comes along that hey you know full was ready and adapting to the counter whatever the couch was the time I'm sure they were a lot of you know using report drums into the judge of that was what was then reject peoples because I do all things to be all things to all people that's couple was and I say that's always saying in this in this passage even have to find a different passages so certainly embrace today's college and I'm young and have a number of quotations in this one is from Gary parent prefers off Christian education and Gordon Conwell theological seminary he is enormous that's when I attend services that feature contemporary worship today it seems that eighty to ninety percent of all the songs sung by the congregation prominently feature that familiar trinity of my me why effect that he was made making note of the fact that Mrs. in the days of overhead projectors he was hanging up back in the eighties when he's to have overhead projectors they had trouble fitting in all of the songs that began with eyes into the little folders will be lobbying transparency because they were like half of all of the songs began with an ally and you can imagine it was that twenty years ago you think of it even was a I mean why you listen to the songs even all the one by Jesus my Savior you know this is this is what it's all about the by wizardry you just take a look at it really do we sing songs that remind us of our identity as the body of Christ the people of God in couches that already dominated by Gnosticism that's a self-centered focus this is both unwise and dangerous felony tell you we are all about I widely think it's a popular to have iPod iPad I wish because that's what makes us feel good is not I want to create my own unique wishes I want something that I can respond to something that I am comfortable with something that creates an emotional response within me it's kind of like this church hopefully this will play in your parachute Virginia he inadvertently caress her and her variety or her where are you will see his family I will write you know you are a you and you will and is a you your you know you and him all him have no I know is it's a little satire is of course no means should you like oh well I shall venture to the head there is no need to judge but what it does tell us that this is where people are out there asking for the something and a thousand it does not want to churches whenever handing out tickets to the baseball game it was Father's Day and they said hey we want to guess the go and enjoy something with the kids and so they gave out tickets to the baseball game as another judge when they were off doing other things you know it was like permits to people what they want and may now come to church so these essential idea risks that should is about a list of services and products and you come in you pay us I will provide the services but this kind of wish of these I wish I is not about God is not about what he does for us is is is not about what we can do for him it's about what God can do for us what the church can do for us even by focus was that someone is at the heart of my worship God is no longer in the sandwich it was it was about what I get out of it about how I feel and about what I need so I want us to think about how did I wish of coming out and Wigan leadership with you history I know yet I'd like to give another quotation how you did on back of neck to that one it seems that if it does not matter this is the same person Gary speaking is as it seems that it does not matter if I sing during which I quoted a million from Conwell you theological seminary he says for I cannot hear myself even if I do not can I see him the brothers and sisters sitting the enemy in fact we can always those few people standing up front with a microphone sometimes you see him even then because their voices also drawn up by the amplified instruments that supposedly come to mean all of us as we sing what's happening and I was is not ready about God 's people gathering together to do communal price what's going on instead is that we are just having a massive music with mold piece of humble bumble total books and we're doing the things again that we can't even see what we say we're getting drowned out with a few people screening up in the front we can barely hear them because all about the music and the emotional experience of being too hot not as solid as may be an extreme not all of this is this that but I think I got been in a lot of services where this is taking place and that he will say one thing when attempting to reach the Jewish judges may actually be actually eulogized as Mike Michael Alden on his wife got me down for the sake of evangelism as Bob adorned with my knowledge which for example that is printed description text in the bulletin will projected on the screen each week of the seekers who might be attending without a Bible and had an unintended consequence how event has been at the believers have stopped bringing their Bibles and the sound of pages rustling of the things from passage to pass is showing the summit is seldom what because we don't need to do anything we can sit like it's a TV show and just watch the screen allow length is another thing rabbits argued and in the music stops and we can mumble and administered as particularly I noticed that when the price team is singing up in the front no one else's thing is just the pricing you listen see how many people are singing for the price team is outpacing in everybody else's kind of mumbling and you don't want to not doing anything at all they just watching it as spectators and so something has gone wrong in how was in its Wallace was chosen must obey scriptures as Philippians two with three and four do nothing out of what selfish ambition or vain conceit presents him accept pricing sedan on a single living units that but in what humility consider others more important than yourselves each of you should