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Hidden Manna

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 25, 2010
    7:00 PM
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him him a a will a good evening everyone and not everyone is in a zone good to see you all here for our third Army Bible can and I'm excited however you and him then he asked how many of you right now is I experiencing experiencing a excitement and anticipation regarding the outcome of these meaning a are you really really excited are you really really anticipating we've come here and tonight to learn how to draw a positive word of God we can't mislead us to learn how to study the word of God and by God 's grace you will be with all the tools you need to be delivering this meltdown for yourself in a subway invites you to pray with me as we can all message tonight on his knees and heavenly father we thank you for speaking to us in so many differently and now Lord Raskin back to present with happen with us and him I mean prepare our hearts on your show I've had a wonderful things out of line when father asked us to pray that you would hide me behind your cause nor this is no easy or simple being going tonight to your people in Jesus precious name we pray amen he entitled the message tonight the hidden manna they kidnap like you to open your Bibles to the book of Revelation chapter two Revelation chapter two verse seventeen when you get here say a man that was a week a man we get there a man and man Bible says there are seventeen he has a near lead and hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches to him overcome when I get to eat all the while the hidden manna I will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written which no man know it saving he that receives hidden manna I've ever read this first and wondered hidden manna what is that what tonight we're going to discover what humanities and limited by looking in the Old Testament because of what a find out what does God mean when he when he uses this word now know what these men going to are you a Deuteronomy chapter eight notice with me verse three the Bible says they are and he humbled the end suffered me to hunger and said he with while map Mount Rainier Avenue remember how God said the children in Israel in the wilderness with manna what did he do he rain not down from heaven that the children of Israel in this matter and notice what the Bible says why did exist he suffered me to hunger and favorite management style is not mine and my father is no that he might and main he know that man does not live by one bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of the Lord that man the software that is first done now now it's just signifying while the wiring of God amen man represents the word of God so when the Bible makes a reference to hit a national when we begin to understand is that the word of God is not so easily understood on the surface is not otherwise have you ever read a verse and and and you just you may read a person inside and then someone comes along to all men that I discovered in this verse and you believe in and I see see you just see something anything if he ever wondered how is that this person was able to get this out are you saying that it was okay to me isn't it beautiful that God promises to keep promises to give a lot of heat in Nassau County we would like to receive it in man I want to know something else involving on Exodus chapter sixteen verse thirteen this chapter sixteen Exodus sixteen verse thirteen the Bible tells hearing came to pass that even the quails came up and coming account and in the morning they do it in a roundabout whole and when they do it I was late was gone now behold upon the face of the wilderness very they a small round being as small as the hoarfrost on the ground the amount of God how to layout God has raised down from heaven and food in Tommy what a vision mount a slight member the Bible says it tasted like what lime honey with an honey is sweet to the case got sat on the pharmacy you aren't going to give you hidden manna what is hidden out of hidden manna is some ways blogging of the word of God is to be sweet to your tastes when human lives I love you stare at your synagogue and your you are looking for the board and found a human day I discover he has ever felt the sweetness of making a discovered in the word of God something that you cannot afford it when you sign all these the problem to the north of me Psalm one nineteen Psalm one nineteen beginning with verse ninety seven the Bible tells us here oh how I love thy law it is my meditation all the days that I do not commend itself maybe Whisenhunt enemies for they are ever with me I have more understanding than only to justify testimonies are my meditation I understand more than Hitchens because I keep my presets I have refrained my feet from every evil way that I might keep thy word I have not appointed by judgments about has taught me how should we honor my words unto my feet to sleep there then why I need someone it is God 's design your to give you enough is not design your to give you such a sweet experience with his word that he will never design or anything else he calls it hidden mountable means of the book of first Corinthians chapter two first Corinthians chapter two and please noticeably verse seven but we speak the wisdom of God and a mission to reunite vasopressin where the mystery something that is while that is handing the Bible calls the gospel a mystery so and the gospel by the word of God is a mystery of the Bible also says well I didn't mean we understand the ministry to be something hidden and another one with we are taught them gospel of Jesus Christ is a hidden mystery of the Bible but notice what goes on to say we need the wisdom of God in a mystery even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world on our glory which is not the princes of this world four have they know that they would not have crucified the Lord of glory so that people go Jays understanding of this mystery there is too obvious it remains one hitting colossus at two verses reinforce how that second second Corinthians onslaught of second Corinthians chapter four and verse three thousand and second Corinthians chapter four and verse three but if our gospel be it is hid to