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Trip Into the Trinity: Figuring the Unfathomable

Ron du Preez



  • February 17, 2006
    12:00 PM
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I would like to join us again for our journey with Jesus in his journal were looking at the word of God we spent a couple of days looking after the first two messages and that remind you the first one we dealt with the fact that God loves us incredibly so much that nothing can separate us from his love we left with one line let the Lord be what the love of your life food sex only forgot that fit again let the Lord be the love of your life I realize how useful chewing that's okay the second time we got together we talked about that the Bible communicate in code and we concluded that the key to the code is do what you read good idea remember that one well the key to the code is to read and he puts forth just a moment before I share a story with you Lord speak now through me let only your love be seen and Jesus Christ in his name we pray amen you've probably heard the story to classmates in Italy ended up in court recently seventy plus gentlemen seventy plus years was suing or taking his classmate the court he was an easement seventies also it was the atheist to taking the priest to court heard the story in Italy and he took them to court because he was charging he was saying that this man is claiming that Jesus existed and what's more he worked as a priest so he makes money off of because I can redisplay and the seventy something -year-old friend atheist was saying Jesus never existed so that the court and last Friday the judge handed down him him through the case out of court very first thing that he told prosecutors that they should charge the atheist with slander because he was slandering the priest very interesting story that comes from Italy right now but that atheists have given up by the way he is not taking his place you European Union to have arbitrated their fascinating in a live right now in a situation where we are constantly facing a clashing of culture and faith healer United States we see that happening so frequently and so what are we when we go to do with all these problems we have to make choices unfortunately they are very difficult choices sometimes where we find these two things conflict with each other but the question has come up so many times does God exist that's the question and in our culture nowadays God is an pushed to the sidelines effect fortunately United we living United States where something like ninety four percent of people claim to believe in God thank you lived in Europe by the way in Belgium they did a study once all kids teenagers between fifteen and eighteen less than four percent actually believed in God less than four percent in here that that's what they came up with less than four percent so we are in a situation here where very very few people and a fourth-year culture was afraid I felt in the newspaper a sociology sociologist says that he sees the end for traditional religion and I think culture has met faith in the United States and more the conclusion is culture has won the battle serious times were living in you know what we have hope that is we can look at what's happened recently that you can boot off we have looked at what's happened recently and at a well-known gentleman by the name of Anthony flew has suddenly come up and that the liability for a long time and because they've known him hee hee became big news as they flew anybody heard of it we see the hands all you have another one person good and I can tell you the story of an applicant by the way he was raised as a kid in a Methodist home his father was the path to a Methodist pastor and for more than fifty years he wrote he put a talk he traveled the world and I'm not exaggerating he was located therein Aberdeen Scotland I think the United States Canada Brazil Poland Asia he traveled all over the world promoting philosophical atheism he became known as an regarded as the foremost and most influential of contemporary representatives off the atheism incredibly well known dozens of books but listen to this couple of years ago three years ago you says it has become in order to bring difficult even to begin to think about constructing a naturalistic theory of evolution on that first rep producing organism acts this is the well-known atheistic believer then he carried on he says that biologists have shown by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce life that the intelligence must have been involved he went further one more thing you said you said this a super Intel the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature and in a nutshell believe it or not Anthony flew for more than fifty years foremost believer in not believing they say he now believes in God not the Christian God but a minimalistic got you the kind of ingenious he says he cannot ignore the evidence has become big news in effect the atheists in the abolitionist frankly are running scared not that thing all years old what can you expect the man is living in mind is going off but year after year is but more evidence with more statements and so is Anthony flew there are people nowadays who are and what you take a look at why do you why they joined your mind is what he said I have lived by the dictum from Socrates that says follow the argument where it leads so he says are some of all of the arguments here the evidence would make you think of some tepid nineteen rights but I wanted to donate a Biblesoft of eighty six you have it handy there are some eighty six collagen a look at this because this basically reiterates on eighty six reiterates what we finally found chapter nineteen at a huge topic to date the women were pretty rapidly here so I wanted to try to keep with me Psalm seven eighty six verse ten already from the new King James version for you our rights and to do wondrous things you alone are God asunder with a yes but this is written this to the Jewish people is this only for the Jewish book of the birthright before that that is what the birth before that says all nations whom you have made shall come and worship before you oh Lord and shall glorify your name obviously this is not the God of the Jews John three sixteen the well-known passage expensive God so loved the Jews will left right that's the whole idea you loved the world that he gave his only begotten son which is the to very carefully not I wanted to be clear there is no way that we can really describe God we are human beings in a different world completely correctly give an example suppose for a moment about what FW know maybe all of you I was born and raised in South Africa now that's not in the heart of the equatorial jungles although people often cite you have liens where you are yes we do in game four Saturday effect when my wife Linda went with me and we landed in Johannesburg she looked in the sixties it was just like New York City well yes echoes of New York City but I I lived in Africa and the if you end up your self in the midst of an equatorial jungle and you find there I tried a primitive hunter gatherer tribes that has never been contacted they've never heard of civilization now your linguistic to say that you spend a year or two listening learning observing and eventually after time you can begin to communicate and then they ask you this question you've been here with us for a couple of years you understand and you know what you're doing you know our way of life tell us about your world here's my question how even to describe these people skyscrapers are you described in shopping centers computers camcorders MP3 players television how do you explain to these people will never see what these things are in the subordinate is what impossible you cannot do that now that's a little illustration God is in the cooking investments in so distant in for us to understand there is really no way we probably use human language to describe God so what we do we use analogies for example for example I want to share a few analogies with you right here with the first month in Matthew chapter nineteen verse twenty six member when making comparisons analogies are always fraught with danger because as they say even parables I think don't walk on all fours which simply means don't think every aspect of it literally it's to get a point across so the first analogy I would suggest comes from Matthew chapter nineteen was twenty six night Matthew Knight is twenty six where the disciples of the keys of the question because they thought that wealth was an evidence of God 's blessing per se and Jesus said that it's hard for Richmond go to heaven verse twenty five who then can be saved those five words they asked and now verse twenty six but Jesus looked at them and said to them men this is impossible but what with God all things are possible but use with infinite here all things are possible with God when I think infinite flip illustrate that the richest man in the world for twelve consecutive years listed in Forbes magazine 's guess who Bill Gates okay Bill Gates and his fourth and went down not too long ago he lost I believe two thirds of what he had but still let me describe how wealthy Bill Gates is if you were Bill Gates and if you lived to the age of seventy five from the day you were born until the day you die and if you spend a minimum on a million US dollars per day every day for seventy five years you would still line up with three hundred million dollars left to give you a million dollars I read today for seventy five years and you still have amended millions for your funeral that gives you an idea on how much value how much what Bill Gates net worth currently he had lost a good bit of money that you think infinitely all God is infinitely beyond that years ago when I was a student in college I used to play chess of the time that Bobby Fischer was playing against whoever that the Soviets I wasn't not sure anyway but they were going after we got interested in what I learned I haven't played I will recommend your blade it takes a lot of time no but so we were playing but will can boggle the mind by the time you get to the fourth move they are nine million options and when you get to notice when you get to play a forty day move just only options you have available to read that you are so huge twenty five times ten to the hundreds of feet of power that you might have heard that some of the just players actually lose their minds it's incredible talk about infidelity and of course you think about God is so much way beyond and these players can ask you think about all kinds of moves unbelievable the second example of an analogy Jeremiah twenty three was twenty four the first one God is infinite we won't have time to talk about all of them these are just a few examples of the kind of God we serve talk about his incredible transcendence Jeremiah chapter twenty three verse twenty four God is speaking can anyone hide himself in secret places shall I not see him says the Lord do I not fill heaven and earth says the Lord we sometimes use the word on the present that God is where all at the moment all of the time everywhere what is that mean think about our planet Earth more than you off planet Earth can fit into the volume of the sun correct I the sun is a star how many stars that you believe what you know can be seen according to the latest information Australians have come up with how many stars can card BBC and through telescopes seventy thousand million million million that's seventy six billion or seven with twenty two zeros behind what is that mean that that's what they can see about that for the complete that is ten times more than ten times more than every grain of sand on all the beaches and all the desert on planet Earth for you an idea of the immensity of the universe of what they can currently see Ulrich seventy six billion unbelievable and yet and yet they need to account God is everywhere unbelievable at an already difficult for some one forty seven one forty seven incredible Psalm one forty seven verse four and five to share with you some begin someone forty seven four and five is the something I will tell you when because I give away my wife's age but when she turned a certain as she turned a second landmark age whatever that may be and it could be anything you know that it was a tardis of the Lenhart agent as a gift to her I happened to hear about this start Registry you might've heard of it so I paid fifty dollars and they took one of the stars all these millions or billions and then they