look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others I cannot fathom why we would rather split the church and change our music why would we do there because it's all about me it's all about my wishes it's all about my experience and if I'm not getting sunny out of the woods and then that's more important than whether my brother insists that is offended at the kind of music that I bring that now how did I wish to come about any of this is complicated software to simplify that his resume that you after the reclamation the reason why the Reformation was so powerful is that what Martin visited his he took his theology and he put it to music and so now what infuriated the paperless was that you could go anywhere in a sea of Martin Luther 's theology why is people singing so by team Fortress is jobs by the way intelligent and sing the British they tend to destroy things so they took this nice upbeat song they turned it into AG for truth is the Johnsons do best and give you going here it's sign of the German when I consider the German but it don't mind seeing fully true this is documents the difference yet well be because the English have not written they destroyed it the problem is in the process we mean it straightened out even further by the way we played on the cattle anyway really killed the stock market visits physiology for the music and the theology spread like wildfire that was what was happening with reclamation music now what happened is that however this is the worship service tended to be more doctrinal the elements you have a lot of Bible preaching it would be the word even the singing would be about God was more biblical more about God than about my experience so maybe it was more heavily object of an factual so I worship became the reaction to this and I was really begins back in eighteen hundred that's when songs began to change from the object into the subject of and you can look at all hymnal and you'll see songs that were written before the eighteen hundreds tended to be very objective songs that were written in the eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds tended to be much more about my feelings and my experience now my views we need boss right we need the object of this is a God is this what the doctrines off and we need my experience what has happened in the reaction is we've swung from one to the outlets and now we barely had any doctrine in the songs that are being produced content free Christian music had very interesting routes as part of the supply which phenomena what links content we Christian music was that in the nineteen seventies it was the hippie movement and the strange thing in a hippie movement no one expected hippies to find Jesus and Sonia holds Jesus movements came to the hippie movement I was really accounting counter to the constant fellowship of the hippie movement and so as the Jesus movement spread they started singing songs about Jesus but they sang the only way they knew how to use rock 'n roll tunes and so they started Seema teases with these rock 'n roll tens of no inevitable but that would come into the church is that what you are an authority was such a reaction against the cause in the nineteen seventies could represent a rock 'n roll to you to Todd is because they were afraid of discussing the movement would come into the church well it didn't come in right away but it came in late as ten Christian move music grown in the last twenty five years and used to being in the nineteen eighties and eighty million dollars business and sales is now seven hundred million dollars business that is nominal growth I everyone else is experiencing a decline content in Christian music is on the rise I John still president of cesium communications is what content we Christian music has done is make the worship experience more what acuity uses relevant and therefore law meaningful to degeneration so what they're saying is the stuff that came in from rock 'n roll that is now coming to the churches contribute Christian music is more relevant and it's more meaningful but even he admits that is not always the best Pennsylvania show you what he says about content pre- Christian music was the other side of but the danger is constantly Christian music is very what performance oriented would you agree with that if it's about the person performing up in front of the line between worship and entertainment can very easily get cool is this worship was in entertainment music in which a Xinhua attention to what God but contemporary music often draws attention to itself together man right in contemporary music Hussein in all this has made it more relevant and meaningful but you don't does seem to have a lot of problems style noted in a recent interdenominational survey of people in their twenties that they are beginning to move away from contemporary Christian music a prominent and visible Roy's twenty years behind so will finally figure out that this wasn't the greatest is the open right now people are fighting for it and it is the more baby-boom of them is that it is actually your generation because your generation is already figuring out that we now deepest desire is to have a what kind should anyone encounter with God and they seem to recover one of the two things depth and substance and less of what is happening is that we are reacting against the superficial wisdom that is taken all of you know how I'll wish of service is that it tends to be the same three words like seven times for some people say seventy eleven song seven website eleven times and you know we are reacting against superficial was it because we want the real thing and I believe it is not discarded be going back to singing sweet sweet lullaby chose to sleep in the first place this would have to be something else that's not a Clinton progressive music but neither is it just is go back and shut up and sing on handles like we always define because God is trying to bring about true revival the problem of relevancy is