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Having A Experience in the Bible

Dale Leamon



  • August 26, 2010
    10:30 AM
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on the path and finally Andre this guy has me please father in heaven you are so wonderful you are magnificent we cannot praise enough but I so much want you to take over this is not a formal thing for me just because I always do it doesn't mean I always do is because I was doing my I cannot teach you were at your Holy Spirit in send your Spirit now let's speak to every heart speak to me let us see and know you let us know your love for us as we talk in Jesus there was a great lecture we just heard and about right ways and wrong ways to study God 's word and I discovered that you can be studying God 's word in the right way and install another thing the wrong way about I think if I did it for a long time folks we learned that every book of the Bible has a theme it are the knowing that they can really help us understand the whole libelous about God has to say about God yes it is a thousand true God is communicating himself to lots missing he doesn't just want us to know how ICM he wants us to know as a person with a funny tragic and I learned this by tragic experience you can know everything of labor knows everything you know almost everything about God without really knowing the two as you know you can know so I know enough about the Bible now I think I reached back-to-back sermon several times a day for the rest of my life and never run out of things that I know about the Bible the greatest theologian the world knows comedy movie please read two hundred years and that no exhaust all legal blogs is that I know so much for many years of Bible study which I've always found a race as the Jesus when he described his mission was how personal his mission is you sent me to heal the brokenhearted to presume the rest of the counties recovering of sight to blind to set at liberty them that are bruised just as all those things that Jesus came to do are about and that he has life is good my life is Swahili is about seventy month rate is not getting people signed the understand that Jesus wants to have an effect upon us he wants his word to have an effect upon not as good as your my experience noisy religious which is Governor Paul started every event as the Sixers were irresistible so I was sure on the testimony of the solute is a hard limit sensors are so young but I'm a son of the church my father was a pastor I was educated in the admin assistant grades one through and do and did the resident master to the lot of the semester to I turn my attention at impasse at eight six probably in front of him eating crab I dream of the return of Jesus in my sixty also it is still finally remember all those beautiful all the angels and boys colors I was baptized at age ten and I have never regretted it in the event is a center somewhere around that is now is not about the they are seldom pathfinders a measurement Romero apartheid is not fewer and fewer people might be metabolizing one I was a devoted husband and I always earn my ingathering all I know you are limiting your CIA only if you're like me you know you just your life experience began shortly after the Jurassic period your memories things I stand I can't guess I experienced no teenager value CR grosses it is religious church family no tears I took the temperance pledge I do that anymore but I want to have a school in editing the templates tracking around the conference on his and any times to meet that do not use drugs and smoking alcohol all that and they offer if we wanted to rethink the temperance flat and I took it and I signed my car the unilateral eyes and I never violated that I did well in school and I make my parents proud of my something I'm showing this for reasons is not just a so so you agree Naomi Beckwith Hunter all doctors made sense to me from a child I will their elegance and their logic I eagerly enter the Adventist ministry and in the ministry I found that I was very happy when I was raising it may also experience the present fun just feel so energized post so wonderful I found I was happy of us began I was happy with them CJ was visiting when I was counseling with the last training people discipling evangelizing I was even happier when I was a administration somewhat but I found I was not happy when I was not working also this is something that is easy like the message really why hast I find this is message of reality was I am talking to your new young people in a fight of those of those of you who are really giving yourself to God and that at a young age are quite often really enthusiastic about the endless message as I will and you want to know how to explain it and you want to be an expert at teaching the Bible praise God I'm so glad to fill out when you want to build a parse it all out and make sense of it and it's so clear that is undeniable and is an and that's when I felt and still I study and it made me very happy to see that but I was not happy when I was not working I have met many individual people were in the same position in fact they're not happy unless they are doing awkward work unless there are even most of these are listed in English and services are going overseas and preaching but they did not possess a set of it but it does make us very happy report as necessary for happy but what over January four twenty four seventy yes we got represented twenty four sevenths which is a site that has us from enjoying times when assist you with your oysters you're with your friends with your family as a social time or something else that is not a