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To Be Filled With the Love of Jesus

Dale Leamon



  • August 27, 2010
    11:30 AM
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I have rested again I wish I will pray already it has one heavenward time father in heaven was so grateful for your word bring it to life right now in our hearts in Jesus name I have been urged to explain to you how I come some of the biblical inclusions I do hear you have a right to know that I was so the first thing you do in his dynamite was dryer I bet you just try to study all you try and save price of his adversary validates a because you're interacting with the word remember it's God 's word see you there interacting with it noticed that if you understand it music and the end of it applies to you that is applied to somebody else just because forgiveness is never applied towards Laos survives ourselves Bible says John estimated as the so we pray to understudy asked the Lord to open the passage to you and apply it to your life all right then respond to it praise God for what it tells you about him if you can fix you confess and repent if it's a promise that claim the promise to yourself and present rebellion of affiliate in your life I have found we need to study the Bible with me and I never could fear how enough I have faith think of leave this website helps that I need out I'm sure I'm the baby of the promise God answers all my personality what is I pray in faith and how I learned how to pray that everything is the society is so simple all you do is assess him you know you want to have I pray according as well then again I seems unending only the joint and it is good for me you love is a massive or something the joint habit as I know you love me and so I know a lot because I know you're getting this to me and thank you so much I will see it yet lastly Northline must is not what you think I want to do this by what you say it so hard my words are true made understand remember saying something not God takes what you say ASP act he expects you to take what he says as fact and he takes what you say as fact and if you sell of you got he believes you otherwise you know the more often your cell of the otherworldly love where wired that way internal wiring is so faith the more I expressly illustrate a half and got six vice president with his faith I'm not arrogant and smug not embodied in the promised you love me so much of the never say no to me thank you Jesus goodbye using I use it I get evidence of the answer within moments or hours the most because God works up quickly all right now that's needed you Adam passage and you you you your clueless and you have it within the open-minded please do that by the way not no speaker has said that yet was absolute necessity don't discuss ODI Novell I can guarantee I'm confused passage everyday relations were born the still more enough as you know understand I find that everywhere and password so this account it was a open mind and ask yourself again now who is speaking in this passage is the speaker is the person who wrote the words or it could be that he's just quoting God orkut being that it's a character in the story that he's telling the speaking the words so just because as the road it doesn't mean as a speaking right seem applicable contest and you discover who is making then you ask yourself what kind of speech is this is the story I was the Bible stories Carlotta does a story on as a principal moderator stores do that but it could just be your teaching passage nitrogen passages the model many many of them it has the speakers passing on the work of God is quoting God Goss says the Lord Dutta is the speaker training on many of the passages of Scripture are to prayers is anyone of his prey if this is a story to enter the characters represent my viewpoint be on as I type it myself and all the characters just trying to fit in a cavity the Pharisees on Seattle area is cut is normally habits of those benefits is that the Pharisees bring along I think is a Muslim those other men about what I think of it as I pray that was a always praising phrasing causing a direct thank you Lord so much that I never got the drug habit was a kid on so they will let members of the murder anybody in which is a lie anyway and then I feel I can thank the Lord for your righteousness and elaborate as I does this for fairness in the genome is the person that it appears is making which is hardly speaking and then had to say who is into is particularly want to know is speaking to me by one of Israel in this passage can be taken directly to me well you have to decide if you are included in the addressee now yes you are asked what is addressed to people of your type what is your type well if it is addressed to believers and you are a believer is addressed to you if it's addressed to backsliders in your backslider those investigators say if it's addressed to the prouder lustful or worldly or lonely or tired all week and you fit any of those categories that suggest to you is you so how much of how Google is a rescue much of the time announcement I used to believe that you get the best way to know another one save you a given day which saw the while following is more to direct you to the passage the ones you read this is to have the right to know my Bible you knows Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel as I was Australia's passages on these horrible Carstairs upon the Midianites and the Moabites and the Babylonians allegiance is