to me that people want something that generally isn't good for the quarter compared worship to food I just think about this what kind of foods are you attracted to fast food desktop acts ice cream candy talk about while some of us don't experience that but heck out of there and you are attracted to things that generally on give you a Vyas my kids you can have anything you want when it comes to food water and asked for all the wrong things and get ice cream yes we were in the EV airport lady when we would try to figure out a way coming over yes we asked the lady at the airports you know she suggests would you like coffee or anything recent nonanonymous and my daughter figured out that this lady was then offer us anything he wanted Jesus could we have ice cream either known or not we are not the city ice cream this was a like six in the morning when not jealous of you ice cream at six o'clock in the morning and that long of vegan ice cream Sia anyway that is complicated to explain so what do people want they want generally was not good for them and so you just give people what they wanted was built-in to go for worship it makes them feel good rather than was that challenges them that's what it rather happened was that tickles the years rather than wish and that challenges the Hawks and so the problem with giving people what they what they ask for is that they don't always know what they need in the same way just like food I wish of service needs to provide enough variety and not different things so that you can have a balanced diet so there are times when you are going to have in a worship service something that's more for the kids it's not very challenging it's not something that you go that we prefer .net is going to be something that the kids go well I need to open a very simple message of insanity for this bigamy other things in the woods and subsequently the subduing of any item get back but other people do the same well that changes the whole way I think we can have different elements the wishes of his and some people some people do some people like Indian food to some people not liking into the yard so what happens when you assume this is if you find that not every piece of music appeals to everybody and and that's okay that is not a problem to have variety to have diversity the problem is when we are feeding people at fast food superficial life that never has any good all the Swiss vegans they can anyone whatever it might be hidden never had any substance to know that this was brought up my little book called this little church with the market by Gary June and the interesting title he as we have today's market-driven churches the basic premises finally people one provided for them and it seemed to give the gospel along the way you know once you got the menu providing for them given that one of the Gospels and you definitely will minimize the distinctive difference is when you are interested in is give them a little bit of the gospel the danger of this approach is that the gospel becomes trivialized life news is that God becomes transformed into a product to be salt faith into a recreational activity to be done and insureds into a cloud for the like-minded so we can get together and we had this fun time together and that's what and this comes went through particularly the youth groups of the video around in like the nineties this was the in thing you know provide popcorn and a movie for young people and that was somehow a spiritual activity and a swimsuit and eventually what happened was other denominations realize this is important but because the administrators twentieth behind with still we are starting to figure this out now that would young people need is not popcorn and a movie what they need is a challenge and so we need to have not a market-driven approach for something else public was written by Lee Strobel article inside the mind of unchurched Harry and Mary and he comes up with that assumption on you to show you needs to be challenged and more than ninety percent of the population experiences some form believe in God which they do is dropping but they didn't and a desire for relationship with him but less than half of the population never attends church what conclusion should you draw reasonable conclusions Harry has rejected what judgment that doesn't necessarily mean he has rejected another what I believe in God 's church I'm not comfortable with salt the assumption is what we need to do this we need to make sure it's relevant and so when the sequence so this is kind of telling was a young man by the name of those titles decided to start a church in sophistry cannot the peoples there was any asinine I'm planning on starting church in this agreement I want to know if you attend church and if not why and people started giving the responses you want people to longer attend church three reasons it was boarding it was irrelevant I was predictable as I said you know I call and every week they sing the same songs I know when they stand up when they sit down on board it has no relevance to my life they talk about things that don't touch my life so he decided to have a church that would be not those things what would it be exciting relevant and not necessarily predictable it would be very professional semisolid services that withhold secret sensitive services that would base around seekers with finances we don't expect us out to try and reach seekers and be sensitive to the needs the problem with this approach is brought up by Gary Gillies he says the Bible clearly says that humanity does reject God is not just that they rejecting the way churches what Seles really show is that people do not reject God 's on their own creation and imagination but they do reject the truth documents everything that what is happening is that people don't like sin they don't like being confronted they don't like having worship that challenges them to read the Bible but they quite happy to have a God whose lobbying