direct ministry rehab unit it also was happy because the happy smile visible nothing until it's having people that routes them I've met so many grants you a human Rocky Mountains by Nazi honesty here are a few that Augustine is sometimes if I I like about things specimens of the terms and things are rather doing and not doing such a subject of washer sign of not being a really happy so long as they happy to him workaholic we have many members are churches like that we sang godfather they worked themselves up on the next church work say but people some of them are so I working so hard as so much because they don't find happiness in any other part of their lives thoughts on the realities of the dissolving church before the church so I will probably and relatively productive faster as a result as you are car in in in you can share the truth the new denunciations of what you have some productivity for Holy Spirit glasses our efforts that you are sincere effort on anything that I was sick you'd be right I was sincere absolutely I was not put on it has of making it I love the status message that I like to people one was the professional person who really love the work and melancholy individual behind the season I realize not everyone in using government funds so obvious that the design never felt like that is he saw Iraqi born with a positive attitude so you were born collect that no recalls saying wins in her that and you were born this is a upbeat bubbly attitude which it is any of you get identify cells outweigh boycott of these easier to see the black glass half-full half-empty Alesse but I wasn't I was born the other guy know I can I Taylor noted that only was I born the negative tendency with it was instilled in me more mama the way I was brought up like I grew up in a very grouchy complaining where we would reach each other up you know sat anyway I felt like two people that was out of the person identical comment to me on especially when you have to personally where you sell your really enough for letting us work yourself on to be around you got this right dynamic and usually gone the family sealant product to know when you got your baseball cap on it he is doing her own thing seems Nelson also something you I I don't know these returns beyond to God 's work and then it all you see my normal personality is a guest blogger knows any wrong analysis they really like it my kind of happiness express itself in moodiness these are things that almost realizing about anxiety therefore that's about all things future what people thought about me money health you name it sensitivity and even depression went through tests that are my lover experts want to present it in an order was not the word meant I found myself wishing I could die about your experience if you do in between is a solution to that there is growing time was a funeral will study whether the platform and had the body there at the funeral you know and the body was down just in front of me and want along with the service I'll isn't it almost felt good about about funerals because the first Christians the time of own ringtones are voicing to open version but I found it somewhat enough money of the person I was in front of the essay you are so lucky of future devices and by saying that I got shot he may you ever feel like I know there are some among you who actually have actually felt that way sometime and because as Christians we know that hanging what once we die I'd like instantaneous I is going is all right as though I doesn't exist or will think of you last and the so I I I even imagined my good background you know my good Christian upbringing County from the grocer said having this many vulnerable to some unwholesome persimmons so I thought you were powerless Christian evidence Illinois and I thought I suspect you are here visually you're here because you're so sincere so earnest you're here because you want to get his time and money to find out how to be a better some of the evidence presented you want to be dynamic forgot right is a wonderful thing but also proves to me that many of you are feeling like you're not there yet as possible as laundry rather depressed about that and here you're just how I is undecided is a good time you are doing wanted recently additionally the Jew must pray for me that the fiddle cross correctly that you can get it because you want to looking around I can see that most Adventists and most of my dear were in the same condition generally recall the speed layer to seeing condition permanent condition monitoring different from me in the average latency and wasn't somewhere by half with his experience though I will present wretched miserable poor blind and naked at least I'm doing things I always said I was standing at the satellite as you all these things you don't know right these are new and some a little bit above the lens of the trust the trust figures there is not much join some of their mysteries and I must say we need to jump up and down the razor hands of Baltimore lamented judge degrees joint the joy something very much internal inns you there is a very using the make it happen I didn't have much joy I read through the Spirit is love and joy and I finally enjoy a social experience that most Christians don't even use the word that he shall enjoy it was a nice insurer specializing maybe not only joining unions these it I have a relative amount these figures I know Jesus Christ as my Savior I given my life today's am pretty sure that I'm on my way to heaven 's IP is if they're lying about that must have annoyed at these you can see the anxiety and the fear is that users are about as Christians really well