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Getting Practical: Making the Health Message Work

Michael Orlich




  • September 5, 2010
    4:00 PM
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okay will go ahead and get started again appreciate all you who are hanging through hopefully you can see the screen pretty while I think the projectors working fairly well so our second talk for today is very different and I'm calling it getting practical last time was good getting philosophical and night see what I mean right on so this time it's getting practical making the health message work and so what I really had in mind here was talking to a young person and covering the bases broadly about things that would really help you be healthy and avoid health problems this is what I want to cover first of all guiding principles when I give a few of those banal talk will bit about diet and then will hit exercise and then will hit the four passes to see what that is and then depression and then addictions social support and faith obviously we can do a whole thorough seminar Nikki on each one of those topics in the next forty five minutes so this is good of you just a high points take-home point someone can be showing use studies or even a lot of quotes or anything like that I'm just going to give you the take-home points and conclusions as I understand now this is just my opinion okay and so it's not like everything here is irrefutable or that you may not disagree here or there but I hope it's valuable to some of you and some of the people listening on audio verse first of all and talk about guiding principles there are a few guiding principles that I think are important for anybody especially a young person to keep in mind when you're thinking about applying the health message first of all keep the big picture in mind make sure that you focus your focus on health and the health message does not become too narrow or self-centered for example you don't want to be so concerned about health that you won't go as a missionary because you can get the healthiest foods are long or more common example you don't want impressing the ladies to be your focus for doing your exercise program that's self-centered you know narrow and want to keep the big picture the big picture is the great controversy the world and its needs you and God in your relationship your spiritual life and eternity that's the big picture so when you're trying to apply help do it in that context second thing avoid extremes extremes are hard to define certified definition but we still need to try to avoid them many people who become focused on health go overboard and most people don't pay enough attention to their health right that's the common extreme but some people get so focused on health that they can literally turn themselves in the invalids when you read in the spirit of prophecy and it talks about people becoming invalids and it's all in their mind I can happen when people get true focused on health and an unbalanced way they can become hypochondriacs and you see their diet with eighty is shrinking and shrinking shrinking and finally it's just kale alerted in his fifth him for everything else has a problem and sister wife had to counsel a lot of people do not turn health reform into how do you form of dry suit out avoid extremes third principle guiding principle is consistency consistency pays big dividends right now hey I'm not the paragon of virtue when it comes to a lot of these things I just want to admit that from the start I'm not always consistent but if I were I would get more benefit and so would you fourth principle is progressive reform don't try to do everything at once you should build as you go learning is God is leading you then move along and make more strives number five and individualized approach Ellen White says that we cannot prescribe one particular diet that everybody should it's somewhat individualized so no there is no one-size-fits-all comes to how so you got a little experimentation to find out what works for you for example if you're dealing with on being overweight one program may work well for your neighbor and and it doesn't work well for you and you have to try until you find something that works for you and number six be positive don't just focus on the negatives the things you can't do the things you can eat etc. that's important we have to figure those things out but also try to celebrate the positives and enjoy health is there to be enjoyed and it should be fun to try to make it fun and number seven is get help there along when it comes to how I need help for more than a talk about some of those so when you're in that position get it didn't help don't try to always find everything on your own those are the guiding principles that I think would be good for us to keep in mind as we try to apply the health message and lead healthier lives let's talk a little bit about diet just the high points here where does the Bible say about diet anyway well it tells us about the ED doc what the original diet was that God created for men and so not just puts everything in perspective that's very helpful in the new talks about clean and unclean meats and along with that are number of the prescriptions and that sort of thing in the Old Testament economy in the New Testament yet the Jerusalem Council Limited you know don't need laws and things strangled him but we would do well to keep clean and unclean meats and the Jerusalem Council in mind if we want no follow God 's teaching and then there are some special diets in the Bible like the now 's the right diet interesting to read on if you haven't read that and then Daniel 's diet that's a really interesting