than Mister Rogers neighborhood and taking care of Dan and helping them with their daily difficulties that kind of God is great another Jolo hosting kind of God is not easily is always reaching out to God God has a plan for your life God knows and that's the kind of thing going on with Joe Wallace even for these other people are flocking to these churches but on creating a God of their own imagination creation while they preaching the full cost this is also watching Joe Augustine on none on a TV show I had a little video clip and I try to get it in but it wouldn't play with they were asking some questions about the Bible Lindsay said no I really don't know whole lot about the Bible but when I do knows this and he goes on to sprout this theology that God will place you in whatever you hand over to him he will do tenfold decision-support jealousies ministries and those kinds of things to ask a challenge that Gary Gilly comes up with uses if we start accommodating to people 's needs and desires this is the sort that happened express design of the use of friendly philosophy is to make on Williamson 's feel comfortable with the Christian message the all anyway this is possible I fear is to change the message all that have this kind of music up it will just bring that music and pictures that I have entertainment up it will just bring it segmented that you may advertise a copy that programs that you can send people to the Gainesville does bring that into the church and let me tell you I tried this method it does not work with his past and I is a campus chaplains and I didn't know much about what I should do so I went to the youth ministry who resides in what way do they save you got to bring the people in you but it is something that will appeal to everyone's sideboard in music we had a program called on young life which other people referred to as wildlife because the guts out of control we had speakers swinging in on my gropes and I are him I had one program where I had strobe lights and identify what was that the place out that some of the stories I fire was going on and you know what people thought it's true that they flock but my numbers of baptisms went down they went being converted they were being entertained and integrated timer started to leave because I couldn't do it as well as the world could I was a novelty for a while but eventually the world was much better at offering music and fireworks and professional productions the pilot I couldn't compete with Hollywood so even if people thought of leaving hundreds one of my doing I know what works evangelism and sticking with the message that God is good and I started preaching and Mrs. add an evangelism campaign on campus and and although I didn't have those big novel numbers of the people coming in I had more and more baptisms because people would be changed from the hill you sought taking a look at musings of that and how does this look any difference this is hip-hop Christian artist hoping that Scott is looking any different from a non-Christian honest is not as the result of being self is not about Jesus it's about the artist and you know and I just look at the lyrics you bring the half helping the soul altering the flag to bring the polls I'm if it is just saying measured it just seemed that will fly so high the whole world knows that the dream of and came back to unfold without losing for real by the city got massive fields to put your hand in hand of my stylist friend is love like that I mean come on folks this is an example of where we don't does this tell you anything about Jesus knowledge is kind of and we saw development visited again though back and why we'll let each other whenever I is great I think God has a plan for black and white to come to get but is not about without to do this thing for real publicity domestically I can dress but do not do that kind of thing is not to work so what's happening what's going on here is that is that Huntington is going down and couches being pushed out so what we do what people want will supply that Caltech hunting down counter going up they were followers going on here so instead of having good content instead we've got with some meat simply God will tell someone what's happening intelligence will copy those across you can even tell the difference between the different kinds of his now that place the only difference is that the lyrics are tweaked a little and content we Christian artists have used that the labels tell them not to put Jesus to mention because coupons the wrinkled making labels that the CD at music and someone who although those labels begins entertainment industry that's on that route it to make money another thing that we see not only is it about culture it's about experience do I feel God do I have an experience with God so what we had is that theology is going down experiential religion is going up so now you don't even have to have a Bible takes for the most is not what is the Bible say it know what I feel I have been luckily enough I I I confront divisive why are you dating a paid writing you just got to ask some people that's why you dating a pagan because I just feel this is wrong but it's not like it is not according to the word you know I had a dream about this in the spirit told me I watched to see him turns out what's going on is that we are real we are taking up theology we have become theologically illiterate because we gone for experience and emotions feel that it was too much theology and medicine no it was barely any theology medicine but they just obviously because they use the entertainment biz the emergent church movement that's come out don't tell me about sound doctrine you legalistic doctrine long as I want to happen when we start getting rid of sound doctrine impression that notice what happens even with both titles of the Willow Creek Church in two thousand and seven this article came on October eighteen two thousand seven Christianity today the title