all about height on RSS Oregon was arrested twice right near the blogging again I thought I enough you know as I outlined to ten liters I know that I never promises of a divisive and Louisiana have been in enough passages don't you know the devil legionnaire you wanted an alternate Bible seeking Oslo video one of those people so maybe my delay down the hall to the prisons is that it is to violently find yourself there by the type that you are not only dishonest Janome lady home was able maybe I am that I'm leaving you know when a version of it please do not take all his curses you they were not meant for you commit for those who absolutely reject God 's grace content for content is anything revealed about God the father or the Godhead another analogy is in the Bible one of these days when it was God 's character is anything revealed about Jesus and the Holy Spirit and how we love to see that was a story about Jesus I love to write line when I'm studying I write in fact now since I do most of us I have a computer I actually interpolate my answers to these questions in between verses yet I copy and paste onto a word processing processing page about the Scriptures allow a site that I interpolate my responses to those words when I discovered while learning or understanding of digitizing them yesterday so I make this private documents item there I thought my prayers as well as they are gone it doesn't lie to me and I an business like a pipe quite often often of sub is sometimes a big repentance archives stuff and I come back and visit of earth and so unnaturally I encrypt all those files if anything revealed about how to be free from Sandra how to love God who want to know those things only so always looking to find those answers is the speaker speaking object of air emotionally other passages in Scripture where the speaker is really not trying to be real accurate he's just pouring out his feelings there are passages like the idea of this amino acid is and don't have any value would you have to get into the speaker 's emotions were generally make it become principal judicial soft the speakers allow the passion that is now like the whole song of Solomon you've got to understand the emotion behind the rewards you for making sense of the word is this is the speaker depressed like like Solomon in the in the Ecclesiastes is the speaker is on many of the Psalms come from a position of a depressed person is the speaker angry androids if you can understand speakers emotions and if the speaker speaking emotionally you'll know whether or not to take that as absolute objective fact some of the Psalms the are really strange notice that is the speaker representing God or the devil but actually Bible authors or speakers in the Bible the revs of the devil know the authors would either speakers in the Bible of arms of the devil while yes quite a few are a few Job 's comforters yet the devil himself is quoted repeatedly in the Bible and many evil people like rap shaker who came and told the Jews in my life stop trying to their God as he was in help them anyway and on are not the other many people in the Bible who who who are are the characters of the opposers of the truth and there quoted in the New Testament and the old gent and that's what's important on the speaker is it just because the author this is Paul wrote this is a Paul the speaker in a passage on a goat his mother speaker is it to find out who is actually talking to know what waits in front what's being said that I sent not that you ask yourself is this parable was a metaphor apocalyptic prophecy with hidden meanings beneath the literal meanings on a lot of parables and metaphors the Bible all there are a lot of parables and that was a while Bible says God 's people like a palm tree I get sentimental about on the foregoing is that if you bought now I got to ask yourself okay how can I comprehend this verse God 's people are like a long day there's only one way to come in numbers notice botanical study and figure out what pump user like what you have apologies I like how they growl makes them drive what they like by way of food layouts all they get such such as Angelica prohibited that it is what God thinks his people are all you should be more paltry like announces this is tons of a while about if so determine the meaning of the symbols by compared with other passages that also use those terms metaphorically and then test them the passages are to interpret if this is a story that your reading do any of the characters represent my viewpoint now yes I question I know it's going to a Scripture which we love Jesus resisting a seventeen this is a marvelous passage maybe one of the best in the home while the summary pestilence Thompson first of all of the SUV was talking it is its resistance and now you cannot find it anywhere except the my computer however only happy to give you my problem is that any of you have the capacity for receiving them into this wonderful Scripture that Christ laid low in your hearts by faith was talking Paul is talking you have know the policy alternate visions what kind of speaking is this is a story is a principle all somewhat in the context it up for her Paul is trying okay who's who was a prime father that Christ did on your heart to forgive or the Ephesians they were Gentiles a Gentiles in their churchgoing Christians are they just run prisons in bag of extra plus us that the ice Atlas which are restricted by using these wonderful birds that Christ may dwell in your hearts this