but it's a special case oh I guess it didn't help that up special diets and those rights and Daniel and others another talks about self-control in eating was the opposite of self-control in eating was a good biblical word for that gluttony okay gluttony echoes Lola Black 's law sloth and gluttony and wine building is already here subversive or that when no citizen to eat with a ruler consider diligently what is for the and put a knife to my throat and I'll be a man given to appetite the not desirous of his dainties for their deceitful meet you like that I like peppers I am afraid I I think I took it a lot of contacts so go back and read the whole context and I think it has more to do with the politics of the situation actually in the whole ruler and he's going to give you all these nice streets and stuff but then there's can be a price to pay later but still I like this I think we can apply it even a lot of context because there's a lot of times when it be good to say what a knife to my throat and don't go through with it is another one be not among drunkards are among gluttonous eaters of me for the drunkard in the glutton will come to poverty and slumber will quote them with racks actually as you go through the Bible and a lot of times it's sung its warning about not getting enough to eat as well as a problem at that time but not so much for us this is a really good one Ecclesiastes ten sixteen to seventeen I really like this woe to you aloud when your King is a child in your princes feast in the morning happy are you all land when your King is the son of the nobility and your princes feast of the proper time or strength not for drunkenness great principle at the proper time for the right reason enough to so in a sense the Bible has perhaps just as much about how much we eat and the reasons why we eat as it does what we I like to suggest keeping it simple for the diet this is a quote from a journalist who's written about food and I think you did a good job with this formulation eat food not too much mostly plants if most of the world would do that we could get rid of a lot of diseases places each food he needs real food as opposed to like the food like artificially contrived food like substances is talking about real food so here are some diet principles but I think will help us these are really simple I mean we could have a whole talk on nutrition and vitamin B12 and gel calcium and iron saturated fats but were not doing that today the high points focus on whole plant foods with lots of fruits and vegetables of simple right whole plant foods is something that you find out of the garden the more that we ate of stuff that looks to learn what it was when I was growing the better will probably be aimed to keep the region normal body weight okay that's a huge deal on you know this is been a paid bigger dividends than trying to debate I think whether just eating the whole all lives or eating olive oil is which ones better on those are subtle things they may be important other things like that may be important but they're not as important as this which is obesity is killing a lot of us so you're eating should be focused on trying to keep the trim white watch out for all the sugar salt and fat is all around you just close your eyes and that circling your diligence you knows no billboards or fast food up up up here but as soon as you drive down the hill will be there again so you're surrounded by the stuff watch out for it beware of restaurants prepare in the words rich foods sweets etc. all these countless a lot of problems and the less we can do these the better off for it to be not that we can have sweet sometimes are good restaurants sometimes but if are doing this stuff all the time when I can be healthy I mentioned Michael Pollan and he has a few juicy quotes in this book of physical food rules and I just wanted to share a few coaster fun treat streets as treats of streets are supposed to be very occasional if it came from a plant eater if it was made in appliance don't factory food is not good don't feed you and your car at the same place if it comes through the window of your car it's not an left thing to say about diet remember the guiding principles okay individualized progressive reform avoid extremes all of those guiding principles so those are some high-yield tips on food if we just ate more whole and more to how God created it in its natural state if we ate less prepared food fast food restaurant food and high salt high fat foods would be a lot healthier so you can take that and run with it it will still get a lot of mileage out of next thing exercise exercise is a huge deal one of the most important things and how Anna Seventh-day Adventist were probably not that great with it on I mean were a lot better as a people will hold on diet than the general population no question I think about that lot of room for improvement there are sure but exercise and long room for improvement there as well is going to time to listen to the commercialism around us the case Nike got it right there just do it that's a good rule for exercise when does exercise help us with along blood pressure HDL-cholesterol that's the good cholesterol it boosts that triglycerides that's the fats in our blood that can help cause heart attacks and it lowers it diabetes helped prevent it obesity helps to combat it helps to prevent weight gain there is a registry of thousands of people across the country who have lost more than fifty pounds and kept it off for more than a year national weight loss registry and on average 's the ones have kept it off like that are attending the exercise about an hour a day of the intentional exercise they also weigh themselves fairly regularly