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The Nature of the Word of God

Isaac Olatunji


Isaac Olatunji

Teacher in the School of Religion at Oakwood University and the pastor of the Stateline SDA Church in the Gulf States Conference of SDA.



  • August 26, 2010
    11:30 AM
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will will rescind that e-mail good morning again and a man whether the Army Bible campaigns Doctor Isaac bulletins and I am a religion and theology professor at old versus the agent is present through messages to our beloved brother this is down on the hunt for Alabama and I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ make the Army models that provide immediate quizzes usually a pleasant honor to be able to be on this platform in this verse is very hooliganism fresh manna from heaven that will help you to better understand the word of God single plausible standpoint the title mysteriously given the part one wall it's a Sunday this afternoon we dealing with the issue of the kingdom to kingdom incompetence and kingdom and religion to help you better understand the word of God and as knowledgeable yourself as you share with other people are going to really help in getting this is because when they understand and they are on their animal kingdom that even younger and I believe it can help us in gaining his prize and populated and the population reality of me out there and with venomous power is often have we asked the morning of the Holy Spirit in early latter rain power may worsen knowledge and women in classical work this season 's name amen I want to see the holy Bible which is the inspired word of God it is reliable in all matters of galaxy in all matters of practical live in it holds the answer to everything and what do we want to talk about in this lesson right you will talk about the nature of the weather in order to understand the word of God must understand the nature and essence and many things can be said about the word boom one thing that I have seen over and over again I believe to summarize everything to talk about today is found in the book of St. John chapter one when the Bible says in anyone know what Word and the Word was with God and to learn what you have gone him I think the wording in the word and God only say that we understand and is the nature of the word I want to understand that the word is doubtless some of the body of a man now if not love God and love it we were in love even when he rebukes even if you love me and manifesting now in the impact anything got a lot knows that God is just working therefore the Lord God of the Bible is trustworthy and relevant almanac though it was written by a perfect man we must understand if a perfect method God love is reliable there what would you like warning relay on their international question is not omnipotent yes and God is unlimited I mean the word is omnipotent than Italy read the word we are receiving life-giving power from heaven when receiving unlimited power revolving game you're missing a man not in God omnipresent yet if God is omnipresent enemy this word is what the present meaning that the word of God upon the everywhere in the whole entire world average alternate subject of the word obviously have been using the wireless remote place of the world and be able to restore and Penguins and into the kingdom print was found in the word unimagined his last were it not only on machines if not all knowing all lives so if God is all-knowing all wise therefore the word God is all-knowing and all what all on me she walked therefore we need not leave them to our own way regularly on the beyond the LP but every answer you leave every problem you have you can go to the Bible and find an answer delay even into the mountains and well I was so irreversible command is found in humans and stories in the Bible and you want to answer to your problems and brother this is what we understand that the word of God becomes a wonderful book to begin a wonderful experience I don't call a call and the part page sixty nine a call and apart pasted anonymous proxy statement answer question do you believe in is the reason of the right of the relative lack in front of this is vegan I'm a firm believer in the spirit of prophecy and wanted to know this minute when a person of the Spirit wants to the practice of medicine in the event is in Iran our body mind and from that point is to have been inspired by God and since then I never had a problem arising amen balancing my sensible level I will in God unless it is a regular know why I thought it was God 's voice speaking little lost so as he the word gospel is not my Flickr they are the liable if God 's voice speaking to us just as soon as individually I don't like some ice beginning illustrated just as soon as we can hear it with our own life so he lets on eventually it were not published in the company became a brand imitating those days are over I even now God thinks so human imitators right here in dog training is often contain the people in the Bible we may trust that kingdom would let that word right with the one God is doing in Gaza would give you a better experience and I'll give you my thoughts to you the word because the Bible of involving talking written is nothing at all and fifty six different men who all is the time that the work was written in someone you plan on elimination understanding we are told that the Bible is a sure I want to know everything here with our own here is therefore we realize this realizing that the realizing that that the Bible when you open that were with him or not worth the sincere desire to know which will be the only network that you will work on this in two thousand and ten that will happen is that they almost lost you in this regular glasses as if it were realized this was all we would all God 's word and with what I meant the earnestness I mean you're just genome are ninety oh one Jesus today with what earnestness we was sharks it was because guess what to give your word and say I was in my saying that God has messages for those who will listen lastly the reading and archives in place just can't leave the work just have scam only can think of the Kathy reviews were as we read and contemplate and meditate all the stressors would