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Communicating In Code: The Secret of the Scrolls

Ron du Preez



  • February 15, 2006
    6:45 PM
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our journey together I was so glad to come back today to continue with us if you weren't here last night I share with you my own Valentine story how I met my wife as a kind of a modern-day parable about the real versus Valentine Jesus Christ who loves us so much before we get into our second of our series on ask you to pray with me very briefly holy father we pause for a moment in your presence recognizing our desperate need bless us now here are as we spend these few moments in the written word in Jesus precious name we pray amen I'll never forget the day I was in South Africa I was visiting university there and one of the secretaries must overheard something I said if you take me all excited she said you've got to get this new book is for the end of the nineteen nineties she says it's fascinating she foretells the future in an incredible way and so she did was so much enthusiasm I went and bought the book I began to read the book I remember flying at thirty thousand feet and reading and reading page after page of fascinating information you seek this author a secular Jew by the way came up with something because if you put all the letters of the Hebrew Old Testament and Little Rock together and you haven't all F to F the letter is a huge giant words source pattern and then you ask the computer to find certain things it will find for you things such as that grumpy and you talk about being in Israel was going to be assassinated you may think that in the book of Genesis you can find the fact that Lady Diana I will be caused by a photographer fascinating courses got all excited about the things books were also written in fact the movies came out I even purchased one called the Omega code interesting things that came up in the late nineteen nineties but you know what very interestingly a Hebrew scholar by the name of Doctor James D Price decided to really check this out so he took other words and he put them into the computer program words such as unimportant now he put the disease does the Bible code also reveals the following Jehovah is a liar what happened it showed up eight times Joe is dead twenty three times there is no Jehovah dozens of times in putting the term Satan is Jehovah and cited is God and that showed up to in the so-called Bible code which is very interesting you look carefully you can put whatever you want to in and the computer will find at these equidistant letter sequencing in fact I have a cartoon it helps to describe this process don't bother me I'm looking for a verse of Scripture to back up one of my three conceived notions I think that's the danger we all place we look at the Scriptures we look for things to support what we already believe and as I went to the book is not the second last page of the book I came across this one statement that jumped out at the linearly to you by Michael Brosnan himself in his book called the Bible code this is what Michael Rothman says it about ten or fifteen words he says the message of the Bible code is that we can save ourselves no so now you see you compare that with acceptable for verse twelve with Peter 's is clearly categorically we cannot be saved except through Jesus Christ interesting so what is this Bible how do we understand this book is the effect this evening communicating in code the secret of the scrolls is my topic would like to join us because I want to talk a little about the Bible why God gave it to us and how to understand let's suppose a moment you here at Loma Linda University finishing up this year and as soon as you graduate you have a job offer working for one of the top American health corporations couple of hundred miles away that site so you getting your vehicle and you start driving in that direction but you don't really know where it is so you stop you asked me for directions and if they are doing the wrong might you Google East on ITN and you drive another thirty miles and you stop again and you ask subject is also an infidel West forty miles an easy way to what you guys are going to make that first I was wrong and after going forty miles west you stop and ask him to anything or not you but it will north on I ten NIU known as problems okay because it runs east and west so what you do you stop at the nearest gas station and you going you ask for the rest of the guys holding onto a map for you and he takes of the map and the show uses here you are crazy right conduct back on this point got to go this way where do I go from here and the gas attendant is very helpful and he gives you exactly where you need to go hop in the car you heard it on the limit and you guess it's just in time for your appointment and you get the job hopes to some degree the Bible is a road map for life to lead one of the best-known passages have a Bible to look at that passage you saw that right in the middle the chapter that virtually the middle of the Bible the longest chapter of the Bible Psalm one hundred nineteen Psalm one one nine and want to go to verse one zero five Psalm one one nine one zero five and I'm reading from the new King James version year the NK JV Psalm one one nine verse one oh five your rollout your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path I brought along a flashlight with me that my sister-in-law got me for Christmas presents it is no right to continue to miles away it is so bright I decided I is incredible it blinds you I think now the Bible doesn't blind you know the Bible provides a light so you can see where you should be going besides being oh alike role and the Bible also is called other things but why is the Bible there I would like to propose that the Bible has the answers to some of the most significant questions that you or I can ever ask and if you really you find those answers if not might not come right away but significant questions have been asked for example how can I have ease of mind how can I find the solution to stress the ultimate solution how can I be the person I want to be how can I be certain of eternal life what happens finally the doctor that and of course are we living in the last days and perhaps more so in the context of a medical institution