and they always eat breakfast and make in the lower calorie lower fat foods so those are some tips it helps prevent osteoporosis keeps bones strong it helps with depression very effective helps with arthritis even if you have bad knee joints and there's just ongoing emotional cartilage if you exercise that will reduce your pain by like thirty forty percent on average no improve your ability to function about that much to exercise can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer this may be largely through helping to control the obesity which is a significant risk factor for several types of cancer but there may be other ways that hopes to and it helps with healthy aging on you want to be fit when you're older so you think of being active early in life and then becoming an active that's bad because when aging is really bad on you can take elderly people in the nursing home and give them little exercises to do with weights and not sort of thing and they benefit tremendously to get stronger there are more mobile will play out less falls see one of the fit what you're getting old is your control hung it helps with pain and it can help you to prevent injuries certain types of exercise here's some tips for exercise on again just do it you can system I was one of our guiding principles not the weekend warrior cardiovascular fitness is probably the thing to prioritize like running biking swimming and things like that strength training can be helpful for everyone women as well as men old as well as young can all benefit from appropriate strength training try to aim to be lean and strong I would say not bulky and heavy okay so enduring your straight strength training the goal is not to be moved to the structure and the lean and mean and I was sitting in a workout with weights get some kind of training as it's really easy to cut a mess yourself up like I'll give you an example with me I have some back problems chronic back problems and you know when I go do weights you always want to go and I do like the bench press he now in curls and you know military President-elect stuff and who wants to do all that little stuff like to see how this can only piece of editor imbalance than in so you have antagonistic muscle groups like your chest muscles in your back muscles for example in it if you focus on the big ones too much it can mess up the little ones for example you work out the you know some of your your deltoids and trapezius and pectorals and stuff when people are working out at the gym those all hole on your shoulder joint but they don't stabilize her shoulder joint and nobody wants to do the link below exercises like this that you know to work out the rotator cuff and that's my take is that not huge and let you mess up your shoulders like the so weights are tricky you can really do some damage there so I recommend coming while educating the training afternoon of Judah but you can do strength training just listen simple calisthenics and some your Pilates and there's all sorts of ways that you can get strong and it's good to focus on core muscles and balance you know when people are on doing things with exercise balls and stuff like that working on back muscles muscles those are really good good for your health and the exercise industry is realizing that more and more working on flexibility is important as it's easy to get injured when you're not flexible enough like I'm running with a running group in Loma Linda right now call the Loma Linda loafers and I'm not very flexible at all and this morning I ran six miles with them and I think I hurt my Achilles tendon so don't be like me flexible and try to be safe and while you're exercising back with the persistence means a lot when it comes to exercise you want to build these lifelong habits I really admire when I see the medical students who were in their getting their exercise on a regular basis instead of saying long enough to let the scope for a few years you guys are smart and communal law walking and hiking is great exercise so try to do that if you can have active work that's great in all not many of us put up bales of hay anymore or shop cords of wood by hand like they used to make a lot of physical exercise that way not the reality of many of our laws but if you can incorporate some active work do it on but you probably need to get intentional exercise on top of the active recreation if you learn to enjoy stuff that's active to be better off and try to get outdoors 's just not the same if you're always in the gym I think especially mentally and you don't did the sunshine and fresh air you don't hear the birds and second it's great if you can get outdoors okay moving on now we have the four passes studies stress sleep and sunshine now they sound all different but actually tying together in the four asses are definitely big things for students and young people talk about sleep sleep has a lot of benefits to combat stress and depression it improves performance physical performance and mental performance you don't want to take a test for medical school or for college when you're low on sleep you won't do as well you also don't want to run on a big race when you're low on sleep you feel better when you have adequate sleep and you don't need artificial stimulants like caffeine besides you get used in artificial stimulants and then your body just recalibrate its in the nuts just the new normal for her here and if you know how you feel really about sleep is not that way I'll sleep actually keeps you fear and prevents diabetes so sleep your way to a normal body weight it's not enough to have a lot of weight to lose you know just sleep all day and I'm getting there I'm getting but it it is amazing there