of the article was Willow Creek repents remember this is the art originate up on the seeker sensitive so this is how we made I was saying is when we settled down when people cross the line of faith and became Christians we should of started telling people and teaching people that I have to take responsibility to become self fetus than just other so they are being congregation after more than twenty years I'll do anything insensitive positive and they discovered that people were not reading the Bible would not rain in other words they would not look good after twenty years and when ending so-called component and this is what he says we should look to become self feed as we should've gotten people taught people how to read the Bible between service under the spiritual practices is the creator and somewhat much more aggressively on there on the other with what has happened is that I was and is not result in resulted in change lives this is resulted in more people meeting in a worship service it's a change of counsel but not a change of subtenant we grow churches by entertaining calendar evangelism by entertainment moves bring people in the world evangelizing is a worship service for the believe what will the unbeliever in one of the sites may not sit comfortably with some people but I will say it anyway God 's plan for the church is to gather together to glorify him and to be sent out into the wealth so we all say to people I come to judge and the preacher will convert you come to judgment and the music will convert you know what we are doing is we succumb to church with this is a place which will believe was gathering Jesus thanks to pray that we will be changed so that we will go into the community and our allies will impact analysis and because what is our entire lives we don't have such a radical change update and other people becoming Johnson's visit what happened in annexes because God was imprisoned judge is for believers not for unbelievers but when he was coming that will be impacted by a God who is a secretly sells so with him already as a whole is change will be open to see because of course it will but it would be our focus because our focus will be done by men to administer to grow by using entertainment most research shows the following administrators go through public and personally evangelism and through committed churches that effectively reach out to the community and I can give you example after example they did a survey in the Midwest and union when I asked they took forty growing churches and forty declining churches asked the passer question what is your number one priority in ministry and you don't they discovered in every church that was growing the number one priority off the minister was evangelist in any church that was declining it was something else administration and visitation and counseling other things growing judges their priority was evangelism declining churches the priority was something else and they've done other studies they did a massive study I called American congregations today and they took all of the act as congregations that participate in the smooth amount of that study anything which congregations were growing which were declining two things this was thousands of combinations I think was I was two thousand congregations and they said what what made the difference in growing congregations and declining growing congregations were doing evangelism and community service declining congregations did not so simple as that so how do you grow in Adventist congregation the Dubai vengeance you don't do it by doing entertainment and this just makes logical sense find Romeo Church Feinstein the Baptist Church is limited bit of the UK the Pentecostal church is limited better than you can why would they change the diet change the name worship when it's all about entertainment of the all the reason why a person joins the Seventh-day Adventist church if they're not assuming that him a message that's what it joins if so you want to run and message which the business and you don't want to preach the business cannot throne and his judgment on something else but one being administrative because why would you make those changes in your life you rather go to the church down the street doesn't want to check there is no conclusive evidence and then done lots of studies on this I just read one from Andrews University a little while ago that changing the worship style had a significant impact when an administrator who dropped the liberal wing of the change I was silently difficult there is no evidence of that multiplex so do we still need doctrine do we still need worship to have doctrinal ailments I remember I'm not saying that was just needs to be bad doctrine it does need to deal with our experience but do we need doctrine now knows this filling yet Dean of the Billy Graham school of mission events was in church growth Thomas Reyna he wrote a booklet surprising insights from the unchurched basic you know we keep asking me unchurched about what church should be like water we asked people who used to be unchurched and are now back in church and Ms. asked them why they backed insurance so that's the question they asked and he came up with an totally surprising answer sometimes uses the conventional wisdom the really unchurched has been to lower expectations to tell just we really do not expect anything from but the odd insureds are more likely to return he says after doing the study if they understand that the church expects much of the members people have no desire to be part of something that makes a difference doesn't exist yet come join us we all make a difference join us we're all about me so they asked some questions from these previously unchurched to use the insurance now they were in church what factors led them to choose a particular church they were in nineteen the sense that it was the pastor and his preaching what was it that he did in his preaching eighty eight percent