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Douglas Na'a




  • September 4, 2010
    7:00 AM
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happy Sabbath trench that it's good to see you bright and early this morning and it's good to see you on this beautiful Chris and cold morning am looking for four hi seven the seventh budget and I know that the Lord will tremendously bless us for he has promised that he would never leave us both will seek us really wanted to be it with you this morning and most of this weekend this is my first ever Y C I know that there are many white seas throughout North America you have this why CMI hero that why you see in this wife CN or the why see you can think of but it has been my unfortunate experience to attend anyway see except for this one this weekend the reason being either on outside of the country doing emissions the mission trip one busy running an evangelistic meeting or just flat out broke that's usually the case in Africa but some very elated very delighted to be with you here this weekend at the southwest youth conference spent before we begin let us bow his forward Opera father in July hence we commend all spirit amen Beatty in the sixteenth century may have a new chariot driver so he sent the news far and wide that he's looking for a new driver for his chariot and as the process went on in seeking for the best chariot driver in the nation they finally shortlisted to three specific individuals and because this was such a solemn and high calling to be a chariot driver of McCain the Royal mama decided to take it upon himself to interview each of these three potential drivers the first driver Cayman antioxidant that one simple question if you were my driver how close to the age of the cliff would you be able to drive now a reminder that this was a four-wheel-drive oil and F1 fifty this was horses in a chariot how close to the edge of the cliff will you be able to dry the first potential driver posts in his pride in these days okay move forever if you chose me as your driver I could try to enter 's away from the intellect as funny that's how much of a good driver I am looking scenes fascinated and Sony cause and the second driver antioxidant in the same question any sense to him if I went to truth you as my potential driver how close to the edge of the cliff will you be able to drive now the first driver since two inches on inches will you be able to drive in the second potential driver boasts anything okay with it forever if you want to choose me as your driver I will be able to join you as close as half an inch away from the glare coming that's how much on a rally driver Ryan the King seems a bit intrigued and so he calls in the fight over potential driver antioxidant the same question how close to the edge of the cliff would you be able to drive the first driver safety which is the next driver said half an inch how about you this man in his Paula humble voice sizzle king live forever if you want to choose me as your driver I won't keep as far away as I can from there select with foodie you think got the job I submit this simple illustration to your attention this morning because such as the gospel of God the Bible runs us and reminds us to keep as as far away as we can will be prizes on this well to strident about it is not to be heading to a Christian there are so many young people involved remnants are enshrined to be safe and at the same time battled himself of the things on this world stand up on TV not way as far as you can from the sins on this while there are too many to and Christians in the church trying to get as close as they can to the and still be saved at the same time stand upon L theme for this weekend is than what is it Stan my son theme for this morning 's stand up tonight by the grace of God we will talk about standing up can you say amen in this morning 's something doesn't just come from one particular verse in Scripture all of one's short periphery of descriptive but it comes from Aden a numerous amount of versus and though they may have been written at different times of the Christian era though they may have been there for our written by different profitable they seem to resonate one simple message stand about standup keep away from the intellect with if you have your Bibles with you can't move the mean to the book of second Corinthians second Corinthians chapter six and verse seven to team there were three simple voice versus alike to bring to you this morning bring up a point of standing about second Corinthians watch out the we on chapter six and verse seventeen the Bible reads wherefore come out from where among them and be separate saith the Lord and lots of talks is not the unclean thing then I will receive you have blog was simply here this morning is a basic stand up touch not the unclean think come out of her my people treat you away from the edge of excellent second Timothy second Timothy chapter two and verse four second Timothy chapter two and what personally on verse four the Bible reads no man that walk no man that walrus and trying to himself with the affairs of which life this life that he may please him who have chosen them to the AWA soldier how many soldiers are here for Christ there are two key verses but to the words from the source water and entanglement the Bible simply teaches us that there is a war going on I'm not talking about a war in a far distant land in the Middle East there is a special and unique kind of warfare going on he even as we speak this war is not a war while north wall of philosophical ideas this is a unique kind of warfare and you won't hear about this kind of welfare on CNN Fox news won't talk about this kind of warfare the mainstream media or any meter carnival will not tell you about the welfare that Paul is referring to the all in one place that you will find out information about this one is the word of God there is a war going on even as we speak and whether you like it or not we are all participants on this one either you stand on the black federal Roosevelt all you stand on the bloodstained battle the manual out choose you this day whom you will start spending time of this wolf in the mountains all of us that we not entangle ourselves with the things of this war of this world