are a lot of studies coming out that are showing that you actually can't lose weight well unless you get adequate sleep sleep is vital to lose weight and to keep the weight off a lot of people when you get under slab and overstressed what happens since a lot of students two thirds of people under that sort of state of over stress and hunger sleep have a cortisol reaction that is hyper agent meaning that you too much the other third have the opposite and they don't and so you see that you know like the freshman fifteen they say fifteen pounds again in your freshman year or in medical school you see that a lot people you either ballooning up further wasting way to restore our school of the powerful okay so some good advice about sleep while this is an old adage that just has a lot of wisdom early to bed early to rise that's a good habit consistency number that's one of the guiding principles you can be regular about Friedrich W way better off if you're always going to bed at different times and waking up at different times which is easy to do in modern life you just don't get as good a quality of sleep are much better off if your body gets into a rhythm naps good about all this is that individualized part some people do really well with naps and they can take a fifteen minute nap during the day to recharge for the afternoon and get a good nights sleep at night and other people like me if I take a nap I'll be up for like three a.m. in a wide-awake and so naps from Europe that idea you have to figure that out for yourself generally I think seven date hours is what most of us need some people seem to get by with less sleep than now and you know if that's you on good although I wonder if you would be a little better off if you got a little more sleep but when you look at mortality studies and that sort of thing people who are getting seven date hours that usually correlates with the best longevity so for most people that what you're wanting to shoot for the more exercise you get if you're fit and if you're getting adequate exercise you'll tend to sleep better in your sleep will be more valuable and you read a lot of statements if you read Ellen White's councils on this type of thing and she's talking about brain workers or students and if you just have all his brain work going on and the only thing your body is doing is sitting you get in this state where you're exhausted mentally but your body is not tired and you don't sleep well and you know when you've had with Savior years working here for Pine Springs Ranch in your announcement trees and chopping wood at the end of a long hard day everybody turns to themselves and what do they say boy were to sleep good tonight try the common saying and so you really want to get that physical exertion to sleep well there are some principles of sleep hygiene which if you have trouble sleeping you can warm about not having bright lights of the wrong time or if you're having trouble sleeping on not just tossing and turning but getting up and leaving a boring book like one of your textbooks okay I'm coming back to dad so you can educate yourself on those things sunlight is very helpful of these passes are coming together on sunlight is actually the major thing that it's your body in sync and knowing what time of day it is as the circadian rhythms the 24-hour rhythms without sunlight they get all out of whack and her blood pressure rhythm is messed up with your hormonal rhythms nuts must up with your brain rhythms and all the rhythms are going on the road own thing notes like the last verse and judges every man did what was right in his own eyes every rhythm is doing its own thing sunlight gets them all coordinated and get them reset to the elite cycle and so it's good to get bright light bright sunlight through your eyes in the early part of the day especially the day watch out for the TV and the computer off before bad backend non- tend to get you over stimulated and make it hard to sleep okay sunshine a mentioned sunshine already sunshine is important because it supplies vitamin D and vitamin D helps build strong bones and I don't not only pays dividends as you get older and avoiding osteoporosis but it actually pays dividends when you're John José are now waiting on your den I have less risk of a stress fracture if you're getting adequate vitamin D even after no cut and paste dividends now and probably reduces your risk of colon cancer as well as a number of possibly some other cancers in a number of other chronic diseases like hypertension and heart disease and may reduce your risk of multiple sclerosis at paralyzing disease and possibly some other autoimmune diseases the evidence is still not so clear but it may and it helps with the sleep cycles in the twenty four hour clock like reset it helps you avoid sad seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that you tend to get in the winter in northern places like Seattle and Minnesota Alaska what you really want for preventing the seasonal affective disorder helping with depression helping to regulate your body clock you want bright light through your office the visible spectrum of the light and you wanted to be bright meaning ten thousand locks so if you just have a lamp on in your room at night is probably a few hundred locks or a well lit room maybe a few thousand blocks but indoor light tends not to get up to ten thousand lux unless you have blackouts to lightbox but some on a bright sunny day like this if you're out there you know squinting it could be twenty thirty thousand locks and even a cloudy day on outdoors tends to be bright like this in the new do want some sunlight on the skin each day of what you want to avoid sunburn and protect overexposed