smile most of the time now is nowhere expression of desire if not downright disparagement you have another doing fine fine but something that happens to you when you break allowing the fine is funny as nothing is stopping to say now you say we laughingly Dale blessed with highest sounding things whatever reason blasts I'm either working at last the rain falls and sunshine comes in right eye level and laugh more and more often now because either your system things always go I say Jesus wants us know when you're writing the truth for the refund I that let's talk more about that later original status was my peers in the same condition my mind was satisfied again as my mind was satisfied that it was whole one of them alone he was a extensive user right is wrong our mind that in our heart my mind was satisfied so I know how to make some progress I is my mind was his greatest segregation of Jesus Christ we got I was intellectually absolutely in rendering any question and relatives do in two to evolutionism relative to one of our doctors relatively inspirational wire relative to even think to check me I got the point and is not still that point where I am intellectually secure infants are you both want to be here you want to be made so you aren't there yet but I got what you can get them the holder is his garage on our hearts to her Sony says so one day I finally resist several years ago I will have a realize of an intellectual religion that it wasn't really full of love and joy to and I felt like I was to start you know there is stuck in your spirit I felt like I never look back I thought of the stuck talk for about ten years ago decade on the second I wasn't making her I was making progress in knowledge is a great analysis of the note into things to learn from elsewhere most elegant progress and knowledge my sermons became very clear and warm when death but I found I was not making progress in the index so I finally admitted that my church members listed no would you pray for me I think it's always never a good idea to be honest about your spiritual experience not only details that at only Catholic priest can handle that but it is right to be honest with our brothers and sisters about our experience even for pastors I found of them I just didn't hold of vulnerability against me that you are happy to pray for me as they prayed to god Jan Suleman five passes block whatever it is if you go forward in his experience in finally he's white I had I have an anointing service the church are not a lot of people I saw longer files organize and had overnight music right thing and right after that happened a great insight came into my mind simply put it was this united in love with Jesus you love everything about Jesus you infringe a great sermon on the love of Jesus as you can describe the love of Jesus in Intel and regular errors in your coronation but you yourself are not alone Jesus was a you know it's hard to hear something like that in your nineties when I already destroyed in the house this is the last assessment is also if you really love me and he says well if you like Jane you are my life I die I'd bring the things I call it now I I take care I think the garbage out again I do you will make to your but knows that you sent me and his hard years on you giving you everything is not allowed in the Midlands saying the credit union but see colors starts we love him because I was the next great relation into me and I was anointed PC Helena seven eleven the University of love elsewhere she can only get back as much love as you spin read you can get back know about intellectual that doesn't translate into actual law this is the knowledge of long you can only give Maximus long as you experience and I are God saying to me what so many wives has added our husband you are not making yourself emotionally available for menus of intellectually available but you are making yourself emotionally an emotional component to real religion was talking a mile about our know that certainly heard this morning Michigan with all your heart finally realized that Vietnamese mechanism emotionally available and he only went hunting okay I can't love you until I have been experiencing I be loving I don't like that without an intellectual observation now I want to experience along is not a journaling on the uncertainties in my heart I cannot like you love me that the Christians I know you love a contemplative and molecular banisters you will not pull about love I don't enjoy and as liking you back much you can only get back what we get is that you that you biblically you know they has intensive themselves and to study the Bible is posted below with some students and there are two ways to both of them are correct unfortunately I was stuck on this one I was studying for knowledge see for understanding and application of that knowledge but I wasn't studying ex- air this is the Bible this is the word of God who else is the word of God Jesus is the word of God so one of the ways in which is that the Bible must be a way in which in God 's word we asked and means Jesus think if we don't do that then why are we getting the brain heart and heart so I saw that my experience is not unique I so much grogginess sensitivity and will need donations to grip the church and I realized that people who are in love with Jesus have drunk of the water that he provides and not testing anymore they are and I realized that does not describe the remaining ninety two having us know which Jesus is as the father has loved me so have I loved you this is the most this Christian Scripture logo five contemplate this for a minute he loves us as much as his father loves him