is prayer what a whole lot that what happened at the ceiling that that that that that God will difference that cries may dwell in our hearts what is your heart and my limited knowledge of the heart study I was so fantastic I love this Wednesday get a computer I don't care if you count abortive regular computer get one puzzle three hundred dollars million laptop things I load onto the miles and most folks this note is anymore for not doing this it's only long enforcement to the handheld Bible and you get you into gods were deeper than you can imagine because then you can go I need to look at March is not an autoimmune heart is a thinking audio intellect of the father versus on heart but my laid-off top of what is on your screen and a good reason to see what the heart is but does the center of your feelings also though the center of your social interactions center of your connection with God is directly connects with us more of your hearts and your head not to find all assistance by this I wasn't drawn on artists and was planning that will happen to us you will progress as a leader you would be indomitable he happy same content you with anything everybody would like use of the Buddha like Jesus 's visa must like it was hard to people you despise on how many people they see when you have Jesus is astonishing or general store people look up the biggest that you being rooted and grounded a lot luckily it crystals in your heart rooted and grounded what should the church is right through the sunny advantages as there was at law of the Jimmy running out of to his Godhead is what God is not a favorite inbound a lot than all the nation addicted the tendencies of God or yours you see that at all so long as it makes you wrote it I need lab actually makes you so committed that in addition to lobbying is the root that when Jesus comes across them and Jesus except the sons of the Wellington want to all lobbyists that was how I got bars more powerful most than five me decision it was lovely gauges the victory every time he was tempted it was love in the Willows of temptation it was love if we were to ground level Jeanette went upon the possible strength is his frame is what happened to the ground love to know the love of Christ that is the noted intimate sense experiences which passes knowledge I love this is telling us here that we can know something of a noble is what has reversed about the how do you know something that has knowledge passes knowledge meet is not noble right ashes of integrated she does provide a good translator to know the unknowable views perfectly good translation the holidays can we know the unknowable absolutely because our heart can know things are ahead cannot now he's telling us I want you to have an emotional experience with God now self-sufficient dissolving the people was examined most listeners of God Examiner Muslims resisting so we also must have a firm foundation of all objective truth is not right is what is so much of that in the Bible but what's wrong foundational to my amazement Mister couple years on three strong foundation object of truth then watch we want to live by love we want to know the unknowable every day Nice to be a day of deep emotional satisfaction just I got really made us emotional creatures Luca Dinar motions live as Roma do you really think so by the way how on earth they be to want to be a Christian if we had to deny emotions is no enjoyment in it where is joined by July 's emotion this obsession or pleasure advertisers emotion that is why I thought as a result improvements of the emotions and Christianity their emotions are fielding Christianity what is Jesus that is the very first purpose for his coming to minister to us a little chapter bar I've been anointed to heal the brokenhearted to heal the broken heart nor Moses Amistad is not right back most of us in problems because our emotional nest we do most of the things it is self-destructive the hurtful things angry hateful things because of a list of the most if I Moses were healed we would virtually be home for us exactly which is deposited in what heels are emotions against passing this on some young people in the innocent teenagers were acting out yummy just not as active horrible and so on my premise is that their emotions rest of it or not feeling loved as an act worst in order to deserve the way people think about them as I decide not to believe anything bad about them and tell them so know what you are fantastic for God has super plans you you can really do anything you want to your life you are such a great person you have in your intelligence you have imagination it's obvious you have to you even have dedication and and and you have many skills and gifts of God as is planning to use in a wonderful way and they look at me like nobody's original made payment on that on that ominous up online and in trouble and trouble and I wish I wasn't around and he you say and I'm not it out of our brother saw that I say I really like you you're fun to be around LMI doing say what to say what no oncologist because of Jesus in you you feel like Jesus does about the medieval diseases like everybody at and out yes he likes everybody he does is love people are like them and and and I and I found that Jesus is a new more more actually like you can stand before the amazing had and if there's somebody I felt like I do say Jesus right now while I listened to this prejudice anytime works wonderfully at this very moment I choose to allow you to replace feelings for this