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Heavenly Music: Starting Now

Allen Lloyd




  • July 16, 2010
    11:00 AM
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father in heaven we thank you for this time in which we can reflect upon heavenly music had also reflect upon music that draws people away from heaven we pray that you would give us your discernment in your spirit that we might be willing even to change our favored way of listening if it's not in accordance with your well we pray for your spirit now in Jesus name amen all right why not sure how I can do this topic justice in an hour 's time or less and probably the only way I'd be able to do it justice when we had more time or we can have the actual music example and and actually play the examples in and dissect the music one of these days we'll have a music seminar where we do all those things and so we can see each one of those elements are there I was blessed in several ways in my life but one of the ways I was blessed was the father that the Lord gave me on my father was a great musician had a natural gift of music I think he only had one or two years of actual formal music training but he was a great composer a great arranger and he actually made his way through college job playing jazz PML as part of a nightclub there were several other performers that came with him singers etc. he would write all the music for that and he would also when he was onboard ship in World War II he was the vivid default music person on board ship and for entertainment when they be out there in the Pacific for days on end not seeing anyone or anything the captain would die get him to write music for everyone on board ship and Dennis is actually before his college days in a even though he had a gift of music he had written for multiple instruments and one time he wrote the first easy route was for trumpet clarinet and piano and singers etc. and as soon as I'll start playing they were all off because the unrealized trumpet was a B-flat instrument and realize the clarinet I think of these latter something events stop in Zion to rewrite all that for the appropriate keys to get it there I together and so he was often having to write music where he was at any ended up writing a lot of music particularly male quartet music he was part of a male quartet later on after he became a Christian I called the flying for where they would fly into these small churches and perform other male quartet music you made recordings but times after he became a Christian he recognized his need to give up the music video performed and enjoyed anything composed because he knew the effects of that music and he knew what it did very clearly in regards to declining the morals of those that were there in those son nightclub places and how would doing even knew how to produce that effect on the frontal lobe of the brain I even know you didn't understand twice the frontal lobe he knew what would produce a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment and wanting more to get a decline in morals and what he became a converted Christian he worked he recognized his need to go away from that in Hydro Rob during the time after he become converted in the first few years in fact all of our brothers and sisters would recognize it is soon as they and the music would come on the radio it might be listening to the news in a commercial one and boom like lightning he would he would switch that off and die we wondered why he was so particular about and then later on we realized because he had an affinity for the he didn't want to enjoy or develop a taste for it again he was totally trying to transform us take and finally came whereafter it was what is away from it for a number of years and no longer had the appeal for and he could actually listen to it without that affinity being there in fact it was kind of a noxious to him at that point in time high and after that time and only that is when he actually put on music seminars himself he would go to the PML and play onward Christian soldiers in a syncopated rhythm and be able to draw out from the people in the audience what is this make you think what is it make you want to do and just go in and compile it from the people it were there all right now are going to play onward Christian soldiers without the syncopated rhythm what is that one want to make it it was at make you think about etc. and so he could easily draw out just by example on how the style of the music would bring about either the lower nature or an elevated nature that was there anxiety advantage of listening to that and I had the advantage of also studying under the mother of music therapy in the United States one in America when she starts started more PhD music therapy programs and anybody else and the last program she started with a Phillips University in Oklahoma and start her PhD music therapy program and I went there and I studied under her on and I'll also saw a lot of the studies site she did not actually got out of her chair her music chair and have the music piped and she would measure heart rate and galvanized in pressure and all of them the mental facts under this music could do and also look at the EEG and see what was happening with the frontal lobe of the brain etc. and so as a result of growing up an environment where my father knew the difference and was able to easily demonstrate that difference and then setting under some more expert individuals I have compiled my own choices of music that also go along with inspiration of the Bible what we really ought to be centering in on his heavenly music and as I mentioned us starting now would be the good time to start with our first while is from the pages of inspiration councils on health is where this comes from the brain nerves which communicate with the entire system are the only medium through which have engine communicates a man and affect his inmost life where that the only medium through which heaven can communicate to manifest as in most like this are what the brain nerves the music affect the brain nerves absolutely it affects the brain hurts in a powerful way good music and bad music is either good or bad because of how it is affecting those bringers and then the next statement whatever disturbs the circulation the electric currents in the nervous system lessens the strength of the vital powers and result in a dead name of the sensibilities of the mind and so just by disturbing those electric currents you're going to lessen your vital powers and that in your sensibilities of mine I and this is why a music can have that powerful influence music enters the brain to its emotional reasons which include the temporal lobe limbic system from there sometimes amusing time to produce a positive frontal lobe response that influences the well moral worth and reasoning power will see this on EEG LCI and pet scans and otherwise by the type of music it produces is very positive frontal lobe response is characteristic of what would normally be called traditional classical music it's where most of our hams are derived from in the in the hymnal I and this is although there can be modern composers that put together the traditional classic John