if they have they had to develop the love relationship I was lucky think of other houses I found myself reading that verse and actually having a very hard time believing it I believe that intellectually but in my heart I could not say that I actually thought new because in my heart I had to self talk the government was in social child your dumb your ugly your leash you mistaken there underlies your you know you're you're you're just your really of that person and Jesus says in John chapter eight I don't judge anybody in because Jesus sent him to heal you a as so was really nothing the love breakthrough that I knew this was true of his essay this was many times over the years I knew intellectually was that I was not how much of the love of the father was Jesus experiencing as he walked on on on planet to reset will always try to run along the fuses wide-awake NFL alumni was elegant in a security without loving him is power that loving and a certainty that even in the Panhandle was a lot of anyone about them was a lot bigger and taller than it is it was a lot of fun and finally have the strength even though the costs that was the love of the father that he gave the Silverlight so long for messages is loving as much as his father was and then Jesus says this amazing thing continuing in my love is for continuing the great is the letter on why some some translation set Staten Island stand and experience of my law all the time onus is on his love on his unsecured is love healing is it possible to be experiencing love and be in a bad mood you know about love the experiencing love and internalizing and accepting it can be that easy it takes away all the things that your perfect love casts our how much fear all of it all of it ceases continuum of even realize that was possible it is often continuously I will already be will you doing below the some of you guys are on the ball I got her young here in Islamorada we love God with the US love the Simpsons on the depreciation find the love of God 's word I would heal them I will know them from mine anger is turned away from a seems almost too good to leave the father can does love any member of the human family as he loves his son by we have the assurance that you are he betrayed his son for we are is important to him as Jesus is he would lavish his affection on us as freely as he does on Jesus cry some of me and each other are you experiencing that do you feel I love you always have a bad habit as you say I knew God was an anatomy you can tell in our prayers I hear Elvis Presley please easily fool can't wait to question his radio is so much is buzzing with a big budget did some a lawsuit didn't want to withhold the blessings from her old home we've got to experience the love of God in his Word we've got to take this lightly I know there is a breeze love love love love love and I don't preach obedience to fight against ceiling a lot of graphics of your life you can't help but obey God into whatever just the degradation and misery you have sunken God recognizes you as his own sisters hardluck you cannot be saved by happy without him again as a you satisfy while what do we actually experience that reality both in the north intellectually and emotionally I know some people say love is not emotional not as a principal know what love is visible but it has a wonderful emotional component that makes people very happy happy Christians are good witnesses and happy Christians are magnetic happy Christians given a a a an illustration of why it's a nice thing to be a Christian course is an emotional components allow you kidding Jesus is very emotional about us and emotional as I thought Arenas it is now looking for Godfather I want to buy disk drives gone tomorrow since I got it describes as a sense God is angry God is rejoicing God is as is as follows compassion tenderness and time on optimizing on-time guys didn't matter myself please even automated by his emotions and not a lot else no not all criticism is not entirely holy I'm looking forward to living who turned movie we will like that will never be truly obedient aspire it doesn't feels real he also has to have one hearts because he doesn't have our emotions albeit his store was outwards just equitable and addresses Artie had that Jesus has to see that is normal we honor God and our Lord Jesus Christ when we rest in love night put a hold much of quotations in your would love nothing more than to have time to go through all of them with you but I don't like the familiar from Ellen White and also the page and here called in him which I take very literally everything that we need is where in Jesus I believe that Jesus is looking for an intimate love connection with lawless all the time twenty four seven is what he says in Jeremiah Simmons usage are my your my dearest child I love best whenever I mention you name I think of you love my heart goes out to you that's what I believe about Jesus as a feels about me are you experiencing God 's love believing in God 's love is not the same as experiencing Jesus loves everyone uses especially loves the church Jesus loves you as part of the church with them personally yes he does we ourselves know the Bible says and believes the model which God has for God he is a and those who live in union with those who live in the back fact that God is love and those who live in love yet in union with God I must ask you are you living in love does your Bible study genes you to enter into God 's love online didn't I found that I have had I had spend more I learned back when I was fifteen years old I need to have daily devotional I spent time in Gaza where everything is perfect I develop that