them that are what law in whom the God of this world hath sworn the line moving the minds of them which believe not lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ was the image of God should shine unto them why isn't that people read the word of God and can not see the mystery why is it hidden to them because their minds have been one line blinded by the things of this world that I want to encourage you if you want to dig deeper in your Bible study do not focus your mind upon the things of this world because when you focus your mind upon the things of this world and then you try to look to the Bible to try to discern the hidden truth of the word of God in our credibility and because you in why if you want to show us off the word of God you must do with everything you have I want to know is again not the thirteen appointment illustrates this on first illustrates this point very well now in chapter thirteen nine thirteen verse forty four Matthew thirteen verse forty four the Bible says again the kingdom of heaven is likened unto stressor hitting in a video in which one has found behind and for joy thereof and so on I think I got you again the kingdom of heaven is likened unto a merchant man seeking goodly pearls when you have found one of great price when sold on anyhow and body but not in the word of God the Word of God is like that her the word of God is like that you imagine walking onto the field and are stumbling upon stressor how would you feel about that field how many of you would suddenly experience and excitement and anticipation about the outcome of owning that field seriously this man find one piece of surgery and he is so excited about what he has found that all of a sudden the field in which he was looking at the nonresident value and he's ready to practice the whole field why because he realized that there was treasure they are in the speechwriter in other places of the other here is the field and he was my afternoon while prices down let me tell you way more when you discover one Francis Jen you know what this global something that I all I want to go back and find more suddenly have this exciting anticipation is a lot going on if you're walking around feeling who unlimited find anything here he discounted to consider it around you can find anything no not because I thought they were all using the detecting of these is blocked out then this guy must be looking for something I is expecting to find something there is an anticipation we might say that field asking him suspect what were values suspect when the definition for the word suspense is a pleasurable excitement and anticipation regarding an out I ask again how many of you have any an excitement regarding the outcome of this weekend honey you are in suspense about what you're going to learn over these upcoming days but other than the place of the word of God the Word of God is the greatest mystery in this world will never know is the greatest mystery this world will ever see and we have to prove that Scott has given us this book he says here's the field I want to goal and I watched his face findings fretted about if you go to the word of God without okay send you your nominal five months how do you want from this is how do you offer the word of God I like visiting the Bible is the greatest sustained in all the work you know and I like these the love sustains to anybody's life sandstorms because of suspense would always believe you hanging to the end I could always left you wanting more wanting to know what happened last whenever someone over the Bible before the Bible and I be so I do know that I get excited if I open the Bible isn't as much yeah it's like a place I can then find something on that you notify no not yet I'm just getting excited right now why because I'm no that God is the author of this yes it is best listened to a few things here testimonies volume five volume five page two sixty six it says is somewhat significantly in the Scriptures thousands of Jan of true live in from the surface seeker came out out of you while the significant in the Scriptures dollars a family flowers of June lies hidden from the surface seeker are you a surfacing when you wonder what I find how well you do you more than one of God in anticipation into a sense of knowing God 's own something on the Sony get mad when I see old boy how do you approach the word of God she continues the mind of truth is never exhausted the more you search the Scriptures with humble hearts the greater your interests and the more you will explain with Paul over the death of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God the more you search the Scriptures as well to said review and Herald June fourth eighteen eighty nine sightseeing means to compare Scripture with Scripture and spiritual things with spiritual we shouldn't not be satisfied with a superficial knowledge we should search for the hidden treasure concealed beneath the surface after massive man seems to let me prior to that weblog and made the Scripture where God beneath the surface and when involving a process is gone out waiting for another be careful when opening the word of God going on read the story before one of your Madonna are printed on your valentine album one before I got all there is to get from the state of the shows that you have hygiene is understood or underestimated the word of God is and what a single pharmacy review and Herald October fourteenth eighteen ninety that is Jesus spoke of the chosen the Bible I think stressors in the field with one amount had found he went and sold all that he had brought the field he represents the gems of truth not a line directly on the site him very appealing underground hidden Strattera 's on woman would be what would you think Eden now charges that must be searched for we must begin the precious jewels of truth the man with the number of those who dig beneath the surface discover the hidden gems of truth the Holy Spirit is present with the artist starts or is only a bit in the denominations upon the word that she was upon the mind with a new and fresh important to start or is there a sense of peace and joy never before felt only be one piece enjoy the best moments you can exchange the peace and joy is when discovered in check he then man up in the word of God and she says that she was in