your doesn't have to be composers of yesteryear can be present-day composers that do that it does produce a positive frontal of response and is an excellent picture I took myself of the Dallas Symphony during their annual Christmas concert family tends to go to that I every year we get a chance and great spiritual themes are sung by and it is a outperformance that sold out twelve nights in a row without any advertising in regards to how good it is a never advertises in fact if you look for it online you won't even see it because they don't having trouble selling out their seats afford for this occasion other kinds of music will involve very little if any frontal lobe response but will produce a large emotional response with very little logical or moral interpretation and this is characteristic of the syncopated rock 'n roll rhythms that are prevalent in our day today and we'll get into that type of the music your later on but it basically the study show that upbeat music is not necessarily uplifting music it can have a vague sense of what about lifting but it's not really an uplifting music as far as the frontal lobe of the brain is concerned this study was done out of Florida for music psychotherapy what more courage to reflect on their past present future while listening to classical music improves mood and reduces stress other Tyson types of music can be utilized for this it doesn't show this positive effect successions of classical music therapy were held over a twelve week period twenty three of forty five -year-olds the subjects showed improved scores on tests of overall mood reported feeling less depressed reported feeling less fatigue and cortisol levels improved and by the way notice this is in the Journal of health psychology it's called this was not on individual liberty depression these were people that were close normal people in everyday society and I didn't where they want suffering from depression or bipolar disorder those type of things and by the way good music will help those individuals as well but these were just normal people but they actually had their mood and crew they had less transient depression I had less fatigue and there is objective measures of improvement the memory can even improve on the cortisol levels go down on the stress levels go down etc. and this was just one music session every two weeks where it was that type of uplifting music where they were also thinking at the same time then I study on creative thought and your mood twenty four university students performed to test of attention positive moves were induced by playing Bach's Brandenburg Concerto number three in negative moods by Procopio Pease played at half speed out which also tells you not all classical music is helpless like all of more traditional classical music Prokofiev is your more contemporary classical music or you don't have the nice melody and harmony and balance rhythm that goes whether the rhythm 's conduct will move us all over the place and the melody and harmonies are discordant etc. and studies show that that induces depression and in fact let's plan how Stephen induces even more depression high and so in fact I should mention this is one of the reasons why the door was open in the last sixty years sixty seventy years for the rock 'n roll music to come about contemporary music art contemporary classical music was utilized starting in the nineteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds and going forward to yell in nineteen fifty sixty you have Gershwin you have others that that did this type of music and went some off forward with it and then it became even more discordant and more problematic and I and you have traditional classical music basically not being written or if you did write traditional classical music even become a famous composer that was being played by the Symphony orchestras around and then in the nineteen fifties and sixties a type of music came forward that did have melody that have harmony but had syncopated rhythm whether and people were so hungry for music that had harmony and melody for it that they accept it despite the syncopated rhythm and we call it the rock 'n roll venue on it started and this was one of the reasons why gained popularity because it actually had a melody and harmony with it unlike the deep contemporary classical music that was being utilized at that time and so it began to to really grow in popularity I think of classical music would've stayed the way it was supposed of state and wrote in that type of John you're that the opening never would've been made for the other and it would've been much more easily rejected off blocks Brandenburg Concerto has been shown to be effective in inducing a positive mood even people who don't like classical music you know one of the things that's very interesting I do study our musical tastes and our people will say I don't like classical music and annual plan I'm a classical piece ML say hello I like that I anti-inflammatory classical piece may say yeah yeah like I like that now I can get into that and him it's because I don't understand what classical music as the only in the only time that they think they've heard classical music is a funeral service as kind of interesting even at a funeral and rock 'n roll musician not just a rock 'n roll musician any popular rock 'n roll musician when they die and there at the funeral guess what types of music you hear you're going to hear funeral classical music one of the reasons wired here it is the family wants you to reflect seriously about the individual 's life they don't want to be seen as some cheap individual that did nothing positive for society and so they don't play necessarily there am I play one or two of their compositions as part of the memory part of things but the actual service is going to have this funeral type of music it's going to be sad and reflective etc. but a lot of people that the only time I ever hear and sound I think that's what classical music as it has to be sad it has to be in a minor key it has to be slow it has to be boring I and they don't realize that there is ninety nine hour hundred other types of classical music that are none of those things and they're actually quite healthy for them and so when they listen to that type of music they don't necessarily recognize that they're listening to classical music and escalators of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto even those that don't like it if there's sitting narrative performance of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto to have interest they're going to enhance their mood if they are indeed listening and not just of phasing out and it's going to be a positive experience now to produce a neutral murder this was a salvation is a neutral manner participants read a series of facts and figures about Canada and MMA compared the size of those three groups when they had when they were in a positive mood induced by the classical music participants scored higher on a remote Associates task a measure of creative thinking so if you want to have creativity I am really be able to do something new etc. and to design something new this is a good way of starting contemplating on positive