presence with yards and he does so in immediately no doubt need not get my looking is back at him I want them one I am the vine you are the branches and abides in the NIV in the same raise forth much fruit we like to have much fruit such a person whose life is a scruple everywhere you go good results a happy they lie for springing up before being improved as your your life is even more efficient on Jesus I found that your life is even more for significant markups of a last time is astonishing it's an error numerical healthy on a more efficient I'll think I think a more clearly than before but just like God is arranging resampling is right place at the zoo are only a one hour to get all this done I think I really do need goes on amongst me to Martha a religion it goes than one hour and as I was in on the time unless you just arrange everything just right and what to do do do do reserve instructs you on I you are the branches you that's impossible he is advising me and I have the same race off for this if you abide in me is a last will be a lot anyway got a new you know why it makes is leaving promised because when we abide in him what I want is what he wants so we asked several wine he does it it is just too fabulous I have spoken these things use of my joy might remain in you and you join wonderful you might notice by the way all these promises government owns up to fifteen or John is the guy that Jesus loves them about his lovely lady of Iraq Alaska also because God wanted to give the final roof of the final revelation of Jesus character and John fifteen that the conscience of John fifty is not included any of the other Gospels I'm so glad done with divinity resulted rundown thighs we need John centrifuging Saturday fourteenth of June sixty isn't that weird thirteenth to seventeenth in the halls Jesus final dialogue with his disciples before watching on to what they overheard his prayer before his crucifixion included in the other Gospels is that rich material it's probably the richest of Joe home while I crazy read the whole chapter John fifteen Jamaat you joy might be full should I honestly believe because of this verse as Jesus intention that Christians not to speak useful not just relatively contented not just be people who are calm relaxing wants people to be joy your joyous is an irrepressible emotion of gratification that comes out you can help people as to how your HSA finding more is that why she was so happy that you will what what's he on gimme some good enough but this is the truth used obligations a new gear inspired by God as if I really let up yet while if anyone loves me he will keep my word here's another great event results in the love of Jesus is your mayhem is wanted not something you feel you have to these want it and my father will love into and we will come to him will make our home with him do you really want Jesus and the father the Holy Spirit living is on the patient is in his room and said that the crowd you know this evening I was just opened so precious about this but I will wait for this evening since this crazy guys timing and if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come into him how many men I is not also involved in the prisoner was in jail because he 's done this is a horrible thank magazine argues it comes out you're not going to Los Angeles and highly imagine on way to it I can give you are close to design I'm under Kurt Jesus taken all the curves for you this for all the promises of God in him lobbies inhibited statement you noticed in the syllabus I included a whole page of enhanced by two goalies literally my life in him is the same as in any both are crossovers of the same day I discovered I can find a real difference if I knew him that he's in the adhesive and him okay a senior title terms so when you see his in the about is looking at it down all promises of God are you so when I am every promise of God is my blog you verbally I claim those and every promises a man which is slightly God himself is a mini under the glory of God by us aware as God glorify himself by us because we were in him he gets along the north of us that need it home are hidden all the judges in the loser whom here who wrote this by the Paul wrote this right Colossians and he's giving us here a little sermon and he's telling us about what's the advantage of having Jesus inside of you and you say in whom speaking of Jesus Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and you and the way you are in here 's how much is is him everything everything in a everything he wants everything you think you're going after when you go in all the wrong directions to find it it's all engine if you are in him you got all figuratively people who believe in that cannot be lost chance of the world believing that you will receive it real Christianity as Jesus living in us when you believe that that's the real thing see real preparation for the end times is about abiding in Christ is another preparation for the adjustment of the leading as a body across preparation for the Santa Barbara thousand is a body of Christ this is the answer I I feel like the guy who found the treasure hidden in the field because I give up anything for this is that folks when we understand about letting Jesus live in us we have found the way to make it now little children abide in him that when he shall appear when one but I was talking your John is talking right a sermonizing us I started just as little children are your loads applied in the end that means