the Bible are asked her getting eleven this is very simple then you're often in Bible study is to search for hidden man if you do get that when you will solemnly I can now say only things I haven't seen before the vendors think you have seen before the word of God God sorry I haven't seen the way you know when you find something precious in a negative wall by my funeral please please do know the word Mannings what evening as I know why what what is in will you are feeling while it is not what it is on wings and received his wings shall you it's hidden and every time you open the Bible say nor shall anything I have not seen before in obtaining DVR in the word of God of another banana is more than just the word of God want to knows that things on chapter six verse fifteen John chapter six verse fifty notice what the Bible tells us here John chapter six verse fifteen the Bible says this is the bread which cometh down from heaven that a man may eat thereof and not die and then Jesus says I am the living bread which came down from heaven if a man if they eat of this bread he shall live forever and the right Honorable James is my will which I will give for the life of the world so let me ask the question what does Jesus himself equally dumb now not when himself but not just himself himself in a certain action himself in doing one jamming himself as a sacrifice upon the cross of Calvary subletting in the picture than the hidden manna points us to the sacrifice of Christ you like those who will be studying the sacrifice of Christ on maternity think about so that will the help of the Bible study whenever we bring the Word of God we should be starting for the law hit in national with then beloved that every story in the word of God must have something to do alternately with long Jesus and he is Doctor for you so begins the happen when you find the cross in every story that you read you begin to go home and somebody says what you go mad I went to me at all I also like what you may learn across it every so often I find across in any sense of the story we learn and how can I find a processor once in a social Humana Samson is the trade by the woman that he will he's blinding and beings anybody seeing hidden manna anywhere is tension between Solaris viruses he starts out and grabs hold of his the Bible tells that Sam on his head someone wasn't his sudden switch is not the heard something but why was says he bowed his head and when he was obsessed that he slew more in his death than when he was on some humanity is not eleven when we begin to sense the word of God for the hidden manna I'm telling you you will be richly richly rewarding Jesus Christ on the cross is that amount and we will find banana in some of the most unlikely of places places we never thought to look up another that me tell you that if you want to find mana many times when many of you are doing you're looking from them at the wrong time you see you remember the story when God would raise out of the children of Israel he would rein in .com and since then we but otherwise okay what David God not give manner that he seen the leader become the church every song from that I'm not being Fed this makes no sense to me another could be because God is like that when I was on a poor manner for you on Monday morning Tuesday morning with him will easily you are too busy or not I am not you on sound looking from him and there is not point another you must search the word of God everyday study the word of God every day the more you study the more you train your mind yes I have a confession to make I didn't go to school I was blessed with the opportunity that you know both you but the normal course to know what God have to teach me himself he got the dog can teach I'm not saying don't want to score the same don't ever think while I can't learn because I have a disadvantage God can teach you how to study the word of God more than anyone of us ministers appeared over this meeting could ever teach you you are wanting to connect with Jesus Christ so another the word of God now he must be service forth and it can be found sometimes in the most unlikely of places and I want to show you how horrible and try to do this quickly I want to share with you something that unites more Humana now we're going to look at a power beloved limits on the word of God is the desk so Spain in all the world tonight I want to take you through a stormy full saucepan that will keep your Mac literacy nerds Dynamo what the story is a story of the prodigal son and you thought you were somewhere else after I heard the horrible before another part of the prodigal son is an incredible suspense when you write me understand a good suspense always leaves you hanging to be once in the window chapter fifteen with another look for hidden tonight and fifteen I will show you an example of what it means to search for hidden nominal fifteen note fifteen beginning with verse ten vital health care likewise I say unto you there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repented at a self-serve manner had two sons and the younger of them said to his father father gave me the portion of the father to need and he divided unto them is leaving there's a power to sons the younger wants all his stuff now nor all in all understanding we ran a story before the end of why is this story for us how is a hit in my house this evening we had not seen before and so the Lord begins to show you know this is the something similar to what opportunities do in the garden did anyone belong Canadian on that entitlement thing in a notice on it like anyone I will live you are in the Garden of Eden God had given out any and all that they needed for happiness and joy in the doublethink yet there's something you're going to send you everything but there's one thing you can't thought and isolate the tree of the knowledge of good and evil so adamant he said that I want everything I wanted as you know that saw note the youngest creation of God and humanity what like that youngest son Jacob had assigned to get out of the network created by humanity was created in the youngest creation and we just like I thought I want my stuff I've had enough of you that remember I want to go and do my own thing but you see I got underneath the day that you get your Roth he was sardonic irony dialectic