be regarding asset on hands with the one CMR call the general Congress president I'm asking for audience with the president but you know your Google let's send it seriously was and he may not even be ladies aware all of ourselves that were manipulated this writer songwriter says he is on the mainline hello much you want one someone call collect feelings that tell them what you want to talk like this and when you read the words you have an audience with the infinite one and everyone comes in to your devotional chamber this means you the mysteries of his word and we understand that the study of the Bible can become is what passes Marseille last night week to work things and watches three the Monterey Bible say three things when you spend time with the word when you spend our time seeking to hear gods voice the bottles was a breathing vision meeting as you and I just did as you masticated as you allow the development of spiritual Paris since identity is not likely assessment of lower on the largest single life the worst initially remains number one was missing the more I was when these so that will probably system must be set upon the final Aymara therefore reject same-sex marriage amen and federal we reject them they are sacred as we exactly immortality of the soul lot because of my sense of individual writing errors why was the world industry and that's what we're also told that none of the level upon the minds of the truth of the Bible will be able to stand in the last week and if you want to the lease is in the shape of the word you're in the right place numbers the word diocese are of course my people are behavior because what we believe shapes our behavior what you believe about God and what he replies you will you as you walk in a way that is an online that is where and when he is lay out their analysis that you behave in the world are also saves your rush a unanimous talk about when these things and when we all give praises the God were talking about what Paul says present your bodies as a living what holy and acceptable of the to schedule reasonable or your worse youth ministry so what are César believes behavior and that the online outburst and what do you think happens in and fix them I think that if a big win all the right or wrong the event is that your years on the one so what happens is when you read the word of God there is a segment that I will take place in your life balancing life and she said that the work this job if God was speaking to you as valid as inherently refused and when you come little while the God when attitudes of the uncle Sigmund Gotham Realty getting to your behavior you assuming you all the replacing of belief is not behaving in a worship to all safety and administrative and not just that the effect of the Bible the first suspect is your emotions will be one amazing jam in the Bible and documents in the act that way with me I wanted you to know that you definitely just because you see how I love about you or you may cry and weep because this evening but that's a little while anything at all it got what the rules that I believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life even I know that you lost we get you realize you will be saving in so your emotions will be touched being a wheel will be challenged tomorrow you will will be chosen means that when you what happens is that the real findings are wheels are completely wicked you understand it's right here we got a surrender that we know the word and when you read network was going to tell you there's something you should be going to think you should not be doing you will will be challenged for more than that our hearts will be like cultivated a man go anywhere and is not a conventional of a righteousness sin and judgment to come in and be convicted of the way handling is not a white way at the same time to begin the fall into the hands of the lovely Jesus announces that our behavior pattern hallelujah will want to hold a person is wrong whereas the man called an incurable standpoint sure what happened there is no hassle of the buildings where it cannot be overcome is overcome by the reading of the word as you say this and investigate my class x-ray I don't have enjoy everything you presented to us because it is what they are spirit and they are life aliens reading of the blood of Jesus in the flesh of Christ is not studying and imbibing and when that happens each ROI comes in you for the life of the flesh is in the one in the blood and when your blog is your love is built with the word God bingo behavior patterns will do what changed this right here there are attitudes will be there for the imitators right now Christians should be the most positive people upon the face of the earth right or wrong but what happens as often they are often opportunities in the negative you and what happens what were most negative theology that every thought is his inability is an Angel Jesus comes as no open out in a gospel like that when you understand the Bible all things in Christ which strengthens me to add it to will be modified where you have been added to the mind of Christ and then Lana Christ does not see a man wants is for you and last not least our characters will be what will we be legal where we work on that are carefully what now what is the character testimony on page three chance is your boss and your feelings combined make up your moral whatever you thought processes are you sure you used an Israeli in those positive feelings will be revealed in us views demonstrated so where we weren't gone and we are being him do nothing and you and you learn and he is feeling with the character of Christ they met someone everywhere I can be transformed and the ivermectin of February event amen the manual have the Spanish-language Yahoo begin rolling and professional you with the way I look at Matthew five forty five moving my quick season schedules and were not your heart which last for ever unto the image of Christ the wiring on the result of when the wife and I believe is a profession where we can reflect the character of Christ over tall and rise on the method the lab analysis of mercy will be a revelation of dogma on his character in the lap of the third Angels message beginning in the spirit and love of Christ even aware