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The Synagogue of Satan

Norman McNulty


Sermon given on September 25, 2010 at Patna, SDA Church in Diego Martin, Trinidad.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • September 25, 2010
    11:00 AM
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our city in a facility that is out of and is last day as well I heard from him was life Michael Jaeger is also my home is Matthew is and is Ms. that I have a lot of eagerness out of Juan Hamilton for the sharing a few things with you before we got your message is part of her work her father thank you for this Sabbath day thank you for the opportunity to open your word and she consider the message for our time I pretty will give us a special blessing this out of Jesus name you are thankful to the Senate that an inquiry is thankful to the because of the friends that we have insurance another good thing is because we had a day off of the rest of the world gets now rather than what organism is not as young you think about if you live the whole message in marketing ninety ninety five years all one of the released longer because you have an extra day of rest every week for years about what is not why we are unable to I would again say today the reason why we are thankful to the center they assess is because of the message that God is in your bank over the message in a him why we're here today now arises in the Christian world understand that Jesus died for us and that is the foundation of Christianity about how ever we have a complete understanding of Scripture that salt is to understand the message for this power using a message for this tower is important in what town are a message for this power is the relational aspect of our message for this awesome is that we have a message of warning announcing that an adjustment to our house that Jesus is coming soon and if you are not on the right side at the end you will be a lot what we are to look at today how is that so many people in the Christian world Argosy what is that leads people to always access the heart of Scripture and all of Scripture as truth the guide is in shoot a complete and full Christian life and the title for my message today is the synagogue of Satan an interesting we saw in our passage in Revelation chapters to versus eighty nine was read where Jesus says to the churches furnished under the angel of the church in Smyrna write these things saith the first alas which was dead and alive I know my works tribulation and poverty but our research you know what the meaning of them which say they are shares and are not but are a synagogue of Satan now the question is who is Jesus talking when he says there are people who say they are as year 's but they really are there actually the synagogue of Satan first of all who are these people that are saying they are she is literal use how do we know that ultimately this message now is the message to the church of Smyrna 's genocide of the seven churches in Revelation and how many of the studies of the seven churches a message to the subject so what we see you have seven churches and briefly the first four churches each carrier in Ephesus many of Smyrna per agreement by fire back it is true that Smyrna has the second shirt receives no review but there are still gone the church of Smyrna that are actually the synagogue of Satan the asses the first church which is the church of the first century which was in document leak here but they left their first love then you have the church of Smyrna when which went through tribulation and they had people on MS would run the synagogue of Satan Smyrna was about one hundred eighty three thirteen eighty and you have a church organist from three thirteen at five thirty eight this is the church of compromise and I saw a rough beginning at five thirty four thirty that is the Church of England and SRS which was the left over remnants of the Reformation and you have Philadelphia's lamellar agreement and you have legacy of which is the ad made agreement over now in the church of Smyrna which is from one hundred three thirteen A.D. people who say they are seeing they are of the synagogue of Satan now one way to solve the problem Arlene literally choose or are they not as common sense people now if you're American earlier hard drive you can say you're an American that is can speak English or Spanish chances are you may not be an American you can save your Trinidadian but if you don't have the Prime Minister is amended on Miller Road he is the latest melody is that an for the record on the medallion through these people said they were Jews but clearly they were not now everyone natively a literal gene was the Muslim regulations Chapter three versus twenty six to twenty nine to understand who these people were claiming to the Galatians Chapter three verses twenty six through twenty nine this is a familiar passage from here all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus for as many of you as have been baptized into Christ and the price there is neither GM nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus and if he tries then are ye Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the prompt is what Christ is saying to the church as there are some of you complained of e.g. or you plan to be Abraham 's spiritual see Orleans claims of the Christian but in reality you are not you are a synagogue of Satan now this is a serious charge by Christ or not why the Bible says of Christ is not lying in Christ is saying these people for unity Christian but in reality they are a synagogue of Satan did you realize that Satan has a religious body of believers of all the buyer 's agents according to try that there is a synagogue of Satan and Charlotte in the church of Smyrna beginning around one hundred eighty