the question always will if God is good why is there so much suffering on planet Earth the Bible is a roadmap that will help you to get your dessert destination safely and on time of deciding a roadmap I would like to suggest was also in love letter yesterday was Valentine's Day I talked about Valentine's Day little bit shared with you but United 's on you despite there was a time when I was hundreds of miles thousands of miles away from my beloved I sent a letter kind of every week but I decided to write a long letter as I wrote ten pages twenty pages thirty pages sixty pages eighty three hundred pages on twenty pages and when I was done I sent the letter you might call it the book I sent it along and when my beloved got it what you think I expected her to do sit on the shelf ignores no reason hopefully several times in a certain sense I would like to say that the Bible is God 's love letter to you and to me because God wants us to get to know him starting a Bible student Jeremiah chapter nine verse twenty three twenty fourth because here the concept of getting to know God comes through quite clearly Jeremiah chapter nine just briefly I want to point out something very interesting the language year Jeremiah chapter nine twenty three and twenty four where God says that says the Lord Jeremiah writing let not the wise man glory in his wisdom let not the mighty man glory in his might nor let the rich man glory in his riches but let his glorious glory in this watch that he understands and knows me that I am the Lord exercising lovingkindness judgment and righteousness in the exporting these I delight says the Lord to backup the one critical word there that he understands and knows these fascinating look into the Hebrews use that word .doc not just to get to know somebody but the use that also you remember that in Genesis chapter four verse one wherein said him him him who he has conceived and bare a son with me in the sense of the word to know is a code word for a close intimate personal relationship that he had when God says I want you to understand and know me what is God saying I want you to have a close personal intimate relationship with me I figure that I'll can we do that turning to in the New Testament not a very well-known passage second limiting chapter three hours sure that person because I did some studies on graduate study some years ago in the area of attracting how then should we live I did some studying ethics as the call and will go here to how then should we use this what does the Bible teaches how to live second Timothy chapter three verses sixteen and seventeen all scripture is given by inspiration of God I was the fourth and is profitable for notice the following for Doctor the new international version says useful for teaching the next thing for a reproof for a home and it must love reproved we don't rightfully prove all of the way the new living trust that this is to make us realize what is wrong in our lives at forty two then it continues for correction and instruction in righteousness or in contemporary language of the Bible strengthens us out and teaches us to do what is right very practical the Bible will help us to know how to live the best way possible I know how many of us enjoy reproof of the few who loves to be you have the last one delivering the back okay and that is always money because you know we like being corrected but you know it is a fact unless people correct us Leslie but that the person the gas the gas attendant right who said you're in the wrong place here is the math that's the way to go in that gas attendant didn't help that person in our story and beginning that person would not get the job it's great to be corrected even though we hate to be corrected after the Bible is full of the Bible that says you all Scripture is given by inspiration of God in second Peter chapter one verse twenty one it says it doesn't waste of time there is reiterated in the second letter of Peter a different way but it's explained a little more clearly using the word processing that will includes all of Scripture second Peter chapter one verse twenty one for prophecy or the prophetic word never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit that they didn't just be that we spoke we would not have the word of God they spoke they were holy men of God wrote the word of God so that we would have right here today the question is how should we understand how she reinterpreted because here we had this issue of the Bible codes and people coming up with all kinds of interesting things saying that they are encoded letters they're predicting all kinds of interesting things how should we properly into the structure and practice diversity for the warning the first right before the first twenty is a cost and knowing this first that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation the new revised standard version says that one's own interpretation the new American Bible all will personally donate so use with caution be careful at first light we could hear it on the screen which warned you don't simply look for something to back up one of your preconceived notions that the danger we always want stuff to support what we already believe so we confuse your plan how do we find that what is the best way who do you think would be the best example the best person to teach us how to properly interpret the word of God which individual who lived on planet earth would be the best interpreter Jesus you write select to go to that passage the Chapter twenty four as you go to the background looked up twenty four you never there were a couple of disciples of Jesus these are not part of the twelve apostles but there were two men on their way from Jerusalem walking back down to MAS about seven miles away and as they walked from it to our menu three hour journey that the Bible says they were downcast and they walked together and they talked about what it happened and then suddenly a stranger came and joined them they didn't recognize who he was and disbursements is that what you talking about gentlemen and clear list of agreements that we you heard what happened here in Jerusalem this weekend is the funding Sunday afternoon apparently at the Google starts telling him and starts explaining we had hoped that this Jesus of Nazareth was the one with which we deem us from