said that it was the doctrines rather than transaction only people indigenous people want to see Awad is it that you believe they want to hear that these days forty nine percent said it was the friendliness of the members that was being witness to family sensing the presence of friendship adult using children's classes and only eleven percent said that the worship style influencing soulmates look at the real statistics rather than going by what we think will feel what the Anschutz wants raising what you really want and they all came back with essentially the same as needy preaching went down with superficial lowdown doesn't do anything for me Little just five ways leaders I just kind of preaching we want the real thing the formally unchurched told us that they were attracted to strong biblical teaching and to understanding Christian doctrine passes when the Sanderson and communicate doctrine clearly harm I believe is his charges are reaching the unchurched how do they asked the question how do the past influence the entrance and exit it was his preaching the number one response was that he had preaching that is what teachers administrators if we does grasp this should be growing by leaps and bounds I met number two response was that he should preaching that apply to life now maybe give you powerful equation truth plus life because powerful preaching when we of truth that meets lowlife truth applies to my life that's in your palpable regions is not true that all life is truth must life amen so what we need is worship that is powerful real was helpful spirit filled that touches the heart and challenges the salt and I and I want to tell you that we are not a worship so we we can't really point the finger too much now I can see you guys don't know how to wish and look at all the stuff you green as it should but let me tell you we don't have yes why we expect the worship service to do what our personal devotional life is not so what I'd like to do in order to worship I get the drums going to build up the music and the unit can put me in the final minute I can wish the author the less the most how for which I see is when you have a group of people on such a heartfelt mission forgot with such a revival throughout their life you can give it any song to sing you like a Nelson in Wuhan with passion because is not the song that doesn't fit their life experience with God worship becomes a response to what God is already doing and if you notice great controversy page four six four before the final visitation of God 's judgment upon you will be among the people of God such a wife revival of content regarding this is what is for relative godliness is not being with witnesses apostolic times the spirit and power of God will be poured out on his children the enemy of souls desires to hinder this work and before the time for such improvement will come he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing and what I count it in those churches which he can bring under his deceptive house that one realizes he will make it appear that God 's special blessing is poured out it will be metaphysical it is full to be what great religious interest multitudes will exalt that God is working marvelously for them when the work is that often not the spirit on a religious guy Satan will seek to expand his influence over the Christian world sonatas the elements that number one God is planning to send a minute about the revival of his church of the entire name energy savings and number two is Holy Spirit will be poured out how continues an Internet number three however the enemy desires to hinder this winter will introduce a counterfeit number fourteen will introduce a false religious revival into Christian circles and other religious guy Satan will take the world I want to ask you this question are we ready for the real thing is not practical while we ready for the real thing because Satan is not have something that looks like and feels like it but isn't it and you know the famous illustration you know anyone ever seen a count of three dollar bill not what you what you make a counterfeit half the real thing so Satan 's one will look like it's real but a one year people will come after worship service where they boarded a lot of content rechristened stuff they say that felt so powerful it just felt so good as a youth and felt that way but wasn't the real thing visit leave to revival of primitive gotten us that we written what does it just give you the experience without the change these people come near to me with their mouth and on any with their lips but their hearts are far from me they were they wish about me is made up only of rules taught by men they worship is man-made all we endanger off taking man-made culture and turning that into our God I wish about me and forgetting the real thing what is worship worship is an encounter with God and a response to everything that he is the wish of the same job this is to you all worship is the revelation and response now notice what happens when people are in God 's presence kind of these quick biblical examples Isaiah six was five Isaiah is in his prisons anything as well as me island on I'm a man of unclean lips Ezekiel one was twenty eight I fell on my face when he was in God 's presence remember the wheel within a wheel Matthew seventeen with six the disciples of the Transfiguration they fell on their faces it would great if right they recognize they were in the presence of God Revelation one to seventeen he comes into the presence of God he sees the Alpha and the Omega and he falls at his feet as dead him universal revelation of God will allow pretentiousness typical hypocritical false emotional revivals will come to an end because we will experience God where he really is and it will be this heartfelt response God do with me and screw me and in me anything that you wish because I am your segment that's the kind of wisdom that we need not apply worship a God worship a man