classical music when feeling happy Anderson explained your attentional window is actually bigger it's like looking through a big window versus a small window I went of course they read the when I listen to the per copy of their creativity went down when they listen to her when they just read facts and figures about Canada their creativity was not enhanced but their accuracy and accounting was enhance so if you want to have accuracy and doing your math homework you don't want to necessarily be listening to classical music behind you it might make you creative but not as accurate and so does something to keep in mind in regards to that sort of things in their studies one of the biggest areas that is exploding as the area of music and athletic performance and for those of you wanting to have a reference I'll have to get this for you afterwards I didn't have the time to actually put in the end but I actually became introduced to this last winter was summertime in Australia and I went to Australia in the individual would pick me up at the airport was getting his THD in music psychology and what he was doing his PhD 's on-topic on was on music and athletic performance and the first study that was Donna looked at was something that I would necessarily call athletic performance but it does require accuracy and physical activity you do it is actually shooting a gun at targeting on the Mark Smith that are very accurate and they would play music to these marksmen people on as before they were doing their shooting and if they chose during the day that the the shooting and what I found out is when they played the typical popular music of the day they were far less accurate particularly the syncopated rock 'n roll rhythms produced marked decrease in accuracy unit and therefore classical music enhanced it significantly so they are able to shoot very accurately after listening to the classical music and now he's looking at it from the snowboarding perspective and the other types of athletic performance in finding quite the opposite you know NEC TV things of people going down the hills and snowboarding or things like that what type of music are you a tendency associated with that Tennessee that rock 'n roll syncopated stop as if this is what helps them to obtain their great level of performance in reality it isn't actually detracts from the performance and your performance can go far up even in the athletic venue from good classical music one of the Australians that I met actually he would he used to work for me aback here in America but I had lost track of him until I was back there in Australia and he told me that he had done that we found it I think my boys found it on the Internet they work googling his name and found out that he'd won this great will the greatest some motorcross event in all of Australia they hold it every year and my boys were asking him about you know how did you do this and how did you train for it's a grueling type of thing a lot of the physical endurance as well as accuracy in those type of things I and he said you know it will is it really that hard he said all you have to do is live and lifestyle such as your dad teaches and lives as far as eating his concern as far as exercise and as far as music I and he says if you do those things and you train your mental blow the competition out of the water I said that's what we found out now he became a little controversy all innocent human controversy on but because your placement on the map was decided on a Sabbath performance I heeded not participate on Sabbath so he had to start at the very back of the line as he is not placed on Sabbath but yet he won the event and and wanted very easily and after he won me that they those who came in second and third place complaining because he had not competed on Sabbath and said that that gave him an advantage because they didn't have to perform on Sabbath and Sally cinnamon allowed to compete at all and so there wanting to get his crown removed so that they could get the money etc. but it's amazingly the arguments that people come up well but the classical music actually enhanced his motorcycle type of activity and and so it is I think you can be seeing a lot more studies on this I think you know as sports becomes more competitive you're probably within a few years going to be seeing quarterbacks of the NFL listing their classical music between place so they get that Frolov enhancements in those type of things in your guy as the studies come out you're probably see more of that type of thing in fact there is a resurgence of classical music occurring simply because of the studies that are showing its benefit out there and people are one and participate in that benefit and and get into that we dry Alvin Toffler talks about constant stimulation of the senses I read this in the last session shutting down only analytical processes and ultimately shutting down the ability to face life rationally and much of this the wrong type the music is indeed a quite stimulating particularly on the deed and the physical aspect of things and it's actually shutting down the analytical process he says it will lead to your ability no longer to face life rationally it will lead to escape techniques that involve withdrawal apathy and rejection of discipline thinking when faced with difficult duties and decisions and so one of the reasons why you're seeing a decline in decision-making ability simply is due to the effects of the music that are there and often people will need this type of music you know that the interesting thing about this type of music even though it dies the wrong type of music shuts down the analytical processes I individuals it will get addicted to the assignments in the last session that anything that suppresses the frontal lobe of your brain is going to have an addictive potential and so many of these people when they're under periods of stress they will have to listen to their syncopated music in order to feel less stressed and because come control annual status our corporate scale I was in an airport one time with a bunch of college kids around is planning to go to California they were competing in an athletic event and the plane was late significantly late we didn't know what was going to be etc. and the kids were getting college kids were getting restless and so they all got their iTunes out or playing a rock 'n roll music vegetating in different areas of the corner error of the airport to try to control their emotions and I'm thinking you know how sad in a way that you have to have that music available to you otherwise you're going to be more irritable but that's the way it is with addiction a lot of people don't realize it how addictive it is I've had people who are into this music he was in the first essay but when I hear a kind of calm me down it makes me less irritable etc. and you know the same thing will happen if you're an alcoholic and you drink alcohol you'll actually feel more calm her at the time when you're withdrawing from it etc. and that doesn't prove it is good for you and actually prove that you really should get away from it and him not to go towards it was heavenly music starting now let's take a look at what heavenly