the Romans the Israelites the Jewish nation was under Roman occupation back then I noticed what this stranger we know Jesus go to verse seven a verse twenty seventh because here is the key I got a pencil or pen I would like to bring out seven lessons from one course him incredible method right here from the Smurfs in to give a little bit before and because I would like to suggest that the first step was what these two disciples didn't even realize they were doing they turned to Jesus and without realizing it with him and told him their problems so the first step the very first step is Christ D Penn 's event a problem if you're just one discouraged and disappointed down hearted downcast turn to Jesus Messieurs you are Christ the pendant turned to him and asking for help let me know what your burdens are asking to help you to understand the holy word that's what really they were unintentionally asking they didn't understand about this Jesus of Nazareth the great prophets for the first week it was quite dependent manner is what he does is twenty seven and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded to them in all the splinters of the things concerning himself fascinating that one person is with incredible information if you want to know how to study your Bible I want you to write these seventies the first thing with Christ the defendant before you try to understand the word turned to the Lord and ask him to help you to understand that Christ dependent now what does Jesus do it is beginning to move this and all the prophets I would like to suggest step number two chronological very important to study this project from beginning to end I give an example wife important to do that because sometimes we take my statement out of context and it can confuse the whole thing while with any university also planning to go to Africa and I did go to Africa as a missionary but why was there I had the privilege of studying I decided to do for my dissertation controversial calculating something of police in the in the Bible I was on holographic any applicant that is still a current issue becoming concerned a current problem and so as I was studying I came across certain people went with the issue of polygamy and they said isn't it interesting polygamy must be okay because here we have David a man after God 's own heart and at the same time David was a man after a lot of women's hearts as well just David was one who pleased God yet David was a polygamist man have you understand that fascinating as I studied I found something very interesting if you study the life of the chronological the gaslight the only time when that statement made about David that he was a man of God and are just meant when you was a single St. Louis Shepherd it was never mentioned by David when he slipped away when he fell when you send such as murder adultery polygamy lies all kinds of things that David if he was never called and that the gods are not so number two is chronological was number one Christ dependent number two chronological that's what Jesus did beginning at Moses and all the prophets okay that it is he that Christ defended he wanted to be expounded really interesting with the levels they interpreted the explaining that Halle did Jesus do he was very very careful careful that would hear the original Greek word is from Perryman Newell which is hermeneutics for signs of interpretation and this is what Jesus did he expounded he explained that Jesus went ahead and did it very carefully it is important as you study the Scriptures to do that carefully careful be very careful about him he is taking one pixel unit one is a bit out of their proper context and string them together at that old don't you worry about it but I hope these Bible studies is that I want to find guidance in my life today and he found expected and Judaism went out and hanged himself he said although that wasn't there someone when they and the next one said do thou likewise I faithfully bottlefeed and another metaphysical what about you was to quickly careful of this dangerous proof texting step number three Jesus expounded to them the community was careful in the study of Scripture book of the fourth point the Peter Moses and all the Scripture and all the prophets he expounded to them in all was a very important word there all I would like to suggest that Jesus as when you study the Bible study and comprehensively studied old vinyl don't take one passage only look at the entire picture sometimes people think you are Old Testament Christians we are New Testament Christians folks I want to challenge all of us to be difficult questions the whole Bible sometimes there seems to be a contrast between faith versus works but when you study the Bible comprehensively is a faith that works that's what is fascinating there is no contradiction so comprehensive is the fourth thing that comes out of what number one by the way number two I think that it is what chronological number three study it carefully okay careful to be the other three all of them are seized careful study number four comprehensive now look at number five he expounded in all the Scriptures the scholars use the word canonical the Canon of the Bible this is a very important point when the stress it is a common sense with not him you must make sure what you believe comes from the Bible and you know what's interesting think about this for a moment when Jesus join those two disciples we'll was at his friend it has been walking downcast those seven miles from Jerusalem down to MAS could he not have done the following cleanup said gentlemen look is all you can usually physically we lost Mike number two he could perform the miracle and they would've believed it was Jesus Wayne Jesus to student over the physical unit of the miraculous you know why the fact the physical the miraculous because seeing is not believing my Bible says that even the devil it can appear as an angel of lights our safety our foundation must be the Scriptures not feeling not impressions are lasting impressions are in full accord with the written word of God be very careful so Jesus explained to them in all the Scriptures was number five canonical go back to the Bible the Canon of Scripture is what he explains things very interesting I had not noticed it before the things I use the word textual because he accuses