publishes that says I am responding to God 's grace so revelation in response and we knew Belinda Darwish and services me to build in the wood of gap you take a look at the book of Revelation find worship is always a response to God 's revelation God reveals himself we respond as we respond God reveals himself as God reveals himself we respond that's the rhythm of worship is it happening is happening God wants us to worship him it is a response to who God is rather than just doing rituals and I feel that Jesus needs the more than my friend he needs to be my Lord and Wilson needs to recognize we are in the presence of God amen when you recognize that we are worshiping the God of the heavens and of worship is a response to God being God 's avoidance he's an ordinance of one who is always aforethought was for the people I wish was for God 's existence it has a guidance that is the worship of one God weekend wishing you and you can see even in contemporary Christian music on you know the song the heart of worship is a recognition that so much of our worship business but the heart of worship should be sold with the thought that worship involves everything about us it is not just what happens in the worship service is our entire lives and if I want appeal to you if you really want to worship God W notice Romans twelve this is wanted to therefore rightly and you thought you seem to offer your bodies as what is living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God this is your spiritual act of what was to not conform any longer to the patent of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind I'll tell you that I've had some pretty tough talks with people who are involved in bringing in and you worship style and sympathy I simply I have to talk for my heart a little bit before we find sympathy for what happened our current worship needs to change would you agree me I often I'm sitting there watching people sing the same old songs they're not listening to what they see more than just the just singing it as a routine in a ritual signify the change in and I hear people when they say you know contribute Christian music I feel like I've finally was brought I hear around us it just easier the content free Christian music is leading us down the wrong path is leading us down a path that that's about me myself and I is performance driven the audits are itching to be so much like the secular artists they've done by the major entertainment labels this is not what God wants us to go God 's close is calling for a revolution he's calling for us to have a revival and and I don't think we just need to stick with the hands they may be good choruses there out they I don't think we have to even seeing the same old course is not as the deer pants for the what I mean always on the school contempt requesting music but that that is been pending for the wonderful like thirty years and years of being that it is what we need as we need real revival we need something that's not about choruses is not about hymns beneath the real revival we need to write new music that brings out the Adventist doctrine this is the Adventist theology that teaches the Bible theology using that that will catch on with people but that is not taken over by the by the drivers will be amplification it's about the theology it's about God revealing himself that he still can can we have the change in the lives that influence from my worship to Lord I broke its all about you let's pray and if there any questions I'll take five again you know my own personal journey how I went through contempt we Christian music and I went through trying to entertain people into related to health shifts enter people 's experience and how I struggle to know how can I bring out the doctrines without losing experience how can I bring up truth and meet life and will die I don't claim to have all of the absence even as I presented this I realized that we didn't have to struggle through this together the one thing I know you want revival to take place in the lives and when were revised we will sing with the hots and with the understanding when we revised will be able to sing together as brothers and sisters will be able to pour out our lives as sacrifices every moment of every day will be an active wish they would we come together will be able to crazy whom all blessings flow of God to a high and lifted up thank you thank you for coming into our presence thank you that we can worship may you change us in Jesus name to questions this syncopation the only means me give you the two sides of act number one is the syncopation is often referring to rhythm and many songs have rhythm you'll even find syncopation drinking songs that have no drumbeat whatsoever is not necessarily syncopation of selfishness rock is what people have done with syncopation level algorithms to overwhelm the music and what syncopation does is it creates a physiological response I think it is and they wanted on music facility coming up as part of the session and I think they go to deal a little more with that what is the physiological response to syncopation it changes your heart rhythms it changes physiological responses you have financial flight kind of responses going on and when it overwhelms the music intends to to have certain effects and I'll give you an example of how children who we've never talked to dance will listen to syncopated music and they will dance differently than if they listen to much music as kids in all day so you put on music and now that's so what happens is you put on watching music and then watch what happens this independent music and one against a move the hips is the strangest thing you consider that music and the stoppage site the site death and we can teach them that they didn't see it on television anyway it happen automatically it was a physiological response Sebring syncopated music into the judge you have to you I think you like anything this is people are not going to