and you may disable the synagogue of Satan was a group of people way back from one hundred and three thirds and we don't have to worry about the synagogue of Satan that's for was the relationship is reversed not sure to fill out and is using that Philadelphia and Smyrna have on they received no rebuke from Christ and they both have people so they were Jews are really in the synagogue of Satan revelation is reversed not be held liable make another synagogue of Satan which say they are choosing and are not but you why behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and then know that I love you not have together every church and explain all the details but the bottom line with the church at Philadelphia is that this was the church from seventeen ninety eight eighteen forty four which consisted of the preaching of the asset management aiding in the more Millerite movement from eighteen thirty three taking a single healing sex it have to message were the Philadelphian church and they receive never be from Christ the people who rejected the message of the event message this is not to say but yes we are Christians we love Jesus and Manuel Miller Camelot Jesus is coming January seven oh he's not coming for another thousand years we don't want to so Jesus as they say they are Jews they say they are Christians but they are not notice one other thing that Jesus is here and the message to Philadelphia that he doesn't soon awaited the system or he says those who say they are Jews and are not he says that a new law is currently serving your fellow so to say that your something that you really are is the law you say you're a Christian but you're really not your ally now what does the Bible say that the Bible say anything about that is why to get some understanding of what it means to be a whiner and a spiritual sense I would invite you to turn with me to first John chapter exceed verse four first John chapter she verse four says here that says I know and keep not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not so noticeable we have to people say I know Christ she is my Savior but you know what because he died for me I don't even keep his commandments any the Bible says you know him you're a liar so here you have in the church of Smyrna in one hundred and three thirteen eighty and the church of Philadelphia in seventeen ninety one she able to say they are Christians but in reality they are all I hear not only are they and why are not only are they not free as they are actually the synagogue of Satan the question is how is it that the synagogue of Satan developed in the early Christian church were layers teaching during that time that lacks you the development of a religious body that Satan had full control over anyhow is scary I realize means in the way many Christian that we were following the truth of Scripture when in reality the wires not really interested actually it is not to say simply want to study the Bible seen what is it that constituted the synagogue of Satan if you look at the seven churches when you come to Ephesus and Revelation chapter two verse six emphasis is commended for hitting the keys of the Natalie renowned opening aligned crew were the next lane I read a couple of things he just gives some historical context in the Bible commentary and seven thousand five Bible commentary volume seven page seven forty five it says the adherence of this act of sheer trips hot that deeds of the flash do not affect the purity of assault and consequently have no bearing on salvation so here's what's happening in the first century church in Ephesus Ephesus was the only Journal May Weatherford 's level of warming crisis amendment four was vacated the heat of the night lanes and prices I am glad even if I is in all tables are really knew what ever you want doesn't matter as long as your son Jesus as your Savior you can still be say specifically they taught one occasion was okay they said it was okay to eat meat sacrificed to idols they said it was okay to you whatever you want and you can still be say and Christ said that I hate these needs now my assistant things about the document and then lanes as well as his review and Herald June seven eighteen eighty seven she says and she asked the NX question for you that are sent in the center of the neck light turning the grace of God was thirtieth now to replace mobile talks about integrating a positive is founded that she verses three and four Trenton WJ verses three and four years as you love it when I gave all diligence to write any of the common salvation it was needful for me to write in a you and exhort you that you should earnestly consent for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints genocide is writing about salvation but I earnestly can send for the phase that will deliver to the same because Simon has gone wrong the Christian church was gone wrong verse four for there are certain men crept in unawares it were before of old ordained in this condemnation ungodly men churning the grace of our God into lasciviousness and denying the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus knows what happened shoot is writing about this in the book and you he was going to write about salvation by the Holy Spirit is no unique and earnestly contend for the faith in their stable in the church Sean Raymond God 's will that he is unaware of the city is meeting licentious or fill in your cloth and send it with his very same thing he said what he said what shall we continue in sin that grace may abound God word at house so we never does live any longer therein she were saying more you save them were not raised now they were sure in the grace of God was steady and the greater nurses and the greater your grace it doesn't matter if you keep sending you accepted Jesus as your Savior you