we cannot claim to the things of this world even Danny Amanda Warth cannot entangle himself with the costumes and the bulges in the pagan concepts of this world separate yourself stand up and I will receive you Romans chapter twelve Romans what chapter we on chapter twelve verses one thank you the Bible means I beseech you that's not a word we often used today I beseech you to simply say I urge you I believe will you I agonize with you on our skin you desperately I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that he present your bodies a watch a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service verse two and then the Bible goes on to say and be not want being not on form unaware focal informed us simply do not Pat O'Neill South after do not copy the things of this world be not informed stand up forty eight are a holy nation be not conformed standing up for ye are a royal priesthood standing upon forty all kings and priests unto the high living on being on call informed the two this will my praise God the verse doesn't end there how can we not be conformed to this world notice what the Bible says being unplugged formed into this world but be transformed how by the renewing of your mind to stand up to be good as you know we feel off one's mind one cannot be made based on his own works one cannot stand up based on how much education they may have or how much money for how much prestige they may have tried Churchill a society but one can only spam when they have the mind of Christ and being things while having the mind of Christ being our code form but be transformed by the renewing of your mind when I was in Angers there was a highway federal is leading to the local Walmart on this highway was a billboard that always caught my attention and on this billboard was a human brain scholar in the human brain and with big bold letters it would simply say the mind is a terrible thing to waste the mind is stop NYC is a town of thing to waste when we entangle ourselves for the things of this world your mind is so precious in the sight of God that it becomes corrupt when you watch those things you shouldn't be watching it's a terrible thing to waste when you read those things that you suddenly raining when you click on those Internet site you shall be grinding up on my account of thing to waste when we listened to Psalms recently listening to anything terrible thing to AA we must have the mind of Christ standing upon simply means to have the mind of Christ a renewal of one's mind speaking of the warfare that we are all engaged in the Bible and the pen of inspiration tells us that we are living in what is known as the battle of the great controversy we all know that I'm about all the great controversy is more than just the battle between good and evil about the great controversy is more than just the battle between truth and error about the great controversies is more than just the battle between Christ and Satan but when we analyze the great controversies we will conclude all of the great controversy is the battleground mines and we won't get our allegiances when we surrender our minds to ask what the battle to break controversies about is the battle of our minds for the Bible and the pen of inspiration teaches us out of our minds our actions are with our repetition and actions made the foundation of all habits how habits lay the foundation of our character and our character determines our destiny in the battle of the great controversy Satan does not want your character in the battle between truth and error Satan does not want your works Satan wants your mind because once he has Joe might be casual character Satan wants your mind because once he has your mind he has your words and he has your final destination for inspiration tiles us that the only avenue the only avenue that Satan can use to get into a mind on those five senses fail for remember that's all nice to sing when I was a young child be careful to realize what you see for your father up above is looking down from heaven above so be careful little eyes what you see be careful little here is what you hear a man B C will you go be careful at all happens watch your touch for all of these things have an impression on your mind be careful little mouth and appetite what you may thought ultimately has an effect on your mind stand up on this to have a ring you woke up one's mind having the mind of Christ will want to make one point very very clear this morning our uniqueness out what our uniqueness and standing up hot as God 's remnant people 's first global roots are in Jesus I'll save you how you've made us and our peculiarity is rotated in Christ as our sacrifice Christ as our high Priest and Christ as our coming deliverer then once we have the premises out uniqueness and standing up and is now reminding us and wanted to stand up and to be humane we must have a unique message all you need is first found in Jesus and secondly how you made this as found in the kind of message we proclaim we have a beautiful message Theo God gave glory to him the hour of his judgment has come worship him that made heaven and earth Babylon as fallen as forward received not a lot of them based on your flow had all on Johann this is what gives us uniqueness young people don't be called phone to the false doctrines of this world and preach the message was that certain cell when I think of uniqueness and standing upon in our message and our identity I think of a good friend of mine who is a successful businessman works for one of the biggest computer firms in the world in the world and I had the privilege of staying with them for a few months and one of the things that I asked them I said you work with computers you'll company produces so much hard when so much software when I go into Best Buy on the right to be so many gadgets I see so many levels including the one that your company produces what will make me as a consumer buys your product on the can get the same product at a cheaper price from this company I can get the same cell phone and see the price from this company so what will want me to buy you a specific product and the loft spaces Douglas in the business world there is a phrase that we call competitive advantage many simply began to break down and he simply said