outline the papacy and possibly thousands in the spring that when people hear the word you know what to do my flight might be one field character life don't feel the love and mostly unadorned choice like that method five ignore are the battles of being there having even as our father in heaven as well so was the Bible character progression is possible in this life and we're told that all the buildings are enabling and every command in a warrantless so when you claim this comment the parking as a problem to have the carpet your character will be transformed and perfected into the image of Christ whereas the Bible says it will be placed in you why because of the word was with God and the word was God in the world was made and we beheld his glory the Lord has not only got full of reasons also we were really in the classroom in England there was a plea to be a better husband and you can be a loving why obedience and a straight a student is they are very mad so I is the right of the world I have a powerful effect on our last look at Psalm ninety one hundred and nineteen thousand one hundred and nineteen verse three it sounds when nineteen the problem in reverse are you enjoying this I'm enjoying the summer we been obligating hers in going out of disgust of getting to a lesser notice to hold my windowsill when you say Psalm one hundred nineteen verse one through three said that although I held in the land in the way is down the line way in the light of Christ in the land acquired Milwaukee and though all on the tomorrow on the wire although Nolan verse two is up anything he does exactly only and then at the gym with all our board they also note in the because you know what because they walk in all his ways that is the effect of the reading of the word of God where God was perfect you can give you victory where you can reflect the character of Christ in a sin cursed world map but these are the only as accurate as the acronym the RPL Amy's basic instructions before likely to face the necessity for my paternal begin a second acronym BASIC necessity for leading planner but you may not bear low light LED light internal or leading W 's may have been going to get the money about leaving the acronym amen amygdala amen I wow that is a very basic instructions bellowing services from the as an outburst bookmark however rote memory in my life the best way what was to precommitment love singling alliance is to be active while still now this afternoon we talk about the teams in conflict with initially the number one evening public enemy number one and the devil and his use and will use it against every person in this room primarily young people if you want know it is not beautiful the premise chair and watch on this is needed and cultivating them I asked solely there and the rest is the public on its roof as the Lord in his great mercy has outlined has revealed left in the strictures rules of accountability but Hollywood and entertainment Digital rules of holy living argument and which was protected amen I will talk we can show you today how is this really is nothing below his entertainment industry as we understand from the word alike concludes that there is nothing more calculated it at the moment calculus is from our call them apart pages nine there is nothing well calculated to energize your mind behavior hearts are open outwardly energizing my exit strafing your intellect announced until a student at one of challenges before you read your lesson will read the Bible first because God was practices that the world will strengthen your intellect so when you read that where I will notice when others believe it was usually out there where you intimate will be strengthened when we go into countless and geometry and in all the arts and the sciences I believe in God will unlock principles based on your study of the word she says strictly inflicted the word know all the love is all home and to elevate Angel on to get bigger to the faculties at the raw ennobling of by using the word is so important in God 's word study as this should be merely one half of breath I would be narrowminded in the wrong sense of the word a nobility of character and a stability of what purpose does you have some open a shipping lifespan but the work to make people that are rarely seen in these times the source which will be one procedure at every turn and ancient discovery and late as last we don't we now have twenty four and God gave me a new discovery based upon tools are a study and what happens is that the voices of those little walking the line will be seen even advanced lines which will not destroy the whole and will be little real connection when you study the word she says is true we want the seeker at every turn and each discovery will open up the old remedy hidden manna that Pathmark talk about how the work is the theme is the wife if I hear that he's discovered what open Richard Beals point in the investigation that means that as long as you live will never be able to exalt the power questions about the Bible second-degree murder sixteen about half of his work with the Bible says all Scripture is given by one of God the integration of not now in the greatly one microscopic meet with the word installation of the great work the only sold talking rethinks me greatly feel like themselves so the water inspiration or almost everything about the only snows of God when it says that any read God was now less work with this right here to read more of the right inspiration is the only those which means God what many they got read not less God read his wisdom and his power in this book Greg and you and it is there when it says that all you got read that means that God has read his left thumb and its power in this episode when God will reason why you are doing held his breath as when God reasonable malaria when you read the word of God is really going to look in his power all you had to inhale breath and receiving lip and its power within the Christian life inspiration where God what is the process by which God is one of the message is in relation the Bible practice is the process of his doctors one would be his message and his two schools of thought and the Christian growing something right thought to number one in verbal inspiration inspiration and imply