music in the Bible says Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ using one of the rising blessedness is also through music heavenly music according as he had chosen us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and without blame before and I think this is the way our music should be as well holy and without blame before him in love having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself according to be good pleasure of his will to the praise of the glory of his grace that's what really music is for us to praise him to the glory of his grace wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved Paul tells us whatsoever ye do do all to what the glory of God and one of the ways in which we can get an idea of appropriate good music is a musician who wrote everything they wrote the very bottom input to the glory of God you know that was at Johan Sebastian Bach I had the opportunity of going to box church in Germany I was speaking in Dresden Germany by the way you are not in Dresden Germany East Germany is a great music setting you can we were just walking around Sabbath afternoon there was a brother from the church that was showing us the site you World War II there still bombings sites that are there and where everyone walked in that city there be a brass group or string group or things people like that lying a lot of block walk is still alive and well there and residents always like I even whereas city was like we're in a great Sabbath type of a performance with his beautiful music being played in different sound in areas just offer free people was as get out it's a great music city but as a result of that I thought you were not too far away from box church when you got the light six oh nine the next day we went to Leipzig I attended the the Lutheran service there if you ever have the opportunity to attend that service I always played Bach's music there and I was amazed to learn a little bit more about box lock was not well-known and accepted his local area handle who was well-known it is time who he was well-known to zero to the King of England I was traveling was German and he was traveling through Germany making it to her and block requested that he might have the opportunity to meet handle in the request came to him said that handle was told there is a good musician here the composers all of his Sunday services in fact every Prelude every postlude and require number was composed fresh by block every week and then Sunday afternoon a revered cantata that would be so scriptural base can toggle all put to music to enhance the meaning block was always wanting to get to the words and enhancing the meaning of the words and bringing out the truth of the words through music I did it in a powerful way I any always wrote to the glory of God he was really really writing for the church and he did write for it he was a teacher is while there is still sick came from the local area and would stay there if the Thomas a school of music and I'd actually be graded by name and copy machines and most days so how did he write all this music Raleigh 's musicians every week it was actually the students who would be graded on their ability to copy precisely what you wrote on the one score and so irritated of the students in the violent students would have to write the violin parts for the orchestra members in the crotch hello on the right the cello parts etc. in the organist the organ students would write the organ part and so they all learn to write music that way as well and he was able to get things like copy and when things in the practice did not quite sound right they would find out who it was that wrote that part that that person was planning me is playing it correctly is written by the student didn't write it correctly and so that's how they were rated actually by the by the the actual practice in the performance but blocks to handle it not me he said not enough time to meet and a block is well known by musicologist as being the superior composer in fact most people it studied music will tell you the block was probably the greatest composer ever lived and when he died he died at a young age unfortunately complications of diabetes they know how to treat diabetes in those days but age sixty five he died and he was buried out of poppers gray that just have a little stone there and it wasn't till two generations later actually are the generation and a half later that his sign he had twenty four children locked in and they were all music people in fact he had a little chamber orchestra among his whole family used to conduct them and just have family music and several of his sons became great musicians and great composers and their I am one of them in his elderly age was teaching the young boy Felix Mendelssohn who was a Jew who converted to Christianity and box sign on Mandelson was very interested in music and composition in most things Mendelson became a great composer himself in fact he compiles the Reformation Symphony and this was during a period of Reformation you'll block was someone here when you know the old Germany was Catholic and became almost whole Germany Protestantism under Lutheranism entire churches transformed into the Protestant message of the Bible and music was a major part of that Protestant Reformation iPod whenever you see great spiritual awakenings you often see great music being accompanied with that and handball was composing that great music of the Reformation but where I'm his son was actually teaching Felix Mendelssohn and him and his son was talking about his father and he said you know my father used to write out the entire words of the Gospel of Matthew in music and in play this I haven't played in church and wonderful choruses and solos and all that and he would tell about what is fired and after he told on many times about his father he says you know is there any of that music around today he says he there probably is some of it up in the attic and by his son was so busy that he never got it and after Mendelson asked for repeatedly box at the box on signal wanted to go up in the attic and start looking he says you know that the boys had to write this music maybe some people have it there and Mendelssohn had to go into a number of addicts and storage places of people who might have known block when they were younger very Jan but blocking died to try to get his music together and we wouldn't have any box music had not been Felix Mendelssohn searching through addicts together and we found the St. Matthew passion we never found the mark fashionable look fashion he wrote it for Mark and Luke he wrote for John we found John's passion I and after that block became worldwide famous and after he became worldwide fame is his church decided to exam by his gravesite and put his grave actually in the church itself himself your lives in church today LC box grave there and then you'll see a lot of his compositions and words off from the Bible on there in that room where block is buried in the basement to Berlin on the basement the floor of the Leipzig church but I'm one of the things in fact I wish I could play it to you Leonard Bernstein he was a you want to do not a converted Christian Jew plays