can just go on I understand and God 's grace will ever in Jesus as I he is leaving she says we must earnestly consent for the phase I was once delivered to the same Paulson offered that we should continue along why is says more about this doctrine signs of the Times January two nineteen twelve the doctrine is now largely taught the gospel of Christ has made the logon of no effective Internet before the gospel of Christ is made a while God of no effect that by your leaving we are released from the necessity of being viewers of the word puzzle she says that this is the doctrine of the neck away which Christ so unsparingly condemn so people say I got one Jesus Christ Jesus died for our sins she has released us from hitting the law trace the Lord we accept him as our Savior and we don't have to keep a long anymore he was the end of a long we don't have to keep she says this is the doctrine of the middleweight and that is the grace of God in Cuba city is in one word for this is from Bible Bible actor February eighty him watching the walls heating the views of the microwaves of Jesus the resurrection teaching this the document explains today have much to say in regard to faith and the righteousness of Christ and the Christian will talk about righteousness by faith they say your son Jesus as your Savior biface and can understand not only have to be a monster so they want to talk about faith in the righteousness of Christ but they pervert the truth and make it serve the cause of error they declare that we have only to believe on Jesus Christ and that faith is all sufficient but the righteousness of Christ to be the center 's credential that is imputed righteousness fulfilled along chorus and that we are under no obligation to obey the law of God this sound familiar this class claim that Christ came to save sinners and that he has saved I am saved they will repeat over and over again but are they suitable transgressing the law development not for the garments of Christ's righteousness are not a club for an equity such teaching is a gross deception and Christ becomes obese persons a stumbling block is he due to the disease to the Jews because they were not receive another personal savior to these professed believers in Christ because they separate Christ in the law in regard faith as a substitute for obedience they separate the father and the son the Savior of the world virtually the sheet both by precept and example by this death saves manager or so here you have a documented way Christ in all we don't have to do any if we sin we break the law doesn't really matter because we accepted him as our Savior he covers us with his righteousness we should long-standing appraisal Re: are they are Scripture trends around this as turning the grace of God the lasciviousness Ellen why also clearly condemns this now not when the facts on the Christian church when this doctrine came in the Christianity of the church of Ephesus which went up to one hundred eighty scholarly hating this doctrine they condemned and chapter from an entering the church of Christ and then when you get to the church of Smyrna you find that you have a group of liars who say they are Christians but they really are they are a synagogue of Satan and we see that according to the Bible long years are those who say they know Christ that don't keep this command so now I'm time we get to the church of Smyrna as the persecuted church there were people in the Christian church complaining Christians who were breaking the command which is in essence the teaching of an LA now as you can see the progression of the church becomes worse when you get to the churches occurred in Revelation chapter she verses fourteen and fifteen specifically verse fifteen he said the charges permit must now hold the doctrine of the which Christ and an adoption of the neck the true purpose and was from three thirteen five thirty eight and one hundred the church it was during that era the church that Christians said I were to say by accepting Jesus as our Savior what we you can save us so therefore what we used to on the way to salvation so we really want to reach the havens around the we should print as a Christian massive that is more attractive than women's health and what you do so Jesus that we preach about is when and where you can join our Christian church now you can save you those things that the Bible condemns everything in the Bible don't understand race that was before Christ came now the price is usually given the law is a handy whenever you want to still be a Christian and wife Martha Christiansen we have a mission in the world there is grass is remotely as if it were many regional rest of the world we should change our daily worship so that we can reach more people that they are Christian message more ashram is generally taken world who already except Sunday at the sacred day and so you know I was the seventh Sabbath but if we accept Christ as our Savior it really matter what you do as we expected and somewhat church changes the Sabbath to Sunday a except many of the pagan practices had idols change in the Christian church and so then you get to the church of five reps higher by Ira for the church and you'll notice in verse twenty of revelations she you have this woman Jezebel which calls herself a prophet is in sheets teachers and seduces God 's servants to commit fornication and eat things sacrificed to idols in our this is similar to sacrificing I will definitely serve just what ensures that your buyers are paying around so yes how table round developed mystery the dog can eminently adoption in the next ladies teaches Christ has released us from keeping the law therefore we can do whatever we want and still be say something fresh and develop mentality in a single if we can do whatever we want still be said and