of going to the context of every issue he'd like to bring out the depth that we have to have agent textual approach to comprehensive approach to the cabin there is a filter that was number one is Christ dependent number two chronological number three careful number four comprehensive number five canonical and number six textual now here is something I want to really challenge you to do because sometimes there's so many misunderstandings of Scripture is share with you a practical example just last week I was reading news reports him there was a sentence that has five words the defendants intended as he struggled with his driver now we hear that sentence what do you think about perhaps meeting with you so forth trying to get them to drive the right place is a similar one in which he struggled with his driver until you read the column fixed the context Tiger Woods last week Sunday he won the Dubai Desert classic said he struggled with these driver unless you know the context you have the completely wrong idea one sentence outside the context you will conclude with an initial four in context nothing to do with the boss is going to do with a golf where he struggled with his driver when you look to the Bible you must make sure that things are in context are you ready for love challenge is open up for an example of Moses very quickly Matthew chapter five will come back here just a little tangent to challenging to think about things in context metadata and finally I can be likely guilty right away before you even usually think of stepping on your toes I be guilty before the misuse of this text myself carry that into five or seventeen got my death to loot in a few minutes Matthew five seventeen if the favorite text has been used when we're talking about faithfulness to the Decalogue corrects and it says do not think that I came to destroy the law the profits profits are you did not come to destroy but to fulfill all and reviews that saying that Jesus as I didn't come to destroy the ten Commandments but go to that same sermon on the Mount will detect the seven to twelve publisher something very interesting we got to read the Bible in context tell him after seven as well therefore whatever you want men to do to you do also to them for there is no one on the front when twenty two forty fifty going on about modesty how NASA uses the term twenty two hours forty what is really twenty fifth the more profitable and the prophets message up twenty two reporting on these two commandments when he is talking about what's about it you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul etc. thirty seven or thirty nine you shall love your neighbor as yourself verse forty on these two commandments hang all over the law and the prophets what are you talking about the twenty John chapter one John chapter one you beginning to see this is not the law is not the ten Commandments the law and the prophets you will see right yet in John's visions use themselves when they use the phrase the law and the prophets what do they need John chapter one verse forty five they were just meeting Jesus the beginning of his life and what the found this angle and said to him we have found him all whom I was Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph we diminished as the ten Commandments and the about Jesus old the law or the prophets is a technical term identified only the book of Romans from the dripping with twenty one also if you can find it in the book of acts at the end of the act except when it was twenty three expensive exec echo that is reported to accept twenty eight was twenty three zero should we must take the Bible is its canonical context we must read it correctly have a challenge to all of us sent in life that I plead guilty before even showed you this the Bible talks about this throne at the extra twenty eight verse twenty three so when they had a him they many think the Internet is not to be explained and following testified of the kingdom about persuading them concerning Jesus from both the law of Moses and the prophets from morning till evening guess what folks go back to Matthew five below are the prophets Jesus says I have not come to destroy the law and the prophets that's a phrase used by that used to refer to the entire Old Testament Jesus decided to come to destroy the Old Testament I came to fulfill because the whole Old Testament points for the Jesus Christ yes that's what it is canceled off by what I'd like to teach you something new incredible battle the Bible say we got a look at it in context at least I do know you do note that the ten Commandments are found in the Old Testament again but when Jesus as I have come to fulfill I came to fulfill all the prophecies from Genesis at the treatments of all those appointed for Dmitri I have come to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament the Bible of Jesus day fascinating and shows you to be faithful to the context itself read the Scriptures in context see what the Bible is saying to you and to me one more example of the contacts I had a medical student from this is a delusion company just over two years ago she had a difficult question to raise she asked one text and I began to e-mail her back and forth to a sometime after but two of the month progresses with some feedback praise God for that info here we really asked deep penetrating probing questions but I couldn't keep up this correspondence I said hang on I'll try to give you a decent answer in a few months by by April two thousand and four well I got it done I brought it with me right here she was patient for about two years I just get a copy today started back from her again she asked the question and I have doesn't read him I was but something one would conflict an amount on fifty four pages so far finally I know when to find the study you know studying the human genome I know very little about that but they didn't they dig deeper and deeper deeper they find more and more wonderful and incredible insight is not to and that's how it is with the word of God you didn't you dig further you find many many beautiful things in God 's law I want to challenge study the Bible in the context and finally most important business first Corinthians chapter two verse thirteen challenges us and says the only way you can understand spiritual things is to depend upon the