Bach's St. Matthew passion and an performed at New York Symphony Orchestra in English so it can be understood and he describes the word pictures are being created through the music of Bach and he gives you just a fifteen minute exposition of it but he says it so powerful all the way through the instead he thinks it's infinite what bought put into that work and the it begins with two choruses one asking questions and the other answering questions about Christ I'll block would actually write many of this the words himself in a Rupert Scripture in between and many would do a commentary it's almost like a Bible commentary is your reading it through I am these two courses are saying see him home our bridegroom CCM how a lamb is he I see him when and so all of the questions are being married these courses are going through the orchestras playing one theme in one melody it's very contemplative but yet rhythmic and then one choruses singing one thing the other courses answering back in a melody that way and then and some all about robbing you see a you hear a boys choir on top of all singing all what am of God most only Bernstein says is the greatest thing ever it's been composing music but yet chances are you've never heard and that there is a problem when the greatest music compose you never heard it's almost like the greatest book ever written the Bible and you never read it or never even read a portion of it and so so out of site has many of the Avalon of this great music actually bend I would encourage you to try to get a hold of some of the contemplate a listen to it being moved by the words that are there and understand a little bit more but heavenly music is about Philippians former state finally brother and the apostle Paul says whatever is what true whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly at the good phrase for how we should listen to music don't you think whatever is what worthy of reverence in his honorable unseemly whatever is just whatever is pure whatever is lovely and lovable whatever is kind and win some and gracious if there is any virtue and what else excellence there is anything worthy of praise think on an way and take account of these things fix your minds on and what better way to do that through heavenly music and the good words that go along with that the music should be virtuous excellent worthy of praise worth contemplating on love leaps your reverent honorable unseemly thanks think of those words when you think of the music that you're going to choose listen to what evangelism by Allen Weiss says good singing is like the music of the Burns subject to and melodious that she said something else you don't a lot of people a lot of people somehow think this music issue is just some sort of conservative versus liberal Adventism argument I can tell you it's happened that is just a small microcosm of what it is odd because many people in the world understand certain aspects of this very clearly particularly some really religious people I remember a few years ago we were having a mark family series in our own church I invited a good student of the word of God who was from a Protestant denomination to our church first time you've been there and there was a music piece played at the very beginning of it go ahead put the nails in my hand something like that you will see eventually you will see etc. are first of all the words are not godly it wasn't like all hadn't do this to me and now you're going to get it after this that's kind of the way those words go but on top of that it was a heavy rock 'n roll be throughout it and he walked out he walked out and did not hear the message because he recognized the music was not a and it's it's sad in a way that often are wonderful messages go along with music that cheapens the message or ER Slade detracts from it etc. and inquiring minds are not really brought to to the great messages that we have and can explain from the word of God here's something that might surprise you written by Ellen White many Protestant supposedly Catholic religion is unattractive and that its worship is all is a gall meaningless round of ceremony here is a mistake why do they mistake that here's what she says the music is what I'm surpassed the rich notes of the deep toned organ landing with the melody of many voices as it swells through the lofty domes impel her dials of her grand cathedrals cannot fail to impress the mind are in reference in so many in the Episcopalian faith of the Catholic faith etc. they know the difference I remember a couple years ago when it was I think Amy Grant was singing a a Christian rock concert in the very next day she was interviewed by Katie jerk who said how can you call this sacred music I and and then as a result of the controversy that occurred she really got into her for the singing of music that was purely secular and not sacred and of course Amy Grant easy excuse while reaching people where they are at center we got a new update they used that the typical lines there I and there is a survey that went about in the in America what type of Christian music you prefer and there are five different types one was traditional Christian music dear what percent of the America said they enjoy traditional Christian music as their preferred choice sixty nine percent and out of that group there are many who are offended by music that does not have that reference law and sacredness they're one of the arguments is used by the other side on this music is saying that music is a moral it has no influence for moral one way or the other if the words that have its affect if that is true then we ought to follow what Paul said if it if it's something that's a moral he says do not offend undo I can tell you this traditional classical music of fans no one it may not be the preferred by everybody but it offends no one even a rock musician can go to that Dallas Symphony concert and enjoy it and get something out of even though there's there steep and whether not to be offended by it all but there are going to be people serious minded people who are offended by this gospel rock music and if we want to be least offensive to all people what type of music but we have our services or to have the least offensive music so the people that make this argument are not consistent they're totally inconsistent with their own called believes that the music is a moral and if the music is more always say don't want to admit to because of the minutes of that then there's a whole lot of evidence that they shouldn't be going to the venue and the type of music with her performance then I also goes against that so no matter which viewpoint you whether she that with a consistent set of values you're still going to choose the traditional sacred music that is going to be more uplifting such as the Catholics Jews most commonly in their services many Episcopalians and many other in the conservative Baptists etc. Ellen White says those who inhabit join with the angelic choir in their anthem of praise must learn on earth the song of heaven the keynote of which is what Thanksgiving here looks like it's can be a moral issue it can even affect your eternal destiny she talked about the themes of the songs that are