can you imagine the saucepan forward to suspend you see their daughter not happening Diane Clement Street and down in front than an occasional convention center and if you want the story juggling when you're looking at going will be between you and will be doing that and you want to stand at ease take that for any and then you know what's coming then in a drop-down day but what happens God comes to the garden and you know what happens an animal 's slaying is anybody's economic what possessed land animal point to disappoint us Jesus Christ and that moment now what ran to a state notice things when I may receive the death sentence and they were gone they want that role but they received a state what is they sought to our days are legal action or execution there wasn't a suspension of work that I use up a death sentence a good thing these you hang into the cabin I want to know is what happened here using all the people today yet understand mankind exists today we are walking and talking today because of the blessings of God they are not going the Bible says that God causes the sun and the rain to fall on the one just and the unjust it's amazing the final size is generally what I want to do what I want to do with what you are millions of your life like that by giving in to the church is to be a leader music in anyone's mind on attending a chocolate fondue I wanted to living on that ability people into my untenable elite people into a good job on that ability people to do things on the earlier for the A give me what I got is your voice to think like an angel and he was existing like the double is you and you think you know what I'm telling you my games biggest union in the Ubuntu what I wanted to this is exactly what the fund and the tolerable to take his fathers is borne out and he begins this they these beings were leaving living the life of a full-time singer notice of a verse thirteen of the powerful note fifteen in verse thirteen the Bible says and not many days after the younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a weird a far country and there wasted his substance with riotous living can you see the suspense in your mind I think I will however and then suddenly finds himself money out of everything and in your mind you begin to wonder what will you do now is the article that will house the other one is five thousand when he had spent all their own role as a mighty one and then in the land and he began to be in walking the dogs the people that sometimes God will bring standing into your life to bring you to a police when he begins as I start to think straight it's funny when things are good the only straight in the days get real that they start the wild mountain but sometimes God allows starting to come into your life so that my father the God of will a you and me to want to carry my Congress seventeen when a more personal and Bible says God was about to burst fifteen and he went and joined himself to as the country and sent him into his fields to be locked smart how will have the final house moving on can you see the suspend his father evidently his race but he shared it all feelings why the Bible tells us to do what they have filled his belly when the half that's why he was eating swine flu evening after looking it was a holiday eating out looking no man evening verse seventeen and when he came to himself Pa you know that indicates if you come from yourself it means that you want they are before the Iraq you know sometimes I get anything out of your mind not home you know sometimes we do have people you can be so on your your friends your family life in our home network or what are you doing what are you thinking about how horrible of the the guy that you know I was possessed with a demon and then Jesus comes in and cleans the house by visiting the cast off within a combat within what being an empty finding while and he is a look and see that Jesus wasn't there but not will the one in the house and there even sometimes even just check out and not be alone the Bible says that young man to himself and noticeably said notice what it is that brings in Julia since they moved fifteen first level when he came it was uncertain how many hired servants of my father is Brad is not to spare I was under nominated baseline for you because if you haven't seen it yet someone sitting on where's the map what anything that is a profitable to go mad what am I going to hungry and he's thinking about grad but if you are not there if you want in life where you want when you know you're going against the will of God got something that he's holding will try you again brick the sunset when an awareness of my father how salt was and is all bread enough to feed the starving honest servants on his and I think you're out there in the flaw in your thinking that anything that said I ran and it was red him when the sun back to his is one way to pray Brad my father has enough bread above eleven we just learned that Brad is not just the wine of God very specifically speaking the bread is will Jesus Christ doing well sacrificing himself for our what is in greens article back in but that's perfect of Jesus all the suspense grows because you know that's what you the Bible says for God so loved the world that he walked T his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life if he doesn't have ability to do not just a you see in the palatable the sun get off and says that the goal and get bread than a reality God is great fun in the flood God says on the world that he J he can refuse away from the tenth eleven on now he's a manner to God is not willing that any should perish God finds us in on those places defined within the prison house he's mindlessly into it on the street corners he find us where ever we are because I'm standing right on the you come home now so what I wanted and not the suspense in your mind gone from happening looking down on the prodigal son of humanity because I'm going to send break to you and you know what he did he sent his son down just like you rained manna from heaven and he asked a question how can humanity respond when God gave us his son what did you manage to do humanity reject the sign ordinance for this godsend here humanity said no thank you so after I said yes on the right amount of the one that says no thank you and Jesus