compared to advantage is what makes our products sell and pump units of Atlantis the only reason why was the biggest computer manufacturing in the world as it was computer what's competitive advantage is when you are going to Best Buy yes it's true you will see many different types of laptops and you will see many different types of cameras and you will see different types of cell phones but competitive advantage is simply this what is it that makes this particular gadget different from all the other gadgets that's competitive advantage what is it that makes the slept a lot title features the best laptop had that none of these other laptops cannot cannot produce and once you have that competitive advantage people will buy your product when I think all this God has given us a competitive advantage Mister Damon people hear all kinds of Gospels every week and every Sunday event and every day of the week but what is it that makes how message unique is we had the three Angels messages what he think that's how competitive and much that's what makes us stand up I found this theory to be true as I was coming here this weekend is also waiting at you will then Dallas-Fort Worth housesitting on the scene and I forgot my phone the symbol Stone Age AT&T sends uncle my photos pretty cool Pringle Mike Richards on Michael waiting for Linda saw young man sits next to me and him like putting my fluency could concede comical games are downloaded and he replies but by pulling out his iPhone is not going to Zico and in the next icons and he pulls out his iPhone in a matter of minutes the whole Road and iPhones except for me I did not have competitive advantage amen so I started to my phone and put it back in my pocket and just waited for my competitive advantage this is what makes us stand upon what you say thoughtlessly to the book of Revelation Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen will bring out a few verses you regarding this beautiful message that makes us stand apart regulation one B on fourteenth beginning with verse six the Bible reads and I saw another angel flying where in the midst of heaven and what does it have the everlasting Gospel now this strongly insinuated at this and we find a possible one that originates with the original bottle but there's some kind of uniqueness in this gospel is the only time in Scripture that the gospel is identified as everlasting the only time they avoid insinuating that there was unique Mister this message what you say is the everlasting gospel but one is an everlasting the Bible teaches us that this gospel is everlasting in its nature and otherwise throughout time man has tried to dilute and corrupted as possible but this gospel shall stand forever no matter how much man tries to dilute this gospel and attack this gospel this gospel shall stand forever kingdom shall rise and fall but the gospel of God shall stand forever Mountain shop foreman Ross Mayweather or white but this gospel shall stand forever it is the everlasting gospel and it will stand until the second coming of Jesus it is everlasting and its major it is unique but furthermore the Bible teaches us that this gospel is everlasting and its effects in other words when you preach this Gospel empowered with the outpouring of the latter rain when you receive this gospel as sincere as you want it won't produce everlasting life is everlasting and its nature and its everlasting and its effects it will produce everlasting life what you say how many belonging design for everlasting life the everlasting gospel will not be diluted will not be reframed the everlasting gospel while producing eternal salvation it is a unique gospel one that makes us stand up feel God gave glory to fully all were on his luck on his judgment is what is and what should we do worship him that what made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters now the Bible simply teaches us in this beautiful message that the first angel and the second angel and the third angel or interdependence they're all linked together they are not dichotomized if not separately not compartmentalized view all linked together for example when one refuses the first Angels message the ultimate outcome is you will find yourself floating like Babylon and when you find yourself spiraling out of control the ultimate consequence is you will receive the mark of the beast all of these three messages are interrelated and interconnected Theo God Babylon is fallen received not the mark of the beast therefore suggesting to us as WIC that receiving the mark of the beast does not happen overnight it is a unwed downward spiral did you know that don't think that you can do all that you want now and you just got to keep your eyes on the White House and keep your eyes focused on the Pope and when this started long walk talk then he will stand if you're not standing now you want standing as a downwind progressive spouting out of control this is what the pen of inspiration says in that beautiful book testimonies will John twenty five page eighty one she sends the time is not far distant when the test will come when what will come when the test will come to every soul the monarch of the beast though Michael what the Michael of the beast will be she doesn't say probably won't maybe she says well the Thomas of the beast will be urged upon us and notice what she says next focus who have spent by state those who have spent by state he loaded to welding the minds and on form two will be customs will not find it a hot matter to you to the powers that be receiving the mock all the beasts is a step by step process when you refused to fear God when you refused to give glory to him when you feel refused to worship in us will be good for you plus that by step process towards tradition I'm reminded of the seven churches in my church every Friday nights will company going to the book of Revelation and it's been almost two months now and will store now false church but this is one thing I found a pretty devastating about the seven churches the first church which is what church the efforts at one church no one will know for the purity of truth the Bible says that at the beginning of the seven churches keep your eyes focused on Jesus the Bible says that Jesus was a non- list on the seven golden