haven't of course there were times I missed it and I saw that was not a good thing for my experienced by every much faithfully follow them all my life and still I found I was not happy efficiently should be which proves to me that is a right or wrong way to have a devotional life you understand that study study study yes study for truth study for just you need to the foundation of your Frank but is that enough how also look for the level I decided to get to change my devotional what I was desperate after day after harder going to do God revealed to me I didn't really expresses love my spaces okay I'm going spend time just looking for your love I want to experience one was breaking my heart of hearts I want to show so I can actually experience a lot of others know about intellectual I want to have the joy that comes in being alone is a member that first morning was okay to give them to be this hour he was our everyday in the search for your love and so I find itself in my heart opened my mind hope my eyes are met I was reading a desire page that I was looking for his love for me it's been two years realizing the need to love you more I realize Electra love you more experiencing more of your love second package sent excess assets over is your study of God 's word validate that I realized that have more of your love in my heart or give you back more see that now while my obedience will be perfect I love you on it if you like and what he was enough as it is in a perfect set of x-rays wanted in the first hour of the first day the first thing in the morning first our income is to say nothing second day I starts us again desperately earnestly pray his love past and let me see understand comprehend in the moment and also intellectual the meals you nothing third date of enforcement of the whole first week nothing secondly first and second in the West until the thirteenth I'd say this because it could happen to your diligence I open my heart to God he finally got to my stony broke in with his law since that day I'm nervous I called my third conversion because when you recently search and experientially that you are his trash boxes had knowledge psychotherapy airline of the treasures of experientially when you're healed by his love when your experience the feeling of his presence in the joy of pushing the baby ahead of me on the van and everything looks different at the O'Reilly phone because Elizabeth Avenue doubts about himself guess I love you says he lost and I love you strange about him I can tell you with a logon and they are the memory us losing some fantastic anyway at the carry-on God is love what is it you will so I want wireless he characterizes over the principal cause and give everything in essence if altruistic and self-sacrificing and is also a warm and I don't be ashamed in addition to these unless you don't alone Jenna went low so they may have actually jumped again not in session you know that has been proven to us we knew what was everything than one party uses every single day I'm impoverished that down who knew actual CLB shame to see that give yourself two objectives instead sure you don't neglect to experiences the other objective courses to learn more truth devotion and hard worker not enough they will not qualify as you know God will not make us happy I can never quite as revived by this person everybody to myself for years in the same unit and we prophesy in your name family cast out devils in your next family done many wonderful works in your name and I will prevent another I guess what happens to the unwise virgins is never daring arranges a Netherlands that the landlord and the masses down an anti- Lysol is not a hard you will finally have enough diagnosis is not your lanes because of the light nonsense we haven't cost in experiencing with an extensive I was not as likely to result to love love love love I thought their theology theology was as lucky as their emotions both made it was I don't know if you will want to help me and tell me out you missed the whole point just when I love Jesus fully trust him so anything he wants me to do is just part of his loan is in so many of the listed on the results start with when you're in love with Jesus obedience becomes our time you don't even have to argument and you subtly go from not wanting to try muzzleloading unconstitutional once a woman is a growing spirit the answer into it it feels good it just shifts I know that I love individually less corporately he does love the church must be another accepting while I'm healed I'm a joyful argument argument DeJesus and intimate connection with Jesus is expressed in many biblical metaphor thing is eat my flesh and drink my monotheism it has been taken into myself to get it this is an intimate experience with not enough connection he becomes part of me I become my mother saw him a drink the water I politely comes and your eyes my word must enter into on and on and on he even uses the metaphor marriage itself and says he is not aware the dry I may have to get to the start preaching this was very personal to me I may have all knowledge I may understand all the secrets of God 's word I'm in awe of the day nude in the mountain I have no problem with the thing is this is that Islamic sentiment in the final love people was always knew my lobby was inadequate I live my hydrant dynamos knowledge and maybe one of the left is not if you have he is you always have to happen before you were born to the new juvenile really doesn't be appropriate his love and use of people you can see that Raymond King but he always lights and cameras they were the somehow file I may give away everything I had anything