areas of the skin like your years in your nose psychopathic chronic damage but the sunlight on your skin every day that helped the produce of vitamin D and the sunblock will block that effect so sunblock is good to help prevent sunburn but you don't open it on every day before you go out you want to get some sun exposure and then you put it on after fifteen minutes or something and you may want to think about vitamin D supplementation especially if you live in the northern parts and in the winter time or he may want to get your blood level tested for vitamin D is a lot of people are deficient in now we'll have more time to say too much more about the whereabouts studies first do not the biggest part of of your help I think studies can have a huge impact on your health and in fact I think that college type of studying often has more detrimental impact on your health than most jobs to would say so to avoid that you want to be consistent with your studies and am terrible at that I'm a procrastinator on but we can all get better and much more consistent you are the last you'll have things build up and feel like you have a crisis try to study when you're alert is not to maximize the impact if you're drowsy on your not getting too much out of it so you're extending the time but you're not extending the yield as much if your alert if you exercise that you gotten your sleep reminds to be sharp and be able to connect things to memory and get concepts that are difficult so try to make your study time count he focused the awake and alert and avoid distractions like Facebook and e-mail and text messages on some people find going to the library is helpful that kind of thing not me I can study in the library on center time to quit studying each night is a good policy on I know a lot of people were done this successfully I can think of several physicians who have during medical school they stopped at nine o'clock every night I didn't do this but I should have wake up early if you have extra studying to do rather than staying up late as that'll help keep your sleep cycle better and to encourage her slow going to bed at the same time if you need you need your sleep in and you need your exercise on while you're studying and you know wanting too much to keep an eye on that above all as a student don't let your study time ruin your health it's easy to do that staying up way getting stressed out cutting the corners not exercising all these things and then it catches up with you and try to focus on learning sometimes like it's minimized you know just try to pass the test okay what about stress stress can be a big problem for young people for all of us as well exercise can be a great stress reliever one of the best stress relievers having adequate sleep we've already sent these can help help you to cope with stress when you're deficient on sleep it turned out problems with stress getting outdoors can actually be a great stress reliever if you just go walk on one of these trails for a little while and you're by yourself very good stress reliever because you hear the birds chirping and you got gentle breezes and you just have all sorts of stimulations better or not harsh or not artificial they're not assertive on their nonassertive man-made like man-made stuff is all it right angles in on its brightening beeps and is in a desert it comes that I and nature as God made it made it is his soothing it's like in a moving meditation or something that really affects your mind off sunshine this can actually definitely relieve stress just go sit in the sun for a few minutes and you feel more relaxed trust in God if you have trust in God you have more peace and you have less reason to worry there's a lot in the Bible a lot of verses if you think about it that talk about not worrying and cast your cares on me and you don't give me your burdens and you take my yelp which is easy and don't worry about tomorrow you know there's enough trouble for today and put your trust in me because I know all the hairs on your head and those sorts of things so look up those liable promises and keep them in mind recreation I can be a great way to get rid of stress lots of things getting outdoors exercising having fun with friends taking a vacation going and see something interesting they said change is as good as the rest you know sometimes you go on vacation and you go to the Grand Canyon you come back and you're tired by your refresh right tired from all the packing and stuff but you still feel like you have this total change of pace the Sabbath is like a built-in vacation every week you know it's a change of pace as you are not you can breathe again and you cannot not worry about those things so take advantage of it and it's a time to be outdoors in a time to get sunshine in time time to renew your trust in God and all these things all in one package work and cleaning etc. I think that cleaning the house is a great stress really try it it is not done and I think it's great because on by the time you're done cleaning a room or something you know it's it's much more peaceful like it's that have all these papers everywhere in heaven always close throwing rumor salt but so serene and peaceful especially before the Sabbath on talk with friends and family back in just a great stress reliever and cast your cares on God he wants to hear about your problems it really makes a difference if you can share your worries instead of just doing over this and avoid escapes is where you can really get into trouble is you get all stressed out and you need out some color relief and so now I just need that sleeping pill or you know I just you know maybe if I took a drink that was subtle my nerves there's a lot of