accept I mean even though I I couldn't even play stuff that I went online to Steenson reasons I don't like sci-fi sachems and have been simple you take a group like this and get the rock 'n roll music that's out they and seventy have been converted to it so yes what happens is we changed life we change gradually we start accepting certain forms of worship that may gradually lead us away from true worship worship that's about our feelings as I said in eighteen hundreds what happened sentimental as in payment and it was more about my sentimental feelings that it was really about who God was and I think that's the kind of stuff in the creep into houses this is his most sentimental formal permission again you go to balance truth in life but that's what I see what happens with us as we start with courses that are just sentimental and then we start feeding more more most courses with a company become a fast food any anyone else this observation is there a shirt and a set of upgrades the Lord so they were to give thirty five minute you grew from two people to like up to thirty five seven yeah I I am finding that baby boomers in general tend to be the one who wanted the music that they actually liked secretly in the eighties but when allowed to have all the sentences that would allow to have said now to get a chance to have a music like this is cool how you can say things like and it's cool we have my music ventures and and the younger generation I find is looking for a more powerful real experience that goes deeper than looking for more simple worship then it will be representative don't you don't have to bring all of that stuff out I was sensible because their lives are filled with that stuff is refreshing to come into church that is based on simple worship than all of the technological stuff that they can listen to all week long so this of the real deep experience as a hunger for that which is why one of the reasons why Williams is doing so well is because people can give me preaching as a legally untoward it was invalid finally I can get some stuff that's meeting because after they looking for in his grumblings if any any other comments or questions this is a temporary music that was the worst service in inherent or as world so as you yeah you know this is visible is a fine line because there is a is a tendency with music this is what I discovered was music the music that I listen to is okay if the problem is your music and so people tend to define what's acceptable and unacceptable by what they like and don't like and so there is a challenge aside I've got to go back and has some critical questions number one how is this music affecting my life use it is it leading me into just an emotional experience was it if it was a responding from my experience to change my life and music is emotional side and then we have to unemotional music but I have test with one tough question houses are not limited to who is producing this is do I really want to trust an artist that I fundamentally disagree within the lifestyle and moral choices that is and I want to trust myself to you because what happens is these are listening to one piece of the music in a new more likely to listen to another piece of music and it is not every country Christian artist has produced at least one good song and so that's the challenge that he was the wine in the sun listening to another city you got away relatively do I want to start listening to something I don't agree with their lifestyle choices and in the third question that you even have to face is how is this could be for other people is this possibly can be a stumbling block for someone else and so that was a something which is that I'd rather give you the questions to ask the discipline can listen to this but on the subject right and I know we are out of time so if you have any other questions I decided to take one last and I I I I I I he and I is I like this feeling is because he is feeling that I is a new existing only as you and me is missing the only people like you and me and then this is where my analogy with food I think is helpful so as to what she's describing is is having some different forms of music for different kinds of people but what an animated people since the last but reverently and having some principles and ruled foundational principles but allowing some diversity that's when my analogy with food I think I'm Zen not all food is good for you you know the Council arguments is if someone wants this will someone once that it doesn't really matter not all which is good for you but that is menial FTEs exactly the same food you can allow for some publicity improvement and we need to get along with each other we need to get some space I don't expect the numbers enough for me Opera music does nothing for me you know it's I I I I'd rather go in and just do not take my things across a chalkboard you know that that's me and opera music but do I have a problem if someone else finds meaning in him a song sung in operatic style novel and so we got allow for some tolerance in sum the visiting of text but we also need to watch out for the devil twenty creep in the back door to as the master musician he said you know Jesus as wine and Satanist to and so he can use music just as well as Jesus can we need to watch out for that backdoor entrance so allows in his egregious people in different ways but at the same time recognize the benefits thank you everyone is wonderful having you here I want to remind you these two more presentations in this particular seminar by Doctor Manley tomorrow and he'll be dealing with music and wine and what's the other one the house health components so I definitely want to be easier if you can before those two presentations got with you and have a wonderful evening and continue to enjoy WIC you next appointment is as benign and then in the evening meeting all right very good have a great evening


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