that the profitable Novato Roddick is really a recording what transmitting mechanically and unfairly not necessary all destiny means the word who were vacationing in a every word that was there looking forward and not wanted it to be under the problem is a problem with baubles Lupino four different accounts of one person named Jesus what happened is that this is my near the variations in each gospel but each gospels would wait different audience and not just the premises this is that right there we would have some issues leave the desert this will send you with what was going on and everything like I think the back there is only one thing in the bottom and verbally inspired with new working reputation which would be negative but then what they got gobbled up his own way anyone know ma'am they lost it and they would be Wednesday out there so Donald and his own finger but we has seventy and is believed and I think all plan area veterinary vocabulary or thought inspirational inspiration thought arrangement God inspires the property of the Bible rather not he is normally what to where God revised the law and the prophets in relay in the divine message and uses whatever literary cup of eBay what holds that the wind God-given mission to get the dream he gives them all the provinces in their own words but a line is viewable working obviously out there so what happens is that we have this right in the world on his own and some are not verbally inspired now about Revelation one eleven Revelation Revelation is of the divine that is molded in formation of violating the relation of man right or wrong so badly a divine act to disability some pertinent information as it relates yourselves out they cannot tell the truth seven A is well even if the barley reveal message or if one is available in a family man building a papal infallibility we believe in Scripture compatibility with them and administers a man where the word document problem even though subject to error and omission is that whatever you're looking for God 's will be short the shelving units from Janet but you only can not only an probable that is what that means if all authoritative that means that whatever it says is true we as they are being there's no password with the word of God the Bible says you were in the left them off me and I like them I was had variable we can trust it not has a working understanding of his work with one out this is where it gets eliminated every illumination of the Mason illuminati cannot talk about that are of God he was individual illuminati were used they are being analyzed in one elimination is this right here is the ongoing work of the holy one spirit in the Christian person and community this claim is to enter understand and what else all day below the Scriptures as illumination is his ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian believer in the Christian community to number one interpret family problems is that when you said were not you've got to come to the point where you know anything is Venezuela Iraq L Y mix of earthlings brought was not preconceived opinions of his income to the word I will open my you do that then the Holy Spirit it helps to know what enter it correctly they even give you some underlying and it will easier to do the last part of the most important part to old Bay descriptions unofficially works now this is the holy one the Holy Spirit wants to exotic the Holy Spirit works will recall information R to any gift of inspiration to but inspire writing easy this writer Phil God the revelation of God 's Holy Spirit revelation of God gives inspiration to the Bible right and right or wrong about Raul arrived so we wanted down the life of the call no word on who Donald Hockenheim seems on but they were not as written thank God the first time now and listen that same Holy Spirit works through a think about what elimination and lives God illuminate eliminate you I got the reason why I'm sorry this effect to wear when you read the word of God that same Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible writer is a slam on your own nominations where the unions was the understanding and you will likely interpret the Scriptures what you say happy the Holy Spirit is the best PhD in theology the world and all brightly lit up at regular rent regarding growing not the Holy Spirit knows your language English amen now watch this writer when the Holy Spirit illuminates must understand that the study of the word of God is a sacred and divine experience do you believe in therefore been going over that word for what verse prayed for illumination amen so we comes the word before you open it seems very proximally similar to eliminate my Manohar regional word amen yet when you've got permission to come into your devotional life devotionals shall be an emotional time and always personally helped I understand that word when he is out there and therefore you have the audience with the infinite one as you are in and then the Holy Spirit will help you to do what they call hermeneutic hermeneutics hermeneutics is this right here it has assigned any science is a new model is required to sign up and try dictating what literary one you and you and Dave is right here Herman is is vital in jeans and Bible study and all though yes I asked what happened to interpret literary data in the Bible correct because he knows that laymen and bulldog who were reasonable manufactories she said her attitude as you come to the word of God is murmuring the entrance sign reading is a woman's she says that your attitude as you come to the word of God will determine the person who will be edges on your reading them you can't come that word just by you only have asked for that that will come in and you'll also been the home of the original galaxy with when you come on sincere desire to read his word you have Angels in Excel analysis by helping to interpret the things of God that is life in the permit is on the last ninja writer Stuart Venable is delightedly Herman is the first was caught accessing the site and diseases access reasons which is dancing a meeting out of nowhere I was at the exact same argument we are told underground in a taxable and write and ask God to give up the buried pot luck and don't learn diseases getting the