candlesticks remember that these in the midst of the church but when we love on the Ephesus church the puma church to the smarter church the church that was persecuted then the Bible when we go and read the final church the loudest he entered where is Jesus he is standing on the outside trying to get and now you can't service will meet how that Jesus gone from being in the midst of the charts to standing on the outside try to get in it was a step by step process the church went from a pure church to a persecuted church and the Bible in the pen of inspiration tells us that during the Smyrna God 's people were being persecuted for their faithfulness but for everyone Kristen that was monitored and persecuted ten will join the ranks of Christianity and so Satan was fighting a losing battle then we come to the private mustard was saved and changed his attack tactics waste is less like getting these guys for everyone present and will join the ranks and then he finally says they find them up even all just join them plus the church became elevated and pregnant ostrich became the church am compromised step by step they went for me people are charged to a persecuted judge to a chance of compromise and then finally to a charge that is why they did him feeling just fine about step-by-step what you say possible leave a case for those who receive the mop of the beast if you are not free for now and standing upon you will not be very full then in standing up be faithful what you say fear God give glory to him for the hour where all his watch judgment is come and what should we do warship on the pause and ponder on this for a moment in a too many times we have the out their mentality VL their mentality simply is this all yes we need a priest the three Angels messages out there the Altair mentality simply is this we become so enthusiastic and denouncing those sins and the hypocrisies out there and somehow we applied to the sins of the hypocrisy inherent and we become so low in preaching the three Angels messages out there that we forget to realize that we need a law and here worship him don't have that out there mentality amen was so quick and easy to announce the sins of the White House and yet we have sins right here in God 's house worship him that made heaven and earth this is a English here takes as a lot of them out there takes the Bible tells us to worship and what should we do for a ship him why should we worship God first before the Bible says worship him that made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters this is a direct reference to creation failed formal tiny mouse as WIC that when we worship God it has some sort of connection to creation worshiping God in spirit and in truth reminds us of our groups worshiping God in spirit and in truth reminds us of where we came from worshiping God reminds us that we were fearfully and wonderfully made for us when we neglect to worship God and when God 's people his judge neglect to worship him in spirit and truth that's why we get such false theologies and doctrines of evolution training that we have somehow evolved from some Homo sapiens at the millions of years ago but worshiping God reminds us that we didn't know people for myself on a confidant of some Homo sapiens but we have been fearfully and wonderfully made FAA in here exploiting a don't believe any kind of evolution that this well tries to teach you wisdom him that made heaven and earth it reminds us of our roots and reminds us where we came from it reminds us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made of that's Clinton's a man worship have we forgot since awareness of God come with me to the book of Matthew chapter fifty Matthew what's happily on chapter fifteen notice what the Bible says Matt Chapter fifteen in verse nine the Bible says and this is Jesus speaking the son of God but in vain do they want to do they questioned me this is already referring to the hot cult worship but also to the method of worship so Jesus simply teaches us that in the end times will be two kinds of worship how many kinds to those who worship the beast or those who worship God creates all and there is a particular kind of worship that is abominable in the sight of God of war ship is acceptable in the sight of God worship him that made heaven and earth why was it important for God 's people to worship incorrectly why when first the war the Bible teaches us young people that we have a covenant relationship with God he meant we have a covenant relationship with him and again how covenant relationship the covenant relationship reminds us that God is the superior party that's what the covenant relationship teaches us god is the superior party and because we have this covenant relationship with God and God is the superior potty now for thou art us dictate how we worship it we give you an example I was born and raised in New Zealand whom you been to New Zealand a megalopolis you him a you out of the Commonwealth and the part of the Commonwealth we have our own government we have known Prime Minister but we also have a clean payment Queen Elizabeth the Queen of England now she has no power but she's the head of the monarch now because we are part of the Commonwealth we have some sort of a covenant relationship with the Queen and because we had this covenant relationship with the Queen we realize as being subjects of Great Britain and being part of the Commonwealth that the Queen is the superior body a man fell for window cleaning almost what do this ever invites me to Buckingham Palace I don't just all men if they don't want topless you understand what I'm saying because she is the superior body shape that is not me should dictate how I approach her and I have good friends who buy into Buckingham Palace and they tell me that there is a two day process and where they train you how to dine with loyalty you're just walk in there and say he'll what's up and such is the case in a covenant relationship with God when he sang he dictates how we worship him she is the superior body and how covenant relation worship him that made heaven in my think of worship I think of the book of Judges come with me to the book of Judges judges notice what the Bible says in the book of all judges chapter eight judges the eighth chapter why is