used in heaven was far as heavenly music the themes of the songs of are what love and praise adoration the God Thanksgiving for the wonderful beauty is a creation as well she describes heavenly music she heard it actually saw very few people heard music performed by heaven itself is kind of interesting to see the groups that have your memory groups in the Bible that actually heard heavenly music sung by heaven itself human beings the shepherds in that were abiding in the field they got the opportunity you know it if everyone knew that heavenly music with Henry performed by heavenly chorus how much money do you think someone be able to make by selling tickets to it would be infinite it would be a million bucks of a pop it links for the tickets but yet those shepherds heard it for free never had to pay anything and they heard that that heavenly music for their hearts and minds were prepared for it as well the Lord bless them with that heavenly music but she did how I did hear it she described it as mellow tone which is kind of interesting harmonious she describes another place the sweetest music and then she says that said the angel list he and other words listen Angel asked her to listen soon I heard many musical instruments all sounding in perfect strains suite and harmonious it surpassed any music I had ever heard seeming to be full of mercy compassion and elevating holy joy it thrilled through my whole being she's the vessel is the type of music that we can strive for even as fallen human beings here while the other side of it the most commonly played as the syncopated rhythm Exodus when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted he said under Moses there is a noise of war and the King the Joshua this rock concert around the golden calf sounded like what war ever been outside a place for rock music is being played has that warlike quality on the outside where is you know you have that heavy beating you have the good the shouting and you have the other things that go along with it however Moses knew the difference Joshua had not heard this type of music before he was raised in an Israelite environment where appropriate music was being played but Moses was raised after the age of twelve by the Egyptians any editor this music many times and he said Josh was sorry this is not war he says it's not the voice of them that shout for mastering neither is it the voice of them the cry for being overcome but the noise of them that saying Gary said this is actually Egyptian music syncopated rock-and-roll type of music it came to pass as soon as he came nine of the camp he saw the calf and the lot the dancing in order to have that type of dancing you have to have the dance music that goes along with it and you won't have that type of dancing without the music in fact the dancers the dance even in today's dance clubs will say that they can't do it without the music you have to have that syncopated rock 'n roll rhythm and as soon as that music goes away the ability for them to what do that is side is greatly by the number not greatly is basically completely diminished in southern dance music is being played in miles this anger waxed hot was most offended by this he was offended he cast the tables out of his hands and break them beneath amount now to the Lord condemn him for this act he broke the actual tables of stone the Lord written with his own hand and Moses was never condemned later on he was condemned because of his temper in striking the rock twice instead of speaking to because that was inappropriate but what he did there fit the problem of the can and the Lord did not criticize them for in fact the Lord honored him as a result of the response that he made in regards to what was going on in regards to the golden calf Ellen White says the things you describe is taking place in Indiana the Lord is Shelby would take place just before the close of probation every on Tuesday will be demonstrated there'll be shouting with what Brahms music and what dancing when you hear dance music played as part of a religious service your hearing the fulfilling of profits she senses as the senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to do what make right decision so what is that what is this what she connected with that music impairs what the frontal lobe of the brain which it which is the area where decision-making it is actually thereby design impairing the frontal of the brain but she says when this music is played it will actually be called what the moving of the Holy Spirit and of course this is not the Holy Spirit this is a completely different spirit that wants to decline your front alone and written by someone who is also an expert musicologist and knows how to arouse the senses she says a settlement noise which is often associated with this type of music shocks the senses and perverts that which it conducted a right might be a blessing the powers of satanic agencies blend with the data noise I have a lot a carnival and this is turn the Holy Spirit is working those things which a member in the past will be in the future Satan will make music a snare by the way in which it is conducted and of course we have seen that fulfillment there is a whole section there on selected messages another biblical passage that is different than a syncopated rock 'n roll sometimes associate with sometimes not the end of seventy years old higher now Tyer was someone in this written about an easy kill Isaiah is actually symbolic of those going to devil 's way tire shell tires sang as a lot as a harlot now what is saying like a harlot like the next verse this is written in the first roses King James version the second of December sixteen I put in the odd today's English version because they put poetry and actually put it arrive like our poetry today take your heart go around the town you poor forgotten whore play and sing your songs again to bring man back and so it's an attractive side of sound and as someone mentioned here roughly in fact Frank Garlock who is a Baptist who is a PhD musicologist talks about this and actually gives many examples examples that you'll hear in churches today of what singing like a whore is likened by the way horror is at showing producing quality fake love in other words is not real loud it's not one based on anything is just totally fake lob in order to be self-serving and the bank while often as they are and that Westberg if someone came up to you and whispered let's go to lunch today but whispered it in a way that had that breathy and coming right next to your that your pay your year and having that audible part where the recruiting of the boys occurs you would actually be offended by that and you would look at that person like what are you doing and what are you saying that your people can hear this in church and somehow think that this is okay when it's actually fulfilling Isaiah 's singing like a whore so when you have the whispering the crooning of the boys you're actually having that you would not look favorably on someone who comes up to you and whispers includes a message in your ear why look favorably when they send that message to you that accentuates the fake love that's there and some people don't realize