meaning out of the line tanks because if you don't do it that way but other diseases like NASCAR exegesis ice is as evening I the disease of the eye diseases and other diseases I even I diseases with disciplining your all meaning into the layers test now will be no study of assignment best seven a.m. the weather is enough of the Bible is the Bible nowhere says first name right or wrong it just is not what the Bible says what people in the Bible means I'm a writer on so I is here that the seminary of the left sacrament but you just can't get it from access note the bookmarklet you will stabilize we then have the bylaw is that they won't approximately one million said cynically or criticizing the exegesis is improper actions in this the Bible tells me that the seventh day Sabbath is the baby will first day of the week which means that the seven million innocent of the Emir is the seventh day of the one weekly cycle which is payola so as we started looking about this issue the Sabbath you got to be very fair because gasoline will develop their own meaning into what that will bring the same scratches it is time to level a somewhat rusty and out in the spirit of a lawless state it will get on some insights that handles all I stay and help for MMA company was in there my even because they are definitely wrong with me putting on meaning into the text is going to talk about so what is this later when the Holy Spirit illumination is to give you proper what excellent seasons but it becomes the word probably wrong on them I guess when you will do you would do a thing called what and where all all and all fanatical ideas come from low genital reading of the text view is that his right ear and because of that people 's marriages in all their lives have been destroyed by the United terminal were not the right way now my single is the first and highest duty of every rational was to learn from the Scriptures what is one a month I understand this right here I would say this right now shuttle is absolute in his never rosea would live in a postmodern age when a sandwich with relative but maybe shall you may not be true but many of you know the case of the cherubs in different areas of him because they okay to chat on the moment and one of the buildings in downtown about the guesswork is running rampant in our educational systems and were is running rampant in some of our school to where I have to study on Harry Potter I still allow Harry Potter without we all know that right there I suppose my paper saying it's okay I watched horrified as Mozilla through an adjustable and it was so philosophical with no one began writing with the bad repute in Berlin the name is the name in the Vatican we didn't get the behind me Satan amen you will learn what is true and somewhat emboli and then do what that the goal of bonbon to learn what is what but the new tools of how arrived at through and then a curse unless the power the sample was then five days starting the Bible although my mom I know in the in the world leaving out a call for nothing the thing is that people want to be a gangsta be one of the above any carried a black dynamite are all right we got done writing the love you have a gun I is the lifestages the Bible day by day the Bible is sharpening any want to when our babies are remote probably in the night with her mother then later in the spirit of the book I cannot take a minute and how evenly adultery with how one occasion how the celebrating currently listening because I have all the old malaise I live me with the amount of ammunition is down there something about something you love to have a floor of the wife even aimed at the battle is identity differently and that he will reportedly have been commonly is worth now Zakaria Bob would thrive even yes a Roman Caesars hotel is even a map that is relentlessly reading about and work on the marketplace even with the Bible what I didn't know where I only believe me don't only think about it really like the death of the moment our world today in the event they know about yourself in the footprint of the cross she says we should thereby base of the Bible diligently weigh everyone in the significant officer and comparing Scripture with what you haven't eliminated with Montana health illumination for our whole opinions follow banning is no authority of the man have any say so on the word about when you realize not everyone amen amen Anthony Arthur as for our salespeople who got the goblins that was ordered and it is normally unharmed with the word Brown was in miniatures of Bob Christianity today if the pastor says that if these counselor Ms. said there were both be true you never really goes out amen some held to help him straighten out reason these are all the powers of the mind some great customer ninety nine in the study of the Scriptures as it asked him to understand and comprehend at five tomorrow and then the thought the things of God yet we must not forget that the docility on humility and submission of a one and the spirit of what in order to come to know where you got to be childlike in your attitude you understand this writer does it become with the right attitude you will buy the beers and dreams away because the child called at least in argument you cannot even want to Springer spiritual difficulties can now be mastered by the same Matthew that are employed in grappling with problems these nanometer we should not engage in the study of the Bible with that self realized this up with so many answer the domain of science at the resume I got a essay got addressed Donald believe in true creation of a business have mercy she says but what the prayerful dependence upon God in a sincere desire to learn his wheel we must come up a humble and teachable spirit to obtain malice on the great I am alive evil Angel 's soul our mind and heart are that we should not be impressed by the group the Pharisees had no desire to change the people they love God and that little bird tennis ball and their hearts were blinded and their hearts were hard and her eyes were blinded to wear even though LOI said they believe he was everything he said he was still crucified even only believe in individual there was a marvelous room in the last days that the responding entity humble like you to bring visible