type of escapes you know maybe you thought if I just go to that crazy party that that you know not not the past but it be like an escape for me this is the kind of thing that gets us a lot of trouble the problem with all these escapes is that you come back and you feel less prepared to take on all the problems plus you now have another problem and that's weighing on your mind to and lastly get help if you need it I was one of our guiding principles you feel like you're not able to cope with the the stress of school is just getting inferior and overwhelming get how okay and then make whatever changes need to happen to deal with that you know maybe you need to withdraw from the class for that quarter or take some time out whatever it is I had a friend in college who was really good student and he was taking a really heavy load he was an Asian-American student and he was going for a medical career and he was really focused on success and he was a higher high achiever and very bright on and how he attempted suicide and how things got too overwhelming for him and he ended up and sort of a persistent vegetative state so don't let stress do that to you which kind of segues us into depression because we all deal with stress and we all feel the effects of stress and sometimes we do get stressed out okay so just as you get worried or stressed out it doesn't mean that you are not spiritual okay on I mean Jesus got stressed out to day running the garden of Gethsemane was like total stress good reason right he wasn't escaping it wasn't trying to get get away from he was facing it but it was still really stressful but sometimes things take another turn and we get endless cycle or just discouraged and despairing and just they're not looking off and it's just not working on this when we get into depression so it's important for you all to be able to recognize the signs of depression and realize if you're suffering from no signs are persistent sadness or feeling blue work going down or depressed dark along and you feel like that way for a while more than two weeks and is just continuing and in other things that you found on before and you know things that you enjoy your not having interest in them like he used to and you know who cares I just cannot I'm not into it that's worrisome and then in conjunction with those things maybe you lose your appetite are your eating all the time any chance we were waking up early or you just feel like staying in bed all the time you don't have any energy and you just can't seem to get going and you feel calm worth it was like a loser and like a failure and you start feeling guilty and can concentrate on things and maybe start thinking about you know when it just be easier if I just ended this or would it just be easier if I weren't around when everybody's lives be better we start thinking these thoughts and feelings feelings thoughts depression muscle problem and you need to get help and address it why do we get depressed okay on a short answer again will really know you know who's a lot of things like that and medicine for their a lot of reasons one is depressed white people get depressed and have similar problems like anxiety and we can all action happens all of us some people may have a genetic predisposition and most stressors we talked about sometimes you've got you know what death in the family got a divorce going on you God the school situation that's bothering you your family members don't understand you conflict with your parents you have a roommate who gets on your nerves you have a breakout with a girlfriend or boyfriend and your environment sometimes you didn't grow up in the best Palm on or you're just in a really stressful environment in our thought patterns we start getting in the negative thoughts and feeling sorry for ourselves and those sorts of things and they cannot build on each other it's an easy thing to do it's a natural thing to do but it's harmful to us at the same time there can be spiritual issues thereto were you just don't feel like you can connect with God and he just you think you're beyond hope of you know that hey you know God is great and everything I'll have any problem with him but you know she just can't help somebody like me and I can make you depressed in and cause you to lose hope and then it all happens in your brain member holism or a whole being and it's our bodies to so we can have diseases we can be on medications all sorts of things can disrupt what's going on in our brain even the things that were eating part of the way were living our life drugs that were taking all these things can cause depression but however you get there you still have to deal with it okay on and it doesn't very little good just to say I'm just a spiritual failure and if I were just a better Christian I wouldn't be depressed back thought pattern is usually not get you out of depression okay it's just going to be part of the cycle so what should you do you should tell somebody and get help and don't be a Lone Ranger on this one okay this is something where you really need to get all I would get a hold of Doctor Natalie 's materials he has put together a really good package that depresses addresses to Russian comprehensively from a lot of different angles and it has books by people other than him and has videos there's a lot of good stuff there I would recommend it not a good friend come to me a year or two ago and I was surprised when they came to me and said my I think I'm depressed and probably most people wouldn't just and would've looked up to and admired the personal the sort of thing but they had it really together on butts of this friend of mine you know got a hold some of these materials and when we got