it you know we are to have a good relationship with our with our lord and master but is to be reverent it's to be full of all of majesty and praise it's not something like were getting ready for a sexual encounter that's not what the Lord wants to have with us and that's not what we want have a galore and we need to take to get away from the sexual innuendos that are often combined with sacred music it's really the combining of the sacred and the profane which I think is a is an abomination to the Lord the superfluities which of them brought into the worship and blank must be strenuously avoided Ellen White said so this superfluity type of music music is accepted that God only when the heart it is sanctified and made soft and holy by its facilities but many who delight in music know nothing of making melody in their hearts to the Lord Erhard is gone after their idols and so we see American Idol can we see all these other idols that are producing the type of music that is Israelite said the breaking of the ten Commandments in it in several ways but particularly in the Ayatollah worship aspect of things that are not part of that soft and holy and sacred and heavenly music was interesting the last time the General conference puts forward a music statement actually have years and four pages it was voted officially by the General conference a Seventh-day Adventist in Mexico City in October nineteen seventy two types talk about several things vocal treatment they said the rocket style the rock the suggestive sentimental breathy crooning style the nightclub performer and other distortions of the human voice should be avoided make it pretty plain testimony says sermons in this age of been given most solemn truth to proclaim in their actions and methods and plans must correspond to the importance of their message if you're presenting the word in Christ's way your audience will be deeply impressed with the truth you teach the conviction will come to them that this is the word of the living God now she goes on to say this in their efforts to reach the people the Lords messengers are not to follow the ways of the world and the meetings are held there are not too deep hand on worldly singer is in theatrical display to awaken an interest in you not seen sometimes in our evangelistic series were inviting this popular country music singer to come in etc. in the same nest thing to do the people in the sing that part because they sell a lot of records etc. and we think are going to track them she said that's how can those who have no interest in the word of God who have never read his word with a sincere desire to understand this truth be expected the same with the spirit and the understanding how can their hearts be in harmony with the words of sacred song how can the heavenly choir join a music that is only a form no words can properly set forth the deep blessedness she says of genuine worship when human beings sang with the spirit and understanding heavenly musicians take up the strain and join in the song of Thanksgiving she was bestowed upon us all the gifts that enable us to be workers together with God expects his servants to cultivate their voices so that they can speak and sing in a way that all can understand it is not loud singing that is needed but clear intonation correct pronunciation and distinct utterance let all take time to cultivate the voice of the gods praise can be signed in clear soft tones not with harshness and shrillness the defending year the ability to saying is the gift of God B years to his glory in fact she talked about being this wasn't in the syncopated rock 'n roll rumba she talked about being in church services where there was loud shrill singing and I and she said it was a relief when it was over with that was not heavenly high and insert sheet she brings forward a different quality that's part of heavenly music she said in the meetings Hal led a number be chosen to take part in the song service but the singing be accompanied with musical instruments skillfully handle we are not to oppose the use of instrumental music our work is part of the service to be carefully conducted for it is the praise of God and saw no there are some churches to actually go against any instrumental music and that was starting to occur in her day she says you know it's not elbowed sinew voice is great in those type of a cappella numbers can be used helpful in certain instances to give the full praise to God he needs to be carefully done but instrumental music as part of that the singing is not always to be done by a few as often as possible let the entire way congregation sang it is kind of interesting when you get the syncopated rock 'n roll rhythms out and use are parading out in front of the church and its use if you've ever been to a church like that look to see how many people are participating in there trying to get the whole congregation sang but it's a minority of them there actually participate in it might be standing etc. you get a good just PL player out there applying the hands and then look at the participants are greater I demonstrate the point that I made earlier that the most Americans actually prefer the traditional sacred music as being uplifting and so it shouldn't just be my few performers we should have as many as possible she said and some of our churches I've heard solos are altogether unsuitable for the service towards house the long drawnout notes in the peculiar sounds common and what type of singing operatic singing are not pleasing to the Angels they don't like to hear the simple songs of praise sung in a natural tone the songs in which every word is uttered clearly in a musical tone are the signs that they join us in singing they take up the refrain that is sung from the heart with the Spirit and the understanding on a view part have actually seen this take place before not be operatic style but the style worked she talks about where the words are uttered clearly their simple song but it seems like the Angels of joinder and actually fill that out I've been part of that several times and it's always occurred with this type of music it's actually a thrilling thing to be a part of what you recognize that the Angels have actually still there and joined in that's singing I was actually part that about a month ago on again in Arkansas with some simple the music being signed by a simple choir back to the bottom Council of the General conference said there were ten principles that were given this was one of the principles never compromise high principles of dignity and excellence in efforts to reach people just where they are that was one of the principles and by the way here's what I was also stated in this voted by General conference certain musical form such as jazz rock and their related hybrid forms how does adding that related hybrid forms we could name a number of them but country music as part of that rehab that syncopated music are incompatible with these principles the chart stated very clearly if the church would've just followed in its leaders follow that four-page musical document we wouldn't have had the problems that came in a later of all the musical elements of rhythm evokes the strongest physical senses