renamed it from whatever number was you know it was a call one so they renamed Ray Dupree so there is a star right now that these we human beings know has a name then the radio Friday name for my wife cost me fifty bucks and chief casualties should certificate there that she hit the okay to look at Psalm one forty seven verse four decals the numbers are the stars and that is what he called them all by name and I'd like to think that God might is greatest called at one star Linda Rae Dupree she's my star but Eli thought about this if God can call those stars by name let's just say he can speak flash you know that Mars and Venus and Mercury you can need to first second to per second and he names all the start that we can see it I'll take just to name the stars I calculated that you begin why he didn't like the involve of the mine one thousand million million years just to name the stars at two per second and the other one that we can see through our telescopes unbelievable tremendous how incredible look at verse five Psalm one forty seven verse five great is our Lord and mighty in power is under study is infinite mighty in power with something you were omnipotent and are several songs that talk about God 's great power and benefit his understanding is infinite on decision on Mister God knows the end from the beginning he knows everything unbelievable go with me one more time I visited the beginning Psalm nineteen was one of what is to look at that first because this is the first step to some degree has brought about a radical change in the thinking him the foremost atheistic philosopher Anthony flew but look at it he admits that he says that he believes an event in God not the question it used to God a God who sets the world going and leave the kind of the clockmaker God is distant God okay notice Psalm nineteen was one that heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork in simple terms if you are open-minded as Anthony's elusive after more than fifty years and he and I mentioned he was raised by in a Methodist holy father was a Methodist pastor but he became an atheist at fifteen years of age and now like eighty one he said I cannot deny it only a super intelligent could have done what we see unbelievable yes it is believable it's the God of the Bible we go to find it with all the other characteristics of God always transcended his immutability and other things that you know about I want to move now into a different aspect 's ability to Deuteronomy chapter twenty nine was twenty nine years you see yes Anthony flew it does one would believe in a God but he says it's a distant God of God it is uninvolved in human life and we'll talk about that God would talk about this God here in Deuteronomy twenty nine twenty nine the secret things belong to the Lord our God a case of a certain mystery that we don't understand how can God knows the number of the stars and called them by their name things that we cannot understand but there's an outlet that short work BU T those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever that we may do all the words of this law that God wants to communicate he wants us to understand and there is sufficient information yesterday for making general revelation out there which is why Anthony to change his mind and there is all more information that we get when we go to the Bible we call the special revelation what kind of a God is a personally involved in our life to me not the Exodus chapter thirty four verses six and seven let's see what kind of a God this is how does God describe himself a little background on which Moses said Lord review of your glory to me let me see you and how does God reveal his glory despite telling you what kind of a God he is very interesting go to chapter thirty four six and seven and the Lord passed before him Moses and proclaim the Lord and by the way you notice your Bibles the Catholics it has L O small O R D did you notice that all capitals and that is the translators when they transfer the Bible they don't put the word Jehovah or Yahweh there except the few drivers like the Jerusalem Bible to reduce the Bible most Bible never put God 's name there is an ancient tradition I like that comes from the Jews never wanting to even write out the name of God they just put the letters Y a W H so that nobody could even accidentally take God 's name in vain that's how sacred Dale God 's name so even here the translation few translations ever happened to nova or Delaware I like nobody really knows for sure what God 's name is because they left the nest of Valdosta psalmody century that nobody remembered what his name really was so they only have the vowels of the continents are now the laptop and the scholars called the tech program upon the floor letters so you do with it oh Joe Lord Galvin no one really knows K we just look for the translators but the Lord at the personal name of God Yahweh Jehovah whatever the best we can come up with the Lord God not here a disquieting merciful and gracious or compassionate and gracious long software what is known is slow to anger and abounding in goodness and truth or faithfulness you can trust got one of my favorite verses in the Bible will come later on his first amended September thirteenth wife and I love that birth because it says God is faithful you can trust God he will come through he is abounding in goodness and traversed seven keeping mercy for thousands stop there interesting for thousands if you compare that with Deuteronomy seven verse nine but in parentheses there we did we did a wrong Deuteronomy seven resides if he keeps mercy for thousands of generations beautiful and it's a nice comparison yet and that's with a better interpretation here for thousands of generations of keep that in mind go back over seven keeping mercy for thousands of generations that the kind of loving God he has forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin by no means clearing the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children's children to the third and fourth generation in simple terms God is not just a God of love and God of forgiveness but he is also a God of justice there comes a time unfortunately when God has to take action and by the way I noticed people love just as Wednesday their favor if you notice that