it important to worship God correctly this is what makes us stand apart judges chapter eight beginning with verse twenty two notice noticed something very bizarre and strange year the Bible says in verse twenty two judges chapter eight we'll talk about what you were talking about the first Angels message judges chapter eight one personally on verse twenty two then the men of Israel said unto Gideon mold bowel over us both out and my son and my son son also for thou hast delivered us from the hand of median then the Bible says in Gagnon said unto them I will not rule over you neither shall my son rule over you the Lord shall rule over you and Gideon said unto them I will desire a request to argue that he would give me everywhere and the lot the airings on his praying for they had golden earrings because they were issued the likes and they Onset we will willingly give them and they spread a comment and it cost there and every man that it rings all his brain what do they do of those earrings and holding gold verse twenty two twenty six and the weight of the Bolton hearings that he requested was a thousand and seven hundred shekels of gold beside ornaments call his arraignment that was on the kings of media and andesite the chains that were about their camels make a notice what happens in verse twenty seven and begin made a lot and he fought their all in component and the city even in ultra and all Israel what do they know they went a whole ring off their antics the eighty five they made he fought their idol they began to worship this item and only read Scripture does not say to worship and evil amen plus they won't rush of being bought incorrectly and notice what happens notice the ramifications notice the consequences of what happens when we watch about incorrectly the Bible says that when holding off the much thing became a snare unto Gideon Angelina 's house this is what happens when we worship God incorrectly both an method and in spirit but notice what it says in verse thirty three as a result of not worshiping God correctly what's the ultimate consequence verse during an exchange across as soon as Gideon was what had that the children of Israel what happen 's friend again and went a whoring off the mainland and made bail their God this is the consequences of what happens when we worship God incorrectly when we do not uphold the first Angels message worship him that made heaven and earth falls worship one alternate major to worship other bouts that's why summative young people believe the start him worse of the Bible 's most famous of the bottom drugs they worship about of money because what was to be done incorrectly and it starts and because they had an incorrect form of what today's digital what was once take I might as well go all the way they meant worship him that made heaven and earth the sea in the fountains of waters stand up and PNB the chosen generation what you say stand upon and be that peculiar people stand up and being that a holy nation out uniqueness is found in Jesus in the name Jesus Al sacrificed Jesus our great high priest Jesus Al mediates all Jesus Al coming the lever up and walked out uniqueness is found in the message we broke away your God will glory comes back up came away from the edges on this what Microsoft does well once you add one more dimension to this before Saddam I remember growing up as a young child my dad every Christmas is to take a shopping of the more famous is what fascinated me as a young lad about town this morning I raped every Christmas Sony in the months of December two early January was this great big gigantic sense approach on in a huge statue and I was only like five oh six and this is what fascinated me about this great image is that it will stand there in the middle of the open the more singular than twice the size of a human being when building this that fascinated me as a young child in my anus and see in my naivety I wondered to myself wow that thing is all I block molding just this finger going on this if it's its eyelids were open and close button four times the size of a human the end of mouth would open and close every time the finger would do there's endless fascinated me as a young child and I thought that this great stature wasn't like I wanted to talk to when I wanted to speak to it I mean if it's telling me to come and shop in the mall and must say something I was fascinated in the air we hear five two six seven and then when I was about nine okay I decided to go stand under this great stature and to my disappointment I found that the statute was purely run by machine it was lifeless to the outside world it seemed like there was alive to the outside where it seemed like I was doing great things for God but they found inside it was tested to the Holy Spirit then I submit this to your attention this morning because there are some Christians who are just like that sense of goals in the league right things they reaching great sermons are doing wonderful projects and proclaiming the three Angels messages but they are void of the outpouring on the lateral writing this is what gives us life this is what gives us power the artist and of the Holy Ghost we can have a message but if we don't have that I don't write out messages on the Leveille we can preach like there's no tomorrow that Jesus is coming soon where September made heaven and earth but if Jesus is not sanctifying you and you are applying you my dear friend your religion becomes mechanical by then you go to church every Sabbath and every Tuesday and you get caught up in the Monday rotation of a mechanical and mobile equipment and we have a message but this can only be proclaimed when we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit I am convinced I am convinced this Lincoln I am convicted that if we are to stand we need the letter Ringo if we are to stand up we need to be in view of the Holy Ghost not by Mike not by Calvin none of these things did what will ever bring us to the point of standing for the Jesus and the Holy Spirit we become sounding brass or tinkling cymbal Jesus is coming soon what you say I want to be ready when Jesus comes fear God and give glory to fully power of his judgment has come the godlessness this week


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