we can reach the whole world with the gospel that if you just accept Jesus as the only safety is an different reach more people we can change the law we can change the day of worship and we can make Christianity more attractive to the world and so through the centuries the doctrine of the next latency involved in had enough that I see happening so that I'm convinced in your apostolic church is that where my everywhere represented from the mouth of God that is the logon that frees the law free price is usually ensures that have completely true I am happy like the world around and of course we know that fire siren or of people run in the Aaron as the dark ages now you maybe wondering what we know that people wrong became affected by this she what's the big personal bully saw him charges were in that Friday said there were people complaining engineers but in reality they were in the synagogue of Satan you realize that Revelation thirteen she says that Satan or the drag data 's powers and authority the papal Rome so here is one of the key points the synagogue of Satan with the professed Christian church to when and where God and in the church of Smyrna it was those who said we don't have to keep the Commandments in my esophagus and the charge of bias Hiram synagogue of Satan people around now and he maybe sang well we know that Satan or the dragging this power seen the Lord to cable run and was another prophetic chair for people room help out right around now you may be saying well cable run is if the seed of Satan of the synagogue of Satan but were not part of that and the member you're wrong we are not now but remember we talked about the church in Philadelphia about letting in Revelation chapter three verse nine when Jesus says behold I will make another synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not before my roommate and the come and worship before like the Internet that I love now she was try speaking about here twenty six about the synagogue of Satan they say they are Jews they say they are Christians but they are not but they in this era the Miller I came preaching him cry many Christians is that is not an opportunity the church of Philadelphia for many Christians rejected the message in your the idea that he is coming or five years or three years was not very well now the question and what you are going real fast if we then Jesus was but they are here publicly as they are we would all say phrase the Lord Jesus is coming soon and when you hear that you are who we really are on the authors life I have to agree the workings of our own I is in on how you are is not right now maybe five years but I still got married had a shot then I'll really experience what is doing if when you know you really love because when he comes he will as will appear not as easy as soon return and here you have heard of people who said we are Christians we want to do is an exchange is Wednesday and I set all wrong way when will you say you are the seminar they now emeritus scene the nationally Wednesday and I don't say what is in the development it will run which is now in our all insureds in the region is not in price in the summer of eighteen forty four became part of Babylon which is why the second Angels message that Babylon is fallen is fallen you know that people are falling in the phone problem churches are all any means not only as people around are a synagogue of Satan the foie gras is sure is are also the synagogue of Satan now for I make anything what's that it is true that God people who don't only and we message you now that's why we have the three Angels messages because God has shrewdly with and don't know that right now they are and I want the synagogue of Satan and we have a message of warning inverted the call and how and now more than ever is not the time to all let's just all get along they were all Christians know we need to follow now a grant from the fire because it is neither number of any labeling law we have a message of warning in the sanctuary season Scripture the synagogue of Satan developed through the false understanding of a righteousness by faith which allows you to do whatever he wants to say that developed the synagogue of Satan the seed of Satan as people run through the dark and as glorious father Reformation which brought a renewed understanding of righteousness by a cell sure by the time of the message of the second coming of Christ came because in reality many of the Protestant churches after having a true understanding of right and went back to the document we can be saved in person and you can study in the history of the Protestant new now where does that leave us today because after the Philadelphian church you have a Laodicean church and what he was seeing is that Satan has had control over Pandora hundreds of years ago since many centuries ago she's had to influence on the Protestant churches since eighteen forty four and if you have a leaning out is what Ellen White says in early writings pages fifty four to fifty six jersey says before the throne I thought the other people in the church in the world I thought you companies one doubts about how before the throne deeply interested while the others that I'm interested in careless those who are valid before the throne would offer their prayers and went to Jesus then he went to his father and appear to be pleading with a light would come from the father and the son to the sun and from the side of the train company exceeding bright light come from the father to the son and from the sun and waved it over the people before the now what she says not as is our understanding of what happened in forty four C shows the father and son mayor from the holy place is not ultimately late about what happened in forty four and a half of the people who didn't have with Christ and the father someday summative muffling and they continue to receive what him as restated in the holy place she says I turned over the company who were still down for the they did not have in Jesus and what Satan appeared in the vibrant throw trying to carry on the work of God I saw the look of the restaurant and pray father Dennis my spirit is Satan within reason on the monopoly and there was much light and there was light in much power that no sweet love joy peace Satan 's object was to keep them to see the drawback is seeing God 's children and forty four those reject the message of the second half stayed in the holy place where I saw that somehow the place to be when they stayed there Satan became their leader and he didn't even know and they became part of the synagogue of Satan and there are many of God 's true believers in God one that we are to call the Babylon is now and when he do not be ashamed called one out for what it really is down a lot that I want that one has been given in our CNN authority and see and Babylon as a set of the leaders into the synagogue of Satan and Satan which wields his power over this or and God has said this is what they run insurers should be that contrast to the synagogue of Satan here on this earth to be the voice from the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus between peoples in the soon return of Christ now the question is how Satan shrine to make an witnesses false the church now want to be clear before I say anything else I is crystal clear that the Senate Baptist Church has never been one is not about one and never will be now okay amen seven a.m. the church is not about what we want one that is frustrating the rock canyons tears among the wheat since our beginnings in eighteen forty four when we were at our history we can see unfortunately is often eminently fascinating and raise energy back in the nineteen fifties a book was published by seventh they are some innate know that history is made on the name of the questions on and that Ferguson this book was she was not sure Christians another denomination that we were awful now there is one major problem for from Scripture and history and prophecy we see that all other Christian denominations and reality are back on and as you decide on essay now how do you think the other charges are in the field when they cannot think now we want to make sure you're not totally want to make sure that your Christian brothers and we saw them you are part of volunteers available so I happen within the questions on the great majority of the defendant are in this statement essentially did a very fine job was one the parent with respect to one two thousand one what is the rent and then some she areas regarding righteousness by faith system in the human nature of Christ the nature of seventy and so we changed the biblical historical understanding of some of our position on all the people who wrote about it and they said that Christ would watch out for the long development is the Christ like Adam to the following online executive Larry page forty nine that would've been an almost infinite humiliation aircraft California publications and Internet as a very clear now what do the result of this teaching is everything well before the cameras and prices are now in only Christ is our example she showed us how to live a righteous life by a inhumanity here on this Earth but with his new understanding that the rest of the Christian world is based that Christ really was why is he really wasn't in our example and in reality the only thing missing is the covering of his righteousness and we really can't have it basically the result of questions on documents or what was a popular theologian came along the main emphasis is working on seventy seven and the only thing that Xavier 's justification justification is only how tiring and can limit yourself all the time in our way of about three dozen forty five you don't force it and because I is in the hour or this whole idea of the ninja is closer about do they really know what he is behind as Karen is right so why do we need into and so what you have is that she can manipulate and of course the fourth block is preventing you remittances credentials of the church is not going along with what doesn't work the same as my saying to try to try to bring all our engine daughter church now and what one doesn't work she said will choose you shoot really he would say yeah you say that you have a savings webinar as so not everything in identification is a hundred percent downward is fifty percent now for fifty percent off of the Bible is line five four that God is holy or completely so sanctification is also a hundred percent God 's work now many people in the church although it was not endowed by the leadership of the church many people within the church said this is the most beautiful presentation of it all so the effect of the church well similar to what that is fundamentally altered shirt brother doctrine shoot is at the start of same what was it the only thing is the current arthritis and it really doesn't matter what we need we should start to change our worship style she was ill to the world around us so the healing works like they can fit it in our church service because I'm the only thing is you are wrong to talk about he will talk about on Muslim world around us feel it sounded harsher service so that started happening the nineteen eighties and I mean I was alive inside my home I got behind the result is a celebration church celebration celebration churches it was what got you are wrong and I will and you can tell the difference of you were not one or insurers the only difference is they would like without you there is that other than what is not a an action should need now what has happened since then people have said you