Satan 's greatest successes often come to his appeal to the physical nature showing keen awareness of the dangers involved in this approach to youth Ellen G White sadness was quoted in this document they have a keen ear for music talking about the youth and Satan knows what organs to excite to animate in gross and charm the minds of the Christ is what the desired the spiritual longings of the soul for divine knowledge for growth and race are one thing lacking and then the autumn Council goes on to say this is a strong indictment of the way in which music may be and I might type that Enron would see if I cannot have her here in front of me just to see what I did okay that's right the strong indictment of the way in which music may be put to a use that is in direct opposition to God 's plan jazz rock and related hybrid for arms are well-known for creating this sensuous response and masses of people in the us it was strongly condemned in the Sodom Council and harmonic treatment very interesting what was written narrative music should be avoided that is saturated with the seventh ninth eleventh and thirteenth chords as well as other lush sonorities these cards when using the restraint produced duty but when used to distract from the group but when used to access the strap from the true spiritual quality of the text and often you'll hear music that doesn't have a think about Iraq and Raleigh Joe here on the seventh and ninth eleventh and thirteenth these kind of quality unique harmonies and what happens when you don't have that those solid cords is that it produces a mysticism that makes you believe that the words are really true and so it's kind of almost putting a question mark into the solid words that are there instead of our firm belief that it in those words which the more dominant chords will bring out the seventh and ninth can be transition area as you know from changing one key to another and can have some interest things as a use that a lot of times is modern music is not syncopated rock 'n roll actually ends when the seventh core in Bavaria which produces this huge there that is not conducive to that solidarity that the Lord wants us to have with the words in the amplification great care should be exercised to avoid excessive instrumental and vocal amplification I was in a and a church service I was actually speaking on the frontal lobe of the brain coupling several years ago in this large church I want to tell you where was from but I can tell you it was not within a fifty mile radius of this place I but it was a in a large church and they were thought they were well educated me as this was kind of the Ridge church in the area metropolitan area and they had a one woman elder that was barking out everyone ahead of time you only have two managers stand here was a well orchestrated service and we want to give Doctor Natalie as much time as he possibly can have attended to teach to us etc. and there is only one thing to go on eleven twenty I thought while you have nice time here and it was just the music but I didn't realize it was good to be a twenty minute rock 'n roll service is on a time when the rock 'n roll service but for whatever reason their amplification they are electricity had problems and you know if you take electricity away from rock 'n roll it sounds far worse as time dated it sounds empty and hollow was just donated before apologizing I'm sorry you're having problems and amplification they're trying to fix their electrical circuits and all that and I couldn't get it fixed and no one was participating in it everyone was what she was overwhelmed but they still continue to go on for twenty minutes on this and I spoke to them in the frontal lobe of the brain and I talked to them about what this music actually dies me a lot of people are in this ignorantly they don't know what it's doing most people are ignorant today there are another true that you just been presented with and to this churches six success at the end of it I know anybody in that church they had just known of me but I was wondering how is going to go in Monday night the two pastors got on the phone call me and said we want a bookie for next year so good I came back the next year and that part of the service of been totally done away with and they had changed their music form just by being educated and studying it out and so this the sixth of this amplification snatches away that the general comes as when amplified music there should be a sensitivity to spiritual needs of those giving the witness of those who receive it careful consideration should be given the selection and storm in case you deftly all I amplify the rhythmic type of instruments that that go along with that particular limits can be syncopated while I think I'm running out of time I have more here but let me see if I can others more well I was going to and with another section of great heavenly music when Christ entered and after his resurrection this was forty days on the ascension and I see describes the scene angel choruses one on one side of Heaven's Gate and one on the other side of Heaven's Gate again asking questions like box had done and the St. Matthew passion asking questions why should you gates be lifted up and then the answer was given the King of glory shall enter and in the choristers are harmonizing and going back and forth and in the midst of this beautiful angelic heavenly music Christ stops the music he raises his hand and he stops and he says no why did he say no to that beautiful music that I remember the story well they were singing the King of glory shall come in but that's not why stop at command said that you that's right he wanted to be sure are here gotten earlier after he had nearly had a quick ascension afterwards worried them in the father 's presence the sacrifice of an accepted but he was bringing with him now the twenty four individuals that were resurrected human beings that were resurrected and his resurrection human being are anyone who makes her they were going to accept and sell you one of all everyone was there any point in the twenty four human visit father my blood father not only accept the but then told the angelic chorus to be doing and they lifted up the house train a higher and the gates beautiful heavenly music I want to Ms. Hout and the next time that happens and let's choose the music of the heavenly music to listen to the lets prepare our hearts and minds to have our frontal lobes enhance our worship advanced into not be delving into the worldly music that's going to detract our minds from Christ and his principles that was what I was going to quote to you there but if you want to see if you can soon afterwards but let's Barnett 's father in heaven we thank you that you given Jesus and us today lowly human beings principles of music that we can grasp hold of and listen to your honor and praise and glory we thank you for pointing out to us the principles of heavenly music you may win consistently participate in the type of what the music that will uplift our thoughts heavenward and not degrade our thoughts away from you we thank you for hearing and answering this prayer in Jesus name


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