live in him let him live in you that when he shall appear thus the second coming on we may have confidence as a member will do where nothing coming he says that we may have confidence and not be ashamed before him at his coming so what is the way to be ready for the second coming I told you that John was the book for this hundred four thousand first on the epistle of first up is the book for the hundred and five without you guys understand that you wanted one hundred point is all God thou my God early will I seek to my salt thirst for the is the way I feel every morning but this morning was no exception I look up out of a deep sleep my very first thought was where M my second thought was these use that I don't know why analyst of revenue growth it might be gone just a strong sense of my emptiness until I specifically asking the filming strong sense of my lossless and what Dennis is not be aware of outages normally recommended laying on the coffee I didn't realize that I was that there's another solution to the emptiness and sadness as you feel for saline 's Jesus and you statutes and is recommended on dearly knocking you every time you feeling any satisfaction whatever a worry or fear concern or anything Estes ninety committee altogether a permanent part of his knowledge and so a change devotional unfair life is essential that is it for these last days out we had an emotional life a long time it was honestly very inadequate as the next unhappy I certainly didn't give us victory I learned that Jesus is exactly what I needed that he's all I need right the first premise Jesus is exactly what I need is online I I learned to make experiencing God 's love my first work everyday at first I couldn't figure out how to express God 's love I start trying to find passages in the Bible like a good and God 's feelings I could discover his love and I was greatly found some event pays and pays and pays visit eyes on your back and have to do that anymore Cassano was my head not memorized know that all that and I know the last so now I get into his lob simply by saying Jesus you here aren't you pretty otherwise that boy is a year in AAA loving the art you otherwise warriors and and you have all you will commit how successful happy day-to-day because you love and you want to spend all day long with me that you and your instant every single thing that were encountered and you are you have it in mind in your nightgown with your as you love someone besides can't talk about how much allows me five minutes Jesus I conceal what you love me with this good woman Linux AMI is yummy gelato is this comfortable home I do see much you love me my breakfast event this morning in unfamiliar ways of have health but but even if I didn't I can see it I was a horrible tragedy at year and half ago my grandson drowned and through that scene anyway I went to get good to reading it is the root but it wasn't it wasn't that it was the sorrow of the ungodly it would be just possible to join will send it as I know I dishonest person and and and so on she is a lovely summer and even this great tragedy a lot for me because I now realize you comes alive as part of your love for me to believe both of you believe that if you believe that everything changes your whole life changes that flatiron partners love for others in the car the sounds Muslim factor as part of his love for the fact Zuniga pay this month 's bills as part of his love for you you cannot believe those his stick and when you say that you believe all fear all weren't all in siding is what you're perfectly as you have joy and guess what he also worked everything out in a way that doesn't happen to people he loves is it suitably diligent and see if you hand is loaded with two summit of the opposite of the needed love it of interest to you how sad I don't need Jesus help people get astonishing I say that because it was not touch it I desperately needs help but when I used to say just how Mrs. Helmick there was an implication of a false theology and the false theology was this back into part of the registry to help you to fulfill dinner lots without the pleas of the front it was really a false theology as if even one helmet debate him was to help me in the eye we I was only working it's possible dispersal until he died the woman from the person top four land on the informed and educated masses still analogized otherwise I'm imagining about and wonder his life for my his life is worth in all the calculation was left with more than one advisory analysis is applicable no I don't need Jesus help I say that it watches these communists in Hollywood that I really weeded out for out I think Jesus page you know of any major major takeover pages replace my feelings my thoughts I is you are just as you place my right a lot of times they are positive as it is without doubt makes me on writing and that is something we wrote about Amazon beauties cannot have what there's my life is busy signified by the end of astonished Jesus must not need to but also the life I now live is not really me it also requested image in his so beautiful print print please help me implies to life but he might not and that you can do it with his help and of course you can't begin the day by obeying yourself fully to his love to his life so Jesus living me Jesus love in me Jesus loves through me my prayer of course this morning and become every morning is going to be a lot of people today who need to know this so live it through me let yourself through me I so much want them