Holy Spirit spiritual things are spiritually discerned this is part of the context point number six Michelin number six however this little extra time to make sure that your Bible study is in the proper context if you don't think a word out of context or put onto the word what we think it should mean but most importantly got sick steps now to the final step notice he interpreted it responded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning home himself Somerset every Bible study must be Christ centered it's quite dependent to begin with and it is Christ centered to enter every Bible study if it is not then our Bible study of digging to the wood will become as dry as the hills of Gilboa dog is the term it will not be life-giving spirit must be totally Christ centered we got it known that the Bible focuses on Jesus look at another example of a few chapters later on in the book of John Duncan at five thirty nine Jesus reiterates this thing he tells Olivia a look at the twenty four verse twenty seven we saw it now in John chapter five verse thirty nine incidentally in that same type of loop you find him were later as well so he regenerates in the Johnson five or thirty nine use services through sorting them you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of me the whole Bible really focused points to Jesus Christ's and tell us to us is to make sure that all of our Bible study is always focused upon Jesus and if we do we will be able to understand the same spirit that inspired the sculptures will help us to understand how do I know that John chapter sixteen verse thirteen thousand at the doorstep of her thirty 's here Jesus again I love to the words of Jesus Jesus guarantees basically we expired we found that in the Peter F peter out the Holy Spirit moved men to right and here in John chapter sixteen verse thirty three the fifth however when he disturbed has come he will guide you into what all truth he will guide you into all so we have that guarantee that as we dig into the Word the Spirit will guide you you know what is sad statistic good the good news first nine out of every ten Americans guess a lot has a family Bible at home but notice the bad news virtually no one ever reads it that's the facts people don't remember not too long ago I had the privilege to counsel to people both members of a Christian denomination they had a difficult false one of them had very very tough interpersonal relational problems the other one him the drugs cocaine to be specific I was struggling in their own individual areas and the Council of them and I visited with them I talk with them I asked them questions I miss them and then I ask this question how much time is the members of the procedure how much time do you spend reading the word feeding on God 's work putting those promises in your mind in your heart learning how can't want to do that and you know what the answer was zero I don't read about I don't feel like the answer the prognosis is bad folks if you don't feed other words how are you going to ever expect to grow you see the point and so the prognosis for these to be like health is not good they don't spend time to work Jeremiah effects you had to read this book and reading Jeremiah kept looking for sticking to your word did I just found actually uses the word is another testing Psalm thirty four restraint that says O taste and see that the Lord is what is going to the Bible gift please skip to see if you get enjoyment the one I like is Sondheim and ninety verse eleven that says your word have I hidden in my heart so that I may not sin against you you've got to feed on the word so that you can survive unless you put God 's Word in your heart you and I will not be able to survive if I could tell you I remember the year I was in the forecast but I do remember the year when I myself even though I had studied theology the year I failed to read the word of God one of the worst years of my life not only did I fail my failures affected others they hurt others badly and I know most minor indeed God is very important folks if you want to find the key for the Bible code talk about communicating code shall give a short phrase that I'd like to memorize very simple straightforward the key to the code is to be and he don't worry about trying to figure everything out to spend time in the word regular reader with the method me that he too the code is to read and he turning about the Matthew chapter seven four cycle illustration because here Jesus is talking about if you want to survive the storms of life if you really are serious about living through difficult times what should you do if acting as an illustration that went with him about children we learned about this thing about humans is that the music Matthew chapter seven towards them and all that sermon on the Mount the famous sermon on the Mount NASA detected seven verse twenty fourth Jesus as therefore whoever hears these sayings of mine and does them those two things hearing and doing and we use the word reading and heating same ideas delicious whoever hears these words of mine and does them I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock and the rain descended and the Flyers game of solitaire think of Katrina rides again with love and of course he's talking about spiritual difficulties and all kinds of other catastrophes in our life when the floods come I think if you leave and he then you are like the man who built his house on the rock and he said that the accident was twenty five and the rain descended and the flood came and what can the Windows move and on that house and you did not want it did not thought why for it was founded on Barack sometimes you refer to Jesus as the rock of ages how do we get to know Jesus by spending time in his word folks repeat that with the again the key to the code is to read and heed that very very important because only as you spend time in God 's work only as you spend back ends listening and doing will you find the power to overcome temptation you will find the ability to cope with major disappointment and discouragement in life you will find something to fill the emptiness of your heart during those days when you're lonely in despair the Bible is critical I would challenge you to read regularly at the end of the session this afternoon some became to be in fifth count equally