clothing free volunteers on the volunteers the readme prescriptive the amount you read this first verse I dispersed in this verse of the Bible need three volunteers have about seven minutes left the frequent volunteers have the word of God but let on to the trio must have been twenty first thirteen available that another volunteer my brother you want to read Luke twenty one twenty seven and this is my throat ailments in the brother to read first Peter chapter one in first twenty eleven three oh three twenty thirteen million unit mark opiates in microphone and this makes it was dismissed because the huge twenty thirteen and ran Horn 's bruise easily a dozen Alaska and I think it's our hope that Ari but the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here little there is all I learn of a here and there a little when you're reading the final human anatomical something what is one of ours does not explain all day watching them other to every event and what then shall besides regular he thought about the mother of Emily okay so we can have a problem of the cognitive and start angling the Bible says what do you have done all the things we are with the Lord and not man what is in the land will the two thousand and three hundred days as a literal day but it is not what you think it really is so when all the holidays and what we doesn't do video for sex and numbers working very more worth entities may enable no one out here so I'm doing a man always than one hundred and ninety one one twenty four twenty seven and beginning at Moses and all the prophets expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself will one thing about they began away at what began where will eliminate any and all she is a little systematic student of the word God gave them a systematic theologian systematically sought by the beginning all answers are leading to himself that tell that you were a relay operator to lean on him I will study all opinion where and molded all the way the beginning and go all the way that EMS is available upon the executive and not leisure related to aboriginal doctrine is centered in Christ is raising we went out there is the integrated power and transforming the heart last to first second the first to one three Beta one twenty who barely was world beings and is well-versed with Michael that you want Joseph Michael Taiko second Peter one and verse one no St. Peter's just was checking when he known the visitors that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation no prophecy of the one is in a private work we do it the way Christ the line upon line and brings upon what here little and very little on the elimination of love Holy Spirit meanwhile William Randolph in the Bible pray love understanding and illumination is that the Spirit of God will help me my next the last is right near the study health permitting in order to get some good on who we have on Judaism is all exhaustion was the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries and I will understand the words that are written in English that you keep meetings from an number two amazing facts .org is within the bounds and systems amazing backgrounds that instead would think a lot of us like to get all three stop whatever the nineties of caulking dolomites live in the Seattle day disabled to involve about the alto crucibles and that's a hell of a month is anyone the amazing part about that is a good place to go to and what you can do is take your Bible get a highlighter with people yellow bewildering and you can compare search of a scourge with the interpretation if I and before you know it in a matter of months mobile will be highlighted all over in the mid-thirties when you get down studies garbled last is true that you mind the one his wife they died or the right of the spirit class we cannot lightly if we cannot lightly esteemed the rise in the role of fellow wine and Bible study proxies of get the prophecy prophetic guidance and hope when I tell my students in this class if the prophecy and FDA believes are the two most one class to ever take my euro would why because the new date is right here that will matter what your major the matter what walk of life if you understand that sugar documents with as a people and have a truly righteousness by faith experience and have a good grasp of the spirit of prophecy matter what's a major is blocking user to bring souls across and last not least Sabbath truth .org the Matteo some years ago I gave up for them on his website that is because website and say one word about the Sabbath today later she came back a second one will disseminate is saying that is all Colorado you have to even open your mouth is a website that tells and it was some businessman and leave him at the elementary level to become devout Muslim raised Lavinia remained high level in one thousand friends are I okay with at least five hundred brands of it anywhere would you do this in user 's page of the witness into a man I met just put Sabbath truth OR saving his money and some of the bank and you know what some I will relay that is nothing like that at all and when you read the Bible as you read that word and you have heard from the audience chamber from the infinite one young and knees and pray amen anything you can pray and ask if you with the Holy Spirit and this is where we need to all at the Jesus and his word received this power employ coming on him after receiving his anointing of the home in a lifetime everything arrived to see the daily baptism of the Spirit else why said that children are receiving the baptism of LA also said that seven evidence is not of the same advantage that some of the spirit and application were all Muslims obviously out there for all costs in everyday athlete but it was where we can play boy that's all Neil got back to them right now in that time they met a man is it with the Holy Spirit and as we dwells I want to repeat after me off problems on in heaven I cannot give my heart of myself I give you permission to take my heart and Indian cells him with the Holy Spirit alone in my mind that the Holy Spirit that they do works of Christ as I understand and obey the Scriptures that he will not keep your spirit in Jesus name I pray


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