sat here in season and now beloved sons and a big swing having banner suspect leaves you hanging Jesus and iPod music what is that true the prodigal son when he realizes this is how much God gave me this is do not want ideologue is my father and he still explains his it is good it is Christ suspended between heaven and earth that draws the primary goal that could sustain these your two of the above will want to understand this offense are even more because I see Jesus as a spread between that and are you so the question here with God on the cross what are you going to do it I felt that I know you will try one and you know the disciples were infants and Jesus could call twelve legions of angels to my rescue watching as the suspect and he is likely going to go in another we watch with all she's suspended from line for a good suspense these you feel being him from the problem but that he hung there and all the now he is gone suspended from the and we wonder what is the suspense grows because we suddenly discover what the book amazing Grace this is what you want to the atonement of Christ sealed forever the everlasting covenant of grace it was the fulfilling of every condition upon which God is spending the free communication of grace of the human family that was then broken down which intercepted the thirtieth axis MCPs and love to the most guilty of Humphries you know what happened that year that was between God and men was suspending as a result of Jesus 's suspension between heaven and a bit suspect these you had to be sold without them now then we see what the sacrifice has done this prodigal son returns home he is drawn back and where the father do the father holds you know he says he says my son was what was lost but now was found your success she was dancing and is now on our what is needed in biblical language to be dead and no one it means to be born again what happened when you're born again to the bad if you will follow me tell you are well drawn and follow me what you want to follow him because the businessman that you ought to access their add-on is easy you could sustain pleased you hang Jesus wants the question that and another when you take up across you know what happens to the flesh but that's the action of the flesh are themselves spending argue with me anybody ever been suspended from school and that it will be suspended no unity suspended beloved this is what the flesh and know your suspending you are when you take up your cross and place of sacrifice God says because you have obeyed me I'm been drawn by my sacrifice my Genji who is not I will suspend the actions of your flesh from one of your last suspending you see the air the time coming we know it at the time of trouble Jesus said he that is yours onto the ad shall be saved by the main event in Europe under the end yours what went to get on the cost analysis comes out very just and what are the ones that are all but allowed them to trust him to try will leave you believe you the data will now I'm hanging to the end of the athlete he landed so young handsome and I want I want the temptation you will a thing opened on because you were remain you will remain upon that for suspension of Christ between heaven and are designed for me but I do know is astounding to realize it is the cross of Christ that draws the prodigal son back is a cross of Christ that will draw me back we begin to see hidden you know the cost was in the story of the prodigal son I didn't know that that's what Charles is no open your eyes to me do this reunion in every other story of the word of God that you read I saw you sitting manner of another there's something else that we need to understand about this concept of hitting on you see Deuteronomy twenty nine the Bible says that the secret things belong to God the things that already all been long on to our children forever amen socialism of the fleas are you ready for the everything that is revealed belongs to the sun from the children of Oregon got to get up along the best years but if you are not a revelation shot two over seven North have mercy brings you that I will begin handing it and now not anything in their qualifications and nothing but they hand out .com when you overcome when he was finally overcome the second just before Jesus comes again that the final accounting you won't come to be the image the more you love and humanity and not that's okay to overcome and are now in heaven to you I will give hidden manna undergoing what is not an event the things that your mind could not have even begun to comprehend what you see the this that will give you on our goals were just from I love you remember but when that was read will the Bible says they look like I do I need to lose a bread even the start of a lady who was like in the dark does our problems on the tail of the mouse and I'm sorry that I would listen to me and redeemed you with a mild seizure within another hair throughout this is all coming week and I want to remember one thing that in the light of heaven they are simply wrong from the nastiest people only when we get to heaven with our perfect in mind will you realize just how unsearchable on da Vinci 's and the glory of the gospel but I'm not making a few of you tonight God wants to give you feeding them that really doesn't describe this is why please show me with the trial sees you how to see the unseen things on your work she's neither both deeper and not look at the Bible the way that I will let me look deeper beneath the surface of the phrase I want to see Jesus on every page of the word that is I want to heavenly father and I thought we have seen a conveyance of hidden knowingly designer more than anything else to be drawn to June will we understand the good news is that these want hanging jewelry and consoling one was with Jesus he was suspended between heaven and earth he hung until the end and nor he does on his father he desires us to do seems possible to have until the end nor to us to design your as we learn of God season is over the next few days Lord how to find that Hayden open our eyes that we may see our ears that we made countless going to be easy searches are going to be diligently for that price can thank you for sharing enhancing our prayer in Jesus name we pray amen amen


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