to learn this from you not from the Cessna spirit there has to be a divine thing look for hand in his word until you have express his love Joy is the evidence was the evidence joys it was really nice express his love Joy comes thank you all day for his love I can log in that's how you keep it to twice a day how do you abide in Christ if I can get to him that I stay in him but I can just be spinning in my ill glassblowing order for prayer and to build a second-story loft so I would have a place to pray that no one can bother me so nine anyway I guess it all dare I so I will give you that I can do I can tell them all to have how thankful I Emperor 's love I can think them all day for the blessings of the lungs it is a long time I can tell him all day that I love him and you lose a lot of it is because he let me first anyway so astonishing as I do that as I rejoice in his level of a long the devil still tries that is hard for him to make me interested in anything he has norms and I'm just raising a lot of happy in the long thank you all day for his love and if you ever get away from it this is so beautiful is no condemnation impression of a test if you everywhere from it and you do stray that she will leave their body across is so different than you when you work even a body across all safety guys also are not abiding in you get away and some of your joy goes in so you know you lose some of your victory whatever immunity decision or wherever you sit on Chase 's assignment will you deny to the hotel focuses on the side the VeriSign said that you know you confess to but the hopeful is why when I really lose it wasn't a behavior I like the middle well it's about treating the symptoms religion is a way to check the chief that the actual cause the cause of everything in Iran is that you lost your job to foster emotional satisfaction you lost the connection will discuss the cost of every sense of self I lost you are an kick in and out of reach at once that it could take up to two whole days to get his back is such a lie you can have Jesus back anytime you want behold I stand at the door and knock Jesus is never more than the figures of the door out of your heart let him in again you wanted government the outcome what you just did there come in and he rejoined his again and he will help you with the next half hour full shooting drill in this county control in this we are so beautiful cause me to hear thy loving kindness in the morning is no substitute for the morning dealt let in anything you see here out on getting the Lord the first hour it is in my day starts tomorrow afternoon five thirty to go hereinafter go that day because their anatomy that limits are I think eleven four thirty good leader does not give the Lord the first hour on Tony's is no substitute on absolute people tell me undo than the evening of the Congress would you want spend the whole day away from Jesus mostly women you need to have him with you during the party daily interacting with people around you start the day with a long list on this talented artist as a nonimmigrant result is a loyal and when you do not know you've got to make some emotionally available in your time for him this is a beautiful it is a beautiful nurse cause me to hear lovingkindness in the morning and Vegas had says I trust you I am putting my whole conference you're going to take care of me all day good affluent for everyone almost satisfies an online dating with loving kindness that we may rejoice and be glad all our days I strolled a long analysis of August is fantastic if you really satisfies us with his loving kindness that would also relate but the devil making to get into this business is big and dissatisfied about this outside was going on as you know not avoid satisfied are you hunting dinos on one especially at least start out satisfied by a distracted later line drag me back the reason is not satisfied I found out that my start out design comes in the morning but the Holy Spirit is with me all day as much what you're much better and so he warns me when I'm starting to get what used he was regionalized on the loser you enjoy your peas you could actually tried as hard immediately say cheese needs you think you've aligned with and become invalid all are flawless just flat out everything is not part of you to make a Sarah allowed to visit my car wasn't wearing my Bluetooth logos on each of money and to me Jesus says this is unequivocal folks this is unequivocal does not rely wages coming from is coming from a crime come to me it is coming from some very embarrassing slip from God 's plan for your life come to me the kinds of horrible social encounter which will be down to the ground and then made to feel like worthless garbage come to me where ever you're coming you just failed a test at school come to me and I will my promise is unequivocal I will give you read I'll let flagrant as to the soldiers can do that but Jesus does a return amen hallelujah let's pray father in heaven we are finding that as we abide in Christ year by the lasses Word abides in 's is wonderful promises abide in us our hope and trust in him grows and grows we're finding that we actually have hope and confidence that we can be ready to meet Jesus we might even be part of a hundred forty four thousand one a fantastic please guess that by giving us that connection in Jesus Christ we are praying we believe we have the answer because you would never say no to those you love a man


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