back home and sought help from a couple of different professionals on physicians counselors and my friend is one of the happiest people I know today because of they were able to deal with that and so you both what you want to do when you get the help you need you and address the various things whether it's physical factors whether it's on file patterns whether there are some spiritual factors to address their on he got addressed them and it's usually several different things again exercises really very effective for this for the first single thing to do this really effective the problem is a lot of times when people are really depressed in one exercise but if they do on it's just as effective in the same level of effectiveness of medications and is counseling but often times medication for depression and/or counseling may be necessary and this is just a reality I would say on there maybe some some natural medications as well I bought Warner both of these things is often necessary and don't be ashamed about there are very few people who if they got pneumonia would feel bad about taking medication for it would feel like they were a failure because their lungs were messed up on but we become feel that way when it's our brains that are messed up but if you need it take it get the help that you need that's what I'm trying to say and get the help that you need early and then work on depression proofing yourself for the next okay so let's say one of the underlying things that got you to be depressed in the first place is a spiritual issue and if you address this virtuous year can help you a lot but you're probably not to be able to address that spiritual issue adequately until you get out of some of the depression also just the blog look out for your friends and try to prevent suicide when I worked at me more we had a student commits suicide and after the fact you could just see all sorts of warning signs and a few people knew a lot more but in a lot of times we just don't think about we think people are going to be okay and that's not always true so look out for each other what Jonah talked briefly about addictions will be wrapping appeared about five minutes addictions it has lot that's related to depression that we just talked about that it's different to there a lot of addictions is no alcohol tobacco caffeine illegal drugs prescription drugs gambling sexual addictions of lots of different types eating disorders that's little different but it's related I would say food addict he was video game affections of the really big in Korea South Korea by the way but it's here to all Internet addictions so you can get addicted to a lot of things also love or relationship addictions I would say our code dependencies is another term for the where you sort of get on addicted to always being with the wrong person now the first thing is to try to prevent having problems like this is a young person or an older person by avoiding the addictive substances or activities to begin with no prevention is worth a pound of cure that's one preventive medicine so you know if you never drink alcohol you can never become an alcoholic even if you were a ready to be an alcoholic and so unfortunately a lot of times we get into some of these things either substances or activities or practices are habits and minutes too late but if it's not too late don't play with this stuff okay like the Bible says if you shoot holes in your lap and get burned so don't play with fire recognize the symptoms of addiction these are some of the symptoms you tried to quit but you can't you need more to get the same effect to quit but then you always start up again he prayed to stop but you still can't bathe your search causing you problems of school work relationships for your help and certainly your spirituality and then you have the cycle of doing the behavior and then feeling really guilty human repenting and then the behavior and on and on that's kind of the picture of addiction and initiated that sounds familiar do you know you need to to admit that what to do admit that you cannot fix it on your own is one of the core principles are that people have found to leading to success with addictions admit that you cannot fix it on your own because of the very nature of it surrender the problem to God he is able to fix it and surrendering it to him is key then get help go to a trusted friend of family member pastor or teacher or counselor or a professional counselor a physician Doctor go get the help that you need don't try to tackle this one on your own okay it usually doesn't work and if let's see you go to a pastor and a kind of you know minimize it or whatever blow it off or just reassure you down that probably wasn't the right person so you need to go find somebody else to help you accountability seems to be very important in dealing with addictions and many of the most successful programs in helping people recover from addictions have an accountability component and I think there are some biblical principles the support accountability have time to go under them but I do think the that there there is common like that iron sharpening iron concept as iron sharpens iron so it one man sharpens another and there are reasons that sometimes we need to confess our faults to other people one is because we've heard enough okay we need to need to make amends to them but sometimes we need to do that in order to get home to and I would recommend from a practical perspective twelve step programs for many addictions on they often are successful and they are spiritual programs I know that sometimes people have concerns about the spirituality and I respect that if you have those concerns but on I think there's a lot