know we worship one of the other churches and any relevant celebration worship style is basically just borrowed from the following charges about long as you say I is so widely certain of what was once believed the same way the following churches about her voluntary window late like all her other brothers and sisters we all believe in Jesus we worship the same way were all covered by his grace we Aussies we have the same type of worshipers there is so less gelatin that see even more what they are doing that is so effective to attract people yes I will talk about the concern of the mega churches that are built on faulty theology one hundred and eleven centimeters in churches has been called the emerging church and Cindy Marie Mehra 's couple of minutes the emerging church movement 's is changing New Age spiritual type tensions they are teaching their final prayer where and when you are not the exact same way the New Age spiritual is writing enhance a certain church is now the majority of churches I imagine further clearly can do it based on what Scripture teaches that you see how Satan is making room so uphold right patient is beginning to take place not sure so there are some people have surefire thing you know why we have to preach the kingdom that is about the size of the sanctuary the three handles messages that the church is out there when you be more loving and accepting when you stop she's feeling world religions and people really did say that rocking we heard all they would save you if you send someone from a Baptist church and bring them again Mister is in because reality is a relative matter theaters outside signing logistics of Jesus and that is what the doctrine of the Natalie has gone to many people and guess what happened when the final crisis many people who have accepted this teaching are going to be shaken now meanwhile he knows you remain and God church is going to go through people see the trouble in the church misstating of the church is helpful finally now Ellen what makes it clear the church may appear at the will of all but it will not the church will go through if you however that sharks that goes through is not going to be the church that is changing the document in a way that sharks are going through is not to be changing you will say while in your essay and he will just say people like the shirts I go through are you sure that wasn't what I thought that sharks that go through is not going to be ensure that has brought to taxpayers than in the church that sure is no room is going to be in the shares that phrase is the three angels message and when and how and the third Angels message that is free for the power you can find in Revelation eighteen starting in verse one when you don't come down from heaven having great power in her life with Lori and you know the message in Angel battle on the brain this is not to say in all Islam has become a habitation of devils in the hold of every foul spirit is taken every time he will burn you know how you power the rest of the Christian world is out there as I don't say we were surprised any of their Angels message was powered in the Christian world in Babylon the Christian world have taken the synagogue of Satan they all say no fries they say you can bring a lot of and still be safe as you can worship God however you will still be saved as you can see however you want to say they save lives and reigns as double as your worship stuff and pray to God that he is not sure about the same as their Angels message with power will not only be the messenger right is a bit of them proclaiming that Babylon is fallen and that alone will be enraged by this message and it will go out to persecute the messengers in this message is always if you're afraid exaggerated what do you want to persecution and we really will forty five five is now on they go forth and here is to utterly destroy you when you allow price is and I believe with all of our that we are living on top of the Alcorn latter rain in this message if you have an engine business how we cannot be confused by a phone call that she is that we can be saved in our sense Jesus came to save us from our sin and when we are stable where the message of righteousness by faith God is going to pour out his errors and latter rain proportion taken here is how to proclaim a world that Babylon the synagogue of Satan 's fall my brothers and sisters it is said that decide on alternate about one hundred churches it stops if time is not going to the synagogue of Satan to learn what to get five thousand people eighty when only five thousand people on Sunday morning choose a live AEG worldwide apart from the power of Christ we ate faithful he will live the life of Christ here on this Earth now God is the whole world the Bible so the whole world and wonder of these are about the synagogue of Satan the great majority of World War I Europe these all I need is a remnant of believers hundred and forty four thousand and will be faithful to the billable message to the everlasting Bob I've never changed that John died for is through Jesus Christ 's sacrifice and that he given power to be free to send your officer and that when you are the people who are like that when I pray that those of us here will have that experience that God will use to be a shining light here is that we in this church will begin the three Angels messages of power sale wine dine warming is if you go out everywhere as you throughout the United States throughout Trinidad throughout Asia and Europe Australia and we wanted our twenty years of life as so many we may to the English in the world each in our worship style and inexperienced that went on to the tribe in our minds to receive them are these the last crisis is mainly for myself as an


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