I just want something on television recently it was a news clip and he was the lady who said he should be brought to justice her husband was shot by a policeman on the ground he reminds you that story and she said he must be brought to justice we all desire justice within our favor is that you is the kind of God we serve he will provide justice all we have to do is come to him confess our sins and accept Jesus Christ he will provide this is the live in a world that causes a lot of confusion for people to forget God is good why all the suffering about it we know we know we know don't don't get around us sometimes the reason we suffer is because of the things we do is not to crazy things I'm talking about exiting but the exact bungee jumping okay now it's up to crazy if you're over an ocean except did we get it pretty hard but we do crazy things in our life and as a result we sometimes suffer and not that crazy kinds of things you put in our stomachs is another crazy some of these readings because our taste buds and later on we try to sleep and have nightmares as a boy why did I have that instantly because of what people do nobody some of the things we suffer from our own choices but you know what some of these are not our choice sometimes we look around at other music Lord why are the wicked prospering attorney about this onto the seventy three fifty is is is an ancient questions that confuse confounded and really brought concern to the Psalmist Psalm seventy three when you look at how the wicked what were prospering and how violent they were against others he was really concerned some seventy three verse three says for I was envious of the boastful when I saw the prosperity of the wicked therefore provide serves as the six items were fixed therefore pride serves as the necklace violence or them like a garment verse seven their eyes followed with abundance they have more than heart could wish but on tumors twelve behold these are the ungodly is complaining about the ungodly who are always accusing that he increase his riches were sixteen when I thought how to understand this it was too painful for me it makes sense yes I don't understand why these people who are violent and wicked why are they having all the success noticed the neck in the next verse this will to follow through on till it was too painful for me until I went where I went into the sanctuary of God then I understood there and or their destiny folks when we come to God 's house to his sanctuary we study we understand it begins to make sense we cannot simply live out there on our own two things will not make sense unless we are willing to come to God and to listen to his clinician 's story fascinating what somebody sent this to me he went to the story with a man went to the Barbara hated haircuts and water with cutting his hip but again talking and I enjoy going to the bar and downtime you could sit and chat and the box argument that Donna God I believe God exists why not well if God existed Weisel the suffering why all the heartache why the abandoned kids while the pain in this presence as to why he was a believer in God didn't say what he did want to get in an argument best not to do that but after he left he walked outside and he found one man on the street 's disheveled long unkempt matted hair untrimmed beard and received this man walked back into the barbershop and said you know what I just concluded barbers don't exist in the physical even now I just got your hair look nice if we could hold onto and of course here with the specimen she said not even bloggers existed they would be no unkempt mid- people with hair on trimmed and so forth and the barber said look I do exist the problem is they don't come to me need I say more the man said that's exactly the problem reason one of the main reasons for the pain we have is because people don't come to God who was twenty eight there is the art of the Internet software that saw him look at verse twenty eight him but he is good for me to profile where dear to God it is good for me to draw near to God I have a one line phrase like you to see if you can remember with even get on the screen if not it's unrealistic to know God don't say no to God to know God don't say no to God he was fitted with me to know God don't say no to God 's simple short sentence to know God don't say no to God through the rest of the personnel verse twenty eight I have put my trust in the Lord God that I may declare all your works if you want to know what to say yes to God okay very simple phrases that want to go with me to exodus chapter three thanks exodus of the three was fourteenth we want to know God let's go look at his name briefly here Exodus chapter three verse fourteen God has a personal name when Moses Lieutenant that God told Moses to rescue the people from slavery most of it if they fail clueless of God God is I'll tell you why am Moses listened Jeffrey Moses Exodus chapter three verse fourteen and God said to Moses I am who I am what kind of a name is that a lot of buzzes and he said the usual sight of the children of Israel I am has sent you an important continued the Lord God of your father in the rest of the verse that I am that these are the ever present once I'm the one will protect you provide for you snuggle into Deuteronomy chapter six verse four because this is a very very well-known phrase because this is the God we serve the great I am Deuteronomy six was floor also uses the phrase about Jehovah Yahweh at the well-known phrase the one that the Jews off read John Mann Deuteronomy chapter six with four here at Israel the Lord our God the Lord is why is one and then the question is hey why is it that Christians believe in a Trinity is that a pagan concept fascinating enough this looks exciting about study the word deeply that word one is the same word that is found in Genesis October twenty four and Adam be an easier watch what happens the two shall become what one the two shall be one flesh it was the same word I think that's the word the two become one if two people can be one same one that it's it's a unique word for one it's a word that includes more than one being two beings or more can become one incidentally if you didn't know Moses did have another word available for the wood one of the one that used here for