of evidence that these programs are very helpful to people and often times outside of these programs with the daily church -based or AA or whatever on the problem doesn't get dealt with adequately you need God 's power to overcome addictions but you often need to experience that power through a process that includes confession accountability and mentorships and discipleship I thought I'd put up the twelve steps of AA 's are taken from the book Alcoholics Anonymous consciously could see what they're like and I I actually look at them and I say this is sort of a process of repentance not just feeling that you know and and saying I'm sorry but that's her collect sewage rethink number one we admitted we were powerless over alcohol there are lots of become unmanageable came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves admitted to God to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character humbly asked him to remove our shortcomings made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all made direct amends to such people wherever possible except when to do so would injure them or others continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood him praying only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry that out having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs to me it seems like a very structured guided process of heart repentance and were out of time so skip this quotes of the longer the longer but here's a quote from their book Alcoholics Anonymous faith has to work twenty four hours a day in and through us or we perish on and they consider how collects anonymous and similar programs they considered their recovery to be a spiritual solution so the bottom line predictions as get help don't try to do it on your own you need a deeper conversion experience you need a full repentance process and you need the kind of accountability and discipleship meaning somebody else is blocked the road going down the steps and holding accountable that's often what's needed to recover from addictions okay on all just drop these up quickly and I'll just make the point that social support is actually a great predictor of health and so if you can build strong social ties relationships good friendships work on making your family relationships more healthy in all married people especially married men live longer so you know some of us are on a tractor early demise but on illustrative of the fact that were social creatures God made us to be interactive and social support actually improves our health so it's worth investing in your social hall it makes a difference and then lastly faith you know believers overall have a health advantage in many studies Seventh-day Adventist clearly have a halted finish not only is there the faith factor but there's the health message in the content there in the different lifestyle but it only works if your doers and not hearers only so that the people have the most help benefit among Seventh-day Adventists are the ones who put the things in the practice so like the most it is sheer and Seventh-day Adventists to some simple lifestyle principles tend to live about ten years longer than the least adherent Seventh-day Adventist I'm not comparing them to you note the general population there's like a ten year spread between the ones who do the things in the practice and those you don't it's also good to increase your connectedness in the church and your involvement for example Marion administered cares about the health message if you want to be healthy most just and it is an extreme example the more you're connected and involved the more likely you are to to put these things into practice and to read the benefits so that's impractical faith in God goes beyond that though you know beyond just the whole practices and knowledge that we have it's the hope when things are depressing the piece one thing searched for if the wellspring of having a good attitude is the source of the is the wisdom to make the right choices and ultimately it's the power to change we can have the greatest philosophy and the greatest you know moral philosophy and curious about the world but if we don't have God 's power to change were in trouble and just a closing quote from steps to Christ's talking about that power to change by yielding up your will to Christ you ally yourself with the power that is above you will have strength from above you will be enabled to live a new life in the life of faith and so one of the most vital things that we can do to be healthy and to enjoy good health Québec connection with God hence of course for time and for eternity so these are a few high-yield topics on how and ways of dealing with some common health problems that we all experience and a lot of young people experience so I wish you the best and God 's blessing and guidance to each of us as we go through our lives and try to follow him and have good was closed with prayer father in heaven on the statement that the alcoholics admitted of their selves also very true for us at at the spiritual level which is the without your support and strengthen life from you each day without faith being renewed each day we perish and so I credit you would guide each one of us help us to have the common fund of life that you want us to have and whatever challenges were dealing with whatever areas that we have on moreover improved or were needing help I pray that you be with each one of us in a special way and help us to take the steps we need in those areas and mail this Paris to be able to better enjoy you and rejoice in the life you've given us and be of use to others we pray in Jesus name and


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