little house you really should do the work but you don't have to message you left it all depends on what your purposes if you still tremendously spiritually healthy or if you want to know like getting up doing regular exercise because the settlement is it sexy and as a professor here I should want to stay healthy or if you want to train for a marathon so I just want to stay healthy I said okay usually on a train from its own storage would you use different to you differently but effusively one is a spiritually healthy and I recommend the following setting on you all you have to do is guess what to spend fifteen minutes per day the full fifteen minutes per day in reading the word if you do that just like you will be able to read the entire Bible from cover to cover I do recommend thirty minutes thank you note that you forgot him evening 's dinner six thirty through seven o'clock half an hour of what I call the bad news right so I would challenge you if you can want to have lower bad news and spend a half hour with the good news every day fifteen minutes in reading the Bible first emergency was reflection on how God loves you how God loves me my wife and I have been following this practice and the Lord has blessed us every year we try to read and you don't be duped we meet a different Bible translation every unit I have a study Bible I use the new King James Bible is my study Bible and I read it in a different version and if I have a question I go back to my study of adolescents is that really is not viable because some of them are paraphrases I go back read the Bible daily meetings regularly and you and I've been reading just in the last few days in fact last week I ended up reading the book of Leviticus I know the numbers you know it's interesting I was reminded as I read through Exodus forty percent of Exodus Leviticus almost the whole book of Leviticus Numbers I'm now at this finish seven will most of what I've read for the last all one and a half months deals with guess what the sanctuary the first part of the Bible is saturated with the symbolism and the reality of the sanctuary would be talking for the buffet but as I read it I think while this must be very important why would God select to say nothing of later on the Ezekiel W Griffin found in other places revelation the sanctuary is a vital teaching in Scripture why would God say so much about it even was an essential or not important so fascinating as I'm reading I would challenge you to spend time in the word and by the way I've essentially remember when Jesus came and John the baptizer saw him John took the one with twenty ninth he said the all tools and know what the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world him on regular season for the one who fulfilled the sanctuary service who fulfill the Lamb who was slain that the season for all of all beautiful some of all of them going forward to Jesus Christ according to the story I met somebody three months ago and became acquainted I find again last month he said I share with you my testimony because I think I like to hear how God has blessed people in their life as a leave wrote the story he grew up in a large -ish family and kids he wrote the stories that I'm putting in my family was dysfunctional my father was alcoholic my mother was extremely controlling fugitive I thought this was normal in a family by the crisis through his life got worse and worse and eventually nineteen eighty nine Chris whose new doesn't mind me sharing your story the second share the Chris's brother David got murdered in New York City nineteen eighty nine the stress the complications only sectors became so large that Chris came down with panic attacks he looked for solutions he went everywhere inside all the medications nothing seemed to help some suggested what he realized this wasn't just physical he said that there must be some mental issues yet for some suggested going to the twelve step program and Chris shared with the zip it helped a little but not enough until in nineteen ninety six Chris met a Christian Bible believing psychiatrists and you know this method in Chris go to the Bible reading the word of the year is the answer to your problems to your panic attacks I would read you what process because you wrote this you startled me and this is what he says in his own words in the history when he was introduced to the Bible we started meeting he said he needed the switches in my head again to go who are close to my problem revealed themselves from the holy Scriptures he continued several visits later the Christian psychiatrist I was on track to lose a life for me from the air field while two years later at the visiting and study the Bible Chris and his wife Mary were baptized as Christians they accepted Jesus Christ the Bible was the answer to his problems I would read the rest of your more things of what Chris says he says this but again got active in church Chris says the blessings began to flow beyond our wildest comprehension and enhance them with the words Chris says God is Christ's wedding defined by spending time folks in the word of God only in one final passage a personal challenge to each one of us would go to the second book of Peter as I think of Chris's experience second Peter chapter three verse eighteen I would like to leave each one of you with this personal challenge as you leave here this evening it's an important challenge folks because without feeding on the Word of God we cannot grow as Christians in fact as you find that one it was a beautiful statement I found somewhat better she says that the Grove by spending time in the word and here corroborates that grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to him be the glory both now and for ever I you want answers to your problems you want solutions to the issues of life you would be able to withstand temptation you want the emptiness of the Hartsfield the solution him high in the written word of God and you will get to know the living Word Jesus Christ I pray father thank you thank you thank you for inspiring holy men of old to write these words of life go back to your written word for the answers to our dilemmas to fill us when we are empty maybe go there and most importantly to see the living Word Jesus Christ in his name we pray


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