the scholars is a hot that's the one that includes more than what there's another word that Moses could have used a cake shop P Joffe is the only unique none other than he was only unique than another Moses used to work for one that included more than one interesting husband watched the implicit in the state is the fact that we serve a tri- unity and of course you find in Genesis chapter one where God says that the one was twenty six you know the path to wealth let us make man in what our image go with me now to John chapter one got a couple more New Testament passages before we end today John took the one when it says let us make man in our image John one brings out the truth as to who was also involved in Genesis one verse three fifth the spirit of God moved across the water we know that God was involved but here in John one one two and three it talks about the word him was made flesh not in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God Lord hold on all things were made by him good with me through him and without him nothing was made that was made go to verse fourteen and the Word became lots flesh who became flesh it was Jesus we know it was Jesus in fact later on when Jesus claimed to be God in John chapter eight when Jesus said before Abraham what was I asked some of the Jews took up rocks to stone him why because call your self God was blasphemy and the Jews wanted to stone Jesus because he claimed to be God as we study the Scriptures carefully dig deeper we find that indeed even the Holy Spirit is at step five is called God so we know that even though we cannot understand become a describe it there is no way to capture you if you want to go simplistically but the poor illustration and egg think of it for example an egg is one thing right reports today three Barthes writes that this shell is the white middle yoke very simplistic illustration you don't confuse that with God the idea is you can have three in one in a certain sense and when one is used for multiplicity the Lord our God is one the best evidence for the Trinity is in Matthew twenty eight was ninety our last excellent share with you here Matthew twenty eight with nineteen beautiful passage where Jesus was about to leave and he is giving the disciples a final charge and here he describes any sense to them what you should do go therefore and make disciples of all nations I noticed every baptizing them in the name singular name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit folks Christians as the one God even though the author me being it's difficult to describe in human terms is so beyond us but we accept that truth even though we can't fully understand just as a husband and a wife to become one but they are still separate individuals we accept that the week that's right and so that's the best way I can describe it but here's a short story as we end it was January nineteen eighty two freezing cold on the East Coast with you folks might never understand that but the side of the world I know how sleazy cold icy one of the worst winters flight ninety yeah Florida was that they deice the and then the runway was kind of a very busy lot of plane so they sat on the wonderful forty nine minutes and by the time they were ready to take off at three fifty nine p.m. ice had formed on those airfoils on the airplane made down the runway for a half-mile long as they're trying to get airborne they did at three fifty nine p.m. and after two minutes of flight flight ninety crash into the fourteenth Street Bridge across the Potomac River the front of the plane went down immediately the tail broke off for five people killed on the bridge and all of the seventy nine people on board six survivors were left clinging to the tail section it was blizzard is days terrible Dave the roads were clogged the government offices have been closed the only rescue vehicle that arrived with the helicopter one helicopter for those six people six people one of them was one of the flight attendants and so as they arrived at pilot the name of Donald Usher and East County paramedic Jean Winslow they got there and they know his name they felt the line down and that the guy who got it he took it a passage to the next person and they came back and rescue the him repeatedly one gentleman by the name of Arlen Williams kept passing the line to others when they came back with elastic pick up Arland Williams he and the tail section had disappeared below the icy waters as I think about that story makes me realize that in a certain sense we are in that same icy river by the coroner 's report later on they recovered all the bodies seventy three in the plane and Arlen Williams body the coroner 's report said that the only person who died from drowning was Arlen Williams the rest of the federal tears among the crash happened Armand Williams gave his life to save his fellow passengers that he didn't even really know when I think of that story and a incredible example of what Jesus did for us and you know what they did they went and renamed the fourteenth Street Bridge is now called the Arland D Williams Junior Memorial Bridge think of that story at the WoW what an incredible picture of Jesus here amongst us for survivors in the frozen mess of planet Earth and what's interesting is that there were three individuals working together it was the pilot it was a paramedic and Arlen Williams was there in that frozen River and in a certain sense of the requital picture of the father the son the father the Holy Spirit and the sun here on planet earth willing to die for you willing to die for me and what's more interesting is John took the one person you want Jesus even says you will see angels ascending and descending upon the son of man because folks Jesus is the bridge between Earth and Heaven Jesus came to die for you for me what a wonderful story Armand Williams story makes me think in a new way what Jesus did for you what he did for me PSU question before we end who you would like to raise your hand and simply say Lord thank you for Jesus Monsieur Handel McCrea freaky to have the plaintiff bottom of many hands think thank you Jesus thank you for being willing to come and die to save our lives in the precious name of our Savior Jesus Christ we pray


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