about my body anymore maybe I'm great still likes a stewardship in the strength of my character I handed William Hunter is not lost as me what no we have had an intellectual religion it becomes advanced given intellectual sense twenty eight is regionalism couple years and nine we had a lot sonic I is in some an enabling on clearing member masses of you believe this assembly was you grew as I grew a understanding aside assuming you're ready to we have been lying in the love of God but how many are continually experiencing out and doing what you come out of the woods on fifteenth many are listening and Islam honestly believe now I believe the disciples learned in the early rain to live alone at least the early reverses flattering and I be the simply have a significant oil of the Holy Spirit which teaches them to live in before they can have been than the rest of it why would two hours to work you using anywhere close to correct I guess only more Scriptures to prove that I'm running out of time so that meanwhile these dreaming I will send those three things are important are actually urgent that remain amusing things in these the pillars know we have twenty eight dollars and fostering in Halle and law now both in the usability and interface used to be like including a junior leave space as Paul uses repeatedly not nearly every time but one of his meetings of faith is the doctor doing all our unity of the faith another was United understanding of the truth by another nodules on his mother when he says again out but they had heard only that he which procedures as in times past now preaches that they go to be just as great true which once he destroyed and then watch ye stand fast in the faith be like to be strongly when he optimally puts the orthography is using it in that way as the body of truth and stick with it and now I understand I never leave a man is survived one of my favorite biogas but also hope the Bible is full well know again that has brought application that is narrowing you know that there is one by one Spirit even as you called in one hope of your calling is great hope and what is the gives us a great hope looking for that blessed hope the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ Hope abides I found the disadvantages of what gives us hope what anything else is the study of the prophecy you look prophetic studies of the baby characterizes the surveillance is an island however studies and I've never met a student prophetically guarantees all my life in fact it tomorrow morning I haven't the class on a applicable chapters of Revelation is so excited about Tuesday and privacy so he's now my state 's oldest written body of truth that we understand that we base our whole everything on Christ and an competent and then there's a whole which is this great feeling of my prophecies some of them we have a very a will is now live also now anything is read was was was born in and always as if I am prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge and have not love on one obviously remain faithful to his knees I asked you to understand every morning you have your devotions Jesus is waiting to range not just teaches something on you he will teach you something always acknowledges the overlap is also waiting to place I've come to our consciously seek born here I member what Jesus said was the solution for lives in the health of all the big problem is the one who tells you lesbians Rohloff 's attractiveness most of them is right now or lost condition he says you look while Mister John amount of loss is advertisers you know that's true I was pajama they tell us what the whole solution that is beyond high status and are not hacked into was the time she was I know it's normal life uses on it in the Bible the worst part is always used nearly always used for two to our emotional self so it will be that discuss intellectual love interest in the time is very much a emotional aspect as well and in some cases understanding knocking he says to us as he says if anyone is due here is what he says and opens that you will just know I don't know what you both you and him as he answered everything I you he you he is after don't let your devotional life consists of anything alas the opening that door to Jesus Christ I would understand why you think Jesus another they are starting at all but I just want yesterday the summative yesterdays lows long enough for the item or another those of you and you need use is I getting I you guys come to Benning was advising him on my knees by the human will be because I don't wrap me in your arms remind you important I know personally and do you heal me each time as me lives in me and Jeremy I will not only do you know what you wonder what you know what I is in evidence just like you and I read the word 's only going to work we shall have to run feeling very the very warm securing a back now more teach me how to respond to the actual question the class uses hope to see you hope that makes sense you I guarantee it until you understand it shall never be happy father in heaven and love you have loved you for a long time but we also see the love is quite inadequate in the evidence of that is that we worry so we fear some complained song we also disobey so we realized that if not you probably wouldn't have any of those symptoms and so now we see that you must heal us with your politicians to open our hearts to Jesus to do that not only once a day but all day long praising you thanking you in rejoicing funnier major people holy we know you are believed by the sanctifying influence of you who we thank you Lord Jesus and


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